this is what i really want to tell you

  • Lance: Keith, there's something I have to tell you
  • Keith: Me too
  • Lance: So I was thinking about what Shiro said in training today
  • Keith: About how there should be no secrets between us
  • Lance: And that we're a strong enough team that we can work through these things together
  • Keith: Okay here goes…
  • Lance: So the thing is…
  • Lance: I remember the bonding moment
  • Keith, at the same time: I remember you from the Garrison
  • Lance:
  • Keith:
  • (Synchronised screeching)

So showed coworker my new tattoo. He’s got full sleeves and was like “Awesome!” but also said “huh. And surprising. Wouldn’t have expected you to get a trek tattoo.”

And I said, “well it has a lot of meaning for me” and he said cool, will have to tell me sometime when we aren’t holding up the line at lunch.

And it was weird as a statement but then I reflected I don’t always express my geeky interests. He doesn’t know. He knows I was fangirling SWTOR and dresssed as Rey for halloween but didn’t know about how I watched TOS as a wee little Aylaa who of course liked Uhura because she was the girl. Who thought spock and kirk were funny because I could understand the 1960s style production as slapstick comedy and missed the groundbreaking aspects.

He didn’t know I discovered TNG in 5th grade. He didn’t know how much I liked Deanna because her hair was flawless and she sat on the bridge and was kinda and embodied all the caring I did not get from my peers, or Beverly because she was a doctor and awesome or Tasha because she kicked ass. He didn’t know that I liked Wesley because he was me- the too-smart kid who often saw issues with what adults did. but unlike me, Wesley was given agency and respect. He was wish fulfillment and I was at the age he was intended for. It was heartbreaking to grow up and go online and find that “everyone hated Wesley.” I didn’t. He was me.

He doesn’t know that when Voyager came out I could see myself again in Kathyrn Janeway and in Torres and later in Seven. He doesn’t know that I found my voice telling relatives “Yeah so, I’m into star trek. and Scifi. And babylon 5 and the matrix. Can you maybe not give me clothing or guess at what I want? I’d really like a subscription to Star Trek Magazine or trek or star wars books.” And that when I found my voice, I asked for Star Trek.

He doesn’t know that in Trek I found Hope and understanding and celebration of differences. I found a humanity no longer at war with itself - because in 3rd grade we went to war in iraq and kuwait, there was war in the balkans, there were terrifying things all over. A post-scarcity society where money didn’t matter - because money was a finite, hard to acquire resource that allowed you to have a leisurely lifestyle and enabled you to go on vacations or get the things you wanted and a lack of which had turned my father into a 6-days-a-week workaholic because he had a family and employees relying on him. Status was gained by how well you do the thing you love, not by looks or by ownership. Learning was valued. Discovery was valued. Exploration for its own sake was of value. Science was good.

Star Wars gave me the Black and White of Good and Evil. The simplicity of the heroes Journey with robots and lasers as a skin. Babylon 5 gave me a future where we’ve gone to the stars… and met ourselves. Where Humanity is one of many races and when we get to space, we still want mom’s lasagna. it was real but forward thinking. Still hopeful but scrappy. Stargate gave me humanity holding on to the rollercoaster by our fingernails, with pluck, determination and teamwork we survived. I loved these science fiction shows but Got something very different from each and I loved the variety.

But Trek gave me Hope. Even when they went to war, it was about being better than ourselves in an honest and not jaded way. Trek was there first.

He only knows that we worked professionally on a Trek-related product for a few years. It was a job to him and he thought it was okay. I was a fan. I don’t think he understood that.

He doesn’t know what Kathryn Janeway meant to me, a female geek, seeing a woman, a scientist, leading a crew. He doesn’t know that TNG got me through the end of Elementary school and the beginning of middle school when children were cruel. He doesn’t know that Voyager saw me through the transition from middle school to highschool and then into the beginning of college. He doesn’t know that I, and many other freshmen, went hunting for a TV in the dorms those first few weeks of college because Voyager was ending. He doesn’t know we sat together and watched them come home. He doesn’t know about me dragging my entire family to Philly so I could go spend the weekend at a convention and meet most of the cast of Voyager. He doesn’t know it was *my* ship and I chased the perfect season for seven years and while I never found it, I treasure the characters and my fan experiences. He doesn’t know that I am collecting the cast’s autographs on my copy of Endgame II (Beltran is the one I am missing).

He doesn’t know of the friends I have made because Star Trek was a shared love. He doesn’t know I have a group of lifelong people I can always go back to, because we were on a Trek/Wars BBoard RPG. He doesn’t know I have met many other wonderful, fantastic and creative people, most women like me!!! Who Like Scifi!!!!!!! He doesn’t know I started writing long-form fiction beginning with Voyager fanfic. He doesn’t know Trek books got me through when I was too young for “adult novels” but hated the YA offerings of the early 90s. He doesn’t know it was where I found I had a voice. He doesn’t know when children were cruel, Deanna was kind, Torres was tough and Seven was smart. He doesn’t know.

Yes, I love star wars and babylon 5 and Stargate. And I have met people through those and was impacted by my love of those as well.

But Trek was first. 

I’ll always have the friends I’ve made. I’ll always have the time I worked on the Trek property I did. That is something that isn’t going to change. So that is why I got the starfleet symbol, Coworker dude.

Edit: Edited to add more because Voyager….. Voyager <3

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read your american gods post and wanted to know if you read the book? I read the book and I can't tell if I like the show bc its the book on screen or what

I did, and I was…ambivalent about it. (Love some of the concepts! Not wild about the execution.) I was really hoping that the show would breathe some more…moreness into the parts that left me cold in the text. And by and large, they have, very much so! I like Ricky Whitte’s Shadow 100x more than I liked him in the books, and Fuller has managed to do a very good job integrating the main plot with the ‘coming to America’ stories. (They feel like a more organic whole, rather than a string of loosely associated short stories, which I think Gaiman actually wanted to write.)

But it’s really not a question of adaptation issues…With something as obviously well-crafted as this show, I’d expect to feel—something. It’s not exactly a high bar; I’ve felt genuine human emotion at episodes of American Horror Story and made-for-tv movies and the entire oeuvre of Byran Fuller’s previous work. Maybe it’s just taking the show a while to find its emotional core and I’ll eat my words in the next episode, but I really do want to feel something.

You may have noticed that I’m not really active on the blog lately. I have trouble finding inspiration, I feel some kind of weariness when it comes to my drawings. BUT I still want to draw, I still want to share and I don’t want to let down people who support me and tell me to keep going. I know I’m lucky to have this great artistic medium to express myself and I would like to use it to spread positive messages.

So I’m letting you know that I want your requests ! Tell me what you care about. Tell me your story, tell me what messsage you would like to share. I want to draw your stretch marks and your belly rolls. I want representation, to draw queer folks and people who need representation. I want to do something that makes people feel better.

I want you to be my inspiration.

Kris Father Headcanons
  1. He will always be there, always
  2. No one, but seriously no one, touches his little girl
  3. Can look pretty scary but even his kids know he is a dork xD
  4. “We are having Chicken today! Not again?! But chicken is style!”
  5. Dedicates songs to his kids
  6. Reads fairy tales to them every night
  7. Talks to them in all the languages he knows so they learn too
  8. Galaxy themed parties
  9. Basketball matches with the other members’ kids
  10. “How can I become a better father? I want to be better for them”
  11. Seriously, no boy comes near his little princess
  12. Oh but that girl his son likes… definitely will give him some tips xD
  13. Giant Bear Hugs
  14. “Your teacher called… do you want to tell me your side of the story?”
  15. very very understanding father
  16. Will teach them how to drive, how to drink… 
  17. “The Talk” would be the most uncomfortable thing ever, like… really really uncomfortable
  18. “What are you talking about? You’re an adult now? No… for me you are still ten”
  19. He would get lost in his thoughts about how much his kids have grown and how proud he is
  20. He would write letters for his children, letters that will say important things and lessons about life, just in case he can’t be there.

Xo, Ara~

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I've never really had a true "daddy harry" kink, BUT my word do I want him to dominate me. Can u just imagine sitting across from him at dinner, wearing a dress with nothing underneath cause he told you he'd pull you over his knee in the restaurant if he found out you'd disobeyed his instructions to wear no panties. Telling you quitely across the table what he wanted to do to you when you got home. Denying your orgasm over and over before finally spanking you until you came. UGH the dream

His tongue in his cheek the entire dinner because he’s fucking hard thinking about your pussy being so OPEN and he can’t do anything about it. “Gonna get a good punishment when you get home. Gonna make that pussy mine.”


Bethany: Sooooo? Did Avi talk to you yet?
Eliana: About what exactly?
Bethany: Oh, uh, he just told me he wanted to ask you something, not sure what.
Eliana: Bethany… if you know something please tell me know. Your brother always had a way of getting me in messy situations.
Bethany: I know, I know. I promise he’s not going to do anything crazy. I think he just wants to be friends. He wants to look out for you I guess. And so do I! I’d like to be friends hopefully. Especially now that Cole and Aiden are together.
Eliana: Well yeah! Of course, I’d love that too. I could really use a girlfriend. Aiden is great but there’s just some things he doesn’t get.

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made this blog just because you have anon closed but i really want say something to your self-righteous pretentious ass. First of all, if you don't like the fandom, fucking leave. If you don't like us shipping and rebloging evak also leave. If you have a problem that the gifs with sana weren't made immediately, well then fucking make some of your own. Second, you have no fucking right to tell people what should be important to them. Sana is important to you, evak is important to us. (1)

(2) Not our fucking fault that all gif makers prefer evak and want to make those gifs and pics first. As i said, have a problem with it? there are great photoshop tutorials online, get workin’. Thirdly, who are you?? to tell someone what should be important to them? like fuck off. you all are like fucking children, the moment when it’s not like you want it to be, you yell and cry RACISM!!! WHITE PEOPLE ARE TORTURING ME BOO–HOOOOO. idc what anyone says, black people and all the others can be racist

(3) and you and your little brown friends, like evenandsana and joestinski, are being racist and are being horrible. and the irony is that you came here for the same reason we all did, for evak. like i’m sorry (not really but) sana sometimes isn’t the most relateable character?? like lets be real, at the russ buss meeting,,if she smiled like even once maybe they wouldn’t have kicked her out of the buss 

i wanna start this off by saying that i would be so lucky to have those people as my friends. and id like to secondly say that i am white, and i have said this in the past. you are obviously incapable of comprehending that Sana’s season is so important considering the climate based around Islam. I’ve also said this before, i appreciate Evak as a ship, i think they’re excellent rep for the lgbt+ community (which i am a part of thanks) however, the treatment of Sana this season by the fandom has been subpar. i know that @evenandsana cannot get through an episode without having racist and Islamophobic bullshit thrown at her. its a little bit contradictory for you to say ‘self- righteous pretentious ass’ before referring to people of colour as ‘your little brown friends’ as if that isn’t a racial insult. and, in conclusion, its INCREDIBLY misogynistic to imply that for a woman to be ‘relatable’ that she has to be kind and submissive. especially in Sana’s case where she has been forced by society to close herself off in fear of being hurt. i hope you find peace within yourself, and find some sugar to balance out your salty attitude (also this is a note to anyone reading this i have no idea how to use tumblr so idk whats gonna happen when i post this hehe we shall see)

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hello i am a fellow jewish girl w a big ass nose and i just want to offer support on your nose because i plan on getting mine done too and every single person i tell they always say "but your nose is like your signature thing" but really it's only a signature because it's the first mf thing u see on my face. anyways if you wanna get it done bitch go for it!!!!

lmaoooo i know girl every time someone tries to say something about it making me “special” i just wanna change it more. nobody realizes what they see isn’t what matters, it’s what i see.

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I really adore your writting and was wondering if you have any tips or advice? I've always had a vivid imagination that produces many story ideas, but when I try to write I find that I can't get whats in my head out into words. I don't know if you have trouble like this, but if you do what do you usually do? Sorry if I'm bothering you.

No bother at all!

To be perfectly honest… I struggle a lot when it comes to writing. I honestly couldn’t tell you what on earth I’ve managed to do in Goblin Men to make so many people love it and its style. I’ve been trying to pin it down and replicate it for my own books but it’s wonky.

A way I tend to go about things is to not really worry about the writing itself to begin with? I use Evernote a lot, and if I have an idea I REALLY like and want to explore, I create a notebook for that and just… create notes. I have notes that are only a few bits of dialogue and that’s it. If you do your writing digitally, I highly recommend Evernote, it syncs up online and you never really lose anything.

If I have an idea for a story, I try and write it down so I’ll remember it later. (I tend to monologue a lot of dialogue aloud, which I then forget. It’s a nightmare.) Got something for a character backstory? Jot it down. Got a neat bit of dialogue? Some worldbuilding? Some picture you found online that fits the theme, or an actor whose face fits a character? Put it somewhere you can access it and remember it. Slowly build. It helps, trust me. My first step is getting the ideas OUT of my head, and into Evernote. (I have an absolutely stupid amount of things in Evernote that will never see completion.)

I also follow some writing blogs. @writeworld, @clevergirlhelps, @nimblesnotebook are some that I’ve found recently that have cool tips and inspiration.

When it comes down to the actual nitty gritty of writing… it helps to have a nice writing program. And fonts. FOOOOOONNNTS. Love of my life. I use LibreOffice for my own writing projects. Lovely bit of free software.

I have issues with revising. My brain doesnt work in first draft/second draft/so on. I constantly keep going back and tweaking my work and Im desperately trying to get out of that habit.

I’m really not sure what my writing style is, or how it comes together. I really don’t. A friend was gonna analyze Goblin Men and hopefully she comes up with some answers.

It really helps if you have someone you can bounce ideas off of. I have two IRL friends, and any time I get an idea for Goblin Men, I immediately tell them. And then they yell at me. A lot. Find someone who can either give you critiques of ideas, or just… yell all-caps encouragement. Have someone to rant to about all those wonderful concepts. And KEEP THAT NOTE SYSTEM. It will be your salvation when you really get dedicated to a writing project.

Try for things like NaNoWriMo. Just try and write a little bit every day. Just a few sentences. It’ll help.

Pro tip: don’t write ten thousand words in present tense and then decide to change it to past tense. You will Suffer.

If you’re really stuck getting the ideas into a bookish format, try making an outline. I tend to work in bullet point lists in Evernote. Just write down the ideas you have for a Thing and don’t even really worry about putting them in chronological order at first.

For the writing itself… if music helps you think, find some nice background music. Have a snack. Sleep. Sit your butt down and make yourself write. You don’t even have to start at the beginning, just write what you’ve got at the moment. Half the time when I’m writing Goblin Men, I start the chapter, then head to the middle, then staple it together like a Frankenstein abomination.

I’ll tell you this cuz I need to get myself to understand it: it doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect right away. Let it be kinda shitty. Let it stumble along as you figure out the tone you want. The writing will catch up, just put the story to words.

If you’ve got 20 bucks, I’ll point you towards ZenWriter. It’s a program that fills up your entire screen, and you can select a custom background and it plays soothing music, and you can make it so when you type, it makes an old typewriter noise. As you’re typing, the only thing you see are the words.

If you have trouble with distractions, that can be really helpful. I’ve found in the past that when using ZenWriter, once I get going, I don’t want to stop. It’s just me and the words.

Make little notes. Write down ANY cool idea you have, especially if you’re working on a big headworld or book. Watch cool speedpaints. Follow aesthetic blogs. Read people whose work you enjoy.

Ask people for advice and then watch them type out an excessively long reply because she gets super excited when people look to her for guidance because that’s literally never happened before ;)

Wow. That was long. Hope that helps! Feel free to ask more specific stuff, or just stuff in general!

Companions (with a secret crush) react to Sole asking them for advice on how to tell the person they like that they like them?

So this is long over due, sorry guys, I’ve been in the mood to write, but at the same time I want to write about specific thing, but I promise to try to not forget about this blog. I swear. - Alex


Curie - An absolute sweetie about it, she would just tell Sole to be themselves. “That’s what I like most about you, monsieur/madame. You have a great big heart and whoever has you is a very lucky person.”

Cait - Doesn’t really know what to say since she doesn’t really think that she is the ideal person for sole compared to Nate/Nora. “I don’t know, not to experience with this whole love thing. How ‘bout you do things that they enjoy or something?

Piper - Blushes at bit as she thinks about her crush on Sole, trying not to be too obvious. “Well, what about you do what you do best, blue? Be all old fashion and give them a sweet date. That might really show them that you like them.”

Magnolia - Would be the total mom friend, would encourage you to tell them upfront but to be careful not to get their heart broken. “You be careful with that heart, doll. You only have one and it would be painful to see it get broken.”

Haylen - Would try to be all professional, but be a little bit fingerling that her Sole has a crush. Though it may pain her, she will want to help plan a date. “You have to treat them right, it’s a harsh world out there but everyone needs a moment to feel like nothing bad is going to happen.”

Glory - Would be the least to show any distress about Sole having a crush and not know who it is, but would still be curious. Her advice to Sole would be to grab the bull by the horns. “Life is short in the Commonwealth, hell everywhere, there’s no point in hiding your feelings.”


MacCready - He and Lucy got together in a strange way, but he would use it to help him help Sole, trying not to reveal that he had a crush on Sole. “My best guess is to show them that you love them, do little things to show your appreciation and your feelings.”

Danse - Would be professional about it, claiming that it would be unwise to have any relationships to serious since they were with the brotherhood, but would still support them. “Not many brotherhood soldiers have relationships outside of our faction, but if they are willing to accept you, despite the fact you are with the brotherhood then they should be sufficient for one of your caliber.”

Hancock - While he is experience in more ways then one, he seems more of the type to take what he wants and if they want it back then he’ll keep it. He’s not one to force things on unwilling people. “If I was you, I would kiss them right on the spot. If they kiss back, you at least know that they’re attracted to you and if they’re willing enough to spend the rest of their life with you, I say their a keeper.

Preston - He’s sweet, we can all agree with that. When it comes to Sole’s feelings he always puts them first, shoving his own feelings aside and helping Sole as best as he possibly can. “General, I think that they would like it if they went out somewhere with you. Somewhere were you aren’t the general, somewhere were it can be just you and them.”

Nick - This old bot is reminded of how the original Nick and Jenny got together and despite it not being his own memory, smiles. “Kid, I have to tell ya, it’s an ugly world out there. Show them something beautiful to forget the ugly, that’s my advise.”

Dogmeat - This precious little pancake will wag his tail and bark at Sole. He will even help Sole get their crush no matter what. How he does so is Sole will tie a little note around his neck, send him to their crush for them to read and guide them too Sole. What a sweetheart!

Deacon - Ah, asking the compulsive liar, Deacon will constantly change his mind on what Sole should do to impress their crush. One day he’ll be like, “Kill a Deathclaw in their name!” Others he’ll say, “Send them on a goose chase all over Sanctuary to find you.” Or “Get a tattoo of their name on your body, that’ll really get them.”

X6-88 - Doesn’t know what to say since this kind of stuff is not the sort of thing that the institute teaches their synths, especially coursers. He’ll just be his old blunt self, but what’s not to love about that? “I’m not sure what you are asking me, sir/ma’am. Just tell them that you like them, if they don’t reciprocate then they aren’t worth your time.”

Codsworth - This old fashion robot is a lot more helpful than one would think. He’ll try to bring out Sole’s experience with their own spouse and ask them how they got together. “Sir/Mum, how did you get with your better half? I think it would be a splendid idea if you did something like that to show the person you like that you truly care about them.”


Maxson - May act like some sort of God and that nobody can touch him but when Sole confesses that they have a crush he is actually very honest in his advise. “Knight, I am only saying this from experience, it would be unwise if you had a relationship with anyone. We’re soldiers we risk our lives everyday, we can’t guarantee that we will come back.”

Gage - Being a raider, Gage has always taken what he wanted. When it came to the Overboss asking about such advise he would be harsh, yet honest, with his reply. “Boss, just take them. Kiss them like you mean it, show them how you want them. If they don’t want you back then screw ‘em.”


Okay, so I did my best, I know it’s short but I did a lot of characters. This has been in my draft for a long time, a really long time. The reason I only did Gage is because I don’t have the other DLC characters so I have no idea what they are like. Either way I hope you enjoyed! :)

- Alex

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Ok so I love this comic and apparently it's gonna spam over several years(which is awesome), but please tell me you guys aren't gonna randomly stop the comic or go on an extremely long hiatus without telling us. But if you guys do span this comic over several years successfully and periodically, I'm so excited to see how it turns out and how the characters grow :)

Hey there! Thanks for the ask!

So, as it stands, we’ve been running a little under two years without missing a single update. We really hope to keep up that pace, particularly because this is a project we want to see actually finished! No matter what, though, if some disaster befalls one of us, we’ll be communicative and tell you. Hopefully that’s not the case, though–Capp and I are both motivated to see this project through to the end.


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Hello again! I wanted say the way you draw Gabe is very squishy, unlike everyone else who draws him as a sharp, hardass (including myself, but I'm trying to get away from that 〒ω〒) I wanted to ask if you could tell (or show) how you'd draw Hanzo in your style, since he is also a very sharp, hard lined character. I think it would be a refreshing change from what other people do! Have a wonderful evening luv! ❤❤ (I always add two hearts at the end of my asks)


tbh, I don’t really have a solid way to draw Hanzo just yet, since I don’t draw him too much. But what I can say is to use references. Look at what makes Hanzo Hanzo, like facial structure and what not. For example. When I first started to draw Jack, I looked at what is significant with his face. I noticed that he had a strong jaw, and focused mostly on that. The same goes for Gabe. I noticed that he has “round cheekbones”, if I may call it that. Which eventually led me to develop my own skill on how to draw Gabe in my own way.  

So now Jack has an angular looking face, Gabe has “squishy” cheeks, and for Hanzo I still try to find my own why to draw him at the moment.

I hope this was at least a bit helpful! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  

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Hi there! I'm looking a write a store with Hunter (if I can call him that) as a minor/major character, but I don't really know a lot about him... so I'm kinda wondering if you have a character info thingy. Mostly because I don't wanna mess up with my own headcanons, and he's so badass !!!!!!!!!!!

Hello there !
THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME ! Since I’m a lazy trash there isn’t really an about page yet for characters info. But I would prefer talking with you directly anyway, since the info will depends on your plot I guess ? x)

So yeah, contact me whenever you want and tell me what this story is about and Hunter’s place in it~ Also, if you have specific questions, ask right away x) (I have to go to the vet’ today so I might not respond right away)

and haHA thanks for him XD

((Hey so I’ve noticed a lot of artists are following me so I just wanted to tell you all that whatever you draw or write is really top notch and your work is gorgeous and you should keep working hard at what you do (remember to take breaks tho) because you’re gonna be INCREDIBLE some day))

((Also I apologise for not updating much. I’m trying to catch up with the last load of uni work and it’s taken all the energy out of me. I’ll be back to business by the 27th though.))

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Hello, I need a little help/advice. I plan on coming out as trans (ftm) , I'll be coming out to my big sister first because out of everyone she's the most likely accept it. But I don't even know what to do or what to say. I don't even know how I'm going to answer her questions, should she have any. I'll be doing it over txt because we don't live in the same house and I'm very bad at talking anyway.. I'm really nervous.

Rehearse it here. Say to me what you plan on saying to her, let’s roleplay a bit. I’ll be your sister. Go ahead, tell me what you want to say

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do you like exo?

Angel, do i listen to the beat makers? when i want to let out the beast, delight in cloud 9, feel like i’m the lucky one, i let these monsters call me my lady, and they sing for me, telling me what is love. It’s unfair, but now i’m stronger. I have a tactix, to avoid a heart attack, but damn they’re coming over, and i really need to stop because i’m running out of song titles and this is ridiculous, bye… or should I say… KACHING KACHING.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

@promisebaek is my exosideblog :)))


After school…

Alex: Heeey Ava….(why am i doing this, how am i doing this. okay, maybe she doesn’t like Zayn back, but if that happens he’ll kill me.)

Ava: What’s up Alex?

Alex: Well….uh….Zayn told me…uhhhh. T-to tell you that…he thinks you’re….hot.

Ava:…..Whaaaaaat?! He really said that? Oh my god, does that mean he wants to be my…..EEEEE!!!! I have to go find him right now! Bye Alex I’ll tell you about it later!!!

Alex@Alex: f my life…

I know a lot of fansies can’t get newsies live because they don’t live in North America or don’t have enough money so while I’m not really comfortable sharing my file, I’m more than happy to stream it for you guys!

I’m streaming later today at 4pm pacific time (links gonna be posted on @ilovemoritzstiefel tho lmao) and since I know that doesn’t work for everyone, if you want to stream with me later this week/this weekend I’d be more than happy to set something up!

Just like,, reply to this or message me or something, tell me what time is good for you if you’re interested and I’ll try to pick a time/make a schedule that works for as many people as is possible!