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What sort of ‘project’, Mark?


Fan: “My question is, for the panel, is there a story you’d like to bring to us at some point in the future? So I’m not asking for spoilers-”

Mark: “A Sherlock Holmes story?”

Fan: “No, I meant an- any kind of story. Is there a story you are wanting to tell?” […]

Steven: “What, you mean a fictional one?”

Fan: “-even Sleeping Beauty or something, just a story, yeah!”

Steven: “Uh, you mean an idea for another story? Uh, yes. I have an idea I really really like, uh, for a story, and I pitched it to Sue- where were we? We were in… we were in Rome or something.”

Sue: “A very good idea.”

Steven: “It was a very good idea, and Sue liked it.”

Fan: “And what is it?”

Steven: “Well, I’m not telling you, you just asked me if I had one!”

Mark: “Uh, we do, no we do have, there is a thing which we may want to do, which we would like to do. There is, that is a thing, that’s true, I’m not being silly, that is a true thing. There is a project.”

Officer Jeon || Jungkook Scenario

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Genre: Fluff | Police Officer!Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Duh cx)

Word count: 1615

Warnings: None, it’s all fluff cx

(A/N: Okay, so no-one actually requested this, but I saw this prompt, and I just thought it was a really cute idea so I wanted to write this cx Ah, please do tell me what you thought!! I really would like feedback!!)

Your hand rested on the steering wheel, your hair billowing into your face as wind blew in from the open sunroof of the car. You sighed, attempting to push your hair away from your mouth with your free hand, only for it to fly back into your face again, causing you to throw your hand up in frustration.  Quiet music reverberated through the vehicle, and you gently bobbed your head along to the beat, a hum coming from your lips. Quickly glancing at the face of your watch, you groaned; two in the morning and you were still making your way home.

The road was eerily quiet, no other car in sight as you rolled past small shops, houses, nearing a small police station. Trees lined each side of the street, almost creating a natural canopy of lush green leaves above you, your mouth opening slightly in awe as you glanced up through the open sunroof. A leaf fluttered down from above, falling on your head, and you shook your head with a smile, plucking it off your head. It was followed by yet another leaf, and another, and you looked up with a puzzled expression, a rustling in the branches directly above you.

“Hm…?” You cocked your head slightly, glancing back at the road ahead of you cautiously, the rustling becoming increasingly louder, as something tumbled out of the branches. Something small and furry. Something that fell directly through the exposed sunroof, landing on your shoulder and frantically scrambling around. You screamed as the squirrel madly scratched at your face, tugging on your hair and running down your arm. Flailing around in fright, the car swerved off violently to the side of the road, as you drove straight into a pole, your head snapping backwards slightly. The car finally came to a halt, the front indented, and you fumbled for the handle, attempting to escape the rabid creature in your car.

You had crashed directly in front of the passing police station, and at the sound of the impact, a young police officer emerged from the building, looking at the car curiously, squinting as he noticed you falling out of the now open door. He approached the vehicle, crouching down beside you and offering you his hand, his smile resembling that of a bunny. You gingerly accepted the help, and he pulled you up, looking you up and down with a curious expression. You simply stared at him blankly, suddenly conscious of your ruffled appearance as this handsome man stood in front of you with an expectant expression, his hair a dark shade of… purple?

“What happened here, Miss…?” He inquired, still looking at you with that cute grin, his eyes sparkling almost mischievously.

“Ah, it’s (Y/N)…” You stuttered, enraptured by his handsome features, your eyes lingering a bit too long as you admired how his uniform fitted his body, as he peered over at your car, his eyebrows furrowing as he saw the squirrel still darting around. Following his gaze, you shuddered, stepping away from the car, shaking your head with your hands up.

“I was just trying to get home but I left my sunroof open all day and now there’s a squirrel in my car and it scared me and I drove into a pole, and..” You rambled, frantically gesturing with your hands, your eyes wide with shock. The police officer stared at you with disbelief, his fist held to his mouth as he tried his best to stay professional and suppress his laughter, but he couldn’t help but chuckle, causing you to stop and stare, annoyed as you put your hands on your hips.

“Would you please stop laughing you’re a cop, you’re supposed to be helping.” You pursed your lips - and yet you couldn’t really be annoyed as you realised how absurd you sounded - the officer throwing up his hands in apology, charming smile ever present on his face.

“I’m sorry, Miss (Y/N), I hope you weren’t injured?” He looked you up and down in concern, and you felt your heart flutter ever so slightly as his eyes softened. You snapped out of your trance, clearing your throat and glancing over at your car, the squirrel finally perking up and scrambling out of the car, and back to the trees. You finally sighed in relief, the officer looking at you with amusement, his head cocking to the side slightly - it wasn’t everyday that a cute girl happened to crash on the doorstep of the police station.

“Miss? Do you happen to need a ride home, seeing as your car is… well,” he gestured over to your car pressed up against the lamppost, a small indent in the bonnet of the car.

You visibly perked up at his suggestion, before realising how overly eager you looked and clearing your throat, attempting to act casual about the matter. Never mind the fact that a cute police officer is offering to take you home, no big deal, you tried to convince yourself.

“I mean, sure, I guess…” You said, looking down at your hand, tilting your head to the side as you looked back up at him, the amused expression still on his face, as he began walking over to a police car parked in the corner.

“It’s Jungkook by the way,” the officer called out, flashing a grin at you as he opened the passenger door for you courteously, and you felt a dusty pink rising up onto your cheeks at his gaze. Jungkook. So that was the name of this handsome officer.

“Miss?” He called out once again, this time with a stern tone, causing you to freeze halfway through climbing into the police car. You glanced up at him cautiously, his expression now stoic and stern, leaving you wondering what you had done this time around. I always have to mess stuff up, you thought, mentally sighing as you had ruined your chances once again.

“I’ve just realised that you’ve broken the law, Miss.” He crossed his arms over his firm chest, and you felt panic rise up in your chest, your eyes widening in shock. You opened your mouth to speak, but you noticed a smirk spreading onto his face, his eyebrows raised playfully, as he said, “Don’t you know it’s illegal to be that cute?”

You groaned at the lame pick up line, and yet you couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips, your heart thudding against your chest in pure relief, and possible admiration. “Who knew police officers could be so lame?” You muttered, and Jungkook climbed into the driver’s seat, spinning around in his seat as he just about caught your comment.

“Excuse me, Miss (Y/N)? I think I might just have to arrest you for that comment,” he chuckled, his eyes sparkling with playfulness, and you felt butterflies fluttering around in your chest, threatening to burst out.

“I mean… I’d let you arrest me anyday, but…” You coughed, as Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows, shaking his head with a laugh. “Someone found their confidence, huh?” He retaliated, his heart swelling at your sudden flirtation attempt.

You giggled, and Jungkook turned back around in his seat, starting up the car and reversing out of the drive, one hand on the wheel as you drove down the street. You directed him to where he should drop you off, your hand accidentally brushing against his muscular arm as you pointed forwards, causing you to blush even more. You were grateful for the fact that he didn’t question why you were still making your way home at this ungodly hour, and instead you exchanged playful banter the whole journey back, the sound of laughter filling the vehicle.

You finally reached your destination, and you pouted slightly as Jungkook parked the car, realising that meant you would have to go. You didn’t know if you were going to see him again, although your heart was desperately leaping in your chest, as he grinned charmingly again. You were about to climb out of the car, before Jungkook called you back, the butterflies in your chest becoming even more frantic.

“I, uh, am going to require your phone number… for, um, returning your car purposes…” A adorable shyness overcame Jungkook, and you resisted the urge to coo at him, instead giggling, taking his notepad from his pocket and jotting down your number for him.

“Returning my car purposes, huh?” You teased, throwing your head back in a laugh as you handed back his notepad, and he chuckled. In that moment, your eyes lighting up in joy, the sound of your laugh so sweet and genuine, he truly hoped your paths would cross again - the fleeting hope that another squirrel would fall into your car again, and he looked down with a smile.

“Uh, thank you for the ride, Jungkook,” you said, stepping out of the car, and bending down to look through the door with a sweet smile. “I appreciate it.”

“No problem, Miss,” he responded lightly, his heart still fluttering in his chest.

“Do we have to with the “Miss”? It’s so overly formal, just call me (Y/N),” you chuckled, and Jungkook shook his head with a smile.

“(Y/N) it is then.” He nodded, still admiring how genuinely happy you looked, and you waved, walking away with a spring in your step.

“Ah… how adorable.” He rested his chin on the steering wheel, his lips curled up in a smile, as he glanced down at the number you had written down, signing your name off with a little heart. That day he returned home with an uplifted mood, hoping your paths would cross again.

Koi No Yokan - Part 2

Characters - Steve, Reader, Clint, Sam

Word Count - 721

Koi No Yokan (Japanese) - The sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall into love. This is different than “love at first sight,” since it implies that you might have a sense of imminent love, somewhere down the road, without yet feeling it. The term captures the intimation of inevitable love in the future, rather than the instant attraction implied by love at first sight.

A/N - It’s 2:30am, I don’t have too much to say about this part. Still setting the scene here. I really hope you guys like it! Never hesitate to tell me what you think!!

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“What do you want?” You groaned at the harsh sunlight beaming in your face as you opened the door.

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Offer to the Robron Fandom

So, starting tonight, things are going to be really bloody difficult for our favourite boys, and there’s no doubt at all that some episodes are going to be….really hard to watch.

I know so many of us (myself included) have latched onto Robron in a big way, and so many of us identify with the boys, and seeing Aaron in prison, suffering abuse, and potentially even drug abuse, is going to be pretty triggering for some people.

So what I’m offering is this. If you want me to, I’m more than happy to watch the episodes (not just tonight, but over the coming weeks/months - the entire duration of this storyline) and then give you a message telling you whether you should avoid watching it or not (or at least, if you’re having a bad day, I can tell you to wait until you’re feeling a bit better before watching the episode/scenes).

I’m already going to do this for another friend here, and I’d be happy to do this for anyone else. Even if we haven’t spoken before, even if we don’t follow each other - it doesn’t matter. Just give me a message and I can make sure I PM you after the episodes and give you an idea of how heavy/intense they are.

I think it’s so important for everyone to look out for each other. I know a lot of what will happen in these episodes will be revealed in gifsets and written posts, but that’s not the same as watching it on screen, hearing the words and seeing exactly what’s going down.

This storyline is going to contain physical/verbal abuse, potential drug abuse, mentions of pedophilia, homophobia (no doubt), and I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron self-harms again. This is going to be seriously triggering for a lot of people, for any of those reasons, and I want people to still feel safe and still be able to watch the show as a whole and enjoy the storyline as much as they can.

So please, please, please feel free to message me. You don’t have to tell me why you’re concerned, or why it might be triggering or upsetting to you. I can either give you brief details of what happens in the episodes or I can just quickly say “I wouldn’t watch if you’re having a bad day”. Like it doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it could be important.

I know some people may well need this, or they may have already asked other fandom friends to do this for them. But I also know some people might feel silly or embarrassed to ask someone, or are not sure who to ask, and I just want you to know you can ask me. It’s honestly no bother at all, and I’d be happy to do it if it’s going to help put people’s minds at ease.

So starting from tonight, this offer is open. Please please PLEASE feel free to message me - I won’t ask any questions. I’ll just add your name to a list and that will be that. Job done. And you’ll get a little message after the episode/s air.

If people could help spread the word, or want to reblog this and offer themselves up to do this too, that would be awesome. This fandom is so lovely and I’ve seen several posts of people sounding concerned for what’s to come, and I just want you to all feel safe!

This post in short: if you want me to watch Emmerdale and PM you after the episodes air to warn you about their content/let you know whether it’s safe to watch, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do that for you.

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Colombia approved a new law about "dangerous breeds", now everyone who have this kind of dogs have to have a special a registration and paid for permit to keep the dog, because of this many dogs end up being abandoned and being sacrificed! My best friend has a pit bull and she is the most adorable dog on earth! how can we prove that this breed are not really dangerous!

Well, my anonymous friend, firstly I can’t figure out whether you’re talking about Colombia the country, the county or a city, so I can’t look up your legislation.

Secondly, registering dogs isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. You might be disappointed that I’m not going to tell you what you wanted to hear.

How bad this new law is, and whether or not it’s fair, depends on the details, which I can’t find.

Where I am we have a general registration for ALL dogs. It’s a cheap annual fee if they’re desexed and if the dog gets loose and is picked up, it gets returned to the owners first time free of charge. That law is there to ensure the dog population doesn’t get out of control in suburbia, and that dogs that repeatedly escape and get onto the road can be identified and addressed.

Certain ‘restricted’ breeds have additional laws. They are supposed to only be kept if desexed if living in certain suburbs. They can only be owned by someone over the age of 18. They can only be walked in public by someone who is over 18. There is a minimum height for your fences. This legislation targets certain breeds, including the pit bull. While I don’t think it’s fair to target a particular handful of breeds, I do think these precautions are reasonable for any dog breed over 20kg.

If any dog attacks a human, or kills an animal, or comes close, it gets reclassified as a ‘dangerous dog’. These dogs must have an enclosure, not just a fence, and ‘Beware of Dog’ signs at the entrance to the property. They’re not to be walked in public, and are to be muzzled if outside of their enclosure. These dogs attract a higher registration fee, and if they escape they are likely to be seized and put down.

The difference between a ‘restricted breed’ legislation and this dangerous dog legislation is that these individual dogs have proven themselves to be dangerous. It is not condemning an entire breed. These measures have not resulted in more dogs being ‘abandoned and sacrificed‘, but there are more dogs around these days that look very much like pit bulls that are being labeled as ‘staffy crosses’.

All dogs bite. That’s how they eat. You can’t guarantee that any individual dog, of any breed, will never hurt a human. You simply can’t, and it’s irresponsible to do so.

We should be encouraging people to understand dog’s body language and dog etiquette to reduce the number of dog bites. Legislation won’t fix this problem, but neither will targeting certain breeds.

You can’t prove that ‘pit bulls are not really dangerous’. You can’t prove that for any breed, especially not a large, muscular one. The task lies in convincing the general public that the breed is not any more dangerous than any other breed of dog. Hey, it’s Labradors and Golden Retrievers that are statistically most likely to bite a vet and send them to hospital.

Originally posted by humoristics

Having good ambassadors for the breed in public and social media is vital to change public perception. Stop cropping their ears if you’re in a country that still allows this to happen. Socialize them well, with humans and other dogs. Train them well. Let them be as good as they can be, because they represent their breed.

Not all of these dogs are nice, but that could be said of any breed. The task remains to show that enough of these dogs are and don’t deserve to be singled out over any other breed.

It used to be rottweilers, dobermans and german shepherds that were vilified in this way. Society’s views can change, but it takes consistent good examples to do so.

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hey Roby,,,,,,,,,, I'm having a really hard time in school, I have good/decent grade, but there are these one kids who are making fun of me and stuff because I'm not comfortable being a girl, and I'm deciding to get a short hair cut, and dye my hair silver/platinum. I just wanted change. But, lots of people are bullying me about it.... what should I do.

honestly fuck people who shit on others for being “different” cause you honestly sound like a really cool person and you should continue being yourself and doing what makes you happy, forget what others think~ go and dye your hair silver and be an awesome bean, if people keep bullying you just tell a teacher you trust (even if thats seen as being a “snitch” or “giving up” its really not cause the jokes on them afterwards for having ugly personalities)

just try and stick around friends who are supportive, negativity is just a waste of time

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Do you have any headcannons for Damian bring home a girl (or boy whichever you want)?

(I’m leaving it gender neutral)

-He would be really apprehensive about bringing them home because of his family and how they would either inadvertently or on purpose screw everything up

-Dick is the one who embarrasses Damian by bringing out the photo books, telling stories about him doing unbecoming things, basically making Damian regret everything

-the others are what Damian is really afraid of because they’re more likely to tell his date bad things about him and he doesn’t want his date to think badly of him

-Bruce is the Stern Dad that’s like “if you don’t have my son home by ten, I know where you live” and Damian is just there in the back like “kill me now, Dad stop”

-deep down Damian is really hoping that his date is able to get along with his family because they’re his family and it would be great if everyone was accepting of each other

-Dick would make it even more embarrassing because he’s kind of like Damian’s mom of sorts??? And he’d totally pull the whole “Do you two need anything? A snack? A condom?” thing and Damian would just shrivel up and die but also pledge revenge

-the one person Damian can count on is Alfred, who is always very pleasant towards anybody that the family brings into the house, and who will always try to keep things civil between the family

-basically just Damian trying not to die while his date is sitting next to him trying not to bust out laughing and/or blush while all of this is happening and then after his date leaves, Damian just wants to murder his siblings even though his date assured him it’s okay

Guys let’s be honest. I’m sure that the original intention for that Daisy/Jemma scene was something more like:

Daisy: “We’re probably going to die because let’s face it…the whole base is overrun by robots…the odds are against us.”

Jemma: “Great pep talk, Daisy. Thank you for that.”

Daisy: “No! I mean…what I’m trying to say is that we’ve been thorough a lot together and I…my major regret is not telling you…how I feel…”

Jemma: “How you…feel?”

Daisy: *cue the heart eyes*


But I guess Jed Whedon didn’t want to borrow too much from his brother so…he changed it up a bit. But we all know what he was really thinking.

Arkos Pregnancy Au

here it is folks. What started out as a way of making me feel less depressed spiralled out into this beautiful au.

are you ready??? (also please keep in mind that I only did some research into pregnancy so if something is wildly inaccurate its because I’m lazy)

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bad things (i.)

“Hit me,” Kenny said.

There weren’t many things that took Craig by surprise. But on that particular day, those two words were an exception. He blinked automatically.  Kenny chuckled. 

“Come on dude, hit me. Just lay one on me, right here, on my jaw.”

“What?” Craig asked, quite confused. “Why?“

“I wanna see how good of a fighter you are.”

Craig was walking a thin line between telling Kenny to cut the bullshit and actually punching the shit out of him.

“Am I in Fight Club?“

Kenny shook his head and began to unzip his jacket. “Nah, this is better.” He flung it over the railing and rolled up his t-shirt sleeves. “In the sense that I’m hotter than Brad Pitt and there aren’t really any rules to this.“

"So wait. You want me to punch you in the face?” Craig asked, as if, for some reason, he was just not catching the drift.

“Sure, why not.” Kenny grinned, his breath coming out in a grey mist from the cold. “If that’s what you’re feeling at the moment, go for it.”

“And…you’re totally okay with this?”

Kenny rose his brows in disbelief. “Are you really asking me for permission? Really? I said GO FOR IT, YOU FUCKING BABY.“

A little nerve was tugged Craig balled up his hand into a fist. This kid can’t be serious, he thought. But a part of him was kind of hoping he was because god knows how good it’d feel to sock him. Especially when he was grinning at him like that.

His hand twitched uncertainly by his side.

"Aw poor Craig is feeling pressured.” Kenny pouted childishly. “Is the pressure too much for little Tucker?“

Craig’s nails dug deep into his skin.

"Mhmm. Maybe you can’t even throw a decent punch. Maybe you don’t know how to!” Kenny gasped letting his lips fall into that devious smile again. “OR MAYBE YOU’RE JUST A LITTLE BI-“

And Kenny was cut off immediately from the full blow of Craig’s fist to his mouth. He stumbled backwards losing his balance and falling hard against the metal railing. There were loud gasps from the underclassmen surrounding them, followed by a string of “oooooo’s”.

Kenny regained his vision quickly and spat into his hand, marveling at the dark liquid staining his palm. He brushed his fingers along his teeth and was relieved to feel they were all still intact. But a huge grin began to spread across his cut up lips. He looked back up at Craig who was looking down at him sort of triumphantly and satisfied.

“How do ya feel?” Kenny asked, wiping his bloody hand on his shirt. Craig shrugged, staring at his fist with awe. He muttered something along the lines of “Pretty good I think” before Kenny cut him off with a good solid blow to his nose. Another chain of “oooo’s" broke out and before long the students began egging them on. Craig was quick to respond, picking himself from his awkward fall and shoving Kenny hard against the railing, taking that chance to knee him in the stomach a couple times. Kenny managed to trip him down and suddenly there were fists landing everywhere. And there were cheers and shouts, some encouraging the fight, others yelling for security to come.

Craig ignored all of this. All he felt was Kenny’s fist colliding roughly with his ribs, chest, face, and arms. But somehow it felt…thrilling. It felt exciting. The roughness was challenging, something Craig rarely experienced. It was as if they were fighting to the death. And and one point he was almost sure that he was going to pass out unconscious and wake up in a hospital bed. But the adrenaline was there and that made all the consequences worth shit. The sight of his own blood didn’t terrify him. Shit, at that point he couldn’t even distinguish his own blood from Kenny’s. It was hard to tell who was winning, even though Craig knew damn well he was getting in some good hits.

But did it even matter?


The next thing Craig knew, Kenny was being pulled off him and they were both being dragged up from the floor. The underclassmen had a mix look of horror and wonder in their faces, like they were both some beings from outer space. The security guys held them back like wild beasts posing a threat.

Craig couldn’t feel his own goddamn face. 

He looked over at Kenny who was trying to catch his breath.Amidst everything, he still smiled. He looked at Craig and let out a broken laugh. “What did we do wrong?“

Craig looked around the stadium and noticed they had become the main attraction. He could spot the football players, more so Clyde, glancing up with shock and confusion as well as the cheerleaders and the coaches. They all looked around him like he was at the center of a crime scene. Craig looked at Kenny and began to smile as much as his sore face would let him.

He was catching his drift now.

Kenny mouthed the same words again. “What did we do wrong?”

Craig responded with how he felt at that moment. “Nothing at all.


  • [ listen on spotify
  • starts out kinda emo then ends up kinda happy. that’s it. that’s the entire description.


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Sleepy //Draco Imagine//

Requested by: @fluffy-unicorn26

Request: Hi! Can you do a Draco imagine where the reader and him are in potions class sitting next to each other because Snape paired them up like that and the reader is so sleepy that somehow she ends up asleep in Draco’s hand and he is confused but bc he doesn’t want to wake her up he lets her sleep until the end of the class and when the reader wakes up she asks what happened and Draco tells her that she fell asleep and he explains it in a really cute way and ahdjhs idk maybe something fluffy. Tysm 💕

Warnings: none

A/n: requests are closed just until I get all these imagines posted. I think I have four more to do! Sorry for the wait guys!!!

This is gonna be a kinda short one btw


“God Y/n, you haven’t stopped yawning since we walked into this class.” Y/n’s good friend, and potions partner, Draco Malfoy laughed as he poured some sort of liquid into the cauldron and stirred it until it turned pink.

“I must have gotten about a half an hour of sleep last night.” She replied groggily as she rubbed her eyes and yawned yet again.

“What on earth could have kept you up so late?” Draco looked at her dumbfounded and she sighed.

“Mcgonagall’s paper.” She rested her chin on her hand and her eyes fluttered shut.

“Ah saved it for the very last day did we?” Draco chuckled and Y/n sighed loudly. “Well you’ll have to make sure to get a good night’s sleep tonight huh?”

Draco felt something fall onto his shoulder and he looked down to see a Y/n with her head on his shoulder, sleeping soundly. He bit his lip as he debated waking her up or not but she looked so peaceful that he shook his head and returned to his work.

As he continued with the potion, he took quick glances at Y/n sleeping quietly on his shoulder. Whenever he looked at her, a smile sneaked its way onto his face. It seemed as if everyone in the world knew about his massive crush on her, except for her.

After about twenty minutes, Draco finished the potion. He looked at Y/n, still sleeping soundly on his shoulder and smiled. He brushed a lock of her silky hair behind her ear and trailed his fingers down her in an attempt to wake her up. He hated to do it but he didn’t want Snape to catch her sleeping.

Her eyes slowly opened and she gradually lifted her head. She batted her groggy eyes and looked around the room with a confused expression. Draco was sure that she had never looked more beautiful.

Y/n finally looked at Draco and he offered her a warm smile. “Good morning darling. How did you sleep.”

“That felt really good.” She muttered as she rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms. “I needed that.”

“You’re going to need more than twenty five minutes to get rid of your sleepy eyes.” Draco chuckled as he got the attention of Snape who strode over to critique their potion.

“Tired today are we miss Y/l/n?” Snape asked as he glared at Y/n from the corner of his eye before turning his attention to the potions. “Well done nonetheless. You will both receive an A for the day.” With that, Snape turned around, his cloak flying off the ground and nearly knocking something off the table as he moved towards mother students table.

“You know, you’re kind of cute when you’re asleep.” Draco noted as he began to clean up some of the ingredients.

“You we’re watching me sleep?” She asked, slightly shocked.

“Well you were in my shoulder.” He shrugged she’s shoulders and her cheeks turned red.

“Well thanks I guess.” She grabbed some other ingredients and held them out to him. “Y’know, i’ve always kind of wondered what it would be like to wake up next to you..”

His eyes flicked to hers and a small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. “Oh really?” He took the ingredients from her and set them down on the counter.

“Well not too often but just sometimes.” She shrugged as she grabbed more of the little vials.

“Like when?” He asked as he took those from her as well.

“Well….now..” She looked up at him and he raised his eyebrow at her. “Don’t give me that look!” She giggled as she hit his arm playfully. “Pansy has told me quite enough about you to make this all completely even.”

“She has!?” Draco’s eyes got wide and she laughed. “It’s okay Drac. I already knew.” She smirked up at him and he relaxed, a kind of half smile forming on his lips.

She sighed and leaned her head on his shoulder again. This time, it was on purpose. He felt butterflies in his stomach as he slowly and carefully wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer into him. “I’m willing to give it a shot if you are.” She looked up at him from hooded eyes and he gave her a genuine smile.

“I’m more than willing darling.” He planted a kiss on the top of her head and he could barely contain his smile.

Imagine Moriarty taking you shopping for clothes (changing room smut)

Moriarty X Reader


“I like this one,” Jim holds up a black mini skirt. “And this.” He picks up a black, low-cut top. Very sexy. Not your kind of thing really, but Moriarty gets what Moriarty wants when it comes to you, so you smile and agree. “Let’s go try them, come on.” He takes your hand and leads you to the changing room.

“I’m afriad you can’t go in there with her, Sir.” The woman tells him, as you walk past her to the cubicles.

“I’m afraid it’s the only way you’re going to get any money.” He smiles what is a seemingly charming smile, but you know it better. It’s his don’t-fuck-with-me-darling smile. You’ve seen it enough. The woman sighs and turns away, giving up, so you and Jim go into the room that’s furthest away from anyone else. Once he locks the door, you look around. The room is completely mirrored, you can see yourself from every angle, reflected infinitely from mirror to mirror. Jim looks at you and you smile a little. “Turn around, beautiful.” He tells you, and you do so immediately. He slowly unzips the back of your dress and it falls to the ground. His lips press against your neck and you shiver, partially due to the sudden change in body temperature, and partially due to the contact with him. By his order, you’re not wearing any lingerie today, so you’re completely naked, staring at yourself in the mirror, with him behind you, staring at you in the mirror too. You smile a little. “Dear God, you are a beautiful specimen, aren’t you?” His eyes drink you in, every little exposed inch of your body. Regardless of your flaws, he will always find you stunningly beautiful, perfect.

“Thank you, darling.” You giggle lightly as his hands run over your breasts and tugs at your now-hard nipples. He kisses your neck, biting down softly. You moan a little, and lean your body back into him. He moves his mouth to your collar bone and kisses wetly across it. “Oh, Jim…” You whisper. He gently pushes you against the mirror, so your face is up against it.

“Stay there, my beautiful girl.” He reaches down, you watch him in the mirror, and gets the skirt. “Try it on, baby.” He hands it to you. You put it on slowly, purposfully bending all the way down, giving him a full view of your ass.

“Do me up, babe?” You ask, tease in your voice. He zips you up and looks at your reflection.

“That’s lovely on you.” He smiles. The skirt is very, very short – of course he’d like it. You sigh and laugh.

“Thank you, dear.” You suddenly feel his slap on your butt. You gasp. “Jim!”

“Y/N!” He mocks your tone of voice with a grin. He pushes you against the wall once more, except this time in the corner, so that your hands are on both walls and you’re bent over. You hear his zipper and your breath hitches.

“Here?! Really?” You ask, your voice a loud whisper.

“Yes, really.” You watch his smile in the reflection. You move your hands lower down the walls so you have better support to hold your body. He smacks you again and you grit your teeth.

“Jim, you bad man…” You laugh lightly. You love how bad he is -  it’s a massive, massive turn on for you. You feel his erection press against your leg. Damn.

“You love me really.”

“I do.”

“Good girl.” He strokes your ass and kisses down your spine. His member teases your hole and your heart is in your mouth. “I’m so hard for you.”

“You should be.” You retort, making him smile.

He suddenly fills you. You don’t expect it, so you shout out. “Shush, shush, baby. We’re in a shop, remember?” He asks, laughing.

“Oh yeah….” You giggle and as you move, you feel your body move against his penis, moving it further inside of you. He then begins properly, going in and out, in and out, slowly. Damn, it feels good, you feel so full – full of him, this man that you love more than anything else. His one hand holds across your stomach, so he doesn’t fall, and the other goes further south, massaging your button almost mercilessly. His fingers spread you and enter you and you bite you lip trying not to shout out. He puts a third finger in you and you feel the stretch. Heat builds up inside you and each time he thrusts fully into you, you see stars. You both moan and groan and pant loudly, louder than you should in a public place.

“Cl-close?” He asks, his sweat dripping onto your back.

“Y-Y- Ah! Jim! Fuck!” You come without warning, and he does too, immediately after, shouting your name in one incoherent moan. You stay there for a moment, panting, and see the white substance dripping down your inner thigh slowly. You close your eyes and are vaguely aware of his hands on your leg.

“Lick.” He whispers, his fingers by your mouth. Upon further inspection, you see that he has collected some of his sperm on them. “Lick them, baby girl.” You grab his fingers and suck on them hard. You love how he tastes. “There’s my good girl.” He smiles against your bare skin, and stands you up properly, turning you around to kiss you passionately.

“YOU TWO GET OUT NOW!” A voice shouts from the other side of the door. You’ve been caught.

“What a shame…” Moriarty mutters, holding your new skirt out to look at it. “We didn’t even get a chance to try on the top.”


Do you want to RP with me?

I’m having an exceptionally bad day on top of second guessing myself, worried that others are mad at me for no reason.

So! Instead of being mad I’d really like to hear… do you guys want to RP with me? With what character and what kind of plot? I can’t promise anything as I’m working on going to ECCC soon, and my computer is dead too, but if I can, I’ll see about a thread or two maybe if it sounds cool!

So, let me know! Tell me your thoughts. Give me ideas. What do you see Rin and your character doing? I’d really love to hear and plot and think of cool ideas to draw or write to.

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I think really what studyblr is about is sharing your work and being able to tell people how much you got done that day. Sure, people often talk about what snacks they eat, or recommend pens to one another, and that's fun too. But I think the core of the studyblr community is that we're all in this together and we all want to help each other succeed. It's nice to see people succeeding around you. So don't be discouraged! Talk about what you did today. People will listen.

Hi! Yes, this is exactly what I mean! It is about people coming together and helping each other! Thank you for sending this in x

When you’re being intimate with a POT/Sd/client , and he says “what do you want me to do to you” what is your go to thing to say?
This is the one thing I hate, I don’t want to tell him what really turns me on because I’m always afraid he’ll ruin it for me, like I’m not into anything crazy freaky I just don’t want him to ruin my vanilla sex in the future.
I had an old SD who nearly ruined me getting eaten out. I sometimes still cringe when anyone goes down because I think of the horrible times I had with that one SD.

I usually say" do what you like babe", and they usually just turn me over and do doggy style or w.e, but I’ve had men try to get me to talk about things I like and how they can make me cum more

I FUCKING HATE DURING SEX WHEN THE GUY IS LIKE “ cum babe come on cum for me, I want you to cum ” like that is a huge turn off on it’s own, sugar and vanilla world.

I just want to say to him “I want you to cum, so sex can be fucking over and you can get your old sweaty ass body off me,”

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"they knew precisely what kind of story they wanted to tell, what their vision was, from day one" did they really tho....I don't really remember the beginning tbh

I really think they did!!! >:) I mean, obviously they didn’t know everything they were going to do, but I think all the main ingredients were on the table, so to speak. after that they just built upon them and added millions and millions of layers.

like okay…listen…look at how extraordinary this is:

“Let me tell you a story about a Spaniard named Vazquez” is in the very first episode. EPISODE ONE.

“You see, gossip is what holds civilization together. It reinforces shame. And without shame, well, the world is a very dangerous place.” again, EPISODE ONE. (can u believe this)

“When a king brands us pirates, he doesn’t mean to make us adversaries.
He doesn’t mean to make us criminals. He means to make us monsters.” EPISODE ONE.

“Civilization is coming, and it means to exterminate us. If we are to survive, we must unite behind our own king.” EPISODE ONE. I HAVE CHILLS.

“It’s all coming apart. This place, I can feel it slipping away.” Eleanor about Nassau in, again, EPISODE ONE.

and of course, episode one ends with the fight between flint and singleton, which is, above all, PIRATE THEATER, with a script written by flint himself to convince his crew of a certain story. the story is everything.

all of these things have been relevant ever since and are still relevant seasons later!!! there are definitely things they improved upon, and in some ways they figured out how to tell the story more effectively, but I think the crux of it was always there. it’s pretty dang cool O:)

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Aaaaaa I was recently diagnosed and mostly it's a relief and I want people to understand that I'm not just being lazy but also know ADHD isn't taken seriously and is still considered over diagnosed (not true, especially for girls) so I don't really want to tell people or ask for special treatment but also I don't people to think I'm lazy aaaaaaaaaaa

oooh, you totally should ask for special treatment. ADHD is a disorder just like any other. It is your right to be accommodated! if you feel that you need accommodations to feel comfortable, then by all means go and ask for them. it’s about time people start realizing this is a real disorder that affects real people. don’t be ashamed to have ADHD is what I’m saying


yknow what’s really “another level of being a asshole with your shit”??? when people like You decide to go up to queer fans of whatever show, unsolicited, and start “criticizing” their queer headcanons like. thanks but nobody asked for your opinion? you get to think characters are cishet all u want buddy, but when you start telling LGBTQ people that they’re wrong for seeing themselves in their favorite characters, Yeah. You’re A Fucking Bigot.

policing queer people’s attempts at self-representation is absolutely bigoted & perpetuates homophobia/transphobia/etc. telling queer people that they’re annoying assholes for? believing a fictional character is Like Them regardless of “””canon proof””” is majorly fucked up. it’s a silencing tactic and it’s bullshit.

“LOL stupid SJWs go away stop talking about these characters being lgbtq theres no Proof therefore you can’t relate yourself to them bye” looking ass 

queer people are allowed to interpret their faves as queer, Sorry I Don’t Make The Rules ;;;;;)