this is what i really want to tell you

OK people keep pointing this out and honestly it’s so true?

When Keith is leaving this is Pidge’s reaction, she’s visibly sad and you can tell she’s obviously going to miss him

And Allura is sad too, but she seems more proud of Keith because he’s going off to do what he wants to do

But then there’s Lance?? 

I don’t even know what he’s really feeling tbh, he just looks like he’s trying so hard to hold something back, like he’s pretending to be OK when he really isn’t. And I don’t think they focused in on his reaction for no reason (especially when they could have showed Hunk, Coran, or even Shiro again) this obviously means something. 

Considering his “Yeah, who am I going to make fun of?” Came after Pidge’s “We’re really going to miss you.” It’s pretty obvious he’s going to miss Keith…But just for making fun of him? That seems a bit empty and he’s most likely not saying everything he feels, because you know, this is Lance. He hides his true emotions underneath his confidence and charm, even though he has more insecurities/problems than anyone else out there. Every once in a while though they do slip out, and I think it almost did here but he was doing his best to hold it back for the sake of the team. 

So honestly…I wonder how he was really feeling in this moment to see Keith go… 

Stranger Things Reddie AU Part 2

-The next morning Eddie woke up before Richie and found himself looking down with a small smile on his face at the boy who saved his life  

-”Cute”  Eddie whispered 

-”Take a picture it’ll last longer” Richie chuckled when he opened his eyes and saw the mysterious boy looking at him.

-”picture?” Eddie asked confused “Yeah ya know picture,click” Richie said while forming a camera out of his hands around his eyes

-Eddie mimicked Richie’s hand motions and made the click sound with his mouth 

-Richie chuckled at him “Yeah there ya go”

-Richie took Eddie downstairs to get them something to eat. He knew by 8 his father would already be long gone, and his mother would be asleep for at least another 4 hours 

-Richie searched through the cabinets and the refrigerator trying to find something for breakfast. He finally, looked in the freezer and found a carton of mint chocolate-chip ice cream. He pulled out the carton, grabbed two spoons, then set the ice cream on the table in front of Eddie.

-”Breakfast of champions” Richie said while he pulled off the top and stuck his spoon inside

-Eddie did as he saw Richie do and shoveled the ice cream on his spoon before sticking it in his mouth. 

-Eddie’s eyes lit up when the foreign flavor hit his tongue, he had never tasted anything so good in all of his 13 years.

-Richie smiled when he saw Eddie’s eyes go wide “Pretty good huh”

-After finishing almost half the carton Richie had decided he’d had enough and put his spoon in the sink. Eddie on the other couldn’t get enough and decided to carry the carton with him when Richie lead him back up to his room. 

-Eddie continued to eat the ice cream as he sat on Richie’s bed, still wearing the over sized sweatshirt that Richie had given him the night 

-Richie smiled at the small boy sitting on his bed, swallowed by his sweatshirt, and eating ice cream as if he had never had any before. He didn’t know much about the boy, really he didn’t know anything about him at all, but he did know one thing, he was cute as hell.

-Richie decided to blow off school and stay with Eddie. In fear of leaving him alone for his mother to find him and for the simple fact that he really just wanted to send more time with him. He knew that no one would miss him, except for his friends Bill, Ben, Mike, Stan, and Bev. But Richie skipped school all the time and they wouldn’t think much of it.

-”Alright Eds moment of truth. What happened to you? Why were you hanging out in alley in a hospital gown?” 

-Eddie didn’t say anything he just looked back down at his ice cream the as starting to melt. Richie had half a mind to take the ice cream away from him but didn’t because he for whatever reason didn’t want to make the boy sad.

“Eds look i’m not gonna tell anyone okay? i just need to know why you were out there” 

-”No” was all Eddie said.

-”No huh? That’s not what your mom said last night” Richie said slightly annoyed that the boy didn’t trust him enough to tell him what was going on

-”Richie, what is mom?” Eddie spoke in voice laced with innocence. He really had no idea what a mom was.

-It was then that Richie realized that this kid wasn’t just some run away. He was something else, Richie just didn’t know what yet. 

Reveling in Richonne

#90: The “Few More Days” (7x12)

Y’all we’ve arrived at the final Richonne moment of 7x12! 🎉And it is an adorably perfect moment if I do say so myself. 😊

So the Trash Lady clearly folds and gets in formation once Rick lays out the deal of their negotiation. You can tell that Rick is still super annoyed and frustrated that these Garbage Patch Kids are so difficult and I love that Michonne sees that he’s upset and she makes her way over to him.

Like this is a wife that is so in tune with her man and knows exactly how to comfort him and reach him for whatever occasion.

And so they stand in front of each other, all up close and personal as usual. Like for real they are standing super close in this public place and I love it cuz it just further proves that these two are 100% magnets. 👌🏽

And, looking all glowy and peaceful, Michonne tells him “You get a few more days, before what happens next.” I’ve mentioned it before, but I have to say it again; I really do adore the tone of the way these two talk to each other. 😍

Like she’s just so uplifting and gentle with him in this moment and again she’s saying his words back to him with the whole “what happens next” and “few more days” cuz she knows that’s what he’s been wanting. 

It’s also cute that she tells him you get a few more days cuz you know she means “a few more days out there with me” lol. And Rick also knows this and he proceeds to have the cutest dang reaction. 😋

Originally posted by godlaughingwhilstyoumakeplans

Like he really hears her out and then legitimately visibly perks up upon realizing this means they get more time together.

It’s adorable the way he curiously and happily says, “Few more days?” Like y'all this man was super annoyed just seconds ago and now his entire demeanor has changed and he’s practically cheery. 😊

And Homeboy low key looks entranced too lol. Cuz they were already standing super close and then he steps even closer to her. Like all of a sudden no one else was even there anymore, it was just the two of them.

Hearing that he gets a few more days to just be with her is music to his ears. And it’s clear this woman holds the keys to his heart, y'all.

Plus, it’s cute that the writers do this cuz, throughout the whole episode, Rick consistently wanted a few more days and so it’s nice that they end with him getting what he wanted from the beginning. Like it feels full circle. And we actually get a rare TWD happy ending. 🙌🏾

And I love that Michonne one; knew how to lift Rick’s spirits in this moment two; put a positive spin on this frustrating gun situation by reminding Rick this means a few more days to just live and three; when Michonne then replies, “That’s right. We’ll find more, figure it out. Soon. In a few more days.” It shows how she’s evolved too.

That talk with Rick in the van has opened her own eyes to know that time is limited and so you can see that she too is excited for and plans to cherish these few more days they get. 

Originally, she was so ready to just get this fight started and over with but now she’s okay with the fight being put off for a little bit. This lets us know she’s come to terms with how short life can be and so she’s ready to make the most of their time as well. They’re fully on the same page once again. 👌🏽

And it’s sweet how positive her words are too. Like she really is Rick’s cheerleader and she’s confident that they’ll figure things out so long as they figure it out together.

I just love that, despite the gun situation being unnecessarily prolonged, they’re both low key happy that it means more time together. Like basically, this implies that R&M got a “Say Yes 2″. 😋

They spent a whole trip together and yet here they are excited for even more time. That’s how you know it’s the real love. 💯

Again this was such an amazing husband and wife moment and what made it even better is that after that proposal it feels like they too know that they’re husband and wife.

Like they look at each other like they’re married and they know it. And I love how visibly happy you can tell they make each other. Just the idea of a few more days is enough to make them leave that junkyard feeling like they won. 😊

And then they walk off holding hands cuz TWD has no chill. 😂 I love it! Them holding hands here just lets you know that they really do know they’re married and that those magnets are alive and well within them.

I adore that this is so natural for them and that, not only are they unafraid of PDA, but they do it so often and wherever they go. Here. For. It. 🙌🏾

And as they hold hands and walk off, looking like royalty, we all watched them from above, in our newfound place in Heaven. 😇 It was great.

This was legit my mood as R&M concluded what was basically a beautiful Richonne bottle…

Originally posted by retep

Like you just had to turn up for all the gold that we witnessed in this episode. Richonne completely delivered in 7x12 and it was tens across the board. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

I know the episode technically ended with Rosita and her foolish plan but, for me, that handhold was the end.

(Side note tho: Rick was looking real refreshed when he was talking to Tara at the end of the episode lol. Like that was def a man who has had a nice honeymoon vacation 😂)

I remember when it ended I was like TWD should make it mandatory to have a Richonne bottle each season cuz the amount of A1 Richonne goodness in this episode was everything. 💯😊

It was so great to see Rick and Michonne just get to be Rick and Michonne, and revel in Richonne, as well as be so human and multidimensional and playful and heartfelt. Like I got my life and was buried all at the same time. 🙉😊

This episode truly was such a meaningful love letter to Richonne and a reminder of why Rick and Michonne are truly the GOAT.  👌🏽😋

I started these 7x12 posts with this and I’ll say it one last time just for good measure; In “Say Yes” we were blessed. Amen. 🙌🏾🎉😊

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How about heads w/ Tom Holland where you don't want to introduce your bff to him because you afraid he will fall for her as everybody in your surroundings did.

Originally posted by kiingholland

  • First of all, I think Tom would feel kinda upset
  • He may say things like “why can’t I meet your friend? You know all of my friends, especially Haz”
  • And he’s like an annoying little kid, so he always bring it up the fact that he does want to meet your friend
  • Especially if she’s really important to you
  • But when you get tired of how much he bothers you with the subject, and tells him the truth, he will feel sad
  • And a little bit guilty, also
  • His first thought is that you might be joking with him, so he will laugh
  • But when you don’t laugh with him? That’s when what you said will hit him right in the face
  • “What? Like, for real?”
  • “Yes, Tom. For real”
  • Tom stays silent for a moment, looking at the floor, and then at you; at the floor, and then at you again
  • Then suddenly, he hugs you
  • Like, he gives you a bear hug, almost smashing your bones
  • “Oh, you fool. How could I ever fall in love with someone else?”
  • And you tell him that everyone did
  • You don’t even gotta mention how that always made you feel, Tom got it
  • He kisses your forehead, and then your lips
  • “Don’t think I will trade you for someone else, alright? The only person who still has a chance with me is Scarlett Johansson, but that’s just because I know Chris Evans has a chance with you too”
  • You laugh, and then you see his beautiful smile on his face
  • Tom kisses you again, saying that you don’t have to be afraid, he really just wanna meet your friend because she’s your friend
  • And like he said, you know all his friends
  • But it’s okay, he can totally wait until you’re comfortable with the situation
  • He won’t bother you anymore, he promises lol

Maple got closer, she tried to stay calm but Brynn could see her knuckles getting whiter and whiter prisoners of her fists. “Are you kidding me McKinnon? You perfectly know what’s wrong,don’t play the I’m-so-innocent game with me, we both know it’s It’s just an act.” Brynn was more than skeptical: it was either Maple judging her smarter than she actually was or she was being attacked for nothing. Maybe she was a serial sleepwalker? Who could tell. Not her, that’s for sure. “Can you please tell me what the hell are you talking about?” was Brynn’s answer in an exhausted sigh. “I just want to go home, really…” she added, hoping that in this way Maple would have speeded up things a bit. She was wrong.

“Oh so he shows a scrap of interest for you, that is realising you’re not just wallpaper stuck to his sister’s ass, and you suddenly grow a backbone? Marvellous!“ started attacking the brunette, finally allowing Brynn to understand what was going on. “Oh. My. Plumbob. Is it about Sebastian?“ said Brynn with eyes wide open, realising in what poor teenage drama movie she just got casted. “Look, I don’t really care about your boyfriend, he gave me a ride to school cause I slept at Cara’s place, no big deal. Now let me go home, okay? tried Brynn pretty calm, but with a hint of bitterness that was enough to make Maple snap. As Brynn was trying to get away from the discussion, running away from the front door, Maple pushed her screaming “Stay away from my life!“ with such a high-pitched yell that she not only called back all of the students still in the building but probably made some dogs in the area turn mad or something. She could put that ultrasound ability in her curriculum, even if it was pretty scary to be honest. Brynn raised an eyebrow: No, you gotta be kidding me.


Peppermint: I’m by no means justifying what he’s done. It was wrong and cruel, and somebody that loves you wouldn’t do that to you. You don’t deserve this. You are more than welcome to stay here with me as long as you want.

Lace: Thanks, Pep, that really means a lot. I’ll have to c-call my parents in the morning to tell them where I’m at.. They were expecting to come over to the house tomorrow to catch up more.

Peppermint: No problem. (smiles) Now, let’s get you cleaned up and settled in, huh?


“Listen hotness you can do better than that.” Kenny rested his hand on her shoulder. Seeing women flock to Balor wasn’t the problem, he was gorgeous so she expected it to happen, but when one of the dark haired girls decided to get handsy and Balor didn’t push her away is what set her off.

“Yeah well I’m stuck here so I don’t really know what to tell you.” She slumped onto the bench and rubbed her tired eyes. “He thinks we need to start having kids and we can’t even get long for more than a week at a time.”

Kenny scooted closer and faced her.

“You’re not stuck, if you want out I can get you out of here.” His hand reached to brush her hair from her face. “He is an animal..Finn might be okay towards you but Balor is always going to be there. He doesn’t know how to take care of you.”

He wiped the small tear from her face.

“I’ll take care of you. Better than him. Everything you could want I’ll give it to you. You want a job? You can work anywhere you want, I’m not going to reduce you to being a housewife. You want kids? I’ll give you as many as you want.”

His offer seemed tempting. Kenny had been such a good friend, always there to comfort her when she needed, always making sure she wasn’t being abused.

“Just let me think on it.” She said. Kenny seems to be pleased with that for now.

“Okay darlin you know how to reach me.” He stood with her and hugged her tight. He felt so safe. She wondered for a moment what it would have been like if she met him instead of Finn.

“Thank you..honestly, thank you for everything.” She gave him a small smile before heading back to her room. She passed by the little gathering Balor had, but didn’t bother to look. If he had women on him then she didn’t want to see it. She never felt so small. If Balor had chosen her then she expected him to at least acknowledge that she was the only woman in his life, not allow some trashy ditz of a woman crawl all over him.

When she entered the room she slid against the door. What the hell was she doing? What if Finn found out she was taking to Kenny? Would either of them even care?

“Well well….”

Oh shit.

“Little birdie told me you and Kenny had a cute moment…” Balor stepped in front of you. “We are having a little chat sweetheart.”

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Semi-urgent! I've arranged with my school therapist for my mom to come and have a chat with me and my therapist tomorrow and I'm kinda starting to worry. It's not panicking yet but I just have an uneasy feeling about telling her I'm ftm, and I know I could just postpone it but I really want to get it out of the way. Any quick help for the worrying and any tips for while I'm actually telling her?

Lee says:


While telling her:

  • If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, you can take a minute to stop and get yourself under control again
  • Maybe discuss a code or signal with your therapist that indicates that you’re feeling overwhelmed so they can take over the conversation for a minute or ask you if you want a minute so you don’t have to bring it up yourself
  • You can bring something to fidget with so your hands have something to do, which can be calming
  • Breathing
  • Emotion
  • Grounding
  • Coming out page

Followers, any other tips for anon?

miri: daddy.. papa said he wanna go home now..

daddy jk: just a little bit more.. until the show ends

miri: papa knew you’d say that! that’s why i came here to tell you that papa dont want you to be a bad boy or else….

daddy jk: or else what sweetheart?

miri: i dont know, that’s all he said

*jk internally screaming while talking in his head* “papa really knows how to get me, doesnt he? he is such a naughty boy”

Forbidden - Chapter V Vol I

Chapter V! This is a part one of this chapter, the other will be uploaded tomorrow. It’s 4am here but I really wanted to get this up for you guys.

So now we know what else Bill had to say, I realise the response to what he tells Vida may seem anti-climatic but trust me, the drama will come. I didn’t want any more rejection to occur between Vida and Bill, so we will see conflict come from outside of their relationship in the coming chapters. I just wanted to provide you with some more in-depth smut and some more relationship development. 

I hope you enjoy this drama free-ish chapter, because theres lots of it to come. Remember to please also let me know what you think! 


Happy reading!

I woke to a sleepy Bill, looking at me through wisps of his shiny brunette hair that had fallen haphazardly over his forehead during the night, the most complimentary bed head I’d ever seen if there ever were such a thing. I rolled on to my side and took him in more clearly this time, appreciating his sharp features that managed to be soft all at the same time. “Good morning.” I whispered, he pulled me closer and tucked me in to his side, pressing his lips against mine softly. I sunk in to him, enjoying the warmth and comfort he provided, remembering what it felt like to be this close and being grateful for the fact that it I had found my way here once again.

I got up and made my way to the kitchen, reluctantly leaving Bill’s arms and feeling his eyes burn a hole in the back of my head as I walked away. After making us both a coffee I made my way back to bed, where Bill remained, looking terribly bothered by his own thoughts. “Something wrong?” I asked, placing his coffee I had made just the way he liked it on the night stand next to him. I moved across to my side of the bed, taking my place beside him again, pulling the blankets over my cool legs and taking a hearty sip of my coffee. “Bill, what is it?” He turned to look at me, still laying on his back with an arm behind his head, looking as gorgeous as ever. I smiled at him reassuringly, a smile of his own tugged at the corners of his lips in response. I reached over and brushed the hair out of his face, running my thumbs over his smooth skin and then his bottom lip. He reached for me to lay back down next to him, both on our sides, noses almost touch, he connected our lips again. “There’s something I have to tell you.” he said, nerves evident in his green eyes, making me uneasy as well. “I don’t want you to freak out or jump to conclusions, please don’t assume anything or be angry with me straight away, promise me you’ll let me explain?” His voice shook while his words were stern, I took them in and nodded in reply, maintaining eye contact with him while I listened to what he had to say. “I’m engaged,” my mouth opened, mind reeling and screaming at me to tell him to leave, to block him out once more, although my heart disagreed. He put his hand under my chin while his thumb rested against my closed lips, he gave me a look that reminded me that I promised to listen so I decided against speaking, at least until I had heard everything he needed to say.

“When we fell out of touch, I tried my hardest to move past my feelings for you. It was hard but I managed to distract myself with a girl I met, and distracting myself was enough for me. I knew after what had happened that you deserved better so I promised myself I wouldn’t disturb you or your new life. I asked this girl to marry me because I felt like I had to, it just feels like going through the motions, it’s not something I truly want.” He paused, watching me closely and looking for any signs that might indicate to him how I was feeling. I could feel how neutral my face was, giving absolutely nothing away, mostly because I myself had no idea how I felt yet. “I could never explain to you with words how happy I am that we’ve found each other again Vida, I was serious when I said that I love you and I want you to know everything, I don’t want to keep anything from you. I want you to know that I’m going to call off the engagement and leave her, because all I want is you, all I ever wanted was you.” His glassy eyes penetrated my own, as I searched for the words I needed to respond to the information I had just received. I wasn’t mad, weirdly enough, I didn’t feel like I needed to yell or accuse him of cheating because I understood why he did what he did and I didn’t blame him for it either. “Baby?” He waited desperately for a response, probably expecting me to kick him out once again and ignore him for the rest of my life.

Instead I pressed my lips firmly against his own, securing his face in my hands and grazing his cheek bones with my thumbs. “I understand, Bill.” I said against his mouth, closing my eyes and relishing in the closeness, never having imagined it was possible to feel this at peace considering the new found circumstances of mine and Bill’s relationship. He signed, relieved, gripping my hips firmly and pulling me closer, wrapping his long arms around me as I rested my head against his chest. “I love you so much, thank you for understanding.” I nodded, my eyes growing heavy, succumbing to the growing need to close my eyes and sleep.

When I woke up again Bill was gone but the shower was running. I slowly got up and made my way in to the steam filled bathroom, taking off Bill’s shirt and my underwear and joining him in the shower. He turned startled before relaxing at the sight of me, smirking as he took in my naked body and pulling me close. “Mind if I join?” I smiled up at him, moving under the stream of warm water and closing my eyes against it, goose bumps rising on my skin at the contrast of the water against my cold body. He held me close as I leaned back, wetting my hair and face. I wrapped my arms around Bill’s neck as his dropped to grip my backside firmly, I watched him closely through my lashes as his eyes grew dark and filled with lust. I leaned up to kiss him, the moment growing heated as our lips worked against each other’s.

Pressing me up against the tiles, Bill gripped the underside of my thighs and lifted me effortlessly against the wall, wrapping my legs around his waist and securing me in place. We continued kissing for what felt like ages, remaining close and becoming more and more desperate for one another. Bill lowered one of my feet on to the tiled ground, keeping my other leg hooked around his waist as to allow him access to what was between them. He ran his long fingers slowly up my folds, lingering against where I was most sensitive, rubbing slow and sensual circles around it. I tilted my head back, providing him the opportunity to get to work at my neck, nipping and sucking in all of the right places. He continued teasing me with his fingers, becoming rougher as time progressed while I rocked my hips against his hand, wishing he would quit playing and provide me with some sort of release. I breathed out audibly as he slipped a finger inside of me his, his long digits moving at the perfect pace. He watched my face, intrigued at the way it contorted in pleasure as small moans and pleas slipped past my lips in to the thick steamy air around us.

Suddenly Bill was on his knees, the same leg that was around his waist previously was now slung over his shoulder, his lips working against my clit, lapping up and down against me and creating the most mind numbing feeling imaginable. My moans grew as I neared my release, fingers pulling at his hair as he held my ass in his hands, allowing me to rock my hips against his tongue as he used it to fuck me. “Fuck, Bill, please stop baby,” I begged him breathlessly, wanting him to be inside of me when I finished. He selfishly continued, enjoying the taste of me against his mouth far too much to stop. I pulled his hair roughly, asking him again to quit it. He obliged, standing up and attaching his lips to mine in an urgent kiss, lifting me back up and locking my legs around his waist. He pushed inside of me quickly, pausing to kiss me, settling his face in the crook of my neck as he began moving. I arched my back off of the tiled wall and Bill groaned in response, I knew I’d never get used to the feeling of Bill inside of me.. I knew it would be something I began to crave.

Bill gripped my hips tightly, holding me against him as his thrusts grew rougher, fucking me senselessly as he watched my breasts move in response to his hips against my own. He lifted me higher, thrusting upwards as I moaned loudly in response, digging my nails so hard in to his shoulders I was sure I was almost drawing blood. “Fuck, you’re amazing baby.” He groaned, opening his eyes and looking in to mine. I was borderline losing my mind over what was happening in my shower, breathing heavily, soft moans constantly leaving my mouth. Bill attached his lips to my nipples, tugging gently at them, tongue moving softly over them as his thrusts grew erratic. I could feel my release nearing quickly and I allowed it to, moving my hips to meet Bill’s, my head remained against the tiles as I moaned loudly, begging him to move faster. “I’m so close baby, please.” I all but yelled, my voice desperate, my body even more so. He moved faster and harder, the water that had become cold the perfect contrast to our overheating bodies. “Come for me baby.” He whispered, looking down and watching himself move inside of me, my own eyes still closed tightly, concentrating on my orgasm and enjoying the last few moments of the most mind blowing shower sex I knew I’d ever have. My high hit me like a brick wall, erupting inside of me the hardest I’d ever known. A mix of swear words and Bill’s name left my lips, my hips involuntarily bucking against his own. I watched as his brow furrowed and his hips moved faster, if it was even possible. A deep guttural groan left Bill’s open lips as he kept moving through his orgasm, my name lingering in the air as he mumbled about how much he loved me and the way I felt around him. His head fell back in to the crook of my neck as he set me down slowly, keeping my body close to his own as he felt my own legs fail me. I leaned my cheek against his chest, leaving a chaste kiss above his heart. “I love you, thank you for being honest with me.” He smiled against my head, “You’re welcome baby, I love you too.”

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Hi! I just found out about your blog today, and honestly, I was a little skeptical, seeing as I've been harassed by many people who claim to harass me for being Bisexual and NB because it's "A feminists job to..." and so on, but after looking through your content, I actually really started to like what you have to say! I just wanted to come over here to tell you that I really appreciate you and how you communicate. You seem like an amazing person and I'm glad to see your content in my newsfeed!

thank you so much!

i hardly think feminists have “jobs” or “duties” (we’re no more entitled to anything than anyone else, especially not bossing people around!) and if we did, it would be to spread awareness, not to tell anyone what to do. advise and suggest maybe, but not demand and order all I’m-shoving-my-opinion-down-your-throat-like.

i hope you continue to enjoy the content and enjoy seeing it, but if there’s ever something that bothers you just explain to me why it could be offensive or something and I’ll take it down if I see that perspective. my intention is to never hurt anyone (I hope that’s evident in the posts), and if I do, please let me know ASAP. no harassment here, and I’m sorry people ever did.

once again, thank you for your words and have a great day 💗💗

Sssssooo a fight happened at school today and I happened to be one of the targets

And I am not trying to be an nerd or anything but I’m going to tell you what these kids done wrong when they were fighting with me XD

So I was relaxing in the school rain forest all by myself with my hands in my pockets

1. Don’t think if someone is lazy they don’t know how to fight.

2. Never approach a single person who is known to be apart of a gange and they have their hands in their pockets

then this one guy came along and push me around with another guy

1. Hey this isn’t primarily school.

2. If you really want to hurt someone actually fiscally hit them

And then one of the boys tied my arms behind my back. then this girl came out of no where ran up to me and try to punch me in the face but the dumb bitch ended up hitting the boy who was holding me back

1. He used two hands to tie my arms he didn’t use one arm to keep my head still when the girl went to hit me.

2. That girl didn’t even try to check if I was vulnerable to her punch and she didn’t check my surroundings first before hitting. That’s just a dumb move

Do you guys want me to continue.

It’s Anon hour, and since this is our last one before Halloween, we’ve got a mega-sized one for you guys! To participate, simply reblog this post, or post a link to your ask box, have fun!!

*Under the cut you’ll find 100 Halloween starters and 100 Halloween questions! I’m sorry for mobile users who can’t see what they are, the post was just too long not to put under a read-more, if anyone is on mobile and can’t see the list, please send an ask to the main and we’ll reblog a non-cut version that will //NOT// be available to be reblogged, please reblog THIS read-more version, thank you!*

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Have you seen, ‘Professor Marston and the Wonder Women’ yet? I’d be interested to read your take on the film.

 I’m super torn about this film. It’s female directed and queer positive, so I really really want to support it. But the ACTUAL story is really icky. Or problematic if we’re gonna speak internet. 

From what I’ve read, Professor Marston did NOT have his wife’s consent when he brought another woman into their relationship. In fact, she was incredibly hurt and didn’t want to sleep with her, saw it as cheating. He absolutely pressured them both to be sexually involved for his pleasure, without consent. 

This is really, really not ok.. As a gay woman, I can’t tell you how many times men have made it clear to me that they view lesbianism as something for their sexual pleasure and consumption. Every queer woman I know has been pressured, harassed, or solicited by men for a threesome. 

So yeah, I want to support it, and if it was fiction, I absolutely would. I support the filmmakers. I support Wonderwoman. 

But I don’t fucking support Professor Marston and his intellectual spin on rape culture. 

Muhammad Ali :  “It ain’t sad because I want my child to look like me, every intelligent person wants their child to look like them, I’m sad because I want to blot out my race and lose my identity?  Chinese love Chinese  they love the little slanty eye, pretty brown skin babies.  Pakistani love their culture, Jewish people love their culture, a lot of catholic wanna be with Catholics and want the religion to stay the same… who would want to spot up yourself and kill your race?  You’re a hater of your people if you don’t want to stay who you are.  You ashamed of what god made you?  You think he made a mistake when he made you?

Interviewer – I think that’s a philosophy of despair, I really do

Muhammad Ali :  Philosophy of despair?  Here let me tell you, listen.  No woman on this earth, not even a black woman in Muslim countries can please me and cook for me and socialize with me like my American black woman, no woman, and last is a white woman… can really identify with me and my feelings, and the way I act, and the way I talk…. it’s just nature, you can do what you want, but it’s nature to want to be with your own, I want to be with my own. “

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HC: RFA + Saeran & V reacting to MC being unable to walk due to rough night activity (if you know what I mean🌚) *cough*sex*cough*

RFA + Saeran & V with a MC being unable to walk because of sex (NSFW?)

HAHAHAHA lolol that one is good. I have somehow the feeling, I´m writing too much. what do you think?


  • he went on a business trip for almost three weeks when he finally came at home
  • you were ready for a special dinner with candles and roses but your husband just kissed you roughly 
  • he took you at your hips and undressed you as quickly as possible 
  • so this was your rough sex….
  • at the morning he wanted to prepare you a sweet breakfast but when he called you, you couldn´t even stand up 
  • You called for him in pain telling him, you couldn´t move
  • and you really couldn´t stand up! 
  • he just laughed and took you in his arms to the couch, hugging you the whole day without going to work
  • ,,I´m sorry my love, the next time I will do it so that you will be able to move´´


  • he had a kissing scene with a really pretty girl 
  • ofc you got really angry since the bitch was even enjoying it! 
  • but Zenny noticed right away and once you were at home, he told you something about a sweet surprise 
  • the sweet surprise ended up being f*cked from behind by his huge friend at the bottom named Zenny jr 
  • you were so angry that you needed the whole play for almost fife times! 
  • afterwards you felt asleep but the next day you could feel that it was to often….
  • when you told him he got a little bit embarrassed but he called the girl he kissed before, telling her, the two of you were unable to move because of too much fun at night and so you can´t go working
  • for the rest of the day he just kissed every every part of your body which ached 
  • ,,Are you angry at me? I´m sorry, I also hate kissing her, but i like it if it means, that i will make you call my name even lauder…´´ smack! 


  • How could this sweet baby even hurt you?! 
  • You think. But the truth is, that he can do it also really rough! 
  • it sometimes happens, when a animal dies and he´s unhappy about it
  • your just happy that for the next days you just can answer a few emails because walking or cleaning is impossible with this aching between your legs 
  • at this time, even if you really liked it and enjoyed it, he would always cry and begging you for forgiveness since he lost the control 
  • he is really about to reget everything but you would just remind him of the beautiful night together 
  • ,,MC! The next time, stop me pls!´´
  • ,,Impossible to stop you once you´re into it.´´
  • Wait what no?


  • he really likes romantic sex 
  • but sometimes when he´s really stressed he needs to take it out 
  • and since his brother is already stressful you become his victim 
  • You can´t sleep for the whole night since he plays with you
  • and while you do it, it doesn´t really aches 
  • but afterwards you´re about to die because of the pain 
  • this morning was so bad that you couldn´t get up from the toilet and had to call him 
  • ,,Should I also make you… öh, clean?´´
  • ,,Don´t you dare to touch me. You will first hurt me and then rape me again!´´
  • he places you in your bed and just chills with you while you watch anime and eat junk food 
  • ,,Hey MC, how about to do lovely-´´
  • ,,I have had enough for two YEARS!´´
  • ,,Wait! Then it will hurt more since you will forget the feeling!´´
  • but in really he won´t touch you until you tell him, that you already feel fine


  • Every time you do IT
  • it really hurts 
  • he´s really the rough type so you do it every third day 
  • ,,Saeran, I can´t stand up!´´
  • ,,Don´t cry!´´
  • he would always tease you 
  • but Saeyoung would always come to joke about your pain since you live at his home 
  • but Saeran is also really kind so he will give you a bit of his ice cream and help you feeling better
  • he would even stroke the parts he ´hurt´you 
  • and to be honest, that really feels good 
  • and so you can walk again 


  • the best thing to do after good sex is going to go for a walk!
  • so you think but today you can´t even move your leg 
  • and that´s not because you are sleepy but because V is really rough 
  • but also, he would be very sorry since he wants to enjoy this moment with you 
  • ,,I´m sorry MC. You need to tell me when it hurts you!´´
  • ,,Don´t worry! i will rest a bit and then I will be the old MC!´´
  • ofc it hurts like hell but you wish him only happiness
  • and if this means, to be at pain while he makes love to you, you can do it 
  • ,,Could you get me something to eat? I can´t stand up… or walk.´´
  • and during this time he would give you EVERYTHING you wish
William Nylander Imagine

Whoo Hoo second imagine. This imagine is a song imagine. It’s based off of the song Home, By Daughtry.  You guys seemed to really like the first one ahah. Please request if you want me to write you an imagine. My DM’s are always open. Thanks!! Hope you enjoy.

Requested: Yes @memz-elizabeth-

Warnings: Swearing and Sad-ish?

I’m staring out into the night, trying to hide the pain.

I sat in my car thinking about what just happened to us and if he was going to leave me for something I didn’t know I did. Will and I just got into a huge fight. I would tell you what it is about but I honestly don’t know. 

He came home very late (again) from his game against the Chicago Black Hawks, and sadly the Leafs lost and that’s when it started. 


I tried to talk to him when he got home but he ignored me. I asked him if he wanted to eat. I tried once more and he still ignored me. I left him alone for an hour and then I went back. When I asked if he was okay he yelled at me. “LEAVE ME ALONE Y/N. JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! OKAY?” 

I was taken back by this and my eyes watered a little bit. “GET OUT! I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU. GO AWAY.” Will continued. The tears started coming and I ran out of the bedroom. I grabbed my phone, purse, and keys and got out of our apartment as fast as I could. 

~End of Flashback~

Here I am now, driving  in the car that William got me for Christmas last year, bawling my eyes out. I never liked fighting with people. It wasn’t my thing. Will had called me 11 times but I didn’t answer him once. 

I’m not running from. No, I think you got me all wrong. 

He has been very short tempered lately and all I’ve done is tried to talk to him and see if he just wants to hang out with me or if he wants me to do something for him. I miss the old Will. My head is telling me to leave him and not put up with this anymore, but my heart is telling me to go back and not run from him. Because I love him. 

William’s P.O.V

I’ve not always been the best man or friend for you. But your love remains true. And I don’t know why. You always seem to give me another try.

I sighed loudly and threw my head in my hands. All Y/N wanted to do was help and I pushed her away. Again. I’ve been such a horrible boyfriend. When I saw her bright blue eyes tear up I knew I was done. She’s gonna leave me and I just let her run out of my life like that. I tried calling her. She never answered me once though. 

I got up and walked into the kitchen and started crying. She made me dinner. I was out all night and when I got home she asked if I was hungry and I ignored her. I don’t deserve someone like her. Y/N is way to good for me and I don’t know how or why she stayed with me this long. 

There was a picture of us hanging on the wall in our living room. I stared at it for a while, admiring her features; her dyed red hair blowing with the soft wind, her blue eyes and gorgeous smile looking at me, her height was just right for me too. She leaned into me with trust and love and my arms were perfectly wrapped around her waist in this picture. It was her favorite picture of us. Y/N is perfect. Why did I let her go like that? I was so frustrated with myself. 

I ran back into the 

I knew what I had to do. I have to go find her. 

Y/N’s P.O.V

So I’m going home, back to the place where I belong. And where your love has always been enough for me. 

The tears were still streaming down my face as I started to make my way back home. I pulled into the dark parking lot of the apartment building and looked up. I jumped out of my car as fast as I could and ran to the steps. 

Taking the steps by two, I went up to the fourth floor and down the hallway. 

As I was trying to open the door with my keys it opened from the inside. 

I looked up and saw Will crying with his car keys in his hands. He was staring back at me. “Oh Will. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for annoying you. I’m sorry for not understanding you want to be alone sometimes. I’m sor-”

 He cut me off by saying, “No. Y/N don’t apologize for anything. This was all my fault. You were trying to cheer me up and I was being an asshole. You are the best girlfriend anybody could ask for and I don’t deserve you. You deserve someone who is going to be there for you all the time. Someone who is going to appreciate the small things about you. Like the way your eyes crinkle when you smile or your determination. I love those and so many more things about you. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the best boyfriend for you but I’m going to try to be the best husband for you. So Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you do the honors and become my beautiful wife?” He got down on one knee and my hands flew up to my mouth and I started crying even harder. 

“Yes Will. I would love to be your wife.” I replied while hugging him. 

“I love you so much. So so much Y/N.” Will whispered to me while slipping the ring on my finger. 

“I love you too.” I whispered back. 

Will wrapped his arms tightly around my waist, my arms going around his neck and we kissed. His kiss was emotional and passionate and rough all at the same time. I couldn’t be any happier in this moment. 

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(1/2) My mother is getting s u s p i c i o u s about my """compression sports bra""" and she's asked if I wanted to be a boy a couple times and like I wanna tell her so I can be open by next year in school and maybe even legally change my name and possibly gender by college but then she'd be like "go to therapy to see if it's what you really want" or she'd just say it's hormones or that I might have been influenced by the internet or my friends or something

(2/2) I have all year to do it but I feel like even if I came out she’d still call me her daughter and refer to me by my birth name and stuff because she asked me if I wanted to be a boy, I said no, and then she said something like “good, because you’re my daughter, not my son. But I’d still love you if you felt that way”. Like, I know she’d love me but I feel like she would still do what was comfortable to her, not me. Any advice?


Hmm, that’s a lot of mixed signals you seem to be getting from her. 
Honestly, if it was a case she wanted you to go to therapy to be sure that was what you wanted, and you got a good LGBT+ friendly therapist it may be a good thing. You would have time to prove to your Mom this is what you want, and it may be good to have a safe space to get your feelings laid out.

As for correcting misgendering once you are out, we have links in the FAQ that could help with that. But that could be something you deal with as it happens.

Good luck -Matt 

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and in fact your blog is the first suggested page when you type the letter y on the computer my sisters use, even above youtube, but my little sister sometimes forgets so she types y and hits nter and then listens to the music you have on your blog for like 10 minutes before she realizes and then just keeps it (it's great actually that she's listening to classical music bc of you, thanks. i don't really know why i wanted to tell you this. just.. thanks for the memes. @teresa what's good

omg this is so wholesome also what if teresa sees this that’d be such a reality shift but also thank ya Very™ much