this is what i pictured when we were talking before


Imagine Sherlock frightening you.

**Based off of Mountaintop Removal by Lissie**

You flinched as John approached you, curling your arms tighter around your legs.

“What’s wrong, [f/n]?” John asked, crouching next to you. “Did Sherlock…?”

You looked away and your silence was answer enough.

John sighed as he sat down next to you, “I’m sorry, [f/n]. Sherlock can be a real twat. Do you want to talk about it? I’m a pretty good listener.”

You swallowed, wiping at your tear-stained cheeks. “I went to the mountain but the mountaintop was gone,” you mumbled, staring straight ahead.

“What do you mean?”

“Remember those trees back when we were kids? They tore them down and built a factory. Then the plant closed and all the workers left and some kids died when it burnt down.” You swallowed, picturing in your mind the dead earth you had stood before a week earlier when you had gone home to visit. “Nothing’ll grow there now. It’s just dirt.”

John blinked, his confusion clear. “What does that have to do with Sherlock?”

You licked your lips, annoyed as fresh tears trickled down your cheeks, “I can’t stand it,” you whispered harshly, “What’s the use of making something new if everything that made us gets destroyed? How did we get here, John? What are we doing?” You hung your head, “I tried to talk to Sherlock about it but he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t remember the trees. He doesn’t care that the mountaintop is gone. He doesn’t care that the world is messed up.”

John sighed, his hand finding yours and giving it a comforting squeeze, “He sees things differently than the rest of us.”

“He shouldn’t. He should care,” you mumbled, sniffling. “He shouldn’t get angry for the rest of us for having emotions. For caring. And I know I can’t make him feel things. I can’t just demand that he change but I can’t help but wonder what the hell we’re doing.”

John snaked his arm around your shoulders, rubbing your arm. “He really can be a prick, can’t he?”

You forced a weary smile, “That he can be.”

Gif Credit: Sherlock

More About Cockles

Okey dokey, I said I’d get this story down and here it is.

We were number 39, so we lined up right behind the tail end of J2. While we were waiting for our op, Misha walks into the room, and we had a Supernatural Safari moment of all these beautiful peacocks in the same place.

They had to reshoot a picture just before our op: that’s what broke the flow. Misha and Jensen do that close-standing thing they all do when they want to talk privately. By now, I’m behind Misha & @winchester-reload is in front of them both. They’re kinda behind that umbrella, so you’d have to be looking through the door at the end of the room to see (or be right there, bc God decided it was your time).

They joke; they pull back a little; and then whatever joke they made drops for them both and that’s when Misha reaches up to cup Jensen’s laughing face (ugh, why am I doing this to myself, whyyyyyy)

Because Jensen, locked in on Misha’s eyes, kinda sways in (this is what I see; I can see his body movements and Jensen’s expression; at some point I glanced at Jackie like CAN U BELIEVE) so by the time I glance back they’re in this… Misha’s palms hover just off Jensen’s cheeks, and Jensen is still close. They both seem surprised and laughing, like, “Well, that almost happened. Get it together.”

I remember how blue and bright Misha’s eyes were as they finally get set for the photo…

That is as detailed a report as I can make.

And then, yep, we are reenacting this in the hall when we are rumbled by Jensen Freaking Ackles His Own Damn Self.

And there, in totality, is the best way to die.

Reason why I don’t think kyman fans should worry...

First of all, Is it me, or did Matt and Trey really tell us that Kyman broke up and Cartman is trying to move on while Kyle misses him!?!? AM I REALLY FINDING THIS CONNECTION OR AM I JUST A CRAZY SHIPPER??

Ahem…anyway, so we all know while everyone was breaking up, Kyle was crying over a picture of Cartman.


Okay so in The Damned, when Gerald called Kyle down, the boy still looked upset and was looking down before looking at his father and then the police.

 A sure sign that the guys were all talking about their lost loves, except for Craig and Butters of course- and Stan who was mopping in his room… So Kyle’s still not over what he and the boys have done to Cartman. He’s still worried about his friend.

Also look at his face during this clip!

After he says, “But we were wrong!” He looks to the side, lost in his thoughts. So I feel like there’s going to be more emotional scenes with Kyle and Cartman. 

PLUS, something good had to happen since Kyle’s going to be on Cartman’s team and Cartman gave him two movies at that!

Preference #21 - You Dated Another Member Before Him (Liam)

“This is a joke right?”

I shook my head, wringing my hands together in my lap. I had to tell him, had to get it out in the open that I’d dated Harry before meeting him. It was before they’d even become a band, before Liam and Harry knew each other, but apparently it was a sore point.

Honestly I had meant to tell him long before tonight, but the timing never felt right. Harry and I were over, we no longer held any feelings for each other but at dinner Harry had let slip one of the dates he’d taken me on and it was all downhill from there. I had shaken my head at Harry, hoping he’d get the picture that I hadn’t actually told Liam about us but he hadn’t. I felt my heart sink when Liam asked what he was talking about.

He’d held all of his thoughts and emotions back while we finished off dinner, but as soon as we were home he couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“When did you date him?” The words sounded vile on his tongue and I cringed.
“It was before X Factor, Liam it - it didn’t mean anything.”
“Obviously it meant something at the time y/n,” He spat back. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have been with him.”
“Li, come on,” I murmured sadly, looking down at my hands. “I love you, not Harry.”
“Did you love him?”

Liam seemed to lose all fight after that question, he sat down on the couch and held his head in his hands. Feeling worse I shuffled towards him, wrapping my arms over his shoulders, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
“No,” I answered honestly. “I didn’t love Harry, I don’t love Harry now anymore than a brother, we were only together a few months babe and it didn’t mean nearly as much as this relationship means to me.”
Liam sighed, his head turning to rest against the juncture of my neck. “I’m sorry.”
“Just promise me this won’t change anything? I don’t want to ruin yours and Harry’s relationship either.”
“You won’t,” He promised. “I over reacted and I’m sorry Sweetheart, I know you don’t love Harry and I should have just trusted that.”
“It’s okay, Liam I promise, you’re the only one I love.”
“I love you too.”

Written By Bree xx 

#25: Texting

(A/N: Woot, I wrote more for my OiKise College AU! If you haven’t yet, please read Part 1 here! Thanks!)

Pairing: OiKise


There was no answer.


There was still no answer.


The blonde turned around in surprise, a look of guilt and surprise flashing on his face before he masked his emotions with a smile.

“We need to talk about this,” Oikawa stated, shoving the magazine in Kise’s face.

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Forever in love

Have you ever met someone who makes you want to be a better person? Someone that has a smile that would turn any bad mood into a great one? I hadn’t.. that was until I started dating you. You always made sure I had everything I needed before you ever thought of yourself. Still to this day, no matter what, you’re still the one that I want to talk to when good things happen. Every love song on the radio makes me think of you. Every couple holding hands or kissing in public, makes me wish we were still together. Some days I think I’m moving on and then it all starts to creep back up and I’m hopelessly in love with you again like nothing ever happened. I still sleep in your t-shirts and have our picture on my nightstand. The teddy bear you bought me still sits on my bed. Friends tell me I should move on, to burn your things or even try to forget about you. But I couldn’t imagine doing any of those things. Just thinking about it makes it hard to breathe. I have accepted the fact that I will probably never get over you. I will always be in love with your dark hair and dark eyes. BUT I hope one day we get back together, I really do. I hope we both follow our dreams and get each other in the end. Because you are the love of my life and I don’t want to share mine with anyone other than you. I love you.

I really miss you. I swear I do. I miss talking to you and your hugs that felt like home and the endless phone calls when I’m down or just need some cheering up. I never pictured us not being friends. Since you always kept up with me and apologized even though you did no wrong. You were my so called mce even though I did not post it on social media; because if it’s yours you should treasure them before they’re gone. I still treasure you and what we had. Treasures can be stolen and someone stole you from me. I just need to grow the guts and steal you back. You’re the treasure I never knew I had until I lost you. And I really miss you too.
—  I feel really “home” sick about now
Picture us
2012, drinking in public parks at 15 years old
the sky getting dark
the summer we were hoping we’d grow old.
We talked bout first kisses
slurred our words 
finishing water bottles filled with vodka mixed with diet coke
We got high and flirted with older boys, who only wanted in our pants
And that July you gave one of them exactly what he wanted 
and cried on my shoulders when he never spoke to you again. 
You swore off love after that.
and I stilled kissed any boy who called me pretty
We went to parties, and ran home before midnight so we wouldn’t be late for curfew
and then we would lay on my bed and talk about the night 
We were young and dumb and searching for love that only exists in the movies, 
because that’s what teenage girls do before they’ve had their hearts broken. 
we believed every boy
even though they all read from the same script 
“I promise that I’m different.”
“I never want to see you hurt.”
you were all the same 
you all tasted like cheap beer and blunts
you all had tongues that only told lies
and we had hearts that were positive that everyone was good and kind.
That’s what has fucked us up our whole lives.
When we sat on the benches at the park,
drunk and dreaming about all of the places we would go together,
the apartment that we’d one day have,
the fairytale boyfriends that would love us unconditionally, 
did you ever for a second think we’d stop being friends?
You moved on, and so did I,
just like every guy that used us when we were young
Now we lead different lives,
you get drunk on champagne and wine in college 
and I stopped drinking altogether,
when I realized it only damaged my liver and my brain,
making me lose all of my faith.
—  being young and 15 can hurt like hell

Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are both Art majors and guess who Tsukishima likes to draw in his little black sketchbook? 

One day Yamaguchi finds the book full of his face and he asks Tsukishima about it, of course Tsukishima is embarrassed because he wasn’t supposed to see that. But instead of being mad or anything Yamaguchi asks things like “But why draw me? My face is so dull and ugly” and Tsukishima would just respond “I think your face is beautiful.” 

Also I had this idea though like what if Tsukishima’s art would be kinda boring and stiff but Yamaguchi’s would be very loose and free, full of emotions. So when they start talking and becoming friends Tsukishima also begins to see improvement in his art, the lines were more loose and it would often tell a story rather than before. He falls deeper in love with Yamaguchi as the two continue to draw together and talk about each other and art. 

((If we take the fluffy cheesy route Tsukishima would confess his feelings by drawing painting a picture of Yamaguchi or even better painting it on a wall or something idk))

So yeah someone write this AU



I mean, my favourite scene is the negotiation one, when we are at the office signing the contract. Dakota and I were making fun all the time, we really enjoyed that scene because it was like playing a game with the dialogues. It’s something I always dreamed to do. I had imagined it before starting filming and I liked the camera’s directions… I had too much fun when I saw it on the screen because what they talk about is really surrealistic. I think I’ve never seen a scene like that on a movie before - Jamie Dornan 

What do you do when a child pornography site reblogs a picture of your kid?

This is the question we faced first thing this morning.

Lacey and I talked extensively before Rory was born about the kind of pictures we will post of her. None of her in a bathtub or just in her diaper. It seems so insane because she is just a tiny little baby but today our fears were completely justified when a pornography tumblr featuring images of children reblogged my post about Lacey’s article and made sexual comments about our daughter. If that’s not disgusting enough, the picture in question was taken literally seconds after she was born. It is terrifying to think of someone out there thinking these kind of thoughts about a small and helpless newborn.

And yes, we’ve reported it to Tumblr and the police but as of this morning the site is still up. I’m hoping Tumblr reacts appropriately and takes down the site. Rory isn’t the only one being exploited - there were several other children pictured as well all with the same disgusting sexual comments.

Of course all this calls into question if we should put any pictures of her online. Do we hide our child away and hope nothing bad ever reaches her? I don’t have a solution and I’m still so upset from seeing that monster’s comments to be able to rationally think about it.

The only thing I am holding onto is the fact that she is still so young that she doesn’t know that she should be afraid of the world yet. I know that one day her mother and I will have to teach her that not everyone is good and some people might even want to hurt her, and that’s a conversation we will take very seriously but for right now her universe is small, safe and full of love.