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so i’ve been keeping a paper journal since August, for when I don’t want to bore you all too much with complaints that are both lengthy and mundane, and i’m thinking, as I often do, about the value it would or wouldn’t have to Future Archaeologists or Historians – 

because, while it would give a pretty good picture of the inner life of (an admittedly atypical example of) a certain slice of American society of the 2010s, I don’t think it would provide much help to the writers of “Daily life in…” sections. Take, for example, my “oh no I’m being let go” entry. Does it show that in 2017, people had to “work” “jobs” they didn’t want to? Sure, why not. But does it give any information on what that job was or the skills it used? Absolutely not. 

Or any of my “oh no i’m depressed” entries - they might give ideas of what worried people in the 2010s, but then again, not really: I doubt depression will be wholly eradicated by 30–, so it’s not as though they won’t be able to talk to contemporaries. 

Part of what I’m saying, I think, is that it’s a miracle we know anything about the past: people don’t, as a rule, write “I took out my laptop (that’s a device for accessing the internet, word processing and other software, and playing games) and logged on to the internet, which was invented in 198-, to enjoy some quality time with my tumblr (a social networking website) friends”.*

Even if something momentous happened, I wouldn’t write about it in terms that a future historian would understand or be able to contextualize from just my journal, or even my journal and a few contemporary newspapers; I’m sure some people might, but in general I think journal-writing is elliptical and allusive. Like, gods bless all those people from the 1800s who did write detailed accounts of things! but I think my journaling especially would be almost completely useless as a historical document. 

Which kind of inspires me to Write For the Ages – to try to make it clear what I’m talking about when I talk about The Job Search, or what have you. It’s pointless, of course – what are the chances that some obscure citizen’s journal is one of the only things that survives the fall of the American republic? – but isn’t it interesting to think about? 

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OHMGMG I seriously hope we get a flashback to the bonding moment when Keith "cradled lance in his arms"!!!! I WANT TO SEE THE CRADLING!!!! D': what do you think? Did he hug Lance? Did he carry Lance to the cryopods?? Did Lance pass out again in his arms while they were walking to the cryopods and he ended up having to carry him the rest of the way there??? AhHHHH????????

YES I NEED THIS ALREADY, I just know the moment would be so soft and romantic, I can literally picture the expression on Keith’s face as he’s carefully cradling Lance in his arms

From Arisha’s Twitter 16 January 2018


Memories of Vietnam part 2, when I was there for the photo collection, “Majestic”, that is going on sales on 1 Feburary!

“Delicious Banh-mi!”
this was what I was thinking at that time ☺️ LOL

The deadline for the autograph session at the 4 book stores is in 5 days!
It ends on the day of 21 January  ( ´ ▽ ` )
Those who have not applied, remember to do so 💕

I’m Sorry To Say But...

… this is the most unearned shot in the entire episode. 

They give it to us like it marks an iconic moment with absolutely nothing to back it up. They must think we’re satisfied with pretty pictures with no substance. Then the worst part is Mon-El later saying that it was great fighting with her when he did not fight

I used to ignore him calling himself a hero when they didn’t show much in Season 2 but this is inexcusable and I hope this isn’t a preview of what’s to come. Them paying lip service to his achievements by claiming he founded and leads the Legion while showing the exact opposite on screen.

We only learn of his achievements through exposition, almost like all of his character development continues to take place off screen despite his return. 

It’s frustrating and I still can’t make sense of their writing choices in this episode. 

Everything that happened is canon and can’t be undone and while I know it’s useless to hope with Supergirl, I’m still going to hope they do better by this character going forward. 

Another Human Sacrifice?

When I saw that picture of Ivar with the crown and the face paint my first thought was: He’s going to sacrifice Heahmund to celebrate his victory. Well, maybe this was my second thought since the first was: Holy fucking hell!!

And now the more I think about it, the more I like the idea. I mean it would nicely mirror Ragnar’s and Athelstan’s story, with the only difference that Ivar will actually do it, no matter what any pagan priest might have to say. It would perfectly show the paralells between Ivar and Ragnar as well as the differences. And just remember what Alex said about Heahmund in that interview. “He’s just a christian. He is expendable.”

I know this might not be a very popular opinon on here, but I kind of like the idea. What do you guys think?

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When i think of jjongs last concert, the day of it I was thinking "...he doesn't look happy? He looks kind of off." Idk if I'm the only one who feels that way but when I see those pictures I can see that he has made a decision since then. That's why I avoid those pictures because I feel like he was kind of gone already if you know what I mean ?

i’ve spoken to some people about this, and some others had a similar experience of feeling that something was off. i think if you compare his energy levels and videos of him performing the same songs in inspiration vs inspired, the difference is almost startling. i do admit though, i brushed those uncertain feelings aside, because i thought he looked physically healthy, and honestly i was just excited to see him again. i just assumed he was stressed from album prep. now, in retrospect, i really hate looking at anything from the concerts, really anything since like post-halloween really. now that we all know where he was, it seems apparent that something was missing, a spark of some sort. idk. its sad. 

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RELATED: You and I get sent to the Bad Place (in my case, hardly shocking) Which one of us figures it out first?

(Oh I’m pretty sure we’re both there with no surprises.)

I’d be inclined to say group effort? I think we’re both suspicious enough to be questioning everything in all ways from Moment One. Particularly when the unfairness of it all starts sinking in, like “who the hell can meet these standards, this is fucking bullshit.” I think it’d go down like

Me: Wow what’s up with all these obscure details that keep smacking me in the face, weird huh?


I think it’s what happens next that would the more interesting part. I give you about ten seconds before you’re all “THIS IS UNJUST I WILL BRING THIS SYSTEM DOWN WITH ALL MY TINY LESBIAN RAGE”, which you are bellowing while I’ve stuffed you under one arm and am carting you off, “Can we please get some frozen yogurt and pants that fit me first, jesus wept.”

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could you describe what you think delirious looks like ? i love seeing how other people think he looks

Dude so do I!! I love hearing how other picture him differently.

I know most people think he’s like reallly short, but honestly I see him being around 5'8/5'9. He has dark dark brown hair that totally use to be cut in a shorter emo style but now is more like a fade top mohawk so he can put it back in a manbun when its too greasy to leave down. And he normally just lets his hair do whatever it wants when he’s at home but when he goes out he’ll messily quiff it up into a soft hawk, or just slick it back with gel.
He has smaller ears, but that doesn’t stop him from having a few pierces and baby gauges. He has kinda basic pepsi blue eyes with darker lashes framed by slightly thick, groomed brows. He definitely wears glasses, no dout about it, or at least wgen he’s at his computers. His skin is really fair with pink undertones and he gets such dark freckles in the summer that they stay throughout the year, though they do get subtler and softer as the seasons pass.
He regularly goes to the gym with Cartoonz but he doesn’t strive to get huge guns, so he just has nicely toned, slimed down muscles, but killer calves.
Although his player model is always in a blue hoodie, he tends to often just record/edit in a muscle tee and basketball shorts. He does have a more punk/grunge look when he goes out, with a random concert tee, black or gray jeans with one or two chains hanging off, and one of his leather jackets or studded and patched jackets

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I don't get it, why does ryo being drawn shorter than akira bother you so much?

Well it’s always been an issue with me when fandoms intentionally use fanon instead of canon, especially to satisfy ‘ship dynamics’. Feels like they’re fetishizing it to bottom=short and top=tall. And then you have the ones who foam at the mouth if you don’t picture the topping/bottoming order right (I trust the yoi fandoms knows all about this). I realize I don’t have the right to be telling artists what they can draw, but it’s just a pet peeve of mine, and I think I have the right to complain once in awhile :’(

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Y/N how do you take pictures of all the boys, especially Jungkook without him noticing?

She comes in, while reading the ask and starts laughing “i mean… jungkookie is always so caught up in himself, when he’s just talking he goes all the way in, you know? And i think it’s really fascinating about him, he loves what he does and i love him”, she smiles “plus you know how i love photographing people, so i always take a lot of pictures of strangers and people on campus.. let’s call it a talent of being unnoticed” she laughs.

Ask my muse Ice Queen version

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I occasionally write songs to prevent myself from being suicidal. It’s sort of a coping mechanism for me. If There Were No Winter is a Russian folk song about what would happen if winter didn’t exist. While I was writing this song, I was simultaneously reading your comic because a friend I used to know recommended it to me. I like to think that Louis is “I” and Daniel is “You.”

It’s good to having coping mechanisms when things get so hard; the lyrics you wrote were beautiful and inspiring, thank you very much for sharing them with me :) It makes me want to draw a picture to them, would that be okay?

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WHy when Sanchez hasn't been bought yet are we not going for him? He is exactly what we need...

He may be but his wages are not. It’s not about affording them in his case. It’s exactly why city didn’t sign him, not because they can’t afford his wages but because now that his wage demands are public, everyone knows he will have been their highest paid player, and when you have a team that’s doing well like they are you don’t need a newbie strolling in as the highest paid player disrupting team dynamic. What are the current players going to think! Him coming here with £350k-400k pw demands way above Hazards wages will cause an unwanted cascade effect with all our players. Look at the bigger picture here, it’s not all about him being ‘exactly what we need’, which I also disagree with, btw (though I think he’s a wonderful player, I think we need to address other positions first). He’s on his way to Utd anyway from what I’ve heard; will fit in perfectly there with their current ridiculous wage bill.

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i’ve been thinking about naruhina, sasusaku, and sasunaru recently and i honestly am exausted of finding shipping wars when i just want cute pictures. you’re probably wondering what “side” i’m on, and frankly, that’s complicated.

to me, all the canon ships in naruto never had enough development to make them feel real, except for shikamaru and temari.

the bond between naruto and sasuke was so much more developed than between naruto and hinata/sasuke and sakura. which is why i love seeing sasunaru stuff. but given that this is japan we’re talking about, and gay marriage isn’t exactly a thing in that culture, this is why naruhina and sakusasu make much more sense for kishimoto to make canon. because the bonds between naruhina and sakusasu are the second strongest, and the options that culturally would make the most sense.

that brings me to boruto. most sasunaru fans don’t like boruto, and honestly, i get it. but to me, the most interesting part about boruto and sarada is that they’re both deeply connected to not only sasusaku and naruhina, but to sasunaru as well.

boruto takes after his father a lot, really. but he also makes sure that family is a big part of his life, similar to hinata. sarada has the sharingan and other uchiha traits, and always is striving to be better. she’s an uchiha with pride.

sarada has naruto’s dream to become the hogake, and boruto always stives to be more powerful to gain attention from his family, a trait he shares with sasuke. boruto thinks there’s more important things in life than becoming hokage, and sarada believes she she’ll be better equipped to deal with problems if she becomes the hokage. naruto watched out for sarada, and sasuke for boruto.

so i guess what i’m trying to say is that ship wars are pointless; sasunaru, sasusaku, and naruhina can all be canon/real or whatever you want to call it. hinata and naruto are married, sasuke and sakura are married, but that doesn’t have to stop naruto from loving sasuke or vice versa. same-sex marriage isn’t legal in japan, so just think about naruto and sasuke marrying different girls as expected of them in society. they grow to love their wives too, but it’s a different kind of romantic love naruto and sasuke share. they raise their kids close to each other, so they can say that boruto and sarada are their children, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less sasusaku and naruhina’s kids either.

tl;dr: all the ships are good and y'all need to get the fuck along so i can get some quality fanart, damnit

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Jeon Jungkook : A SUMMARY PART 2

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Part 1

  1. “ I don’t want to get married. No… I mean, I’m not ready for marriage. It’s something that is still very far away in my mind.” -JJK 2k14 (AHL behind the scene)
  2.  Fan ask Jungkook when he wants to get married : Jungkook writes * in 100 years* on the post it
  3. Every member pointed at him when they were asked who was the most likely to get married early : “ WHY ME *scandalized tone* ??!!!” - JJK 2k17 (amas red carpet)
  4. “Go to sleep hyung” @jimin, when it really means “ Stop bothering me” (Bangtan bomb)
  5. Puts a plastic wrapper inside his mouth and slowly spits it back like a 4 years old kid as the Stylist takes it away from his mouth as if she is one of his parents.
  6. *rolls on the desert’s sand and lands perfectly like a ninja* (Dubai)
  7. “ These noonas really know how to pose for the cameras.They could be idols just like us!” (Bon voyage s2 ,Hawaii)
  8. “ It felt so weird to travel without the staff” 
  9. * Dances to girl groups songs and does it better than them*
  10. Impersonates Jessie : “ BIG BOOTAY!” (YamanTV)
  11. *Stares at the result board rather competitively during ISAC 2015*
  12. *touches the wrong exit door by accident and the alarm starts running* : “ Oh no *wide eyes* I-I thought we could use that exit door . Guess I was wrong…”  
  13.  “ Let me introduce you to my new friend. *zooms his camera on the lizard on the wall* Hi there, my friend *giggles* +  *Finds another lizard * : “ Oh Oh Oh! There’s another friend right there!!” 
  14. *sleeps in pikachu onesies and daffy duck pajamas (isn’t he PRECIOUS?!)*
  15. *wrestles down every other male idol* (ISAC 2015)
  16. *sticks close like a puppy to his new friends from seventeen* (ISAC 2017)
  17. *runs faster than a rocket*
  18. *Picks up jimin in his arms as if it was a feather he picked up from the ground*
  19. * jams to Blackpink and knows all the lyrics to Whistle,Playing with fire and Boombayah*
  20. “ I’m an expensive man *smirk*” -JJK 2k16
  21. *eats banana kick during almost every fansign*
  22. *Eyes widen when fans bring him food during the fansigns*
  23. When a fan brought him an endless supply of gifts and every time she handed him one , he bowed and thanked her (for every gift) : “ Thank you *bows*, Thank you *bows*, Thank you *bows*, Thank you *bows + giggles*” (Fansign 2013)
  24. “ I wish we could turn the salt water in the ocean into beer. It would be much better” 
  25. “ I forgot my earphones in the room so I can’t listen to music, I’m not legal so I can’t drink…*sighs as he lays down in the boat* aren’t I really pitiful right now? *fakes a cry* ” (Bon Voyage s2)
  26. *takes pictures with his classmates and writes them a few cheerful messages to encourage them during finals* 
  27. * Arrived late in class during a final exam and took the test in 10 minutes after exiting the room* + *His teacher caught up with him*: “ Jungkook, seems like you chose randomly…”
  28. *picks up three chairs at the same time*
  29.   “ The game is called : Let’s try beating jungkook” his hyungs said and he scoffed in disbelief  “ Why would you call that game like that? What am I, a monster or something *offended laugh* ?” (BTS Countdown Live “Burning Live”)
  30. *drank chocolate milk instead of alcohol because he still wasn’t legal at the time*
  31. *When yoongi forbid Jungkook to drink in the states at their after party in their hotel, and Jungkook still took a sip of the champagne while turning off the vlive*
  32. “*reads comments*  Jungkook hyung is so freaking handsome? *Gasps+ perverted face activated* Thank you~~~” - JJK 2k17
  33. “ Then I arrived,the one and only ‘miracle boy’ who saved this group. Seven agencies fought to recruit me. You could say that without me, BTS wouldn’t be BTS *smirk*” (BTS Countdown 2017)
  34. “ It’s hella trophies and it’s hella thick!”
  35. “ I’m just really sensitive to smells, so I like collecting candles, perfumes and other stuff *awkward face*” (YamanTV)
  36. When a fan asked him to draw her friend because she(the friend) couldn’t be there and he drew a girl with bangs and the fan asked him why he drew her with bangs : “ I don’t know… aren’t girls cuter with bangs ? Cute girls always have bangs, don’t they? *pauses in confusion* I don’t even know *existential crisis* What do YOU think? *blinks*”
  37.  That time when a young army showed up and asked him to draw her and he said : “ Won’t oppa ruin your cute face ?” 
  38. How every time a fan ask him to draw them , he ends up adding bunny ears somewhere in his drawing : “ You look like a bunny!”
  39. His pick up line that never fails : “ Want to grab a cup of milk with me?” (Japan)
  40. *attaches key chains with pictures of his face on his earrings*
  41. When BTS talked about a picture of jimin in their kitchen and Jungkook went like  : “ I get scared every time I get myself a drink at night because of that picture.”
  42. “ Microwaves are scary! What if they explode?!” 
  43. His little crush on IU and how he always claps whenever he sees her
  44. Set of clothes with cute army patterns : “ I love sets. Especially when there’s a jacket included”
  45. *impersonates Jimin’s hairflips to annoy him, but the latter loves it*
  46. *that time he cringed his face and sighed because he was on a diet and the donuts looked too yummy*
  47. *How he kept eating food nonstop while saying ; “ I’m full”*
  48. *The way he puckers his lips as if he’s about to kiss any living thing next to him*
  49. *when he accidentally boops his adorable round nose against every existing camera and looks slightly startled*
  50. *the way he scrunches his nose and claps like a seal when he’s laughing*
  51. *His high pitched laugh when he’s dying of laughter*
  52. *opens his eye wide enough to be jungshook during the Flinch challenge with james corden*
  53. *jaw drops while reacting to Jin’s kiss with the statue in their blood sweat and tears mv*
  54. His self love is something admirable : “ Whoahhh Jungkookie, you look good!” - Jungkook @jungkook in mic drop mv 
  55. “ I watched our mv 6 times because I looked so good in it *smirks*”-  JJK 2k17 @spring day mv
  56. How impenetrable he is :  *What if a pretty girl approached you at school, what would you do?* and he answered : “ I’d walk away”
  57. *His movie suggestions are all romantic stories : Kimi no nawa, Love Rosie, etc*
  58. *He literally jumps like a bunny when he’s excited*
  59. * How he impersonates his members and often get hit for being a little brat, but we all know he does it because he wants to get their attention*
  60. *how he’s an agyeo bomb when you don’t expect it. He’s a natural*

Part 3? Maybe ….? :D

silkrumi  asked:

I don't know if you're still taking requests, but how about the first time they said "I love you" to each other?

You and I were talking about this earlier actually (for the benefit of the folks at home)! I think the first time Kravitz said it to Taako was in Story and Song, and maybe it kinda took both of them by surprise a little when he did.

But from that point I think Kravitz was always pretty forthcoming with verbal affection and reassurance. I mean in the very short airtime he had from that point onwards, he didn’t really hedge about it.

But this ask got me to wondering about what would be the situation that would finally push Taako over the edge to say it. I don’t necessarily picture him like, always wanting to or trying to as he’s sometimes portrayed, I just think it’s a direction he doesn’t want to go, at least out loud. Sincerity’s never been his schtick. I mean we never even heard him say it to Lup iirc? But like Lup knows, or Magnus or Merle or Angus knows, Kravitz knows Taako loves him for a long time before he ever admits it out loud, lol. I like to think that when he does tell Kravitz, he ends up getting kinda nervous and ready to get his hackles up if Kravitz tries to get sappy about it, but it ends up not even really being a thing.

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hey, no pressure but I'd love to see the next gen aces, if you've got the time? I think they'd have a really funny dynamic, esp if goshiki joins them

the whole vibe of this picture changed when I added goshiki