this is what i picture when i think of d.c

I want to talk about two moments in 6x19

1. When Lisbon tells him Pike’s moving to D.C. he seems relieved. Seems to me that he thinks he will be out of the picture soon.When she tells him that she thinks about moving to D.C. too, he starts smiling. Seems like he thinks: What a stupid idiot I am. Thinking that they will split up.

And this hurts so damn much.

2. “Then I’m happy.” I hate these words, because she is ALL he has left in his life. There’s nothing to make him happy. It’s Lisbon, all over Lisbon. Without her, he’s nothing. It physically aches me when I hear these words. There’s still this all over broken character Patrick Jane. And.. I don’t know.

7x06: First Analysis

Good morning Everyone! How did everyone like last night’s episode? I’m disappointed that we didn’t see Beth, but not at all discouraged. For why, check out my post HERE, or just keep reading. Tons of callbacks to Beth in this episode. I’m just gonna jump into my analysis.

***Remember that this post will be heavy on spoilers for 7x06 so don’t read if you haven’t watched.***

So, I said this before but Tara being found by a stranger who almost kills her but then realizes she’s alive is exactly what I think we’ll see happen with Beth. No way to confirm that yet, but it’s the first thing I Thought of when I first saw that opening sequence last week when it was released as a sneak peek.

Cyndie: She’s the character who was described as Beth 2.0 and man, they weren’t kidding. She was very heavily paralleled with Beth, not only through her strength, attitude and hope, but through her clothes. This girl wore green, green, and more green. Green back pack + green shoulder bag + green shirt + green jacket. And remember that in 4a and some of 4b, Beth was always in green. That didn’t change until she put on the iconic yellow polo in Still. That was important because yellow = escape, among other things, but putting her in green early on was to show that she was associated with that color. Now we have this girl, showing many traits of Beth and dressed all in green. Proxy much? She also has a bracelet with three seashell charms (rule of 3s) that’s not unlike jewelry Beth wore. In terms of plot, she helped someone else escape from a community they didn’t want to stay in (like Beth did for Noah).

And here’s the thing that makes me the most suspicious about this whole 2.0 business:

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