this is what i mean! look at how she's looking at him

My favorite trope in the miraculous ladybug fandom for fanfiction is when Adrien Knows™ that Marinette has The Crush™ on him but he’s still an awkward cup of butter and he doesn’t know how to actually handle it bc he just wants to be “Friends” and
“no Nino I do not have a crush on Mari I just think she’s super cool and I want to have the Friendship™”
“wait why is she laughing at what Nathanael said, my puns are funny, oh golly gosh she sure is cute when she laughs”

“Oh boy a lot of Ppl have crushes on her, I can see why…I mean I DONT have a crush on her but I mean she is really pretty and super nice and did you see how many freckles are on her face? Even the sun loves her! Look at all those sun kisses….I’m a little jealous ….”


“I just want her to like me..wait no I mean I want her to like-like me..WAIT! I mean I know she likes-likes me bc she has the Crush™ and I just want her to like me so we can be talk and be friends bc I like her and NINO STOP LAUGHING YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”

And finally they become friends and its him just spending all this time being in denial about his crush on her until Adrien looks at her one day and she just gives him The Smile™ and his heart does the Thump-Thump-You-In-Love-Bud™

“Nino, I have made an error”

I overheard an argument in the bookstore today.
  • I was looking at Neil Gaiman’s books and on the next shelf over were a bunch of Stephen King novels. A couple was arguing as they made their way towards where I was standing.
  • Girl: What do you mean you don’t like any books?
  • Guy: I’ve just never read anything any good, it’s all been crap.
  • Girl: Are you fucking kidding me, all books are crap? is that what you’re saying?
  • Guy: Yep, all of them. I hate all books ever written.
  • (now they’re standing next to me, in front of the Stephen King books)
  • Girl: Isn’t ‘It’ your favorite movie?
  • Guy: OMG YES, it’s the best movie I’ve...
  • Girl: *hits him in the face with a copy of it* IT WAS A FUCKING BOOK FIRST YOU DOUCHEBAG.
  • Me: *dies laughing*

Possible Concept for Season Three:

  • Big fancy party where Prince Lotor will be

  • Voltron needs to get in somehow

  • Princess Allura goes in, ready to be Royal Guest™ but she cannot go alone

  • Shiro could be possible date but not the point of post lmao
  • Cue Allura excitedly wanting to put Pidge in a dress (cue Pidge internally screaming)

  • Pidge comes out

  • “I feel stupid” - Pidge, scrunching her nose and giving everyone venomous looks because she looks as uncomfortable as she feels and she would rather die than wear this dress anymore because pants are a thing

  • “Yeah, no. This is not going to work” - Hunk

  • “Now what will we do?” - Allura

  • “Lance, get in the dress” - Keith

  • What?!” - Very startled and slightly offended Blue Boy™ because Keith clearly has the curves for the dress while Lance does not, not to mention that mullet will make him look even more princess-y

  • Cue Keith and Lance arguing over how no, Lance will not get in the dress, and no, Hunk, that does not mean Keith will be his date, while Pidge flings the dress off her body, much to Allura’s dismay

  • Anyways, the screen suddenly goes to the party, where Allura and Shiro are linking arms, with the rest of Voltron looking out and meanwhile, Coran is back in the castle, wearing the dress and muttering how rude it was that no one even considered him
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: when and where did edward nygma, serial killer, genius, future riddler, learn to make origami penguins without looking? how long did it take him to learn how to do it so well? why did he learn to make origami penguins in the first place? did he do it just to impress oswald? was he looking for ways to woo his crush and just think "i know, i'll make him a paper penguin. he'll be super impressed"? what happened to the origami penguin? did oswald keep it? does he still have it?

hadarh  asked:

Hi. So I have this destiel shipper friend and I asked her why did she start shipping them together and she said it's becaude of how they look at each other bu I have no idea what she means can you explain it to me please? By the way amazing blog!😘

Hey! :)

Err, the way they look at each other…

Gifs not mine

Maybe she means that thing they do when they look at each other as if they’re staring straight into the other’s soul:

Or maybe instead she means that thing they sometimes do where it looks like they’re inches away from jumping each other and having sex:

Or maybe she means the way Dean looks at Cas when he checks Cas out like he wants to eat him up. ALL THE TIME: 

Or she means the way Cas looks at Dean when Dean isn’t watching, like Dean is the most precious thing he’s ever seen:

Not to be confused with the way Dean looks at Cas when Cas isn’t watching, like Cas is the most precious thing he’s ever seen: 


Or perhaps I got it all wrong and she means the way that the actors who play them look at each other like they wanna hit that: 

The world may never know, but all options make sense to me ;)

Okay, so we know that the Red Lion is protective over Keith and reacts pretty strongly to his feelings, so what if that started including protecting Lance ? Like whenever they’re in a battle or training the Red Lion kept on pushing Blue out of the way of attacks, or jumping in front to take hits, or attacking the enemies the Blue Lion is targeting before Lance can attack. And when they get back to the castle Lance can’t stop complaining about how Keith is getting in his space, and stealing his targets and Keith is trying to explain how it’s not him, it’s the *lion* !

But Allura knows.

So she takes Keith to one side, when he asks Pidge to take a look at Red (after it happens again) and Allura tells him that Red doesn’t need looking over, that the Lions Don’t Do Hidden Feelings and they Don’t Get Subtlety. Keith is like I don’t- I don’t know what you mean??? And she’s just like omg Keith, the Lions pick up on their Paladin’s feelings and Act Accordingly. So Red is keeping Lance safe, because Keith wants to keep Lance safe, and it all just gets really awkward and the Red Lion has just somehow managed to be Keith’s wing… man… lion… robot. Winglion?
I tried writing an ending

I’m so sorry

I’m so sorry I left you

I’m so sorry

It had all been real. The people she had met, the friends she had watched die, her daughter being born.


She cried harder. If only she could go back. Not even to change what had happened, but just to talk to him again. To tell him he’s not alone.

She didn’t hear the other person in the room until he was right next to her.

“You look like you might need this.” He said.

He handed her a handkerchief.

“Thanks.” She took it and wiped the tears on her face, not taking her eyes off the picture of Gwangjong.

“Do you cry in front of paintings often?” The man asked.

“Just this one.” Go Ha Jin said, trying to not let the man see how hard she had been crying.

“I know what you mean. Every time I look at it I get this feeling of loneliness. Like I’ve lost something I’ll never get back.”

She didn’t say anything so the man continued.

“People have actually told me that I look like Gwangjong. I’m not sure I see it though.”

“Liar.” Go Ha Jin said. She realized too late it must have sounded rude, but no one could replace Wang So. Even if it was hundreds of years in the future.  

The man let out a small laugh. “We said we would never lie to each other.” 

I think it’s important to note that Richard still could have killed Carol. He still could have used her and executed that plan. And because he was so ready to sacrifice himself and die for the Kingdom and the war, with that mindset, he couldn’t have been afraid of Daryl’s threat.

So that’s not what stopped Richard from killing Carol.

There was clear empathy in his eyes as he looked at Daryl after hearing Daryl’s long-winded threat. Richard endured a beating and a long speech about how if he so much as looked at Carol that wrong way, Daryl would kill him. Richard was willing to die for the cause anyway, so it wasn’t even that Daryl scared him away from Carol. It was that Richard saw how much Carol means to Daryl. 

I think that’s what stopped him from harming Carol. 

Then we learn that Richard had a wife, and she was killed. So really, I think that if you connect the dots, it’s pretty dam clear that Richard stayed away from Carol because he saw what was between her and Daryl, and he knew the pain Daryl would go through if Carol were to die. So he couldn’t inflict that on someone else. Because Richard, who lost his wife, knows that pain. 

There is this one detail in the german version of pokemon sun and moon that I think is far better than the english version. In the german version Nanu, or how I know him, Yasu, says that he will send your mother flowers, if you won’t make it out of Team Skulls town headquarters. Not your remains, just flowers to say his condolences for the loss.

All I can imagine is that Main Character’s Mom will one day hear a knock on her door and see a very, very tired man, she has never before seen, with a bouquet of flower in his hands. She is not actually quiet sure who this person is, what the flowers are for, nor why has that look on his face. But then he hears his words.
“These are for you. I am sorry to inform you that your child is now in a better place.”

First she is not quiet sure what he means, till realization dawns on her face and she just looks appalled.

Cut to Main Character chilling in the Team Skull hideout, fully dressed in the usual Team Skull outfit, because they are now the newest member. Probably giving everyone tips on how to train and stuff, even tho they’re just eleven or how to do their stare that everyone apparently finds a bit creepy/cool.
Maybe even showing Guzma their super strong Ribombee that just looks a bit to cute for Guzma, but he sure as hell is impressed how strong it is.
They actually have no idea that their mom thinks that they’re dead, or that the words they wanted Nanu to say to his mother would imply such a thing. They are completely unaware, chilling with the other Team Skull members. Also one day they would go home to their mom and woah boy that will be not a chill day.

I want to call it Skull Flower AU.

jungkook jealous smut...

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“What are you doing?” jungkook asks as she watches a show with jimin, both sharing a bag of popcorn as they watch with glazed eyes, jungkook thinking they are sitting far too close.
“Hyung?” jungkook asks and jimin looks at him surprised at his angry expression.
“Jungkook?” jimin asks and jungkook takes a deep breath knowing he is being unreasonable right now.
“Please, give me and my girlfriend a moment.” he says slowly and jimin is out before she could blink, knowing the other was mad.
“We were just watching a tv show…” she started off but jungkook held up a hand for a moment of silence between the two of them.
“You know how sensitive i am about things like this.” jungkook states and she looks down at her hands as he walks closer to her. “Tell me…how much i mean to you more then jimin does.” he says shakily as he crawls onto the bed close to her but not touching her.
She leans in and kisses him and he groans into it, grabbing onto her neck and deepening the kiss like his life depended on it. She puses the bag of popcorn and the other snacks onto the floor as she climbs onto his lap and he pulls away and pants as her lips trail down his neck.
“I love you…no one else.” she whispers, unzipping his jacket and working on his buttons on his shirt as he lays back against the pillows, and lets her kiss down his body, with his eyes closed, letting her take all the pain in his heart away, letting her kiss away the hurt, and the anger.
“y/n” he whines and she climbs back up from his stomach and he locks lips with her like he needed her to breath, lifting himself off the bed and holding her head in his hands to keep her there, like he would lose her if he let go and she fists his open shirt for something to hold onto. It felt like the best thing kissing her, like the world revolved around them for a moment, like every nerve in his body was being touched as he kissed her.
He shrugged off his jacket and shirt letting them drop onto the floor as he clumsily works on her shirt pulling it up and over her head and untying his pajama bottoms from around her waist.
Realizing it wasn’t going to work shoving the pants off her body, so he rolls the two over to lay her on her back, needing her like he never has at this moment as he quickly helped slide her clothes off and then clumsily takes off the rest of his clothes crawling back onto the bed.
“Don’t ever stop loving me…promise.” he begs and she agrees instantly before he is pushing himself inside her and making her moan at the feeling of him completely surrounding her as her hands explore his skin making the experience then times better than it was before because of the fact it was her, and he loved her more then anything in the world.
His thrusts inside her slow and sensual, making love to the person he loved the most, like it would be the last time he would ever make love to her.
“y/n” he moans lowering himself so he could kiss her to try and keep her quiet in the hotel room where his hyungs are on the other side of the wall, not wanting to share the cute sounds with anyone else.
“Kookie.” she whines holding onto him as he speeds up a bit, needing to breath properly for a minute so he hides in her neck, panting in her ear as she grips onto him harder.
“I know baby.” he breathes gripping onto the sheets like he is going to rip them from the pleasure of it all.
She chants his name as she gets on the edge of release, falling over the edge with his lips connected to hers as he moans into her mouth as he falls off the edge with her, riding out their orgasims with a few more thrusts before stilling on top of her to take a breath.
“I love you.” he whispers before pulling out of her and rolling over to lay next to her and pull her against him for some much needed cuddles.

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Prompt 3: “Were you with her?”  (BTS)

These will be a little shorter since it’s the whole group ~


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He looks down to his feet, not knowing what to say. You repeat yourself, “Were you with her?”

He shakes his head, “We weren’t together like that. I wouldn’t do that to you Y/N.” 

“How can I believe you?”

He looks away with tears in his eyes, “Because I love you.”

You approach him and take his hand, “I love you too, but…”

“I know.” He pulls you in and holds you close. “I’m gonna make it up to you. You mean more to me than she ever will.” 


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He came home late, hair ruffled and his hoodie missing. Once you had asked he rolled his eyes and scoffed, “Why would you think that?” 

You raised an eyebrow, “Why wouldn’t I?”

He came in close and put his arms around your waist, “Because no other girl out there can make me feel the way you do.” He looks into your eyes, “I know I haven’t been around lately and I’m sorry for that. The new album is taking forever but you mean more to me. I’ll try and be around more often, okay?” 

You nod your head, “But, where is your hoodie?”

He smiles, “Jimin took it because he was cold.”

“So your seeing Jimin behind my back?” You asked and he laughed.


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You got back home to see a pair of shoes in the living room, a girls pair of shoes that were not yours. Heartbroken, you made your way to the kitchen and asked him, “Is she here?” When Jhope looked confused you asked, “Were you seeing her? Did she come here while I was gone?”

He put a hand on your shoulder to calm you, “What? Why are you asking this?”

You pointed towards the shoes, “Her shoes are there, I’m not stupid.”

He smiles at you, “They were a present for you, I saw you looking at them in the store the other day.” 

You stand still, feeling guilt wash over you. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” 

He shakes his head, “I’m sorry that you felt that way, you know I only love you right?” 

“Yes of course, I feel like an idiot.”

He hugs you, “I’ll make sure to wrap presents in the future.”

Rap Monster: 

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You were about to kiss him when you noticed a hickey on his shoulder, one that you hadn’t put there. “Who gave you that? Was it who I think it was?”

He looked confused then he understood what you meant, “It’s not a hickey, you probably won’t believe this but it’s a bruise.”

“But, how did it happen there?”

He laughed, “I am the most clumsy person in the world you know? We were finished dance practice and as we were leaving I ran outside and hit my shoulder on the door.” 

You smiled at him, “You’ll never change.”

He smiled back, “Not at all, now come over here and kiss me.”


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“Dance practice ended an hour ago, all the other guys came back…Were you with her?”

He looked heartbroken as he pulled you in close, “No Y/N, I would never even think of doing something like that.” He looked at you with tears in his eyes, “Please don’t think like that, I love you more than anything.”

“You promise?”

“Promise.” He kissed you and held you close for a long time, apologizing for making you feel upset. 


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He walked into the bedroom to see you crying and ran to your side immediately. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” 

“You’re seeing her behind my back, aren’t you?” 

“Who?” He thought for a moment, then he pulled you in close, “Y/N, I’m just friends with her. I can stop talking to her if it makes you upset. I hate seeing you cry.” 

You shook your head, “It’s okay if you’re friends but there are rumours -”

“The rumours mean nothing, you mean everything.” He kisses your head and cuddles you until you are okay again. 


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You were watching his Vlive from earlier on and saw someone in the background of his bedroom. You could have sworn it was her. You made your way to his room and showed him, “Were you with her?” 

He looked surprised, “My stylist? Yeah, she was putting away our outfits for the show.” 

You put the phone down, feeling like an idiot. “Oh my god, I’m sorry I thought…”

He smiles and tugs at your arm so you sit on the bed, “It’s okay, I understand. But I am just friends with that girl anyway.” 

You nod, “I just got carried away.”

“You’re so adorable.” He said and leans in to kiss you. 

Voltron Season 3 Idea

A couple of Season 2 spoilers ahead!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people who are shipping Lance and Lotor and power to you guys, but it’s honestly got me thinking. I know what I really want to happen in season 3 BESIDES SHIRO COMING BACK. I want Lotor to find Lance and just know how insecure he is. I mean, Shiro was the only one who called him the team’s sharpshooter, and that was once. Now he’s gone and I want someone to snap and tell Lance he’s useless or he can’t do anything right. 

Here’s why.

In the original Shiro dies for Lance, and as much as I want Shiro to live, if he does die saving Lance I want everyone to be pissed about it. Even Hunk! I want everyone to look at Lance like Allura looked at Keith when she found out he was Galra. Why? Because I want Lotor to see that, to manipulate what Lance sees in himself. I want Lance to be so desperate for validation and acceptance he actually listens to Lotor and what he has to say. That he kind of turns into a pet almost, one that’ll do anything for the praise a master might give. And this is all if Shiro dies while trying to save Lance mind you, not even if he lives. 

If Shiro lives I want it to be after Lotor gets a hold of Lance. They can’t form Voltron right then anyways, not without Shiro. Although Keith might take over the black lion no one would be able to replace his spot in Red. So imagine, Shiro getting back from God knows where and finding that Lance is gone. That Lance is now working with the enemy because no one on the team saw him as an equal like they should have. 

I’m not pushing Shance by any means. But Shiro was the only one who noticed Lance being upset. I want him to try and get Lance back, brainwashed or not. I want Lance to admit and just pour his feelings out, messily crying and saying things about how no one cared about him on the team. I want everyone to feel so guilty they acted like that to Lance. I want all of this. I want everyone to apologize and say what they like about Lance, different things, things to reassure Lance that he is needed and absolutely loved by everyone there. 

I did want Pudding to turn out to be evil but after this week’s chapter it doesn’t seem likely, as long as Oda doesn’t decide to pull something extremely weird. Like all of you, regarding Pudding’s plan I only have a vague idea that she’s going sacrifice herself for Sanji and the others. But whatever she’s up to, does she really believe everything’s going to fall into place as long as she pulls a martyr? I have the feeling that her decision is going to hurt Sanji even more.

I mean just look how broken Sanji is already. To me, his forced heart-eyes and smile of happiness even when no one is looking is much, much worse than him weeping uncontrollably after parting with Luffy… What I’m trying to say is that Sanji’s fake smile here is almost Koala-ish :( 

Pretense aside, I think Sanji genuinely likes Pudding as a person, and making her happy is the only thing he can think of to desperately drag himself out of misery. His sole purpose for life as of now is her happiness, but when he finds out that his act in front of her didn’t work and she decided to sacrifice herself for his sake? First his nakama got in danger because of him, and now his fiancee? My heart aches when I think about just how much he’d suffer when he finds out… being the kind, selfless person he is. 

replaying BBS0.2 and I’m just now realizing that when it zooms in on Ven during the trio scene, his eyes. actually. move. a couple times. it’s super subtle and I probably only noticed this time because I was sitting right in front of my tv BUT???

I thought it was strange enough that his eyes were open in the first place if the illusion was just representing his physical self as Aqua remembered him last (like Terra) bECAUSE HIS EYES HAVE NOT OPENED SINCE HE WENT TO SLEEP




EXO’s Reaction to you nibbling on a chocolate bar



*He’d be so smiley. Watching you cutely nibbling on chocolate, it can’t get any cuter. When you were halfway through with the bar, you looked at up with big eyes and smiled. That made him go shy and cover his face.*

“There is no way your this old but still look adorable.”

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*Somehow found a way to make it into a contest.*

“She thinks she’s cute, chewing on that chocolate bar and looking cute? Well guess what…I’m cuter…I’m waayy cuter..”

Originally posted by lycheepeaches


*Cutest human ever. He’d be smiling and watching you eat, sometimes asking you to break him a piece.*

“Teach me how to eat cutely like you.”

Originally posted by ygyixing


*Takes a deep breath to calm himself. Doesn’t know if he’s turned on or if he fell in love with you more. I mean, you look cute but so alluring at the same time. HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!*

“So like…do you have to eat it that slow?…Can I have a piece??”

Originally posted by petityeols


*Find it cute for 2.5 seconds before he decided to turn it into a game.*

“I will give you a two second head start before that bar of chocolate is mine.”

Originally posted by suhyla


*He thinks he can see right through you. Getting the wrong intentions and eventually embarrassing himself.*

“Look at her…she knows exactly what she’s doing. Eating slowly and trying to seduce me…well it’s not going to work…And you know what…two can play that game. I’ll eat slowly and seduce her too….I’m so smart. 10 points to Chanyeol.”

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*Stares at you with the move love he could ever give to anybody. You looked extremely adorable and he couldn’t help but blush and smile like a fool.*

“Hey, hey sweetheart! Darling, cutie pie!..look over here.”

Originally posted by smileysoo


*It’s been so long since he’d had chocolate. Watching you made him hungry and a bit, just a bit, frisky ;)*

“Hey babe…you want to share that? No, don’t give me a piece…You know exactly I want it, so come over here and let me have a taste.”

Originally posted by kimjonginkilledme


*Offended. Not only did you not choose to share, you also took the last bar. In his heart, you looked hella cute but in his mind, you were provoking him.*

“You know, you look adorable and everything but, if you keep on eating that, I will make you go buy me a new bar.”

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Guys, I need more reaction requests. Lol, this one is the last one in my inbox.



“So it’s your birthday in a few days,” Salim said casually as they ate the chicken stir-fry he’d made for them.

“It is,” Ryleigh narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously. “How did you know what day it is?”

“You told me the night you have way too much to drink,” he chuckled. “Got any plans?”

“Does painting, dinner of mac and cheese, and watching TV count?” she asked, eating another forkful of her chicken. “I haven’t celebrated my birthday since I was seven, since…”

“Your parents,” Salim nodded and looked down at his plate for minute. When he looked back up again he was smiling. “We should do something, to celebrate your birthday I mean.”

“Such as?” Ryleigh raised her eyebrows.

“Hadn’t thought that far ahead,” he laughed and shrugged. “We could get out of the city for the weekend, camping maybe?”

“Kind of lost my taste for camping before coming to the city,” she pointed out. A thought suddenly occurred to her and she couldn’t help but smile. “I know what I want to do.”

“Lay it on me,” he gestured with his fork for her to continue.

“This,” she smiled brightly. “Just this. Video games, food, you. I don’t need anything else, just this. That’s all I want to do for my birthday; spend time with you.”

“Done,” Salim smiled back at her.


Name: I simply observed
Pairing: Mycroft x Reader
Comment: The reader is another John Watson’s sister that has to live with Sherlock and John for a few months. She meets Mycroft, and Sherlock finally realizes that they are dating because you’ve been hiding it.

“Mycroft,” you greet Mycroft, as you enter the kitchen with an empty cup.

“Y/N,” Mycroft looks at you quickly and turns to his brother, not smiling at you.

“Another government case?” Sherlock grins, and you obediently go in the kitchen, not listening to the dialogue. Well, Sherlock’s monologue, when you suddenly hear your name. John, sitting next to you, suddenly starts looking away.

“So… brother mine. Since when are you two together?”

“What do you mean, Sherlock?” Mycroft’s voice turns cold.

“Oh, that is obvious!”

“I do not see how…”

“Even John saw it,” John looks up, as you look at him. “All those signs… And surprisingly, mostly from you. What did you say about not caring?”

“I do not care about…”

“Anyone. Anyone but her,” Mycroft shut up, and Sherlock keeps explaining. “That was strange. She is totally calm, as if acting by a book, and you… Forgetting to put your ring on…”

“He is lying,” John yells loudly, grinning. “We just saw you together.”

“You did?” you ask quickly, and John nods.

“We were solving a case in this restaurant you went to,” you cover your face with your hands, blushing as a tomato. “Sherlock, stop showing off.”

“John, John,” Mycroft smiles kindly, looking back at you and John. “I know there was no way Sherlock could figure it out.”

“Of course I could!”

“Sherlock, don’t flatter yourself,” you choke on the tea, trying not to laugh.

“Fine. We saw you having a dinner together,” John rolls his eyes. “I do not understand why you were trying to hide it.”

“Did you think we would be against it?” John asks you, and you shake you head.

“Mycroft is the government,” you explain quickly, before Sherlock said it. “If anyone really learns that he ‘somehow got attached to a usual human being’… They may use me to get to him.”

“That’s obvious. I wonder why you didn’t tell John. He is your brother.”

“Sherlock, don’t do that,” Mycroft asks quickly before you have to explain all of it to John. “I told her not to,” he did not, but you are glad that he lied. Mycroft often lies, but you are ready to deal with it for such moments. “John is known to be important for you, Sherlock. And everyone knows that you are important for me. The last thing I need is for this chain to be used.”

“So… You are actually together?” John asks to change the topic, and you look at Mycroft, not sure what to say as you never talked about it.

“Yes,” Mycroft answers momentarily, not even looking at you, but you see how his fingers stop aggressively holding the umbrella, but gently stroke the handle with the thumb. Sherlock grins as an idiot, and Mycroft rolls his eyes. “Please, Sherlock, stop being such a child.”

“Isn’t it hilarious that you fell for her? You, the one who actually goes against all feelings and emotions?” Sherlock laughs.

“Sherlock, we all are human, no matter how different I am,” Mycroft stands up and looks at you with a small smile, almost unnoticeable, but you learned to see it. You smile back. “And some human qualities include… ability to seek company of certain people. Have a nice day,” he disappears before Sherlock can open his mouth to say something rude.

“So… You and Mycroft?”

“Yes,” you roll your eyes, and your phone buzzes with an incoming message. ‘Apologies, I didn’t know that Sherlock was there,’ so you quickly text him back that nothing bad happened. “Do you mind?”

“No. I just would like to know. No problem at all… Seriously?” you grin and nod. “How?”

“He is courteous, polite… You just have to get through the upper layer of coldness to see this incredibly soft and vulnerable man,” John keeps looking at you with some doubt. “He is, John. He is a wonderful person.”

“Stop complimenting my brother, Y/N,” Sherlock intervenes. “That is incredibly annoying.”

I honestly love ryhsand and feyre’s relationship so much. I mean he respects her on such a huge level and its never praised because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

I mean they talked about how men have destroyed houses if their mate looks at another male too soon after they’re bonded. And Ryhsand is not any high fae he is the most powerful high lord ever. And when feyre shares a long meaningful look with azriel like two days after they’re bonded he initially gets super on edge but he comes back to himself and immediately apologizes to feyre because he knows how much she hates it.

And during the battle in Velaris feyre completely blocked him out to fight dangerous monsters even though he was calling for her and risks her life just so the Attor won’t get away again. And after all of that when ryhsand finds her all he does is praise her and love her for defending their home.

Feyre is not a helpless weak little girl and ryhsand has known that since before she was even turned.

And not only that but ryhsand is such a good guy. He comes from two cultures where one maims their women and the other sells them like cattle and as soon as he took power he appointed two women into the most powerful positions and outlawed the mistreatment of the women in the camps. Idk man I just think ryhsand is such a genuinely good person I can’t take it.

okay this has really been bugging me, so i just wanna get it out of my system

this scene feels romantic to me


well, look at her face! i dont know about the rest of y’all but id expect something that was like “whoa! uncle qrow?! how did you-” or other similar expressions of shock

i mean it was like that at first but then she like dismisses the initial shock and it turns to THIS


look at her

its like

shes looking at him like

“i knew you’d always come through for me”

“i knew you wouldnt leave me”

shes looking at him like hes the most wonderful thing in the world (which he kind of is.. right now,.. given their current situation.. he just saved their lives.) like if hes around, then everything will be okay (which it kind of is now.. hes like really strong) but like in a totally GAY way, you know what i mean, its- 

-its so fond

and, and-

the SOUND she makes 

its like this happy little fond, adoring sigh ive only ever heard in shoujo anime when the girl and the guy are alone together and the guy does or says something cheesy and the girl makes that little sigh like ‘oh what am i to do with you’



and qrow replies with his own little smile, and his totally casual ‘hey’ like a guy trying to play it cool around his crush

h looks and sounds so relieved

fuck. this. shit.