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Absolutely Speechless Thoughts about 407

So like, aside from the Octavia stuff, this episode was cooking on all cylinders for me, and god, did it land some gut punches.

I’m gonna get the Octavia stuff out of the way first because…yeah.  I’ll buy what they’re selling (she’s hit rock bottom and longing for something– anything– to make her feel again) but I’m not happy about it.  Her conversation with Murderous Elf Prince was well acted but really heavy handed, and the shift from suicidal to Ready to Bone was a little bit abrupt.  But I’ve struggled with her arc this season and if this means she’s turning over a new leaf and we get some forward progress…sure, okay.  Also, this show’s insistence on what makes a murderer and what doesn’t is shaky at best and I wish they’d stop using that phrasing because it bugs.

The Science Island stuff really worked though, from Clarke’s lovely reunion with Abby to Emori’s delightfully in-character twist at the end.  I am INCREDIBLY CONFUSED how the mansion survived the first death wave not just intact, but pristine but I guess I can chalk that up to some Becca Invention of Future-Plot-Related Convenience because the initial scenes of Murphy cooking and Clarke taking a goddamn break with a well deserved shower and almost nap were on fire.  I wish we could have had Raven in there, giving Murphy increasingly unhelpful hints as he cooks just like he did for her in the flight simulator, but I do like that she was also taking a goddamn nap because literally everyone on this show deserves a nap and a cuddle.

The very convenient red shirt breaking in was puzzling, but it paved the way for Emori to steal the fucking show, so as my darling Moses in Attack the Block would say: allow it.  She really tore shit up, first with that brutal fight and then with her spitting out her whole horrible history and what I really liked about it was contrasting it to Clarke, who has darkness but in a very different way.  I have a lot of feelings about how Emori honed in on how Clarke was clearly loved and cherished as a child, because that is a fundamental to her characterization in a lot of ways.  It sets her apart from other characters, like Murphy and Bellamy and Raven, and it’s a sort of invisible privilege that she doesn’t always recognize.  (Privilege isn’t quite the right word there, because “being loved by your parents” should be a baseline human experience, but it isn’t and it’s a sort of emotional advantage that Clarke has that other characters don’t).  And having Murphy be totally fucking into Emori’s ruthlessness was a delightful surprise that still felt earned and in character.

Anyway, the red shirt solution was clearly an appealing option for Clarke, but I really, really liked that Abby was still all “this is fucking terrible of us.”  I appreciated the wisdom that Abby is bringing to the table there, because Clarke is just like “oh thank god this guy is worthless we can kill him nbd” and Abby’s like “…yeah, but we’re still killing him.”  (Or if he lives, they’re still torturing him.)  It’s an organic difference of opinion built around age and experience and I just love how it’s playing out.  It’s also highlighting how Clarke is unable to see the trees because of the forest, and that indicates some interesting moments for her in the future when they inevitably turn into Mount Weather: Bone Marrow Boogaloo.

Sidenote: real glad Zach McGowan was able to pick up a paycheck for this episode.  Good to see you boo, and I hope next ep we get Roan like, poking at fancy tech stuff in curiosity while Raven impatiently slaps his hand away.  I also totally forgot that Miller was on the island so when Clarke said Roan was unloading the fuel “with the others” I had this great mental image of him and Luna doing it by themselves, because they’re both ripped but he’s crossfit and she’s yoga and man now I want to write a fic with them as dueling personal fitness trainers.

The Arkadia scenes worked well for me too, although the “every other character who isn’t contracted for this ep is magically elsewhere” dialogue felt a little clumsy because how fucking big is Arkadia then?  But whatever, it gave Harper her own storyline that was heartbreaking and human, and well done, show.

But what I really want to talk about is Beard Dad and Bellamy having it out over a radio.  First of all, I’m really glad both Ian and Bob got some solid material for their highlight reels because they both acted the shit out of those scenes with just radios to play towards.  But everything was gut wrenching and in character, because Kane was parenting the shit out of everyone and nobody was having it, not even his Favorite Son Slash Trainee Dad.  

People have already said it already, but thank all that is holy for a Bellamy story that did not revolve around the massacre, but who he is as a person.  And who he is as a person is someone who will save the person in front of him every goddamn time, no matter the risk.  But lately, he’s been fading because he keeps trying to protect people and no matter what, they’re leaving him or dying and he’s utterly powerless against the oncoming radiation.  Bellamy telling those men that he wasn’t coming was agonizing to watch, and it reminded me of Bellamy finding Atom in the woods– he’s helpless and all he can do is listen to them die.  He can’t even give them mercy like Clarke did for Atom.  It’s a stark moment, and we feel every last bit of despair that Bellamy has been fighting for weeks.  

And man, poor Kane.  He was dadding Bellamy as best he could, but Kane has put his season one self so firmly in the past he forgot that not everyone has.  Bellamy bringing up Kane’s role in his mother’s death complicates their relationship in a really challenging way, because so much of who Bellamy is now is because he lost her.  He’s been carrying that guilt and anger around on his own for years, and you could tell it hurt him just a little to unload it on Kane, as deserved as it might be.  (It’s also a very on-brand moment for the Blake Siblings, and let’s have a moment of reflection to thank the new writers who managed to nail this in one fucking episode).  I am really interested to see where Bellamy is next episode, because “not wanting to be saved” is a really bleak place for him, but it’s also a place he’s been headed for this whole season and I cannot wait to see that arc come to fruition.

Next week: Bellamy and Jasper go on a very depressing looking road trip, and Jaha goes Full Cult!

"seems accurate” || newt scamander

word count: 2809

summary: soulmate au!(reader x newt scamander) → you have a tattoo of what your soulmate is most passionate about

*lowercase intended*

author’s note: this can go one of two ways → one: really horribly and no one likes it OR two: people like it and i fell happy on the inside. i don’t know which one to expect. but, anyways, enjoy! (sorry for any spelling or grammar errors)

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Honestly Yuri On Ice is such a ridiculous piece of fiction like it’s based around this somewhat outdated cliche of what if your idol and celebrity crush fell in love with you? except it does it in a really great way where we witness them actually falling in love with each other through building a relationship, while also addressing well the fact that the main characters have anxiety and depression, and the entire time it’s about competitive ice skating so we get a lot of really beautiful sequences, and it’s also super gay which is like really lovely to see a strong romantic relationship develop between two grown men and overall the show is just so wonderful and pure and wholesome but there was also a scene with drunk pole dancing and dry humping that serves as arguably the most pivotal scene in the entire show in terms of character development and plot twists so there’s that as well.

  • person: The dub totally ruins Yugioh. It's cut and censored, the the dialog is completely changed. What's so good about it?
  • me: Well, we got Joey and Bakura's adorable accents, Kaiba's sass level turned up to eleven, toned down the whole "love triangle" with Tea, Yugi and Atem, and the occasional jokes about Yugi's hair and height.
  • person: But it still changes the plot and characters too much. It feels like the whole show turns into a joke.
  • me: We also got Dan Green.
  • person: Okay, I'll give you that one.

As much as I want to see Mon-El’s suit I feel like he’s not gonna get it until he has his Hero Moment. I LOVE that he said ILY, (Chris nailed it and I could feel his words) but he also pointed out to us that what he loves the most about being a hero is being near Kara.

I’m not sure that will ever completely go away for him, she is the person that showed him who and what he wanted to be and that’s something that is always gonna be deeply ingrained in his character and what drives him, and tbh I’m not really bothered by that. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t still want more for him as a hero and as a person.

Until he has that moment of being a hero and understanding how wonderful it feels to truly help people because it’s the right thing to do he’s not gonna get there. We still haven’t seen him doing everyday heroic things, we’ve just seen him joining in on DEO missions and helping Supergirl when she needs back up.

He himself started to tell his parents that he was a hero too but stopped and said “Well, trying to be, with Kara’s help.”. He doesn’t see himself that way yet. He knows that his training is still in process, that he’s still learning. I think he also realizes that his motivations are different from hers and I think that is a part of the reason that he still struggles to see himself as a hero.

I want to see him get out there and be a part of National City as one of it’s heroes. I want to see him helping people in everyday ways. I want to see him actually experience being a hero. Everything about his growth and his character make me think that he would get genuine happiness and contentment from helping people.

The fact that they’re dragging out him getting the suit is actually awesome in some ways. Because right now he understands what a hero is but he doesn’t really feel like he is one yet. He doesn’t feel like he’s earned it and that’s because he hasn’t really, not yet, but he’s getting there.

I’m ok with waiting because I don’t just want to see Mon-El dressed like Valor. I want to see him become Valor.

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Don't let those haters get to you Miss Soka! You're amazing and a rainbow in human form. XOXO Outlandish anon

Back at cha’, Outlandish anon. You are very sweet for spreading cheer in fandom. I am not going anywhere.

The intimidation, harassment, bullying, and doxing facing our community here is real. It impacts peoples’ lives and experiences. Behind each screen and keyboard, there is a real person with loved ones, responsibilities and dreams and desires. To threaten their safety and security under the framework that two actors might or might not be together is not just beyond the pale; it reminds us of the power of cyberharassment and its implication. When supported, consciously or subconsciously by either the stars of the show or the production, it wields a life of its own. We do what we can to protect ourselves; I have nothing but utmost respect for those who have decided to lay low and/or close their account because this is not about standing tall, proud, and strong in the face of repeated harassment. It is not about weathering the storm and pushing through the evil that permeates fandom. It is about protecting oneself, loved ones and staying sane and safe.

When we circle back to where it all began, one has to wonder why the idea of love, real or imagined, between two people in a world full of hate and destruction is so threatening and distasteful that this perception induces the need to slander and potentially self-incriminate.

If Anyone Thinks Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 Was Perfect/Amazing Ending

I Won’t Even Rant About This Right Now.  I Didn’t Even Shed A Damn Tear All These Years Of Watching Naruto & To See This Is How The Show Ended. REAL Naruto Fandom Should Be Ashamed To Acknowledge All This B.S. 

-ShikaTema (Was A Little Rushed But Good Job)

-Shino (Nice To See His Passion Towards Helping Children Good Job)

-Kakashi (Kept His Cool Demeanor & Wished Them Well Good Job)

And That’s All. In The Good Department.

Bad Department.

-Iruka (Terrible I Thought He Should’ve Said He Will Always Love Naruto But Instead He Wasted That Moment For Hinata Happiness (WTF ABOUT NARUTO’S HAPPINESS?!?!) All That Hype About What To Say To Naruto When He’s Being Recorded Just To Say What He’s Been Saying All Along. Also Iruka Kept Blowing Off Naruto Suggestions & Constantly Pushed Naruto Towards Hinata. Naruto Only Wanted To Have Fun With His “Father” B/C He Hasn’t Seen In Awhile & Missed Him.

- SasuSaku (Don’t Get Me Started) I Honestly Feel Bad For The Fandom So I Won’t Write Anything About It. 

- Sakura (My Heart Breaks For You) I’m So Sorry. 

-Boruto (Being Passed Naruto’s Headband, But He Doesn’t Want To Follow In His Father’s Footsteps.) P.S I Rather Sarada Received The Damn Headband At Least She Values Naruto & His Position More Than Boruto. (But She’s Not His Daughter & The Next Show Doesn’t Follow Her Story So It’s Whatever)

And That’s All That Stood Out To Me. Waste Of My Time. 

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Tfln; H away for work and he's seen pictures of the missus out w Gemma, Anne and others of his friends or family and she isn't making him feel better bout missing out. Maybe even making him jealous?

Harry. Missus.

You know, it’s not fair that you’re back home in Chapel without me. With Gem, too. You’re really not helping me.

Helping you? What are you wittering on about?

I’m trying not to miss you as much during this promo season but you’re out walking with mum and Gem and Robin and my grandad and I miss you.

If it helps, I miss you, too.

Seeing how very handsome you look on the carpets of award shows and during interviews, it’s hard not too scream.

You scream?

Or cream? ;))

I hate you.

Can you not make me blush? Your grandad is sat opposite me in this café.

I’m sorry, love.

But, yes. Sometimes, I do.

You sometimes cream?


I scream.

Only cream when you’re here.


You’re making me miss you more.

Missing ME or missing me CREAM?

You. Always you.

Love youuuu. xxx

Although, I do love it when you cream. Especially down my cock. Damn. That feels so damn good. Looks hot as fuck, too.

God. I take my love back. I hate you. :)))

Love you, too, Gorgeous. x

What are you up to today then?

I have an interview this afternoon with Cillian; for some Italian magazine outlet or something. And then a photoshoot for the magazine with him and Fionn. And then, Nolan’s taking us all out for dinner. Might go out for a few beers with the guys, and then, I’m going to come home and skype you. Tell you all about what I’ve been up too.

I look forward to it.

I may have your mum and Gem there with me. I’m staying in Chapel for a few days.

Mum mentioned something about having you round.

No funny business. You here me?

No sitting there with your cock out like you did last time. 

I promise.

That was funny last time though… Your face was a true picture. 

:O :P 

Is that meant to be me?

Nope. :))))

Maybe we can have another Skype session later tonight, too? Before you go to bed?

Maybe, Peaches.

Maybe you can cum on the same bed that I used to cum in…

What has gotten into you today?

I’m horny. Sue me.

You’re a typical teenager but in a man’s body. 

I know… I’m so bad… I deserve a spank… Right on the arse… You love my arse. 

For God sake!




What have you got planned for today?

Gemma and myself are going shopping for dinner ingredients and then I’m going to take the kitchen from your mum and make some cakes and the dinner for tonight.

Oooooh. What are you making?

Please not your garlic chicken…

My garlic chicken, yes.

Daaaaamn. I miss you so much more now.

It can be your first home cooked meal. I promise.

I look forward to that, love.

Only 3 more weeks. x

3 more weeks. We can do this. xx

So, I loved the Harper sneak peek we got. I’m excited to delve more into Harper’s character. 

BUT, I need to brag about my bae Bellamy for a bit here… like they intentionally filmed that scene to show us Harper running away from being a hero and had Bellamy (without hesitance or thought) do what he always does: acts as the selfless hero we all know he is and he’s always been. 

That’s why Bellamy is a leader, folks. He inspires others to be selfless, brave, and noble. He’s a hero in the classic sense, a paragon of heroism for his people to look up to. 

I’m not holding my breath that this will happen, but I could really use a scene in which Harper confides in Bellamy about her guilt for leaving that man and Bellamy listens and supports her (maybe adopts her as his new sister since the real one is kind of taking him for granted, right now). 

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Bellamy, you’ve got family already. Let Octavia figure out hers, okay. She needs more time. She’ll come back eventually. Care for the family that needs you and wants you right now, sir. 

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the thought about Stiles & Lydia are pack to Peter but Scott isn't, got me this idea: What if betas/omegas flock around a strong and clever beta like Peter, who protect them and supports them. what if this person can become an alpha without the power-change (death of someone) or stuborness (True Alpha), but bc of his followers (like they choose him).

I actually really love this idea, and I think that’s what the True Alpha status should be. I think that if we’d seen something like this happen in the show for Scott to become an Alpha, rather than just that very anticlimactic “ta da!” moment, then a lot of viewers would have been a lot happier. 

And yes, I love the idea of it happening for Peter. He becomes an Alpha again not because he’s actively seeking to be one, but because the actions he’s taken to protect his people and his territory have made him one. He has a pack that follows him, and fights for him, and trusts him, and loves him. How is that not being an Alpha in all the ways that count? 

And I think it would be fun if Peter’s eyes flash Alpha red one day, and he’s the one who’s most surprised. The rest of the pack are like, “Okay, that makes sense. Carry on.” 

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What are your favorite btob group interactions? I know about btobap and now I have witnessed gotob show me more beauty.

btoapink is my personal favourite…. they trained together and they are really like real brothers and sisters changsub and chorong are known to be the best friends of best friends i can go on about them forever ilhoon and bomi cohost weekly idol together and they are so cute and they are really good friends minhyuk and chorong are best friends too bomi and eunkwang minhyuk are the best hayoung is close with changsub nayoung and ilhoon are family friends lol namjoo is the only girl in sungjae’s 95line and they argue so much lmao and hyunsik is the only one who remember and congratulates everyone in apink on their birthday lmao 

every time they get together its just a chaotic super noisy out of control mess and i liveeeeeeeeeeeee for that

honorable mention 

  • btobeast/btohighlight (do i even have to explain this lol)
  • btob1a4 (simply the best this post will never end if i have to say some of my fave moments of them just look them up the best sandeul are btob’s fave and they wont stop arguing funny and pure af also changsub and jinyoung are best friends)
  • btosuju (minhyuk and eunkwang are ryeo-line and he invented all of them to go watch world cup in the suju dorm…. heechul and eunkwang are close too uwu)
  • btoboyfriend (sungjae’s 95line 😭👌🏻 “we see each other 8 days in a week” “they are the friends that i can call and meet up with anytime”)
  • btoinfinite (do you know changsub and hoya are bffl)
  • btoivxx (hyukyeon coparenting the 10 chaotic kids with minhyuk eunkwang, changsub wont stop putting booger on ken, ilhoon and ravi the bestie)
  • btobangtan (ilhoon and namjoon were in the same fashion club in high school 😂 taehyung and sungjae’s toilet friendship, angel jimin who is the #1 angel eunkwang fan)
  • btosf9 (eunkwang and his 189cm son rowoon)
  • btoblockb (P.O. whose eyes gleamed upon meeting eunkwang and keep saying he wanna befriend him)
  • btomx (have you watch that monsta x show where btob guested 1 ep…. funniest…. they are all so close but peniel & minhyuk? eunkwang and shownu? minhyuk & minhyuk?💯)
  • gotob (peniel always introduce bambam as his son and he said he raised him since he was a baby in which bambam said i am still a baby how cute is that, have you seen peniel helping jackson to wear his namtag in isac most pure most wholesome, mark and peniel who are best of friends, eunkwang and jj projects, changsub and eunkwang are always spotted eating with jackson, yugeoum who has been adopted by eunkwang)
  • btomamamoo’s collaboration are always gift from gods (also changsub and solar are coffee friends)
  • btoredvelvet (red carpet had red velv5t shooketh & just watch that bbyu @ amusment park wgm ep… dumb meets dumber…. i love btorv )
  • bto9muse (chorong apparently introduced changsub to 9muses and they become friends and you can see them taking selfies together in isac)
Bellarke & ‘The Five Love Languages (Pt. 1)

I’ve wanted to make a meta about this forever but have never been able to find the correct words, but where Bellarke dynamic is currently has provided a great amount of inspiration.

The Five Love Languages is a 1995 novel written by Gary Chapman discussing the various ways that people show and feel love. The five ‘languages’ discussed in the novel are words of affirmation, acts of service, gift giving, quality time, and physical touch. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it. It can provide a great amount of insight regarding relationships in your life and what actions make you feel loved.

With that summary in the way, you’re probably asking, ‘Kels, what in the world does any of this have to do with Bellarke?’ Well, upon combining my analysis of the novel with the Bellarke dynamic that is currently present in the show, I discovered something very interesting. Something that says a lot about why we know Bellamy and Clarke love each other without either of them having to say it aloud. Yep, you heard me right! We’re not delusional—it’s basic psychological science—and here’s why!

Bellamy and Clarke show and feel love in ways that are directly compatible with one another. For a simple, brief analysis: Clarke feels love through touches, but shows it through words of affirmation. Bellamy feels love through words of affirmation, but shows it through touch (with a hint of acts of service dropped here and there). Obviously, these characters feel and show love in other ways as well, but I found that these particular love languages are deeply embedded within the characters and their relationship with one another.

The more in-depth analysis will be broken into two parts. The first revolves around Clarke and her love languages and is posted below, and the Bellamy counterpart to this meta will be posted in the near future. So, if the information above interests you in the slightest and you would like to hear more,

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what gets to me is all the stuff we didn’t see, stuff we don’t even know that happened. all the fond stares, or the little touches, or all the eskimo kisses and forehead/cheek nuzzling. and also all the conversations we didn’t get to witness! them getting to know each other slowly and carefully, before and after even’s episode

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Eden: I can tell you about what I was watching! Have you ever watched any Bob Ross videos?


Eden: They’re amazing, you should.

Twitch: Maybe you can show me sometime, then, Eden. But your time is up, you can go back downstairs.

Eden: Oh..

DEH Future Headcanons

i was thinking about what all of the DEH characters would pursue as careers after the show, and i’ve compiled a list.

EVAN: ya boy is gonna be a writer. not just any writer, though. a writer of informative children’s books about nature. because 1. children are much easier to interact with and be around than adults, 2. he fricking loves trees and such, so he’d get to research them for his book, 3. the show constantly mentions him being a good writer and loving writing but not necessarily being comfortable expressing that, and nonfiction writing is much less personal and can therefore be less intimidating. boom. perfect.

ZOE: for a while i thought about her being a science professor of some sort (psychology, chemistry, biology), because i think she wants to see the world progress and to help people. but i changed my mind. she’s in the STEM field and fluctuates between wanting to work in engineering or medicine. if she isn’t a therapist, a pediatrician, or an OBGYN, she’s a chemical engineer, who works in medication production or in finding new sustainable energy sources. Dr. Zoe Murphy you betcha

ALANA: this girl! ! she seems like a wonderful debater, like someone who would go into politics/political science. she can argue and is very logical, but she can also connect with people and help them get involved. her, in college, studying and studying for the bar and then slayinggggg. she is a lawyer all the way, and often ponders about the possibility of starting a political campaign.

JARED: idek man, but i feel like he’d go into tech. something STEM related, like Zoe, with a minor in marketing. then he’d turn to something that’s still tech-based but has an edge of creativity. i.e. software developer. he’d create some bizarre app (i.e. angry birds) that just goes Viral

also heidi becomes a paralegal and then a lawyer and maybe mentors alana? i love it. and heidi sends everyone a copy of evan’s book, of course.

Garret Dillahunt interview - 

You had a very memorable guest star appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Is there any chance that we might see Detective Dave Majors again?
I don’t know. I hope so. I love that show. Those kinds of shows don’t need my help. They’re very funny and very good at what they do. There was talk one time about coming back, and it just didn’t work out. I guess nothing is dead, but as time goes on, I’m sure they’ll forget about it. It’s a great show, isn’t it?


So what I’m getting from these photos is that CS decided to be big and bold and try to go up against Cynthia, only to be knocked down, (as she should be), and then Iris, the woman CS was skeptical to save “even if she wanted to”, the woman that CS decided she didn’t give a fuck about if it meant getting rid of her own powers, the woman that immediately thought of her when told that Killer Flop would come out and play soon, THIS WOMAN, is also the woman that is going to strap on some scrubs and get down and dirty with the medical business just to save CS’s pathetic life. I love how the writers continue to show us that no matter what, Iris will always be the better woman, CS does not even compare, and if even Iris can strap on some scrubs and get to work, what exactly do we need CS for, seriously she can go now. 

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For all those freaking out about Octillian, I think it's important to remember that Flarke, Linctavia, CL, and even Memori began with lies and cheating, capture and torture, deceit, manipulation and betrayal (twice over for the last two). The show gives us Kabby, Marper, Jasper/Maya and Bellarke as "healthier" options. But even Kabby began with great antagonism and disdain. It's the nature of the show. You don't always want what's healthiest for you--and some things evolve to be ok or even great

The parallel for Octilian is actually clarke and niylah I think. It’s honest. It happens at a time when Clarke or Octavia is at the edge of sanity and needs to come back, it’s reaching out for human contact and feeling. It is what it is. It’s not a replacement for anyone else. It’s not love. It’s sex. 

I actually think it’s a lot healthier than a lot of relationships we’ve seen.

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I don't understand how the next episode is gonna go. What about the people who don't watch flash? Or the one who will binge watch the show on netflix someday? In one episode Kara told monhell to fuck off and in the next one they're together again being in love with any explanation? Maybe we will have a scene of her telling Alex about what happened, that's gonna be torturous though.

“no coherence at all we ignore our continuity and turn our main characters into ooc messes like glee” - supergirl writers probably

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Okay I got one but idk if it was said before but what made u decide loving jotaro?

/cracks neck
here we go lads now we’re talking

I originally got into the show off the back of hearing Sono Chi No Sadame at a Halloween Party and was thoroughly a Phantom Blood girl- I was all about that Jonathan and Dio life- this is in November 2015 remember. So I’m scrolling through the tag and I’m like seeing some really nice art of a sleeping boy ‘oh, who’s this?’ because my ass didn’t realise that Jonathan died and the story progresses ‘he looks really angry- wait, is that a gif of him calling that lady a bitch? ugh’- I later learned that his name was Jotaro Kujo, the 3rd jojo in the series.
And then my friend, who was already into the series, was like ‘Jess, you’ll like him- he’s just your type, emo’ and I was like nah lmao she just called his mom a bitch- I’m not about that life.

And then I was on youtube and was watching the op’s 1-4, because that’s was all we had back in the olden days, and he looked so fucking cool? and Stand Proud/Sono Chi No Kioku were like really selling the angst and dynamic of the part so when I actually got to watch and read it, I straight up just fell straight for him and quickly fell into the later parts too. I liked the fact that he was such a complex character but still had certain mannerisms of a typical shounen protagonist- he had his faults too; he was brash, rude, seemingly the frequent the victim of social insensitivity or misunderstanding and often violent. But he also had redemption if you want to call it that; he loves his family and wants to keep them safe, he /does/ care about people he feels responsible for, he has a keen sense of overall justice, and wouldn’t think twice about putting his life on the line for someone he loves. He also has his struggles but I won’t delve into them.

It annoys me so much when Jotaro is ruled down to be the ‘emotionless’ character of the series like, really, Jotaro has been known to make a /few/ jokes, smiles more than Johnny and has the same sort of introductory personality of blunt/calculating as Giorno did. I feel like I never get to write Jotaro the way that I want to because I either put too much character analysis in or make him too cold or blunt, which isn’t a Jotaro that people want to read. 

Honestly did you guys know that I love Jotaro Kujo