this is what i love about this show

u know what. i love aizawa. i really do. he’s all about logic and rationality and lives his life by those rules. but he’s also hands down one of the kindest characters in the comic, even if he doesn’t show it like all might does. he wants all of his students to do their best and defends them with his life. he leaps face first into an entire herd of enemies to protect his kids, even when that’s the WORST possible team up for his quirk and skills. he sacrificed some of his quirk stability to help save the kids. he was positively delighted when he got to tell his students that everyone was going to the camp. he roasted a random hero for daring to insult one of his kids. his best friend is an Incredibly Loud Extrovert, and he lets the Loud Man constantly talk him into all sorts of things from his hero name to commenting on the ua games. his favorite thing in the world is cats. he lets the principle hide in his scarf and pop out for Dramatic Effects. (like he must be SO EASY to talk into random bs.) he is willing to change his first impressions of and help Izuku. he says that he wants to help Momo gain back her confidence but that he can’t because he’s focused on defeating her, then turns around and lets her win and gain back that confidence after he JUST SAID he wouldn’t. he’s such a good teacher and he cares so much abt his kids. i love aizawa. good dad. 10/10. 

K: We’re only a couple of episodes in. I don’t know. You might just have to watch the show. I can tell you Odette [Annable] is one of my favorite people. I love her dearly. She’s astonishing. And there’s so many levels with what she’s brought to Reign. It’s inspiring to work with people like Melissa [Benoist] and Odette.
The Boy Next Door (15)

Summary: You didn’t used to hate the boy next door.

Word Count: 966

Warnings: Angst, swearing, and surprised

A/N: well look at that

Part 14 | Masterlist

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some just Ethan Nestor™ things that we all love

  • what is up my crankY crew
  • isetanfrmcrnkgmplz
  • he actually interacts with his fans on social media instead of just pretending like we’re just numbers
  • he’s authentic and worked really hard to get where he is (we saw this when he talked about his dad and hugged him at the orlando show)
  • he is the literal human embodiment of ‘if you want something and it will make you happy, pour your soul into it and it will happen’ (hell, he went up and did a backflip for one of his idols and now they’re best friends and touring together)
  • he can do a backflip??
  • PEEN
  • he loves the s q u e e z e
  • he is 1/3 of a group with (probably) the best comedic dynamic on youtube (i could make a whole other post on all the perfect ways that mark and tyler and ethan compliment each other in the very best comedic fashion)
  • his tumblr bio is literally “I’m a loud blue boy” and a) his hair isn’t even blue anymore and b) he literally takes what fans say about him and is like “i like that. that’s mine now”
  • still makes (AMAZING) content despite constantly being berated for copying mark, felix, and jack (tbh, those three are all copying each other quite honestly, except mark and jack are still getting monetized)
  • has the cutest sneeze face
  • has the cutest face in general
  • has a good sense of humor about himself (a quality that i personally really value and think really helps a good comedian, think chris d’elia’s opener to “man on fire”)
  • coffee bean™
  • did i mention he squeeze?
  • “thAts nOT evEN My iNtRo!”
  • E: “i have to go to the bathroom and it’s an emergency” M: “did you just shit your pants?” E: “no, but i will”

so yeah, there’s some “just @crankgameplays things”

I’m so bummed i didn’t get to see him on tour last sunday. It was like 3hours away and my mom didn’t want to drive me, plus i got sick the day of. honestly i would’ve sold my soul to go. rip me. 😕😕 i wanna do improv so badly but there aren’t really opportunities around me.

Hey Taylor!

My name’s Nicole, I’m from the Philippines. I barely (or never) post my pictures on here but I think it’s time you know how I look like haha! It’s also my birthday on October 20th and I will be 20!! And Idk what to feel about it still. All my teenage years I’ve been writing songs (thanks to you!) and I just recently wrote ng 100th song! I wouldn’t have done it without you as an inspiration. Before you came into my life, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be. Now I’m at uni and I only have one semester left to go before I graduate (YAY!) I’m a tourism student and to be honest, it wasn’t my first choice of who I want to be. But I pursued it in hopes it would change my mind about it and love it eventually. It’s really fun and challenging at the same time. But coming to this, nearing the end and all, I still haven’t acquired the passion for it as much as I had in songwriting. It’s been a life-long dream of mine to share my songs with the world and I’ve decided I’m not gonna stop now.

There are more things I wanted to talk with you about but this is it for now. I know you’re busy and all, and I’m so soooo excited for the new album you have no idea! I love you so much, Taylor. I hope to meet you soon and thank you personally for everything, and hug you really tight like there’s no tomorrow ♡ ♡ ♡

I think part of what made this episode so great was that, in a sense, it was returning to its roots when Supergirl was all about family. You had Sam and Ruby with the mother/daughter dynamic, Kara and Alex with the sibling dynamic, Kara and Lena showing family isn’t who you were raised by/with it’s who you choose; all in all it was just a lovely and refreshing episode

You know what I love most about the Drumfred kiss?

That it was so pure. It wasn’t sexualized in any way. It was pure romance and bliss, two people finally happy and together. Two people in love. 

It’s what’s completely normal when it comes to het couples, that’s usually the moment it all builds up to and everyone is counting on. And they did the same here, with a wonderful development of their attraction over the entire season and then let the kiss be the culmination, the expression of that love.

Sure it can lead to “more”, but it is super important to show that when it comes to queer people it’s not all about sex, an impression that often seems to be deeply rooted in people’s perception of LGBT people. No. What’s important is that it is about two people who are in love, and who share a moment of pure joy and passion and happiness. It’s important to normalise that, and they did a splendid job with Alfred and Drummond.

On that note, I’m in love with their love.

I think what hurts the most about being alone is how much love you have to give yet no one to give it to. At times it feels like an emptiness that devours you whole. You desire to make a meaningful connection yet have always been outcasted for being too intense, too strange, and too obsessed for most. It’s this need to connect yet feeling like an annoyance whenever you reach out to someone. You grow too easily attached to people who show you attention. That you can detect the slightest change in tone and behavior. The tendency to overthink and over feel simultaneously is crushing like a knot in your chest on fire. Then when things fall by the wayside you become more isolated even suicidal to a degree. You’ve become accustomed to loneliness but it’s never sat right with you. You feel like your wasting away and not living up to your potential. And there’s nothing you can do and nowhere you can go.

You dream up these fantasies in your head of someone special. Usually whoever you’re infatuated with. To you, it’s not just a concept. It matters so much more to you than that. You are extremely forgiving of flaws because you recognize your own and would hate for someone to judge you base solely on them. You imagine them in front of you and how they would react. Playing out scenarios in your head with even the most subtle signs of intimacy. From the way, they look at you to the way they embrace you and laugh with you. Even to imagine how it would be to make passionate love to them. 

Then you realize ten times outta ten it never goes that way. Most of the time connections just fade or completely burn out before they had a chance to begin. No one ever sticks around let alone reciprocates or even comes close to you at that depth you’re at. So in some cynical joke, you are a hopeless romantic who somehow thrives on a dead dream. And being so stubborn in your heart you cant let it go completely. You hold out hope that if by just chance or fate, that things would be different just this one time. So, in essence, you pretty much destroy and rebuild yourself every time. And you are just exhausted with trying to the point of not even bothering anymore. To never reach out to anyone ever again for further risk of getting your hopes up. And it hurts because there will always be that part of you waiting for something that never comes.

I can’t get over the the utter shock on Magnus’ face when Alec touched his cheek, after Magnus tolld him about killing his step father.

He couldn’t lie to Alec anymore, wanted to tell him his worst secret; but also completely expected that to be it, for that to be the end of their relationship, maybe even the last time he saw Alec at all.

Yet Alec defies all his expectations and instead shows an outpouring of support and love. You can actually see the moment Magnus realises he has no idea what he’s done to deserve this man; but he’s going to do everything he can to show him how much he is loved too.

Stupid show. Stupid Harry. Stupid feelings.

anonymous asked:

“the bibros saying Dean/Cas is abusive because they’ve beaten each other up. When the whole point the show is making is that they do this when they’re not themselves and controlled by an outside force but when they are themselves they are soft and gentle and love each other deeply.” What about season 5, when Cas beat Dean up… nobody was controlling him. I’m not saying that Dean/Cas is an abusive ship, but I just wanted to point this out.

Yes I’ve talked about this before and it’s similar to 12x19. Again Cas is trying to protect Dean and stop him from making the short term seemingly good decision because Cas is focusing on the big picture of protecting both Dean and Sam and the world in the long run.

Cas both times thinks that he is doing the right thing, that in the end this will PROTECT Dean.

Making the wrong choices for the right reasons.

It’s kind of their tagline. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the painted lady/blue spirit

(this gon’ be looong)

Well, you know, while I think it’s visually fascinting, as a Zutara dynamic I’ve never thought much about it because I think most fics use the alter egos just to create this mystical/magic atmosphere around the pairing–but there’s some sort of alienation from their true characters that stops me from enjoying it very much (even though some might like it). Also they never even meet; and while the Painted Lady is a mythical figure that truly exists, the Blue Spirit is not really a spirit, it’s just a nickname for a bandit with a mask, so it’s not like there’s some “spirit parallel pairing” for them.

But on the other hand I love the fact that having a second identity to disguise their actions is something they share; they have very different reasons, but it shows they both have this angsty, tormented side that no one can really see and understand–even Katara is often surprisingly detached from her friends and her brother. Through both their disguises, the complexity they both carry inside comes out.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do a scenario with the dvr3 boys where during a trial their fem!s/o is accused of being the blackened (but is innocent)? Hope this is an okay ask! I completely understand if you don't want to do it.

Oh my god 

I love this prompt so much? 

Bless you anon

Thank you for the ask! <3 

- Mod Kaede 

[[Ask is under the cut!]]

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mycapt-ohcapt  asked:

Hi, for Promptober how about chris x reader where he asks her what fictional character(s) she fantasizes about? (Maybe expecting to hear one of his but getting a surprise)

Alright, in case it isn’t totally obvious… I’m currently in love with the TV show (and book series) Outlander… and well… it definitely influenced this drabble! Both the plot and the sex scene itself haha… and then the Chris in my head just kind of lost his mind at one point haha

Title: Confessions of a Fangirl
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic sex

Promptober Announcement & Promptlist | Promptober Masterlist

You were in the kitchen washing the dishes from the dinner party you and Chris had hosted that evening when he came into the room. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your neck before thanking you for all your hard work.

After letting go of you, he grabbed a dish towel and began to dry the dishes. “Don’t think I didn’t notice that you slipped out of the room when we started talking about crushes we have on characters.“

"I had to check on dessert,” you replied before tossing him a smirk. “Besides, you know I get jealous when you talk about Mona.”

Chris dropped his head and groaned, “I never should have admitted publicly that the scene was ad libbed.” He shook his head slowly. “That’s the whole reason that topic even came up tonight, by the way. My friends are the worst.”

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  • Me, during Supergirl season 2: I hate this garbage of a show but I'm a complete supercorp trash.
  • Me, after Mon El got yeeted: I've never loved this show more.
  • Me, after SDCC: That's it, I will never watch that Rao awful show ever again dammit!
  • Me, after seeing gifs and posts about 3x01 and 3x02: Supergirl? Always stanned, never dissed. I love one show and one show only. Viva la Supergirl.

anonymous asked:

My friend (an aerialist with cds) just texted me from italy asking "what the fuck is lance's rope dancing, are there hooks on his boots? Did I miss a transition? It doesn't work out." And i love her but tbh she needs to suspend her disbelief

The lions have no seatbelts and everyone is still somehow alive, I’m pretty sure Lance being able to do that is the least of things to wonder about the show at this point.

anonymous asked:

hi, what do you think about 1989 and haylor who do you think the songs are about could you give me full explanations or links to posts you have

hey Anon,

I’m not the best person to ask about song analysis..but briefly: 

1989 had songs about Tay’s former relationship to Dianna, details about which songs were about Di :

Others are about Karlie: You are in love, Wildest dreams (the video shows both about Di & Kar/ to both relationships, the past with the actor (Di) and the wild in Africa (giraffes and lion: Karlie), New Romantics, Welcome to NY (the link to her new life in NY, and about the gay part, for her to feel more free: directly linked to Karlie)

Blank Space is about bearding, about the contracts.

About Haylor: well, considering none of her “romances” with guys are for real, this one is no exception…

Harry was hired bc she needed badly to cover for Dianna at the time, bc rumors were buzzing, + she needed to expand to the UK market, and he needed exposure in the US (and also to cover for Louis, even if there weren’t big rumors in the Media about them, just among the 1D fanbase). 

Bc both Tay & 1D had the same target audience: teenagers, young milenials (mostly), the interest was mutual.

The contract had lasted for 3 months, which is standard duration for bearding contracts, she had done the same for Jake, Lautner & others…

About posts regarding all the beardings i’ll redirect you to the Masterposts:

The Haylor bearding is detailed in the Swiftgron masterpost (same for the songs about Di in Red & 1989: with details) :

The Masterposts are a very important key to understand Gaylor Swift ;) Take the time to read them, they’re great and detailed :)

Someone, for the love of God, draw Michael Burnham confronting Bones about how he treats Spock.

“WHAT DID YOU CALL HIM?  You wanna say that to MY FACE?  HOBGOBLIN, WHAT?”
“If I hear you speak that way to not only your superior officer, but a fellow sentient creature whose disposition for whatever reason offends you, even thought it comes from a culture you’re too lazy to understand, I won’t just report to Starfleet, I will do so only after showing you the Vulcan Hello!”

alexbellen  asked:

Hello dear~ I am new to this request thing but I would love to see Hanzo, 76,Genji,and Reaper(separate) in love with or courting a fluffy(bigger gal who is about 5'8 a little taller then most gals) southern who is a huge sweetheart! who is a healer but if not that's fine~ She loves them no matter what they do or did and loves showing them how much she care with gifts (like crocheted items and homemade tea) and honest sweet compliments! She may sneak in some hugs if she can! Thank you so much!!

Just wanna say, not only did I accidentally delete this once but I got carried away twice and it still did not end up exactly how it should have. Definitely veered off the request path a bit but its still kind of cute and I…I hope you still love it.


  • When Hanzo first met you, he had no interest in you. Not right away anyway.
  • To be fair though, Hanzo really has no interest in anyone. People are just a bunch of faces, and half are rude, deceitful or liars. So he usually just doesn’t notice anyone…including woman.
  • What first brought his attention to you was when McCree struck up a conversation with you. You were sitting at a table in a small diner that was beside you, sitting on your laptop as you typed away.
  • Hanzo was focused on stirring his tea, but after a few minutes he finally began to tune in. Your voice had a soft lilt, and as he studied you, Hanzo found the soft southern lilt of your voice and the way your eyes sparkled like jewels to be rather enchanting. No thoughts of your size flitted across his mind, no comparisons to any other woman he’d ever met. He was simply entranced with your voice.
  • When you giggled at something McCree said, Hanzo finally started to get into the conversation, to Jesse’s surprise. Hanzo thought you were intelligent, and liked how you spoke so passionately about your work in computer programming.
  • Jesse got your number at the end of the meal, almost two hours later. The three of you had been talking the whole time, though with McCree noticed the way Hanzo watched you with interest, he kind of backed off a bit. God forbid he try and steal the limelight from Hanzo when he finally has interest in an actual human being.
  • The three of you ended up meeting a few more times. It was really cute, because every time you all met up, you’d hand them both a small wrapped gift of cookies or sweets. McCree had noticed the way you glanced shyly at Hanzo whenever you handed it to him, or how you’d watch eagerly to see if Hanzo really enjoyed it.
  • The more time you spent together, Hanzo found himself falling for you harder and harder. He started noticing little details about you. The way your ears went pink when you were embarrassed. The way you spoke quickly and mumbled whenever you unsure of yourself. The fierceness with which you spoke about things that mattered to you. The shine in your eyes when you spoke of the past.
  • One day, he finally broke. “Y/n,” he said, pulling you to the side as the three of you neared the end of your walk through the park “If possible…would you be opposed to me courting you?”&#157;
  • For a moment you both blinked. Jesse face palmed at his stiff composure, while you simply looked stunned.
  • “You…you want to date me?” you squeaked, smoothing your shirt down. Like usual, your ears turned pink as you blushed heavily.
  • Hanzo stared at you quite intently, taking your hand in his with gentleness. “I do. I think your enchanting,” Hanzo admitted, and a smile teased the corner of his lips. “Exquisite.”
  • Ducking your head, you couldn’t believe what he was saying. You were a fluffier girl, with large hips and enough cellulite on your thighs that some women would explode over. ”You can’t mean that. I…I’m not really that pretty. Even i know that…”you said softly.
  • Taking your chin gently, Hanzo lifted your face. “I think you are beautiful. And if you are talking about your body…” Hanzo’s hands moved down to cup your waist, the warmth of his hands sending a tingle through you as he pulled you closer. “Your body is beautiful too. I see no imperfections before me,”&#157; Hanzo insisted, thumbs rubbing soft circles against you.
  • A shuddery breath left your lips. This was the first time a man, and one so beautiful, had ever spoke to you like this. Yet when you looked into his eyes, they seemed to hold conviction. 
  • “O-okay,”&#157; you whispered. “…I would love that. A lot…..”
  • A smile spread across his face, and he brushed his lips across your forehead in a soft kiss that left you weak in the knees. ”Thank you,” he murmured.
  • A cough sounded beside you, and Jesse rolled his eyes. “Can we get going? I”m happy for you and all but its getting mighty chilly out here,” he said and with a laugh, the three of you left the park.


  • The two of you have been together for almost seven months now
  • It had been a shock to you when he had first asked you out, and at first you’d thought it had been a joke. But he’d been persistent and you were delighted to agree.
  • Your weight really didn’t hold you back, nor did it bother you much. Rarely did you look in the mirror and frown, as you had been raised to be confident in yourself. And Jack seemed to have no problem, so why should you?
  • That didn’t mean you didn’t have your days though, nor those little thoughts niggling at the back of your mind, worrying about your weight and if you were ugly or not.
  • One time the two of you had planned on a big date, to celebrate making it to half a year together. Jack had it all planned out, and you were excited.
  • Deciding to go out, you wanted to buy a new dress for the occasion. Like any other woman, you liked to dress up for special occasions and you wanted to look good when he picked you up.
  • In the mall, you found this beautiful pearl gray dress that had a skirt that flared at the waist to the knees, and no back. It was a bit bolder, but you decided you really liked it and that it would work.
  • After purchasing the dress, you noticed at a shop across the hall that held a pair of shoes you should would look lovely with the dress. Hurrying over, you gingerly picked up a slipper and studied it.
  • Snickers caught your attention. There was a group of three women not far away, whispering to each other…except their whispers weren’t quiet enough.
  • “Its that girl again,” said one, rolling her eyes. “She knows that dresses are meant for pretty people, right?”
  • Another one, a blonde, covered her mouth and snickered again. “It was like watching a hippo try to get into a dress. Jeez, maybe if she laid off all the burgers…nah, she’d still probably look like that,” she said and the three of them laughed.
  • You stood frozen in place. It had been a long time since someone had commented on your weight, and the comments of those women had torn at your heart. They were laughing at you, you thought. A hippo…
  • “Oh my god…she’s crying…do you think she heard us?” whispered one girl to another in alarm.
  • After a moment you touched your cheek and felt the wetness of your tears…it had been awhile since you’d cried over something like your weight. With a sob, you dropped the shoe and went home.
  • The afternoon was spent crying in your bed. After exhausting yourself with your crying, you drifted in and out of sleep, the mean comments plaguing you. You didn’t even realize the time till the doorbell rang. 
  • When you didn’t answer, Jack walked in. Searching the house, he finally turned on your bedroom light and relaxed. “Oh, there you are. I thought you’d forgotten about the…” he stopped as you sat up, and noted how puffy your face was, the pink of your eyes and the faint mascara marks that you had tried to wipe away earlier.
  • “What happened? What’s wrong, sweetheart?” he asked, hurrying over and he sat on the edge of the bed, taking your hand. Fresh tears filled your eyes, threatening to spill. “Oh, baby, please don’t…don’t cry, sweetheart, please…”
  • Immediately he cupped your face gently, pressing his forehead to yours.
  • Letting out a ragged breath, finally you whispered, “Why did you choose to date me, Jack? Why me, out of everyone? There are…so many women who are prettier and thinner and look good…” 
  • For a moment he said nothing. It made him angry to think anyone had said something mean to you, but he was more in disbelief that someone had managed to tear down your self confidence and happiness so easily.
  • “Y/n, I want you to listen carefully,” Jack says softly, “You are beautiful. Every inch of you. There is nothing about you or your body that I do not adore. I don’t want a small girl. If I wanted a smaller girl, I would go date one. There is only one you and that is the woman I want.”
  • You let out a soft sob at his words, and buried your face into his shoulder. Jack cradled you, stroking your hair tenderly. “I’m in love with an angel, you know. She’s sexy, with these thick curves and this long hair and a smile that lights up a room,” he says softly, and he smiled softly as you cried harder, but he could see the smile tugging slightly at your lips at his mushy words. “She’s all I want. Your all I want.”
  • It was sweet of him. It took a bit, but finally you got yourself ready for the date. You calmed down a bit, and during dinner Jack spent the time talking to you about how perfect you were and what he’d fallen for.

From this point I have to try to make it a bit smaller cuz I’m just getting too out of hand, and taking too long writing this.


  • The two of you started out as best friends before you began to date
  • You were the first one to make a move. You’d had a crush on him for awhile, and you wanted to know if he might feel the same way for you…so you mustered up the courage and asked him out.
  • You were prepared, for there was a good chance he’d say no. But to your surprise and delight, Genji agreed without hesitation.
  • At first, it didn’t feel like there was really any change to your relationship. The two of you weren’t acting any different, except for the shy glances you’d send him.
  • Then slowly, the two of you began to flirt more and more, and you’d be holding hands or cuddling. The closer you both became, the more you feel for each other.
  • You loved hugging Genji. Surprise hugs were your favorite, especially since it was hard to actually sneak up on him
  • Genji never had a problem with your weight, and commented often on how beautiful his girlfriend was. The first time you both made love, he worshipped every inch of you. You were so scared that he’d hate looking at your body, especially when he saw the stretch marks
  • But he lavished you in love and could only remark on how despite thinking you couldn’t get any more gorgeous, he had been proven wrong.
  • One time Zarya tried to convince you to join her gym program, saying that it would help you lose weight. After dating Genji so long, you found that you had a renewed sense of confidence in yourself, and that you loved the body he obviously cherished 
  • “No thank you,” you’d said to her, and before you could convince her, a second pair of arms had slid around your waist out of no where. Giggling, you realize he had caught you in his own surprise hug.
  • “I second that,” he says, hands stroking your waist as he pressed a kiss to the back of your shoulder. “I like her just the way she is.”
  • Unable to come up with any better excuse, Zarya had left the two of you alone and Genji had taken you back to his room. As the two of you got into bed, ready for another tender round…
  • “Are you sure?” you asked softly, staring up at him. Your cheeks were pink, still unused to how to felt to show your naked form to him. Did he ever doubt his decision to be with you?
  • “Sure about what? About you?” he asks, before he gives you a rakish smile and presses kisses along your collar bone. “Always. I’ve never been more sure about anything or anyone in my life.” There was no hesitation in his answer.
  • Your heart melted when hearing such things from him. 


  • The two of you started dating one night in Overwatch, before he became Reaper. 
  • The women of Overwatch and Blackwatch were desperately for a break and some kind of celebration. So together, they had come up with a party to have at the base for everyone to attend.
  • Gabe had noticed you weeks and weeks before. You were cute, he thought, and he liked how shy you were. But more, he liked your kindness. You were always carrying around gifts for others, or helping others when they were sad.
  • The night of the dance, Gabe finally decided to go. The party was outside, and was huge. Lights were everywhere, a few tables with food off to the side. Music played and in the middle was the dance floor. Even Winston was dancing, Tracer giggling as she followed in suit.
  • His eyes scanned the crowd as he grabbed a glass of punch, downing it quickly. Where were you…
  • When his eyes found you, his heart raced wildly in his chest. You sat off to the side, wearing a long straight black dress that hugged your waist and thighs. You looked beautiful and wore a white coat that suited the dress.
  • No one sat with you, and he could see you looking longingly at the dance floor. How you wished someone would dance with you, or even sit and chat with you…you worked as one of the many assistants in the base.
  • Gabe, after a moment of getting a grip on himself, managed to pull himself together and walked over, wearing a dress shirt and pants, and even a red tie. 
  • When you saw him, your cheeks flushed and you looked shocked as he stood before you and offered you a hand. “Hey,” he said, giving you a crooked grin. “Um…care to dance?”
  • For a moment you stared at his hand. Then you let out a breath and took it, letting him lead you to the dance floor. You were surprised when his hands cupped your full waist, and he pulled you right against him without any kind of hesitation.
  • “Your confident,” you managed, managing a smile. Were most men as gorgeous as he was?
  • “Have to be, otherwise I have no chance with women as beautiful as you,” Gabe said with a wink, twirling you around.
  • Letting out a laugh, you were surprised by his words. “As beautiful as me? That’s not hard. I guess your just warming up for the prettier girls, right? Lets see…” you looked around, before pointing at a blonde you knew was a medic. “She looks like more your type.”
  • Gabe glanced over. “Angela? No. Not my type. Too mom-like. I like girls with spunk and a bit of meat on their bones,” Gabe said. You couldn’t stop yourself from looking at him quizzically. Was he joking??
  • “I doubt it. Men who look like you don’t date girls like me. You probably don’t even know who I am,” you said, shaking your head. “Or my age or what I do for a living-”
  • “Don’t call me a stalker, but your y/n. You are twenty seven and you work as one of Winstons many assistants in the computer labs,” Gabe says and pauses, before smiling sheepishly. “This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed you. Its just the first time I’ve been able to ask you to dance.”
  • It stunned you. The man knew who you were, what your name was. He’d taken the time to find out before this evening…he had planned this all along?
  • “Oh,” you breathed.
  • “So, um….what do you say about me taking you out to dinner sometime?” he asked, still dancing with you even when the song has ended. “Would you consider-”
  • “Yes,” you say immediately, your heart beating wildly.
  • A grin spread across his face. “Perfect. So, um, I plan to dance with you all evening…hope you don’t mind. I just don’t get this lucky often,” he says and winks at you.
  • With a soft laugh, you twirled once more in his arms. “Neither do I,” you murmur softly.

anonymous asked:

@ your answer to when cas beat up dean in s5: lots of abusive situations happen when the abuser does what they do because they 'care.' i'm saying this as a destiel shipper, but i don't necessarily agree with your statement saying that what cas did was okay because he loves dean.

im not saying its ok, sorry i was short in this response, i have written about it alot separately so didnt go into detail. look, its also pretty neglectfully abusive that dean kicked cas out of their home with nothing and sam and dean have definitely been abusive to each other too.

its the show. its awful. its framed as bad too. its not all sunshine and rainbows.

im just saying it doesnt mean that redemption and forgiveness cant happen and that it totally discredits them as people worthy of good things and each other in the end.

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Have you ever heard about the theory that instead of Etemon, it was Nanomon/Datamon who was in cohorts with Apocalymon (due to the latter using Nano Bomb instead of Dark Spirits/Love Serenade), but the monkey simply arrived and took over the Server Continent? What do you think of it?

I haven’t actually heard of that theory, but it could make a bit more sense in the context of Adventure- Etemon working for the Dark Masters works just fine in the novels, but Etemon going rambo and taking over everything that “belonged” to Nanomon does fit into the TV show’s narrative better.

Beyond the visual and thematic similarities, Etemon does stick out from all the other villians having very little to do with the rest aside from getting mentioned by PicoDevimon. Sure there was that one time one of his Gazimon asked if Etemon was going to “call them” for back-up (to which he said no, claiming to be able to deal with the Chosen on his own), and while that does resemble Devimon’s “there are far more stronger Digimon beyond the sea” foreshadowing and Vamdemon’s “our powers of darkness” comment, it does very little to actually connect him to the other villians.

Sure, PicoDevimon “thanking” Takeru for taking out Etemon probably wasn’t genuine, but I highly doubt Vamdemon and his troops actually gave a crap about their obnoxious neighbor Etemon. And Metal Etemon clearly did not give a rat’s ass about Pinocchimon either. Of course becoming an Ultimate got into his head and getting revenge on the Chosen was a priority to him, but you’d still probably skip farting on your boss’ face

But if Etemon never truly worked for the Dark Masters, only recieving like a message telling him that he can have Nanomon’s tech etc if he’ll just kill the Chosen, it’d fit into the show’s narrative pretty well.

It’d also explain how Nanomon had gotten access to the Crest of Love too- like if Nanomon’s original tasks had been 1) spread the Dark Network 2) deal with the Chosen if they come into his territory and 3) experiment with the Crests and see if he can break them basically, making it so that the Chosen wouldn’t be able to use them*, it’d make sense if Piemon had given him one of the Crests to mess around with. Vamdemon got to keep the Crest of Light, so why not?

Not just that, but Nanomon’s plan on getting revenge on Etemon gains another meaning to it. I’ve mentioned before how figuring out which army Etemon should belong into is kinda hard because he doesn’t really fit any of them, but Nanomon would totally belong into Mugendramon’s Metal Empire. And we know that Mugendramon sees his pawns as disposeable- if Nanomon got defeated by some singing monkey, it means Nanomon wasn’t good enough for Mugendramon’s army to begin with, so the singing monkey can take his place. So Nanomon’s plan to get revenge isn’t just about getting revenge, but also about regaining his place in the villian foodchain and his role in Mugendramon’s army.

It’s a facinating thought for sure, it fits really well into the show, and even the novels to a degree.

*I mean the villians didn’t really know the Crests were just placebo light-up toys, if they had known Piemon wouldn’t have wasted his time stealing them and having Devimon hide them