this is what i look like i guess

Personally, I don’t think Sana has a clue about Even/Mikael.

With SKAM being SKAM, it’s easy to over-analyze and think that there’s this huge conspiracy going on when there really isn’t, or at least not always. Just look at S3. People were driving themselves crazy with theories and what it all meant, especially with the Romeo&Juliet symbolism, but in the end it wound up being exactly what we all knew it would be. Often times, the first guess is the right one.

With this season, I feel like part of the need for there to be all this Mikael/Even drama is simply because some people haven’t moved on from Isak/Even yet(or downright refuse to) and they want more and more of them, which is understandable, but it’s Sana’s season and in making all these theories people need to keep in mind how it all relates to her and what may or may not have happened in Bakka doesn’t. At least, not yet.

So with that in mind, and taking into consideration what we’ve been shown so far, I don’t think she’s withholding anything from Isak. If anything, she’s knuckling down on a secret. Her secret. Isak saw Mikael in the picture and freaked when he recognized him but Mikael wasn’t the one Sana was watching; it was Yousef, her secret crush who not a single soul knows about(that we know of). She very obviously panicked when Isak surprised her and asked about Mikael and she refused to talk about it, not because she’s hiding anything about him but because she’s embarrassed at having been caught looking at a guy, one who unbeknownst to Isak she has serious feelings for. Sana has never shown that side of herself to anyone. Even the girl-squad doesn’t know(for very good reason, I imagine) and that says a lot, so regardless of how close she and Isak might be, she isn’t just going to talk about it.

In today’s convo, Isak once again asks about Mikael, and once again Sana dodges the question. It’s easy to read a lot into that if you’re thinking in regards to Even but Sana, as I said before, should be the focus. Who is Mikael to her? Elias’s friend; Yousef’s friend. Yousef, the guy she has a major crush on. Yousef, the guy that she doesn’t want anyone to know she likes. So here comes Isak asking her about Yousef’s friend. The less she talks about Mikael or anyone related to Yousef, the less likely she is to give away that secret part of herself. No conspiracy, nothing to do with Even, Mikael or what happened in Bakka.

Maybe not as exciting as some people might like it to be but that’s not the point of this season. This season is about showing us all the sides of Sana that we haven’t seen and when it comes to Yousef, not Mikael, she is a girl with a crush that she’s holding near and dear to her heart. It seems like she’s barely even acknowledged its existence to herself, maybe she hasn’t at all, but she’s definitely going to do her damnedest to keep it and the rest of her life/world separate.

Cynthia, don’t even start with me. We all know that the cookies you “baked” for the PTA bake sale were actually store bought, and guess what? They tasted like trash. You’re always late to Yoga class on Tuesdays at 3:00-4:00 PM and you look like a flailing turtle when you go in Standing Tree position. You dress like a teen girl who just discovered Claire’s and your son is bad at soccer, so don’t even go there, Cynthia.

Our track season ended yesterday (we compete in only 5 meets as an unattached school since we don’t have an official track team) and school ends in two weeks and I am just feeling so, so incredibly emotional about it lol like I always get this way during this time of year when another school year is coming to a close. I am so excited for everything coming up…my internship at NEDA, the research opportunity, beginning XC training a few weeks from now…

I ended the season yesterday with a 17:37 5k. A PR, but slower than what I hoped. I ran it alone since the gun went off so I kind of didn’t feel like I was racing? Saying this to put it in perspective I guess…I’m looking forward to doing absolutely no physical activity for a week or so and then easing slowly back into things :) This body needs a lil break.

I just cannot believe…school is ending and I am going to be a senior. And like…just all of the changes taking place and kind of looking back on these last few years and seeing how much has changed over time? the people who have come in and out of my life, who has stayed, how I have changed…so many things…God, my faith…why…do i get like this lol

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Hey, I want to know how do u live with ea's heels on the sims 4? like, when you will make a formal outfit for ur female sim, what heels do u use? they look like something that my grandma could use.. lol xD

I know what you mean but I don’t mind any of the heels and actually like them all lol. Even the ‘granny’ looking ones can be cute. :’)
Luxury party stuff added some fancier heels (red one) so I guess that pack is good for something xD 

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I personally used to think Destiel was a more platonic ship,but now I see the more romantic side through the more recent seasons and your blog has also helped me see the more romantic side

Dude, I live for messages like this, seriously, a flutter of warmth filled my heart.

Am I a Destiel preacher? Helping people see the truth in the text? lol

Originally posted by giantmonster

What I love about this is that I and the meta writers don’t make a thing up, we just analyse what is given to us by the show based on standard literary and cinematographic knowledge and texts, it’s not rocket science, cos it’s THERE. 

This is what they’re telling us, so yeah, it’s definitely real. Also, hell yes it has ramped up in recent seasons (Chuck bless Dabb!). Whether they decide to follow through is separate but it is definitely there and I’m thinking there must be a reason they’ve ramped it up in recent seasons, enough so that people like yourself are now noticing it… You just consolidated my view that this was the case, thank you!!

Thank you for this awesome message :)

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i admit to using your art as a reference, but i dont trace it, i just copy it to learn anatomy. i havent posted any of them, either. its just sort of a warmup thing i guess. im really sorry that people are doing shit though and ill stop if youd like me to

same apologetic anon here, to say that i also genuinely enjoy your art and i think that youre super cool!!!! i look up to you a lot and i hope there’s no hard feelings

hi! i just wanna say upfront that there’s nothing wrong with referencing art to learn. you’re okay with what you’re doing, it’s a normal process to reference art to learn and to admit to using art as reference. the problem only stems from people who copy art and then claim it as their own, who think it’s okay to redraw other people’s pieces and then deny it and say “oh it’s just a coincidence that these pieces are exactly alike” 

thank you so much and no hard feelings at all! you’re fine! my anatomy isn’t the best but i hope it’s helping you :’)

edit: i meant to say my anatomy isnt the best omfmgng
The Signs as things my friends have said
  • Aries: Space is just a social construct
  • Taurus: I'm kink shaming my back, and I'd like you to assist
  • Gemini: Bread is duck gum
  • Cancer: You were able to tell what it was well enough to be disappointed in me
  • Leo: You can't be a good douche if you don't have a good douche flute
  • Virgo: Do y'all got mountains in Australia?
  • Libra: I think the earth is a cube
  • Scorpio: Birds lay eggs, crabs lay crabapples
  • Sagittarius: The platypus is a fucked animal. It's like God's mistake. God just looked at it and said 'yeah I guess so'
  • Capricorn: I'm just helpfully pelvic thrusting in your general direction
  • Aquarius: I feel like disney princes just have a bread-like quality
  • Pisces: I'm not denying that the Millennium Falcon is a freighter, I'm just saying it has tugboat qualities.

Let’s talk about what making characters who do bad things should look like.

Say I’ve made Character X. Character X does a lot of bad shit that might, if played to its full extent, adversely affect a fellow player. And I’m not talking simple criminality. Character X delights in actions that could potentially trigger someone.

Now, RP is cooperative storytelling, and just because I’m fine with what’s happening doesn’t mean the people I play with will be. Because I’m in this to have fun and tell stories with people, I try to respect my partners’ boundaries and make sure they’re okay with any triggering material before throwing it at them.

So. Armed with an understanding of how my character does bad shit, I take them to an RP event. At this RP event, something crops up. And I know my character would do some of this bad shit, if left to their own devices.

So, what do I do?


If I’m not already 100% certain they’re okay with the content, I need to make sure they’re fine with it happening. I can throw a line out there to everyone that says something like, “Hey, my character’s gonna try to do this bad shit here, is everyone okay with that?” And if not? Then I need to figure out something else I can do to avoid it.

With this interaction, I’ve shown the following:

  1. I’m not trying to justify my character’s behavior in a way that paints their bad shit in a good light. I understand the bad shit is actually bad, and I’m aware of how being suddenly exposed to it could affect someone.
  2. I respect my RP partners’ comfort levels, boundaries, and varying experiences by making sure they’re comfortable with the content before throwing it at them. And especially by doing something else if I find out they’re not.

This is the bare minimum of what I expect from people when they play characters that do actions that could be potentially triggering to somebody. Ultimately, the problem is not the bad shit itself, but violating other players’ boundaries. 

So if you like playing a character that does bad shit and you find other people who enjoy doing it with you? Great. Go for it.

But please please please be aware of how that could affect others if done publically, or with people you’re not completely sure are comfortable with what’s happening. Make sure other people have the tools they need to avoid the content if they have to. 

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Why do you think people think Kaneki rejected Touka? I haven't been keeping up with the manga but I just read the chapter and to me it looked like he low keep excepted her feelings and just didn't flat out say "hey I like you too" because he wanted to wait for the war to be over before he and her became I guess what you would call "an item" Idk I really hope that they end up together and stay together because I am so done with all of my OTPs ending in heartbreak and tragedy

I think that the spoilers implied that he had rejected her, but the chapter and the translation implied the opposite. As far as I know, it’s common for Japanese people to confess indirectly rather than directly. From what I have gathered, is that they don’t say “I like you.” like we do. For me, Touka confessed indirectly by saying “Was I an idiot for being happy about it?” And Kaneki accepted her by not pushing her away and inviting her to come with him. It had romantic undertones, definitely. I guess people were expecting a kiss or an “I love you”, but it wouldn’t be realistic for the characters. I’m satisifed with what we’ve got, which is more than I expected. Kaneki didn’t deny that as Haise he had a crush on Touka, which to me were his old feelings resurfacing. His feelings were obvious in Tokyo Ghoul. Touka was always special to him, more than the rest. Now we have confirmation that he still feels something for her. It’s too soon for them to kiss or anything. They need to solve a lot of issues first. The upcoming fight with Mutsuki may strenghten their bond, though. I wouldn’t call them an “item” precisely, as in “officially dating”, but they have feelings for each other, and now they both know their feelings aren’t one-sided. That part will happen soon, probably. 

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Liam and Andy on IG and not a baby bottle or baby anything in sight!!!!! How is that even possible????!!! My sons shit is everywhere. There isn't a spot in my house that doesn't look like we have kids. I just don't understand!

Hi Sabrina, 

Yeah - i noticed that. 

That said if its his house then its a big ‘un from what we know of it so there is that.   

There’s definitely an attempt I think to separate solo Liam and his social media of late for whatever reason, and opinion depending  on your stance on this would be split of course,  and this period of time from all the other side of things, how successful that stays is anyone’s guess particularly in interviews etc., tho I think the main focus on that will as always be in the UK cos our media ain’t shit.

And as I’ve said before I think in the US it will be potentially covered vaguely, like on the likes of sirius if he has interviews with them but otherwise largely  ignored.  (I hope but let’s see) 

Back to the video tho, the sound being off too and it being in black and white, or maybe Andy was being an arty so and so, doubt we’ll ever know. 

  • Me: gosh I like that Akira and Amon are together, but now Seidou's gonna be so sad...
  • Brain Shipping Centre: don't worry. We've got you covered.
  • Me: what?
  • BSC: So, he's sad and lonely and depressed right? And now the girl ditched him for his beloved senpai. What could lift up his spirits?
  • Me: I don't know... Therapy, I guess.
  • BSC: Wrong. Another girl.
  • Me: But ... No, look, Seidou's in a really dark place now, he's been through a lot, even more than physically, mentally, his morale spectrum was turned upside down multiple times and now he-
  • BSC: So the only question is: who will be the girl?
  • Me: wait a second, I was saying, that's not what he needs right now-
  • BSC: That's you subconsciously think you need for him. So here we go, looking at our side characters - we'll go with ghouls obviously... Hinami: too young and pure and basically engaged... Besides, they've fought in the past.
  • Me: can you stop for a second?
  • BSC: Let's see... Miza? Way too "straight-man" character for him, we need someone with a hint of psychological issues, and she's also basically engaged, Ishida's been hinting it in the omakes... Irimi? Maybe... What do you think? She seems to have already overpassed her morale issues and reached peace of mind.
  • Me: shut up for a second!!
  • BSC: Kurona? Let's see... Dark past, tortured by Kanou, lost a number of loved ones, thought her sister lived on inside her... so definitely with a hint of madness. Also had the morale spectrum reversed. This could actually work even in canon.
  • Me: what are you even talking about? Both of them have something else on their plates rn other than romance!
  • BSC: They could support each other. Well, not really, but they could understand they went through the same and had similar reactions. That's why Seidou's struggled to connect with Amon. Like Kaneki, a bit. But their stories are more similar.
  • Me: what?! I mean... It makes kind of sense, but-
  • BSC: You like it? Perfect, though I wasn't really asking for your opinion. It's approved then. We'll prepare the documents immediately and I'll have the Headcanon Office work on it full time.
  • Me: wait no-
  • BSC: don't worry. Now that Touken is canon, you may feel a bit purposeless... This is going be your next obsession.

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Like, usually @pinkxhd3 does the (designs) marking patterns on the ears so the ears I guess???? And that uh, you're hairstyle would look more diffrent but ish like, your scarf would be kinda like a flare type or somethin????? I dunno, better to see @pinkxhd3 since she knows what to do for her AU designs QWQ

Here account was deactivated tho but I’m designing my persona rn cuz @swaysway4433 told meh uwu

You know, thinking about Eri and Overhaul… it has become pretty clear that their quirk are very similar when it comes to dismantling or destroying things - well, and it was mentioned that Overhaul seems to have an ability that can turn the destroying around, but it has not been shown yet.

Thinking about that, I suddenly wonder… is Shigaraki’s quirk not very similar to dismantling things? Much like Overhaul, he destroys what he touches.

This doesn’t have to say anything, having a similar quirk doesn’t mean that you are related to the person whose quirk is similar after all, but… making a very adventurous guess here, I’m beginning to wonder if not Chisaki and Eri, but Shigaraki and Eri are somehow related… they even look more similar then the first option.

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I remember you did a tattoo commission before. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo one day but I have no idea how to go about the design part. I don't know how I want it to look (cuz if I did, I would just design it myself I guess???). Is that something I should still draft up myself first and have a commissioner basically make it look better? Or would I give all details and concept(s) that I'm looking for to the commissioner? Your thoughts on this???

hi! it depends–I can work from scratch, or I can work from references/sketches that the client has on hand. It’s really a matter of what you have in mind; if you have a very vague idea and all you have are like, WORDS to throw at me, I can work from scratch and throw ideas at you till one of them makes you go AH-HAH!!!

on the contrary, if you have an idea of things you’d already like to see on the tattoo, like a certain style or a specific concept, but just don’t know how to sort of put them all together, I work just as well with references :)

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i'm not a fan of the emma's dress/veil/hair, and I don't care if others love it. what i hate is being told that I apparently don't respect women, don't respect Emma, don't respect Jen, and am a Bad Person because I'm not a fan of the dress! It's okay to hate a wardrobe/hair choice and still love a character!

AMEN, anon!

After the picture was posted, I stopped by the OUAT Facebook page. And guess what? Most of the people there hate the dress. These aren’t bitter $Qers or anything like that. These were just general audience members. They just don’t like the way it looks. Giving you premiere couple a generic wedding to fit in a gimmick is messed up.

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What's ya dream girl like? How she looking and acting?

gets high with me, olive skin, black hair let’s me meet her momma cause i don’t have one, will put up with me cooking all the time, is down to just get wings & pizza but most importantly cares about me just as much as i do her idk boring i guess

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I've been going through a weird emotional battle lately and recently I've just... stopped. I don't care about anything, I don't feel anything. It's like I'm floating through a void. And my insides are too full, but so, so empty. I thought about killing myself and normally those thoughts would make me panic but now I'm just kinda resigned, I guess. I don't even know if I actually want to live or die or get help. Anyway, what should I do?

I understand you perfectly. I’m the most disaffectionate person I have ever known and I often look like a careless person. At the same time, however, I have very strong ideals and those made me the way I am today.

What I can say is that I’ve been like this all my life so, for you, it might be a period or it might be not. In my case it became a life philosophy. The suggestion is to make something good out of this. Even if it’s just a period and you’re just depressed, try to not look at it as something bad.

Because most of the time those periods are needed by your mental health. Your mind may be rejecting whatever made you feel like this, it’s protecting you by making you not care.

Suicide is never an answer. As the most rational person walking on earth: everything passes, it’s always just a matter of time. Relax with yourself a bit and leave out all the stress and the responsabilities. You’re more important than whatever surrounds you.