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Horizon Zero Dawn and Cultural appropriation: A very different view.

For the first time EVER, I’m sitting on the other side of a discussion about appropriating native culture.  Why?  Well, let me lay the framework.

First off, I’m not a guy who “knows a Native American” or has a “Native friend”  I am a 100% Anishinabe (Ojibway) dude who lives on reserve and has fought racism, stereotypes, pan-Indianism, and cultural appropriation fiercely for as long as I can remember. I’ve been the victim of horrendous racial violence as a child, adolescent, and adult, and I’m also a gamer.

I am the first to point out anything that smacks of any of the above and after I saw the Dia Lacina essay on “Horizon: Zero Dawn” being culturally insensitive and appropriating Native culture, I felt for the first time in a situation like this that I had to say something in rebuttal.

Lacina takes issue with the use of the words Tribal, Primitive, Braves, and Savage being used in the game (fyi they’re used to describe predominantly white people in game and they’re White words we didn’t use to describe ourselves thus I claim no ownership of, nor want to, anymore than I want to be a redskin, Indian or Wahoo)  

It seems (IMO) that most of her beef comes from an apparent belief that numerous aspects of generic tribal culture that appear in the game (making clothing from skins, hunting with spears and bows, living in a Matriarchal society, etc) are the sole domain of the Native American and just to be safe and cleverly keep her POV less subject to scrutiny, she applies it even more broadly to indigenous people world wide (I will just refer to us in particular as NA cuz I’m lazy and I also don’t refer to myself as a Native American) and basically that anything that is remotely “tribal” shouldn’t be used in gaming without our or someone else’s permission.

 In fairness, I don’t know if she’s actually played the game but as someone who is currently in the midst of doing exactly that, I can tell you that I have a pretty good idea of what stuff triggered her being upset and why, and while I absolutely respect her right to get offended by whatever she likes, and she makes excellent points about some other games, I am going to point out that there are flaws with this logic.

First of all, the basics: HZD is set in a post-post-apocalyptic future where people are living in tribal groups in a very destroyed world.  Machines exist but as hybrid animal/dinosaur type creatures and technology is pretty much non-existent in day to day human life.  

The heroine of the story is a red haired, white girl named Aloy who lives as an outcast with her adopted father, Rost.  Without giving a lot away, they are fiercely shunned by the local tribe for something Rost did and also the fact that Aloy is motherless.  

Impressively and rightly, though somewhat dismissively remarked upon by Lacina, is the way women and especially women of color are portrayed so positively in-game as this particular tribe is a total Matriarchy run by elders of various ethnicity.  African, Asian, White, and a variety of undefined people of color are common everywhere in the game.  (The leader of one band of warriors is a very fierce, commanding, intelligently portrayed black woman with a powerful presence.)  It reflects a fairly global society from a “skin color” perspective without any horrible accents or broken speech.

They worship an “All-Mother” goddess and their culture is (at least how I saw a lot of it) fairly heavy on European i.e. Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian, etc type symbolism and the rest is filled in with mostly generic tribal-ish stuff that you could find in countless cultures around the world.

 I really didn’t get a “Native American” vibe off the game.  Of course, I don’t automatically presume to claim sole ownership of things like tribal life, hunting with bows and spears, and worshiping spirits of various elements solely for my own.  Random fact: Because there are over 500 distinct First Nations in N. America, we, believe it or not, didn’t all ride horses, live in tipis, use bows and arrows, tobacco and sage, and worship Eagles and Wolves.  Why? Well…use your brain.  Tobacco and Sage don’t grow EVERYWHERE, horses came over with the Europeans (and if you saw where I live you couldn’t have and cant for the most part get a horse through the bush if you tried) Eagles and Wolves don’t live EVERYWHERE….get the point?  Anyways….

If you examine Rost, he like most of the men has a braided beard and other seemingly Viking/Middle Ages inspired features, is white, speaks clear, unbroken English, and is a loving, protective and very positive role model for the girl.   Aloy for her part, is also fairly Viking-esque (to the point of looking incredibly like Lagaertha from the show Vikings but with red hair) also Egrit from GoT, and is no damsel in distress who needs men to save her. NOWHERE in the game have I encountered any Tipis, wigwams, Sweatlodges, or Non-White people speaking in stereotypical “Me smoke-um peace pipe, He go dat-a way” fashion.

The  opening cinematic is very touching (and long) as we see the orphaned Aloy as a baby in Rost’s care being carried around in a bundle on his back (which pretty much every culture did in one form or another at some point in time) and him ultimately taking her to the spot where a child of the tribe receives it’s name.

I really liked this idea as it isn’t often portrayed in a lot of mediums outside of stereotypical “Dances With Wolves” bullshit. Also, naming ceremonies are not the sole domain of NA people and what occurs bears zero resemblance to any NA ceremony I know of.  (It was actually a little Lion King at one point lol) But it’s a powerful moment in the beginning with much more that occurs during it but I won’t spoil that either.

Aloy herself is a pretty complex character.  She’s extremely independent, defiant, and questions pretty much everything about why things are the way they are and wants to do something about it.  You actually begin playing her as a 6 year old which is pretty unique and even then she’s tough and fearless and determined to explore her world.  

She is in no way hyper-sexualized (I’m looking your way Overwatch) Her clothing and everyone else’s, is utilitarian and appropriate for the environments she lives in, and so far, I have not encountered anything with her or any other character that made me go “WTF?”and trust me, my radar for that shit is HIGHLY SENSITIVE.  This isn’t Avatar, people.  It’s not John Smith. It’s not The Great Wall or Pocahontas.  This isn’t white dude shows up and saves the helpless non-white people while helpless native woman falls in love with him stuff.  It’s a fictitious future where we maniacs blew it up, damn us all to hell!

But here’s the more annoying thing for me as an actual Anishinabe.  I don’t need people speaking for me or getting offended on my behalf.  I am very capable of doing that myself. I am also in no way writing this claiming to be speaking for any other NA people or persons. It’s based on my observations from actually playing HZD and examining the various fictional “cultural” elements in the game.

If you see a skin tied inside a hoop and automatically assume it’s a dreamcatcher” ripping off “our culture” (FYI Dreamcatchers are a 20th century thing whose popularity was a result of pan-Indianism that exploded in the 70s.) or if you see feathers on a spear or as part of a costume (nowhere is anyone wearing a single eagle feather in the back of a beaded headband or a Dakota looking headdress either) and automatically presume it to be ripping off NA culture, you’re REEEEEEEEEEALY reaching.  If you think caring for the environment, obeying matriarchs, worshipping elemental spirits, or making your own clothes is solely the property of NA culture, see previous statement.

By all means get offended.  Get offended by Chief Wahoo.  Get offended by the Washington Redskins.  Get offended that thousands of Native women have been murdered or gone missing and nothing’s been done about it.  Get offended by Johnny Depp or Robert Beltran playing Native people instead of actual Native people getting those roles.  Get offended by shit like Adam Sandler’s “Ridiculous 6” where a native woman is called a “hot piece of red prairie meat” or Depp’s “Lone Ranger” movie.

Get offended that my family was destroyed by the Residential Schools and that the 60s scoop took babies away from their families and people, that forced sterilizations took place and mass graves of dead Native children exist at former Residential School sites.

Don’t just jump on the I’m offended bandwagon because you saw some feathers or skins or spears or bows in a game and immediately grew indignant and wanted to claim them as OUR culture.  They’re not.  They’re almost globally universal in numerous cultures at various points in time.  Get offended, as she rightly mentioned, when the game Overwatch sexualizes the shit out of almost every female character and takes West Coast tribal art and makes a costume out of it.  

THAT is appropriation.  White people holding powwows in Europe (powwows are also pretty much not traditional and are extremely pan-Indian, not to mention full of us appropriating each other’s Native cultures ie. Dakotas wearing Jingle Dresses, Ojibway wearing Dakota regalia, etc) is appropriation.

This game……I’m just not seeing it the same way.  And I’m nobody.  I have no ties to Guerilla or anybody other than myself and my community.

Time of the Month

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Sequel (that nobody asked for) to -> Claimed


Genre: Fluff, Smut

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

***WARNING: Language, sexually explicit content, aggressiveness(?)***


When you heard the words “time of the month,” as a fellow uterus-possessor, also human, you couldn’t help but to cringe. Not because it disgusted you, or anything, you were way past that. It was just a… cardinal rule in the book of uterus-possessors to always, always sympathize with others who were experiencing their ritualistic torture.

You’ve been there. But not right now. Oh, no. Now it was his time of the month. Him being none other than Park Jimin, your newfound boyfriend of five months.

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The whole group stops to help someone with a distress signal but while they were there, two people talk about how lance needs to stop being useless and stop flirting and he listens in but doesn't do anything. However, they start talking about hunk since he was suspicious of these people too and they say these things about hunk that makes Lance butt in and explode on them.

Yes protect Hunk! 

Sorry I changed the prompt slightly, instead of a distress signal the team is in an alliance meeting (Sorry!)

Lance flashed another smile at a girl who just walked into the room that he and the other paladins were in. They were all in an alliance meeting and everyone had to be present. 

Lance tapped his leg under his chair and started to braid Pidges hair. He couldn’t help it and he was bored beyond belief and he could tell so was everyone else. 

After Lance braided Pidge’s hair he noticed another bored looking girl sitting a few chairs beside him. Lance smiled and slowly slid over so he was next to the girl. 

The girl gave Lance a small smile and gave him a little wave. “Hello Blue Paladin.” 

Lance smiled at her. “Please the name’s Lance and you are? Or should I just call you hermosa?” 

The girl gave Lance a quiet giggle. “I do not know what that means but I like the word. My name is Gligli.” 

Lance smiled again, not even attempting the pronunciation. “Well you are very pretty, what is a girl like you doing in a place like this?” 

Gligli rolled her eyes and sighed “my mother demands I come to these meeting so I understand how alliances work. I rather be doing other things though.”

Lance laughed “same here. Saving the universe is fun and all but sometimes I just want to enjoy the planet not sit through meeting you know?” 

Gligli opened her mouth to respond but was caught of by someone clearing their throat. “Gligli you know better than to talk during these meetings.” 

Gligli lowered her head “I’m sorry mother.” 

Lance swallowed, of course the one girl I talk to is the chief’s daughter. Lance moved away from Gligli and joined his team. 

Lance hadn’t said anything the rest of the meeting and wanted to run when the Chief started to make her way over. She was followed by a shorter male who looked out of breath. 

Shiro thanked her once again for the alliance and she nodded and looked at everyone in front of her. She narrowed her eyes on Lance and made her voice loud and clear for all to hear. “I do hope you control your team, flirting is not a proper thing to do during a meeting. Especially one this important.” 

Lance wanted to hide under her gaze but simply coward back slightly. He knew he messed up, why did she have to bring attention to it. 

Of course she didn’t stop there. “You would think the right leg of Voltron would be mature and not flirting, especially with my daughter. The entire universe is at war and you choose now to try to get lucky?” She pointed one of her fingers directly at Lance. 

Lance lowered his gaze to the ground and prayed no one intervened. He did deserve this after all, he messed up. Lance was just happy that that the alliance was still formed.

Plus Lance was used to being scolded, being the oldest in his family he had to learn all the lessons the hard way. He was used to people pointed out what he did wrong. Lance could handle it, but he couldn’t handle what came next. 

“Yellow Paladin, don’t think I didn’t notice you sleeping half way through the meeting.” She turned her attention towards Hunk. 

Hunk looked at her in panic and turned to Shiro who gave him the ‘my hands are tied face.’ 

Hunk opened his mouth to apologize but the Chief held her hand up to silence him. “I don’t want excuses, if seems that the ‘defenders of the universe’ can’t even handle a simple alliance meeting.” The chief crossed her arms and stared down Hunk, “and falling asleep during a meeting, a very important meeting is n-” 

“OH MY GOD! WET GET IT! THIS MEETING IS SOOOOOO IMPORTANT! Well maybe if the meeting was a bit more entertaining than watching all of you talk through antenas people wouldn’t fall asleep.” Lance inhaled and stood between Hunk and the Chief straightening his back so he stood taller. 

“Lance stop.” Hunk reached to pull his best friend back. 

“No.” Lance shook Hunk off him and pointed at the Chief, hatred filling his eyes. “Listen you can you can yell at me all you want. You can stand there all day and tell me what I need to improve on and I won’t say anything. I know I messed up, I could’ve chosen to not talked to Gligli but I still did. However if you ever and I mean EVER say anything about one of my team member or friend then I have an issue.” 

The Chief looked like a fish out of water and opened her mouth to speak but Lance shut her up. 

“I was torn away from my family in order to fight in this war and sit in boring meetings like this one.“ Lance stopped for a second and wiped his eyes from the tears that formed whenever he thought about his family. “My team has become my family and I will protect and defend my family no matter what. So if you have a problem with that I suggest you end our alliance right now.”  

Lance crossed his arms and stared the Chief down who looked like she had just been slapped. Nobody said anything but after a few minutes the Chief mumbled an apology and walked away from the paladins. 

Lance sighed and turned towards his team, “sorry everyone I get protective over my family.” Lance started to walk towards the Blue Lion. 

Sorry this took me soooooo long! And for changing it slightly! 

I hope you like it!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!

Also give it up for Lance defending his team! 


Summary: Sam’s nightmares lead you in pursuit of a string of mysterious deaths in Michigan. You and Dean talk about what happened with Cassie and Dan.
Words: 3.1k+
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess (past Dean x Cassie, OMC x Reader)
Warnings: past infidelity, angst

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here 
Beta: @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

You woke up with incessant knocking on your motel door. Your eyes opened and you squinted at the clock, seeing it was just past 3am.

Gently peeling Jessica’s arms from around you and grabbing the gun from under your mattress, you walked over to the door.

Pistol raised, you carefully opened the door to be met with-

“Don’t shoot,” Sam said, knowing that you’d be instinctively defensive. “We have to go.”

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Fili x Reader: Adjusting to Middle Earth

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(Author’s Note:  So sorry about how long this took!!!  I really appreciate you for hanging in there and being so patient!!   And this was absolutely the most adorable request, so I had a lot of fun writing it!  I really, really hope you enjoy it! 

Request: Along the normal lines of you ended up in the company. But a story where he (Fili) kinda takes the reader under his wing-shows her how to ride his pony, how to defend herself.. he reads to her since she can’t obviously read anything there… and a fluffy ending–like she cuddles with him under his blanket?

Also, gif is not mine!  Credit to original owner!)

   “You might want to tighten your grip on the reigns,” Fili instructed.  You could just hear the amusement in his tone.  Even after all this time you spent traveling with the Company, he still couldn’t get over the fact that you didn’t know how to ride a pony.  “The pony will go anywhere he pleases unless you guide him.” 

   “Right,” you nodded, trying to hide your smile.  “Got it.” 

   The last few months you’ve been in middle earth have been challenging in many different ways.  You came from a world of technology; cars, electricity, the internet.  And now you were forced to adjust to life on the road with no phone, television, or anything of the sort.  The first few weeks, the Company had decided to let you share a pony with someone since you did not know how to ride.  It just so happened that you and Fili ended up bonding over the course of the journey.  You felt more comfortable asking him questions about middle earth.  Of course you knew the basic plot of the Hobbit, but what they don’t tell you is the small details of everyday life in middle earth.  So, he insisted on using all of the spare time between destinations to teach you how to ride the pony.  

   So here you were, sitting near the front of the saddle while Fili perched right behind you, hands gently moving yours farther down the reigns.  The close contact brought a blush to your cheeks.  This whole thing certainly wasn’t helping your crush on the handsome, blonde prince.  You tried to just bury your feelings and hope that you could make it through this journey without embarrassing yourself in front of the Company.  But it was getting harder with each passing week you spent with them.  Fili had become your guide, teaching you everything you needed to know about surviving here.  You were glad to have a good friend, but it was nearly impossible to avoid your feelings at this point.

   “You’re doing great, _______,” he told you.  “Really, it’s not bad at all.”

   “Well, it helps to have a nice teacher,” you replied, shooting him a smile over your shoulder.  “I’m sorry your stuck with me.  The only girl in middle earth who can’t ride a pony.”

   He grinned back.  “It doesn’t make you any less worthy to be a part of the Company.  It just means that you come from a place where things are different.  Besides, I don’t see it as being stuck with you..  It was my decision to help you in the first place.”

   “But…why?  If I may ask.”

   He leaned in a little more, making you freeze.  “Because I could not leave a beautiful damsel in distress to fend for herself.”

   Your mouth fell open, and you were glad that he was behind you so he couldn’t see your expression. He called you beautiful?  You straightened up a bit and regained your composure just in time to shoot him another look over your shoulder.

   “A damsel in distress that saved your life,” you reminded him.

   “Ah, yes, how could I forget?  You rescued me from that river the Company had to cross.  You’re not such a damsel when it comes to rescuing others, I suppose.”

   “You suppose?” you laughed.  “I guess that’s a start.”

   The two of you ended your conversation when Thorin barked orders from up ahead to stop and set up camp.  Fili hopped off the pony and reached to help you dismount.  You wrapped your arms around his neck as he lowered you to the ground.

   “T-thanks,” you told him.

   “No problem.”

   At this point, you were a little grateful to have some space.  You knew the routine of setting up camp by now.  You helped gather firewood, set up your bedroll, and gave Bombur the proper ingredients for dinner.  However, that didn’t stop you from sneaking occasional glances at a certain prince.

   “Good evening, ________,” Kili said from somewhere behind you, making you jump and drop a bunch of supplies from your arms.  “Sorry,” he laughed, looking between you and Fili who was tending to the ponies.  “Am I…interrupting something?”

   “No, of course not,” you said, blushing.  “I was just…admiring the ponies.  They’re such beautiful creatures.”

   “They are, aren’t they?  With their long, golden mane and braided mustache-”

  “Kili,” you warned.  

   “Please,” he chuckled.  “I’ve seen how the two of you look at each other.  Why don’t you say something?”

   “Because it’s awkward.  I don’t think Fili feels the same way.  He’s just helping me with learning what I can about middle earth so that I can survive.”

   “I know my brother, and believe me, he does like you.”

   “Even if that’s the case,” you paused, glancing at the leader of the Company.  “There’s no way Thorin’s going to be okay with it.”

   Kili dismissed your concern with the wave of his hand.  “Never mind him.  Uncle needs to, as you put it, ‘lighten up.’”

   You chuckled.  “I’m still not convinced that telling Fili how I feel is a good idea.  Nice try, but we all more important things to worry about.  Like reclaiming Erebor, for instance?”

   “That is months away,” he pointed out.  “Besides, I don’t know what could be more important than love.”

   “What was that, Kee?” Fili’s voice joined the conversation, making the two of you look at him in surprise.

   “Oh, hello, brother,” Kili clapped a hand on his back.  “______ and I were just discussing the importance of love.”

   “I see,” Fili gave you a questioning look, to which you just shrugged.  “Well, you’ll have to let me borrow her for a minute.  She and I need to go over some fighting techniques.”

   “Right, training,” you nodded.  “I’ll see you later, Kili.”

   “Indeed,” he replied slowly.  “See you later.”

   Once you and Fili were out of earshot, the blonde prince gave you a look.  “Okay, what was that about?” he asked.

   “I don’t know,” you shrugged again.  “Kili is just acting a little strange.”

   Fili raised his arms in a defensive stance, nodding for you to do the same.  “I wonder about him sometimes.  He’s spending more and more time with you.”

   The two of you practiced throwing punches.  

   “Yeah, we’ve become good friends,” you admitted, smiling.  It was true.  The dark-haired brother of your crush had been spending more time getting to know you.  Even figured out you were crushing on Fili.

   “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he had…feelings for you.”

  You had to refrain from laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of his statement.  Yes, you and Kili had become closer.  But it was certainly not romantic!  Kili teased you, and you gave him a hard time; just like a brother and sister would.

   “I can assure you that’s not the case,” you told Fili.  He rested a hand on your elbow to correct your stance.  “In fact,” you ventured.  “He’s trying to convince me to tell someone else about my feelings for them.”

   At that, Fili paused, his hand not leaving your arm.  “Oh?”

   “Yep,” you nodded, mentally face-palming.  Perhaps it was a bad idea to say something.

   “And this person you have feelings for…  he’s a member of the Company?”


   “What’s he like?” Fili’s eyes scanned the camp, pausing on each of Company member suspiciously.  He really didn’t know.

   “Well…He’s always there to help me,” you replied.  Fili’s eyes met yours, and his lips turned up in a smile.  You could see a glint in his blue eyes a he leaned in a little closer.  But before he could say anything more-

   “Fili!” Thorin called.  “We need more firewood!”

   Fili gave you one last longing look.  “Sorry.”

   “It’s okay,” you giggled.  “I’ll talk to you later.”


   You hugged your knees close to your chest, leaning towards the fire in an attempt to absorb its warmth.  Even with your cloak, it was freezing.  The others seemed be doing just fine.  How fortunate for them.  Most of the Company had fallen asleep, save for Kili and Bofur, who took the first watch of the night.  

  You couldn’t stop thinking about your earlier conversation with Fili.  you had basically said that you had feelings for him.  And he had smiled.  Surely, that was a good sign?  He returned your feelings.  But of course Thorin had to interrupt the moment by making his nephew get firewood when there were plenty of others available for the task.

   A shiver ran down your spine as another cold wind blew through the camp.  You squeezed your eyes shut and scooted a little closer to the fire.  You hadn’t even noticed the footsteps that approached.

   “Here,” Fili’s voice was barely audible as he gently took a seat on your left side, draping a blanket over both of you.  You were too cold to get embarrassed or blush at the gesture.  Instead, you cuddled up against his side gratefully.

   “Thank you,” you mumbled tiredly, resting your head against his shoulder.  “Why is it that I’m the only one bothered by the cold?”

   “My people can withstand extreme temperatures a lot better than most,” he replied quietly, arm around your shoulder.  “Better?”


   “Good.”  He paused.  “So, to continue our earlier conversation…”

   “Um, right.”  You suddenly became aware of the close contact, blushing.  “In case you weren’t sure…it’s you.”

   He chuckled.  “I had my suspicions when you dropped that hint earlier, but thank you for confirming it.  And just to let you know, I feel the same way.”

   “Oh…good to know.”  You paused.  “What now?  I mean, we should probably wait to tell Thorin, or anyone, really.  I don’t really want the unnecessary attention…”

   “I agree,” he nodded.  “For now, we don’t tell anyone.  Although, I have a feeling Kili will just know.”

   You chuckled, snuggling closer to him.  “I’m starting to think he knows us better than we know ourselves.”

   “Probably,” he agreed.  “He could always tell what I was feeling and why before even I knew it.”

   “I’m kind of glad.  Or else I wouldn’t have had the chance to tell you how I felt.”

   “Me too.”

  The conversation gave way to a comfortable silence as you both watched the fire.  At some point, you felt your eyes fluttering closed as sleep began to overtake you.  It was an eventful day, that’s for sure.  The last thing you remember was hearing the peaceful crackle and snap of the fire while enjoying the warmth.

Friendly Neighborhood Babysitter

“A solo mission?” Peter echoes, hardly containing his excitement. “Where am I going? Who am I stopping?”

“Uh, it’s domestic,” Tony says, clapping a hand on his shoulder. “Very domestic. No suit required.” 

Pepperony Week 2017, Day 3: Family/kids

(also read on ao3 or ffn) // (read prev. pepperony week 2017 works here)

“Mr. Stark, I’m ready for the mission!”

Peter stands before Tony, suited up and beaming. He holds his mask in his hands, placed proudly on his hips. The sound of a quinjet taking off outside the facility fills the brief silence between them, which Tony breaks with a laugh.

“Oh, right, mission,” he says, snapping his fingers. “Your solo mission.”

“A solo mission?” Peter echoes, hardly containing his excitement. “Where am I going? Who am I stopping?”

“Uh, it’s domestic,” Tony says, clapping a hand on his shoulder. “Very domestic. No suit required.”

“No suit?” Peter raises an eyebrow. “What kind of mission—“

“Oh, Peter’s here!”

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First Moon


A/N: This is inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago :3 Once again it was supposed to be a drabble, but it turned out a bit longer than I planned lol

Plot: Jungkook goes through his first full moon

[Drawing made by the super talented @ax-thelian​ !!! Full credit to them!! Go check his/her blog out]

“-And the way she fought him was so cool! She was really a badass!”, Hoseok boasted trying to goofily replicate a few of the combat moves the female lead acted.

“I know, right? Better not piss her off”, Taehyung chimed with his characteristic smile.

Terra and the boys were talking animatedly after they were done watching a movie at the cinema, the positive commentary praising the action-packed movie. Jin, Jimin, and Yoongi had stayed at home having personal things to attend to and preferring the comfort of the house.

It was quite late at night, Terra’s wrist watch signaling it was almost 11:30pm.
They all kept chatting on their back, the cinema not too far away from the boys’ place, roughly a 15 minute walk. All of them, except for one.

Jungkook was a few steps behind, seemingly lost in his own thoughts as his hands were shoved down his pockets, his head tilted up towards the semi-hidden full moon that was partially covered by a few grey clouds, a slightly puzzled expression on his face.

She slowed down to let herself fall back and walk by his side. He was so deeply immersed in whatever was going on in that mind of his that he hadn’t even noticed her presence. For a moment, she just looked at his profile and noticed that he was not the young boy she remembered, his serious expression contributing to his more mature look. His traits had become more angular and defined, taking the place of the softer features he used to have when he was younger. His jawline was now strong and sharp and she almost felt compelled to let her fingers trace its shape; his brows were slightly scrunched up, his biceps exposed by the short sleeved white t-shirt he was wearing, his muscles flexed and defined from the way he had his hands in the pockets of his washed out denim jeans.

She bumped him gently with her shoulder and that brought his mind back to reality, his attention now to her.

“Hey, nochu”, Terra teased him.

He smiled down at her, and there it was. The bunny smile that gave him that childlike quality was back. He bumped her back and then put an on her shoulder.

“Hey”, he replied simply.

“What’s up? What got you so quiet?”, she inquired after you noticed the change in his demeanor as the night progressed.

“Nothing. I am always pretty quiet”

“True, but tonight more than usual”

He stayed silent at that, but not for long as he resumed smiling. He kissed her cheek and told her everything was fine.

The two of them weren’t officially a couple, but the boys knew that something was going on between the two of them. It was just a continuous flirting that seemed very casual to an outsider, but whoever knew them both personally like the boys was aware that you deeply cared about each other beyond a simple friendship. He was always looking out for her and he could almost read her like no one else could, and vice versa. He may have been the youngest of the group, but he was definitely not naïve. There was a quiet attentiveness to him, his sense of observation very sharp that gave him some sort of insight about people around him. He could be playful, yet serious when times called for an objective mind. The rest of the boys seemed to have somewhat of a similar trait, always attuned with one another as if their minds traveled on the same wavelength.

As you guys were still walking, rain started drizzling down from the sky at first until it became an outright downpour that had them all drenched by the time they got to the house that belonged to the seven men.

“Woah! I guess if I brought some soap I could literally shower outside”, Taehyung said as he stepped in the living room, droplets of water dripping from the ends of his hair.

“Please do. It might be funny to see you get arrested for public indecency”, Yoongi commented from his lounging position on the couch as he watched tv.

Jin walked into the room at that moment and almost gasped in horror at the sight of wet footprints and small pools of water that were now decorating the floor from the entryway to the living room.

“No no no no”, he chanted in a whining tone. He was definitely going into mom mode. “Y’all are NOT going to make a mess in here when I have cleaned this just today. Shoo shoo! Go get dried up before you make even more of a mess”, he scolded as he made shooing gestures for them all to go get changed.

“And you guys are going to clean this first thing in the morning!”, he called out towards them as they were climbing the stairs.

They all chuckled in the hallway, finding the mama Jin antics funny. As they were laughing, Terra made eye contact with Jungkook and she almost found herself choking on her own tongue. The soaked fabric of his shirt was clinging onto his skin deliciously, the defined lines of his muscles becoming one with the t-shirt as they peeked through the material that had become semi transparent because of the rain. His brown locks where sticking to his forehead in messy patterns, water trickling down the end of them onto his chiseled face.

She hadn’t escaped his gaze either, his eyes trailing on her figure and looking at the way her chest strained against the fabric of her tank top, the wetness from the rain making her plump lips even more appetizing to him, the moisture on her melanin blessed skin making it glisten beautifully.

“____, you are more than welcome to stay the night. You know there is always room for you here”, Namjoon offered.

It wasn’t unusual for Terra to stay over at the boys’ place, often crashing there after a night out especially after a long time she went without seeing them. They had a spare room that had pretty much become her own after so many nights of her sleeping in it, a few spare belongings of hers left in the drawers of the dresser.

“Thanks, will do. I’m gonna go get washed and dried up before mama Jin throws another tantrum”, she taunted jokingly before they all laughed and went to their rooms to do the same.

She was in her room ready to take a shower before changing into some comfy clothes for the night and looked out of the window that faced directly the small backyard, the odd downpour had stopped, now being just a gentle drizzle. She noticed Jungkook standing there admiring the moon once again, his back to her and his head tilted towards the glowy sphere high up on the sky looking bigger than usual, an eerie vibe to it as it got a slight red tinge to it… 

Why would he go back outside in the rain..?

She detached her gaze from it, a bad feeling washing over her, so she decided to finally put her braids up in a quick bun to not wet them any further and hop in the shower.

Fifteen minutes later, she was out of the bathroom, small clouds of steam coming out of the ajar door as she put lotion on her deep toned skin. A quick glance to the lockscreen indicated that it was just about to be midnight.
She was throwing on a pair of cotton shorts and a t-shirt when she heard muffled sounds coming from outside…

Terra walked up to the window and looked down to see what the commotion was all about and what she saw had her worry like she hadn’t been in a while.

Jungkook was on his hands and knees, convulsion-like tremors going through his body as he grunted and panted as if he was making some great physical effort to control himself. He then started scratching the soil with his bare hands, clawing at it like a dog would when in it was in distress.

Suddenly, Namjoon appeared from the sliding doors “Shit, it has started.. guys!”, he cussed and called the rest of the boys out.

What had started… ?

She opened the window wide open for her to lean over “Namjoon what is going on?”, confusion and worry painted all over her face and lacing her words like vines.

“____, stay inside no matter what! You hear me?!”, Hoseok yelled in her direction as he and the others rushed outside to go over to the youngest one.

“We need to help him calm down. He is gonna lose control”, Jimin instructed as they carefully approached Jungkook whom was now standing.
However, his stance was… weird. He was a bit hunched over, his fingers bent as if they were ready to claw at the nearest threat, dirt staining his finger tips and nails. Jin attempted a step forward and Jungkook reacted right away, an animalistic snarl ripping through his throat as he faced the eldest man. In a blink of an eye, Jungkook dashed forward and shoved Seokjin whom went flying for several feet before he managed to sloppily land on his feet.

“We can’t let him flee. Lord knows what he will do if he goes on a rampage in the streets”, Namjoon stated not taking his eyes off of the maknae and so did the others.

Jungkook was heaving and whining, low growls vibrating in his throat as he occasionally gripped his head as if keeping it from splitting in half, his eyes screwing shut due to the great pain.

“Jungkook-ah”, Jimin started tentatively hoping that his close friend would somewhat be listening to him. “I know it hurts, but you need to try to control it and not let it control you. Hyungs and I will help you through it”, he continued in a soothing voice.

For a few moments, it looked like it had worked, that Jimin had managed to calm him down at least. But then, something similar to a howl resonated in the air and Jungkook leaped forward charging towards his friends. He clawed at Taehyung, the closest one, and managed to get him on the arm where a fresh wound had formed, blood dripping down onto his forearm as he grunted in pain and stepped out of the way.

Hoseok was next in his trajectory, the elder barely dodging the attack with no intention of responding to the assault.

“I’m not gonna fight you, Jungkook-ah!”, he called out as he blocked a few attacks, purplish bruises blooming on the tan skin of his shoulders and arms.
However, the young one seemed def to any reason, all trace of rationality forgotten as he kept on snarling and attacking his hyungs.

Terra had watched the scene unfold in front of her, everything seemingly playing in slow motion and too fast at once. She couldn’t make sense out of what she was witnessing.
Despite her instincts and Hoseok’s warning telling her to stay safe, something deep inside her compelled her to rush down the stairs and go to the backyard to help.
She couldn’t - she wouldn’t - let her friends get hurt and Jungkook lose all control for something he would definitely regret later.

She got to the sliding doors and stepped outside locating Jungkook, his back turned to her as he was currently having a hand wrapped around Yoongi’s throat.

“STOP!”, she yelled in his direction. “Let him go!”
At the sound of her voice, his head slowly turned towards her and what she saw had the blood in her veins run cold, shock paralyzing her limbs, and eyes wide filled with disbelief.

The person - if you could even call it that - was almost animal looking. His once beautiful features were now deformed into a snarl, lips curled up baring his fangs with a growl; his pupils were dilated, traces of gold in his eyes that contributed to the overall eerie look. Everything about him screamed ‘danger’.
Terra willed herself to fight through her catatonic state, it was not the time to let her fear take over. She needed to do something. 

“Jungkook”, she called him softly. “You don’t want to do this… you don’t want to hurt your friends. Your brothers”

He kept looking at her, a flicker of consciousness coming back to his eyes. He turned back to Yoongi that was barely conscious at this point, and his grip on his throat loosened until his elder fell to the ground, oxygen painfully rushing back to his lungs as he coughed.
The young one brought his arm back to his side, but didn’t attempt to make another move as he just looked at her, a wild and feral expression still on his face.

She took a few steps closer to him, slowly testing the waters and her arms up telling him that she meant no harm nor threat.

“Terra, don’t! Stay back!”, Jimin warned her, but she didn’t listen. Her attention was solely focused on Jungkook and on the task at hand.

She felt like she could help. She had to find a way. But what to do? All she could do was just follow her own instinct. And that’s what she did.
She took slow and careful steps further towards him, her eyes never leaving his, hoping her body language would translate into harmless and that he would not do anything reckless.

When she was close enough, she slowly extended her arm, but not enough to touch him. She wanted him to trust her, to let him come to her out of his own will. 

“You’re not evil”, she whispered.

She tried to slow her breathing, to calm the adrenaline cursing in her body like fire until she felt like she almost holding her breath.
At first he stood still, not moving a single muscle and eyes studying her as if to gauge her intentions. Then he leaned forward, cautiously sniffing her outstretched hand, her familiar scent reaching the deepest layers of his being and make him relax visibly. He rested his cheek on her palm and closed his eyes.

He trusted her. 

She cupped his cheek, finding his warmth on the skin of her palm.

“You’re fine. Come back to me, Kookie…”, she cooed under hear breath as her thumb stroked his cheek soothingly.

A few moments later, she watched his traits change with her own eyes, witnessing the morphing of his features from animal to human. His canines were reverting from their sharp state to their original dull edge; his lips were no more curled up in a threatening gesture, but their usual plump selves; when he opened his eyes, she found the brown pools she learned to love instead of the feral golden-stained ones. 

A single tear rolled down his cheek as his conscience came back, reminding him of what he done to his friends up until brief moments prior. 
He started crying until he fell to his knees, sobs shaking his shoulders and tears staining her t-shirt as she got on her knees with him holding him close to her chest. She didn’t need to say anything, she just needed to let him vent.
Terra could feel his despair resonating deep into her being. He was scared. Of what he had done. Of himself. Of what he had become. But she wouldn’t let him be alone, she would be there for him so that he could have someone to fight his demons with.

The rest of the boys had watched the whole scene happen with wide eyes, a look of surprise painted all over their faces as they glanced at each other to silently confirm if they had all witnessed the same thing.

They looked at the two that were on their knees as Jungkook cried his eyes out, and Terra…
They looked at her in particular, at the way she didn’t budge as she held him close to her as if to absorb some of his pain to take it away from him.

They had found her.

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fee i need autistic reyna pls ud be good at this

i just had a fucking RAGER of a shutdown like the worst one ever and i’m trying to pull myself out of it so really what better of a time than this

  • she uses the exact same communication methods when she’s commanding a crowd as she does in every day conversation. it’s a little offputting and perplexing to everyone else, and she struggles very hard to communicate one on one.
  • she always thought she’d be a terrible leader because she really just doesn’t seem to be very good at talking to people and making people like her, but she’s stunned to find that 1. giving uninterrupted speeches where she gets very passionate about her topic go over quite well in front of a crowd 2. being very Intense and Focused when making a point in front of an audience is perceived as a sign of strength and wisdom, rather than aggressive or a turn off like it is when making small talk
  • her movements seem kind of mechanical or stuttered to most people. the only time her body seems to work the way she needs it to is when she’s fighting.
  • her lending her strength out to other people is genuinely the most selfless and compassionate act she’s capable of making, because it depletes nearly all of her spoons and makes her enormously vulnerable until she has time to recharge
  • she has such a difficult time with sarcasm. she ends up being grateful for her reputation as a super intense and slightly terrifying leader because this is the facade she uses to disguise that she literally cannot understand other people’s senses of humor sometimes.
  • she’s actually a super sweet and sensitive person but she often panics and feels so uncomfortable when other people start making jokes or using heavy sarcasm or excessively dry humor that she doesn’t understand, so she’ll leave the room.
  • it’s really sad and makes her feel sort of helpless because she can’t quite make friends and everyone seems to think she hates them, but she doesn’t realize that she has a resting bitch face and she just really truly genuinely forgets to say basic greetings sometimes.
  • she h h h h aa a a t e s showering, the water pellets feel like they’re attacking her and bar soap is hopelessly dry and starchy feeling and scented shampoos or shower gels feel nice but are so strongly scented that it sends her into sensory hell
  • she is absolutely floating on cloud nine when she discovers the roman baths.
  • sometimes she’ll be doing okay and everything will be cool but she just. needs a second. so she’ll quick find a door to lock herself behind and FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP….”phew.” and then go resume whatever she was doing.
  • she has a playlist of instrumental music (her faves are strings) and after a hard day of praetor work, she’ll put her headphones in and slowly rock back and forth to unwind. that’s like her favorite activity to do she could sit like that for hours.
  • she doesn’t really have meltdowns or shutdowns in the traditional sense but she DOES dissociate when she gets like really agitated. it’s a fairly new symptom (or it used to happen rather a bit when she was younger but she seems to have blocked it out, because it stopped when she arrived at camp jupiter and only starts up again once the war is over.) it’s more connected to her emotional state than anything else.
  • she looks very outwardly chill when she’s dissociating and it tends to be the “my body is moving on autopilot but i actually have literally no control of what i’m doing rn and i feel like i’m watching myself from outside my body” kind. if it gets REALLY bad though (like as in she’s very very agitated and emotionally distressed) it’s the “who’s fucking hand is this” kind
  • her dogs act like therapy dogs, really. she’s such a lucky bastard to have them i swear
  • she can usually sense when she’s going nonverbal before it actually happens (Luck y BASTARD) so she’ll start communicating in grunts and one word answers on purpose to like, charge up, or store energy or whatever.
  • she’s really good at keeping several spoons on reserve for important moments. she unfortunately had a lot of time to practice this with a childhood as rough and awful as her’s was.
  • if she says “i don’t want to talk about this” she really fucking means i literally do not—cannot talk about this right now and if you do not drop it i am literally going to fucking lose it. she usually leaves the room before it gets that bad.
  • cc’s spa is such a nice place for her because she can just braid people’s hair for hours and hours and she doesn’t have to talk to them or look at them she can just like use their hair and it feels so stimmy and nice
  • she is a hu m m e r she does a steady monotone hum when she’s happy or content or relaxed. circe’s customers used to gossip about it and she got really embarrassed so she made herself stop, and she doesn’t pick up the habit again until she’s at camp jupiter.
  • jason always thought it was really cute and he wisely never commented on it because he had a feeling it would make her self conscious (he was right). he always felt strangely honored that she felt comfortable enough that she would do it in front of him (even if he didn’t understand that it was a stim, he clearly knew it was something she did when she was happy and relaxed and only when she was alone or alone with him).
  • she was selectively mute (partially nonverbal??? idk what the terminology is for this is actually but It’s A Thing) as a child and so that was how she got diagnosed, because her teachers were always like “um HELLO sir your daughter doesn’t speak to us?? literally ever???” and her dad was like a total deadbeat, so he probably just punished her for it or called her stupid or whatever, but hylla exhausted all her resources researching it and was the best most supportive big sister any autistic kid could ask for.
  • eye contact is super bad in one on one or small scale situations but once again she looks a lot more comfortable in a crowd because she can just stare at everyone’s forehead or scan faces without really seeing
  • she’s super hyperempathetic towards animals!!!! (don’t fucking make me think about scipio!!!!!!! there was no fucking reason he needed to die!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • also animals really like her. this is a helpful skill when meeting lupa, understandably. she’s very good at wolf language, considering she doesn’t use words as her like most primary kind of communication (and sometimes feels like verbal speech is impossible)
Before My Eyes (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None!

Words: 1,929

Warnings: None

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“I’m so excited I think I might pee.”

“You think you’re going to pee because you drank all that sweet tea in less than ten minutes.”

“But I’m so sweet because of all the sweetness in my sweet tea, don’t you see my sweetheart?” You threw your body back against the passenger seat of Bucky’s car. You had your legs pulled up to your chest as you turned to look over at Bucky with a silly smile covering your face.

“Are you sweet though, are you really?” Bucky teased, taking his eyes away from the highway for only a second to look at you with a smirk.

“I am too sweet! I’m the sweetest gal in this whole wide universe.” You crossed your arms around your legs and shivered. You didn’t know why Bucky always kept the car so cold, you were wearing track shorts and a band tee.

“The universe is a very large place, doll.” Bucky rested one hand on the steering wheel and moved his spare arm to rest of the armrest lazily.

“I know.” The grin could be heard through your tone of voice. You waited only a couple of seconds before chipping up again. “Thank you for the concert tickets, by the way. I don’t know how I’ll beat your birthday present now.”  

“You’ve wanted to see Ed Sheeran for a while now, at least now you’ll finally shut up about it.” You punched his arm lightly, knowing it wouldn’t hurt him either way. “I’m kidding, god you’re touchy.”

It was true, for the past few years all you’ve talked about is wanting to go see Ed Sheeran in concert. You had been to plenty of concerts before, but you had never seen him despite him being one of your top favorite artists. On your birthday Bucky surprised you with two tickets to his Divide Tour, and after the long wait you were finally going to his concert tonight.

“I love this song!” You got distracted from your previous conversation when Nancy Mulligan came on, you were playing your Spotify playlist dedicated to Ed on the way to the city the concert was being held at.

Bucky had barely opened the door to the hotel room before you were flying underneath his arm and skipping in the room at a fast speed. You dropped your suitcase by the bathroom door and instantly kicked off your shoes, leaving you in just your emoji socks.

By the time Bucky got fully into the room, with the door shut behind him, you were already standing on top of the queen sized bed like you owned the place. You had your hands on your hips as a silly grin plastered over your makeup free face. Bucky only grinned in return as he dropped his duffel next to yours, and mocked your stance.

“I’m so excited!” You jumped up and down on the bed several times. “I’m gonna breath the same air as him, can you believe it?! Ed’s my favorite person in the whole wide world, besides you of course, and honestly Ed Sheeran understands women more than women understand women.”

You kept rambling on and on, jumping on the bed like a young child with a grin covering your pretty features. Bucky watched in awe at how adorable you looked. Your hair was messy and your face was clear of makeup, although Bucky thought you looked like the most gorgeous girl with or without it. Your smile made his heart stop beating and your carefree actions made him fall even more in love with you.

Even though you weren’t his girl.

Bucky was your best friend, and he had been for a few years now. You were your complete and utter self around him. He had seen you at your worst and he had seen you at your best, yet loved you all the same. It’s like you didn’t even notice how much he loved you, nor did you notice every action you did made his breath get caught in his throat.

He had watched you fall in love, and he watched your heart break in half. He listened to your rants and never once complained. He went to family events that you honestly didn’t want to attend just to keep you company, he even pretended to be your boyfriend on several different occasions to get the judgmental sides of your family to shut up.

He once washed your hair when you were sick while you wore one of his shirts, he shaved your legs when you were too lazy and painted your nails when you were down. He knew to play with your hair at the end of a long day because it made you feel at ease, he knew you didn’t like milk in your cereal and hated food that looked remotely burnt.

He knew you were afraid of heights and the dark, so he reached for things up high and bought you a nightlight. He ran his fingers up and down your arm when you felt overwhelmed by anxiety to calm you down.

Everyone else saw that the best thing for you was standing right before your eyes, but you didn’t notice. You were too lost in your own little world to realize who you had with you all along.

Bucky snapped out of his daze when you hopped down from the bed and went straight for your suitcase, flipping it open and digging out everything you needed to get ready for the concert that was only in four hours.

“I’m going to get dolled up.” You called out over your shoulder before skipping excitedly towards the bathroom. He nodded in response, clearing his head to be back into reality.

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I think 2016 has resulted in a lot of people in need of some cheering up… so here’s a piece that I hope makes my followers smile! An alternate first meeting between a much younger Arthur and Merlin, the little dumplings… Oh, and please feel free to totally ignore this and imagine whatever you wish for the scene, but I did write a short accompanying fic… which took so much longer than the actual art, ahh!

I’ll probably edit it here and there, since writing is not my forte, so I apologize for the slightly different versions that’ll end up going around, lol… Nonetheless, please enjoy, and here’s to our fantastic and everlasting fandom! May 2017 bring peace and happiness and many good things! Happy New Year!  

♥ Whimsy


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All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.1

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1998
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood
A/N: This is my first attempt at an AU and my second at a series! Celebrating Halloweenie time with monster fics all this month. 🎃💀👻
I really hope you guys like it. Feedback is always appreciated.

Click HERE for a little more character information.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

Title Inspiration: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots
Also, this honestly all started because of this damn picture. (Credit not mine)

Thankfully, the rain had let up significantly by the time you parked your car at the bottom of the long walkway, reaching your destination. Warm hues of orange and purple cascaded in the sky as the sun set in the distance, casting a soft glow over the large residence ahead.

Grabbing only your umbrella and travel backpack, you walked for the remainder of your journey. Raindrops continued to pelt gently against your umbrella as you smiled warmly up at the towering manor ahead of you. It had been almost 3 months since the last time you were here and that familiar sense of security had crept up on you again. As unconventional as this place and it’s inhabitants were, this would always be your home.

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Damsel In Distress - Peter Parker x Reader x Tony Stark

Requested by anonymous: Hi! I saw that you what happened about your list of requests and I’m sorry to hear about that. If it makes you feel better I was the anon that requested 2 Spider-Man imagines. Both of them with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man: one was where the reader gets tired of him thinking/treating her as the damsel in distress and the other was where the reader was Tony Stark’s daughter and she started getting interested in Spidey and Tony didn’t like it. I hoped that helped out.

Since I have so many requests, I merged these two. I hope you don’t mind!

Side note: the reader is a mutant - imagine whatever ability you want her to have :-) continue 

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You could feel his eyes watching you from across the room but you chose to ignore him. Whenever he came to meet with the team to plan a mission, he always stared at you until the meeting was over and once it was, he would flirt with you. In a really awkward way, you thought.

You definitely thought Peter was cute and sweet, but he always fought off your enemies because he didn’t want you to get hurt. His intentions were good, but you were just as much a part of this team as he was and you could prove it if he’d let you.

Of course he wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Your father, Tony Stark, acted the same exact way. He was always coming to your aid or saying “Hey kiddo, why don’t you sit this one out.” That phrase really got your blood boiling. Sure you were only sixteen and it’s definitely a dangerous job for a teenage girl, but you just wanted a chance to be somebody.

You shook the thoughts from your brain and focused on the rest of Cap’s lecture. The mission sounded more dangerous than anything you’ve ever encountered, but you were ready to take it on.

Once he finished, your dad stood up and patted Steve on the back. “Alright everyone, suit up. And (Y/N) I need to talk to you.”

Everyone exited the room but you remained in the chair at the conference table. 

He sighed and looked at you for a moment. “I really don’t know how I feel about you joining us on this one.”

You rolled your eyes and folded your arms across your chest. “Dad, you know I’m just as powerful as the others. Heck I’m more powerful than half of them! Wanda’s been training me.” You smirked.

“Hon, I know you’re talented…” He trailed off and you smiled. “…But you’re also young. Young girls shouldn’t have to put their lives on the line.”

Your smile faded. “I want to fight for humanity, dad. The world needs us. And if I’m able to help, then I want to. Even if I die trying.”

Disappointment crossed his face. “That’s what every father wants to hear.” 

“Sorry.” You bit your lip nervously and awaited his answer. 

He stared at you seriously for a minute before nodding. “Fine. Promise me you’ll be careful and remember everything I’ve taught you.”

You jumped up and hugged him. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” You held onto him for a little while longer. “I love you, dad.”

He gave you a tight squeeze and ruffled your hair. “Love you too, kid.”

You groaned and gave him an annoyed look as you smoothed your hair back to normal. 

“Hey you’re still my little girl.” He joked. “Go get ready.”

The others were loading up the Quinjet as you finished getting ready. You zipped your boots up and headed towards the ramp, tying your long hair into a braid as you walked.  

“Hey (Y/N)!” Someone called after you. You turned around to see Peter jogging towards you, completely in his red and blue suit except for the mask. He stopped in front of you and combed his fingers through his messy hair. “You ready for this?”

“Hell yes.” You smiled up at him.

“It’s gonna be a tough one so stay close to me, alright?” 

You scoffed. “I am so sick of that!”

His eyes widened. “Sick of what?”

“You and my dad acting like I’m useless! I will not stay close to you because I can handle myself.” You fumed.

“Whoa I’m sorry (Y/N) I didn’t mean to upset you.” He put his hands up in defense. “We just care about you.”

“I care about you guys too but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna baby you. I just want some respect.” 

“You’re right, I’m sorry. I just want you to be safe because…well I kind of like you.” He laughed and looked down at his feet as he rubbed the back of his neck.

You sighed. “I’m sorry I got so worked up. I know you’re just trying to help. But Peter?”

He looked back up to you with his soft brown eyes. 

“I’ll be safe, okay? I promise. I’ve been training for two years now and nothing has taken me down yet.” You laughed and he joined in with you.

“C’mon you two.” Nat called from the top of the ramp. 

He turned around and headed towards the jet but you grabbed his hand. “Oh come here.” You pulled him back towards you and didn’t hesitate to press a soft kiss to his lips. 

When you pulled away he had the biggest smile on his face accompanied by tinted red cheeks. 

“I like you too.” You could feel your face slightly heat up as you heard clanking footsteps coming your way.

I really hope he didn’t see that.

You turned around a hurried onto the jet as you heard your father call out, “Peter, stay the hell away from my daughter!”

You giggled and then took a seat, strapping yourself in and preparing for a fight.

The Wilting of a Rose | 2

☇  soulmate/reincarnation au 

genre: slight fluff, angst

pairing:  jungkook // you // slight jimin

word count: 8.5k

warnings: none

DescriptionJungkook, reborn as prince, meets you, along with Jimin, in a village market but doesn’t realize you are the girl he loved in his last life. He finds himself falling for you, only to realize too late that the love of a prince comes with a cost.

previous | next (coming soon)

You would think after what happened that the universe would grow soft and take some pity. After all, the two of you were born from the very stardust that made the endless skies of infinity. But the universe isn’t quite done yet; it’s cruel and likes to play sick games. And it’s favorite is the game of hearts.  

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Edwin Week Day 2: Hair

Sooo, I realize this starts out mostly as parental Roy and Riza stuff, but I promise it’s Edwin eventually. >_>

Pairing: EdwardxWinry (implied RoyxRiza)
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Gen
Word Count: 1218
Summary: It’s Edward and Winry’s wedding day, but Winry can’t find anyone to help with her hair.

This is also posted on Fanfiction.Net and AO3.


Winry’s wedding dress flowed behind her as she hurried around the Rockbell home trying to find someone that could help with her hair. She thought she could do it herself, but it turned out that getting her hair to be perfect for her perfect day was a little harder than she imagined it would be. The wedding was only two hours away and her hair was a mess.

“Winry, you look lovely.”

Winry stopped in her tracks and turned to find Riza Hawkeye smiling at her from the doorway to the room she and General Mustang were staying in. They only had one extra room to offer and despite Mustang and Hawkeye being against sharing a room at first, they seemed fine once they got settled. Almost like they were used to each other’s company in such close quarters.

“MIss Riza! Oh thank goodness, I need your help!”

Riza blinked at the younger girl’s obvious distress.

“What’s wrong?”

“My hair! I thought I could do it myself, but it’s not coming out right and I need it to be perfect and I couldn’t find anyone to help and–”

“Winry, calm down. You need someone to do your hair for you?”

Winry took a deep breath to calm herself and nodded.

“Yes, I do, would you be able to help me?”

Riza thought for a moment.

“Well I can certainly try.”

“Oh thank you, thank you!”

Winry ran up and hugged Riza who was surprised by the sudden attack of affection, but she smiled and reassured Winry that everything was going to be fine and that she shouldn’t be nervous on what was going to be the best day of her life.

The two walked into Winry’s room and Riza dragged a chair over to the bed. She instructed Winry to sit on it while she sat on the bed. After a few minutes, Winry seemed to relax, calmed by the fact that someone was fixing the problem that had been plaguing her all morning.

“You know,” Riza said suddenly, breaking the peaceful silence in the room. “The General is much better at this than I am.”

Winry couldn’t believe what she had just heard and her eyebrows rose into her hairline.

“What? No way! Really?”

Riza smiled and nodded.

“Yes, he grew up with many…sisters who taught him how to style hair at a young age.”

“How do you know this? I thought you were only his bodyguard?”

Riza blushed, realizing her slip up.

“He…mentioned it once when the team was out for drinks. Apparently the silly man blabs about himself when he’s drunk.”

Winry was skeptical, but decided to drop the subject. For now. Instead she giggled and turned to gage Riza’s expression.

“That’s so funny.”

Riza chuckled and nodded.

“Isn’t it? In any case, would you like me to find him for you?”

“Oh yes, please!”

Riza smiled and stood, exiting the room to find Roy. Winry played with the satin and lace on her dress for a few minutes before Roy entered the room with Riza right behind him.

“I hear you needed some help with a hair style?” Roy grinned and walked over to Winry, taking a seat on the bed behind her chair.

“Thank you so much for the help, General. I hate to be a bother…”

“Nonsense! You’re no bother at all. This is your day, you get to boss everyone around and we have to take it.”

Winry smiled, but fidgeted as Roy started to style her hair. Riza noticed a far off look in the girl’s eyes and frowned.

“I…My dad used to braid my hair when I was little,” Winry spoke quietly. “You…remind me of him a bit.”

Roy’s hands stalled for a moment in her hair before resuming what he was doing. He stole a glance at Riza and she stared back at him with a sad look in her eye.


“Um…I know this is such short notice and it might be kind of weird, but, um, would you…would you walk me down the aisle in his place? You’ve been such a huge part of Ed’s life and I know how much you both mean to him even if he’d never admit it. You’re almost like family so…we talked about it, but I never got around to asking you. If you don’t feel comfortable I understand…”

Roy was speechless and stopped doing her hair, looking again at Riza with a look that was a mixture of pain and surprise. Finally he stood and crouched down in front of Winry, placing a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him and he smiled.

“I would be honored. For you to ask such a thing of me is humbling. If it’s what you want and would make you happy, I would love to.”

The smile on Winry’s face was bright and she leapt from her seat to hug Roy.

“Oh thank you, General Mustang. That would mean so much to me.”

Roy laughed and returned her hug before guiding her back to her seat.

“But first, we need to finish your hair or you won’t be walking down that aisle on time.”

Roy was meticulous in his work, careful not to tug too hard and made sure every strand of hair was in the right place. Winry was patient and sat still the entire time it took to finish her hairstyle, but once it was ready, she was almost in tears again and practically bobbed in her seat from excitement.

“Fullmetal is very lucky,” Roy said when he finished, looking at Winry’s reflection in the mirror. “Too lucky, if you ask me. You’re too good for him.”

Winry blushed at the compliment.

“It’s amazing…It’s beautiful, it’s perfect. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome,” Roy said standing up to leave the room with Riza. He sent one more smile back to Winry before leaving. “We’ll see you downstairs.”


The look on Edward’s face as Roy walked Winry down the aisle was priceless. His jaw would have hit the ground if it hung open any further and his eyes never left Winry as she slowly made her way toward him. His face was as bright red as a tomato when she arrived at his side.

Edward and Winry’s wedding went off without a hitch and the two couldn’t have been happier. No one could remember the last time they had seen the two of them smiling so much.

On the dance floor, Ed reached up and brushed at the blonde tresses curled around Winry’s ears.

“You like it?” Winry asked. “General Mustang did my hair for me.”

Edward’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

“WHAT? How could that asshole be capable of creating something so beautiful?”

Winry blushed at the compliment and Edward suddenly realized that he called her beautiful and blushed with her.

“You idiot…”

“Well…Well it’s true though! You are beautiful!”

Winry smiled and rested her head on his shoulder as they slowly drifted across the dance floor. Ed returned her smile and tightened his hold on her, bringing her closer and resting his head on hers. It was a perfect end to a perfect day and they couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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i was wondering if either of you could do headcanons for how the chocobros would react to their s/o (fem, if that's okay) breaking down in the middle of their first time making love with the chocobros because they have faded stretch marks, head to toe, and they don't feel they're beautiful enough for the boys? maybe smut follows afterwards if you guys are comfortable. if not, totally okay. i've just been feeling insecure lately with my own body and needed some love. love you guys! xoxo.

Before jumping into this, I would just like to preface by saying thank you for being so raw and honest. Admitting when you need a little love isn’t only okay, it’s perfectly healthy. It means a lot that you came to us to help you out in feeling more secure.

Secondly, as somebody who was stretch marks themself, I completely get it. They can be a real nuissance, especially due to the fact that it feels impossible to get them to fade (I’ve tried every remedy in the book to no avail). With that said, I think its important to be more kind and gentle with yourself: stretch marks are out of our control, 100% natural, and a function of the human body when put under changes.

They in no way detract from the radiant beauty you exude - I have no doubts you’re an absolute goddess. It’s time to start treating yourself like one ♡
I hope this headcannon is what you were looking for…

{ P.S. Due to the fact that I’m not confident I can write well in the style of NSFW/smut, I opted for a lighter style that focuses on the emotions and feeling shared between each chocobro and their s/o }

NOTE: As always, musical recommendations are included for each individual story to help set the tone for each given situation - I think that especially in the case of these, music would be a lovely addition to add depth and feeling. I chose all instrumental pieces to achieve the proper bittersweet atmosphere


Song: “I” (String Version) by Yiruma

  • The night Gladio and his s/o decided they were to take their relationship to the next level was the evening of the annual Royal Ambassador’s Ball held at the Citadel

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6 and 42 with Kylo Ren

6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!”

42. “You braided his hair?”

It was about the time of week when you and Phasma would eat lunch together, a longstanding tradition that you held for almost as long as you lived on Starkiller. You’d ask each other about your day, and talk about everything from that new seemingly incompetent Radar Technician to the crushes you had. Of course, Phasma always teased you relentlessly, because you had a crush on the Commander.

“Y/N I still do not understand what you see in that man, you can do so much better,” She shook her head.

“Well there’s more to him than you see, he’s talented, intelligent, and he even makes me laugh sometimes,” You defend. There was just something about the man that fascinated you, and after lots of observing you found that it was something that you were very attracted to. Just thinking about him made you flustered. 

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Moving On Without Us

Ttile: Moving On Without Us

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, T’challa x Reader

Genre: Angst 

Summary: Bucky moved on. Little did he know he left not one but two behind.

Bucky and (Y/N)’s story started in Bucharest. The city where Bucky’s new life started after his years of brainwashing under Hydra. The city where (Y/N) decided to start her life anew after the death of her parents in an unfortunate car accident.

Bucky was finally free from Hydra and has settled into the tiny safe house he found. His life day in day out was simple at best, he spent most of his waking moments researching about his past, and most of his sleeping moments reliving his life under Hydra in his nightmares.

(Y/N) has been living the simple life in Bucharest for a good year when she first noticed her new neighbor.

The first time she realized someone moved into the empty apartment next to hers was when she saw the door hastily being slammed shut as she took her trash out for the day. The second time she noticed her new neighbor was when she was watering her potted plants and noticed a single unassuming brown stool, two empty beer bottles on the usually empty balcony. Her third encounter with her neighbor was the time she’s finally seen what he looked like.

It was past three in the wee hours of a rainy morning when she first heard the distressed shouting and the sounds of things being knocked over in the newly occupied apartment. Wrapping a robe around herself, she made her way out of her home and started knocking loudly on her neighbor’s door. Biting her lips, the forehead furrowed with worry as the sounds from inside the apartment failed to stop.

Her heart grew heavy with worry as the sounds got louder. Finally, she decided to climb past her balcony and attempt to get to her neighbors’.

Finding Bucky thrashing wildly on his bed, (Y/N) hurried over and tried to wake him from his nightmare. As a reflex action, Bucky’s eyes snapped open and simultaneously wrapped his fingers around her delicate neck.

Bucky didn’t hurt (Y/N) that night. In fact, that night introduced (Y/N) to Bucky’s deepest and darkest moments. In six months, Bucky and (Y/N) has formed a bond with each other like no other. They bonded over their past, they bonded over their loneliness in a foreign land, they bonded over their love for plums and most of all, they bonded over their reliance on each other.

For a year, their relationship escalated from neighbors who knew nothing about each other to fast friends, to best friends and eventually to lovers.

Bucky was finally at peace with where he was in life. For once in his life in 90 years, he found a place he belonged and he found someone to share that belonging with.

“(Y/N)! I’m home doll.” Bucky called out, kicking his shoes off at the doorway. Hearing Bucky, (Y/N) hurried to him, an apron wrapped around her waist, her hair in a loose braid, specks of flour on her cheeks.

“Bucks! Dinner’s almost ready! Go hop into the shower!” she said, a sweet smile on her lips.

“James Buchanan Barnes! What did I say about shoes in the doorway!” (Y/N) questioned, hands now crossed across her chest, face in a slight frown.

Bucky gave a sheepish laugh as he picked his shoes up and placed them neatly on the shelf. “Sorry doll! I forgot…” he replied as he scratched the back of his neck, looking slightly embarrassed.

A sound of sweet laughter came from (Y/N) as she tiptoed and gave the man a peck on his cheeks, pushing him towards the bathroom.

“Joining me, doll?” Bucky asked with a cheeky smile.

With a light tap on (Y/N)’s behind, Bucky’s smirk grew bigger as he swiftly turned into the bathroom and closed the door, leaving a red-faced (Y/N) outside as he chuckled behind the door.

Another six months came and went and their relationship only strengthened as they spent more and more time together. Eventually, their relationship moved from only emotional bonding to an established one with physical bonds as well.

Bucky and (Y/N) were a compatible couple. From their looks, their character, their thoughts and beliefs to even their physical compatibility were impeccable. If people believed in soulmates, they would no doubt have been each other’s.

However, life would not stay peaceful for long, at least not the life of Bucky Barnes. A little over two years after they’ve met, Bucky noticed people following them. He’d be buying plums and he’d noticed people looking at him perched on a nearby building. He’d be walking (Y/N) to her job at the library as he spots someone discreetly glancing at (Y/N) at a table by the corner.

This heightened Bucky’s paranoia and he was on edge awake and asleep. The nightmares that have been gone came back. Bucky’s mood took a turn for the worse and eventually managed to strain their love for each other.

Days were filled with loud fights that resulted in Bucky slamming the door and leaving. Nights were filled with the two sleeping on separate beds, both with their sleep plagued with nightmares once again.

In just a short month, their relationship fell to shambles. The breakup was ugly. It was anger-filled, tears falling uncontrollably, shouting and screaming at each other. And with a final slam of the door, (Y/N) left Bucky’s life for good.

Bucky supposed there’s just no end to bad luck. Just after (Y/N) left, everyone that he was avoiding by coming to Bucharest has found him. In a haze, Bucky was whisked away by Steve, got involved in a civil war, got hunted and almost killed by not only Hydra but a wide array of superheroes.

Thinking back to those days, Bucky shook his head with a small smile and sigh. Who would’ve though Bucky Barnes would finally be back in New York? Living as part of the Avengers in the tower? The life in Bucharest almost seemed like a distant dream. Sometimes when he was alone and his thoughts seemed loud, he’d remember that life with (Y/N); that sweet, quiet and slow paced domestic life. He’d feel his heartstrings tug a little, the corner of his blue eyes prick a little, a sheen of tears glistening.

Yet, here he was, his hands wrapped around a smaller one. Sometimes he’d subconsciously compare this hand with (Y/N)’s; it didn’t feel as warm or as soft - it didn’t feel like home.

Bucky shook his head to clear his thoughts; he’s got to focus on what he has now, he’s a different man now, he’s no longer Hydra’s Bucky, no longer (Y/N)’s Bucky.

“James, should we go to the diner to grab lunch?” a voice came from next to him.

“Anything you fancy darling.” came his smooth reply as he turned and threw her a charming smile.

Walking down the sidewalk, they were casually chatting when a bicycle whizzed past the couple.

“Darcy!” Bucky yelled out as he grabbed her by the shoulder and into his chest as he steered her away.

In the opposite street, (Y/N) stood, taking in the scene in front of her. Her tears rolled down her face uncontrollably, muffled sobs escaped her lips as a hand covered her mouth; her other hand atop her swollen belly, rubbing the bump.

Flashes of their past came at her as her heart broke into a million piece. She could swear she felt as though her heart was breaking physically; the pain too much to bear. There was a time in her life that she believed she would be the only wrapped in Bucky’s warm embrace, that she would be the one Bucky protected with his life, she would be the one that started a family with Bucky - a family they both yearned for.

“Darcy…” (Y/N) let out a defeated whisper as she looked at the woman in Bucky’s arms. She was beautiful. Soft brown eyes that matched her hair, her smile so blindingly warm. She tried to will herself to look away, to try and run away from the hurt she was feeling but she simply couldn’t.

As she sees Bucky place a chaste kiss on Darcy’s forehead, (Y/N) closes her eyes and whispered a final goodbye.

“I’d only wish you the best Bucky. I love you. Goodbye.” her voice came out soft and resigned, filled to the brim with her love for the man.

A strong hand on (Y/N)’s shoulder steered her away from the scene in front of her. The hand pulled her into his embrace and the other placed on the back of her head, letting her find solace in his broad chest even as her swollen belly puts distance between them.

“I want to leave, T. There’s nothing left for me here. There’s nothing for me in Bucharest either. I left the place I called home to find Bucky in Wakanda, only to be led to New York. I came to New York only to find that he’s found his new home. I have nowhere else to go. What should I do?” (Y/N) sobbed as she thought about the bleak future she and her child would face.

“(Y/N), Wakanda will always be your home. So come home with me sweetheart.” came T’challa’s reply, his arms protectively around her.

Sleeping Beauty’s Coma

How about a Team Flash x OC drabble? 

Little bit of background stuff. 

OC - 

Anna Dumas, metahuman with time travel powers 

Originally posted by acewest360

“So.. is there a new meta?” I asked, walking into the Cortex. 

“There is. This new metahuman is forcing people into comas.” Cisco said as he and Barry walked into the Cortex.

“How many people are in comas right now?” I asked.

“One. Amont Derbun.” Caitlin said.

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Okay so maybe you already answered this in bits and pieces with your other modern grisha hc's but like... in modern day what style/makeup/hair preferences do you see the grisha-soc girl gang having? Sorry I just find that stuff a lot of fun so I was wondering if you had ideas.

aksjdjkas THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN omg!!
- alina probably has no time or energy for elaborate hairstyles so her hair is always in a messy but or cascading down her shoulders in lazy waves. the most she does for her hair is brush it + dry shampoo it so it makes it even beachier and ~effortless~. same with make up - she’s either bare faced or wearing very very light bb cream + mascara and that’s her regular Day Look™ - the only exception is a white or golden eyeliner she puts in the corners of her eyes and needless to say it goes rly well with her entire sun summoner vibe. her style is minimalistic + simple but sweet - white tshirt, mom jeans, bright yellow sneakers/loafers, lots of colorful chokers, symbolic jewelry - a pair of antlers hanging around her neck, a handful of bangles from inej, a green emerald glimmering on her finger, a pair of earrings in the shape of a lightning bolt
- genya is a MASTER of make up (naturally). she’s not just experimenting but creating her own formula; always messing around with hues and pigments, and everything she does is cruelty free + totally safe for any and all skin type. she’s very informed when it comes to brands/artists and she’d never support the brand if she doesn’t like the people/company behind it. she might take the concept they have and recreate it/turn it into smth better just to prove she can + they’re Not That Special. it’s a slow process but we all know it’s what she does best and the result is always epic, iconic, legendary, spectacular, never the same. eyeliner on fleek, bright ruby red matte lipstick, heavy contour, dramatic eyes, rivulets of ginger hair everywhere; A Vision™!! her sense of fashion is a+ too but she has a thing for gold/red - short vinyl skirts, checkprint leggings, shimmery see-through tops, aphrodite is shaking in her sandals, truly
- zoya is literally the living, breathing definition of Dressed To Kill™. leather pants, deep blue turtlenecks/halter tops, heels longer than any of alina’s love interests’ 🍆, big silver hoops or dangling earrings that reach her shoulders. cat-eye is a must, she always borrows genya’s matte lipsticks and it’s either nudes or deep, dark colors like plump/dark mauve - nothing in between. she’s either going for soft with a touch of danger or deadly with a secret tender side only a few people are privy to. long ink-black hair that holds storms between its streaks, highlighter brighter than my future, filled in eyebroows, long eyelashes, YES M A M A yEs yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
- tamar’s style is simple but smart - basic monochrome tshirts that wash & dry easily, distressed jeans, combat boots, lots of chains & studs, maybe a pop of color in her leather jacket - a bright heart-shaped pin here, a rainbow badge there. her lips are always glossy or shimmery, her cheeks are streaked with glitter, her favorite eyeshadow palette is called killer babe and it’s mostly pinks/reds. her hair is either held in a low pony or sticking up in spikes, which makes nadia run her hand through her gf’s hair more, instinctively trying to smooth them down. a part of her outfit always matches nadia’s and alina always notices bc [voice drops to a whisper] she notices a lot of things about Girls™
- nadia is a vision in pastels and vibrant make up that somehow always goes with her outfit despite it being a rather clashing combination. she loves her soft hues - dusty rose, pale lilac, washed out blue. her lips are either baby pink or nude, with a lot of blush that makes her look even more ethereal and her hair is always braided - either up or down, always smth elaborate she’s spent hours and hours looking at youtube tutorials just to get it right. sometimes she’ll let tamar draw little symbols on her cheekbone - an uneven heart, the wlw labrys, a tiny rainbow peaking from behind a cloud, and sometimes it’s just a kiss print left on their way out
- nina is a goddess incarnate. even genya’s super impressed and genya’s like?? a legitimate beauty/fashion expert?? idk if you’ve seen barbie ferreira’s ig but like that is It. that’s nina right there, from top to bottom, down to the toes. her style is bold, edgy, challenging, unapologetic, body-positive, SEXY, beautiful. she has no problem going braless and wearing a semi see-through top, or crop tops that show her entire belly + a bit of underboob, matching pastel sets of ribbed skin tight short +  top, swimsuits tucked into jeans, the iconic stripes + denim combo, A LOT of lace, a lot of healthy, glowing skin. and she loves to wear big, heavy jewelry, the ~femme fatale~ kind - big earrings, velvet chokers that cover her 80% of her neck, body necklaces, massive rings. her hair is loose and you wanna get lost in it, like a sailor driven to madness by a siren’s song. her cheeks are bright and red, her lips are the color (and flavor, probably,,, inej might know best) of sweet cherry, there’s a lot of sparkle going on - on her eyelids, on her cheekbones, on her entire body. she uses a lot of body glitter/shimmer and her style is never boring, never like the day before, always has you on your toes
- and last but not least, inej!!!! her style is what you’d call efficient, humble, simplistic but stylish at the same time - she wears a lot of black and dark tones that help her blend into the shadows so she can become the wraith, but she likes to splash a bit of subtle color here and there - pastel yellow or orange nails, soft blush, pumpkin colored lipstick or lipgloss (nina complains lipgloss is sticky but then inej laughs and suddenly sticky is good, sticky can stay - or be smeared away,, if you know what i mean). she loves light perfumes - something natural, like the smell of forest fruit or an ocean breeze, or freshly picked flowers. she prefers boots all year round - short or open booties for summer, long knee-high boots for autumn/winter. she rarely wears jewelry; her knives are enough. however, alina likes to pamper her the most bc she holds her very dear & close to her heart, so she always surprises her with something dainty and small - her favorite pair of earring is probably two tiny curled knives, no bigger than her nail - they’re made from steel so they can’t cause any irritation and they’re forever, they’re unbreakable, like her. her hairstyle is usually a thick braid - either whipping around her shoulders or curled into a bun. she doesn’t wear a lot of make up either but sometimes she’ll put a bit of deep purple/blue/graphite to go with her outfit. she loves scarves!! all kinds of scarves - big, small, long, short, printed, monochrome, even plain ones that just smell like something fresh and satisfying, like freedom. she loves things with hood - dresses, tunics, tshirts, classic hoodies, jackets, parkas. granted, her style isn’t the ~loudest~ of the girl squad but it definitely makes you pause and turn around - and then she’s gone