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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkside of Dimensions dub changes

Hey everyone here’s not so much a review but the differences I noticed between the dub and sub. Of course it’s not 100% cos it’s about 7 months since I last saw the sub and I didn’t include all the dialogue changes because there are too many so I included the ones that stood out to me or changed the tone a lot.

Below a read more cos ALL OF THE SPOILERS

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: teen!lock au; M thinks shes crushing on JW and after failing to catch his attention (for JW likes gutsy, outgoing, confident, poised girls which M is certainly not) M decides reluctantly but out of desperation to ask J's best friend SH (who she hates on principle for being a cold asshole) to help her become J's dream girl. SH seeing the childish overly cheery lost cause before him agrees with a sneer (not one to back down from s challenge). But the more he helps her with her 1/2

2/2 Metamorphosis the more he realizes he actually likes the cheerily childish but full of fun and love girl, while Molly discovers that the cold asshole isn’t so cold after all but can be quite sweet and funny. And they actually have a lot of shared interests. Can end up with M/J (failed awkward) date as J finally sees M but M already pining for S who is in a jealous and depressed fit as the date take place. In the end M and S end up together :)

This 2 part prompt is pretty complex for a mini fic prompt. So I hope you don’t mind, anon, that I cut it up and tweaked it quite a bit. In general I’d say I’m going for more of what the second half of the prompt outlines. The settup is teen!lock, and it’s right before uni time for all of them. And Sherlock and John have a flat together…basically because it just helps the plot lol. Enjoy! ;D

“Look, all I’m asking is that you try to be civil,” John said to his best friend while buttoning his shirt and checking his hair in the mirror. “Honestly, I think you’ll like her. She’s…well, I think she’s probably the first girl in a long time that I really genuinely have a lot in common with. She wants to be be a doctor as well!” John was trying his best to make her sound thrilling. “And besides that, she’s adorable and sweet and just…well, she’s just really nice.”

“I can hardly wait,” was the only response Sherlock offered, still focused on the contents of the dish he was holding. 

John rolled his eyes at Sherlock’s sarcastic words. “Listen, if you don’t want to bother with her then just go to your room and keep to yourself so I can at least enjoy her company. And I’m not sure if we’re getting take away or eating at a restaurant, but either way I can get you something.”

Sherlock shrugged. “Not hungry.”

A knock at the door made John rush to answer with one more warning glance at his friend.

“Molly, hi!” John greeted warmly. “Take you coat?”

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Wet or sticky? What your cervical fluid is telling you

Tracking your cervical fluid can give you clues about what hormonal changes and events are happening in your body right now. Understanding your own patterns can help you to know when ovulation has occurred, and when you might be able to skip the lube. Getting to know your fluid can also allow you to recognize when something may be off — from an infection or hormonal issue, for example.

The ebbs and flows of cervical fluid

The cervix is the passageway between your lower and upper reproductive tract. It has glands in and around it which produce fluid. The quality, consistency, and volume of this fluid changes along with your cycle. The pattern and experience of these changes is different for everyone but cervical fluid tends to follow a consistent cyclical pattern. It changes in quality, quantity and function. This happens in response to your changing hormones. At different times, cervical fluid acts to facilitate or prevent sperm from moving past your cervix (1). It also contains antibodies, and helps to keep out unhealthy bacteria and viruses (2).

A fluid timeline

1. Menstruation: Start of cycle

On day one of the cycle, both estrogen and progesterone are low. The cervix is not likely producing much fluid, but you won’t be able to tell, as it’s mixed in with blood, endometrial tissue and dissolved remnants of a disintegrated egg.

2. Dry/Sticky: Early-to-mid follicular phase

In the early follicular phase, estrogen starts to rise (it’s produced by your follicles as they grow). This rising estrogen leads to increased production of fluid. You probably won’t notice much of it in the days after your period — these are “dry” fluid days for many people — some might notice “sticky” fluid. Typically, cervical fluid first becomes noticeable around the middle of the follicular phase (day ~7 in a 28 day cycle) (3).

3. Creamy: Mid-to-late follicular phase

It may start sticky, but as estrogen and water content rises fluid tends to become ‘creamy,’ cloudy (not clear) and whitish or yellowish. Research has shown sperm can start to swim through cervical fluid on about day ~9 of a 28 day cycle (1).

4. Egg White/Wet: Late follicular phase/mid-cycle

As ovulation approaches, more cervical fluid is produced. Fluid becomes stretchier, clearer and more wet and slippery — like an raw egg white. This fluid tends to “peak” about 1–2 days before ovulation, when estrogen is highest (3). Around that time fluid can often be stretched several inches between your finger and thumb. For others it may be more watery. The amount of peak fluid the body produces is different for everyone, but it can be up to 20x more in some cases (4). This fluid is about 95% water in weight, and 5% solids (electrolytes, organic compounds and soluble proteins)(2). If you’re having sex and using lube, you may notice you need less around this time. *Note that the presence of fertile-type cervical fluid alone cannot confirm ovulation — it’s not accurate enough on its own to use for a FAM method or pregnancy prevention.

5. Dry/Sticky: Luteal phase

As soon as ovulation is over, fluid changes — even before you notice a visual change, it will already have become more fibrous and less penetrable for sperm (1). In the day or two after ovulation (the first days of the luteal phase), cervical fluid lessens and becomes much thicker. Progesterone, the dominant hormone in this phase, acts to inhibit the secretion of fluid from the epithelial cells (1). You may notice little fluid, or it may be sticky (or something else unique to you).

Note that every body is unique — these changes may show up differently for you, or you may experience or interpret them in a different way.

To swim or stick — the changing role of fluid

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[Requested by Anon]

The PhotoShoot.


“Can you set up the lights over here. I want to make sure this set is perfect!” Your friend stammered.

You nodded and did as you were told. You couldn’t help but laugh as you watched her pace back and forth around the pool area. Moving things around. Making small adjustments here and there. You can tell she was nervous.

“Come on Y/F/N, it’s not like you haven’t shot a celebrity before!” You chuckled.

She snapped her gaze at you and shrugged. “Yeah, but never anyone this gorgeous!” She squealed.

“Who is it? You haven’t even told me who the special guest is.” You spewed, throwing the props into the pool.

She flashed a cynical smile as a soft snarl escaped her lips.

Her phone went off, breaking the silence.

“Yea I’ll be right there!” She muttered. She slipped her phone back into her pocket and giggled like a little kid. “Oh my god, he’s here. Okay, get ready.” She flashed a wink.

You furrowed your brows but ignored the fact that she still has yet to tell you who you were taking photos of.

She liked to keep you guessing. Having you sit on the edge of your chair.

You took one last look at the set up, before you heard soft chatters, along with laughter. Obviously it was mostly your best friend that was giggling.

“Chris, this is my best friend slash assistant, Y/N.” She muttered.

You turned on your heels, and froze immediately as you laid your gaze on him.

There he was. The man you gawked over since you watched him on Parks and Rec.

“Y/N this is-”

“Andy-I mean owen-I mean Chris! Shit! Sorry.” You croaked, feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks from stumbling over your words.

His lips curled up and he let out a soft chuckle. “Damn, I have so many names!”

You couldn’t help but giggle. Something you did when you were nervous.

He kept his gaze on to you. Watching you fluster in your stance. He couldn’t help but think just how beautiful you are.

“Anyways, we should get started!” Y/F/N demanded. “Chris, there’s some clothes left out by the bathroom.”

He only nodded and started for the back. He glanced over at you, catching you staring back at him. And every time your eyes locked, you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

As he was out of sight, you looked back at your friend.

“Can you believe it? Chris freakin Pratt!” Your best friend squealed. “Aren’t you excited? He’s so cute. Ugh, I think I’m in love.”

You rolled your eyes, and shook your head. “He’s just like anyone else, only difference is, he’s on a movie.”

She stuck her tongue out and turned her back to you. “I don’t care. He’s gorgeous. I don’t think I can focus with him around.”

Chris got into the swim trunks and shirt you had picked out. And might you add, he looked extremely handsome.

“Let’s get this shit started! Whose ready to party?” He yelped, raising an eye brow, and looking between you and your friend.

“Awesome! Uh can you uh grab that dinosaur floatie by your foot?” She hesitated. “Just do whatever you want.”

He nodded and retrieved the floatie into his hands. “This awesome! Do I get to keep this when its done?” He asked.

“Nope! Sorry, but you can’t have them, I already called dibs!” You croaked.

Chris snapped his gaze to you, a smile slowly creeping on his face. “Oh, is that so?”

You nodded, as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“I’ll play you for it!” He stammered. “Let’s race. From the door to the fence. Loser gets to keep the dinosaur.”

You pondered over the idea for a moment, and caved. “Sure why not. Though you are going to lose.”

He stood straighter in his stance, and flashed a smirk. “Oh it’s on! You’re going down.”

“Yea okay, old man. We will see about that.”

Your best friend couldn’t stop giggling as she captured this moment.

Both you and Chris made your way to the door, and positioned yourselves for the race.

“I’ll go easy on you. I know it can be nerve wrecking to go against someone as sexy as me.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes and let out a loud cackle. “Someone is cocky.” You met his gaze and smirked. “Don’t worry, at least you will get a better view of my ass when I pass you up.”

Before he had time to respond, you pushed him down and darted toward the fence.

Chris couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled himself up and followed behind.

As you were just inches away, you slowly touched the fence, taunting him for losing.

His breathing was heavy, as he finally reached your side. “You’re a cheater! I could have totally beat you if you didn’t-” he paused taking in a deep breath.

“What was that? Is someone being a sore loser?” You chuckled.

He rolled his eyes, his smile growing more and more as he watched you laugh to yourself.

“Rematch!” He croaked.

You shook your head. “Maybe. But we should really get this photoshoot done.” You exhaled.

He nodded in agreement. “Ok, but this time, instead of the dinosaur, we play for something even better.”

You furrowed your brows. “And what’s that?”

“If I win, you have to give me the dinosaur, but if you win-” he paused, flashing a cynical smile. “You have to go out with me.”

Your friends mouth dropped. Her eyes growing wide as you and Chris locked eyes with one another.

You tried to refrain from smiling. act as if he was just like anyone else. And sure, you weren’t one to go crazy over celebrities, maybe be a fan of their work, but nothing far from that.

But something about him made you want to spend more time with him.

“Deal.” You muttered.

His lips curved, letting out a soft chuckle. He shook his head, his cheeks burning as he flustered in his stance.

He turned to your best friend and took in a deep breath.
“Well, how about those pictures.”

She’s A Hero In My Book

Based on Anon Prompt: “ The reader is super badass and imprinted and the Indominus Rex and she safely gets her back to her cage and Owen was super worried an confesses his feelings and they end up together?”

A/n: This is one of the first prompts I got and my brain just refused to cooperate. However, I can’t sleep so I got out my laptop and got to work and got this one finished for yall. I really hope you like it!

She’s wreaking havoc on the park and soon she will get to the guests if they don’t stop her. You know what you have to do…

This morning, when you heard that she got out, you didn’t realize how bad it would be. You had raised her, imprinted on her even, and you never thought she would be capable of this. But now, she was on a killing spree and no one was able to stop her. InGen has a special weapon for this kind of thing. It’s a sort of shrapnel grenade, filled with tranquilizers, but there were two problems. First, it has to be dropped from the sky, and it can’t be dropped over trees or else it won’t make it to the ground. It has to be in flat, open space. Second, she won’t stay still long enough for them to be able to hit her with it. Even when she began killing the other dinosaurs, she didn’t stay around to eat them; it was just a quick kill and then she moved on. You heard Owen in the control room saying that if there was just some way to get her out of the trees and to stay still, that they would be able to tranquilize her and take care of the situation.

Because of that, you’re now standing on the old original Jurassic Park Welcome Center. You can’t believe it was never torn down, but right now you’re thankful for it. It is out in the open, with no trees directly overhead and you know it’s the only place you can get her to stay. Although in hindsight, you should have probably gotten some help, and not ran off on your own. You just knew that if something went wrong, you would rather not be the cause of more innocent casualties.

When you got there, you started working on your plan. If there was anyone that she would listen to, it would be you; however, just talking to her wasn’t going to do anything. You thought that maybe if you sang to her like you did when she was a baby, she would at least stay still long enough for them to drop it. You can help but think about how mad Owen would be if he knew what you were doing right now; but if there was even a possibility that this would work, you knew you had to try it.

You found the old speaker system easily and were able to get it running as power was still supplied to the building and you found two old radios on one of the shelves. Setting them to the same frequency, you placed one holding down the play button for the speaker and took the other one with you. The hardest part was getting to the roof, but you finally did it. Once up there, you pulled out your phone and called  Lowery.

It rings twice before he answers, “Hey, sorry Y/n, but I’m a little busy, so unless you-“

“Lowery, listen to me. I’m at the Visitors Center. The old one.” He is dead silent and you take a breath and begin, “I think I’m going to be able to get her in a position to drop the tranquilizers.”

He asks how but you don’t have time to explain. “Lowery, please just track my location and get them on their way. I’m on top of the building and as long as I’m up here, I think I can get her to stay still. Please, it’s the best shot we’ve got.”

“Okay.” You sigh in relief when he doesn’t ask any more questions. You hear him typing on the other side of the phone and begin to shout the plan to the others in the control room, but you hear Owen before he even gets to the phone. You assume he picks it up because his voice is suddenly loud and clear.

“What are you doing?” He asks, sounding furious, “You don’t understand, Y/n, that grenade with hit everything within 1000 feet.” His voice begins to fill with panic and he takes a breath, “Babe, you won’t be able to get out of there in time.”

You take a deep breath and close your eyes, “Owen, I’m the only one who can get through to her, you know that. I’m sorry, but I have no other choice.”

He doesn’t respond for a moment and you hear Lowery shout, “She’s headed your way, and so is the plane.” Neither one of them says anything after that and you whisper into the phone before hanging up.

“I love you.”

You know crying will not help right now so you grab your radio and hold down the button to test it out.

“Indy!” You shout into the radio and it comes out loud and clear over the building speakers. “Indy, girl, C’mon! Come find me girl, I’m over here.” Being on top of the building gives you a great view and you can see the treetops bustling about half a mile away. She doesn’t seem to be moving very fast, but she’s moving steadily. It’s time to pull out the big guns as talking to her won’t be enough to keep her occupied. At this moment, unknown to you, Lowery has gotten the security cameras on the building running and you are front and center on the screen in the control room.

You try to keep your voice from breaking as you begin to sing,

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,” You watch the trees and see that she’s getting closer.

“You make me happy, when skies are grey,” She’s about a quarter mile out.

“You’ll never know girl, how much I love you,” You can feel her footsteps shaking the ground now and hear the trees being knocked down.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

As soon as you finish, she bursts from the trees. You stand your ground as she always respected that. She knew you were never scared of her; you saw her at her smallest, youngest, weakest, and helped raise her. She would definitely hurt you if she wanted to, but all you needed was a few more seconds because as she steps towards the building you can already hear the plane coming in.

You continue to sing as she gets closer and closer to you.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” You pause for a moment as she finally gets her face up close to your body. She sniffs you and breathes out hard, spraying snot all over you, but you continue shakily.

“You make me happy,” The plane is almost overhead. Just two more seconds.

“When skies are gray.” You’re not going to be able to get out of the way in time, you know that. You just hope this works and your sacrifice isn’t for nothing. If you’re going to die, it’s going to be saving everyone’s life, but more importantly, saving hers.

“You’ll never know girl,” tears are falling now as you look to the sky to see the falling object. You close your eyes as she looks up at the grenade and you hope she doesn’t run.

“How much I love you.” The last thing you see is Indy throwing her upper body onto the building, directly on top of you before you hear the explosion. You feel the pain of broken bones and bleeding, but didn’t feel any impact of the explosion. She begins to jolt and shake on top of you, the tranquilizers kicking in, and as she goes still; the pain is too much for you. You feel your brain get foggy before you fade into the darkness and the last thing you think before falling:

Please don’t take my sunshine away.


You wake up in a hospital bed and Owen jumps from the chair beside you as soon as you open your eyes. His face is red and he’s clearly been crying but all you can think about is the pain in your body. Unable to talk just yet, you close your eyes and moan and he quickly calls for a doctor.

When you open your eyes again, a man in a white coat is adjusting a baggie on the stand next to you that leads to the needle in your hand.

“Well Miss Y/L/n, you’re going to be okay.” He speaks slowly, not looking entirely sure if you’re understanding him. “You have 8 fractured bones, but most of them are in your leg, only a few ribs.”

You moan a little softer now, as your tongue moves around in your mouth like a foreign object. You’re not sure if you can talk, but you give it a try.

“I-” You cough at the dryness of your mouth and the coughing sends pain straight to your chest. Owen grabs the plastic cup next to the bed and tilts it to your mouth for a sip of water.

“Miss Y/L/n, you’re very lucky. That grenade could have easily killed you instantly.” You see Owen flinch and grimace in pain but you look back to the doctor. “If she hadn’t happened to fall on you at that exact moment, you would probably be dead.” You know he is only telling you the facts, but you assume he’s got something better to do than make you think of how you almost died. You nod your head and try to speak again, this time more clearly.

“Thank you doctor.” Your voice comes up raspy. “I’ll call one of the nurses if I need anything.”

He nods and walks out of the room and you look back to Owen who hasn’t let go of your hand since you woke up.

“I’m okay,” You say trying to sound reassuring but he just frowns down at you.

“I thought I was going to lose you. Lowery got the security cameras up and I watched the whole thing. I thought you were dead.” His eyes are full of tears again and you hate to see him in this much pain. You slowly pull his hand towards your mouth ignoring the pain and kiss it.

“But I’m not. I’m going to be fine. Because of Indy.” Mentioning her name makes you remember, “Is she okay?” You ask solemnly, wondering if they already put her down.

“She’s on steady meds to keep her sedated until they figure out what to do with her.”  Owen fills you in and you nod softly at this. You take a deep breath, causing another shot of pain to go straight to your chest.

“She saved me.” You say quietly, a tear coming to your eyes, “She didn’t fall; she jumped.”

Owen simply nods his head and whispers back, “I know. We all saw it.” At this you give him a soft, sad smile.

“She not bad, not really.” You say, and he leans down to kiss your forehead. There are tears in your eyes and you begin to feel the pain meds kicking in. For the second time this day, you find yourself blacking out against your will.

“Oh I know that. She kept you safe so you could come back to me.” He moves his face down you kiss you ever so softly on the lips as you fall into darkness once again and you hear him whisper, “So she’s a hero in my book.”

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“(B)romance” You/Xiumin

happy birthday to my love minnie queen-chan for beta-ing this fic for me (thanks also to the sister wives who mentioned f-ckboy minseok and gave me the idea in the first place)

vague college/summer au

the guy who always comes in during your shift is kind of an asshole. But also really, really hot. 

rating: nc-17 don’t say i didn’t warn you, save yourself

“Don’t ruin your pretty little figure with all that booze.”

Minseok works his jaw like it’s a miracle of God he hasn’t leapt over the counter to duct tape your mouth shut. He’s cute® when he’s angry.

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Open the Gate - Owen Grady x Reader

Prompt from horcrx-hunter: Can you pretty please write an image where Owen and Hoskins (or whatever his name is) are arguing on the catwalk over the raptors. And you’re one of the trainers and Hoskins not so accidentally pushes you into the cage???? Thanks!

Warnings: minimal mention of blood. 

They were at it again. Owen and Hoskins stood at the catwalk arguing about whether or not the raptors were ready for a field test. It usually went this way: Hoskins shows up about once a month and it’s the same conversation every time. Owen would say no, and Hoskins would chase him around the catwalk for about an hour, being the very worst.

Generally, you stayed as far away from Owen when Hoskins was around. Cranky and frustrated Owen was not a particularly favorite version of him. And he knew it. After the first blow out fight the two of you had gotten in over whether or not Blue had gotten too many rats that day, you and Owen silently agreed it was best to just stay out of each other’s hair.

You don’t know what made today any different, but boy was it a mistake.

You climbed up the stairs of the catwalk to collect some of the equipment Owen left around in his attempt to ditch Hoskins.

“Hey! You!” You heard Hoskins’ gruff voice scream at you from down the walkway. “Get over here, I’ve got questions for you.”

You sighed. Crap.

“Do you think the raptors are ready for a field test?” He launched the question at you. “You’re here almost every day with those animals. You see them. Second opinion from these two goons.” He gestured to Barry and Owen, who just rolled their eyes.

“Well,” you said tentatively. “I think in an controlled environment¬–“

“(Y/N), are you serious?” Owen pushed past Hoskins in a huff. “You’ve seen the days where the girls don’t behave, they don’t listen to anyone.”

“They listen to me, Owen. They like me. A fact you’ve been in denial about since I started working here.”

He was glaring at you, and you hated seeing that look on his face, which simultaneously made you want to slap him and have sex with him all at the same time.

“You say you the raptors like you?” Hoskins asked. “Let’s find out.”

“What?” You said, trying to back up out of Hoskins reach, but it was too late. He had already pushed you over the edge of the catwalk, into the raptor pen.

Of all days you decided to open your mouth.

“WHAT THE–. Hold on, (Y/N)” Owen was screaming at you, and you heard the stairs clank underneath his heavy footsteps as he hurried down the stairs. “DO NOT MOVE.”

You slowly lifted your head up from the mulch, feeling some of it sticking to your forehead. You took a mental check of your body. So far, nothing was hurting.

So far.

All four raptors had rushed at you, and you could feel Delta trying to sneak up on you from the side. They had cornered the pray, waiting to attack.

“OPEN THE GATE.” You heard Owen screaming, but his voice was muffled underneath the sound of your heart beating a panicked rhythm in your ears.

“Blue, hey now girl.” You said softly and slowly. The raptors were hissing at you and each other. “Let’s just think about this.” You slowly managed to lift yourself into a crouch and reach your arms out towards the raptors, trying to keep their distance away from you. “No, Charlie. Come on. You were always my favorite. That does not mean you can be the one who eats me.”

Delta hissed at the word “favorite” and you knew it was no coincidence.

“Okay, maybe pissing off my raptor children is not the way to get out of this situation.” You muttered.

“Don’t move, (Y/N), I’m coming in!” You could feel Owen rushing under the open gate, and you could feel Hoskins’ ugly smirk on the back of your neck as he watched the entire situation from the catwalk.

“Oh fuck no you’re not.” You screamed back at him. In that one moment of distraction, Echo advanced on you.

“Hey, HEY, Echo, come on I see you. Back up, dammit.”

“GET OUT OF THERE.” Barry yelled from the catwalk.

“Shut the gate.” Owen said.

“What, no, don’t do that. That’s the opposite of a solution.” You shouted from the pen.

“Trust me, (y/n). It’s your chance.”

The raptors were getting restless, and you knew Owen was right. It was now or never.

“Shut it.”

As soon as you heard the buzzer signal that the gate was closing, you rolled backwards. The raptors rushed at you, and you couldn’t help but feel a little betrayed. Charlie nipped at your elbow, tearing at the sleeve of your shirt, just before the gate closed between you and the raptors.

Quickly you got up and turned to storm out of the cage towards Hoskins, blood rushed down your elbow, but you couldn’t care less.

“WHAT THE F-“ You started to scream, but Owen had grabbed you suddenly, pulling you in for a completely unexpected kiss. You tensed, absolutely confused, but relaxed as Owen wrapped his arms around you.

“See?” Hoskins said, approaching the both of you, ignoring the kiss. “These animals can take orders. I just saw some real potential here.”

“This isn’t over, Hoskins.” Owen said, protectively pushing you behind him. “I’ll have you-“

“Banned? Yeah. Okay. I own you Grady. I own your raptors and I own your little bitch friend. I’ll get my field test. Don’t you worry.”

“I COULD HAVE DIED.” You screamed from behind Owen. He was practically restraining you from lunging at Hoskins, who was already walking away, chuckling to himself.

“But you didn’t.” Owen said, twisting your body around so you were pressed completely up against him. “But you didn’t.” He said just before kissing you, so you could feel his lips moving against yours before kissing you. Your stomach flipped, and you felt like your legs were going to turn into liquid. You had no idea Owen Grady cared so much for you.

“I told you the raptors liked me better than you.” You said between kisses.

Jurassic Galaxy (Jurassic World/Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover)

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Peter Quill, savior of the galaxy and self-proclaimed legendary outlaw, was currently acting like he was seven years old. Gamora was strongly debating whether or not she should just turn around and wait on the Milano for the weekend to end. After all, she didn’t understand the Terran concept of “birthdays”, nor did she much enjoy the body paint she’d been covered in to blend in. It was uncomfortable enough as is, but the scorching heat and throngs of inconsiderate people didn’t make it any better, and Peter’s behavior was going to throw her into a murderous rage any time now. How could she have let herself get roped into this little field trip?

Because he is your friend, that’s why. Oh right. It was such an inconvenient luxury, having friends.

Gamora did her best to look on the bright side. Earth was much prettier than she imagined it to be, though, the people were certainly disappointing. Peter would always be her colleague and friend, but there was no denying that he was quite attractive and she figured…well she figured that perhaps others of his race would be the same way. But either way, she was not there to people watch. She was there to see dinosaurs…and babysit, apparently.

They were in the lobby of a large hotel, and the pair was standing in front of the marble front desk. Peter was drumming his hands against the top as he rattled off confirmation numbers and reservation names between flirting with the check-in girl, but Gamora paid no attention. Instead, she was focused on the actual desk itself. Etched into the stone was an insignia of what Peter had explained to be bones of a certain type of dinosaur, and below it were blocky letters reading “Jurassic World”.

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John’s Journal:

November 16, 1983:
Dean still hardly talks. I try to make small talk, or ask him if he wants to throw the baseball around. Anything to make him feel like a normal kid again. He never budges from my side - or from his brother. Every morning when I wake up, Dean is inside the crib, arms wrapped around baby Sam. Like he’s trying to protect him from whatever is out there in the night.
Sammy cries a lot, wanting his mom. I don’t know how to stop it, and part of me doesn’t want to. It breaks my heart to think that soon he won’t remember her at all. I can’t let her memory die.

November 21, 1983:
Here’s what I wish I could say to Dean - your brother’s too young to understand any of this, but you’re beginning to. And that scares me. Since your mother died, I’ve seen unspeakable things, and now you’ve seen them and that’s my fault. I see the darkness of the road I’m traveling on now. It’s not a place for you. One day you’ll see - I had to leave you today… but when I’m done, I promise you: the day will come when I never have to leave you again. Until then, I can only pray that you’re strong enough to look after Sam. One of us has to be.

December 11, 1983:
Sammy has finally started sleeping through the night, and now that Dean shares a bed with him, he’s out like a light too.

May 17, 1984:
Sammy took his first steps yesterday. He walked toward Dean.

May 2, 1986:
Sammy is three years old today. We celebrated with an ice-cream cake. He was still wearing most of it when he fell asleep. Dean’s sleeping too, the two of them in the bed. The room only has one bed.

November 2, 1986:
Mary has been dead for three years. She doesn’t know that Sammy has learned the alphabet, and likes to catch bugs. She doesn’t know that Dean watches his little brother like a hawk every minute, with an expression on his face that says he’s willing to die to keep Sammy safe. She doesn’t know how it tears me up inside to see that expression, and to know that it’s there because I have drilled it into Dean that Sammy is his responsibility. He’s eight years old, and I’ve told him his brother’s life is in his hands.

anonymous asked:

Jw if you'd do headcannons of how the paladins would carve pumpkins? :)

Thanks for the request, especially such a fitting one given the holiday! :) And I know this was just for the Paladins, but I couldn’t leave out Allura and Coran.


  • Definitely likes carving pumpkins, maybe not hardcore into it but really enjoys it
  • Really likes if he gets to carve them with other people, thinks it’s a great group activity
  • Makes his own designs, nothing too fancy but still pretty impressive!


  • Pumpkin carving expert, right here! He loves it, probably got into it when he was little and his parents wanted something that would keep him occupied but also make him think
  • Loves coming up with designs, and always challenges himself to go bigger than the year before, it’s pretty amazing
  • Likely makes some for friends as gifts, always made some for his family, especially the younger ones who got such a kick out of it


  • Isn’t huge into the whole thing, but if he’s with others who are he might try and help out
  • Probably sticks to the basic design and doesn’t have the patience for the more intricate designs
  • Even though he would never admit it, is grossed out by the pumpkin ‘guts’ and if he’s working on it with someone else, they’ll have to clean out the pumpkin because there’s no way he’s touching them, nope


  • Didn’t see the big appeal until Matt finally talked them into it, when they were younger, and loves it now
  • Would spend weeks planning designs, got very technical with outlines and sketches, to the point where Matt would usually tell them to chill; it’s just a pumpkin, not a rocket
  • The planning pays off when they end up with one amazing looking pumpkin, even Lance would be impressed


  • He loves carving pumpkins, something he probably got from his family; they were likely all big into the activity and it just never felt like Halloween to him until they broke out the pumpkins and carving kits
  • Loves the near limitless possibilities for carving designs, from the super detailed to the basic, and he’s probably somewhere in the middle? He likes trying new things, but doesn’t feel pressured to make it super complicated
  • Really likes when he can get others in on the carving and make it into a group activity, because that’s what he’s used to

Allura & Coran

  • They have no idea what the Paladins are talking about when it first comes up, like why would you mutilate a harmless plant?
  • Once they see the finished products, however, both probably change their tune fast; Allura is fascinated and Coran is sure he can come up with something truly amazing
  • Of the two, however, Allura likely gets more competitive and wants to make the best looking pumpkin, going all out on her design
  • Coran shares Keith’s dislike of the innards, but is far more vocal about it
Joe Sugg imagine || Rekindled. ||

Anonymous said:

Hi I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you are joe’s ex and you guys broke up because he cheated and it’s been a month since you’ve spoken but he invites you to his book launch because you were part of his life for so long and you don’t wanna go but Zoe makes you and then at the launch it all gets emotional and you and joe get back together. Sorry if it’s confusing 🙈 thanks x

- - -

{ Zoe Sugg: Did you get an invite? } You read the text from your phone that had just arrived while you finished making a phone call, you were sitting on your couch in your living room of your flat in Bexleyheath (Greater London – South East.)

As vague as that text message seemed, you knew exactly what she meant as your eyes wondered over to your coffee table of which had an assortment of many things; remotes, chargers, battery packs, lens in cases, a go-pro and what she was referencing;

an opened silver envelope with a unfolded piece of cream coloured invitation paper requesting your presence at an address in London for the launch party of ‘Username: Evie’.

You looked back to your phone and replied to Zoe:

{ You: Yeah, I got one. } was all you typed back, with an uneasy feeling growing in your stomach. You watched iMessage as the three little grey bubbles appeared indicating Zoe was typing back to you and the message popped up;

{ Zoe Sugg: Good. I was going to be furious if Joe didn’t invite you. } You sighed to yourself, your flat felt much different now; there were no randomly strewn pieces of clothing around, no photo frames of memories … No, Joe.

{ You: I don’t think I’m gonna go anyway… } You replied to her message, thinking about how awkward that might be, you weren’t entirely sure you were meant to get an invitation and someone didn’t remove you from some kind of list made over a month ago in preparation for this graphic novel launch.

Having been together with Joe for nearing three years, you had broken up with him just over a month ago after you found he had cheated and hadn’t spoken to him since. It was hard for you to just end something you felt like going to last forever but you couldn’t condone cheating, not even once.

{ Zoe Sugg: WHAT? (Y/N) you have to go… All of us are going to be there, you need to be to and I’m not taking no for an answer. } She responded and you mumbled under your breath, { You: I don’t know Zoe, that’s going to be so awkward. I don’t think it’s a good idea. } You replied really trying to get out of this.

{ Zoe Sugg: If anyone has earned the right to be at that launch it’s you! I know how much you put into supporting Joe with this novel and keeping him on track, encouraging him… Even if he was a total rodney and completely fucked the best thing he’s ever had up, you deserve to be there and you will be there. }

You looked over the text, reading it twice… You hated how right Zoe was about the situation. { You: Fine. } You gave into her and you swore you knew she was smirking on the other end of her phone.

Setting the phone down on the arm of the couch and walking into your bedroom, you opened your closet – you didn’t have the most extravagant wardrobe but you had a few numbers at the back for certain occasions.

You pushed some of the hangers aside and picked up one that housed a one sleeved, black dress that went to just under your knee. “Nah.” You shook your head, it wasn’t so long ago you had worn that dress to another event, you kept moving hangers until you stopped and your finger tips lingered.

You were staring at a hooded sweater which was grey in colour and had 'JW’ on the right chest side, it was Joes and it must’ve been forgotten amongst your clothes when he moved his things out or were stuck between yours when you moved your things from the Jaspar flat, but you were banking on the former option.

You bit the inside of your cheek, before shaking your head pushing it aside you pulled out a hanger with a black pencil skirt and a peach coloured blouse, you figured if you added an open black cardigan to such an outfit it would look good…

… The evening of the launch party came quickly and you had an uneasy feeling in your stomach from the time you had woken up in the morning, to getting ready for the event, to taking the train into Cannon Street station in London. You decided against driving and just get a hotel for the night. You checked into your room, put your overnight bag on the bed and got an Uber to the address you’d written in your phone for the event.

You contemplated going inside for the longest time, weighting the opinions of just turning around and going back to the hotel, “are you lost as well?” You heard a voice you knew, looking up you seen Oli who was a bit out of breath. “Oh. No … Just having second thoughts.” You admitted honestly to him and he nodded, “I understand.” He put his arm around your shoulders and gave you a comforting squeeze. 

“Thanks.” You muttered, the night air was still warm, which you were glad for because your cardigan wasn’t very thick.

“Can walk in together if you’d like?” Oli offered you now as he took his arm away from your shoulders and you nodded, “yes, please.” You said as you both stood still for a moment before Oli opened the glass door for you and making a gesture,

“age before beauty.” He smirked and you started to giggle. “You bastard.” You said while walking into the first set of doors, you opened the second door, looking at him; “Shit before the shovel.” You grinned and his jaw dropped. 

“Oh I see how it is.” He turned his nose up into the air walking through the door… As you both walked inside and were greeted by a long hallway with arrows pointing down it, you glanced at each other and laughed…

… Standing at the back of the crowd of people who’d gathered together listening to the speeches being given about Joe and Username: Evie. You kept feeling so out of place, you remembered around about two months ago Joe and you laying in bed and he was talking about his launch party and how you’d have to be front and centre with him because he hated public speaking… And now here you were standing in the very back trying to keep a distance – an on looker.

Joe had given his speech, talking about the graphic novel and thanking everyone; “There’s one more person I really need to thank and it is definitely a last but not least situation.” Joe spoke and even from your spot in the back, you could feel his eyes skimming the group for you, “(Y/First&Last name). As most of you know… We were a couple but are no longer together because of a stupid mistake I made – but that isn’t really… The, that’s another story.” Joe was starting to stammer on his words. 

“I owe (Y/N) so many thanks for everything - she encouraged me from the moment I had this crazy idea about writing a graphic novel.” He paused, he was playing with his fingers nervously. “She kept me on track and went to every meeting with me about this and was always by my side when I needed her the most.” He looked unsure if he was making any sense, “every company we went to that rejected me, she’d always tell me; 'Don’t worry about them, they were a bunch of twats that don’t know true talent when they see it.’.” He laughed and everyone else did as well, Zoe had turned her head catching your eye, she smiled at you and you looked away quickly. 

“Anyway.” Joe cleared his throat. “I really just need to thank her for being there for me and being a huge part of my life… Thank you (Y/N) … And thank you everyone.” He added after he’d trailed off and everyone clapped whilst someone else stepped up to make a speech.

You felt touched in a way but you could feel a million different emotions started to bubble up you’d tried to press down over the last month.

You quietly stepped away from the crowd and walked outside to the balcony, taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, you didn’t want to cry, not right now … Especially since your eye makeup would start running… Waterproof your ass…

“(Y/N)?” You heard behind you and felt a hand on the small of you back, you tensed for a second not expecting a touch. “Are you okay?” They asked you and you cleared your throat a little. “I’m fine, why?” You asked slowly glancing over,

Joe was looking over you, biting the edge of his lip. “I’m sorry if I upset you.” He flashed an apologetic expression, his hand remained on your back…

“You didn’t…” You whispered, it was hard to look at him, you missed him so much and that was outweighing how hurt you still felt. A silence overcame you both, before Joe parted his lips; “I’m really glad you came.” He admitted lowly. “Well, Zoe forced me into it.” You had to admit and he laughed a little lowly. “I know… I asked her to.” He admitted back to you and you gave him a questioning expression. “I knew you probably wouldn’t come – because you hate me but I knew Zoe could convince you into coming.” He had an uneasiness in his voice now as he admitted the truth to you. 

“I really miss you and I’ve missed seeing you.” He continued. “I know, I’ve said it before but, I’m really sorry about what I did, I have no excuse for it. It was a stupid lack of judgement and I regret it – I know that doesn’t change it or take it back… If I could do that, I would. But I just needed the chance to tell you one more time, properly in person. That (Y/N), I am so sorry, it was one night that I barely remember because I drank too much, but what I do remember… Is the hurt and the pain in your eyes when you found out and knowing that I caused that, every day it hurts. It hurts knowing I hurt you, that I lost not only my girlfriend because of my stupid mistake, but I lost my best friend. The person I could confide in and tell anything to… The person who was by my side and stuck up for me – even when they knew I was wrong.” As you listened to Joe, you could see the tears glazing over his eyes as he looked away from you. 

“I’m just, I’m so sorry. I needed you to know that.” He cleared his throat and sniffed a little. “I…” You felt lost for any words, “I don’t hate you Joe.” You reverted back to the beginning of his mini personal speech. “No?” He asked with surprise, “why?” He sounded even more surprised and you wanted to laugh.

 “Because… It’s hard to hate somebody you love – trust me I’ve been trying.” You whispered. His face had lightened from surprise to conflicted, “you still love me?” He whispered and you nodded with a sigh. “I do.” “Even after what I did? I mean… I -” Joe stopped himself from stammering again and you had turned to face him. “Even after what you did, yeah – I still love you, I’ve been trying to keep all of those feelings pushed away but it’s hard.” You admitted. It was damn near impossible to keep them away being face to face with him again.

 “(Y/N)-” Joe said, but you both turned to look at the open door on the balcony his one of his publicists had knocked on the glass carefully. “Joe? Sorry to interrupt.” He added, “we need you for a few photographs and a couple interview questions.” He explained and Joe nodded. “Right – okay, give me a minute?” He asked and his publicist looked between him and you, he knew you – you’d met before. He nodded. “Sure, no problem.” He left the door frame and Joe looked back at you. “I understand even if you still love me, you want nothing to do with me.” Joe cleared his throat. “But I’m going to ask because if I don’t… I’ll regret it while I have the chance.” He carefully reached out taking your hand into his and you let him. 

“Can we… Can we give us another try? Even if it’s back at square one?” He squeezed your hand lightly.   Thinking about it as you looked over him, you nodded a little. “Yeah,” you whispered and he let out a breath he’d been holding in. “Really?” He asked stepping closer to you. “I’ve missed you, Joe.” You whispered still, your fingers brushed against a small crease in his shirt, smoothing it out.

 “I’ve missed you, too.” He blurted quickly. Slowly, Joe brushed his hand against your cheek, into your hair carefully, he lent forward tilting his head a little bit, he kissed you carefully his lips lingering over yours. Your eyes closed and you lent in, your lips connecting properly as you kissed, carefully you both pulled apart and you both opened your eyes, you were looking to him. 

“You better go take your pictures.” You whispered. “Come with me?” Joe asked you his tone just as low as yours and you nodded, “okay.” You smiled, still holding hands you asked inside with Joe, toward his publicist who was waiting with a few different people with cameras. You glanced around seeing Zoe standing with Alfie, a smile across her face, she waved at you. You waved back to her and smiled yourself…

Truth or Dare

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like johnlock.

Stranger: Truth or dare? SH

You: Pardon? JW

Stranger: I’m bored, is this or shooting the wall. Now, truth or dare? SH

You: Fine. Uh, truth. JW

Stranger: Why are you still living with me? SH

You: Because you’re my best mate and I care about you. JW

Stranger: Oh. Thank you? SH

You: It was a compliment. My turn. Truth or dare? JW

Stranger: Truth. SH

You: Last month, there was some ominous things in the bathtub. What were they? It was awful. JW

You: And I know you put them there. JW

Stranger: They were human livers. Truth or dare? SH

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Prompt #23 - French Braids

ANON (and the other anons who reinforced this idea): Owen French Braiding Claire’s hair. As inspired my Pratt’s magical talent. 

I really hope this is up to expectation, or in the least moderate enough to appease. Also, have I posted three prompts three days in a row? Is this a record. What the heck?

She hummed, voice vibrating in her chest as Owen’s hands worked at a knot in her neck. He kissed her skin gently, hands slipping from her shoulders, fingers just skimming the ends of her hair. ‘Feel better?’ He asked softly, rough voice, gentle touch, a juxtaposition of himself. Gentle and rough. Soft and hard.

Claire’s head nodded, bobbing slightly on her shoulders as she hummed a second time, quiet, sleepy. The sun had set, dinner prepared and eaten, work for the night complete. They sat in the living room, TV on low, reality program playing out with little attention paid to it. She hadn’t complained verbally about the pain in her neck, only subtly indicated until he took the hint.

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potterlock au: sherlock and luna are friends, sherlock always talks about science-y stuff that he learns from his muggle dad until one day when they are in their 6th year he bumps into john watson, the cute boy from gryffindor he’s secretly had a crush on since he was in his 3rd year, and all of his books land all across the hallway. sherlock was about to say something mean until he sees who he walked into and he starts stammering and doesn’t get one word out of his mouth and gets super red. john, also blushing a bit, murmers a quick excuse before helping to pick op sherlock’s books. when he hands the books back to sherlock their hands lightly brush against each other and john feels as if a little warm light goes on in his heart and spreads all through his body. 
after sherlock’s little encounter with john, he keeps talking to luna about how soft and warm john’s hands were and how sweet he looked with that blush on his cheeks. 
luna soon has heard enough detailed descriptions of john’s eyes and mouth so she sends john a note signing it with SH and sends sherlock a note signing it with JW (luna would be very good in fooling sherlock). in the note is a date and place and sherlock of course is puzzled by the note and shows it to luna and basically doesn’t shut up about it until the day it’s gonna happen and sherlock is all like “but what if he doesn’t show up or what if he thinks i’m a freak just like all the others” and “i’m sure it’s just a trick of him” so when he walks to the spot where the note says they should meet, he gets super anxious when john isn’t there yet 
he paces around and thinks and thinks and his mind won’t shut up and there’s this noise in his head and a tiny voice in his head saying that someone like john would never like him
he’s just stuck in his head so when he hears someone saying “um, hi. your n-” he snaps and says “WHAT?!” really rudely and then he sees that it’s john and he could kick himself for being so dumb and quickly stammers “j-john. i didn’t think you’d show up. i wouldn’t have showed up because who would like me anyways, you know that they call me a freak and i know you think i’m a freak too so it’s perfectly fine if you want to-” he gets cut off by john who - how could sherlock not have noticed- had moved closer while sherlock was talking and takes sherlock’s hands in his and moves his head towards sherlock’s until their lips almost touch, that’s when john halts his movements. he murmurs “just shut up, you idiot” in a very tender way and presses his lips hard to sherlock’s, who whimpers before he starts kissing back. 

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: John Winchester

Summary: Reader meets John Winchester.

Pairings: John Winchester x Reader

Warnings: language, minor smut, feels

Word Count: 2295

Tagging: @aprofoundbondwithdean, @ohfora67impala, @roseringleader13, @ruby-loves-supernatural, @manawhaat

Author’s Note: GUESS WHAT!? I’ve started ANOTHER series. Ugh. I just love Johnny Boy too much to be a one shot. I don’t know if I’m missing any John!Girls on the tags but feel free to tag/ask to be tagged! Thank you and as always, feedback/critiques are welcome.

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Yeah, I’m back. I swear to god I had everything planned to post this during the Clawen week (it actually fits into several days), but I got really sick, my computer broke, yada yada yada… Anyways, this is like, 2000 words, but hopefully you guys will enjoy it. Also, feel free to send me any ideas… My askbox is your askbox ;D

He’s known as the ‘bone collector’ around the archeology department, and she knows that he secretly enjoys it. She’s spoken of as Red, the fiery redhead from the art division, and she settles for the nickname mostly because she likes the way it sounds coming from his mouth.

They’re both different in so many ways, perhaps too different for their own good. But they find it oddly enjoyable to be around each other’s presence, and having one another was enough.

(They were enough.)

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anonymous asked:

so wat would your ideal JP movie be?

Oh man okay so 

  1. Right off the bat, I’d like the dinosaurs to be more accurate. I accept they can’t be perfect. But I don’t think feathers are too much to ask for, and accurate body reconstructions - no more pronated hands, tails higher off the ground (I’m looking at you, Stegosaurus), acknowledging that the raptors are Utahraptor or Deinonychus and not Velociraptor (and if they changed the head shape that would be neato.) I accept that it won’t ever be completely accurate - I myself don’t want them to get rid of the hyper-intelligence in the raptors (the raptor squad was my favorite part of the last one, I don’t want that given up). They can explain it as they wanted to make the animals realistic in the wake of the JW tragedy; I mean yeah they had a throwaway line about the dinos not being right but at least it was there and can be utilized. 
  2. Have at least one of the children be female. Furthermore, have that female child be the dinosaur-obsessed one. It would also be awesome if she were the older kid. Dinosaurs are painted as obsessions typical for young boys and young boys alone; as a woman who had to grow up being told basically the whole time that it was inappropriate for me to like dinosaurs (by society; my parents encouraged it, don’t get me wrong here), having this sort of representation would be wonderful. Have a smart, teenage girl, who wants to be a paleontologist or something, constantly explaining things to the other people, and being annoyed when people are surprised she knows the stuff. Seriously. I mean now that I’m an adult I have Sarah Harding to identify with in TLW, but kid and teenager me would have really appreciated the representation at the time. 
  3. Bring back Barry and Owen and Claire (yes, even Claire; I don’t think her portrayal was as sexist as is being argued; no, she shouldn’t have kept the heels on, but other than that I didn’t mind her character arc so much as I minded her wandering off in the sunset with Owen at the end. I didn’t mind the kiss, even; people do that in high-stress situations. I literally just frowned loudly at the dramatic exit at the end, that was unnecessary and cheesy). Have Barry have a bigger, more important part; it’s great he was a black guy who wasn’t killed off; let’s build on that. Have Claire have changed from JW - you can’t go through something like that and not be different - but still a businesswoman; still focused on her work, but a little more compassionate towards the dinosaurs, and definitely more hands on with them. She and Owen can be together or not, I don’t care much about that; but if there are going to be a LOT more JP movies (and I get the feeling there will be, given JW’s success,) they can hold off on them having kids or getting married for at least one movie, I feel. 
  4. Maybe an LGBTQIAP+ individual? Romance has been at least a little bit present in each JP movie - Ellie and Alan were implied to be together in the first one; Sarah and Ian were together in the second; and you get the feeling that the Kirbys might kiss and make up in the third; and then the fourth was the most blatant and obvious. What would be neato would be the romance plot of the new one - hopefully subtle, I mean you don’t go to JP for romance, but whatever - to be non-heteronormative. And oh yeah, don’t kill the LGBTQIAP character. 
  5. I’m done with the carnivore-as-villain plot. Gulper and the raptors were the heroes in the new one; let’s keep with that theme. Have an herbivore get territorial and go wild (that’s more REALISTIC anyway); breed a new type of herbivorous animal that has the defensiveness and violence of things like hippos; have people not expect this herbivore to gore them to death and then people need to have the raptor squad control the situation. Something different than the usual large carnivore battle that it’s been in the last two movies. Maybe even have Gulper or the raptors escape - make it look like the carnivores are the bad guys - they get into an herbivore pen, and then the more dangerous ones get terrified and go berserk - escape, charge into the park, destroy stuff, that sort of thing. The carnivores would have gotten at least one thing to eat by then and would be calm; use the carnivores to round up the escaped herbivores. 
  6. Bring back more people from the original trilogy besides Wu. I’d love to see Sarah Harding (re: point 2) again; hear comments from Ian and Alan and Ellie on the episode in JW; see Lex and Tim and Kelly all grown up (especially Kelly, I LOVE her) and come to help oversee the reconstruction of JW, that sort of thing. Also address the question of Isla Sorna. Is it still essentially a biological preserve? How is it being handled or treated? I want that openly and deeply discussed in the new movie. 
  7. More diverse dinosaurs as well. I’m sick of seeing the usual five: Tyrannosaurus Triceratops Apatosaurus Stegosaurus and raptors (I know, there were more, but we barely saw them, apart from the Ankylosaurs). I want to see a huge herd of the most bizarre hadrosaurus imaginable. I want to see some “prosauropods” grazing and someone to comment on how horrible they are. I want to see a whole slew of fluffy, almost indistinguishable Maniraptoriformes; and I want people to comment about how they all look almost identical. And yeah, more small dinosaurs - we get it, the big ones were huge and amazing, the point’s been made; most of them were a lot smaller than that (don’t even get me started on what including birds does to the size distribution) - stuff like Yi and Troodon. Have a slew of small Ornithischians - Kulindadromeus, Dryosaurus, stuff like that - they never get enough love. More new and weird kinds of ceratopsians other than Triceratops - have Diabloceratops, for example. 
  8. Erm, stop having so many POC be eaten. I mean the first guy eaten appeared to be Latino; then the first member of the ACU team to be killed appeared to be Asian; it was a miracle that Barry lived considering he was a black sidekick. I’m not saying not have them be eaten, I guess I’m just saying stop having almost all of them be, and having them be the first to go, etc. 
  9. If they’re still going to have pterosaurs, have them be more accurate in their body shape… and don’t call where they live an Aviary, they aren’t birds, you don’t call a pen holding bats an Aviary, do you? Also, more different kinds of pterosaurs - there are so many truly weird ones, like Azhdarchids. Also, make them less territorial, I think. You could also have small ones just kind of flying around the parks, like birds do at zoos - they really wouldn’t have been that dangerous. 
  10. I want real dinosaurs to stop being called boring or uninteresting. The past few years of paleontology have been amazing for dinosaur discoveries: Nanotyrannus, Kulindadromeus, Yi, Chilesaurus, the new Spinosaurus, Dreadnaughtus, Lythronax, Wendiceratops, etc. The line that “we’ve discovered more in the past 10 years with genetics than we had for 100 years of digging up bones” was just disrespectful; on top of the inaccurate dinosaurs, it was just plain misleading. 
  11. If you’re going to have marine reptiles - which, I’m not sure you should; I’m against captivity for cetaceans and marine reptiles were definitely as big and not suited to such small water area as cetaceans are - have more of them; showcase the diversity and weirdness of them all, have some different types of plesiosaurs and icthyosaurs and everything. Show an icthyosaur giving birth to live young, even; challenge the public’s perception of “reptiles,” that’s what Jurassic Park set out to do in the beginning, after all. And make sure they’re mostly small ones… again, it really wasn’t okay to have that huge Mosasaur all pent up like that. 
  12. A return, at least in part, to animatronics. I think most fans of the series agree with me on that one. Over-use of CGI takes away some of the gritty realism that was present in the first one. There’s a reason Walking with Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park have both stood the test of time as dinosaur films - they use a delicate balance of puppetry as well as CGI to make the animals look as real as possible. And have the CGI done by people who know how to do CGI well, and not have it just be spectacular, Hollywood eye candy. I want to feel like there are real dinosaurs on the screen in front of me; that’s why I love these movies, after all. 

I DID MY THING TODAY. I’m not super happy with this, by which I mean I’m not happy with it at all, but Holligay had nice things to say and felt there was value in kicking it out the door to seek its fortune, so here it is. A short Usagi introspective thing of dubious value.


Usagi wouldn’t have called it escaping. Rei might have, but Rei said lots of wrong stuff. And it wasn’t dreaming, exactly. Dreams were things like a room full of cakes and gentle kisses and a month or two without having to fight. Wondering, maybe? Usagi did wonder. Usagi wondered a lot.

Not about flying, of course, not that, never again. She could fly herself now, after all. She’d felt the wind in her hair and the ache of her muscles. The power of it, so simple and upsetting. They’d asked her about it a few times, when things had been calm. She’d nearly told them the truth, every time she nearly did, but they’d all been so excited. All Usagi could see was the shine in their eyes, the flare of their imagination, and she’d swallow the words whole.

She didn’t fly much. Minako once said that if she had wings, her “delicate goddess feet would never again be sullied by the earth”. Usagi just smiled and said she liked the earth. She did! But gravity wanted to keep her here, and listening was just so much easier. Laws were laws for reasons … right?

Some things you just have to do.

Okay so maybe Usagi was wondering about flying after all, so what? Wondering what it would be like to have wings not forged from steel. Wings that took you places. Wings that let you soar.

If she were being honest with herself (something Usagi both did and didn’t do with equal regularity), she hated her wings. Hated their bulk. Hated their broken promises.

Usagi would open the window sometimes, on those nights where sleep wasn’t easy. She’d wrap herself in her favourite comforter and sit on the ledge, her legs dangling out the window. Had her family seen her, it would have been panic. Clumsy Usagi, two storeys up, barely balancing on a thin strip of wood? They’d already have the hospital on the phone.

Usagi wasn’t afraid of falling, though. Sometimes she wondered if she still could.

On the window ledge she’d sit and gaze at the night sky. She would imagine herself swooping effortlessly through the stars, weaving between the brilliant points of light. She would visit Jupiter and Neptune, and maybe race a comet. She would have lunch on an asteroid like that little prince her mama had told her about.

And always, even in the sweetest nights where the moon was full and smiled on her as a beloved daughter, in these thoughts, Usagi was alone. Where could her wings take her that the others could follow?

When this had begun, they had been equals. Nobody really talked about that anymore, about how Usagi had stopped being Usagi and had become The Princess. Most times, she could believe it didn’t matter. It was easy to believe, right up to the point where her friends started dying while she watched.

She knew, though. Every door she unlocked in the ginzuishou widened the cracks. Usagi’s wings, her beautiful hated wings, only carried her further from them.

So no, Usagi didn’t dream about flying. Not anymore.


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Request: can you do a one shot where you and owen are married post jw and you get into a car accident and go into a coma for a long time, like 7 months or something, and he thinks you’ll never wake up which destroys him mentally and emotionally and when you do wake up he’s brought to tears and is speechless because he is so ecstatic to see you awake and yeah just lots of fluff and your imagines are amazing! they’re some of my favourites!

Warnings: Angst

“Y-yeah? Whosit?” Owen sleepily answered the phone. He had fallen asleep on the couch, waiting for you to come back home from your mother’s, and was woken by the sound of his phone. “Is this Owen Grady?” an official voice asked, and he sat up, instantly awake. “Yes, this is he,” he answered, his heart filling with worry and fear. He looked at the clock and saw that it was nearly one in the morning, and it was raining, and you still weren’t home. “Mr. Grady, I’m sorry, but we need you to come to the hospital immediately. Your wife was in an accident. She is still alive for the time being, but she is unconcious and has been since she was discovered at the crash.” Owen’s heart sank, and his eyes began to prick with tears. “Um, yeah. I’ll be right there,” he said into the phone, hanging up without waiting for a reply and letting it slip through his fingers onto the ground. His world crashed down around him in that instant, and he shakily stood, brushing back tears and throwing on some clothes before driving to the hospital.

“Uh, yeah, I’m here to see Y/N Grady,” he said to the nurse behind the desk. She looked at him over the top of her glasses. “This isn’t exactly visiting hours,” she sneered, and Owen’s temper immediately flared. “I’m her husband. She was just brought in. She’s unconcious, from a car accident?” The nurse rolled her eyes and began typing on the computer. “Room 243. Have a nice day,” she said, and Owen wanted to scream. How was he supposed to have a nice day when his wife may not even make it to sunrise? He walked down the hall to your room and steeled himself for the worst. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and had to grab the wall to keep from hitting the floor. You were bloodied and bruised, bandages covering most of your exposed skin. He gingerly crossed the floor, as if he could cause you pain by stepping too hard. The heart monitor was still beating, and that’s the only way he could know you were alive. Owen gently took your hand, rubbing his thumb across the back as he looked you over. His tears came back in full force, and he let them fall as he whispered “oh god, baby, I’m so sorry”.

The doctor’s prognosis was not hopeful, and he told Owen that optimistically you’d have some brain damage. If you woke up (“and that’s a very big if”), you may not ever be able to take care of yourself again. He told Owen that you may not have any memories, and Owen almost lost it. He didn’t sleep, he didn’t eat, he didn’t go home. The two of you had been living off of commission from Jurassic World, with both of you doing some research on the side to make extra money, and you had enough saved that he didn’t have to go back to work just yet. So he stayed. He talked to you constantly, as the doctors began to classify you as being in a coma, and he never left your side unless he was absolutely forced to. Barry had followed you guys away from the park, and he was worried. “Owen, you have to go home. Y/n wouldn’t want to see you like this.” Owen looked at him angrily, and it was the first time Barry had ever seen him like that toward him. “I will not leave her. What if she wakes up and I’m not here?” Barry sighed. “Owen….but what if she doesn’t.” Owen began crying again, then, and he shook his head. “I can’t afford to think like that.”

So seven months passed like that. Owen eventually had to go back to work, but he would leave you at the last possible second and come back the moment his work day was done. A lot of times he spent lunch at the hospital, and the nurses would always bring him a small little something. One day, he came in to the hospital holding the bouquet he got you every week and was stopped at the desk. “Mr. Grady, wait just a moment,” the nurse said, and he froze, tightening his grip on the flowers in his hand. “Is everything okay?” he forced himself to ask, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer. “Yes sir, it’s just that….well, Owen, she’s awake. Just got that way. But we don’t know if she has any memories yet, and we want to spare you all the pain we can, so…” she trailed off, and Owen began to sprint down the hall and into your room before anyone could stop him. He burst through the door and saw you, sitting up while the doctors ran various tests on you. Your (e/c) eyes moved to the door and took in the gorgeous man standing there. For a moment your face remained blank, and he could feel his heart shattering. He approached the bed, setting the flowers on the bedside table and gently laying his hand on top of yours. “Hey, y/n, it’s-” he was interrupted by you pulling him down for a fierce kiss. When you pulled away, him blinking in surprise, you smiled at him. “I know who you are, silly. You’re Owen Grady, my husband, the love of my life.” When he heard those words, he hit his knees, tears streaming down his face. You wiped away his tears, and he stood to pull you into his arms. “I was so worried that you wouldn’t ever come back to me,” he whispered, still sobbing. “I’ll never leave you, Owen,” you whispered, gently stroking his hair.

Bedtime Stories

Based on Prompt by fangirl-who-dreams : “… I was wondering if you’ve gotten a request for a prompt where the raptors love the reader to either sing or read to them, like the reader’s voice calms them. It would be so cute!”


You stare at your bookshelf, sighing. You’ve read every single one of your books and you really need some new ones. However, there isn’t exactly a library on the island and you don’t have any friends to borrow from. You grab Pride and Prejudice off the shelf, along with your picnic blanket and leave your trailer.

When you get to the paddock, you open the safety gate, walking in and laying out your blanket.

“Okay, ladies. You’ve exhausted my resources, so were going to have to have a re-read.” The girls rush over to meet you at the gate as Barry walks up.

“I’m gonna head out for the night. Owen’s covering for me; he’ll be here in a few minutes.” He smiles as the girls form a small dogpile next to you. “Will you be good till then?” You forgot that he had a date tonight.

“Yeah, of course.” You smile at him and wish him a good night.

Opening your book, you lean against the wall and begin.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man, in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” As you begin to read, you hear soft footsteps behind you, but ignore them. The girls look up at his approach, but their eyes quickly settle back on you. You continue to read until their eyes begin to droop and you see their breathing slow.

You look up to see Owen leaning against the wall. “Come here often?” he asks, smirking.

“Every night,” you smile back. Owen is quite a flirt, but it never really bothers you; it’s pretty cute.

“When Barry said you would be on the night shift, I thought he meant like supervising, not reading bedtime stories.” He jokes with you but it annoys you a little, his teasing tone.

“Well, yeah. They won’t go to sleep if I don’t.” You shrug your shoulders as you push yourself up off the ground. “I used to only do it a few times a week, but then they would start whining at night, refusing to go to sleep unless I read to them.”

He laughs at this, “I guess they like your voice.”

You correct him, smirking. “Or they just like my taste in literature.”  He nods his head, still smiling, but then you frown for a second, “I’ve read all my books though. I need to go get some new ones.”

He looks surprised down at you, “Well, I mean it’s not like they can tell the difference.”

You stare at him blankly and , honestly, resist the urge to slap him.

“How can you say that?” you try to keep your voice quiet, but can’t help the slight annoyance that rises up in you. “They’re not just animals, you know. They’re smart! Brilliant even!” you feel your face getting red; “They’re infinitely smarter than us, that’s for sure!”

He stays quiet during your rant but when you’re finished, he places his hands on your shoulders. “Hey, I’m sorry. You’re right.” He nods, “I didn’t mean to get you worked up.”

You look into his green eyes, and feel a calm come over you. There’s something about his hands on your skin and his eyes looking deeply into yours. You realize you haven’t said anything; you’ve just been staring up at him, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He leans closer so that your faces are inches apart and you can feel his breath on your face.

“Owen.” You whisper, closing your eyes. His hand moves to your cheek and he pulls your face to his, closing the small distance.

The taste of his lips reminds you of the forest: fresh-cut redwood trees and dirt. His hand moves to your hair as he deepens the kiss, gently pushing you up against the wall.

As much as you thoroughly enjoy kissing him, you hear a whining noise and break apart suddenly. It takes a moment for you to look away from his eyes. You let out a soft chuckle when you realize that you’re both breathing heavily as if you just finished running a race.

You finally pull your eyes from his and look down at the source of the intrusion and you see Blue staring up at the two of you. She opens her mouth to whine once more and you laugh, nodding your head.

“Okay, fine.” You say, “One more chapter and then you’re back to bed.”

Owen laughs beside you, sliding his hands into his pocket. “I should leave you guys alone,” he says looking towards Blue. “She won’t be able to concentrate with me around. “

You shake your head, smiling. “I’m sure you won’t be a distraction to her.”

But then he looks at you with that smug smile and says, “I was actually talking to Blue.” He winks and walks out of the cage. Your heart twinges at the thought of him walking away after what you just went through. You think about going after him, but he peeks his head back around the corner and says, “When you’ve got her back to sleep, perhaps you can come join me.” He smirks at you once more and finishes, “Maybe then we can finish what we started.”

Your face goes tomato red and you look down at Blue, listening to his footsteps fade away. Touching your fingertips to your lips, you let out a soft breath. You don’t exactly know where this is going to go, but you do know one thing: Owen is one hell of a kisser.

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