this is what i get for trying to draw someone else's oc

Something for artists!

So I know art block can be as bad as eating a handful of Needles sometimes so let’s give you a shit ton of ideas I’m going to come up with:
1). Make a villain that would be your antagonist.
2). Make a simple shape, like a square, and stylize it with eyes and teeth etc.
3). Make a hero/heroine that is you, or who you want to be
4). Vent art is always good.
5). A nightmare you had as a child!
6). Whatever in the world would be the scariest hint to you!
7). Your own set of deities.
8). Your Image or images of an angel.
9). Your image or images of a devil.
10). A demon that isn’t fiery.
11). Someone else’s character with their permission of course! And remember to give credit!
12). Something you don’t like to draw!
13). Your favorite character.
14). Your favorite character as something else, like a log cabin or a bear made out of leather.
15). Your favorite season! The embodiment of it!
16). Someone who has affected you greatly, in a positive or negative way.
17). A fusion of two + animals!
18). Find images of bones and draw the flesh onto them!
19). Your favorite feature!
20). Your own character for a video game, TV show, movie, etc!
21). A character with an object for a body part!
22). A feeling.
23). If you draw realistically try an abstraction, if you draw abstractly try realism, if you do both, sway to one side for a day.
24). Draw your mind.
25). Ask for some requests from friends!
26). Pick 3 words from the dictionary and draw the result!
27). Go outside, pick 3 things, draw the fusion. (I may do this myself!)
28). A ghost.
29). A movie monster!
30). An old friend.
31). A gone friend.
32). Clothing!
33). Animals, just pick one and go!
34). Something boring!
35). Try to fill a page!
36). Try with your non dominant hand, and if you’re ambidextrous use your foot.
37). Try a new medium! Like paint, sculpture something!
38). Stop trying and go for a walk then come back and try again!
39). Your favorite food.
40). Your favorite foods favorite food.
41). A pun, like a visual pun.
42). Something silly!
43). Play a song and draw the song.
45). Aliens.
46). Make a paper airplane
47). Draw fire, water, or any other element.
48). Research a culture and try drawing in their style.
49). A myth or a legend you know!
50). Make a comic (this one is hard trust me).
51). Draw the back of your head without looking.
52). Draw a butt.
53). A pile of something, like feet.
54). Gore
55). Something a child would like.
56). Something controversial.
57). Propaganda.
58). Your future home.
59). Your future.
60). An imaginary friend you had or still have.
61). Your favorite toys come to life.
62). Someone with every characteristic you like.
63). Your pets.
64). An eye.
65). Try drawing in a new style!
66). Open a magazine and draw what you see!
67). Draw on the magazine!
68). Draw an album cover.
69). Something romantic.
70). Something really really old.
71). Draw something or someone you’re passionate about!
72). Draw a character inspired by someone.
73). Find a word in another language and draw it!
74). A thank you card to someone who deserves it.
75). Your favorite place.
76). Draw somewhere on your room where no one will see it.
77). Draw your deepest secret.
78). Draw a vehicle!
79). Draw something you’re looking or not looking forward to!
80). Draw a shell.
81). Draw life.
82). Draw death.
83). Draw a ship if you want to.
84). Draw what you want most.
85). Use something like juice for paint!
86). Make a fairy home! Then draw it with a fairy inside!
87). One of my favorites, make a boat out of stuff you find on the ground and see if it floats! Then draw it!
88). Draw your house. Or just where you sleep.
89). Draw something you want changed in this world.
90). Draw something innocent.
91). Draw the 7 deadly sins or something like that, like the 3 laws of _____ or whatever!
92). Draw your oc doing something good and bad. If you don’t have an oc pick whatever!
93). Draw a character from something you don’t know about!
94). Draw a world.
95). Draw some artifacts.
96). Draw the person you love most.
97). Draw the person you hate most as beautifully as you can and then as horrifyingly as you can.
98). Draw the sky.
99). Just scribble.
100). Redraw an old drawing!

As people repost this feel free to add your own to the list! I’m sure people will be happy to get as many ideas as they can! I hope this helped and keep making art!

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Too Stubborn


Prompt: 26-”Come over here and make me.”,
12-”Quit it or I’ll bite.”

Summary: Bellamy and reader have feelings for each other, but are too stubborn to admit it so they instead keep pissing each other. However Octavia and Clarke wouldn’t just let it go and send them on a mission hoping it would force them to admit what they feel for each other.

Word count: 2020

Originally posted by dailyskypeople


“Put it down before you hurt yourself,” I rolled my eyes at the sound of Bellamy’s voice in which I could practically hear him smirking.

“Shut up before I hurt you,” I retorted not bothering to look at him because I knew exactly what I would find, him standing there with folded arms and amused look on his face.

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The goal is $2000!

UPDATE: Goal has been met! Thank you to those who commissioned me. Commissions (aside from the YCH commissions) are now closed.

Stuff available:

  • Images
  • Character Designs
  • Comics
  • Animations
  • YCH-Animations

I also have discounts for special cases! Click below the break and find the appropriate section for details!

Contact info’s and important info’s at the bottom!

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A/N: I’m doing that economical thing again but hey ho. This is solid proof that I need to get laid tbh. Very smutty. Mature content warnings apply.

You sucked your teeth idly as your gaze bored into the computer screen in front of you. Your office was quiet save for the sounds of typing and the occasional hushed cough. You reclined back into your uncomfortable office chair, as if waiting for something to happen to distract you before you submerged yourself in work again. 

Almost on cue your phone vibrated on the desk next to you, making you jump. You tilted your head to the side to read the message illuminated on the screen. Your chest fluttered slightly when you saw Elliot’s name. 

You coming over later?

The words were stark and you imagined them tumbling from Elliot’s lips suddenly if he were there in person. Another text came through. 

Missed you.

You’d been away for the last week visiting family and hadn’t had chance to see Elliot before heading back to work. It was very simplistic, but it made you smile nonetheless. Elliot very often tiptoed around you. He was ignorant to all of this when you first started this thing you had but he soon realised he couldn’t just demand your attention whenever he wanted it. Deep down you knew he could do exactly that. 

Something about the emotional undertone of his message stirred something within you. You imagined him whispering the words against your skin later on with his hands all over you, completely relaxed to your touch and heady with need. 

You snatched up the phone before your thoughts could run away any further and fired off a reply. 

I missed you too. And I’m going to show you just how much later.

It took Elliot a few minutes to reply. You wondered briefly if you’d flustered him but realised it took more than a little flirting over text to draw a reaction out of Elliot. Eventually your phone went off again.

What do you mean by that?

Did he want you to speculate? Or did he require clarification? You bit your lip as you typed and deleted and re-typed a response several times until you settled on one.

I’m pretty wound up after a week so I was hoping you could relieve me. You’re very good at that.

You drummed your fingers on the desk distractedly as you waited for a response. Your mind was intoxicated with thoughts of Elliot now. You imagined his full lips slack and his brow furrowed as his hips met against yours - you could almost feel the hard muscle of his thighs hitting against your ass. 

You jumped again when your phone vibrated this time, biting your lip as you checked the message tentatively. 

I’m at work so we shouldn’t…but I kind of like it. Can’t wait.

Ever the wordsmith, you thought as you held back a delirious laugh. You needed to rile him, in the same way he’d inadvertently done to you. You stood up from your desk, trying to ignore the slight tremor in your legs as you picked up your phone and made your way to the bathroom. 

Once inside the cubicle you paced for a few moments wondering if you should be doing this - it was undiscovered territory with Elliot but you didn’t want to turn down the opportunity to really rile him. 

You looked around the basic toilet cubicle - it was hardly the most alluring of spots but you had to make do with the limited privacy you had. You quickly unbuttoned your blouse, trying out a couple of different angles with the front-facing camera of your phone. It took a few minutes to find the right angle but the thought of Elliot’s (probable) reaction spurred you on. 

Eventually you had two photos to send - one bra on, one bra off. You felt a little self-conscious about your face being in both of them but you looked surprisingly good. Your makeup had survived the office environment well that day and your eyes looked sultry and your lips fuller as they were slightly parted. Plus you trusted Elliot. If anything he was overly safe about this kind of thing. Not the kind of guy to just leave his phone lying around. 

Before you could think about it any longer you’d sent the pictures off with no text to accompany them. For a few seconds you stood staring dumbly at his phone, expecting a reply straight away but when there wasn’t one you quickly re-dressed yourself and left the bathroom. 

2 minutes turned into 20. And then 2 hours. You were beyond annoyed by this point considering you’d put yourself out there like that. The space around you grew noisy as you tapped away at the keyboard aggressively. You couldn’t decide who you were more annoyed at. Yourself or Elliot. Maybe he didn’t even like you anymore. 

Finally the end of work rolled around and stood up, roughly putting your jacket on as you heard your phone ping. You froze and looked down at the screen which displayed a simple message.

Come straight over.

Was he for real? You snatched up the phone and checked through the messages just in case you might have missed one earlier. But there was nothing. No references to the pictures you’d sent him.

You thought about blowing him off altogether but you were still annoyed so you decided to give Elliot a piece of your mind and head to his apartment. 

Despite your initial feelings you did find yourself softening a little as you rocked with the movement of the subway train. Maybe Elliot hadn’t known how to react. It was a bit harsh of you to blow up at him without explanation. And after a week of not sleeping next to him you had missed him. A lot. 

The apartment was already open when you arrived so he must have seen you arrive but said nothing. You felt oddly apprehensive as you climbed the stairs of his apartment building. You pushed on the apartment door which opened slowly and entered, letting it fall shut behind you. 

Elliot was seated at his desk typing away as usual as if he hadn’t noticed you enter. You felt a little hurt at that but pressed on regardless. 

‘Hey…’ You sauntered over to where he was sat, running your finger tips across his shoulder but quickly drawing away when he tensed up. You thought he had abandoned that habit with you. 

'Yo…’ Elliot responded, his voice distant as he continued typing. You couldn’t make out what was on the screen save for some rolling code. 

'What’s up? I thought you said you missed me.’ You tried to keep your tone light but you’re stomach was starting to cramp a little with worry. 

'I did but you’ve pissed me off.’ Elliot’s shoulders were completely tense now and you took a step back. You weren’t afraid of him but his behaviour was abnormal to say the least. 

'What do you mean?’

'Those pictures Y/N.’ Elliot stood up and his desk chair spun a little as he paced away towards his kitchen area. You felt your face heat up with embarrassment. 

'I didn’t think it would make you angry.’ You shot back hotly, folding your arms tightly over your chest. You felt ashamed now and mad that he’d made you feel that way.

'Don’t you realise how irresponsible that is?’ Elliot’s cold tone made your eyes water as he spoke. You looked away from him and pointedly at the floor, trying to focus on your anger rather than your embarrassment. 

'Well it’s my responsibility! You don’t get to dictate what I do with my body.’ You snapped, nibbling at your lower lip. 'I wish I’d never sent them to you now anyway.' 

Elliot’s annoyed expression continued to bore into you. His pupils were slightly dilated which made his eyes look darker. You briefly wondered if he’d taken anything.

'I wish I’d never received them. But only because I don’t want someone else to get their hands on them.’

'Oh whatever Elliot. Why don’t you just admit that you’re not feeling it anymore?’

Elliot’s brow furrowed, his frustration evident. 'Feeling what? People have their lives ruined by this shit Y/N. I just want you to be safe.' 

You felt beyond stupid and upset now, trying to ignore the tears pricking your eyes as grew more and more defensive. 'I am safe and I don’t need lecturing from you. If you don’t want me then just admit it.' 

With that you took that it was your cue to leave and made your way towards the door. Elliot stepped forward quickly and grabbed your wrist - although his touch was very delicate and he let go as soon as you stopped to look at him.

'Look I didn’t mean to grab hold of you but I’m sorry okay? I was just fucking worried. I’ve seen some horrible shit.' 

You avoided his eye, unable to conjure up a decent response to give him. The tension between the two of you was still tightly wound and unpredictable and you didn’t want to erupt again. 

'And if you must know…’ Elliot mumbled, his eyes shifting towards the far wall rather than your face. ’…you have no idea what you do to me.’

'What do you mean?’ You replied in little more than a whisper, feeling the space between your legs flush slightly and mix weirdly with the anger which had been radiating off you only seconds earlier.

'That stuff earlier just set me off. I tried to fucking - jesus, I tried to get off at work but obviously I couldn’t.’ Elliot’s cheeks looked slightly flushed now and his jaw was taught as he averted his gaze from you. You throbbed at the thought of him getting off - or rather trying to get off - to you. Images of Elliot’s tensed features as he fisted at his cock danced across your brain as you bit your lower lip.

'Should I go?’ The words left your mouth as though they were a dare, suspended and almost taunting. 

'No.’ Elliot croaked and stepped towards you. His touch was always clumsy and awkward at first - he needed a moment to recalibrate. He grabbed you by the waist, you could feel the hard tips of his fingers digging into your ribs and it hurt but you didn’t complain. You kind of liked it.

You made the first move to kiss - you knew your kisses turned Elliot into a squirming mess. Surprisingly he got the upper-hand as he pushed his lips against yours roughly. You stopped dead still, breath catching in your throat when you felt his tongue tease at your bottom lip. Just as you opened your mouth to allow his tongue in further he bit down on your bottom lip. That made you jump and it was kind of sore but insanely hot. You whined softly, hands fisting themselves in Elliot’s hoodie as he sucked your lip. 

When you pulled apart you were gasping - you could feel your underwear sticking to you from where you’d grown insanely wet already. Elliot looked equally flushed, perhaps even a little surprised at himself as his tongue touched his swollen lips.

'That is unlike you.’ Was all you could mutter lamely. Out of the corner of your eye you could see that your hand was tremoring slightly.

'You don’t like it?’ There was a hint of anxiety to Elliot’s voice now. As lovers you were still so unsure of yourselves - each other’s boundaries included.

'Actually I’d like some more.’ You tried to sound teasing but instead you stuttered slightly. Elliot’s expression darkened again to how he’d looked earlier when you first arrived. 

'Good because this isn’t an act. I’m still pissed at you.’

'For getting you frustrated?' 

'You fucking know why.’ Elliot snapped and made his way over to his desk chair where he sat. Before you had to chance to move he was unbuckling his belt and roughly pushing his jeans down to his ankles. Elliot hissed quietly as he took his cock out of his boxers, it was flushed and rock hard. Elliot looked down, his lips pursed as he wiped his fingers over the wet tip a few times before beginning to stroke himself lazily. When he looked up he raised his eyebrows at you. 

'Come here.’

You swallowed hard and moved towards him. Your movements felt mechanical - you were pretty sure you were still in shock at Elliot’s sudden change in demeanour and it was making your head spin. 

By the time you’d kneeled down in front of Elliot - noting the discomfort of the cheap wooden apartment flooring under your knees - you could hear the quiet wet noises coming from Elliot’s cock as he stroked himself and his voice was strained as if holding back a grunt as he spoke. 

'I want you to…please.’ The 'please’ came out as Elliot’s breath caught in his throat and you knew he was still there, your Elliot - behind the anger and arousal of the man in front of you. You delicately placed a hand over Elliot’s, prising it away from himself as your mouth descended over his length. Elliot sucked in a shrill breath as you moved your mouth all the way down to the base of him. His dick felt hot inside your mouth, slightly salty from where he’d probably been sweating over you earlier. But it wasn’t unpleasant and you were turned on by how frantic his actions were. 

You began to move your lips up and down slowly, focussing more so on swirling your tongue around the tip of Elliot’s cock as you blew him. The motion made him swear under his breath and a hand found its way to the back of your head as he gently urged you on. When you brought a hand up to wrap around him he let out a growl - an actual growl which made you ache - and pushed your hand away. 'No no I’m too sensitive.' 

Occasionally he’d lift your head up and stare at your glazed expression, his eyes roaming over your wet lips which were starting to feel swollen from the motion. It was hot knowing he was getting off to watching your mouth get covered in spit and precum, but you knew Elliot well enough to know that he was searching in your face for your ongoing willingness and the insecurity was probably teasing him in the back of his brain. As a result you increased the speed of your sucking, tilting your head slightly as you did so that he caught every velvety corner of your mouth. 'Jesus fuck.’ Elliot swore as his hips bucked into your mouth. You wanted to look up and see the sight you’d been thinking about earlier - his scrunched eyes and slack mouth but you couldn’t, not yet.

'Stop, stop please! Otherwise I’ll cum-’ The words came out as a rush from Elliot and you pulled your mouth off him, squeezing the base of his cock tightly just in case.

'Isn’t that the point?’ You said breathlessly, studying every bit of Elliot’s fucked out face as he panted in the chair. 

'I wanted to fuck you first.’ His voice was back to a low drawl with just a hint of breathlessness behind it. He leaned forward and quickly kissed your wet lips, his tongue dipping into mouth as he rather confidently tasted himself. You whined at the sensation, unable to take it this time as your hips bucked forward and rutted against Elliot’s shin. Elliot let out a short breath which could have been a laugh if his tongue wasn’t in your mouth. All of a sudden he was off the chair, even his small frame felt imposing as he hovered over you pushing you right down onto the wooden floorboards.

'Here? Really?’ You gasped out as Elliot set to work unbuttoning your work trousers with his nimble fingers. You allowed him to roughly pull them down, abandoning his task half way through when he realised he’d forgotten about your shoes. It made you smirk when he prised them awkwardly off your feet which earnt you a rough squeeze of your thigh.

'Serves you right for earlier. Stupid girl.’ Elliot replied but you could hear the teasing in his voice. He leant forward and gave you a soft kiss as he removed your underwear. It was a reminder that he didn’t really hate you, that you were wanted and he was all yours. 

You gasped when your ass came into contact with cold wooden floorboards beneath you. Elliot bit his lip and kneaded your ass cheeks roughly in his hands which made you jump. 


'Sorry.’ He replied bashfully and his lips pulled into a half smile as his hand grazed your inner thigh. You closed your eyes and tried not to hold your breath as his fingertips traced over the lips of your pussy. Fortunately Elliot was never much in the mood for teasing and he plunged two fingers into you easily. Your back arched almost painfully from the wooden floor and you saw Elliot smirk at how wet you were as his fingers glided in and out of you easily.

'Fuck.’ You gasped when Elliot rolled his thumb over your clit, his fingers already beginning a 'come hither’ motion as he found your g-spot easily.

'You really like pissing me off, don’t you?’ Elliot aided his question with a quick flick of his fingers which made you bite down on your lip. 

'Answer.’ He prompted you again with his fingers, the speed slowly increasing and the pressure on your clit growing more insistent as Elliot drew you closer.

'Yes. Fuck. Okay yes I do.’ You moaned out, very close to cumming as your hips bucked against Elliot’s fingers of their own accord. 

'That’s kind of messed up Y/N.’ Elliot drawled as he brought you off with his hand. You would feel embarrassed about gushing all over his hand but it felt so good you didn’t care. You managed a high pitched 'El’ followed by a series of whimpers as you came hard. 

You took a few seconds to come down from your high and when you finally opened you eyes you could see that Elliot was fisting his cock tightly again, bottom lip caught between his teeth. 

'Sorry you looked so good then I couldn’t help it.’ He gasped out and you noticed that it was his hands that were shaking now as he kneeled between your legs. 

'May I?’ Elliot asked as he hovered over you, dick in hand ready to enter. 

'Yes Christ, please do.’ Was all you managed you hiss out as Elliot entered you in one fluid motion. You were worried he wouldn’t be able feel anything due to how wet you were but he still let out a low groan as he pushed all the way in.

'This probably won’t last long sorry.’ Elliot said through his teeth as his hips started to rock against yours, the floorboards creaking underneath you. 

'Fuck I don’t care just fill me up.’ You gasped out in return which made Elliot swear under his breath again as he picked up pace, wet sounds coming from the place where your hips met as he fucked you frantically.

'El, El, El…’ You didn’t know why you were saying his name like that but it was like a chorus. All you could do was grip Elliot’s slender hips tightly, urging him deeper as his hips rolled against yours. Elliot kept one hand tightly on your ass cheek, kneading the soft flesh hard as he held you still on the floor whilst the other hand rested just above your head as he supported himself above you.

'Fuck, ah…’ Elliot bit out and suddenly you could feel yourself being flooded with warmth as he buried himself in you. Elliot stayed very still for a few moments, his sweaty brow pressed against your shoulder as he panted above you. Climax for Elliot was similar to being high and this was very much his comedown.

'You’re so good.’ You breathed out over Elliot’s shoulder and kissed the damp skin there whilst your back throbbed with pain from being down on the wooden floor. 

After that the anger was all but forgotten. Elliot lectured you of course but he wasn’t mad at all. In fact you were very pleased with yourself, pleased with the fact that from now on you knew exactly how to get Elliot going.

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 10

Kiss Me

Negan x Addison 

A/N: ( ̄ω ̄;)( ̄ω ̄;) – i’ve pretty much outlined my chapters up to this point, so it may take me some time before I post the next one, depending on how bad the writer’s block is hahaha xx 

Chapter 9 || Masterlist 

(gif by @normannipples

“What are you two doing here?” 

Naomi and Jade both stood in front of my door with mischievous smiles on their faces. Jade was holding onto three glasses, and Naomi revealed a bottle of wine she had hidden behind her. “We call it the new wife initiation” 

“New wife initiation?” I laughed. 

“Yep, you’re one of us now. I think that deserves a toast”. They walked inside, taking their seat on the floor. One of us now. That still sounds weird to me. Jade poured the drinks, as Naomi handed me a glass. 

“I just want you to know that you’ve got friends here” She admitted. I gave her a smile. She’s been so supportive and nice to me, even when I haven’t exactly reciprocated the same kindness. “You guys are awesome” I replied.  

The three of us toasted, taking a sip of our drinks. We were having a great time talking about life, love, and all the things we missed about the old world. The night and wine eventually turned us into three giggling girls, time passing by quickly without any of us realizing it. 

“So, have you and Negan…?” Jade raised her brows suggestively at me. 

“” I admitted taking a sip of the wine, nervously tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. 

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Boyfriend Jeno

donghyuk; here

Originally posted by johnniesuh

  • awww all of nct loves you guys together
  • so be prepared to get your cheeks pinched if you’re both caught holding hands
  • especially by jaehyun, who has classed you both as his children
  • your heart stopping in fear every time he does cool tricks on the hoverboard, like riding around in a handstand.
  • “be careful!!”
  • “always am ;)”
  • then jaehyun is like “where did u learn to wink stop it” and is also making sure he doesn’t fall, with the others close behind just in case they need to catch him
  • one time, jeno put his clothes on in reverse (like, trousers on his arms and shirt on his legs) to freak the crap out of you while riding around on a hoverboard
  • will do anything you want if you flash some aegyo
  • “let’s get ice cream!”
  • “no, I wanna get frozen yogurt!”
  • *aegyo*
  • “fine, okay, we’ll get ice cream!”
  • watching cartoons every morning while eating cereal. not bc you’re kids, no, oc not. you only watch them out of habit, & since there’s nothing else on … >.>
  • pretends to be a photographer to snap photos of you, being cheesy & calling you his muse
  • “what do you like more; me or cars?”
  • “………” *jeno absconds*
  • seriously tho, this boy loves cars. he’s got drawings of them stuck up on his bedroom walls and models, dusted often and displayed beautifully, that you. Must. not. t ouch. under. ANY. Circumstance
  • makes u download the same games on your phone as him, so you can compete or send each other lives/gifts
  • strong snapchat game
  • your streak started the day you both officially went on a date and has never been lost
  • cinema dates where you shyly wait to hold hands until the theater is dark bc asdfgkl awkward
  • then your hands become so sweaty but neither of you want to pull away
  • both hands reaching for popcorn at the same time, making eye contact for a second before blushing and looking away
  • then you see taeyong melting at the cuteness from the corner of your eye bc yes
  • you get chaperoned on dates
  • jeno wants to take you somewhere cute, alone, so you both sneak out one day (not at night bc it’s dark & scary) and try to find the local park
  • except you’ve never been there & jeno couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag
  • “uuuuuuuuh ….. uuuuuh I thought it was here? maybe it’s the next street?”
  • eventually you both need to ring someone to find u but who won’t tattle on you two sneaking off & being bamf’s
  • “mark :) our best friend :) how do u do? may we ask a favour of you, oh trustworthy & handsome mark :)”
  • you’ve never cuddled, per say, since his bedroom is off limits unless you’re with the others, so the closest you’ve gotten to cuddling is during movie night
  • he lays on his side on the blanket spread on the ground, and you lay a safe distance away, then haechan is on your other side since there’ll be no sneaky kisses with that squealer around
  • and that’s your version of cuddling :)
  • brags about his musical talent but gets shy if you ask him to show you
  • ngl the furthest you’ve gotten is one (1) (ein) (uno) kiss that was more just lips touching for .000001 seconds & blushing and not making eye contact for a week
  • but you’re both young so there’s no rush. things like making out or going on dates to fancy restaurants come with age and maturity. right now, neither of you are ready for that. it’s just sweet, innocent love filled with pure emotions. so don’t try to force an adult relationship, and enjoy this puppy love while you can :)

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

Ah yes, the ship that must not be named. Or that I like to call err0ri because it’s like an error in the matrix or idk. I’m not directly answering the ask because I don’t want it to show up in the search and have any brats in my inbox lol.
Alright, sit down, my child because this turned out so long, holy shit X”D

Tbh this ship never made any sense to me, and I was baffled when I joined the fandom and found out that it’s the biggest/most popular ship in the fandom. Like wtf the wrong with y’all?? First of all there is the obvious age gap. Why you gotta turn Levi into a pedo? He just doesn’t strike me as the guy that would fall for a teenager. He might care for them as a father figure and superior because he’s empathetic. But romance? Never. “But it’s only fiction!!!!!!!!!!!” Have you seen how teenager boys act nowadays? How can you look at someone as immature as Eren and think he would be able to take care of a man in his 30s irl? You wouldn’t. And idk what should be so different in the snk verse. Eren is immature and egoistic and definitely not, NOT. AT. ALL. suited to take care of someone like Levi who went through so much shit, grew up underground and lost so many people that were dear to him. They are on totally different levels. But there is more to it than just the age gap. There is a total lack of chemistry. I just don’t see it! But the worst is that the whole ship is built on an act of violence. How can abuse be the base for a ship? When I joined the fandom in 2013 it was totally a thing in err0ri fanart that Levi would beat Eren up before anything romantic or sexual happened. It looked like violence was a foreplay for them and that’s simply disgusting. Abuse was heavily romanticized and played down in this fandom. But it was just a trick to get Eren into the Scouting Legion right? Also it was the plan of Erwin, the evil guy that stands in the way of this ~dream ship~. Let’s just ignore how Levi did not only beat Eren a second but also a third time. The second time was just Levi’s way of bonding with his new squad, right? Lmao this was such a fucked up “meta” post that I read. For the third time they couldn’t even make any excuses. They just simply ignore it. Like basically everything else that happens in canon. This ship is so damn ooc. It’s like they are two completely different characters that just coincidentally look exactly like Eren and Levi. This fandom is an expert in mischaracterizing characters and I’m also talking about third parties, like every other character that could come in the way of the ship is a potential danger, an abuser and rapist. Maybe it’s because most shippers are very young and just see Eren as a self insert. Maybe they haven’t written many fics and that’s why they can’t get the characterization right. Who knows, maybe I would’ve fallen for this ship too when I was 15. (Though I was always into height differences, so who knows?) However, there are also enough people that are not teenagers or even around Levi’s age that ship him with Eren. I honestly can’t come up with any logical reason why you would ship these two. I don’t understand it and I honestly don’t want to. The only reason I can somewhat understand is “they are my favorite and second favorite character so I just want to see them together and fuck canon, I make up my own canon/AU”. Or if someone ships them for the ~aesthetics~. I don’t see these aesthetics, but tastes are different.

I gotta admit that in the beginning I was just unfazed by this ship and felt just indifferent. I didn’t mind if it showed up on my dash, I scrolled past it and sometimes even took a second to appreciate the art itself even if I didn’t like what it portrayed. But the more time passed the more I’ve learned how nasty the shippers are. Istg the shippers made me hate this ship with a burning passion. Now if any err0ri shows up on my dash, I get physically sick. I totally wish I could go back to indifference instead of feeling like puking, but I can’t. I’ve seen too much shit. And I’m totally aware that there are normal shippers, and that other ships have black sheeps in their flock too. But there are just so many err0ri shippers that can’t stay in their damn line. They have to take art of other ships and turn change Levi’s partner into Eren. They have to leave nasty comments under eru/ri art like “I think you meant to draw Eren as Levi’s husband instead of Erwin” or that the artist drew a rape scene under a simple nsfw drawing. And don’t get me started on the shit that goes on in the eru/ri tag on AO3. Why do so many writers have to tag their err0ri fics as eru/ri? Istg no matter when I check the tag, there are always 20-25% err0ri fics. I’m so fucking tired of this shit. I don’t want to see it! NO ONE goes into the eru/ri tag to see this endgame err0ri crap. Especially not if all of them turn Erwin into a monster. Aren’t they tired of reading their own same shit over and over again? Can’t they come up with anything new? Why does it always have to be Erwin who is the bad ex and Eren the knight on a white horse who rescues Levi? Levi is no fucking damsel in distress. He would never let Erwin abuse him and he’s definitely not unable to defend himself. He doesn’t need a third person to get him out of there, especially not someone as unsuited as Eren lol. But I‘m repeating myself and already talked enough about mischaracterization. I just wish they would take a random OC instead or just stop to tag their fics as eru/ri if it’s just a past relationship and not the endgame. And NO, eruri/ren is NOT the solution. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If I already hate err0ri, I definitely don’t want to drag Erwin into this shit as well. Leave him out of it. I know multishippers exist. I don’t understand how you can ship both of them when eru/ri is basically perfect while err0ri is the bad kind of trash, but ok. But I’ve never got along with those kind of multishippers. I talked to some in the past but it never ended well. So I prefer to avoid any people that are shipping err0ri tbh. Oh and one last thing… why do so many of them are such apologists? Whenever they are confronted with the “pedo argument” (yes, I’m aware that pedophilia is the wrong term and it should be actually hebephilia/ephebophilia but most people use pedophilia as a synonym for a minor/adult relationship), they get so defensive and aggressive and try to find stupid excuses why this ship is not problematic. Suddenly Eren is so mature because he’s in the military and that automatically makes him an adult. But once he has to face punishment for insubordination he’s a sweet child that doesn’t know any better. That’s so fucking pathetic and hypocritical. Just admit that you like a problematic ship and that’s it. It’s not that hard isn’t it?

Thanks for your ask, and sorry that this got so long :”D

Creating A Roleplay: An Addendum

Everything about what I’m going to talk about below will be an update from an earlier post of mine that I made, initially, two years ago and will also briefly discuss pros and cons! Please feel free to use both as a guide. 

Admin / Modding

  • Solo
    • Being an independent admin has its perks but depending on the type of roleplay you’ll be setting up, it is also a lot of work. Performing all of the admin responsibilties can take up more time and leave you with little time or even muse to make replies owed to your character(s). There are a lot of factors one should consider before setting up a roleplay: how big of a roleplay do they want (small, mid-size, large), how long do they want the roleplay to last, and how dedicated can they be with time management and whether or not this approach will mean the roleplay is casual or more ‘serious.’ Roleplaying these days is not what it used to be in the past so it’s definitely a lot like a 9 to 5 job. I recommend solo if: you’re unsure about working with others, can handle that responsibility and have definite ideas in mind about the future/eventual end of your roleplay, and how much experience you have at hosting a roleplay.
  • Group
    • A group admin roleplay (with two or more) can be a very beneficial and efficient way of running a roleplay, especially currently. Duties can be assigned and people who excel at certain areas over others (graphics, coding, bios, promoting, etc…) can be given to those who can do those best; it also helps when the group consists of admins in different time zones. (After all, we all want utmost best for our roleplays). However, the trade off here is time coordination and requires working as a team and trusting the people you’re working with. 
      • There also may be some “favouritism” or a “rank” in which admins are easier to approach/talk to - even if all of the admins are kind and friendly, one or a few admins might receive more attention than others. This is risky only because some might get jealous or perceive that negatively thus tearing apart an otherwise great admin team and/or destroying the roleplay. There are also players that will try to alienate admins.

Blog Hosting

  • Primary
    • While a primary is great to have in that you can reach out to people privately this way and etc, it has its disadvantages from having to continually switch back and forth from your character accounts to the main and vice versa. 
  • Secondary
    • A secondary is especially great if you have more than one admin in a roleplay, all of the character accounts can be primary with the roleplay being secondary – this eliminates the need to have members access the blog on a different or incognito browser, it also means you can always be notified when a message is sent to the main without leaving the individual waiting for a few hours or so before doing a main check in. It’s also great for, if an admin leaves or drama goes down and wants to do something spiteful (like, delete the blog), they can’t. This can be bad, though, for queueing purposes (depending on how much you like to queue in a day and how active you are as a character/on the main because of the post limit).
  • Off-Site Hosting
    • Twitter
      • Not sure how this works but I know this is becoming popular. Probably best for Hollywood-related RP’s and/or a casual approach!
    • Forums 
      • IMO, these are a bit unorganized and are still a little obsolete despite their comeback. 


  • Approachability
    • Being friendly and not sounding full of yourself is the way to go. Always. And try not to do things that would be blatantly wrong (like, purposely whitewashing a POC and then being in denial about it rather than apologizing, owning up to it and changing it).
    • If confronted with a situation, it’s best to approach it after you’ve cooled down (anger and/or anxiety-wise) and allowed the more emotional reaction to pass; it’s better to approach things rationally and calm, this keeps you from saying, well, stupid shit that could be used against you in the future and/or make a situation worse. Hear all sides and do not discret what someone says unless you have absolute proof that they’re wrong if you need to support your claim (comfort level is a different matter, however).
  • Activity
    • What kills a roleplay faster than anything is not being active on the main or having an active presence in the RPC. As I stated in my earlier post, a lot of roleplays come out in a week and it’s important to not lose determination. 
  • Mascots
    • Can be a hindrance or a help. Some people are turned away from mascots for a variety of reasons: bad FC experience, not being able to use that FC for their character if they desired to do so. But they can be helpful in conveying tone of a message and/or a clearer identifier of which admin is responding!
  • “Aesthetics”
    • Is unsurprisingly very important because let’s all face it, we all judge a book by its cover even when we say we don’t. We do. Having a nice theme and graphics is what draws the eye in. It sucks but it’s true (how else would those contained themes be popular if it weren’t?). If you don’t know how to make graphics or aren’t advanced enough to do so, there are RPH’s out there that do take requests! (But be sure to credit them)!

Style of Theme

  • Fansite
    • Gonna be biased here and say these are the best for presenting the main roleplay. Text are usually darker and bigger, and not drop shadowed; the navigation is more readily accessible. (Placement of things is important however and having a fixed, easy to reach pagination is suggested - such as off to the side or up in the topbar navigation rather than at the very bottom of the posts, or having a script that can enable the ‘back to the top’ feature).
  • Contained
    • I personally don’t suggest these for the main page for the roleplay at all. They’re too condensed and when you’re trying to pack a lot of information into a roleplay, these aren’t the best to use. Using them on the character accounts is fine and all but it just doesn’t belong on a roleplay that has to host: biographies, events/tasks, and etc…. Those posts can get quite long. 
  • Navigation
    • On the main page, listing important links (plot, rules, characters, [town, lore], application/apply) is important before providing the “navi+” that then goes on to list all of the links. The navigation page should be easy to use and navigation. The background should not be the same or similar to the colour being used for the text.
  • Blogroll
    • However you decide to do this (following all of the blogs back or listing out the links then linking in its own page or combined as an OOC directory), it should follow the same premise as above.
  • Character Masterlist
    • Some like to go beyond the typical ‘Female, all, open, taken’, ‘Male, open, all, taken’ route and make a kind of ‘muses’ page where the FC picture is provided along with essentials and a brief summary then a link to their bio. This should follow the same rule as above.


  • Character PSDs
    • There are plenty of free-to-use PSDs out there for people to use but try being original if you can! Character PSDs can be a really cool way to incorporate symbolism into the graphics that may or may not be included in the header and promo images. 
  • Header
    • Similar to the promo image, this can be an expansion of the promo image or the same as is, but this will also help to draw attention to your roleplay. I advise using it both in the mobile theme header and on the main page itself.
  • Promo Image
    • This is what your eye catcher will be. This should in some way represent the overall theme of your roleplay. Try to have some stand out pieces.


  • Plot
    • Stagnant
      • Shorter life span, tends to only last about a few months to a year depending on how fast the plot progresses. Best for casual or novel-like roleplays. 
    • Seasonal
      • If you want your roleplay to last a long time and have it sort run like a television show, a ‘seasonal’ route is a good option to consider! As we know, people can get attached to the world and the characters in it, so what happens after you beat the main villain in season one? You work up the next conflict for your characters to deal with! A seasonal route can also allow for intermittant hiatuses to give the admins time away to break and think of what to bring next while also building up hype for the return. 
  • Character Bios
    • As an admin, you have a variety of options on how to approach this aspect. 
      • Skeleton – This is great for if you don’t want to write a lot of bios or don’t have the muse or time to do that. The pattern of skeletons can vary and be either not complete or partially complete, and the person interested in applying would simply provide the rest of the details. The skeleton can include ideas you had for a character but didn’t know how to complete. Additionally, this is great for a casual approach, as well as giving players the feeling like they’re creating an OC but with direction.
      • OC – An original character. A very popular choice of bringing characters into a world and molding them to fit within it; of course, not OC’s are great so don’t feel forced to accept them! This is also a casual approach, and even more so than the skeleton one.
      • Canon – The most time-consuming but also the benefit of creating a character that you know fits in with the world you created. 
  • Additional Information (town(s), lore, villain, etc…)
    • When including other information to add to the world you’ve created, I suggest making it as original as you can. With a lot of roleplays following similar genres, you’ll want something that sticks out - even if just the tiniest bit. 
  • Events
    • These tend to last longer, from a few weeks to a month. These act as plot progressional tools. You’ll want to at least have one event going each month, this is what will help keep your roleplay interesting and moving forward.
  • Tasks
    • Optional or mandatory. Shorter and can be used to build up to the event or the overall plot. It can be something silly as well, like something that focuses on the characters or invokes thought.
  • (Ask) Memes / Anons
    • Optional or mandatory. Just like with the events and tasks, memes help encourage OOC and IC interaction. It can also encourage thought about characters. They can be used to encourage IC interaction by allowing characters to reply to the responses or be used however seen fit. 
  • Credit
    • Somewhere on the main, I advise creating a page of dedication where you give credit to the resources you’ve used in your roleplay. 


  • Affiliation 
    • Reaching out to similar roleplays to become affiliates is a great way to promote yourself and them. It also helps build a network for future projects!
  • Shoutouts
    • Utilizing RPH’s is another great way of spreading the word. All you have to do is send in a paragraph summarizing your roleplay and/or submitting a promo post through them!
  • Promos
    • You’ll want set up a queue that promotes your graphics on the daily with a high frequency volume since the tags move very fast. The max you can queue in a day is: 300.
  • Tag Variation
    • To avoid steering away potential applicants and to also draw in more attention, using a variety of tags that represent your roleplay is good. RP and RPG are good variations as well. Remember, only the first 5 tags show up in the searches. 
  • Talk Tag
    • This is becoming a more popular trend, I’ve noticed, and this can be used to help build up hype before launching or relaunching your roleplay!
  • Inspo / Aesthetics Blog
    • Similar to the talk tag, this can help build up hype and also give your players and future applicants an idea for what your roleplay is like.
  • Utilizing Your Personal / RPH+
    • Can bring in additional traffic to those who like to roleplay but may not necessarily know how to browse the tags or doesn’t check the tags regularly. This also builds up hype!

Personal Opinions

  • Don’t choose the player over your fellow admin in a situation where you know the player is wrong. Keeping players around and demoting and/or kicking out an admin just because you’d rather keep the player happy and not lose a member or a few is bad. (As well as shady and uncomfortable). The same goes in the reverse situation. Remove the antagonizers, even if that results in 10 others leaving in the process - it’s better to remove all negativity possible than to keep one or two around just because you don’t want the roleplay to collapse. It’s important to not let anyone divide the group as a whole (players and admins). 
Respect Original Characters:

OCs are an art form, like anything else. 

It takes a lot of effort to think of a character, their personality, their responses and reactions, what makes them tick. All too often, we find that we put pieces of ourselves inside our characters, give them a life and vitality of their own. They become an extension of ourselves, yet different in some aspects to make them unique.

OCs are made for the enjoyment of the creator, and it’s no lie when the creator wants to share their OC with everyone. It is their child, their baby, something they’re proud of and want to see grow and develop. OCs are as diverse as the people who create them, and that shows and it’s wonderful.

Would you want someone to come along and bully and talk shit about and make your child feel worthless? You wouldn’t stand for that, would you?

So why do it to others, why rip apart and degrade what someone has worked so hard to create? Because you don’t like their art style? You think that they should act a certain way? Because you want the artist to bend to your every drawing whim, attempting to draw what you want without a thought of the artists’ concern or free time or comfort level, and then get pissy when they refuse and try to stay true to themselves and their character?

If you want a character to say or do something, try and see if the artist has commissions open and pay them. Writers, too, as I know some are kind enough to do requests for readers. More to the point, don’t go ripping apart someone and their character because you don’t like it or the ship it’s in or the clothes it’s wearing, whatever. Someone has put time and effort and love into their OC, and we were all there at one point: making up characters, making up adventures for them, being ourselves and expressing ourselves and enjoying ourselves. That’s the goal here, to have fun.

Show some love to someone’s OC. Complement the art style, the dialogue, the clothes they wear, the eye color, the fangs, WHATEVER. A kind word can make someone’s day, and encourage them to make more content and do what they love. Every OC has a right to make a mark and every creator has a right to have fun in this fandom, always.

Something’s Gotta give. ( Taehyung / OC) Chapter One

Eight years.

At first thought , it seemed like a long time.  Technically it isn’t. People celebrate 25 years and 50 years of being together and eight years is pretty meager by comparison. Love is timeless, after all? 

 And honestly , some days, i look at Taehyung and it feels like just yesterday, we were standing in the rain and taking our vows.  I’d met him for the first time, at a dinner hosted by a mutual friend, the popular idol with the too wide smile and the beautiful face. We had sneaked out to pet the hostess’ dog, in one of the secluded rooms and I’d realized how incredibly down to earth and sweet this man was. 

He’d been the same age as me but so innocent and happy and so kind. So beautiful. So beautiful that whenever we walked together in public, people would stop short and stare. His beauty was just so arresting, so dazzling and I didn’t even mind the looks that came my way… the looks that said, “ How did someone like her land someone like  him?” 

i loved him and he loved me and that’s more than what a lot of people get in their life, so i was grateful . 

But still , Eight years meant a lot of things. A lot of changes and arguments and broken promises and forgotten dates. apologies not made right, forgiveness not given . Words spat out in a moment of anger, only to be regretted for months. Hurting, being hurt. 

Realizing that it’s not always easy to like someone always, just because you’re in love with them. Realizing that sex isn’t enjoyable when you have to shut your eyes because you’re still mad about the fight you had last week. Realizing that re-heating dinner after waiting for your husband for three hours makes you feel like you failed at life. 

Taehyung and I have been married for eight years. 

I gently lifted the small framed photograph off his desk, wiping down on the glass surface with the small cleaning rag, spraying some cleaner and then rubbing it again till the suface sparkled. The light from the window bounced off the reflective glass, tossing patterns on the wall and it was bright. But not as bright as our smiles in the photo. We were both young, then : Twenty one.  

Young and in love and so confident in our own immortality.

  Let’s get married. Have babies. Buy that pretty house with the white picket fence and three dogs and two cats and let’s just make everyone else jealous … Make them years for a love like ours. So much love I have for you , baby girl. i love you so much.  

It didn’t really work out that way. You see, sometimes love is enough. Sometimes it isn’t. 

And a marriage does not contain love. A marriage only contains what you put into it. If you don’t put love in marriage , and then try to draw love from it, it’s like drawing water from a dried up well. Just because you’re parched, desperate for a sip, doesn’t mean water is going to miraculously materialize. 

the same with love, really. 

But still, 

Eight years. 

The next photograph is from our rehearsal dinner, with the rest of his band. There’s Jung Kookie, bunny smile bright as he threads silly string through my hair, there’s Seokjin tugging on Taehyung’s arm and nuzzling his neck , There’s Jimin , arms around his fiancee , Yoojung but smiling fondly at his best buddy. There’s Namjoon bright, happy and so proud of Taehyung. There’s Hoseok, on his knees on the floor, carrying a grinning Taehyung who’s happily astride on his shoulders. 

And There’s Taehyung, happy. Smiling. His fingers linked with mine, his smile wide and boxy and uncaring. And There’s me, not gorgeous by their standards but pretty : bright pink skirt and ruffled white blouse, hair dyed a ridiculous burgundy . I looked happy. It was jarring, seeing the warmth in my smile. I hadn’t seen that face in a long time and in her place was a woman with grey tinged eye bags and lank hair. 

And the woman in the mirror had long turned into a stranger. A frowning, confused, lost stranger who didn’t know what was wrong with her marriage or how to fix it. A woman who went through the day in a trance, busy without getting anything done and in love with a phantom. 

i don’t know exactly when it started : this downward spiral. A year ago, he got a movie with Lalisa Manoban and began to work over time. 

Taehyung didn’t come home on most nights and even when he did, it was to awkward silences and cold food. We didn’t talk much, him perpetually tired from working and me perpetually worried about how tired he was. Any time i voiced my concern , he chewed me out .

 Someone has to pay the bills!

this is what i do, Raemi !!

You knew about my schedules when you married me!! 

i can’t drop years of hardwork, just because you’re feeling lonely, Raemi. why don’t you get a job? Why don’t you keep yourself busy. You can’t expect me to give you all the comfort you need!!

 “You should talk to him” Yoojung had said, when one day, I’d felt incredibly saturated with insecurities and fears and then the damning words had just spilled out of me like dirty water from an overflowing sink. 

“Yoojung what if he’s tired of me?” 

And for a brief moment i considered it. 

I had considered, talking to him. Maybe even taking a break.  Moving to my parent’s house, maybe. but i couldn’t. what if something awful happened. What if , me leaving , just convinced Taehyung that he could live without me? What if he realized that he didn’t need me after all? 

So I stayed. Even though we weren’t us, even though my husband was taking all the love from our marrage and putting nothing back in for me to receive, i stayed. 

One day, he asked me to dress for a dinner date. With friends, he said. But just as I got ready , just as we were about to leave, he stared at me, his face oddly calculatiove as he took in my dress and my hair and just me. 

“Maybe , we should hire a few maids.” He said softly. 

I had been so startled. 

“What, why?”

“The house looks like a trash can. What do you do here all day, anyway?”

I had been stunned speechless. He had never talked to me that way. Had never talked to anyone that way. Taehyung had a name for being kind and considerate. He stood there, staring at me, not a hint of playfulness or kindness or even affection on his face.

I couldn’t stop the tears that spilled over and I had turned on my heel and walked back into my work room and slammed the door shut. He didn’t even bother checking up on me, instead leaving for the dinner by himself. 

That night, for the first time in a long time, I slept in the guest bedroom. Turns out i didn’t even have to. He never came home. 

And then the rumors began. 

 Star Actor Kim Taehyung affair with Lalisa Manoban?Visual couple dazzle on the ramp but is there something going on behind the scenes and under the sheets?

 Tabloids. Sleazy words and sickening rumors. Because that’s what they were : rumors. Taehyung would never cheat on me. Lalisa may have perfect features, a lithe , lissom body and those slanted , gorgeous eyes but i had his name and that ought to mean something, right? 

i placed the photograph back and sighed. 

Past the framed photograph, there were things that i don’t usually touch. The huge file with all his movie scripts. it’s thick and big and it just served as yet another reminder that to Taehyung, his work would always come first. The past few years, he has been successful, not just in Korea but overseas as well. I was proud of him. Of course i was. Who wouldn’t be? He was handsome, successful and talented and respected : Koreas’s Treasure. 

His friends were all successful too, most of them married ( except for Yoongi and jung Kook ) They still have comebacks . They still do music. But they have their own families too. Once a month we  meet up at one of our houses for a day of bonding.  The kids would run around and play ( they all had kids. Except for me and Taehyung. A familiar pang. A pain that refused to be dulled by time. He loved kids. We both did. We had wanted them so badly but eight years is a long time , when you’re trying to have a kid and failing. Sometime after the sixth year, we had given up. ) and we would all talk about the old times, the new times. 

The future.

 It was odd, but Taehyung had long since  stopped talking about  us  as in me and him, when we were with our friends. 

it was always “ I’m going to take a script with…” or “ I’m going to Jeju Do to film” 

Like I was no longer a contributing factor in his future , short term or long term.  

I made to go back to our bedroom but suddenly the room looked too huge and empty and the bed looked massive. Too much for just me. Swallowing the dread that rose up inside me , I shut the door and crept back to the  living space, past the small hallway and onto the room that I used to paint and write. I grabbed the fluffy white throw before  curling on the carpet at the foot of the easel.. i was feeling a bit peaky the past few days. A steady sort of exhaustion that was creeping up on me .

the kind of bone weary tiredness that comes from everyday monotony. 

The phone rang and i jumped a bit. 


“Raemi?” His voice had always been  unique. Deep and slightly rough. Completely at odds with his face. Familiar as as my deepest secrets. 

“Are you back? When are you coming home?” I asked softly. 


“There are a few scenes i wanted to discuss with the Director. He’s invited me to his place tonight.” Taehyung sounded genuinely apologetic. 

What a fantastic actor he was.So much improv, no need for a script. 

 “ Okay. Will you come home tomorrow?” 

“I’ll try. Are you okay? Did you get some rest with me gone ? ” And the concern is not an act, i thought vaguely. Taehyung cared , even if he didn’t care enough. 

“Sure … I’m fine. Tae,  take good care of yourself. Come home soon, okay.”

“Okay, Rae.See you soon.”

“I Love you. “ It’s almost a reminder , at this point. To him and to me. Don’t forget i love you. Don’t forget you love me too.  We act like we don’t, but we do. 

A pause. 

“I love you too, baby.”

After eight years, Taehyung lies without missing a beat. 

 Author’s Note : Yup, i don’t know if i should even continue this.. It sounds so bad? Ugh. 

Mr. Brightside | Zack Taylor | Prologue

So here it is, folks: the Zack/OC story I’ve promised through and through. I’ve had this idea in mind for a long ass while, though not for the Power Rangers fandom, but then this movie just BEGGED me to do so. And besides, this fandom needs some OC love x3

Warnings!: The OC is a bit of a busybody (oh really?), might been some typos. Just my suckish writing in general.

Disclaimer: No, I do not own the Power Rangers nor its characters. Those belong to Haim Saban and Lionsgate.

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Detention wasn’t exactly how she had planned to spend her Saturday mornings, yet her mother made herself very clear it was out of the discussion a way out— she was going and she didn’t have any other choice.

And god knew her headphones weren’t enough to block out those idiots on the back of the classroom. She was indeed tempted to put on her hoodie like the most stereotypical problem kid just to block the noise— if not because then she might draw the attention of the actual problem kids. She had already enough problems by just being there and she didn’t need to add up bullies getting on her nerves.

Not like she could concentrate on the music that much, not when a piece of eraser hit the back of her head with way too much force on it, and as she put on back the headphones the not really discrete snorts of the others came to her ears.

Then again, she already enough problems just being there, it seemed.

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Character Building Tips

Character Building Tips

(Author’s note- I can literally write pages, upon pages about characters, the different types, how they all work and how to create them, and I really doubt anyone wants to read pages upon pages of this, so this is a condensed version on how to build characters, if any one of you pals want me to go in depth, or explain anything, feel free to message and/or inbox me!! Or if you guys want more things like this, please let me know!! I will be more than happy to oblige!!)

Step 1. A Name- So before anything, and I think this goes without saying, your character is going to need a name, they can get a name at any stage of the building process, so do not fret if you don’t have a name for your character yet, you can still do all the other steps.

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I’ve Noticed A Thing

Recently - but seeing as I’ve only been active within this community (ask/rp blogs) for a while comparative to others, at times I feel as though I don’t have some sort of authority to speak about it.

Then I realized, after a second, I don’t care and I’m going to speak my mind.

And let’s get down to it; to the talk - THE talk about OC vs Canon, popularity, activity and your feelings!

Hi, I’m Kav and this is my own OC blog - with about 200 followers (as of right now, writing this) and have had this blog for about 2 months and a few days. Apparently that is a feat in this community, but I think I should point out that it’s possibility due to my activity, my art and also the guest that’s currently been hanging out with them.

And I need to point out something right now but don’t be offended/hurt. etc; it’s just an obvious thing.

Canon blogs will get the better treatment because they’re established characters in this world AND have that spotlight that original content creators don’t have.

But that shouldn’t diminish one’s determination to keep at it. People are not going to hand serve you the attention you think you rightfully deserve
Because you think so well of yourself, which I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but still.

Don’t let that bruise your ego or your spirit. (Because god, if that does it - then you’ll just be meeting people along the way who’ll do a lot worse and say worse.)

Anyways let that sink in a little and now, what do you do as an original content creator or an OC ask blog?

There’s not much to say besides don’t give up! Don’t lose all of your hope because seriously, it’s well established that no one really wants to deal with a person who gives up hope and complains or is negative on a constant basis. (*Looks at self*)

Like myself, you need to work on that - that part of yourself that needs to start looking more of positives and other options, instead of being down or thinking negatively. People can sense it and they’ll start leaving. 

Oh, you can say, ‘I didn’t need them anyhow’ or ‘I’ll find better fans or followers than those’ but really, stop making that excuse for yourself to feel better.

You lost them because of that sort of thinking.

Do better! Be better, not only for others but for yourself! As a content creator and someone who wants to have more interaction with others about your content! Don’t dismiss everyone because you feel like you are not good enough or you’re too proud or possibly anxious/shy. (I sound like I’m preaching to myself at this point…)

Also another elephant in the room; Art-based Ask/RP blogs vs Written-Only Ask/RP blogs

I hate to talk about this but let’s just be real; ask blogs - and ones where there’s constant activity and art alongside it, will always have more popularity.

Words are so beautiful, and strung along together - they can be amazing and well thought out ideas, stories and much more but… As they say, pictures write a thousand words.

It’s true and I feel bad for admitting that, as an ask blog - I’m not going to feel the same feeling as an RP blog because I don’t have the same frustration you have. I love your words and the image you can provide with them but it’s not for everyone.

It’s kind of tragic because so far, what I have seen and read - or at least skimmed through, the majority of those I follow are pretty great and incredible!

Please, don’t give up hope though - you’ve met some pretty cool friends and people who love you, either up front or afar! (Like me! And I love you, your portrayals and your blog in general)

Major vs minor characters and attractiveness

Not gonna lie; characters who are mains and have a huge role within a series will get more love and more attention - Also will get bashed too, for not having the right portrayal or the same headcanons as another. Keep doing whatever you wish, you’re good by the way.

But minor characters, that is somewhat tough - they needed to have a following, a fan base but they also can start attracting attention by being constantly active, possibly in character for most or some or just giving MORE to the character in question.

I’ve seen it happens and it’s pretty great! Some feel as though the captured the character even though there is so little information of them as it is. You’re amazing and are doing god or at least the level of the author’s work if they worked more on the character.

Not gonna lie either; physically attractive characters will always just get the glory and the good(?) asks - It’s just how the world works but please know, don’t let that put you down (or go make an ask blog for a possibly popular character for being attractive unless your heart is into it or else you’ll lose passion quickly for your own blog and really hurt others in the process because they always want more!)

Art styles and skills

I don’t really need to go on; people are attracted to dynamic and possibly (what they believe) is art styles that they are attracted, aesthetically, to or want to see more or.

It’s shallow and not at the same time - artists grow from learning from one another and wanting to achieve the same skills or skill level as those they place above them.

Don’t let that bring you down, keep practicing though. Keep drawing. Don’t stop either or lose hope, just keep at it. You’ll get where you wanna be! Practice and practice some more, look to tutorials, different brushes/pens/tools and whatever resources you can get over the internet to help you. 

Art is a skill you yourself have to hone and keep at - as Arin Hanson says from Game Grumps, “Do you think I came out the pussy drawing Mozart?”

I know this post is just a whole mess; but I haven’t really done this in a while - I’m pretty rusty and can’t really be sure to keep this post about the point as much. I apologize for so.

And now I need to ask you, why do you do this?

I’m not trying to be or act as though I’m an authority of what you should feel or think or a judgment of your thought process, etc etc - I’m just here, trying to level with y’all. WHY DO YOU DO THIS?

Seriously, you need to ask yourself this.

I’ll give you my reason for doing this, for having an OC ask blog - my thoughts and what goes through it.

I do and continue to do this because I have always wanted to do this for the past couple of years but the problem was also me and what I was thinking, you see - I wasn’t at the skill level I wanted to be at, the last couple of years,  to start portraying and putting out my own (very self-indulgent) self insert in this world.

And when the time came and I understood what my character was about, what were their goals, their intent and I was sure how to go about them - and that my art style was good enough for me to show them off in.

I made this blog though I’m still new to this and I’m still unsure which version I want to keep Kav as too - but I’m still happy with it, so far.

I get frustrated too because at times, I can’t still properly give details to what goes on in my head - it’s always been a struggle to put thought and ideas down into art, whether digitally or paper. Written or drawn.

But I’m going to continue this, whether I have 1 follower to over a 100+ followers. I’m not going to change either because I’m comfortable at this pace, at this level and what I’m putting out as it is - whether sfw or not.

I’ve grown to know that, I’m not for everyone and I need to keep reminding myself of this - a lot more than I let on. Granted, my need for validation and attention really puts me in the wringer but- *slaps self* - I need to keep trying and be active and keep going because if I stop now, I won’t forgive myself.

Kav, my character, as fictional as they are - won’t let me forgive myself for giving up when I know people out there, before this blog and letting people get to me, that they love her. Maybe more than I do, maybe not as much but they still love/like and appreciate her for existing!

She provides people with a sense of… strength; she gives people the drive and determination to put out their own content, whether OCs or self-inserts and for that. God I’m going to keep this up.

You should too.

But for whatever sakes you believe in, don’t give up! Don’t give in to that fucking bullshit that you are not good enough for all these people! Because if you think you deserve a bit of, what, attention or some other reason! Then keep doing this, keep being active, keep putting out more content, whether drawn or written out there because someone else, someone out there will love you and your character!

Doing nothing but feeling sorry for yourself or some bullshit isn’t going to do just that.

Though this is from my opinion and my standpoint but if you create a blog, more specifically an ask or RP blog hoping for popularity and followers - Well, I’m sorry to say but doing this for something like that won’t turn out to what you hoped.

And you’ll either grow tired or dislike for the whole thing and seeing that; isn’t always fun for everyone else when you decide dropping the character because you lost the passion or muse on account of not enough attention and the like.

If you’re in this, be really into your role - But also don’t let it consume you as well, update about things you feel important and be more open to your fanbase if you have any to your thoughts. It’s just easier.

Anyways I’m done, thank you all for taking the time to read this. Stay cool.

PLEASE DON’T SEND ME “PASS IT ON” MESSAGES !! they stress me out quite a bit. avoid PMing me as i rarely check those! if you really need to talk to me in private shoot me an ask for me to check my PMs and if you want me to reply to messages privately please add a note to the end saying so!

apparently necessary reminder: google exists! i’m not a know-it-all source, honestly i shouldn’t even be your second plan after google unless it’s a question specifically based on me or something relating to me

i try to keep my blog as a safe/positive space so i’d like to avoid negative topics as much as i can! this meaning discourse in fandoms or in general and i keep the politics to a minimum unless it’s lighthearted jokes or absolutely necessary to share.

if you want to commission me please send an email to

-what do you use to record and edit your speedpaint?

i use OBS to record, and i do my editing in after effects!

-what do you use to draw?

i use a wacom intuos tablet and i do my art in paint tool sai

-what are your pen settings?

i just use the default stuff! minor changes may be made like adjusting sliders if i need it for a certain thing, but for the most part everything is just default

-a blog called papersans is claiming to be you! are they a thief?

that’s literally me, i use it to archive my art so i can find stuff easier without having to hunt through my tag. also available in case people like my art but hate my personality aha

-when is your birthday?

february 6th!

-what is your sexuality?

i choose to go without a label. if i had to describe it: i’m very much romance repulsed but i enjoy intimacy with friends and heavy affection. like i’d happily hug and kiss any of my pals without the need to ask them out or call them some special romantic title (this is of course if they’re okay with it). if i’m not close with people i want to keep absolute distance and lack of contact, the affection is nice but keep it respectful like act kindly like you would to a stranger or acquaintance irl. also please don’t ask me “are you dating (insert friend’s name)?” because i absolutely am not, and likely never will.

with that note though, i do still experience romantic attraction or have phases where i might want to seek that sort of attention, but those are short winded. i just sort of appreciate people from afar and get the hugs and kisses i need from friends and give that in return and it all stays intimate but fully platonic. the only time i might talk about dating anyone is fictional characters because i adore self-inserting as a fun way to enjoy media and even give myself lil confidence boosts or creative runways.

if you think you know a term for this, or think you know the correct label, please keep that to yourself. i don’t even want to know what it might be. i’m happy being completely label-less and it’s comfortable for me, i intend to keep it this way until further notice. if i ever do want to sort myself somewhere i’ll likely change this and do the research myself, thank you.

-how long does it take you to draw?

quick things can be as short as 30 to 45 minutes. sketches often 5-15. big full colour things ranging from flat colour to fully painted can end up in the shorter range but it’s not uncommon to hit the 2-4 hour stretch.

-can i draw you/your ocs?

of course! ahh gosh i would love to see as well!

-favourite band/singer/musician?

USS, marina and the diamonds, the hoosiers, big data, MSI, mother mother, caravan palace, vinter in hollywood/savant, MIKA, ken ashcorp, two door cinema club, the living tombstone, porter robinson, tegan and sara, anamanaguchi, passion pit, studio killers, and also does my friend matt count?

as u can see i’m not good at narrowing lists down

-will you do art for cheap/free?

nah. art is currently the only job/income i have, if ur interested in commissioning me my prices are here. feel free to email me if you want something “off menu” and we can discuss prices about that. sometimes i might do doodle suggestions but it’s rare ur thing’ll actually happen. i collect a sort of suggestion bank on @papersans 

-(venting or something involving abuse, suicidal thoughts, self harm, bullying, eating disorders, or other similar things in real life situations)

i hate to sound rude or not be of help, but please don’t send these messages to me. they send me into horrible anxiety attacks for several personal reasons. if you’re having such negative thoughts i implore you to speak to someone you trust without an anonymous mask, or do your best to seek help from a professional. i have my own things to worry about and as much as i’d like to help, i simply can’t.

-how do you draw lineless/do you have a link to your lineless tutorial?

right here!

-how do you do your checker patterns so easily?

tutorial to come… at some point…..

-can we do an art trade?

sorry, i’ll have to say no. i’m not necessarily busy but i get stressed very easily, so i try to keep my art to either personal stuff or work ! if you would like art from me, please considering commissioning me! my prices are listed in the link on my sidebar/description.

-can you tag [blank]?

sure thing! i usually don’t reply to these asks and i just backtrack to tag recent posts that are necessary, but i’m usually down to tagging things when needed! just know due to issues with memory and just that i tend to blog fast i might miss some things or forget- feel free to remind me! some things i won’t tag for personal reasons without explanation, though, but those cases are rare.

-how tall are you?

i’m 5'10"- before we get into the height discussion that always happens: 1) yes i know that’s apparently really tall. 2) if ur below 5'8" ur itty bitty to me 3) above 6'0"? i’ll give you an acorn to stand next to me at all times to make me look smaller and i can’t guarantee i won’t fall in love with u on the spot. 3) 5'9"-5'11"? we’re now allies in the war i’ll guard ur ankles u guard mine

-what happened to TF?

i kindly ask ya to fuck off

-what is TF?

the less you know the better

-what does “beware the askbox ghost”/“yo spencer wright here and billy queue cobra mean”?

1. the askbox ghost tag is my tag set up in xkit for answered asks to be automatically tagged as when i’m on desktop

2. another xkit tag, it’s for my queue! it’s a pun based on the show “Dude, that’s my ghost!” from the opening sequence

-not a question but important to say STOP CALLING ME DAD OR ANY PARENTAL TITLE i thought we dealt with this months ago but apparently it’s still a goddamn issue

-are you still into eddsworld?

literally every time i get this question it further convinces me to not get back into the show no matter what new content comes out. i’m sick of the fandom, and slowly just getting more reasons to not like it. it was fun at first but now it’s just tiring and not within my interest. i moved on to other things. let’s face it: eddsworld is old and dead and tired and i’ve used up every single idea i have there’s no point for me to continue trying to conjure up new content for something i’m bored of. stop asking about it. stop asking me to draw it and honestly avoid even suggesting ideas for it, they don’t help. if i want to draw for it i will but it’ll be once in a blue moon and likely not without me getting the essence of a bad taste in my mouth. please let me move on before i pull every individual hair out of my head over this. maybe in the future at some point things’ll ease over and i’ll stop feeling sick everytime i hear about the EW fandom but for the time being, no. i’d rather pull out each hair from my arms and legs individually and then try and glue them back in place in perfect position.

-(any sort of “are you still into ______” question)

please just. don’t ask this. in any case. why is it necessary to comment on the fact i have changing interests and focuses. just assume most things i still have a fondness for but if i move onto something else chances are i just won’t draw it as much bc it isn’t in my focus.

-do you still draw eddsworld?

not unless ya fuckin pay me i don’t. literally. i’m not drawing eddsworld on my own will anymore because i’m sick of the fandom and sick of hearing about it. want to see new eddsworld art from me??? stop being cheap and expecting free shit from artists that don’t owe you anything. you wanna see EW stuff from me so badly pay me. my commissions are here and almost always open unless i say otherwise. don’t have money or a way to send it to me? not my problem and too bad on your end.

-you reblogged something from someone extremely problematic/unsafe

thank you for letting me know! tell me what it is they did, even better offer proof on it. i’ll likely delete the post and blacklist their url to hopefully prevent their name popping up on my blog in the future. i won’t publish these asks mostly to avoid discourse or in the event false information is provided. sorta just safety precaution i guess

-you’ve done something bad

again, thank you for letting me know! if i post or say something questionable please feel free to message me and i’ll try my best to address the issue and adjust accordingly. i’m aiming to grow as a person so critique is welcome, both on me and my artwork. don’t just come up and call me an asshole or a prick or something, actually point out the errors and explain why they’re wrong so i can better understand and it doesn’t just turn into a defensive round of who’s worse, because i tend to be a very defensive person.

-i think someone is stealing/reposting your art!

thank you very much for telling me! don’t message them right off the bat, come to me first and i will deal with it. i’ve dealt with this shit tons of times and it’s tiring as fuck but i’d rather repeat the same stupid civil message over and over again than start a giant calamity over something and end up with someone getting hurt. if you do get involved please stay polite about it don’t throw insults just a simple “hey this art was done by princeofmints/tv-headache/zachary jack/dirtypip/(etc my other account names) and he doesn’t want his art reposted, please take this down or add proper credit.”

-can i use your art as an icon?

sure man. only on places like instagram, tumblr, or twitter though, and proper credit in an easy to see place must be given. if a piece of art is of my ocs or especially vent art though never use it for icons. thank you.

-can i repost your art?

man oh man i really wish you wouldn’t but if you have to whatever. just make sure to credit me in the description easy to see, preferably at the top instead of a mile at the bottom under a read more. instagram is really the only place i’ll tolerate reposting WITH CREDIT, everywhere else do not repost my shit. do not trace my shit. do not recolour or edit my shit. want to use it in a video? ask me first please and then add proper credit that’s easy to see.

-can i colour/finish one of your sketches?

please don’t. please, please, do not.

-what is…

       -the adventure zone?

a podcast done by the mcelroy family. justin, travis, and clint play dungeons and dragons with griffin taking on the role of dungeon master. you can listen to it on maximum fun or search it up on itunes

       -don’t starve?

an indie survival game, mostly unique for it’s art style and creative choices. that’s why i’m fond of it, at least. i find it really pleasant to look at and listen to and watch and i love the characters and stories behind it! the game does cost money but just reading through the wiki about the characters and watching the trailers on youtube can give you a pretty good idea on what it’s about, so playing the game isn’t really necessary to be in the fandom i think.


sort of a fantasy, sci-fi horror game. some teenagers go to an island for a party but end up contacting ghosts and get into a whole slew of shenanigans. this one i do recommend playing mostly just for the vast amounts of dialogue and choices to be made. there are a few parts that are a little jumpscare-y but if you keep the lights on and play where you feel safe i don’t think they’d be too bad! might trigger really bad paranoia though so be safe. they mostly consist of figures fizzing in or sudden static. if you play through it a second time on the same timeline they do get a little worse and even doing my best to comfort myself one of the pictures does nasty stuff to me just because of the way it looks. it’s not gorey or horrible or anything it’s just unnerving as fuck.

    -(something that isn’t listed here)

you can always google stuff

-how do you feel about people mimicking your art style?

for me personally, i won’t gripe about it too much just because i learned art from trying to mimic others and my own style is just an amalgamation of art styles i really like that sort of transpired into it’s own unique(?) thing. when it comes to people trying to draw in my style it personally doesn’t bother me too much, most of my concern actually goes out to the other artist. if ur gonna mimic a style please know the concepts and basics of it. don’t just draw in it because it looks cool, learn the aspects of it and why things look the way they do. i mostly say this because i see a lot of artists copying me and i can tell they don’t really know what they’re doing and it’s seriously hindering them. if you want to learn from my style, please, go ahead, just make sure to study up and learn your own path to avoid hurting your own progress. saying this, there is a point where i very much do not like this stuff and it makes me uncomfortable. but that’s more along the lines of people tracing, just straight up redrawing my stuff, or trying to mimic so closely you could be mistaken for me or ur aiming to have a style indistinguishable from mine. those i’m not okay with. but like, learning from and using me as a study point is okay just make sure u have a breaking off point where ur own individual style comes out for ur own sake.

–a sort of secondary explanation to this as well


(apologize in advance if I get any info wrong) I’ve been in a group chat for awhile and ya know they like to draw art and they are into the whole ew fandom (TBH happy you left it before things Got out of hand) but someone in the chat always seems to say that they drew in your style a lot. Personally I don’t think that any art style looks alike but I wanted to know your thoughts about people having similar art styles with you? I’m sorry if you already answered this question I just haven’t seen it


Also I wanted to ask you on this blog and not your main because if you’re not ok with it I really don’t want people calling out artist that have your style

my thoughts are like. if someone wants to draw in my style on occasion (like for fun like a study or a meme thing) then it’s cool. if they want to study my style to incorporate pieces into it that i’m also okay with (i could honestly probably look at parts of my style and name what each part is from and who inspired it. like a franken-style) if they have a style that’s obviously inspired but still personal and unique yeah i’m absolutely cool with it that’s really cool to see the impact i have on people

what i’m not okay with is obvious tracing, redrawing, colouring my shit, and the like. i’m not okay with someone trying to perfectly imitate my style for their regular work for a lot of reasons.

one is paranoia about identity. i want to keep my stuff unique and recognizable and if everyone mimics my shit perfectly that sorta ruins years of work and strife and striving for me and i fear possible work. plus i already have to deal with people making accounts and posting my stuff pretending to be me i don’t need someone doing that but also producing their own content that passes and using my name for attention

two is paranoia for them. if you mimic an art style you’re setting yourself up for failure. do not even try to mimic parts of an art style unless you know exactly what they’re for and figure it out on your own to make sure you really get it. don’t get an explanation for each detail from the artist. figure it out on your own to really understand how to make it your own (specific example of this: the lines i draw on cheeks and noses for face colouration/characterization i have seen maybe one-in-a-million people know how to properly do this when they draw in my style. if you try to mimic or incorporate style pieces that you don’t understand you’re setting yourself up for failure and an art style that’ll just never look right because it’s not you, it’s someone else but like the photocopier mucked up a bit. like when you compare an on-brand pokemon doll to a knock-off from amazon with a spelling error in the title. or like Bart vs Just Like Bart.

and tbh i do appreciate the ask being sent here because i see so much harassment going on from assholes to people who are probably young and just learning. like. yeah i’d prefer people not mimic me perfectly but honestly don’t fucking attack people for it. don’t even make commentary on it. as long as they follow any of my blogs or have read my FAQ they’ll know my stance and instead of asshole messages they just need time to sort out their own work or find a few different inspirations to pick pieces from. the only time you should point anything out that someone is doing is if they’re tracing, reposting, colouring my sketches, or just redrawing my stuff (ie they draw their own version of a drawing of mine either of the same character or a different one) and even then i prefer people not comment, i prefer they come to me and let me deal with it to avoid havoc. bc a lot of the time there’s wrong accusations. if you see me messaging someone like on instagram or youtube that confirms “yep this is zac’s drawing stolen” then feel free to comment but don’t you dare be an ass about it. take the “this artwork is stolen/trace/etc please take it down for the sake of the artist.” y’know?

Crush - Chapter 4. The Break

Pairing: Eric/OC *Abbey*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

A memory from Eric’s past plays tricks on him. And it’s all about the girl, Abbey Ainsworth.

A/N: I’m SO enjoying editing this, it’s fantastic. It feels like a relationship backwards and something completely different. Love it. Thanks for reading and reblogging and wanting to be tagged!

Tags:  @iammarylastar @badassbaker @pathybo @mimigemrose@frecklefaceb @beltz2016 @ariwolff14 @lauraaan182 @kenzieam @tigpooh67

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Character Profile Meme: Thordemar

Full Name: Thordemar Ashelanar Emberfell

Other Names: Bumblebee (his childhood nickname)

Universe They Exist In: World of Warcraft

Gender and Sexuality: cis male / demisexual

Pronouns: He/him

Ethnicity/Species: Sin’dorei

Birthplace and Birthdate: Fairbreeze Village, Quel’thalas, September 7th roughly 109 years ago. Elf ages are weird- He’s supposed to be the human equivalent of a 32 year old.

Guilty Pleasures: Food. Oh lord is he a foodie. Taking elaborate baths with flowery shampoos. Modifying a weapon with something questionably dangerous.

Phobias: Jump-scares.

What They Would Be Famous For: Punching a gronn in Draenor and living to tell the tale. WRITING HIS LETTERS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE HE WRITES LIKE A DRAFTSMAN, HE’S NOT YELLING AT YOU. Being that guy that drives down a Silvermoon City street with the loudest, most obnoxious motorcycle. Yes, THAT GUY. Having a laser arm. Getting caught skinny dipping. Trying to trap magic in a device he invented without it exploding.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: While the man has had his share of Vantics, Thordemar has never broken the law.

OC You Ship Them With: Thor and Xenus are in the beginnings of a shy and sweet romance, whilst Vandeis and Thor continue to share an adventurous bromance. @sakialyn

Your Favorite OC Relationships

I really miss Thordemar and Acreles and their dynamic of adventurous young hero vs. grumpy old grizzled man. (Wild) I thought Thor’s chatter with Rhydran was a kindred spirit and loads of fun @curiouslich . Thor and Vandeis are absolutely hilarious together- Van always helping Thor tap into that inner wild forest boy. I also really enjoy his dynamic with his Knight-Commander, whom he tries to be on his best behavior for, even though she is completely aware of his wandering attention. @sakialyn. Velianor was one of Thor’s first friends in the Sunguard and it’s fun to look back on how both of their brothers wound up falling for one another @ocarina-of-what. I like the dynamic Thor has with several of his sunspear comrades, his constant judging of Aurelian @korkrunchcereal his admiration of how brutal Oosarn is @cynfuldax and his optimistic team-player support with Avie & Aeleara @thenaaru @gwynealin.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: The gronn he punched long ago or some other NPC he pissed off with a bad name.

Favorite Book Genre: Almanacs and books with highly detailed illustrations. Flower books, books about nature. Cookbooks even. How-tos.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Novels with no pictures :(

Talents and/or Powers: Thordemar is an inventive and adaptive man both quiet in thought, yet he has little volume control otherwise. He is very athletic and a skilled swordsman as well as a competent rider. He picks up on mechanical functions quickly and is vastly knowledgeable about materials and their relationships with one another. He is his family’s last remaining metal smith and he fills his journals with immaculately detailed nature drawings. More recently, he picked up the practice of runeforging.

Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s always noticing something no one else does in a scene, which can be a lot of fun. He’s also friendly and a good noble guy. He fixes things, crafts weapons and calls his enemies some interesting names. He’s an absolute goofball when hammered on hard liquor.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Has no volume control, and sometimes let’s his feelings be very transparent with face expressions. He’s shamelessly critical sometimes too, which can be taken offensively by others.

How They Change: Making amends with his twin brother, Felo’thore was a first step at change for him, and losing an arm has opened his eyes to more potential. But admittedly this is a part in his story I am stuck on and it often makes it difficult for me to find motivation to write him. One day, inspiration will come, and until then, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Why You Love Them: He is my baby, and my first wow character I ever really RPed. I also love to write his rowdy boyish nature.

Why you Hate Them:

I can’t hate Thor. But fuck is he hard to write these days.

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Marquess Claudia of Lovell: Reputation at a Cost

A haunting evening in the House of Lovell began with a startled cry of a young servant as Lord Barnaby fell gravely ill after a helping of wine after dinner. Lady Beata of Cantrell, whom he had married after his first wife passed away, had grown weary of living in a family she didn’t love. After poisoning her husband and leaving behind her infant son, Beata ran away with her paramour, never to be seen again. Claudia, then eleven years old, had never felt so terrified for her future since then.

Her father survived the attack, but he was deemed no longer able to assume leadership of the family. Responsibility would fall upon her aunt, Lady Ainsley, who would carry out her duties until Lady Claudia was of age. Realizing that time was of the essence, Claudia vowed to dedicate herself to cultivating her position as the future Marquess of Esterlyn, and wanting for little else but to preserve the respectability of her house.

She hadn’t thought about friends until one visit to the national capital with her aunt to testify on her father’s accident to the royal court. There, she met the First Princess Diantha out in the Garden of Champions tending to what little greenery was managed there. Charmed by her skill with the Brynhildr, Claudia often paid visits to Diantha at the castle to watch her tend to the plants around the castle, and most importantly, stay in the princess’s company a little while longer before she had to return to Esterlyn. Before Claudia departed, Diantha then gifted her with a wreath of violets as a reminder of their friendship.

Years later, Lady Ainsley would abdicate her position early and pass the title of Marquess of Esterlyn to her niece, who had spent years intensely studying, only stopping to write a letter to the princess she had befriended years ago. As fate would have it, the two reunited again in person when the royal army marched east to defend their borders against Hoshidans who had grown violent after the death of their queen. Using her experience with maintaining border relations, Claudia was a key figure in helping the royal family organize a peace treaty, a great accomplishment for someone her age.

But her fortune did not last long. However, she could not prevent the failure of Cheve Summit, which resulted in the death of the Hoshidan king. She was forced to take blame for the lack of security, her reputation taking a hard hit. To further add to her troubles, her brother Silas was banned from ever studying in Arlcliff again for breaking the law, which brought his upbringing into question, as well as hers. The feather that finally broke the camel’s back was the night her friend turned lover, Princess Diantha, was officially pronounced dead after disappearing one night. By the time the second wave of the Nohr-Hoshido conflict came to an end, Claudia was a tired, empty shell of a woman.

The three years of uneasy peace and then a few years more from a nearly successful war effort allowed Claudia time to recover and come to terms with her losses. She regained her reputation as a skilled deal maker after successes in revitalizing parts of Esterlyn’s dwindling agricultural gains and various trade agreements with Nestra. Today, she holds a key position in the war council and is the crown prince’s adviser in diplomatic matters. But not all is completely well underneath her accomplishments, since she had once again sacrificed her personal relationships for her accomplishments.

I was going to draw Jakob into this, but Claudia took up a lot of space. Also, what the heck are all the inscriptions on the Fates’ Physic staff?

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Kiss the Devil (Part 13)

Ricky Horror x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, mention of rape

You run your fingers down your guitar strings, chewing your lip as you concentrate on the music.

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anonymous asked:

who or what inspires you?


passion and passionate people. 

I take great inspiration out of those that are so willing to build and explore. To have the will to learn; to bring more into their own writing, to produce more with their characters, to listen and try to find out things they never even considered or thought about, to put that bit more of knowledge they just discovered into their own presentation and then to offer and show it to other people in the desire to have them be or become just as much passionate about it. 

I see writing as a form of art. A form of self-expression and possibility to draw others in with stories and plotting as well as all that was lingering in your mind about a character [ be it Canon or OC ] you just happen to adore, love and cherish. So if people are, truly and honestly, passionate about it? I sure as much will take great pleasure in reading what they create, in indulging in the little headcanons here and there and will develop a desire to hear more, urging them on to give me more. I also like to just push someone a bit further and into a certain idea, I like to see the desire to grow in their own words and ways of expressing what they didn’t know how to show someone before. Just as much as I love when it’s done with me.

Writing is a learning process, just like any form of self-creation you want to share with the world. To see someone grow and try because they want to be that bit better or want to improve and truly aspire to share what all goes on in their mind? It’s really a beautiful and inspiring thing to witness. 

I’m actually gonna use this post to make a little shout-out to people while I’m at it so here goes my piece of love to all of you~

People I plotted with, and who legit kept me wanting more of their explanations and characters [ and who’ve become great friends over time ], I’m very blessed to interact with you all  ❤ ❤ ❤

@diiablerie​ | @cherubim-grief​ [ of course, Sin with all of their muses, because I can’t even tell how much I appreciate them for being here with me ❤  ]. @vantrece​ | @aevyternal​ [ Whitney with her awesome blogs, once again, I’m so glad for you being here with me ❤  ]. @jxdicium​ | @cxrtus​ [ Artie, ARTIE, please keep on doing what you do, keep on growing, keep on being you, it’s a pleasure  ❤ ]. @aaccismusx​ | @dahliasperriot​​ [ we only recently got talking a LOT, but thank you for putting up with my constant rambling, it’s wonderful  ❤ ]. @episentre​ [ we still need to talk a LOT more, but your work is pleasant and gorgeous, and it’s a delight to watch  ❤ ]. @taubc​ [ AGAIN, oh my god I love getting messages from you? they are so full of love for all we create  ❤ ]. @daturida​​ [ we only got a bit of talking ( a ’’’’bit’’’’ ) done by now, but I always look forward to your ideas and plans, it’s a delight  ❤ ]. @e–nomine [ and all your blogs tbh, like honestly Jolls, be confident, I love what you can do, I love how you write ❤  ]. 

And with addition, now all those I simply follow on my dash, we may have begun interacting, sometimes have begun talking, or not yet, but you are all wonderful  ❤ ❤ 

@harcila ; @exitstageentropy ; @botanyknowledge | @obstiinatc ; @kumonoiito ; @hiretsuna | @puppcteer ; @otakusaiko | @excessiveadaptationsyndrome ; @ghowlu ; @tortorem ; @waveringiridescence@corruptionliberator ; @pourir ; @beelphegor ; @eyepxtch ; @kuinkuki | @spineusing ; @s-rated-nxtcracker ; @batoushoujo ; @dualias ; @asdecarreau