this is what i get for trying to draw someone else's oc

Something for artists!

So I know art block can be as bad as eating a handful of Needles sometimes so let’s give you a shit ton of ideas I’m going to come up with:
1). Make a villain that would be your antagonist.
2). Make a simple shape, like a square, and stylize it with eyes and teeth etc.
3). Make a hero/heroine that is you, or who you want to be
4). Vent art is always good.
5). A nightmare you had as a child!
6). Whatever in the world would be the scariest hint to you!
7). Your own set of deities.
8). Your Image or images of an angel.
9). Your image or images of a devil.
10). A demon that isn’t fiery.
11). Someone else’s character with their permission of course! And remember to give credit!
12). Something you don’t like to draw!
13). Your favorite character.
14). Your favorite character as something else, like a log cabin or a bear made out of leather.
15). Your favorite season! The embodiment of it!
16). Someone who has affected you greatly, in a positive or negative way.
17). A fusion of two + animals!
18). Find images of bones and draw the flesh onto them!
19). Your favorite feature!
20). Your own character for a video game, TV show, movie, etc!
21). A character with an object for a body part!
22). A feeling.
23). If you draw realistically try an abstraction, if you draw abstractly try realism, if you do both, sway to one side for a day.
24). Draw your mind.
25). Ask for some requests from friends!
26). Pick 3 words from the dictionary and draw the result!
27). Go outside, pick 3 things, draw the fusion. (I may do this myself!)
28). A ghost.
29). A movie monster!
30). An old friend.
31). A gone friend.
32). Clothing!
33). Animals, just pick one and go!
34). Something boring!
35). Try to fill a page!
36). Try with your non dominant hand, and if you’re ambidextrous use your foot.
37). Try a new medium! Like paint, sculpture something!
38). Stop trying and go for a walk then come back and try again!
39). Your favorite food.
40). Your favorite foods favorite food.
41). A pun, like a visual pun.
42). Something silly!
43). Play a song and draw the song.
45). Aliens.
46). Make a paper airplane
47). Draw fire, water, or any other element.
48). Research a culture and try drawing in their style.
49). A myth or a legend you know!
50). Make a comic (this one is hard trust me).
51). Draw the back of your head without looking.
52). Draw a butt.
53). A pile of something, like feet.
54). Gore
55). Something a child would like.
56). Something controversial.
57). Propaganda.
58). Your future home.
59). Your future.
60). An imaginary friend you had or still have.
61). Your favorite toys come to life.
62). Someone with every characteristic you like.
63). Your pets.
64). An eye.
65). Try drawing in a new style!
66). Open a magazine and draw what you see!
67). Draw on the magazine!
68). Draw an album cover.
69). Something romantic.
70). Something really really old.
71). Draw something or someone you’re passionate about!
72). Draw a character inspired by someone.
73). Find a word in another language and draw it!
74). A thank you card to someone who deserves it.
75). Your favorite place.
76). Draw somewhere on your room where no one will see it.
77). Draw your deepest secret.
78). Draw a vehicle!
79). Draw something you’re looking or not looking forward to!
80). Draw a shell.
81). Draw life.
82). Draw death.
83). Draw a ship if you want to.
84). Draw what you want most.
85). Use something like juice for paint!
86). Make a fairy home! Then draw it with a fairy inside!
87). One of my favorites, make a boat out of stuff you find on the ground and see if it floats! Then draw it!
88). Draw your house. Or just where you sleep.
89). Draw something you want changed in this world.
90). Draw something innocent.
91). Draw the 7 deadly sins or something like that, like the 3 laws of _____ or whatever!
92). Draw your oc doing something good and bad. If you don’t have an oc pick whatever!
93). Draw a character from something you don’t know about!
94). Draw a world.
95). Draw some artifacts.
96). Draw the person you love most.
97). Draw the person you hate most as beautifully as you can and then as horrifyingly as you can.
98). Draw the sky.
99). Just scribble.
100). Redraw an old drawing!

As people repost this feel free to add your own to the list! I’m sure people will be happy to get as many ideas as they can! I hope this helped and keep making art!

anonymous asked:

Hi,Miss 7goodangel.I have a question for you...... Is PJ unable to ship now? There are a lot of people here who say you've banned PJ from ship. I don't know if it's true. Can you please tell me the answer? [[[Sorry, my English is poor;w;

OH GOSH - NO no no!!! 

PJ is NOT BANNED from ANY SHIP you wish to do. 

I have never ever banned PJ from being in a fan ship! NEVER!

I still am fine with people shipping PJ in any ship they wish!

I’ve seen PJ and OC (like another person’s OC), PJ and Fresh, PJ and Goth, PJ and Palette, PJ and [a real person]…

This is my approach to the whole shipping thing…

Think of another fandom you like - for me I’ll go with the general Disney one. 

Think of a canon ship that is within that movie/cartoon/story/comic. For a general Disney one - how about Mickey and Minnie! That one has been pretty hammered in that those two like each other. Heck I can even do Oswald and Ortensia since or that one based off of the Epic Mickey games, they actually are married and have kids. 

But within the fandom - you will find a TON of pictures of Mickey and Oswald as a pairing. Now I believe most of these shippers know that their ship will never be canon - yet they still love it and do stuff for it. It’s another way of exploring characters - seeing how they play off of one another - and when in a romantic pairing, to see how they go through the hurdles of being in a relationship.
(or that they just really want Oz and Mick to kiss and- stuff.)

But my point is that if people can respect what is canon for something a huge company makes - and even for what a smaller independent creator does (like Undertale and Undyne+Alphys ship.) why can’t individual online creators that do stuff for fun not get the same treatment?

THAT is what I hope we can get to the point to. Just having respect that a fanship will not be canon but still go off and have fun with your headcanons of a fictional pairing!

It’s like.. PJ and Omni is the Mickey and Minnie in this scenario - and FreshPaper is the Mickey and Oswald. Just knowing that OmniPJ is the canon ship but still exploring ideas for other pairings and ships with other characters.


I will NEVER EVER ban someone shipping PJ with someone else. NEVER. 

And honestly - I hope I can get back and start showing appreciation to ship drawings from any ship - canon or fanon - with PJ without this kind of confusion. Cause I seriously appreciate every single one of you - who ask questions to me, who follow me, like my art and drabbles, and even drawing my characters! Even if I prefer what I thought of for my character I still love seeing other’s interpretations, headcanons, and drawings!
But unfortuantly I am at a point where if I even show a little bit of liking a picture of PJ in a ship - people will think it’s the new canon and such. 

However - gosh - I will never ever want to get to a point where I ban a ship entirely. I do NOT want to ever go down that path and trust me, I will do any other option before resulting to that ultimatum. 

So GO AND SHIP MY FRIENDS - Just please remember to respect the canon ship. 

That is all I ask. Give OmniPJ the same respect as other canon ships in other fandoms - but also go forth and have fun with your headcanons and ships! 

Not saying you have to ship it - just go:

Someone else: “Well OmniPJ is the canon, but I like PJ with Fresh more. Well I will not go up and try to tell everyone that FreshPaper is the new ship and shove it above OmniPJ - but I will still do my story and tell people to go and learn more about canon PJ in the process! FreshPaper is a fan ship and while I know it won’t be canon - I will still have fun drawing / writing / discussing it!”

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Can you do a headcanon or imagine about how sweet pea would go down on you? Love your work!

Warning: NSFW/Mature Headcanon
*Note: This Headcanon contains sexual material and NSFW gif’s. You GUYS. I blushed…also, thank you Sweetness for the lovely compliment, whoever you are!

Headcanon: Sweet Pea + His Babycake’s Short Skirt + An Empty Classroom = One Delicious Afternoon

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Fuckboy! Bae Jinyoung

masterlist can be found (here)

Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

“You and I, it’s as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught.”

  • Jinyoung is the type of fuckboy who take advantages of others
  • He gets others to do his work for him
  • It’s a known fact that if you finish his work, he will make out with you during break at the rooftop 
  • He just doesn’t view kissing as something intimate hence he is totally fine with the idea of making out with a girl he barely spoke to he thinks he is getting something better in return like homework is all done for him after all
  • He just leaves his work on his table and when he come backs from the toilet, it’s all completed  ??? bro he is living the dream life
  • The girls even fight for the chance to do his homework
  • They think that if he sees them often, he would probably fall for them
  • The teacher also don’t find the need to make a big fuss even if all the work he handed in are in different handwritings cause he’s quiet and he passes all his exams
  • He usually just crams before exams hence his grades are actually pretty decent baejin pls teach me how to cram D:
  • You on the other hand, was just someone who did not associate with the likes of Bae Jinyoung
  • You were in the Arts department while he was in the Science Department
  • These two departments were literally at one end from each other hence no one really bothered to interact with each other
  • You did know about him and his ‘hobbies’ but you had no idea how he looked like nor mingled with him
  • All you knew from your friends that he was pretty cute and one hell of a kisser
  • It was actually a hobby of yours to do graffiti at the abandoned building across the school
  • It really helped unleashed ideas that you might not think of during classes and was a place where the whole wall was your canvas and you had no restrictions while painting
  • So far it had been your hideout as no one else had drawn on the walls and you appreciated being alone as you could draw with no expectations on you
  • One day, when you approach the building, you realize someone was already there Fascinated, you watch as the person who was wearing a mask began spray painting a beautiful dragon but for reasons, it’s scales were left untouched
  • You slowly walked over as you carried a can of blue spray paint and started painting scales that went well with the person’s white dragon
  • The person did not stop you and you could even hear a faint chuckle as if being disturbed by a random passerby was a common occurrence
  • Once it was done, you took your time to admire what had come up from bottles of spray paint
  • You were about to introduce yourself but that person had left without saying a word that you were sort of left speechless cause DID YOU CAME TO MY TURF AND JUST LEFT? but you decided to just come back again next day 
  • The person ran through your mind the entire day as you wondered who could this mysterious person be
  • But it only continued 
  • Both of you would spray paint together and that person would just leave
  • Until one day you were just so done with the lack of interaction that you grab the person by the wrist and introduced yourself with a smile that was practically radiating with ‘YOU BETTER NOT LEAVE’
  • The person sighed as he removed his mask
  • You didn’t know to feel when Bae Jinyoung was looking back at you
  • There was an awkward silence as you literally went WTF in your mind
  • Somehow, you two ended up on the floor as you guys tried to make conversation (let’s not forget that baejin is an awkward turtle irl lmao)
  • You decided to talk about art and his face just lit up immediately as he told you how he loves art and you were like omg this is sort of cute?
  • He stoped after a good 6 minutes and realized he talked way too much
  • But you were a very good listener and you found whatever he said interesting
  • You found out that he was just shy with people hence he doesn’t speak much
  • You wondered why people find it so hard to talk to him because it was so easy for you
  • He told you how he wanted to pursue art but couldn’t because he was not confident in his art skills
  • Looking at him being so unconfident unlike his usual self hurt you
  • You just had the impulse to shut him up from saying all these hurtful things to himself
  • That’s when you kissed him and time just stopped
  • Jinyoung finally understood why kisses was such a cherished moment between two people
  • He basically just never wanted to let you go from his arms
  • It seems as if something had strike as you remember you were kissing the infamous Bae Jinyoung
  • What are the chances that he won’t toy with you like he did with everyone else?
  • You pushed him off as his eyes widen in shock while you left after apologizing  saying you didn’t want to be involved with him
  • You couldn’t deny that you enjoy what had happened moments ago, but you didn’t want to get involve with him
  • You ran off to your dormitory, even with your mind telling your heart nothing hurt, tears kept flowing as your roommate comforted you despite knowing nothing
  • You just drowned yourself in your homework as you decided to forget about spray painting
  • It was exactly two weeks later when you started receiving drawings
  • Drawings of beautiful landscapes that had so much detailed to it
  • It was easy to figure out who had drawn of it but you still didn’t know what to make out of your conflicting feelings
  • You decided to just put it aside and focus on your upcoming exams (i swear all my ocs have exams thanks to me lmao)
  • Jinyoung, on the other hand, was spending his time perfecting the drawings he wanted to send to you
  • He wanted to capture all the aesthetic things and send them to you
  • Although nothing could be compared as to how he enchanting you looked when he first saw you
  • With your messy bun and clothes stained with paint
  • He still thought you were the most attractive girl he had ever laid his eyes on
  • After you ran away from him, Jinyoung stopped messing around with girls
  • He spent the last two weeks straightening up his life as he apologized to all the girls for hurting them
  • He couldn’t count how many times he got slapped tbh 
  • But he knew it was worth it if it meant being able to hear you laugh again and that it was just stupid of him to take advantage of others
  • He had Daehwi to tutor him as he focused on getting his life straighten up (#Jinhwi feels okay)
  • If he wanted to pursue you, there was no way he was showing up with a billion of problems
  • After receiving the 21st drawing which was a drawing of a mermaid, you sighed as you knew your heart had already forgiven him
  • Besides the drawings, there was coffee every morning and even medicine was left at your door knob when you had complained one day that you were having the chills
  • It didn’t help that your friend had complained that there were way too many brokenhearted girls in the cafeteria as Jinyoung had basically told them that he had feelings for someone else and he just didn’t want to play around with their feelings
  • If he was changing for the better, you knew you wanted to be part of it; to be with him
  • You had a plan in your head the next day as you told your roommate that you weren’t heading down for breakfast today and told her to enjoy it without you
  • You patiently waited for the rustling sound near your door as you quickly swing it open and looked at Jinyoung awkwardly standing by your door 
  • Without a word, you intercepted the drawing in one hand as another held the nape of his neck
  • You kissed him for the second time and the world felt away
  • His hand rested below your ear, his thumbs caressing your cheeks as your breaths mingled with his
  • It was slow yet comforting in ways that words can never be
  • His heart leapt and he found himself smiling as you ran your fingers through his hair
  • You pulled him close to you until there was no more space left and you could feel the faint heartbeat on his chest
  • After pulling back to catch your breath, he just laid his forehead on yours and whispered:
  • “I have been wanting to do again this for so long.”
  • He won’t be shy showing his affection in public
  • He will entwine his fingers with yours, or kiss your cheek but kisses would only be at a place where it’s only you two
  • Spray painting on abandoned buildings soon becomes a favourite past time for the two of you
  • You two had been featured in various magazines as they wondered who was behind these intriguing art pieces
  • He always tries to sneak kisses on your cheeks whenever he comes to visit you in your class
  • The entire class knows it’s happening but they just ignore it cause you two are such cuties lmao
  • You drew a picture of you two together and gave it to him for your 100 day anniversary and he has it framed in his room
  • You guys will go to the arcade a lot after school and he would always try to win a plushie for you at the claw machine
  • He always gets at least one for you because he loves hearing your laugh and seeing your smile when you cooed at how cute the soft toy is  
  • But your room soon becomes filled with plushie that you have to tell him to stop
  • Couple hoodies but actually they are just plain black hoodies
  • like everything both of you wear is black
  • Daehwi liked to joke that you two probably have souls as dark as the clothing you wear (that’s me guys) 
  • Which is weird since things you two paint are always so colourful
  • He becomes super soft when you just give him a back hug
  • Vice versa when he plays with your hair
  • He tries to braid it but he ends up giving up and just runs his fingers through it knowing that you love the feeling of it
  • He loves it when you initiate the kisses like you had done during your first kiss
  • His heartbeat speeds up as your kisses just takes his breath away
  • Karaoke dates with him are a blast and you will always be blown away by how amazing he sounds
  • You will keep praising him and he will become super shy about it but still tries to serenade you
  • He would take a lot of videos of you and he loves making you do aegyo
  • He says the weirdest thing tbh
  • “I really like your eyes. They are as dark as avocados.”
  • “Is that even a compliment ….?”

A/N: I really want to apologize asI haven’t been uploading that frequently because things have been really stressing me out lately. I really hope you guys can understand as I will keep trying my best to write better and more scenarios ♡

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)


Shima’s 2.5k Giveaway

Hey gang! I decided to do a giveaway since I’m close to hitting 2.5k followers! You’re all so wonderful and amazing so it’s about time I started giving back to you~
Just note that this is the first time I’ve ever done a giveaway—I’m new at this so!! If I mess anything up cut me some slack alright lol

*You must be following me (this blog, shima-draws) to qualify.
*Please don’t follow me just for the giveaway and then unfollow right after. (That’s so not cool why would you even do that anyway.) I’ll be checking to see if you follow or not so don’t try to pull a fast one on me.
*Likes AND reblogs count! You can reblog as many times as you’d like, but be considerate!
*Have your ask box and IM open! If you don’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll choose somebody else as a winner.
*If you win I have the right to refuse your request if it’s something I’m not comfortable with drawing. I’ll send all the winners the guidelines so you know what I’m able to do!
*If you win and you want me to draw an OC or a character I have not heard of, you must be able to give me a reference. I’m not going to draw someone based off description alone haha
*NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS ALLOWED. I’m not about that lol
*I’ll be choosing the winners from a random number generator, so don’t start complaining if you don’t win. I’m not choosing the person who reblogs the most or my friends/mutuals, it’s all random so everyone gets a chance!

First place: Full-body character in any coloring style you’d prefer (simple, detailed, complex, or lineless). 1-3 characters of your choice!

Second place: Waist up character in either simple or detailed shading. 1-2 characters total!

Third place: Headshot/icon of one character only! These will most likely be flat color.

If you don’t win and still want art from me, my commissions are open! :’)

The deadline is August 21st, 2017!

Good luck and thanks so much for reading!

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Too Stubborn


Prompt: 26-”Come over here and make me.”,
12-”Quit it or I’ll bite.”

Summary: Bellamy and reader have feelings for each other, but are too stubborn to admit it so they instead keep pissing each other. However Octavia and Clarke wouldn’t just let it go and send them on a mission hoping it would force them to admit what they feel for each other.

Word count: 2020

Originally posted by dailyskypeople


“Put it down before you hurt yourself,” I rolled my eyes at the sound of Bellamy’s voice in which I could practically hear him smirking.

“Shut up before I hurt you,” I retorted not bothering to look at him because I knew exactly what I would find, him standing there with folded arms and amused look on his face.

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Inktumber Year 2!

Hey folks! Soooooooo I made the inktumber this year. Basically it works the same as inkt0ber but it’s with feedee prompts instead. So… it’s really lax. You can pick one feedee, you could do several feedees (me), you could do traditional, you could do digital (meee), you could do every day or pick what days you want to do. It’s really just for fun and practice! A lot is the same as last year… but, yeah.

So this year, I decided to make it open to all fandoms instead of just undertum. That way you can even draw your own OC the whole time, if you want. Just remember to tag it as #inktumber!

  1. Draw your favorite feedee with a belly
  2. Draw them eating their favorite food
  3. Draw them inspecting their tummy in a mirror
  4. Draw them trying to put on too-tight clothes
  5. Draw them breaking a piece of furniture by their weight!
  6. Draw them bumping into someone/something on accident
  7. Draw them in cute chubby autumn apparel!
  8. Draw them being fed by another
  9. Draw them being all burpy or hiccupy
  10. Draw them as big as you possibly can/want to
  11. Draw them eating a picnic with their friends
  12. Draw them squishing into a tight seat or door
  13. Now draw them getting stuck in something
  14. Draw them dancing (or attempting to dance) (and jiggling) to their favorite song
  15. Draw them giving someone chubby cuddles!
  16. Halfway there! How much bigger did they get since day 1? Draw them in the same outfit.
  17. Draw them using a different area of the kinkdom (e.g. inflation, mpreg, vore) OR just draw them in a swim suit 😊
  18. Draw them around their friends or peers who’ve noticed their gain. What are their reactions?
  19. Draw them being fat in a different way than you usually do (e.g. pear-shaped, apple, big booty etc)
  20. Draw them with a tummyache or getting sick
  21. Draw them as the other gender and fat, OR just how their tummy plops out when they sit
  22. Draw them tiny and eating something giant!
  23. Draw them indulging themselves (too much) at a buffet
  24. Draw them having a weight-swap with someone else!
  25. Draw them with a loud, rumbling hungry tummy
  26. Draw them drinking a potion or experiment that adds a bunch of weight really fast
  27. Draw them getting a nice belly rub after that experience in #26
  28. Draw your OTP with one or both of them fat
  29. Draw them taking a sleepy nap after this tiresome month
  30. Final check-in! How much do they weigh now? If you’re up for it, draw a progression!
  31. Happy Halloween! Draw your feedee in a costume, or feel free to draw whatever you’d like 😊

Please reblog to spread around! Happy Inktumber!

Tied Down | Bucky x OC [NSFW]

[GIF not mine, found on Bing]

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OC

Requested by Anonymous: Bucky x Reader based of James Young’s song “Tied down”, please? Your writing is so good!

A/N: new fandom, yay! Once again I’m super scared ‘cause I know almost nothing about this fandom, but hey! You made me love this character and I couldn’t say no to this request. Also, I apologize for all the time it took me to write this, but I’ve been through a rough period. Also, I hope you don’t mind if I changed up the reader with a OC – I’ve had this idea in mind for days and I just loved the name. Thanks to @selldraug for being my moral support (and for forbidding me to write too many cocks)

Warnings: mild angst, jealous Bucky, NSFW, smut (like, I’m so embarrassed now), oral sex (f/r)

Song: Tied Down, Jaymes Young

Word-count: 4154

These days the lovers trade their places

Dancing all around each other’s chairs

I can see the numbness on their faces

Jealousy fills up their hearts in pairs

He could see Bethany dance with Steve not far from the table he was sitting at with Bruce and Natasha. She was having a good time - heck, it felt almost like she was having the time of her life with another man.

Bucky gritted his teeth.

He should be the one on the dance floor with that girl. But Bethany had asked him to dance with her, and he had said ‘no’. He wasn’t in the mood for dancing, he didn’t even like to dance. But he hadn’t expected his best friend to invite his damn girlfriend for that slow dance.

He kept eyeing them and hated the way Steve’s hand rested on the small of Bethy’s back. He hated the way they smiled at each other, the way he was able to make her laugh. Steve had never been good with women back in the days, but if he looked at him now, flirting with his girlfriend… He just wanted to vomit.

The champagne flute he held in his left hand exploded into a million pieces and he lowered his gaze, almost surprised. He hadn’t even finished his drink, he thought absentmindedly.

For a second he thought back at the day Bethany Stark woke up from her long sleep. She had burst into the kitchen, half-naked, screaming for her brothers and how she was going to kill them, only to find out that she had been put to sleep for almost seventy years and that her brothers were already dead, that she now had a nephew and that she was still the nineteen-year-old girl she had been when Howard had hibernated her. He had broken his mug that day - by accident, of course - and the action had startled her.

That night, however, the sound of the shattering glass didn’t disturb her dancing.

Bucky barely noticed that a waiter had come to clean up the mess he had made with the champagne, but turned to his left when Tony touched his shoulder.

“You should go get her,” he was telling him while sitting down next to him. His hair was still perfect, greased back and in order. There was, however, a red lipstick stain at the base of his neck, barely peeking out from the collar of his impeccably white shirt. “Dance with her.”

“I don’t like to dance,” he quickly answered, his eyes turning back to the only couple that mattered on the dance floor.

Tony huffed and leaned back in the chair. “Please, tell me how you were a Casanova in the forties,” he grunted, signing a waiter for a flute.

Bucky shrugged, his left hand still curled up into a tight fist.

“Well, then I guess my aunt will have no problem in spending the night of her life with our beloved Captain, am I right?” Tony smiled, sipping his champagne. He knew perfectly well how his Winter Soldier hated social events like the one they were attending to and how he only came because of Beth. “I’m quite sure she wouldn’t mind being shared with dear Stevie tonight - and I mean after this hell is over. I hope you understand what I’m saying.”

Bucky didn’t answer and gritted his teeth harder, almost to the point they could break.

Oh, Captain!” Tony faked a high-pitched moan. When he turned to look at his boss, the man was smirking like a madman. “Oh, yes, harder, Captain! Deeper!

Bucky’s fist collided with the table and the glasses on it clinked. “Shut up.”

You’re so big, Captain!

“I’m serious.” He could feel his rage boil in the veins of his brain, making him see red. “Shut. Up.”

“Why?” Tony faked an innocent expression, the smirk still present on his lips. “Don’t like the idea of your girlfriend fucking your bestie?” He hated what he was doing, that one detail was for sure: Bethany was his aunt after all, even if the whole situation was a little fucked up. But he was still disgusted by the moans he had heard one night while walking through the corridor to go to bed, so he tried to enjoy this while it lasted. “You’re so strong, Steve,” he moaned again.

From the corner of his eye, he could see Natasha laugh her ass off, but he had to make James Barnes pay for the obscenities he had to hear that day.

“You’re so dead,” Bucky seethed, getting up from the table.

He hated the pictures Tony had squeezed into his head. Hated the way Bethy was moaning and panting under Steve’s body while he slowly and sensually thrust into her. Hated the dirty things he was whispering in her ear, the way her teeth gently bit his earlobe, the way she moaned harder, Captain! and deeper, Captain! and you feel so good, Steve. Hated the way his best friend was devouring her body, marking her, stealing her.

The heavy steps he was taking ringed menacingly in his ears. He felt like he had to reach Bethany before he did something he would regret later. The speed with which he reached them surprised him and when he grabbed Beth by her shoulder, he didn’t have time to think: he moved her away from his best friend and muttered an “Excuse us” before dragging the girl away from the dance floor.

So please could I be selfish with your body?

‘Cause I don’t think I could share you with nobody

“Buck?” she called, intertwining her fingers with his metallic ones.

It wasn’t like he ignored her, it was more like he couldn’t talk or else he would start yelling at someone who had done nothing wrong.

For now, he told himself when Tony’s moans filled his ears once more.

“Bucky, where are we going?”

Away. He had to take her away from Steve or else he might have his way with her right then and there, in that hallway, with all those elegant people watching, just to prove a point.

He didn’t even want to come. He had agreed just because Bethy had begged him and he hadn’t found it in himself to turn her down. And, what’s more, the off-shoulder navy blue dress she decided to wear had started to do things to him the moment he had seen her dressed like that in his bedroom. She always looked so innocent, so otherworldly - how could someone like her end up with someone like him?

No, he couldn’t let Tony’s insinuations get under his skin. He was good enough for her or else she wouldn’t be with him, she wouldn’t let him sleep with her, wouldn’t let him be her rock.

“Are you okay?”

Without knowing, he had taken her outside and had already stopped a taxi. “Get in,” he muttered, keeping the car door open for her.

She did as she was told, as she always did, and when he reached her on the passenger seat, she grabbed his hand, eyebrows knitted together.

“To the Stark Tower,” he barked before turning towards the girl. His girl, he reminded himself.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered, drawing soothing circles on his metallic hand.

He didn’t answer.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Not yet,” he muttered.

Not yet? What does that mean?”

“Would you like to fuck him?” He looked at her - really looked at her - and stared into her eyes as if he wanted to stare into her soul.

Bethany violently blushed. He knew she wasn’t that blunt, that she still wasn’t used at such expressions.

“Would you like to fuck Steve?”

Her face was of such a burning red that he thought she was about to combust. But at that moment he didn’t care. He just needed an answer, just a word.

“Answer me,” he insisted, his face just millimeters from hers.

“No,” she exclaimed, almost offended. “Of course not.”

Bucky took a deep breath and leaned back against the car seat.

But it didn’t matter that she had said no. He could still hear their moans - Steve and Bethy’s.

He should have danced with her, he should have said yes. He should have overcome his dislike for dancing and should have joined his girl for that slow. He shouldn’t have let Steve Rogers take her hand, shouldn’t have let him touch her, shouldn’t have let him look at her.

When the taxi reached the Tower, he absentmindedly paid the driver more than due, grabbed Beth’s hand once more and dragged her out of the car.

He was still pissed and knew she knew that too.

“Is really this the problem with you?” she wondered, following him inside, letting him guide her. “You think I’d let Steve take me?”

“I don’t fear you’d let him have his way with you,” he barked back, turning to look at her, scaring her with the angry tone of his voice. “I fear you’d look for him, that you’d look to be fucked by him.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?”


“Why would I want him?”

“Oh, I don’t know, you tell me,” he scoffed, entering the elevator and pushing their floor’s button.

Bethany frowned, staring at him, and he couldn’t help but feel guilty. “I don’t want him, James,” she simply stated.

“But you let him dance with you.”

“Just because you wouldn’t dance with me! He was so kind to invite me, should I have turned his proposal down?” she exclaimed, annoyed.

Bucky sighed and exited the elevator, still dragging her by her hand. Why couldn’t she understand? “But you let him touch you.”

Jesus Christ, James!” she yelled and tried to free her hand from his iron grasp. “It was a stupid slow dance! What was I supposed to do? How were we supposed to even dance otherwise?”

She was now struggling behind him, trying not to trip in the gowns and her high heels.

“Please, let me go,” she pleaded. “You’re hurting me.”

He stopped dead in his tracks and abruptly turned around. When he looked down at their hands, he saw her whitened fingers and freaked out for a second, scared he was actually hurting her with that very arm he hated with all he had. He let her go, his gaze lowered almost in shame.

She took a step forward. Her arms slowly reached up and went around his neck.

“Buck?” she called.

When he didn’t answer, she took his chin in her small hand and forced him to look at her.

“Is this why you’re so pissed?” she asked, getting closer again until his chest was touching hers. “Because you’re jealous?”

“I’m not jealous.”

Beth chuckled. “No, of course, you aren’t.” She sighed and hid her face in the crook of his neck.

Her cool breath fanning his skin was calming him down a little and before he knew it, his arms had snaked around her waist.

“Why didn’t you dance with me?” she whispered against the skin of his neck. Her thumb was running up and down his pulse, soothing him.

“You know why.” He didn’t want to repeat those words, didn’t like the idea of telling her he didn’t like to dance. He should have said yes: he would have danced with her, one of the few people who managed to stay around him even when he was in one of his moods.

“But why?” she pressed him on, moving a little so that she could stare into his eyes. “It was just a dance, just one… I don’t like to be bossed around by my own nephew, and even less when that nephew is Tony, but I do that anyway.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” he sighed.

She caressed his cheek, smiling up at him. “It’s okay,” she nodded, clasping her hands behind his neck. “Dance with me now, would you? Let’s forget about Steve. How does this sound?”

Bucky sighed, but after a few seconds he rested his hands on her hips and started to move slowly.

“See? It’s not that bad,” she smiled, leaning forward to rest her head against his chest.

They went on like that, dancing on the notes of a mute music in the middle of the corridor.

“I’m still pissed, though,” he grunted after a while, picking her up as though she were a kid. He started to march down the aisle towards his room.

Oh, when I have you

I’m gonna brand you with my lips

And all of the world will know that you’re mine now

We’ll never lose faith

‘Cause we’ll never forget this taste

My love has the power to keep you tied down

“I don’t like it when someone else touches you,” he groaned, letting her fall onto his bed. “I don’t like it when my best friend touches my woman,” he continued, taking off the black jacket of his suit.

Beth huffed and let herself fall backward onto the bed. “Weren’t we over this story?” she complained tiredly.

I’m gonna brand you with my lips and all of the world will know that you’re mine now,” he sang and Beth watched him undo the knot of his tie.

“Everyone already knows, Buck,” she laughed, propping herself up on her elbows.

Bucky burst out laughing and let himself fall next to Beth. “Can I still brand you with my lips?”

“Do people really say that nowadays?” she giggled, turning to her left to stare at him.

“I don’t know, it’s just a song,” he smiled. His fingers reached her cheeks and poked her, before reaching down to caress her neck. “I love you so fucking much,” he whispered, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her closer.

Beth smiled, resting her forehead against his. “There’s no need for you to be jealous, you know that, right?”

Bucky sighed and nodded, keeping quiet, basking in the feeling of being close to her.

“But can we still have angry sex?” she asked in a whisper, her cheeks turning a bright shade of red.

He chuckled at her expression, at her request. “If that’s what this naughty girl wants…” His voice rumbled in his chest, making her giggle and cover her face behind her hands. “Don’t you dare,” he growled, rolling her onto her back and removing her hands from her face, pinning them above her head. “I want you to look at me,” he said, leaning down and nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck.

His cool nose tickled her and Beth squirmed under him.

“What does the song say?” he wondered, pretending to be thinking, taking his tie from the bed. “Oh, I’ll get you tied down, tied down.”

He loved the way she blushed again, trying to avoid his burning gaze. Just as he loved how turned on she got when he got a little dominant in the bedroom. He bent his head down, sucking hard at the base of her neck while tying her wrists together with his tie.

“Keep your hands over your head, don’t move them,” he warned her, biting down on her skin. He smirked when he heard her moan.

Bucky slid down until he was kneeling between her legs and grabbed her ankles.

“Tell me how wet you are,” he ordered.

Beth’s breath came out ragged from her mouth before she could even answer. “Very wet,” she whispered and when he lifted his gaze, he saw her struggling against his tie.

“What did I tell you about your hands?”

Her head snapped up and her eyes stared at him. Her pupils were already blown, almost overpowering the green of her irises, and he had yet to start to go down on her. He smirked: he just loved her too much.

“Still, above my head,” she answered, stilling her movements.

“And why were you disobeying?”

When she didn’t answer, his hands crawled up her legs and pushed the gown of her dress up until he could secure it under her butt. She couldn’t see him and she knew he knew, she knew he did that on purpose, to torture her since he knew she loved to look at him when he ate her out.

“Christ, James, let me see,” she begged, but her prayer fell on deaf ears.

Bucky chuckled and his cool breath against her inner thigh made her shiver. He took his time kissing her exposed skin, making her quiver and whimper and moan. His nose kept sliding on her smooth skin and she knew he was getting closer. It took her a while to fully realize it, but when she did, she let out a moan that had all his body hair to painfully stand up.

“Fuck, Bethy,” he panted against her covered core. “I love your dirty moans,” he grunted, placing a kiss on her panties and shifting a little with his legs, his erection starting to feel a little uncomfortable. She moaned again at his words, trying to push herself up into his face, but his hands pushed her hips down. “Not yet, sweetheart,” he mused, leaning forward and inhaling her scent.

He kissed her again before switching to her left inner thigh, kissing and sucking and grazing her skin with his teeth.

He had watched porn once or twice before understanding he liked to have real girls better, but the sounds coming out of Bethy’s mouth… “God,” he moaned, pulling her panties down her legs before tossing them behind him. “Look at you,” he smirked and she tried to move, embarrassed. Bucky bent forward again and kissed her labia, making her quiver loudly. In that moment he hoped Tony would walk past his door and hear what he was doing to that girl.

He smiled.

Gosh, he was going to make him pay.

His index finger traced her entrance, so wet and glistening. He pushed in a finger and when he curled it inside her hot core, Beth let out a deep, choked breath.

She whispered his name and the tone she used, the desperate need he could hear in it made him groan.

When he kissed her clit, she jumped a little, but when he started to suck on it, his lips tight on that sweet bud, she let out a desperate cry.

“Oh, fuck, James!” she moaned, trying to jerk her hips upwards. “Gosh, just like that,” she begged, her voice broken, her breathing ragged.

When he pushed down on the wispy gown to look at her, her eyes were rolled back inside her head and her neck was painfully arched back. He was pleased to see her hands still glued above her head.

Bucky added another finger and pushed deep before curling them, massaging her sweet spot. And when he did that, it was a matter of seconds before she came hard, grinding against him.

“Fuck, Bethy, breathe,” he chuckled, drawing lazy circles on her clit to make her ride out her orgasm. “Don’t you faint on me, doll.”

He let her calm down a little before climbing onto her, forcing her to open her eyes, untying her wrists.

“My God, Bucky,” she breathed out and giggled. “I hate when you do that.”

Bucky chuckled, forcing her to sit up. She kicked her heels off while he pulled down the zipper of her dress. He helped her to her feet to let the dress slide down her body and was pleasantly surprised to see she wasn’t wearing a bra. He grunted.

“Look at these babies,” he groaned, bending down to capture one of her turgid nipples with his lips. He sucked hard on her bud, drawing an outrageous throaty moan out of her. “Steve will never have these sweets,” he smiled to himself, switching to the other nipple, tormenting the left one with his fingers.

“Just fuck me, please.”

Her hands yanked his head back and when he looked into her eyes and only saw lust, he moaned.

“You still want it angry?” he asked, letting her desperately tear his shirt open, buttons flying everywhere when they were ripped from the cotton material.

“Fuck the angst,” she groaned, grabbing him by his cheeks and colliding her lips onto his, kissing him hard. He got his clue and unzipped his pants, pushing them down with his boxer shorts. “I just want you to fuck me,” she begged, bending her head back when his lips reached her neck and started to kiss and suck on the tender flesh.

When he kicked his shoes off and walked out of his pants, pooled on the floor, his hard cock brushed against her and she moaned, her knees almost giving out. For a moment he thought she’d come again just by that contact, but when she reached down to stroke him, he feared he’d be the one coming just by a touch.

“You’re so fucking big,” she whimpered against his lips, making him smile.

Bucky picked her up in his arms and climbed onto the bed before laying her down. He pecked on her lips once before rolling her onto her stomach. He kissed her between her shoulder blades before grabbing her hips and forcing her to her knees.

“So beautiful,” he breathed against her skin, making her shiver.

He pumped his cock twice, his eyelids close, before aligning himself with her entrance. He pushed inside her slowly, holding her hips in a firm grip to prevent her from pushing back against him. He took his time, filling her up slowly, listening to her ragged breath. When he was fully inside her, he bent forward.

“So tight and wet,” he murmured in her ear, grabbing her hair with his right hand as he gently pulled her back, arching her back so that she could turn to look at him.

He smirked while pulling out before slowly thrusting back in and bent again to drown her moans with a kiss. He just had to fuck her slow, just like Steve had done in the fantasy Tony had drilled into his head.

“Deeper, Buck,” Beth moaned, closing her eyes when he reached her cervix. “You feel so damn good, James,” she breathed.

Bucky smiled, his metallic hand sliding down her spine until he reached her ass. He slapped her once and her eyes snapped open, her mouth hung open while a choked moan passed her lips. For some reasons he found her smeared lipstick the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

He picked up his pace, the idea of making love slowly to her flew out of the window at the same moment his dick throbbed inside her at the view of her smeared make-up, of her flustered cheeks, of her sweaty skin. He kept thrusting into her hard, almost not noticing the way her moans had gone silent, her lungs too busy on keeping working at the sudden onslaught of the man she loved.

“Fuck, James,” she managed to breathe out, closing her eyes and pushing back against him, his hips smacking each time against her ass.

An arm around her hips, he bent forward and fondled her breasts with his metal hand before biting down between her shoulders.

“Fuck,” she moaned again, arching her back even more, almost to the point Bucky feared she would break. “So. Close.”

He panted against her, her walls almost deliciously squeezing him into oblivion. His hand traveled down her body until his fingers found her clit. He had barely touched it when she came, squeezing him until she forced him to come, a silent scream escaping her lips.

“Fuck, baby,” he moaned against her skin, collapsing on top of her, crushing her down onto the mattress. It took him a moment before he found the strength of pulling out from her and rolling to her side. “Christ, Bethy,” he breathed, his left hand resting on his chest.

“This was,” Beth started, opening her eyes to look at him, “by far,” and she got closer, getting comfortable at his side, “the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Bucky laughed and she chuckled in return, looking up at him, her face still burning red.

“But don’t get jealous next time, or I might pass out when you kiss me down there like that.”

“You can say the word,” he chuckled. “You won’t go to hell.”

“No,” and she covered her face, a smile still present on her lips.

“Pussy. Say it,” he giggled, hugging her waist and pulling her on top of him.

She shook her head no, her face hidden in the crook of his neck.

“Say it,” he repeated, trying not to laugh.

But when she let out a whispered ‘pussy’, his laugh reverberated in her chest before traveling down her spine and reaching her core.

“No more jealousy,” he promised.

Beth raised her head to look at him before shyly smirking. “But you can tie me down anytime you want.”



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(Yoongi x Oc ) Tumblr Prompt.

Genre : unhealthy relationships. Married Au. A bit of an asshole yoongi. But he has his reasons.  

Rating : Mature. 

part 1/?

“Where are you?” his voice is scratchy, slightly rough and a little hoarse, like he’s been talking too much for too long or maybe he’s just been out in the cold winter weather without wrapping a scarf around his neck again. Or maybe he’d just woken up. 

Where was he?

New york? Paris? what time was it there? 

i glanced at the huge map on the white board near the drawing room, where i’d pinned post its to track his schedule as he traveled around to promote his company’s newest product. My eyes trailed over to the edge of Japan. 

Ah, he was in Osaka. 

“Y/N Can you hear me?” He said loudly and his voice momentarily jolted me. yoongi always had a really deep and booming voice and it’s effect on me hadn’t diminished over the many years we’d been married. A room full of men and Yoongi’s voice would still stand out, resonating inside my soul and making my ribs constrict around my lung, cutting off air. 

“Y/n!!” He growled and I pulled myself into the present flinching at how loud his voice was.

it echoed around the empty living room of our apartment, jarringly loud from the phone’s speakers and making my heart pound just a little. 

“Home. It’s twelve in the night. where else would i be? ” I said bleakly, grabbing the tin jar full of basil leaves and giving it a little shake before carefully wrenching the lid off. The small pan of water on the stove was already boiling and i carefully shook a handful of leaves into my palm, dropping them in the water before grabbing the phone off the hook . 

“Alone?” There’s an edge to his voice, a subtle nuance that ought not to be there. that had no right to be there because  he  wasn’t the one sitting hour after hour, night after night in an empty apartment, waiting for a spouse who wasn’t there. 

When  he  was the one breaking vows and treating me like shit. i wondered if he was sleeping with someone else. Had he gone to a bar, picked up a nice , pretty young thing with his impressive, “ i’m a pediatric surgeon, i save children for a living “ resume. i wasn’t bitter. i loved Yoongi. His profession was one of the most attractive things about him. He worked selflessly to help young kids who couldn’t afford regular medical treatment. 

But I wondered who took the edge off, when his work became too much for him. it sure as hell wasn’t me. 

So i wondered if perhaps he got it else where. you know. 

Who was i kidding? of course he wasn’t. Min Yoongi was just too much of a ‘ nice’ man to cheat on me, but everything else he did, broke my heart. a million times over. 

The apathy. The disinterest. That way he had of staring at me when i was trying to talk to him, like he just couldn’t wait for me to shut up. On numerous occasions, i’d stopped half way through a sentence simply because of how uninterested he’d appeared and cruelly, he wouldn’t even ask me to finish. 

it ought not to hurt so much, after two years, i thought bleakly.  it ought not to hurt because it was never a real marriage anyway. it was a transaction , an exchange of commodities. 

it was like one of those political marriages in historical dramas, done for the greater good of everyone involved so by all means, it should not hurt at all. 

But it did. 

“why do you say that? You think i’m with someone? “ I said softly, exhausted at the unsaid accusation. At the injustice of it. i wanted to toss it back at him.

 what am i being faithful to? It’s the vow you haven’t broken yet but what about all the other things you promised me? Where’s the love you promised?  

“ Don’t be absurd. i just wanted to know if mother is down to visit. she told me she wanted to see you. ” He sounded annoyed as well and lately it felt like that was all he felt for me : annoyance and irritation. 

“Your mother wants me to get hit by a car.” i said simply and he took a deep breath.

“ stop demonizing my mother. She wouldn’t treat you that way if you could be a bit more filial. why don’t you go to her Circle meetings or help her with her charities. ? You were so fucking eager to marry me… can’t you at least take your responsibilities as a Min daughter in law, seriously?” He snapped. 

 a min daughter-in-law. 

The most coveted position a young women in Korea could aspire to. The chance to be married to one of the youngest, most influential men in the country. A handsome, intelligent young man who held an unfair amount of power in his hands. 

 i wanted to run away, i thought with sudden detached clarity. Somedays , i just wanted to lock the door, grab my wallet and run as far as I could. when he touches me, when he presses himself against me, inside me and then shuts his eyes like he’s pretending its someone else…. it makes me want to run and disappear. 

“are you even listening to me, Y/N? Why are you taking so bloody long to respond to me?!” He snapped. 

“I’m listening. ” i said tiredly, switching off the stove and grabbing the strainer off the rack. the fine bone china cup on the kitchen shelf is well used while it’s pair is brand new. A subtle reminder of how often  I was alone. So often. From the moment, i packed all my clothes and moved into his luxury penthouse.

 “ Are you drunk?” he said finally. 


“No.” i said, feeling jittery.  But i wish i was. i can’t put up with you when i’m sober.  

“  Good, listen carefully. i called you because I will be landing in Seoul tomorrow night. We have a luncheon with the Kim Corp CEO the next day and i want you to send my Valentino suit to the cleaners.”

 a glorified maid. with occasional access to her master’s bed. 

“Okay. i will.” I said dully. 

“ and call my mother.” 

i opened my mouth to protest but he had already hung up.  


“Billionaire Heiress Lalisa Manoban landed in Seoul after a successful modeling campaign and Fan Meeting across Asia and Europe. Coincidentally, she was found travelling with world renowned Pediatric Surgeon, Min Yoongi and…”

“ coincidence, my ass. He’s fucking her! i just know it.” My sister growled, pointing an accusatory finger at the small portable TV high up on the shelf of her shop. I grimaced and watched her as she directed her employee to take care of Yoongi’s suit. 

“Unnie please…I really don’t want to talk about that.” i said, feeling exhausted. 

“Why are you even with him?” She said bitterly. “ You should just dump his ass.” 

I smiled a little at that. 

“I really should…” i said thoughtfully, thinking about something far more important. There was a small budding hope inside me. But i hadn’t confirmed it yet. It could be a way to salvage my hopeless marriage. Could be…. but I was kind of terrified to actually confirm it. what if i’d just gotten my hopes up. what if it would all come crashing down on me? 

“Y/N…are you even listening to me? You don’t have to worry about me and mother. The shop is doing well now. We hardly need yoongi’s support. ”

“You know it isn’t that easy, unnie. i can’t just  leave him. No matter how much i want to.” i fumbled with the ring on my finger. a handcuff, i thought softly. A tiny handcuff , soldered by the love I had for an undeserving husband and the fear I had for being alone. 

that was it essentially. the fear that if i left him, i would somehow be more unhappy than i was now and then it would all be for nothing. 

But my sister didn’t drop the subject. 

“So that’s the only reason you’re staying? Not because you’re still in love with the guy, right?” She said shrewdly, eyes sharp and accusatory as she stared at me. 

i flushed a little. 

“That was a long time ago.” 

“But you never got over it.” She pointed out. 

“i was a child! i was fifteen or something! I didn’t know better. i thought he was handsome that’s all……”  

……..and kind and generous and so incredibly funny. i loved the way he would rule the basketball court, the way he would sound so passionate as he talked about his photographs in the photography club. i loved the way he would bring a flask full of milk for the stray puppies behind the school grounds. i loved the way he would play the piano during School festivals, using those ivory white fingers to coax the most beautiful sounds out of something lifeless. The way he breathed life into those keys and made them sing. 

But somehow the delusion had carried on into adulthood. 

And i’d thought, stupidly , that his hands were magic. that his breath was magic. 

That if he would touch me then he would be able to breath life into me too. that he would somehow takeaway all the misery and hurt that i’d accumulated in my soul over the years. 

That if only i could have Min Yoongi, everything else would fall in place. 

 “ Hey.. Y/N…. are you listening?” My sister’s voice pulled me out of my reverie. Everyone was asking me this, weren’t they? are you listening? are you listening? 

I couldn’t listen. not with the voices in my head screaming too loud . 

“uh..huh?” i said, momentarily befuddled.

She smiled.

“i said, i’ll send the suit around with one of the kids. Go get some rest. you look like you haven’t slept in a while.”

Two years. I haven’t slept in two years. 

 “ thanks unnie.” 


“…. We’re planning on introducing and Android and iOS app as well, something that would help the parents have a closer relationship with the Hospital itself, be updated on any new vaccines, get notifications for them or make appointments online as well. The app would be linked to our main data base and the kids who are staying with us will be included as well…” Yoongi’s voice was deep and steady, ringing clear with intelligence and it was physically evident, how impressed the CEO of Kim corp, a young man called Kim Seokjin was,  

“You’re clearly very good at what you do, Yoongi ssi..” He said brightly, glancing briefly at me and smiling. “ and your wife is truly lovely. My chaerin said that you offered to design some antique pieces for her.” He said brightly. i bowed my head politely.

“Y/N is one of the best antique jewelry designers in Asia. Chaerin noona should be honored.” Yoongi wrapped an arm around my waist, fingers spanning across my lower abdomen, thumb dipping into the small space between my skirt and blouse, cold against the warmth of my skin. 

The public persona that he wore, when we were out in company was flawless. i felt slightly nauseous. slightly dizzy but along with it was a little bit of happiness. i had a feeling that this nausea was linked to something new and exciting. something that could perhaps make yoongi like me again.

But i wasn’t sure. Not yet. The two brand new pregnancy tests in  the bottom of the bathroom cabinet, carefully wrapped in brown sheets , reminded me that this could go either way. it could be nothing, a false alarm in which case i wasn’t aby worse off than i was now. or it could be positive. 

Which would mean, me telling yoongi that somehow, against all odds of maths , our drunk, ill-judged decision to have sex, that one time in the back of the car without protection had resulted in a baby. 

I felt my skin go a little cold at the prospect. I didn’t really want to think about how he would react to that. But i couldn’t help but hope. 

He loved children, didn’t he?

He would like one of his own, right?

“what’s wrong?” His voice drew me out of my introspection and i blinked at him, feeling a little queasy. 

“Nothing… i.. i’m sorry.” 

He hesitated.

“ Have you been sleeping less.,.. You look really tired.” He sounded almost worried and i swallowed dryly. 

“I.. no. I’m fine. “

he nodded , unconvinced. 

“are you sure? if you want to head back home and get some rest…”

It was times like this that made it hard to fall out of love with this man, i thought miserably. 

The occasional bouts of genuine concern . 

The extra cup of coffee on the side of the bed table. The closed windows when the morning was too cold. The home cooked dinners when I was feeling sick or tired. 

And i didn’t mind repaying him this way. 

See, sometimes, i wasn’t a shitty daughter in law.

 sometimes, i lived up to the min family’s reputation and did the right thing. i was the perfect trophy wife who greased wheels and helped the whole machinery of the nepotistic Seoul society to function. 

“It’s important right? This.. meeting. Luncheon. Seokjin ssi is supposed to be investing in your hospital. i’ll hold out. don’t worry. I’ll be a good girl. . ” i said nervously.

the words seemed to affect Yoongi. His breath hitched, gaze dropping to my lips as he swallowed.

“Fuck, you’re such a pain.”

I frowned. 

“what’s wrong? don’t you want me to do that? “ 

Yoongi sighed, nodding. 

“Yes, but i’d rather not do it at the expense of you falling face first into the food later on.”

i smiled weakly. he had a way of making me smile, even when it wasn’t really his intention. another trait that drew me to him. 

“i’ll try to resist.”

He shook his head .

“Fine. i need to go meet a few other doctors. Will you be okay by yourself?” 

I nodded, watching as he untangled himself from around me and walked to the other side of the lawn. I moved to the corner where a small table held a collection of drinks and refreshment. i grabbed a small flute of lemonade and nearly jumped out of my skin when Chae Rin , Seokjin’s twin sister appeared in front of me. 

“Y/N, are you okay? “ She said , looking concerned as she peered at me.

“i’m fine, chae Rin ssi..” i said softly and she smiled kindly.

“i really wanted to apologize about what happened. I didn’t know that Yoongi and jiyeon had history.” she said apologetically.

i blinked, confused.

“Jiyeon?” i said surprised. 

“Yes… You know, the doctor we met earlier? I didn’t know that Yoongi was engaged to her before he met you. i wouldn’t have added her to the guest list if I’d known.” she said , looking genuinely sorry and I kept a neutral face , while my heart dropped somewhere down to my knees, leaving my entire chest hollow and weak. 

“that’s… that’s alright.” I said firmly. My voice was steady and even , not even betraying the sheer unadulterated pain that was coursing through my veins.

 Yoongi had been engaged to marry. To a doctor. 

 suddenly the past two years made more sense. No wonder he hated the sight of me. i tried to conjure up an image of the woman we had met earlier. But it was impossible. We’d met so many of them and i hadn’t kept track. 

i turned around and my eyes caught on yoongi’s white suit, somewhere ahead and to the left and i saw her at once. she wore a champagne colored gown with silver sequins and she looked less like a doctor and more like she’d stepped right off a ramp.

“That’s her isn’t it ?” i said softly and Chae Rin hummed.

“Yes. She just got appointed here at yoongi’s hospital. So we really couldn’t avoid inviting her.” She said breathlessly.

I watched Yoongi smile at her, wide, unrestrained. i’d never seen that smile on him. not even once. 

Suddenly, the nausea that i’d held inside for the entire morning came rearing back in full force. i excused myself hastily, rushing to the nearest bathroom and emptying my stomach into one of the porcelain bowls. 

 i stood in front of the mirror, staring at myself. 

Suddenly, the prospect of being pregnant was so unwelcome that i vomitted again. 


When Yoongi found his way back to me, Jiyeon was on his arm. i watched them walk over, looking for all intents and purpose like they  belonged  together ( and they did , didn’t they? They were both doctors? They had both been in love? )

i stayed perfectly still as Yoongi smiled and introduced us. 

“this is my wife, Y/N.” He said brightly. 

jiyeon gave me a smile that was perfectly artificial but flawless.

“You’re the lucky girl, then? “ She said softly. 

I hesitated, thrown by the words which sounded condescending. 

“i…yes… i am. … “ i said, feeling somehow like it hadn’t been a compliment at all, as much as it was an observation. an assessment. A subtle ‘ so you’re the one who stole my fiance’. 

“ Jiyeon’s moving to Seoul this week. She’s going to be working with me in the pediatric department of our Hospital. “ Yoongi said and there was genuine pleasure in his tone. 

He was really happy about it. i felt my heart begin to pound again as a sinking feeling of despair began to take hold. 

“Which reminds me. Yoongi , could i crash with you guys for a couple weeks? I need to find an apartment but the chairman wants me to jump in from tomorrow and i may not have time to look for one.” She turned to Yoongi fully, completely omitting me out of the decision and I flinched. 

 really? was this how it was going to be?

To his credit, Yoongi looked genuinely surprised , hesitant even as he glanced at me. There’s a bit of discomfort there, mixed with a little helplessness.

and it’s silly how familiar he looks like this. Hesitant and unsure. He’s always 

 it’s the look which screams , i don’t know what to say or how to say it,  and over the years it’s become instinctive, for me to step in and sooth. To step in and iron out the creases that came from Yoongi’s introverted nature. 

“of course you can. there’s plenty of room. We’d love to have you over.” 

And only a part of that sentence is a lie. 


the next two days changed things. 

it was blatantly obvious that Jiyeon wanted yoongi back. i would watch as she leaned over him at dinner, grabbed his coat for him when he was leaving , even feed him bits of meat off her own plate while he stayed glued to his laptop. 

Yoongi stayed oblivious, or maybe he put on that act for my benefit. i tried prying a bit, asking him how he met her and stuff but he stayed perfectly stoic, unaffected. 

He didn’t tell me that they had been engaged. 

i wasn’t sure how to take it. 

Maybe he didn’t want me to know because he was over her and it no longer mattered. 

Maybe he didn’t want to let me know because he was still in love with her. 

And later that night , lying on the bed with Yoongi so close , yet so unreachable, so untouchable, i felt miserable. i liked this. i liked being able to sleep, with my gaze on his broad back. Watching the slight rise and fall of his chest, the fall of his fringe into his forehead. The handsome, ethereal features that looked breathtaking in the moonlight.

this bit of Yoongi that was mine. 

The way he slept, often curling around himself, on his left side, bent elbows cradling his head as he breathed evenly. 

 the way he looked stepping out of the shower, towel slung low on his sharp hips, chest glistening with stray droplets of water, fairly glowing. 

 the way he looked with his hair wet , the fringe falling into his eyes as he towel dried the wet strands with his beautiful surgeon fingers. Fingers that healed and made music and felt like heaven against my skin, the few times I’d been touched by him. 

And more importantly,  the way he had looked that night in the back seat of his Porsche, when he loomed over me , trying to control his strength as he fucked into me, gently, never with more force than necessary, eyes shut but lips wet and parted , breath hitching into pants as he made love to me. 

 and honestly, it had been enough.

 It had been enough, somehow. 

it ought not to be, but it was . 

but now, here i was , at risk of losing that as well. 

This could be it, the voice in my head whispered. this could be the last few times you get this. This could be the end . This thing with Yoongi. This ‘ marriage’ it could really be ending. 

 and i realized how badly I didn’t want it to end. 


Perhaps it was the fact that Jiyeon was there, that made me put off taking the test. it was stupid but i really wanted to wait. i’d been looking forward to the pregnancy. Been happy but now a more terrifying prospect came into play. the thought that perhaps, Yoongi wanted to be with jiyeon instead. 

it was stupid, but i couldn’t help but wonder. 

it all came to a head a few days later, during dinner. Jiyeon seemed to be watching me carefully and then, just when Yoongi reached for a glass of water and poured me some, she laughed.

“Y/N, i still can’t believe you let me stay here. i mean most wives wouldn’t be so happy about an ex staying in the same house as their husband.” 

Yoongi startled obviously, water sloshing from his glass all over his dinner and i flinched, more worried about him than jiyeon’s provocation.

“yoongi, are you okay?” Jiyeon leapt to her feet, grabbing a bunch of tissues and reaching out to press them against his chest and hips, where the water had spilled and my breath caught in my throat, stomach cramping uncomfortably as I gripped the edge of the table. 

“ It’s all good. ” i said stupidly, looking anywhere but at Yoongi because i knew i would likely do something incredibly foolish if i did. 

the rest of dinner was awkward, incredibly so, and my skin felt itchy because of how Yoongi stared at me.

But the damage was done and when i stepped into the bedroom,. I froze because yoongi was sitting on the bed, fingers fumbling with his tie, as he stared at me. 

“Y/n, about what jiyeon said…”

“you don’t have to say it. You don’t have to tell me about her..”

 Please don’t tell me about her, ignorance is bliss…

 “ i want to. We were in med school together in London… and I was engaged to her. “ 

i shut my eyes, head aching. 

“yoongi, i just…”

“We didn’t break up. I just want to be honest with you. We never broke up.” He said dully.

My eyes flew open, mouth going slack. 



“What does.. what does that mean…?”

“when i moved here , I promised her i would come back and marry her.” 

 But i got roped into marrying you instead.  

The unsaid words hit me so hard that i stumbled a bit. 

“Y/N..” He half stood, like he was reaching for me but i quickly moved away. 

Is this what it was like to actually lose everything that ever mattered to you?

“do you.. do you still love her?” i said stupidly.

And he just looked at me. 

Evenly, honestly.

“i.. i don’t know.” he said, shattering the last remaining piece of my heart. 

I laughed out loud . i couldn’t stop myself. it was the single most painful thing i’d heard all night. 

“i.. i understand.” 

Did I?

would i ever understand?

would i ever even breathe agin….

 “ Y/n …”

“i can’t… right away. “ I said , miserably. “ i need some time to … move out..”

Yoongi flinched.

“that’s not what i want.. Y/n.. We should talk about this and ”

I shook my head.

“Shut up. i don’t want to hear another word. i’m leaving…” I said feverishly. 

 before i change my mind and do something foolish and convince myself that i could stay here like this, just happy with breathing the same air as you because i can’t… i shouldn’t.. i should leave. 

“I’ll take the guest bedroom.” i didn’t stick around to hear his protests. 


I grabbed the two pregnancy tests, still unused and tossed them in the trash. there was no way i was taking those tests. 

it no longer mattered, i thought stupidly. i wouldn’t take those stupid tests. 

Or maybe i would. because it had been nearly two months. i hadn’t had my period./ And just because i wished it didn’t happen didn’t mean it would. 

So, i’d do the normal sane thing : take the pregnancy test, realize how badly i’d fucked up, maybe get a job, become a single mom  and all that …

but only after i left him for good. 

after i was safe.

You know, when there was no possibility of me grabbing on to the test and clinging to Yoongi because of a  a child he may not even want. i wanted to say i was strong enough to stand my ground and not do something as pathetic as that but i wasn’t . 

i was weak. 

Especially when it came to Min Yoongi. 

so i would leave him and his fiancee and get lost so that he could live well. And i would watch him be happy without me. accept that he was done with me. 

My body jerked in pain at the thought. 

I packed my clothes quickly and called my sister. For all her insitence that i leave yoongi, she still broke down when i told her i would be coming back home. 

“i’m so sorry baby… he’s such an idiot..”

 No, i am. 


 You look sick.  jiyeon’s voice was strong and surprised. 

I jumped a bit too much. 

“uh.. what?” i said, stunned. 

“I don’t think you’ve been eating much. ?” She said softly. 

“I..” i stopped, too tired to lie. “ something like that.” 

“it definitely explains how tired you’ve been. You should take some supplements and stuff. if you can’t eat…they’ll at least give you some sort of energy. It’s what i do most of the time…” She grabbed a small bottle of pills , with the name torn off. 

“this.. what is this..?” i said confused. 

“Just some vitamin supplements… They’ll really help.” she said genuinely and i smiled weakly. 

it was odd, knowing that she wasn’t a bad person. she was only taking back what had always been hers anyway. 

My husband. 


“Do you think of the day we first met?” i said stupidly, watching Yoongi as he got ready in our bedroom. we hadn’t spoken in a week. He had worked extra shifts at the hospital.Not even coming home for dinners. whe he’d come today morning to shower and get dressed , i’d followed him in. 

He hadn’t said a word. 

“Y/n …” his voice was tired. miserable. 

“i remember it. i think of it, often. You told me you were okay with the marriage…. and then… on our wedding day…. You told me you would try to love me. you promised..” i said, fighting tears. 

He stopped, fingers stilling midway as he knotted his tie. 

“Y/n …baby.. please just…”

“you promised you would only look at me, that you would only protect me and that you would make me happy .. you promised you would love me…… you promised! Not just before me but in front of all those people. in front of my front of yours.. in front of god!” 

“Y/n…. calm down..i just..”

“But you never tried!” I shouted.

it was the first time i’d raised my voice to him.

He looked stunned as he stared at me.

“and i believed you. i believed your, filthy lies.” i hissed. 

“Wait… Y/n.. let’s talk about this…” 

“I want a divorce.” 

Part 2 



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I've been hoping for just one more kagehina from you but there doesn't seem to be any sign of that,,, I mean it's fine, artists should totally draw whatever they want! But wow it's really surprising that you just stopped drawing a ship like that? May I ask why?

hmm you could say that i was pushed into it. you really want to know why? okay, then i’ll rant a bit 💦

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A/N: I’m doing that economical thing again but hey ho. This is solid proof that I need to get laid tbh. Very smutty. Mature content warnings apply.

You sucked your teeth idly as your gaze bored into the computer screen in front of you. Your office was quiet save for the sounds of typing and the occasional hushed cough. You reclined back into your uncomfortable office chair, as if waiting for something to happen to distract you before you submerged yourself in work again. 

Almost on cue your phone vibrated on the desk next to you, making you jump. You tilted your head to the side to read the message illuminated on the screen. Your chest fluttered slightly when you saw Elliot’s name. 

You coming over later?

The words were stark and you imagined them tumbling from Elliot’s lips suddenly if he were there in person. Another text came through. 

Missed you.

You’d been away for the last week visiting family and hadn’t had chance to see Elliot before heading back to work. It was very simplistic, but it made you smile nonetheless. Elliot very often tiptoed around you. He was ignorant to all of this when you first started this thing you had but he soon realised he couldn’t just demand your attention whenever he wanted it. Deep down you knew he could do exactly that. 

Something about the emotional undertone of his message stirred something within you. You imagined him whispering the words against your skin later on with his hands all over you, completely relaxed to your touch and heady with need. 

You snatched up the phone before your thoughts could run away any further and fired off a reply. 

I missed you too. And I’m going to show you just how much later.

It took Elliot a few minutes to reply. You wondered briefly if you’d flustered him but realised it took more than a little flirting over text to draw a reaction out of Elliot. Eventually your phone went off again.

What do you mean by that?

Did he want you to speculate? Or did he require clarification? You bit your lip as you typed and deleted and re-typed a response several times until you settled on one.

I’m pretty wound up after a week so I was hoping you could relieve me. You’re very good at that.

You drummed your fingers on the desk distractedly as you waited for a response. Your mind was intoxicated with thoughts of Elliot now. You imagined his full lips slack and his brow furrowed as his hips met against yours - you could almost feel the hard muscle of his thighs hitting against your ass. 

You jumped again when your phone vibrated this time, biting your lip as you checked the message tentatively. 

I’m at work so we shouldn’t…but I kind of like it. Can’t wait.

Ever the wordsmith, you thought as you held back a delirious laugh. You needed to rile him, in the same way he’d inadvertently done to you. You stood up from your desk, trying to ignore the slight tremor in your legs as you picked up your phone and made your way to the bathroom. 

Once inside the cubicle you paced for a few moments wondering if you should be doing this - it was undiscovered territory with Elliot but you didn’t want to turn down the opportunity to really rile him. 

You looked around the basic toilet cubicle - it was hardly the most alluring of spots but you had to make do with the limited privacy you had. You quickly unbuttoned your blouse, trying out a couple of different angles with the front-facing camera of your phone. It took a few minutes to find the right angle but the thought of Elliot’s (probable) reaction spurred you on. 

Eventually you had two photos to send - one bra on, one bra off. You felt a little self-conscious about your face being in both of them but you looked surprisingly good. Your makeup had survived the office environment well that day and your eyes looked sultry and your lips fuller as they were slightly parted. Plus you trusted Elliot. If anything he was overly safe about this kind of thing. Not the kind of guy to just leave his phone lying around. 

Before you could think about it any longer you’d sent the pictures off with no text to accompany them. For a few seconds you stood staring dumbly at his phone, expecting a reply straight away but when there wasn’t one you quickly re-dressed yourself and left the bathroom. 

2 minutes turned into 20. And then 2 hours. You were beyond annoyed by this point considering you’d put yourself out there like that. The space around you grew noisy as you tapped away at the keyboard aggressively. You couldn’t decide who you were more annoyed at. Yourself or Elliot. Maybe he didn’t even like you anymore. 

Finally the end of work rolled around and stood up, roughly putting your jacket on as you heard your phone ping. You froze and looked down at the screen which displayed a simple message.

Come straight over.

Was he for real? You snatched up the phone and checked through the messages just in case you might have missed one earlier. But there was nothing. No references to the pictures you’d sent him.

You thought about blowing him off altogether but you were still annoyed so you decided to give Elliot a piece of your mind and head to his apartment. 

Despite your initial feelings you did find yourself softening a little as you rocked with the movement of the subway train. Maybe Elliot hadn’t known how to react. It was a bit harsh of you to blow up at him without explanation. And after a week of not sleeping next to him you had missed him. A lot. 

The apartment was already open when you arrived so he must have seen you arrive but said nothing. You felt oddly apprehensive as you climbed the stairs of his apartment building. You pushed on the apartment door which opened slowly and entered, letting it fall shut behind you. 

Elliot was seated at his desk typing away as usual as if he hadn’t noticed you enter. You felt a little hurt at that but pressed on regardless. 

‘Hey…’ You sauntered over to where he was sat, running your finger tips across his shoulder but quickly drawing away when he tensed up. You thought he had abandoned that habit with you. 

'Yo…’ Elliot responded, his voice distant as he continued typing. You couldn’t make out what was on the screen save for some rolling code. 

'What’s up? I thought you said you missed me.’ You tried to keep your tone light but you’re stomach was starting to cramp a little with worry. 

'I did but you’ve pissed me off.’ Elliot’s shoulders were completely tense now and you took a step back. You weren’t afraid of him but his behaviour was abnormal to say the least. 

'What do you mean?’

'Those pictures Y/N.’ Elliot stood up and his desk chair spun a little as he paced away towards his kitchen area. You felt your face heat up with embarrassment. 

'I didn’t think it would make you angry.’ You shot back hotly, folding your arms tightly over your chest. You felt ashamed now and mad that he’d made you feel that way.

'Don’t you realise how irresponsible that is?’ Elliot’s cold tone made your eyes water as he spoke. You looked away from him and pointedly at the floor, trying to focus on your anger rather than your embarrassment. 

'Well it’s my responsibility! You don’t get to dictate what I do with my body.’ You snapped, nibbling at your lower lip. 'I wish I’d never sent them to you now anyway.' 

Elliot’s annoyed expression continued to bore into you. His pupils were slightly dilated which made his eyes look darker. You briefly wondered if he’d taken anything.

'I wish I’d never received them. But only because I don’t want someone else to get their hands on them.’

'Oh whatever Elliot. Why don’t you just admit that you’re not feeling it anymore?’

Elliot’s brow furrowed, his frustration evident. 'Feeling what? People have their lives ruined by this shit Y/N. I just want you to be safe.' 

You felt beyond stupid and upset now, trying to ignore the tears pricking your eyes as grew more and more defensive. 'I am safe and I don’t need lecturing from you. If you don’t want me then just admit it.' 

With that you took that it was your cue to leave and made your way towards the door. Elliot stepped forward quickly and grabbed your wrist - although his touch was very delicate and he let go as soon as you stopped to look at him.

'Look I didn’t mean to grab hold of you but I’m sorry okay? I was just fucking worried. I’ve seen some horrible shit.' 

You avoided his eye, unable to conjure up a decent response to give him. The tension between the two of you was still tightly wound and unpredictable and you didn’t want to erupt again. 

'And if you must know…’ Elliot mumbled, his eyes shifting towards the far wall rather than your face. ’…you have no idea what you do to me.’

'What do you mean?’ You replied in little more than a whisper, feeling the space between your legs flush slightly and mix weirdly with the anger which had been radiating off you only seconds earlier.

'That stuff earlier just set me off. I tried to fucking - jesus, I tried to get off at work but obviously I couldn’t.’ Elliot’s cheeks looked slightly flushed now and his jaw was taught as he averted his gaze from you. You throbbed at the thought of him getting off - or rather trying to get off - to you. Images of Elliot’s tensed features as he fisted at his cock danced across your brain as you bit your lower lip.

'Should I go?’ The words left your mouth as though they were a dare, suspended and almost taunting. 

'No.’ Elliot croaked and stepped towards you. His touch was always clumsy and awkward at first - he needed a moment to recalibrate. He grabbed you by the waist, you could feel the hard tips of his fingers digging into your ribs and it hurt but you didn’t complain. You kind of liked it.

You made the first move to kiss - you knew your kisses turned Elliot into a squirming mess. Surprisingly he got the upper-hand as he pushed his lips against yours roughly. You stopped dead still, breath catching in your throat when you felt his tongue tease at your bottom lip. Just as you opened your mouth to allow his tongue in further he bit down on your bottom lip. That made you jump and it was kind of sore but insanely hot. You whined softly, hands fisting themselves in Elliot’s hoodie as he sucked your lip. 

When you pulled apart you were gasping - you could feel your underwear sticking to you from where you’d grown insanely wet already. Elliot looked equally flushed, perhaps even a little surprised at himself as his tongue touched his swollen lips.

'That is unlike you.’ Was all you could mutter lamely. Out of the corner of your eye you could see that your hand was tremoring slightly.

'You don’t like it?’ There was a hint of anxiety to Elliot’s voice now. As lovers you were still so unsure of yourselves - each other’s boundaries included.

'Actually I’d like some more.’ You tried to sound teasing but instead you stuttered slightly. Elliot’s expression darkened again to how he’d looked earlier when you first arrived. 

'Good because this isn’t an act. I’m still pissed at you.’

'For getting you frustrated?' 

'You fucking know why.’ Elliot snapped and made his way over to his desk chair where he sat. Before you had to chance to move he was unbuckling his belt and roughly pushing his jeans down to his ankles. Elliot hissed quietly as he took his cock out of his boxers, it was flushed and rock hard. Elliot looked down, his lips pursed as he wiped his fingers over the wet tip a few times before beginning to stroke himself lazily. When he looked up he raised his eyebrows at you. 

'Come here.’

You swallowed hard and moved towards him. Your movements felt mechanical - you were pretty sure you were still in shock at Elliot’s sudden change in demeanour and it was making your head spin. 

By the time you’d kneeled down in front of Elliot - noting the discomfort of the cheap wooden apartment flooring under your knees - you could hear the quiet wet noises coming from Elliot’s cock as he stroked himself and his voice was strained as if holding back a grunt as he spoke. 

'I want you to…please.’ The 'please’ came out as Elliot’s breath caught in his throat and you knew he was still there, your Elliot - behind the anger and arousal of the man in front of you. You delicately placed a hand over Elliot’s, prising it away from himself as your mouth descended over his length. Elliot sucked in a shrill breath as you moved your mouth all the way down to the base of him. His dick felt hot inside your mouth, slightly salty from where he’d probably been sweating over you earlier. But it wasn’t unpleasant and you were turned on by how frantic his actions were. 

You began to move your lips up and down slowly, focussing more so on swirling your tongue around the tip of Elliot’s cock as you blew him. The motion made him swear under his breath and a hand found its way to the back of your head as he gently urged you on. When you brought a hand up to wrap around him he let out a growl - an actual growl which made you ache - and pushed your hand away. 'No no I’m too sensitive.' 

Occasionally he’d lift your head up and stare at your glazed expression, his eyes roaming over your wet lips which were starting to feel swollen from the motion. It was hot knowing he was getting off to watching your mouth get covered in spit and precum, but you knew Elliot well enough to know that he was searching in your face for your ongoing willingness and the insecurity was probably teasing him in the back of his brain. As a result you increased the speed of your sucking, tilting your head slightly as you did so that he caught every velvety corner of your mouth. 'Jesus fuck.’ Elliot swore as his hips bucked into your mouth. You wanted to look up and see the sight you’d been thinking about earlier - his scrunched eyes and slack mouth but you couldn’t, not yet.

'Stop, stop please! Otherwise I’ll cum-’ The words came out as a rush from Elliot and you pulled your mouth off him, squeezing the base of his cock tightly just in case.

'Isn’t that the point?’ You said breathlessly, studying every bit of Elliot’s fucked out face as he panted in the chair. 

'I wanted to fuck you first.’ His voice was back to a low drawl with just a hint of breathlessness behind it. He leaned forward and quickly kissed your wet lips, his tongue dipping into mouth as he rather confidently tasted himself. You whined at the sensation, unable to take it this time as your hips bucked forward and rutted against Elliot’s shin. Elliot let out a short breath which could have been a laugh if his tongue wasn’t in your mouth. All of a sudden he was off the chair, even his small frame felt imposing as he hovered over you pushing you right down onto the wooden floorboards.

'Here? Really?’ You gasped out as Elliot set to work unbuttoning your work trousers with his nimble fingers. You allowed him to roughly pull them down, abandoning his task half way through when he realised he’d forgotten about your shoes. It made you smirk when he prised them awkwardly off your feet which earnt you a rough squeeze of your thigh.

'Serves you right for earlier. Stupid girl.’ Elliot replied but you could hear the teasing in his voice. He leant forward and gave you a soft kiss as he removed your underwear. It was a reminder that he didn’t really hate you, that you were wanted and he was all yours. 

You gasped when your ass came into contact with cold wooden floorboards beneath you. Elliot bit his lip and kneaded your ass cheeks roughly in his hands which made you jump. 


'Sorry.’ He replied bashfully and his lips pulled into a half smile as his hand grazed your inner thigh. You closed your eyes and tried not to hold your breath as his fingertips traced over the lips of your pussy. Fortunately Elliot was never much in the mood for teasing and he plunged two fingers into you easily. Your back arched almost painfully from the wooden floor and you saw Elliot smirk at how wet you were as his fingers glided in and out of you easily.

'Fuck.’ You gasped when Elliot rolled his thumb over your clit, his fingers already beginning a 'come hither’ motion as he found your g-spot easily.

'You really like pissing me off, don’t you?’ Elliot aided his question with a quick flick of his fingers which made you bite down on your lip. 

'Answer.’ He prompted you again with his fingers, the speed slowly increasing and the pressure on your clit growing more insistent as Elliot drew you closer.

'Yes. Fuck. Okay yes I do.’ You moaned out, very close to cumming as your hips bucked against Elliot’s fingers of their own accord. 

'That’s kind of messed up Y/N.’ Elliot drawled as he brought you off with his hand. You would feel embarrassed about gushing all over his hand but it felt so good you didn’t care. You managed a high pitched 'El’ followed by a series of whimpers as you came hard. 

You took a few seconds to come down from your high and when you finally opened you eyes you could see that Elliot was fisting his cock tightly again, bottom lip caught between his teeth. 

'Sorry you looked so good then I couldn’t help it.’ He gasped out and you noticed that it was his hands that were shaking now as he kneeled between your legs. 

'May I?’ Elliot asked as he hovered over you, dick in hand ready to enter. 

'Yes Christ, please do.’ Was all you managed you hiss out as Elliot entered you in one fluid motion. You were worried he wouldn’t be able feel anything due to how wet you were but he still let out a low groan as he pushed all the way in.

'This probably won’t last long sorry.’ Elliot said through his teeth as his hips started to rock against yours, the floorboards creaking underneath you. 

'Fuck I don’t care just fill me up.’ You gasped out in return which made Elliot swear under his breath again as he picked up pace, wet sounds coming from the place where your hips met as he fucked you frantically.

'El, El, El…’ You didn’t know why you were saying his name like that but it was like a chorus. All you could do was grip Elliot’s slender hips tightly, urging him deeper as his hips rolled against yours. Elliot kept one hand tightly on your ass cheek, kneading the soft flesh hard as he held you still on the floor whilst the other hand rested just above your head as he supported himself above you.

'Fuck, ah…’ Elliot bit out and suddenly you could feel yourself being flooded with warmth as he buried himself in you. Elliot stayed very still for a few moments, his sweaty brow pressed against your shoulder as he panted above you. Climax for Elliot was similar to being high and this was very much his comedown.

'You’re so good.’ You breathed out over Elliot’s shoulder and kissed the damp skin there whilst your back throbbed with pain from being down on the wooden floor. 

After that the anger was all but forgotten. Elliot lectured you of course but he wasn’t mad at all. In fact you were very pleased with yourself, pleased with the fact that from now on you knew exactly how to get Elliot going.

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 10

Kiss Me

Negan x Addison 

A/N: ( ̄ω ̄;)( ̄ω ̄;) – i’ve pretty much outlined my chapters up to this point, so it may take me some time before I post the next one, depending on how bad the writer’s block is hahaha xx 

Chapter 9 || Masterlist 

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“What are you two doing here?” 

Naomi and Jade both stood in front of my door with mischievous smiles on their faces. Jade was holding onto three glasses, and Naomi revealed a bottle of wine she had hidden behind her. 

“We call it the new wife initiation” 

“New wife initiation?” I laughed. 

“Yep, you’re one of us now. I think that deserves a toast”. Naomi stated, as the two of them walked inside, and took their seat on the floor. 

One of us now. That still sounds weird to me…

Jade poured the drinks, as Naomi handed me a glass. 

“I just want you to know that you’ve got friends here” She admitted, and I gave her a smile. She’s been so supportive and nice to me, even when I haven’t exactly reciprocated the same kindness. 

“You guys are awesome” I replied.  

The three of us toasted, taking a sip of our drinks. We were having a great time talking about life, love, and all the things we missed about the old world. The night and wine eventually turned us into three giggling girls, with time passing by quickly without any of us realizing it. 

“So, have you and Negan…?” Jade raised her brows suggestively at me. 

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Boyfriend Jeno

donghyuk; here

Originally posted by johnniesuh

  • awww all of nct loves you guys together
  • so be prepared to get your cheeks pinched if you’re both caught holding hands
  • especially by jaehyun, who has classed you both as his children
  • your heart stopping in fear every time he does cool tricks on the hoverboard, like riding around in a handstand.
  • “be careful!!”
  • “always am ;)”
  • then jaehyun is like “where did u learn to wink stop it” and is also making sure he doesn’t fall, with the others close behind just in case they need to catch him
  • one time, jeno put his clothes on in reverse (like, trousers on his arms and shirt on his legs) to freak the crap out of you while riding around on a hoverboard
  • will do anything you want if you flash some aegyo
  • “let’s get ice cream!”
  • “no, I wanna get frozen yogurt!”
  • *aegyo*
  • “fine, okay, we’ll get ice cream!”
  • watching cartoons every morning while eating cereal. not bc you’re kids, no, oc not. you only watch them out of habit, & since there’s nothing else on … >.>
  • pretends to be a photographer to snap photos of you, being cheesy & calling you his muse
  • “what do you like more; me or cars?”
  • “………” *jeno absconds*
  • seriously tho, this boy loves cars. he’s got drawings of them stuck up on his bedroom walls and models, dusted often and displayed beautifully, that you. Must. not. t ouch. under. ANY. Circumstance
  • makes u download the same games on your phone as him, so you can compete or send each other lives/gifts
  • strong snapchat game
  • your streak started the day you both officially went on a date and has never been lost
  • cinema dates where you shyly wait to hold hands until the theater is dark bc asdfgkl awkward
  • then your hands become so sweaty but neither of you want to pull away
  • both hands reaching for popcorn at the same time, making eye contact for a second before blushing and looking away
  • then you see taeyong melting at the cuteness from the corner of your eye bc yes
  • you get chaperoned on dates
  • jeno wants to take you somewhere cute, alone, so you both sneak out one day (not at night bc it’s dark & scary) and try to find the local park
  • except you’ve never been there & jeno couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag
  • “uuuuuuuuh ….. uuuuuh I thought it was here? maybe it’s the next street?”
  • eventually you both need to ring someone to find u but who won’t tattle on you two sneaking off & being bamf’s
  • “mark :) our best friend :) how do u do? may we ask a favour of you, oh trustworthy & handsome mark :)”
  • you’ve never cuddled, per say, since his bedroom is off limits unless you’re with the others, so the closest you’ve gotten to cuddling is during movie night
  • he lays on his side on the blanket spread on the ground, and you lay a safe distance away, then haechan is on your other side since there’ll be no sneaky kisses with that squealer around
  • and that’s your version of cuddling :)
  • brags about his musical talent but gets shy if you ask him to show you
  • ngl the furthest you’ve gotten is one (1) (ein) (uno) kiss that was more just lips touching for .000001 seconds & blushing and not making eye contact for a week
  • but you’re both young so there’s no rush. things like making out or going on dates to fancy restaurants come with age and maturity. right now, neither of you are ready for that. it’s just sweet, innocent love filled with pure emotions. so don’t try to force an adult relationship, and enjoy this puppy love while you can :)

sierraashura said: What are your all your characters favourite foods?
ian likes those comfort foods, like grilled cheese or waffles. also beer. jules is all about that sushi 24/7/365 sushi day. & mcdonalds happy meal burgers. those shitty little burgers so good. donovan likes a good STEAK. & also a goodass catfish po'boy

grandint said: are any of ur characters flexible and regardless can we see em try (I have a vivid image of ian in a yoga outfit liftin some weights)
ian is in no way physically flexible. he will never be able to lick his elbow. jules has got those short legs so youd think she could touch her toes but no she cant she has those short arms too they just dont reach. don is surprisingly limber but its nothing to tell your mom about

Anonymous said: a cpuple oc questions maybaps? are any of yr ocs trans? does ian have any specific mental illness, and how did he stop self harming if he has stopped that is (you dont have to answer the last one!)
jules is genderfluid but uses she/her pronouns for the most part. i have a trans character in my head but i dont really bother drawing him much. he has a bunch of older sisters & when he came out as trans his very italian dad was like “dont tell your sisters but ive always wanted a son :) ”
ian has bipolar I disorder & some ptsd. & also substance abuse disorder. he hasnt really stopped self harming, but he only really gets the urge during mixed episodes

Anonymous said: Ian and Don, answer for each other. What is your favorite thing about your partner?
donovan: do my good looks and great personality count as one thing?
ian: partner? favorite? about?

Anonymous said: I’m gonna randomly kick Ian in the balls.
ian: what? not there. thats the worst place to do that

Anonymous said: If your OCs were Deadly Sins, which sins would they be? (Apologizing if this has already been asked I am new to this account)
ian would b sloth, no contest. donovan is pride? i guess? but only physically. he likes to look good. jules is too pure and has never done anything wrong in her life

mummu said: Does Ian have any expectations for his future? any dreams that he’d want to achieve? How about Donovan and Jules? :’) I love them, they’re all beautiful and perfect ♥
thank u pal. ian’s future is a big scary blank slate that he tries not to think about too much. he never thought hed make it this far & its too late to join the 27 club. jules has been trying to decide if she wants to go to college for the past 3 years. her parents are college professors but, like, is it RIGHT for HER? donovan p much likes how his life is right now & has no big plans. lets just see what happens

sadistic-tuba-junker said: Chara questions! How did they first meet?
ian met jules bc they were both on similar time schedules & ian wanted some bagels from the bakery jules works at @ 4am. ian met donovan when ian got a job as a pianist for the band at the burlesque club where donovan is also a member of the band at. jules met donovan when ian was like “hey jules this is donovan”
What were their first impressions of each other?
ian didnt really notice donovan for a while. their first interaction ian probably just squinted at him until he got nervous & went to talk to someone else. donovan noticed ian on his first day tho & was like “this scruffy guy is amazing at the piano why havent i heard of him” & later he was like “this scruffy guy is v weird & i am intrigued.” ians first impression of jules was “oh no this bagel elf is going to be mad at me” & vice-versa was “oh wow a hobo.” and finally when jules met donovan she was v suspicious of him, like if u take advantage of my boy ill put a dead skunk under your mattress. donovans first impression of jules was why is ian friends w a 14 year old and why is she looking at me like that
Has Ian ever tried teaching Donovan how to play piano?
they went to FAO schwarz & played the big floor piano like tom hanks. JUST KIDDING ian never tried teaching donovan to play piano.
Has Ian ever played video games? If so what games and did he enjoy them?
ian likes to play pinball at bars. he also likes tetris. he likes to watch jules play vidgames but he doesnt really like playing them himself.
Has Donovan ever worn a dress? (I just think he’d look nice in one)
donovan has never had any desire to put on a dress but he is flattered you think hed look nice in one
I really love your characters BTW and you artstyle is top notch! Love you you beautiful crustacean
snip snip thank u

Anonymous said: Ian can like.. lift?
bro did u not see that one time ian lifted jules over his head and threw her 30 feet like a deadly pillow? she hit that ball pit at at least 80mph, there were balls everywhere, everybody clapped

mcelboi said: can ian or donovan cook, or are they a takeout household?
ian has no cooking ability beyond adding water & stirring. donovan can do basic stuff & follow recipes but whos got time for that. takeout all the way

anonymous asked:

I absolutely adore every single KiriBaku thing you draw. They’re so pure and I love them.

;O; !!!!! thank you holy heck!!!!!

Anon said: Fran i missed your hq fanart, it was so good seeing some more from you! <3 love your usual bnha as always, your art is so good holy crap!! <333

I’m happy you liked them!!!! I missed drawing them too, really !!!!

Anon said: Imagine this - BNHA kids like It kids. Also love your art!

But I haven’t watched It :O and thank you!!!

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Someone to love Part 6 of 6 final

Someone to love Part 6 of 6

Summary: You’d been there the whole time. Maybe now it’s time to let Steve know what he thinks he’ll never find.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Character’s: Steve, Reader, Natasha, Peggy, OC male (Reader’s granddad), Sam, Wanda, T’Challa, Bucky, Sharon,

Setting: from Captain America the First Avenger to Civil War.

Warnings: angst, minor character death, language,  

Notes: written for my 400 follower celebration requested by @angryschnauzer the song is Someone to love by Queen. What was supposed to be a one shot grew into a four or more parts cause the idea just stuck with me. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter note: While this chapter is set in Captain America Civil War the kiss between Sharon and Steve never happens as other things occur in its place.

Someone tags: @spnhybrid @iamwarrenspeace  @hellomissmabel @sapphire1727 @the-doctor-called-loki

Permanent tags: @winters-buck @angryschnauzer @feelmyroarrrr @aquabrie @fandommaniacx @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @supernaturallymarvellous @marvel-lucy

Marvel tags: @sebbytrash @ek823  @marvelfanfichq @creideamhgradochas

Someone to love Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Part six: Ever after

Shaking slightly knee jumping as your fingers play out a beat only you can hear in your head while you take in the scenery around you never imaged finding yourself in Berlin of all places.

“It’ll be okay Y/N promise I wouldn’t have said yes to bringing you this far if I thought you’d be killed,” Sharon’s smooth voice broke through your thoughts. “Besides don’t you trust me?”

Shaking your head a half smile on your face, “You know I do, but being here and heading to meet someone wanted by all governments tends to make one very nervous.”

Chuckling, “Don’t worry so much he doesn’t know you’re coming just me and their gear.”

“Why didn’t you tell him?”

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! I absolutely love your sprites and was wondering if you have any advice for someone new to making sprites? Hope you have a great day!

TG: OH BOy okay so this is gonna be long as FUCK but im gonna give you the full fledged version of how i sprite so im gonna put this under the keep reading thing
TG: if you care then click it

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how to promote your blog

whaddup, peeps !! after seeing a few terrible promo posts in the tags and in my inbox, i’ve decided to create this guide thing on how to promote your blog. this is mainly for promoting your rp blogs, but if you’re looking for admins or 1x1/indie rp partners, you can probably use these tips as well, just adjust them accordingly. please like or reblog this if you thought it was helpful, and the guide is under the read more !!

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