this is what i get for trying to draw someone else's oc


@omgaflyingpig sorry it’s a bit sketchy, didn’t have time to properly lineart it =w=;

Since their monster form wouldn’t really work in a high school (door sizes if nothing else! XD) I’ve made them a human one! Their personality is of course exactly the same (sarky troublemaking little shit with few redeeming qualities).

They used to be a part of the jocks crowd (part of the female rugby team), but gave it up when it took too much of their time and made their grades suffer, prefering to draw instead. Because of this they don’t have a set friendship group, but they don’t particularly mind either way so long as they have someone to copy homework from.

Can often be found loitering around in the catering department, attempting to pinch snacks from Muffet’s cooking classes or up a tree sketching!