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How to Get a 4.0 GPA in College

#DearFreshman | How to Get A’s in College | College Hacks

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Description: How to get A’s in College. Here are my tips on how to start your semester off right and set yourself up for a 4.0 GPA.

  1. Go to Class: In college, no one is waking you up and forcing you to go class so set your alarms and make sure you have enough time to get ready and be on time. Go to class everyday. Professors can cover multiple chapters in one class period so missing a class can put you really far behind. If you have to miss class, contact your professor so that they know why and ask them what you missed. Going to class can also leave a good impression on your professors. Some professors dock your grades for absences and tardies and some schools fail you automatically for having too many absences based on their attendance policies. On the flipside, I’ve been in a class where so many people were missing that the teacher gave those present extra credit so being in class even when you know others won’t be, for example the day before spring break, can benefit you.
  2. Read your Syllabus: A syllabus is to students what a bible is to Christians. It’s that serious. It has the expectations for the entire class and lays out when assignments are due and when quizzes, tests, and days off are. One thing I like to look for is the grading scale because a 90 is one class can be an A, but be an A minus or B in another class. There may also be hidden extra credit in the syllabus because professors like to test if you actually read the syllabus.
  3. Get a Planner and Use It: Write down all important dates from class to personal life so you can better manage your time. Plan out study time and time for HW and create lists with the office hours of all your professors. Bring your planner with you everywhere. If you don’t like planners use a Calender App in conjunction with a to do list app like Any.Do to manage everything you need to do. There’s nothing worse than forgetting about an assignment or planning to work on homework the same time your club meets.
  4. Know your Resources: Your school wants to do good so 9 times out of 10 they already have resources in place to provide you with extra help. Learn where they are, when they’re open, and how to use them. At my school, Winthrop, we have several places that can help you with your work. The main place is the Academic Success Center that offers free peer tutoring in every class that’s known to be difficult. Then both the Foreign Language, Math, and Chemistry Department all have their own tutoring labs. There’s also a Writing Center at my school that helps review documents for grammatical errors. That means they’re no excuse not to get an essay proofread before turning it in. All these places help with improving your grades. Every school is different, but don’t be afraid to ask for help because it could make the difference between a B and an A.
  5. Ask Questions: Whether it’s in during class or during office hours, ask questions. If something in class is confusing you, ask about it. You don’t want to misunderstand something and then take that wrong information with you to an exam. You’re probably not the only person confused so you’ll be doing everyone a favor. Plus, asking questions is a good way to get your professor to know and remember you, which  helps when it comes to grading.
  6. Read the Chapter before Class: This gives you a basis of information to expand on in class and makes class way smoother. This is really important in your more difficult classes because it gives you less to learn new material in class. Plus, you’ll actually have meaningful questions to ask in class and the professor will know you’re actually prepared, especially when you start a question with “I was reading in Chapter 6 and I didn’t understand what xy and z meant.” Your professor will be very impressed.
  7. Ask Professor to review your work: You can do your assignments a week in advance and ask your professor to review it for you. That way you can make sure it’s done correctly and you’re not missing anything. This especially helps with essays because every professor’s expectations are different. Getting this extra help also shows that you care about your grade.
  8. Avoid Procrastination: Don’t avoid doing your assignments because you know they will involve a lot of work. Instead, break your assignments into smaller pieces and set dates to finish each piece so it’s less intimidating. This prevents you from having to turn in a rushed, low quality or unfinished project and helps you maximize the best score possible.
  9. Take HW Seriously: In most of my classes that gave me daily homework, which was mostly science and math classes, the homework problems mirrored the problems on my exams. This means if you’re not understanding the homework, you’re going to run into problems so make sure to fix these issues before your tests. Also, in a lot of my classes, the professor didn’t grade homework at all or only checked for completion. In those cases, go to the professor’s office hours and ask them to grade yours. That way, you know if you’re actually doing everything correctly.
  10. Study the way that works for you: It is very hard to tell people how to study because we all have different preferences, but when you’re studying pay attention to what helps you and what distracts you. If friends distract you, study alone. If you need extra motivation to actually study, find a study partner or start a study group to help hold you accountable. If you’re tempted to fall asleep while studying, move somewhere outside of your room like the library, a bench or swing outside, Starbucks, the Bookstore, or any study room on Campus. Always bring snacks, a sweater, headphones, gum, or anything else that makes you more comfortable. Turn your phone on silent and put it face down so you can’t see when you get notifications. Other than those tips, just experiment with the different ways you can study. Utilize Quizlet, flashcards, practice tests, your old exams, quizzes, and homework as guides. If you feel your brain needs a break, get up and take a walk or move to a new location. Me and my friend Bri would often get up and take a few laps around the library when we felt we needed a break.
  11. Final Tip: Get some Sleep! I fully believe in getting a good night’s rest. My freshman year I made sure I got 8 hours of sleep every night. I went to bed at 12 and woke up at 8 everyday Monday-Friday to get ready for my 9:30 classes. I think I may have done one all-nighter the whole year. I think sleep actually helps your mind retain information better, plus your brain works better when it gets rest. So instead of studying until 2 in the morning, I’d study as much as I could before midnight and then wake up slightly earlier to study some more. I could be wrong, but I really thinking getting enough sleep helped me perform better in class.
It Takes Two (Requested - Peter Parker x Michelle)

Request: Michelle and Peter are friends course Michelle is snarky towards him partly because that’s her personality but mainly because she has started to develop feelings for Peter but he likes Liz there’s also something about Peter he’s always disappearing or he’ll sometimes have a bruise or scratch on him. one night when they’re at his house doing homework he has to leave she starts an argument with him and when he’s out fighting all he can think about is her and the argument and he gets very injured when he gets home Michelle is still there wanting answers until she sees him crawling through his window in his Spider-man and INJURED she takes care of him through the night plus I want the two of them to admit their feelings for each other

Word Count: 2,664 (sorry it’s so long!!!)

A/N: @hushlittlechildren Hope I did your request justice!!! also, let’s just roll with the idea that Peter’s nickname for Michelle is G for her last name bc I kinda liked it, oops. Also, sorry if the ending sucks too ://

Lunch - Monday

“Hey, Mich- Michelle, hey! What’s up?” Peter lights up as he sees his friend making her way through the swarm of Midtown students. She glances up at Peter from her book and narrows her eyes before yelling out, “Parker!”

“Oh, you’re in for it, man” Ned laughed as he saw Peter’s face turn 50 shades of red while Michelle glared at him. He nudged his best friend in the side to get his attention, to no avail. He was scared straight by the look she was throwing him from 15 feet away.

“Parker! You know better than to distract me from my readings. What’s so important that you’ve had to distract me 10 different times today?” Michelle had made her way to the table where Peter and Ned were sitting, slamming her book and bag down in front of Peter. He shifted his gaze between her angered appearance and his food. Peter felt Ned nudge his side once again, and he met her brown eyes, glistening with annoyance.

“Well? Are you just gonna sit there all day?”

“I, uh, I ju- just wanted to say hi, that’s all. I - I should’ve known better, I’m sorry!” Peter nervously looked at her, waiting for her reaction to his stupidity. Michelle simply stared at him for what felt like ages, before the corner of her mouth turned up, and she burst out laughing. Ned lost it, almost spitting up his water as he looked at Peter’s confused face.

“What’s so funny?!”

“You, Parker. You really think I’d get mad at you for something like that? Wait, don’t answer that, you’ll just embarrass yourself even more. Can’t have Liz seeing you making a fool of yourself, can we?” Michelle rolled her eyes at her mention of Liz, but Peter missed it as he nervously looked over to the table across the room, where his crush was sitting, alongside Flash Thompson, Peter’s bully.

Michelle watched as Peter stared at Liz, and sighed in annoyance before picking up her things. Ned showed her his same annoyance with Peter, and waved as she made her way out of the lunch room. Peter didn’t even notice she was gone until she was halfway out the door. Too late.

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Being High School Sweethearts With Peter Parker

i have a stomach bug so #no school!1! im actually in high school and the majority of the fandom is too or will be going into high school soon so yeyeyeyh

requests are open y’all send some in : )

  • at first he was really scared to show annyy pda
  • but when you would initiate it first, he started to become more comfortable with it
  • quick little kisses
  • in hallways
  • before class
  • after school
  • when you first see each other in the morning awwww
  • when he comes to school, he tries to go to delmar’s before so he can bring you and himself a sandwich
  • sitting with ned and peter at lunch
  • and having to endure them blabber on and on about science or math
  • until you sigh and peter would wrap an arm around you to make you feel like you where included in the conversations bc we all know that michelle would be reading a book
  • waiting by your locker so that he would have time to talk to u
  • bc he’s in ap and honors classes and you’re just.. not
  • helping u with hw
  • he’s reeeeally patient with you btw
  • and when u get frustrated, he would rub your back or arm
  • and kiss your cheek and forehead
  • when u see some girls giving peter a flirty look, you grab him by his cheeks and make eye contact w the girls and proceed to makeout with him for no shorter than a minute
  • peter would sometimes know what you’re up to & smile in the kiss bc ‘jealousy on you is cute, baby’ and other times he’s just kind of like ‘woooooooaaahhhh’
  • he doodles your name on the back of his note books btw
  • or on the sides of his binder paper
  • or on the top
  • basically wherever he could find room to
  • if he helped you study and go got a GREAT grade on an assignment or test
  • you would run to him in the hallway
  • and yell his name
  • then hold the grade in his face
  • and his smile would stretch across his whole face bc he’s so proud
  • yes, u guys are that couple and i support it 100%
  • when you’re in the library or study hall, you share ear phones
  • you have the right earphone and he has the left
  • he would be soooo nervous at homecoming
  • “i can’t pin the flowwerrrr” you’d whine
  • “I’m going to stab you in the heart”
  • “sweetie you already have” - may
  • “MAaAyyYyyyYYy” - peter
  • because even tho may taught him how to dance, he knows for a FACT that he can’t
  • but slow dancing was easy enough so he was chilling the rest of the night
  • when the late night study activities went too late, may would let u sleep over BUT you would have to be on the couch or yeah idk
  • but u know
  • peter and u are pretty rebellious
  • so you would sneak into his room to sleep with him
  • and when you heard may get up in the morning u would just pretend to be going to the bathroom ahahahaha
  • when you’re not paying attention
  • doing your hw
  • or walking in the hall or across the room
  • peter would stare at you with actual heart eyes
  • bc he loves you sssoosos much
  • y’all last all three years bc he was a p u s s y freshman year and would not/could not talk to u :(
  • but its ok bc u love him too :’)

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm a bachelor student.. I'm studying Pharmacy and it is reallyy difficult.. I've been struggling a lot, between getting motivated and trying to relax. I have to studyy soooo much and I feel like I don't have enough time. I stress LIKE CRAZY! Whenever I start, it is like I've done norhing or just a little bit. And when i check my planner, it just makes me insane..

hey anon! i totally feel you honestly you basically just described me at times. i’m studying bme and chem and hope to work in the pharma industry too! it definitely isn’t easy… here’s some advice i have to combat what you’re going through:

1. discipline. i know this is all over tumblr (studyblr specifically), but a lot of the time the motivation just won’t come when you need it to. sometimes, you can relax/do something fun and then you’ll be really energized to work, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. when you need to work, work.

2. make it easier to want to do work. listen to some good music (that isn’t too distracting), find a nice study space or drink your favorite iced coffee. making it that little bit more enjoyable helps a lot.

3. make sure the work you do is productive. what i mean by this is, make sure you’re getting something out of your efforts. if your professor records the lectures, but you learn better from the textbook, don’t spend a lot of time watching the lectures to review. when you have a lot to do, it’s essential that you study/work in a way that you’ll learn + retain the material.

4. get your work done, but don’t stress out about it. easier said than done, i know. think of your work as something that needs to get done (here comes discipline again), but not something that will end the world if it isn’t done (so you don’t stress). kind of like chores i guess? like, you do need to do your laundry (so you have clean clothes), but it’s not a huge deal if it doesn’t get done right away? *sorry for the shitty explanation*

5. don’t freak out about your planner. studyblr cultivates this mindset that, if you plan everything down to the minute, you’ll be organized and successful. planning is good (keeping track of due dates + exams is rather useful), but making to-do lists doesn’t always work for everyone. 

5a. don’t beat yourself up for “disobeying” your plans. i keep a bullet journal, and i try to plan out tasks to do everyday. a lot of the time many of them don’t get done. sometimes i’m just not in the mood for something and need to switch gears. sometimes i sleep instead of work. it happens. don’t stress about it

5b. the “size” of your tasks matters. there are two basic approaches (that i’ve found). (a) write down large tasks (like completing a whole set of math problems or outlining a whole chapter) and make it look like there’s less to do. this invites stress because you might constantly find yourself not finishing big tasks and having to migrate them. (and it might not be feasible to finish them in a day. (b) write down small tasks (a section of your hw or a section of the chapter) and have it look like there’s a billion things to do. this also might stress you out, but you’ll definitely be checking things off more easily. find what works for you.

6. be realistic. a lot of the time i feel like i haven’t completed much in a long period of time. this often happens not because i wasn’t working hard, but because i underestimate how long that task would take me. don’t freak out because it looks like you haven’t done anything, chances are you just expected yourself to do too much in too little time.

hope this helps! <3 <3 -m

TFWXReader: All the fluff

Request:  Hi! Lately Ive been stressed bout school so can you please do an imagine where TFW sees hw stressed out the reader is & to get them to relax, they take them to Barnes&Noble, paint w/ them & play basketball & finish the day watching Netflix together?

Request:  Hi, can you write something where the reader has a strange infatuation with Bucky Barnes and you watch winter soldier with TFW, swooning over Bucky, making them jealous. Fluff please! Thanks so much!

Request:  Hello! I was wondering if you could write something where the reader sees some people cosplaying (preferably from homestuck) and gets really exited and TFW think it’s adorable… Super fluffy please!! Thanks so much!!! (this happened to me the other day and yeah)

Request:  Hey! So i have been feeling really bad and was wondering if you could do a imagine where the reader is feeling really self-conscious and worthless and tfw helps her feel better? Thanks it would help alot!

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Ill Intent: A Sockathan Fanfic

[[A fluffy little thing I wrote instead of doing my English HW. I got the idea of Sock’s ability to interact with this plane of existence from another W2H fanfic, though I’m afraid I can’t remember which. Also, mathlete Sock is the cutest Sock. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and DFTBA!]]

Sock was annoyed. There were many reasons this could have been, being dead, having a pun-savvy Jerseyite as his boss, not being allowed to kill things, but one in particular stuck out. Jonathan was ignoring him. It wasn’t the disillusionment with humanity kind of ignoring - they’d gotten past that point - nor the pissed off kind like after Sock had accidentally phased in the bathroom while he was showering. No, this was the ‘I have three quizzes and a test tomorrow and I need to well on all of them’ kind of ignoring, which was arguably the worst. With the others, he took the active effort to ignore him, but with this he wasn’t really aware he was doing it, so lost in his cramming. It didn’t help that Sock had discovered something really cool that he wanted to show his mission/friend.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I really love your JereJean ficlet on AO3 and I was wondering if you have an HCs about Jeremy? (also, I love your andreil ones they're my fave)

omg hello tysm okay okay god im actually in the process of writing a decently size fic about jerejean and i have come to find that i love jeremy more than i thought!!

  • jeremy knox receives handmade sweaters from his grandma. each one has his name stitched on the front
  • he struggles with reading and writing but is hella good at math and science and is the academic service’s center favorite tutor ok 
  • he has space themed sheets and glow in the dark sticker stars on his wall in the actual shape of constellations (jean absolutely hated them at first but one time when he surged awake, shirt stuck to him in cold sweat and lungs struggling to breathe, jeremy had quietly sat up on his bed on the other side of the room and began pointing out the constellations. now each time he startles awake he finds his eyes are drawn to the weakly glowing stars and recounts the names until he falls back asleep)
  • he loves cartoons… he always tries to rope jean into watching an episode or two with him but jean ends up staring blankly at jeremy the entire time
  • he!!! labels everything! in his fridge!! my brother does this.. he writes on a piece of tape what something is in a Tupperware and when it was made and a little heart or two
  • he has three moles that run along the left side of his jaw and one on the back of his left ear that jean likes to kiss softly
  • im pretty sure its canon that jeremy is a cuddle bug and likes to wrap his arms n legs around jean and rub his cheek back and forth across his tall boyfriend’s chest
  • jeremy also gets severe migraines where all you can do is lay in the dark with no noise and a pot off to the side that he can roll and vom into easily.. jean is the only one that is allowed to sit with him bc jean is good at being silent and making jeremy feel better when the headache starts to ebb away
  • jeremy eats kiwi idk why?? i always think about this?? just jeremy with a bowl full of kiwis that he munches on while hes doing hw or something 
  • he has a big giant smile with deep dimples and his eyes crease with laugh lines and his left incisor is chipped and he just looks boyish okay
  • this boy knows the importance to moisturize and exfoliate!! always has lip balm with him! plucks his eyebrows and makes jean let him do his brows too! 
  • also!! my biggest hc is that Jeremy is trans ok you cant take that from me thank you
  • im.. going to stop now.. but.. thank you for your time

hi i did a thing even tho i should’ve been doing hw!! it was raining last night and i just had the urge to write some fluff bc i’m a sap!! i posted this on ao3 too which is p exciting bc that’s my first time posting something there :0 here’s the link if u prefer reading on ao3

hope u guys enjoy :’)

The rain pouring outside provided the quiet background noise he needed. Yamaguchi worked better with noise. He couldn’t stand the quiet. It felt suffocating, like he was going to be swallowed up by it and disappear. He exhaled a sigh of relief as the rain continued. He laid his head down on the desk in front of him, moving his homework and pencil aside so they didn’t get in his way. It felt like he had been on the same problem for hours, he deserved a break.

He glanced towards the window, looking at how the rain outside poured down the glass. It was soothing to watch and after moments of just lying there, Yamaguchi felt his eyes start to droop. He almost gave in to temptation when he heard a loud crumple of paper across the room, presumably being balled up.


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not a romcom movie.

part onetwothree. four. five.

also on ao3 and

It is Sunday and she has nothing to do.

So of course Emma finds herself doing just that – nothing at all – as she lies in bed, staring at the ceiling and listening to the sounds of the house. Everything is quiet today, save from the buzzing coming from the workshop – she vaguely remembers Marco speaking of a wardrobe someone had ordered, and so August is now helping him finish it on time.

She would help, too, were it not for her two left hands when it comes to that kind of stuff.

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