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warnings: graphic smut, spanking, orgasm denial, daddy oppa kink, ass play

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“What are you staring at?” You chuckled, peering over the book you were reading to meet your boyfriend Namjoon’s gaze. It wasn’t unusual for him to stare, in fact it was rather ordinary. His eyes immediately pulled away from yours, wide with embarrassment as he pretended to work on his MacBook.

“Nothing.” He smiled shyly, his dimples piercing his cheeks in the most breathtaking way.

Despite being together for almost four years, your chest still bloomed at the littlest of things. His dimples, the way he would frown and chew his plump lips when he concentrated, how he could never write something down without ink finding a way to stain his hand. He was the leader of a famous Kpop group, Bangtan - or as they were more popularly and internationally known as; BTS. The two of you met in a small independent bookstore in Hongdae, Seoul. His charismatic charms and shy, sensitive personality won you over in a heartbeat, and you hadn’t looked back since.

Of course he wasn’t always shy and sensitive.

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Best Mistake - Part 4 - Smut

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,958
AN: This is the last part! I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks to my child @celestial-writing for being up my ass about this fic lmao. Love you.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Preventing hand injuries from digital art

I got a question about drawing injuries, and I typed up a pretty lengthy response so I wanted to share it here as well.

I get asked a lot about hand strains and injuries, and it is something most artists have to face one time or another just because we work so hard for our dreams. I personally don’t get strains or injuries, both for art and for piano playing when I still majored in it, two main creative paths where hand/arm injuries are common. My hands rarely feel tired and when they do, I stop drawing. So when I get asked, I usually can only offer the fact that you can find a lot of carpal tunnel exercises on google and there’s nothing else I know about relief exercises, other than I find that flinging my hands also help loosen them up a bit.

The most important thing about this issue is actually prevention rather than relief. I would like to believe this approach is what prevented me from getting injured–I’ve never really been a push through the pain type person, and glorifying suffering and pain as a sign of hard work is definitely unhealthy, as those are huge signals from your body telling you to stop. There are many things that I know for sure strains your hands much more than anything else that I will list below, and I believe that, if it is possible for you, the most efficient way to deal with injury is to find out which of these things is the cause and working around it.

The first big cause is posture; if your arms have no support points (ie you have to hold your elbow up with your muscles or tense your wrist to maintain stability) you will strain much easier, just like how you get tired easier standing at an uncomfortable pose vs a well grounded one. So be sure to seat yourself so that you have somewhere to rest your arm while drawing, while your body is at a relaxed angle with full support. For a normal tablet, rest your arm and wrist somewhere on the table or the tablet. For a Cintiq or tablet monitor, try having it upright so that your elbow can rest on your desk, and your wrist can rest on the cintiq screen, and you only need to use your fingers to control the pen.

The second cause is your grip on the pen. This can be caused by your need for precision/speed of repetitive movement/pressure. Line art, or cross hatching, or pressing hard to get the darkness of the brush you need, are all high stress activities that strains your hand much more than, say, rendering or putting down a base painting. Knowing that, you can:

  • Use a higher brush opacity or turn off pressure sensitivity for opacity to prevent yourself from having to press really hard to get brush impact you want.
  • Go to your wacom tablet preferences if you have one, and set the hardness of the brush so that it’s easier to get the brush opacity/size you want. You want to have the problem of having to try to press lighter for lighter lines, rather than having to press harder for darker/thicker lines. The latter strains much more than the former.
  • If your grip of the pen is too tight purely because the pen is slippery/too small for you/hard to grip, such as old bamboo tablets, there are rubber tablet pen paddings that you can buy online, or you can just use a layer of masking tape all around the grip area to increase friction/grip comfort and make it easier for yourself to hold your pen. A Cintiq or Intuos Pro pen is ideally what you want your pen to feel like: have friction on the surface so your fingers don’t slip, large enough so it rests and takes up space comfortably between your thumb and index fingers without you tensing and curling your hand inwards really hard, and shaped so that your grip is stopped right before the cone of the tip, preventing slipping.

The third cause is the schedule of your drawing. This may or may not be possible to change because for a lot of us, a deadline is a deadline. But try to space your tasks so that you cycle between intense, detailed, hand-straining work, and relaxing, loose, more brainstorming work. The latter is excellent for hand rest while still being productive creative work. For example, if you are drawing comic pages, it might make sense in terms of efficiency to sketch 10 pages, then ink 10 pages, then tone 10 pages. But when you are inking those 10 pages consecutively, that’s when you give your hands no rest and your hand will start to hurt a lot, while you have no choice but to push through the pain to get the work done. Instead, try to draw these pages one by one, or have a few drawings at various stages of completion to rotate between. eg. you work on inking drawing A, then when you feel your hands are strained, switch to putting down loose underpainting for drawing B, switch back to inking drawing A, then start brainstorming drawing C and think more/draw less. Give your hands some natural times to rest up with less intense work, and you get work done without having to lose time by having to really stop drawing altogether.

As tempting as it is to try to feel like you are working as hard as you can to achieve your dreams and aspirations, while feeling guilty about resting/taking the more relaxing route, remember that your hands make your art possible, so treat them well! 

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Omg allll of the blurbs 😍 can you do 1 and 26 plssss 😅

“we’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”
“just shut up and kiss me.”
you were in the middle of watching another episode of teen wolf on your computer when you were interrupted by a knock at your door.

it was currently pouring rain outside and it was almost midnight so you were hesitant to answer the door, especially since your roommate was out of town this weekend.

as you slowly made your way down the steps, the person kept knocking louder.

you peeked out the front window before opening the door just in case it really was someone trying to kill you or something.

a tall figure with soaking wet hair and clothes was the only thing you could see since it was so dark, but it was enough for you to know it was your best friend shawn.

you quickly pulled your door open, revealing shawn still in pyjama pants and a hoodie he probably threw on.

“shawn! are you crazy, get inside!”

you practically pulled him inside before bringing him some dry clothes that he’s left at your house a few times.

“here take these,” you say as you hand him the clothes to go change. “give me the wet ones when you get back i’ll put them in the dryer for a bit.”

once he returned with the wet clothes in hand, he sat down next to you on the couch. his grateful smile faded when he remembered why he came here.

“shawn?” you ask, “are you okay?”

he shakes his head, refusing to look at you.

“why him?” he mumbled, it was barely audible but you were able to hear him.


“why zack? why out of every guy in the world did you pick zack?” he slammed his fists on the coffee table in front of you. it seemed more like he was talking to himself than you.

zack asked you out about a week ago and you said yes, not wanting to be rude. today the two of you went out for coffee and you have to admit, you had a really good time with him. you told shawn about it, he didn’t seem like he had any problems with it. if he did, he would’ve told you. right?

“shawn? what are you saying?”

“what i’m saying is,” he said, rather loud. he noticed the worried expression on your face before taking a deep breath and starting over.

“what i’m saying is, why did you have to pick zack? he doesn’t deserve you y/n, he just wants to get in your pants.”

you crossed your arms, “and why should i believe you? how do you know?”

“when have i ever lied to you y/n?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“okay fine,” you sighed. “why did you come over here at midnight to tell me this?”

you tiredly rubbed your eyes, you woke up really early today so you were tired.

“because i had a lot on my mind and it was bugging me. i had to tell you just in case.”

“he was the first guy i’ve been out with in a while, you kind of just ruined my day.” you partially joked.

it was true, it’s been a while since you went out with a guy. you were starting to think you would be alone forever.

“he doesn’t deserve you y/n,” shawn whispered.

“oh yeah, then who does? because some hasn’t expressed their interest in me like that in a long time shawn.”

“i do.”

you widened your eyes at shawn’s comment, still not looking at him even though you could feel his eyes burning into you.

“y/n, please say something.” he pleaded, grabbing your arm forcing you to look his direction.

“shawn,” you sighed. “we’re best friends you aren’t allowed to do this!”

“oh come on y/n! that’s the biggest load of crap i’ve ever heard, we’re not just friends and you fucking know it. the way we act around each other, that is not platonic. i know you feel it too, just admit it.”

you looked to the floor, shawn had caught you so off guard you didn’t know what to think or say.

unfortunately, he was right. you have undeniable feelings for him, you have for a while. but you didn’t want to do anything about it because if you guys didn’t work out your friendship would also be over.

shawn cupped the bottom of your chin, forcing you to look at him again. your faces were less than an inch apart.

“come on y/n, this isn’t one sided.”

“just shut up and kiss me shawn.” you breathed, closing the gap between the two of you.

the kiss felt unreal, the kiss you shared with zack earlier was nothing compared to this.

shawn had the biggest smile plastered on his face when you finally pulled away.

“god you don’t know how long i’ve wanted to do that y/n.”

Political Animals-Part 14

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

I was eating breakfast one morning while Sam was out for a run when my cell rang.  It was Meg.  “Your gonna want to turn on Channel 6, Y/N.  It’s about you.”

“Hi to you too, Meg,” I said, amused. “Thanks for the heads up.”

I turned on Channel 6 and my good mood instantly evaporated.  They were airing highlights of a press conference of my mother’s.

“Dr. Novak, are you aware that your daughter is rumored to have married Sam Winchester, John Winchester’s son?”

My mother sighed dramatically.  “My daughter has a history of letting men take advantage of her.  This is just the latest in a long line of poor choices.”

“Is it true you and Y/N are estranged?”

“My daughter chose Sam Winchester over her own family.  Now she’s living with the consequences of that choice.” My mom replied stiffly.

“Can you confirm the rumors that Y/N is pregnant?” The reporter asked. Mom blinked in surprise, clearly not expecting this question.

“I can’t comment on that, I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t listen anymore. I snapped the TV off in annoyance. When Sam got back, I was watching the whole press conference online and muttering under my breath angrily. “Twists the truth……”  “Makes everything about her.”

“So I don’t need to ask if you’ve seen it, then?” He said with a smirk.

I turned to him. “How would you feel about me doing an interview of my own to set the record straight about us and our relationship?”

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Baby Face

Request:  Hi!! I don’t know why am obsessed with this idea right now but Bucky having a crush on a new recruit but the team are always picking on her and calling her ‘baby face’ cuz she’s short and adorable so 1 day Bucky gets embarrassed and calls her that too (which kills her cuz she likes him) so she decides to show up to an avenger party wearing a really sexy outfit and heels and Bucky and her end up doing all the dirty things😂

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: I did NOT add smut in this one, as it’s SUPER fucking late, and I’m just really tired and didn’t feel like it. However, if you WANT to see it still, I may make a part 2 if it’s requested.

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“I don’t know, Nat. I’m just so tired of people calling me ‘baby face’ or ‘munchkin’ God it bothers me so much” Natasha rolls her eyes, standing next to me and wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

“What do you care what everyone says babe? You’re fucking badass and everyone in this tower knows it, they just like to push your buttons because they know it works. But you’re better than that.” I sigh, running my fingers through my hair.

“Yeah, I know…” Natasha is the one person in this godforsaken testosterone infested tower that I can talk to when I get frustrated. Ever since I got her 6 months ago all I’ve heard is ‘baby face’ this and ‘baby face’ that and I’m so fucking sick of them. I’m only 5’0” and I weigh 120lbs soaking wet. I’m not tall, I’m not wide, and I am fucking aware of it. I didn’t come to this damn tower to be badgered about it. Tony has a party planned in the next 2 days, and it’s a requirement that the Avengers show up, it ‘makes us look good’ he says. I myself, would prefer to stay up in my room, on my shared floor with Steve, Sam, and Bucky. My Bucky. Well, he’s not MY Bucky. Unfortunately. He’s the only one who hasn’t called me names, or picked on me. He could though, the man is giant compared to me.

“Come on, (Y/N). Let’s go find you a killer outfit for the party, we’ll show these men that you’re not a baby faced nothing.” I laugh, and follow her out of the bedroom.


“I don’t know, don’t you think this one is a little….showy?” Nat comes to stand next to me in the mirror, running her eyes over my figure, clad in a purple, almost princess gown. It just wasn’t me, I don’t like this much attention.

“You’re right. This one isn’t you at all.” She runs off to find me a dress suitable to catch the eye of a certain super soldier…

“Here, (Y/N) This one is PERFECT. Bucky will fall apart when he sees you in this tight little number.”

“Shhhhh Nat, you never know who could be listening.” She hands me the dress, and I don’t have to even put it on to know it’s a stunning piece. It’s a bright red, and sleeveless, except for a small piece coming around the shoulder, it has two silver pieces of sparkly fabric around the back, and has a small train.

Slipping it on, I know it’ll be a piece to draw attention. I, however, only want the attention of one man.


The night of the party has arrived, everyone has been trying to get the main party area prepared accordingly, including me. Ladders were never my friend, and I stick by that to this day. Does that stop me from climbing one to put up decorations? Nope. Nope it doesn’t.

“You better be careful baby face, don’t want you to fall and scrape your knee now do we!” Sam pinches my cheek as he walks by me, making baby noises as he goes.

“I swear on me mums grave, Wilson. If you and Stark don’t fuck off with that bullshit I will cut your balls off!” For good measure, I chuck the bottle of water in my hand in his direction. He ducks just in time, and unfortunately, Bucky rounds the corner right at that exact moment. I gasp, preparing for the offending object to smack him right in his perfect face. However, this is Bucky we’re talking about right?

He catches it with his metal hand right out of the air. He brings it up to his mouth, unscrewing the top and taking a big drink. I’m sure if I kept my mouth open any longer I’da caught flies. He walks up to me, handing me the water.

“Better be careful, Wilson. We don’t like to see baby face pissed off here, do we? Might tucker her little self out.” He grabs my chin with his flesh hand, listing my head to look into his eyes. He winks.

“Can’t have that can we?” He laughs as I swat his hand away, my face bright pink by now, and my ears are on fire.

“Oh my God Barnes, not you too!” I throw my hands up in frustration, taking my water bottle with me and leaving the area. I’ll show him ‘baby face’. Motherfucker.


“Oh damn, (Y/N) You look fucking gorgeous. The boys won’t know what hit them.” Nat fluffs up my hair one last time, finishing it up with hairspray. I stand, sighing and making my way to the door.

“I hope you’re right, Nat.” I’m still not over Bucky calling me that offending nickname.

However, I’m determined not to let it bother me! It’s not going to ruin my night.

As we leave the comfort of my room, I can feel my nerves sneaking up on me.

“Maybe this isn’t a great idea, Nat. I’m nervous…” She grabs my arm, pulling me with her.

“No no no, you’re not allowed to chicken out on me. You look sexy as hell and I didn’t spend 3 hours working on you for nothing, you’re going down there, and you’re going to flaunt what your mama gave you or I’ll do it for you.” I roll my eyes, chuckling and following her.

When the elevator dings, and the doors open, the lobby is packed with people, famous and not, wearing the most expensive gowns and suits they owned, trying to impress people, or just having a good time.

“Guess who’s at the bar?” Nat whispers in my ear. I peak my head to the left, seeing Bucky sitting at the bar with Steve on his right. I smile, only for my smile to be wiped away from my face when I see a blonde woman, dressed in a tight black dress, with the V-line way down past her breasts, so much so that they’re practically falling out of her dress, jump up and sit on his lap, and his left hand goes around her waist. My heart leaps into my throat, and my eyes well with tears. Any confidence I may have had all but washed away with watching them together. Natasha watches them, anger evident on her face. She stands up, stalking towards them.

“No Natasha, don’t. It’s not worth it.” She turns to me, her eyes hot with fire.

“Not worth it?! This man is crazy about you, he’s TOLD me so! And he has the NERVE to do this to you, when he KNOWS you’re going to be here.”

“W-wait…wait he likes me?” The sheer shock that rocks my body almost makes me black out. She doesn’t answer me, she just walks up to Bucky. I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I can plainly see Bucky’s eyes softening. He starts looking around, probably looking for me. I turn back to my drink, alcohol free tonight. I wanted to be completely sober to watch Bucky fall apart…however, I think I’m gonna have to change my mind.

I’m not alone for long, as a stranger comes up, taking Natasha’s place next to me.

“Well aren’t you a pretty little thing.” My eyes rolled so hard in the back of my head that I think they might not come back. Sitting next to me, he puts his arm around my shoulder.

“Woah, Mister. I don’t know what you’re aiming for but I’m not interested.” He rolls his eyes, standing up.

“You need to loosen the fuck up, no wonder no one likes you.”

I don’t know what it is about it, but it just upset me and I’m just done.

“No, you prick. YOU need to stop approaching women who clearly aren’t interested in you then making them feel like shit when they turn you down! And for the record, you smell like sweat.” Stomping away from him and towards the elevator, I press the call button. I am so done with the night and I haven’t even been here for 15 minutes. I knew this would be a disaster. Should have listened to myself, I’m never wrong anyway.

As I wait on the elevator to come, I feel someone come and stand next to me.

“Look, mister, I said I wasn’t interested..” I turn to look at him, just to realize it isn’t the stranger, but Bucky.

‘Fuckin’ hell.’

“Hello to you too, (Y/N)” He stares at me, his eyes wandering the length of my body. His tongue darts out and licks his bottom lip, before his eyes travel back up to lock with mine.

“You look beautiful tonight….wow…” My face heats up.

“What are you doing here Bucky? I thought you had a date.” He sighs, running his hand through his hair.

“Yeah…look I’m sorry about that, doll. I heard you were bringing a guy and I didn’t want to look lame sitting in the corner, alone, admiring the one woman I can’t have….” I smile, my ears starting to burn.

“You’re blushing, doll.” I laugh, looking up into his eyes.

“Well, your flattery will do that to a girl. I don’t know if you know this or not, but you’re quite the looker.” His cheeks turn red, and he bites the inside of his cheek.

“I used to be, back in the day.”

“You still are, Buck.” He smirks, glancing at me out of the corner of his eyes. The door finally opens, and a load of people get off, just now getting to the party. Buck and I get on, and press the floor to his room.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go back to the party, doll?”

“Fuck the party, Barnes. I have some new information I want to make use of.” He groans, backing me up against the wall of the elevator, pressing his lips to mine in desperate need.

“God you are stunningly beautiful…and I need you…” My arms go around his neck, and my legs go around his waist.

“Buck wait! We have to get to the bedroom first!” He chuckles deep in his throat.

“Alright, doll. I’ll behave.”

He didn’t.

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How they react...

… To you being a trained combat fighter.

♡ ♡ \ Request from anonymous / ♡ ♡

Can you do a how they should react to the reader being a fighter (female) ? Thank you so much!

I did this preference including pretty much every character so there is a bit for everyone.


Requests are open for preferences, GIF imagines as well as normal imagines.

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Where You Are

For @xcastawayherosx hope you like it!

The ten year old sniffles then snuggles deeper into your side. You hadn’t wanted to drag him out to the hospital but when Jack’s fever wouldn’t break you knew it was time. You’d called Aaron, let him know where you were taking Jack. He said he’d be here but you knew that with the case, even if it is local, he probably wouldn’t make it.
How’s he doing? Aaron hasn’t stopped texting you since you arrived at the hospital.
“Jack?” A nurse calls and you stand up but Jack doesn’t.
“Jack sweetie it’s time to go into the room to see the doctor.” You tell him and he whimpers softly. “Could you get him a wheelchair?” You ask the nurse and she nods.
Okay. We’re just getting into a room now. You fib, you don’t want Aaron to worry about his son when he needs to be focused on staying alive. The nurse comes back with a wheelchair and you ease Jack into it. They bring him back to a room and hook him up to an IV and that’s when you decide to call Aaron.
“Hey, I just wanted to let you know that Jack is hooked up to an IV.”
“Okay, I’m on my way.”
“He’s sleeping now.”
“I’m still on my way.” Aaron says but before he can hang up you hear Reid in the background.
“Go.” You tell him gently. His team needs him, you’ve got this covered.
“What?” Aaron says.
“I could hear Reid. The sooner you go and get the UnSub the sooner you can get here.”
“Okay. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
It takes two hours for Aaron to show up. He looks anxious and tired but his face softens when he sees his son sleeping peacefully. “Hi.” He says quietly wrapping an arm around your waist.
“Everyone okay?”
“Yea. How’s he doing?”
“Okay, he’s been sleeping for most of the time we’ve been here. They’ve had him hooked up to an IV because he was dehydrated. Even after two gatorades.”
“Thank you for being here.”
“Of course. He may not be my biological son but I love him like he is.”
“And I love that about you. I should’ve been here.”
“You’re here now, that’s what matters.”
“I’m so sorry honey.” You can hear the remorse in his voice even if he won’t look at you.
“Aaron.” You murmur taking his face in your hands you turn his sad hazel eyes to yours. “You did nothing wrong.” You whisper as your eyes search your husband’s face. “Nothing.”
“No. You did nothing wrong.” He sighs deeply, knowing that you’re not going to let him continue to beat himself up over this. “You had a job to do, now you’re here. You can’t do it all. I’m your partner, I’ve got your back.”
“Thank you.” He whispers before pressing his lips to yours. “Thank you.” He says again before kissing you again. You giggle softly brushing your thumbs along his jaw. “I adore you Mrs. Hotchner.” He whispers and you wrap your arms around his neck in a tight hug.
“And I adore you Mr. Hotchner.”

Argument (e.d)

“Hey baby, what’re you doing?” Ethan questioned softly pressing his lips to the nape of my neck as he straddled my back. He trailed light kisses from my neck to my jawline, then down to my collarbone tearing my attention away from the article I was reading.

“Working on an essay for school.” I mumble, attempting to focus as he continues peppering soft kisses along my neck. “Ethan, I have to get this done.” I sigh, pulling my head away from him.

“You can do it later.” He mumbles brushing off my statement.

“Yeah, but I actually can’t. I’ve got other assignments to do on top of this one. I have to get this done now.” I state making him sigh in annoyance and push himself off of the bed clearly frustrated.

“I swear, the longer you’re in school the more I lose you.” He huffs under his breath, turning around sassily.

“Excuse me?” I gasp in disbelief, looking up from my papers.

“All you ever have time to do when I’m around is school work. It’s kind of frustrating to be quite honest.” He answers combing his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“Well I’m sorry that I have work to do every time you decide you want to spend time with me. I’m working towards my future. You’d think you could be a little supportive.” I sass, standing up so that I didn’t feel intimidated as he towered over me.

“Oh so I’m a terrible and unsupportive boyfriend because I’ve got my own things that I’m working towards?” He asks sharply, raising his voice.

“No, that’s not it at all actually. What I’m saying is, all I’ve done is support you as you’ve achieved some of your dreams. You’ve been touring for months Ethan, I’ve shared you with thousands of girls who got to love on you while I was home alone missing you. I’ve lost sleep worrying about you, or calling you at wee hours of the morning because you missed home. I feel like I’ve bent over backwards supporting you as you worked towards your dreams, but I feel like when it comes to my dreams it’s hard to get you to do the same for me. I know college isn’t nearly as exciting as touring the world and meeting fans, but sometimes all I need is encouragement that I’m doing this to achieve my dreams and not simply just to waste time. I could just use a little support sometimes.” I rant, waving my hands in frustration as my own voice began to raise.

“God, I’m sorry that I’m such a self centered jerk in this relationship. I didn’t realize I was burdening you.” He shouts through blushed cheeks.

“Ethan that’s no-”

“Maybe if you’d get your nose out of your textbooks every once in awhile and actually communicated with me I’d know how you’re feeling. I could actually work on being a good boyfrien-”

“You know what, I’m not doing this right now. I’ll let you cool off and then we’ll talk, but we’re not going to get anywhere if you’re yelling at me the entire time.” I cut him off throwing my things in my backpack and slinging it over my shoulder.

“Where are you going?” He growls lowly, crossing his arms as his eyes angrily glare at me.

“I’m leaving because all you do when you get like this is yell and say things you don’t mean. It’s not going to get us anywhere, I’ll be back when we’ve both cooled off.” I reply stalking out the door, closing it behind me firmly.

Finishing the last paragraph of my essay, I close my laptop and sip on my coffee as my mind wanders to the argument.

I rarely argue with Ethan, and when I do it’s small and easy to forget. I’ve never walked out on him like this before. Guilt finds it’s way into my chest as I replay what I’d said in my head again.

Packing my stuff into my bag, I stand up and discard my cup into the trash before walking out to my car. Apologies rolling through my mind as I drive back to the apartment.
“Hey…” I greet quietly, sitting on the couch next to him as he scrolls through his phone silently. “Ethan, I’m sorry.” I sigh playing with my fingers.

He snorts in response, continuing to scroll through his phone as if I wasn’t there. He clicks his phone off before standing up from the couch to walk away. I get up to follow him, softly grabbing his arm to get his attention.

“E, can you please just talk to m-”

“God Y/n can you give me some space?! You get all mad at be for wanting to be close to you for five minutes and now here you are doing the same exact thing. You need to get your priorities straight and figure out what you want from me because I’m sick and tired of this whole being okay with something one minute and then not being okay with it the next.” He shouts ripping his arm out of my grasp as he spins toward me angrily. I step away from him in surprise physically flinching when his hand moves through the air, pushing his hair out of his face.

He stops in his tracks allowing his hand to fall at his side limply, as his angry demeanor diminishes.

“Did you,” he pauses to clear his throats as his eyes fill with tears,“Did you think I was going to hit you?” His voice comes out in a broken whisper while his vulnerable brown eyes meet mine.

I open my mouth to say something, to explain that I knew he wouldn’t ever do that, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t lie to him; it was a heated moment and sometimes we do things we wouldn’t normally do when we’re angry.

“Oh my God Y/n, I would never.” He cries, watching me carefully as he takes a slow step towards me. His arms outstretch toward me, wrapping around me delicately and pulling me into his chest. “I will never hurt you like that, no matter how angry I am.” He breathes kissing the crown of my head softly. “I’m so sorry.” He pulls away slightly, tilting my chin towards him so that our eyes met before he pressed a delicate kiss against my lips. “I love you so much.” He whispers, his lips brushing against mine.

“Let me prove it to you.” He states randomly after a brief moment of silence.

“Wha-” I squeal as he scoops me into his arms and runs down the hall towards his room, throwing me onto his unmade bed with a laugh. Loud giggles escape my own lips as I watch him crawl over me, holding his weight on his arms as he pushes a stray hair away from my face. He studies me silently before his head dips and presses his lips against mine again, slowly this time, making my eyes flutter shut.

“I love the way your eyes crinkle up when you laugh.” He whispers into the calm atmosphere of the room, his eyes set on mine. “I love the crease you get on your forehead when you’re concentrating.” He continues, tracing a spot on my forehead delicately. “I love the way you light up any room as soon as you walk into it.” His lips twitching up into a lighthearted smile. “I love your laugh and how contagious it is.”

“I love the way you love me with your whole heart, even when I don’t deserve it.” He ghosts after a moment of silence. He looks at me again, his thumb swiping over my cheek as he leans down and presses a long kiss to my lips.

“Y/n, I love you. I seriously cannot stress that enough. I can’t always give you the attention that you need, or read what’s going on in your mind, but I love you unconditionally. We’re going to go through hard times, but I can assure you that no matter how much we hurt each other, I won’t stop loving you.” He assures, looking down at me seriously.

“Careful now Dolan, don’t go making promises you can’t keep.” I joke, sliding my arms around his neck.

“I plan on making those promises achievements.” He smiles, looking down at me cheekily.

“I know.” I murmur through the silence of the room, leaning up and attaching our lips together again before simply enjoying the moment.

Love Stays, Through All - {Kol Mikaelson x Reader} By: Chloe Vaughan ( wattpad: vaughanchloe / tumblr: chloe-skywalker )

                                                 Chapter 1:


“ WHAT YOU GONNA DO, HUH?! Whip me till I am the daughter you want? The perfect little saint that is practically a slave and has no free mind?!” I half  yelled at my father. I was chained by my hands to a tree behind our house. My father, if you  could even call him that was whipping me because ‘children are better seen than heard ‘  apparently that also applies even when the mayor asks you a question.

“Yes, I will whip you till you get the idea that I am in charge, that you listen to me! Most of all till my arm gets tired.” he said while he leaned down and said that in my ear.

He stood up and pulled hir arm back “ and guess what? My arms nowhere near tired.”


I woke up with a gasp, my heart beating like crazy and breathing heavy. I sat up really quick and looked around realizing I wasn’t there I was home. As a felt tears starting to stream down my face, I then felt a pair of 2 strong arms wrapping around me. Next I know I’m being cradled into a chest.

“It’s ok, shhh… it’s ok“ he kissed the top of my head rocking me a little “You’re ok, it was just a nightmare”.

“That’s the thing though,they’re not just nightmares, they’re memories. It actually happened. I hate reliving that part of my life.” I said to him while sniffling.

“Baby I’m sorry that all that happened to you and I wish we would have got to you sooner.”

“Hey, hey don’t blame yourself, I’m glad you got to me when you did. You and your siblings. You guys saved me.” I said as I turned around in his embrace and cupped his face.

“Yeah, but I still wish I would have gotten to you sooner, and they are your family now to they have been for over a century and they will be for centuries to come.” he said while using his left hand to cupping my cheek and the right hand running through my hair.

I leaned into his touch and smiled “ I love you Kol, always have and always will.”

“I love you to y/n.” he kissed my forehead. “Let’s get back to sleep, let’s switched side you, usually steep better that way.” I moved to the left side of the bed next to the wall wall and in between the wall and Kol. Me and kol face each other and cuddled into each other, he rested his chin/head on top of mine. As I snuggled into his chest. Kol has one hand under my neck and around my head cradling my head the other wrapped around my waist our feet and legs tangled together. I always feel safe in his arms.


Kol p.o.v.

When I woke up I looked over at y/n and saw she was actually sleeping soundly. She woke up almost every 2 hours last night. I hate that her memories haunt her dreams. It was almost noon I know she would wake up soon. As much as I don’t want to leave her, but I know that she will be hungry. So I kissed her on the top of her head and untangled myself from her, I got dressed. I walked over to the bed and knelt down next to her on the bed, I stroked her cheek then leaned down next to her and kissed her forehead.

I opened and and closed the door as quietly as possible. As I walked down the stains putting on my jacket.

“Ah, brother fancy seeing you actually coming out of your room, where is the lovely y/n, hmm?” Klaus asked with a smirk in a sarcastic tone.

“Ah brother, apparently me and my lover arent your new reality show .” I said as I descending the stairs. Smirking at my brother, then I sighed.

“I’m going to get lunch for us, blood and burgers. If she has another nightmare can you please check on her.” I pleaded him as I headed to the front door.

“Of course brother, anything for her and you, you know that.” Klaus said as he started to walk up the stairs.

I know he would take care of her he loves her more then me, Elijah, Rebekah or anybody.


Klaus’ p.o.v.

I walked up the stairs to Kol and y/n’s Room to watch her till Kol comes back.  As I entered the room I sat down in the chair by the TV.

ever since we met her I have tried to find this bill that would stop for nightmares. It’s bad enough that they  actually happened to her, and her past. But they keep haunting her. I wish there was something I could do.

She is the person closest to me. Not even my siblings are as close to me as her. She listens to me and I listen to her it’s been that way since I found her.

when I found her I couldn’t believe what I was seeing she was chained to the side of a building being with but she didn’t make a noise.

She’s strong, tough, feisty, exedra…  y/h/l (your hair length), y/h/c (your hair color), y/h (your height).  She short but it’s cute. She’s a fighter.

I see why Kol  loves her. I love her too but not in the way that Kol does. Kol loves her in a romantic way.  I love her in a family Big Brother way.

She started to move around and whimpering in her sleep, I walked over to her bedside down a start running my hands through her hair. Trying to calm her down, she sat up quickly, panting.

I move closer to and wrap my arms around her rocking her into my chest.

“ Hey, it’s okay, shhhh…”

“ I’m sorry”  she said looking up at me.

“ Why are you sorry love?”  she should know that she never has to be sorry, special not to me.

“I’m a bother, I’m always having nightmares and I’m always having to be protected by you or Kol  when I’m sleeping. I’m-”  I cut her off there.

“ You listen here my love, you are not a bother. Your nightmares are not your fault, and we, me and Kol we Wake up in the middle of the night and early morning to help you with your nightmares cuz we  care  about you and love you. So don’t you dare everything that you are a bother to me or anyone.”

“ Thanks Klaus”  she gave a tight smile.

“ I wouldn’t have made you a Mikaelson if you were a bother.”  I say while running email her head, while kissing the top of her head.

She chuckled and turned around hugging me. Nuzzling her head into the crook of my neck.

“What do you say to us getting your address? Huh?”  She nodded ‘yes’ to my question.


Y/n’s p.o.v.

“I’m here” me and Klaus heard from the study.

I got up from the couch after finally getting out of the incredibly strong grip Klaus had on me  as we are reading lore.

“Hey k” I said to Kol  as I walked up to him and we started kissing passionately.

“ That’s quite the welcome. I brought lunch, so let’s  eat what you say darling.”  He said wrapping an arm around my shoulders.


After we ate we decided to go shopping. Kol  Need’s a new shirts and Kol  said I needed new clothes too. Although I got to admit I would rather shop for clothes with Kol and Rebekah. Don’t get me wrong I love shopping with Rebekah it’s just she always is trying to get me to  try on things better definitely not me or my style;  and Kol Knows my style and loves it. It’s easier to shop with him.

We were visiting all our favorite shots and we were even using our vampire speed and messing with other people.

“How about this one?”  I asked him while putting  a hat on my head. I made a funny face and returned to him.

He laughed and shook his head ’no’.

“ How about this,huh?”  he asked me. I looked and he made a face and I laughed.

“Nooo,  To Venice a qua”  I said laughing taking the glasses and hat off his head.

“Oooo,  What about this”  I said putting on a leather jacket, and twirling.

“ darling you look amazing. Let’s get it.”  He said walking up to me and putting his arm around my neck.

“ You know we could just come tell the lady and not pay,  right”  I told him as he took out his wallet.  we didn’t always compel people to get things, sometimes we pay. It’s just compelling so much more fun.

“ Love, compelling is fun yes. But, actually using money to buy and sisters you if I want vampire I would still get you expensive things.”  He finished kissing my head as we left the shop.

“ If you weren’t a vampire we would have never met”  I’m mumbled sadly.

He stopped and pulled me to the side of the  ally. “ Yes, that’s true but I am so no worries. Okay?”  I nodded and  we started to walk back to the  mansion  hands link.


As we walk into the mansion and I could hear could hear Klaus yelling at Rebekah and  Rebekah yelling back. Me an Kol Left at each other. As we enter the library Klaus  didn’t look too happy and Rebekah looked a little livid.

“ We left, you undagger us and now you want us to go back!” Rebekah said.

“ All darling sister is complaining again. What is it about this time?” Kol  Said with a smirk and pulled me closer to him as we set down on the couch across from Klaus.

“ she’s just mad because we need to go back to Mystic Falls. We left for a while but now trying to go back,… All of us.”  He finished. Kol glared at Klaus and pulled me into his side.

“ why all of usNik, hmm?” Kol  ask. Last time Klaus went to mystic falls he didn’t have me come. See Mystic Falls is where I grew up it’s where a lot of stuff happen when I was younger, a lot of bad stuff. He Didn’t want me there because He was trying to keep me from reliving the memories while being awake.

“I’m going to need help plus, we are family always and forever and I and I bought a home where we can be a  family.” Klaus said With a tone that would make you think that if we didn’t come he would break.

“ I’m game, plus We Are Family how come it can’t be that bad”  I said and nudged Kol.

“ fine, I’ll come too. New people to mess with” he said with a smirk and looked at me and I mimicked the Smirk.

“If it means I get to mess with the little Gilbert brat, I’ll come.”  Rebekah said to Klaus. and of course Elijah  agreed.

“ Good comma so pack your stuff we leave in two days in the trucks will come in four days they will bring everything so once we get you’ll have to buy new clothes.” Klaus said with a clap and left to start packing.

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Dear Journal,

This morning Sirius, Teddy and I came home. I missed it a lot. When we arrived, the street was full of leaves and tree branches. It was the aftermath of the death eaters fight. When we saw that our house was okay, Sirius’ hand squeezed mine. I heared him breathe out, full of relief. Teddy was waving to the house.

“Hello home!” He said.

“Let’s go in, shall we?” Sirius said, taking my hand and adjusting Teddy on his waist.

We walked into the library first. A few books had fell down but everything survived. I was really relieved that my books were okay… That sounded really nerd. Anyway, We walked upstairs and everything was just as we left it. Sirius’ half-drank cup of coffee on the counter, Teddy’s animal figurines on the carpet of the living room and my book on the table.

“Merlin it feels good to be home.” Sirius smiled, his hand still in mine.

I decided to do a bit of cleaning while Teddy watched the teletubbies. I wanted the house to smell good and clean! Sirius was cleaning the table after Teddy had eaten his dinner and spoke up.

“What do you say if I ordered some chinese food?” He asked.

“Oh that would be great! But I think little monkey is getting tired..” I chuckled, looking at Teddy’s tired eyes.

He yawned and extended the arms for me to hold him.

“Want to go sleep in your bed my baby? I think all of your plushies missed you..” i said.

So I put Teddy to sleep, making sure he had enough blankets and that he had all his stuffed animal close to him. He was so adorable. When I walked back into the living room, Sirius had instaled a picnic in the living room. He had put a romantic movie on.

“Well this is lovely.” I smiled, kissing his cheek.

“Let’s say it’s like a date. Now that we’re parents we can’t realy have a proper one!” He laughed.

“This is perfect Sirius.. I can’t wait to go to Paris and marry you! We’re leaving next weekend right?”

“Yup! Tickets are booked. Merlin we’ll be married can you believe it?” He smiled.

“I’m so excited!”

We ate our delicious meal while watching the movie, cuddled up on the couch. After we were done, Sirius kissed me lovingly. His hand had slipped under my shirt, sending shivers through my body.

“What are you up to Kitten?” I smirked.

“Well.. Regulus is gone, Teddy’s asleep and your parents aren’t here.. Maybe we could enjoy our alone time?” He smirked too.

“Maybe we could..” I said, bitting my lips and pushing him on the couch playfully.

“You won’t be needing these clothes..” He said, playing with the hem of my shirt.

“Will I?”

He chuckled and removed my shirt slowly. My freckled chest was now bare.

“Godric you’re so perfect..” he breathed, his lips on mine.

His lips traveled down to my neck and it took him a second to find the right spot. He knew me like the back of his hand. I tangled my hands in his curls and closed my eyes shut, enjoying the feeling.

“Let’s continue this in our room shall we?” He smirked, picking me up. His lips never leaving mine…

May 15th 1998

Betty x Reader: "I'll start a kitten hotel!"

Warnings: none
Requested: no
A/N: this is short but is full kitten love I promise. I was heavily inspired by Bubbles’ love for kittens.

*Betty’s POV*

I was lid on my bed, hugging a pillow and sobbing into it lightly. There wasn’t a particular reason other than I had a shitty day and needed to let some pent up emotions out. I missed Archie, and I really thought we had a chance, but he was caught up in an older woman’s web like a curious house fly. I missed all the nights we’d sit at Pops and share a milkshake. To him it was nothing more than two friends sharing a milkshake, but to me it was everything. Suddenly, the phone rang and I popped up out of my position to answer it.

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Hair Game (Peter Parker x poc!reader insert)

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Pairing: poc!reader x Peter Parker

Word Count: 1039

Summary: When it comes to natural hair management, it was never easy for (Name). Her hair was coarse, tangled easily, and soaked up water like a sponge. Thankfully, (Name) had a little help to ensure that her hair game was strong.

Author Note: I LOVE writing hair-themed pieces, so I decided to create another one. Keep in mind Peter will be 18 in this one-shot. Enjoy~!

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It’s Cold and You’re Warm P. 1

Summary: Over time, Marinette finds herself to be more and more affected by the cold of winter. Her and Chat decide that revealing their identities would prove more beneficial than not.

A/N:  I know it’s a little overdone but I really love LB having Ladybug tendencies and her getting really cold/tired when it’s winter. So have a fluffy identity reveal that also involves some tendencies!


Winter was Marinette’s favorite time of year. Keyword being ‘was.’ Ever since she’d accepted her miraculous, ever since she became Ladybug, well… the winters grew harder and harder to bear.

The first time she transformed, and the year of transformations that followed it, she felt almost no difference. The cold was a bit more nippy, but it hadn’t been anything an extra scarf, mittens, and earmuffs couldn’t solve.

The year after that, she wore a heavier jacket, and the year next, a second pair of pants with thick socks and a hat.

The years following those became tougher, and she couldn’t keep the cold from penetrating her garments and seeping down into her bones. She could still fight well, but her stamina lessened. And it continued to do so the longer she bonded with her miraculous.

One night in particular, when she was cuddling up to Chat for warmth, as had become habit between them, she brought up doubts that had plagued her when the cold began to affect their work together.

“Wh-what if I-I can’t make it to a fi-ight? It affects m-me in my civilian id-dentity too. T-Tikki says that I’ll st-start to get tired too this y-year. L-ladybugs hibern-nate you know,” she told him, shivering as she buried herself further into his chest.

His arms wrapped around her, and she felt him rest his chin on top of her head. She felt when he opened his mouth to speak, and when he shut it to think of a response first. That happened multiple times until he actually followed through with voicing his own thoughts.

“Bug, I’m about to say something I don’t think you’l particularly enjoy, but hear me out, okay?” he asked. When she gave what he guessed was a nod, he continued, “I know we decided back at the beginning to keep our identities a secret. I completely understand why, and I know secret identities are important, but I think- I think the more your similarities to actual ladybugs come out, the more we should know who each other are.”

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All That Glitters- 8

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Summary: When the last person you ever wanted to see again comes strutting back into your life, you swear you’ll keep your distance. It becomes much harder to do when you start to remember why you loved him in the first place.

Word Count: 2982

Warnings: Enough fluff to make you puke.

AN: Oh, God. First of all, wow. I’m amazed at the response I’ve gotten to this story and I just gotta say, I’m so happy. You guys are the greatest, I’m so glad you all enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to see how you guys feel about the ending.

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Masterlist   Part 7

August rolled around faster than you would have liked. With summer ending, it meant you’d be forced to find something to occupy more of your time throughout the school year. The gym hours cut short because all the students had school during the day, and you weren’t sure sitting at home with Donut and pint after pint of ice cream was a good idea. Even if Lance wasn’t part of your life anymore- for the second time- it didn’t mean you had to sit around and be depressed about it. All in all, he was just a man. A man that wasn’t worth the time of day, according to Hope, and you agreed. You needed to move on. This was particularly hard to do when Hope reminded you about the Olympics and your plans to watch them together.

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Chapter 7- Responsibilities

Jon pushed the case onto his mother’s bed. It was weird how heavy her case was.

He opened the case up to find a shit ton of bottles.

“For fuck sakes.” He mumbled, getting them out and popping them onto the floor. He took her clothing out and dumped them into her nearly full washing basket making a mental note to go to the laundry place down the road. At the bottom of the suitcase was a load of cleaning products which he also took out and a handful of cash which he placed onto her nightstand.

His mum was a cleaner, hence her taking his door a few years back. The houses she cleaned being tidier than the one she lived in.
Jon had questioned her career though after clearing many of her suitcases after she had left them unpacked to find unanswerable things such as stacks of money and skimpy clothing.

She did what she had to to get by.

Jon came down with the 5 bottles in his hands and under his arms, his mother glaring at him awkwardly.

“I’m just putting this in the fridge ma. You don’t have to be all wishy washy with me.” Jon stated, keeping eye contact. She smiled weakly back at him before getting up.

“I’ll leave you guys in peace. Tell me if you need anything Evan.”

He nodded slightly, watching Jon who was watching his mum climb slowly up the stairs, sighing when she was out of sight.

“She’s changed.”

Jon hummed in agreement, turning to face Evan who was leaning on the counter. His muscular arms were wrapped around his chest as he watch Jon’s eyes. It wasn’t a weird awkward silence Evan tended to cause with others, no, Jon was different.

“I just don’t want to turn out like her, wallowed in self-pity all the damn time with a shit job and a shit house.”

“And you won’t Jo.”

“You don’t know that.” Jon sighed, now coming to cross his arms too. “I’m already failing school. If I don’t start doing something soon I’ll be kicked out.”

“Kicked out? But you work, you’re giving something. It’s not like you’re one of these ungrateful kids that launder money of their parents without a care, who don’t earn what they have.”

Jon huffed, the cogs working in his brain. His voice coming out in a harsh whisper “My ma hates me here.”

“What, why?”

“Because I get angry with her. I don’t feel empathy for her like I use too. I can’t feel empathy for her. I’ve done everything for her. I do all the chores and I even pay the bills when she blows her money on shit she wants and she still doesn’t do anything, she still wants me out the house now I’m 18 so she can sell it and live on people’s couches and fuck them for money. Without me here she can do what she pleases without worrying about her children getting in the way. That’s why my sister moved out. Because mom doesn’t want anything to do with us anymore.”

Evan huffed in annoyance.

“It’s not your responsibility to deal with this shit Jo, I know now we’re older we have so much to think about, but I don’t think worrying about your financial support and mother’s health should be one yet, that’s not fair on you.”

“Life’s unfair.” Jon stated factually, shrugging. “It’s better than being homeless, well, I might be if I don’t pass this year, which I didn’t.”

“Jo. You don’t know that. You’re clever.”

“Not that you know this, but I failed every single test I revised at least 3 hour each for this year. When I took the final year exam I only answered 9 of the 30 questions. Don’t you see Ev? I’m not just saying it like everyone else does. I’m not saying it like a ‘D’ or even an ‘E’ is a fail. I’m saying it as like, not even passing. At all. You know that when you were here I only just scraped past the last few years and since you’ve gone and things of got harder, home and school wise, I can’t even get an ‘F’. So yeah, I’m probably going to end up in prostitution or something.”

Evan cringed, he slid along the counter to stand closer to Jon. Jon frowned at him slightly, but smiled. It was that fake smile that Evan hated. The one he’d do if he was thinking in self-doubt, the smile he’d hide behind whilst his head exploded to insure nobody knew his true emotions, nobody knew him.

“You know I wouldn’t let that happen, right? If your mom kicks you out or you go into some dodgy job just to get some extra cash then you realise I’m going to help out, yeah? I’ll let you share my bedroom or give you money or something. Just promise me you won’t push me away and not tell me.”

Jon bit down hard on his lip, meeting the honey eyes of his best friend. There was no way he was going to drag Evan into his problems. They were his. Evan didn’t need extra responsibility just because he had chosen the wrong friend to be close with.

“Ev I can’t-can’t promise anything.”

“Why? Jo, you’re my best friend. I want to help you if you’re in trouble.”

“Well, say if I don’t want help though?”

Evan frown.

“I don’t care if you want it. I’m going to help you for my selfish need of making sure my best friend is going to be okay.”

Jon looked towards the floor, his hands wrapped around one another. He knew there was no way of arguing back. When Evan was set on something, he was going to do it no matter what.

“You can be a stubborn bitch sometimes.” Evan mumbled, playing with a penny left on the counter. “But so can I.”

Jon snorted, watching Evan spin the coin.

“I know, thanks.”

A grin fell onto Evan’s face, meeting Jon’s ocean blue eyes.

“I know.”

They both carried a big bag each down to the launderettes in town. Evan had never been to one before and wondered how Jon even managed to carry of all these clothes by himself.

“Could you separate them for me?” Jon asked. Evan looked at him in confusion.

“The colours you tit. The blacks from the whites and shit.”

“Oh right.” Evan mumbled, it was weird doing such a domestic thing without some parent nearby. He was still living with his able parents so he had no idea how any of this worked. It wasn’t that he was lazy- okay he was a little lazy- but his parents just never asked him or taught him.

Jon chuckled to himself. It was hilarious watching Evan try to figure out the colours. He was putting them into rainbow formation, and it was adorable.

“You do realise you can keep the coloured ones together.”

“But you told me to separate them! You can’t tell me to do one thing and it not be that.”

Jon laughed harder.

“You’re such a pampered bitch. Wait till you go to uni, you’ll have to learn all this shit.”

Evan rolled his eyes.

“I might have to take you with me then.”

Jon paused for a second. He wished Evan wasn’t joking. He would love to come with him across the country and live with him. But, he still had to finish school. He knew without school he’d turn like his mum, and he really didn’t want to get stuck there. He wanted to be just as successful as the rest of his mates, even if it meant it would take him 2 years longer.

“Wanna go grab something to eat?”

I was about 6pm, but they were both hungry anyway after not eating much of whatever Ryan had cooked, God’s knows what it really was.

Evan nodded as they both walked down towards the McDonald’s near the main street.

They brushed lightly against each other as they talked about, just, stuff. It wasn’t anything special. It was normally the ideas that Jon was having and Evan trying to make sense of whatever idea that was, and skits, they loved making skits together from the ideas they’d make up. Yeah, it may have seemed childish to talk about shit like how it would be funny if terminator got hit by a car and died crossing a road somehow. But that’s why they were best friends, because they loved talking about nothing but random ideas and skits. It helped them take their minds off of all the responsibilities they had.

Jon watched Evan eat slowly across from him. He still couldn’t get his head around the fact he was here, in front of him, eating the shit out of a double cheeseburger.

“This is so damn weird Evan.” Jon muttered, smiling slightly. The habit had started to come back again.

“What is?” Evan questioned, trying to catch a falling drip of sauce from his lips and failing.

“You being here, looking like an idiot I swear it.”

“You know like, what-ever” Evan said, clearly pouting as he put on the childish accent.

Jon laughed, pointing to his own chin to signal the spill Evan had left.

He quickly wiped at it, causing Jon to roll his eyes.

“Let me get it you damn man.” Jon got a tissue from the bag and leaned over the table, dabbing the spot from his chin. “I told you you were a pampered bitch.”

“No.” Evan replied, grinning. “Why would you think that?”

Jon snorted in reply, now biting into his burger. He wanted Evan to never leave him again.

They went back to the launderettes to grab the clothing and lunged it between them back up the hill and into Jon house.
They came back to a quiet house as Jon’s mum has disappeared back to where ever she spent her paycheck. They dumped the laundry into each room, ready to be put away.

Evan was about to start unloading it when Jon touched his arm lightly.

“Let’s do it later Ev. We deserve a damn rest.” He laughed, bringing Evan to sit on his bed with him.

“What do you wanna do to chill off? It’s only like 8 and I’m tired as shit.”

“Hm,” Evan sat in thought, his eyes scanning the tanned face before him. “Do you still play the guitar?”

“Yeah man, do you?”

“Of course. Where is it?”

Jon looked around his room, trying to find any hints of where he had placed it last.

“I think I left it near my push bike, let me get it a second.”

Jon ran down the stairs, going into the garage where he stored his bike. He couldn’t afford a car and even if he could there wasn’t any point, he lived close to everything he needed and Luke was always up for giving him a lift places to show off his car.

He found the old thing tucked behind a box to keep it safe.

“Oh dude it looks older than I remember it.” Evan stated as he handed it to him.

“It’s cuz I use it so much, it’s missing a damn sting too… I’ve rocked this old boy into its grave. I’m too poor to get a new one. But I’m saving.” He laughed, coming to sit next to Evan who plucked the strings.

They were all still in tune as Jon had kept it so, but the missing sting was annoying Evan.

“Just pretend it’s there.” Jon mumbled when he saw Evan frown in annoyance.

“My imagination doesn’t stem as far as yours Jo, I like hearing it.”

Jon rolled his eyes, taking the guitar from Evan. He began to play an unfamiliar tune as he made it up on the spot, missing out the C string he no longer had.

Evan giggled as he watched him play, it was so bad it had Evan almost in tears by the end.

“I know children with better rhythm than you.”

Jon pouted, glaring.

“Shut your rolls, tried my hardest, ya know, and it was damn beautiful!”

Evan bashed into him, laughing as he got jabbed by the neck of the guitar.

“Well this is no use, I wanted to teach you a song but I can’t now.”

Jon huffed, putting his guitar down. It used to be Evan’s before he bought a new one around 6 years ago and Jon never had the heart to get rid of it completely.

Evan pulled out his phone from his back pocket.

“You know that deep meaningful conversation we had earlier.”


“I mean it, you know.”

Jon frowned at him, wondering why he had brought up such a conversation now. He scanned his face, not getting a lot of information before Evan turned to him.

“Black or beige?”

“Excuse me?”

“Black or beige Jonathan. Just pick one.”



“Black. Why?”

Evan shut his phone off, his grin a cheeky one.

“Someone likes the big D.”

“What do you me… EVAN THAT’S DAMN GROSS.”

Evan started to laugh hard, watching Jon chuckle, his cheeks flushed pink.

Jon looked so happy, and Evan found himself wanting to do anything to keep that smile planted on his face for the rest of time.


Bright Lights: Chapter 50 - That’s a wrap

Originally posted by letowolfie

Note: Bright lights is at Chapter 50, thank you for every one who helped get it here. 


Chapters 50

Words: 152, 322

Pages: 511

Trigger Warning: None that I am aware of, let me know if you think there’s something here

tagging: @fyeahproudglambert @msroxyblog @meghan12151977 @teggles07

Chapter 50

Jared grabbed walked right to me and held my face in between his hands. My eyes opened wide.

“You are so fucking amazing” he said his face moving in.

“No, I like the other Leto” I panicked trying to pull back as he kissed my nose. Letting me step back. “You could have just spoken do me dude,” I grumbled.

“Yeah, but I dint want you to think the video was going to be a fail,”

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Memory Lane

Summary:  You are writing your wedding vows, when your mind take you to a few memorable moments of your relationship with Steve.

Words: 2815 (Officially the biggest thing I ever wrote .Every fic that I wrote about Steve is bigger than the last one.)

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Flashbacks in italic. Fluffy and Smut (oral sex and unprotected sex be safe kids.) You might want marry Steve and know about the 5 date after this.

Originally posted by peoplealwaysleave-99

Have you ever wonder what was the exact moment you fell in love for someone?

You look at your fiancé Steve sleeping so peacefully by your side. His eyelashes are resting in his face and he has a small smile on his lips. Your hands start to caress his hair and he pulls you closer nuzzling you in to his chest.

You remember when you met him. It had being so awkward but at the same time you felt a connection that you never felt before.

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