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it gives me life when people put part of the blame for everything on clarke A N D bellamy’s shoulders - when they recognize that bellamy helps make these decisions. maybe it’s not always on screen but they’re C O - leaders. they do all of it T O G E T HE R. im not saying they deserve to be criticized and constantly berated, but give clarke a little break here. they do what they have to. the both of them.

But you know what breaks my heart about YOI Ep 8

I feel like we’re already getting a gilmpse into Viktor’s character here, as I explain below.

Yuuri and Victor stand here together, watching JJ perform

Then the announcers say JJ is going to do a quadruple lutz, and there’s something special about this one:

And this is towards the end of the program. 

Then when the program ends, Yuuri turns, expecting to see Victor, and 

Viktor isn’t there.

In a span of maybe about 30 seconds, he has vanished. 


Maybe, just maybe, Viktor is having an emotional/ vulnerable/ painful moment because of how the reporters made that comparison, threw his name in it so casually, made him seem like another data point that JJ could beat.

Maybe, for the first time in a while, Viktor was made to feel so small and insignificant.


“I love working with Melissa. Everything we do is just fluid, it’s real. When we opened that door in rehearsal, both of us were breaking down in tears. […] Everything she does is just magic.”

“Daryl has watched her go through that struggle of not being able to kill. If she’s losing herself, what’s the point? He cares more about her than anything, so he lies. […] He’ll lie just to protect her. He cares more about her than he does anything.”

                                    - Norman Reedus, WSC Podcast (Feb 19, 2017)

I am going to break, some time soon, im not sure when but I do know that my mind is almost saturated in all the shit, when I do I really hope you realise what you have fucking done to me, I hope you finally realise that what you do has consequences
“What was the hardest part of your first heartbreak?” my little sister asked me one day. It was a sunny day, we were having a picnic. But suddenly, I felt as if the clouds had overtaken the sun.

“I think the hardest part was that we kind of morphed into the same person,” I said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“When you spend so much time together, you get so close. Soon enough, you can read each other’s minds, you can tell what they’re thinking just by a raise of their eyebrow.” I picked away at the grass we were sitting on, trying not to feel the depth of what I was saying. I couldn’t let myself get that low again. “Your favorite song becomes his favorite song. Then, his favorite bands become your favorite bands. You start loving the same movies. You pick up hiking together. And then when you break up, you still love all those things. It’s all still there.”

“But they’re not,” she said, almost in a whisper.

“But they’re not,” I repeated. “And it’s like you become a half of a person, left on your own to grow the other half back.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #89

honestly yoongi just breaking down like that…when hes only cried like once or twice on camera before…it killed me like he works so hard nonstop and always just wants to make the best music because its his passion its what he loves to do and he does it with his best friends and hes finally being rewarded for it…i love yoongi i love bts im so happy they truly deserved this

could you imagine how much pain they could have saved if the conversation had went like this -
sherlock: i need some air we are going out tonight
john: actually ive got a date
sherlock: what
john: its when two people who like each other go and have fun
sherlock: that was what i was suggesting
john: wait r-really? do you do you want this?
sherlock: yeah im, im sure
john: ok i will make a call and come back okay?
sherlock: okay yeah
both break into big grins

hey taylor! life update: firstly, ive missed you so much and i hope you’re having a lovely break! im now in my third and final year of university and im in the middle of writing my dissertation! im trying to figure out what i want to do with my life and ive been applying for jobs for when i graduate! (how scary!!) I love you lots, thanks for always being by my side even when you’re on the other side of the world

i was really enamored with too-much-green‘s chikorita varieties, so to get a break from all the work im bogged down with i decided to take a crack at doing it with my favorite pokemon mareep :3c i kept it down to things that could reasonably be bred to get a certain type of wool.

a fancy mareep is what happens when your sheepdog gets a little too friendly with the flock lmao


👀👀 sekai i see you

I hope this is okay !!


○ Would try to get his s/o to take a break, most likely take them to a nice restaurant or movie.

○ Would try to teach s/o, so they could understand their work more.

○ He’d encourage them with ‘you got this!’ and ‘you can do this!’

Soilder 76

○ Looking at his s/o work, he’d probly mumble ‘what the fuck’ under his breath, or just stare in awe. im so sorry that was shitty ajfedfusnfun

○ Like Rein, he would encourage his s/o as best as possible, but would probly get a little impatient when they take too much time.

○ Would try to calm/ease his s/o while rubbing their back to calm them, or holding them.


○ Would most likely jump around their s/o’s room, bored out of his mind and trying to get their attention.

○ In the middle of s/o’s work, he’d probly distract them so they both either get into a tickle fight, pillow fight, or something along those lines.

○ When s/o is done with work and wants to take a break, he’ll be so relieved to finally do something with them when they aren’t stuck inside their room. He’ll probly take them outside to explode things.


○ After looking at his s/o and how much work they have, he’d respond with ‘why are you doing this?’ or ‘what’s the purpose of this?’ He’s just confused on why’d you put yourself through it.

○ Would try to help his s/o the best to his ability. He wants to help, but most of the time can’t.

○ When s/o is done with their work, he’ll be relieved and tell his s/o that training is a good idea to relieve their stress, or take anger out on.

As per request, 2.05

You guys have been so freaking sweet and kind  to me with your feedback since I started making these ridiculous posts, it’s insane but I love it!❣️ I literally started these as a joke because my one friend who watches call the midwife didn’t pick up the phone (and bc I was under the influence whoops hahaha it happens) but now I have so much fun posting every week! I’m sure I won’t stop these any time soon (what will I do when this series is over until Christmas? Yikes lets not talk about it yet)  Anyways @marialujan22 requested I rewatch and post for 2x5 & shit it’s been a while since I’ve watched series 2 but I couldn’t say no! Besides Im in a good mood because I have 10 days till spring break & only like 8 weeks left in the semester so here we go ..

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okay uhh … i’m going to do my best to describe what has just happened in my presence, to me, and im gonna post this on my proper blog so i can link to it without linking to my personal


so i head out a little over an hour before time of writing and i make it as far as the intersection at the top of the hill when i hear a crow cawing really loudly

i, being myself, it being a beautiful mid-morning, having just sat on the shore of a lake calm enough that no waves were breaking at all, decide to stop for a sec, enjoy the morning air, and stop to see what this crow’s up to.

i guess people don’t usually do that and it immediately took interest in me because of it, i guess. it jumped down a few branches till it was directly over me and then began to intently and precisely snap twigs with leaves on them and drop them down, so they caught the air and helicoptered down, into my hands. i identified it immediately as play behavior, since there was always a moment where the crow watched to see if i caught it after it was thrown.

once this crow caught on to the fact that i was ready and willing to play this twig drop game, i could hear it adjust its caw, and sure enough, a second crow that had i guess been paying attention or half-paying-attention from a tall tree across the intersection swooped directly over to the branch beside the first one, with no hesitation in direction whatsoever, and then immediately started playing the twig drop game too.

assuming that there wasn’t enough time to transmit any complex instructions, presumably they were both familiar with the game, although they weren’t exactly seasoned pros, either, because they both kept intently trying to ‘woodpecker’ branches that were too big for their beaks to reasonably break off without the twisting motion they can snap smaller branches with.

presumably they were just a little over-eager.

i spent a good hour on that corner, neck craned up, and they were just as fixated on the moment as i was. i’ve never seen two crows brimming with enthusiasm like these ones were. after a while they were just sort of yelling at each other and at me, but they didn’t seem angry at any point, they didn’t try to drive me away. in fact, to be sure of that, i intentionally faked having lost interest a couple of times and walked in either directions. they both followed without hesitation to land in branches above me.

like i said, i spent a good hour there. i came home with a handful of twigs and branches, plucked out of the air, given to me intentionally by a pair of crows. i don’t know if the idea that i would keep the twigs and leaves ever crossed their minds or if it was just the simple thrill of watching them fall and be caught by one of the big weird walking ones who don’t really ever interact with you. but i *could* understand a lot of the other cues they were giving me. we were interacting, we had taken mutual interest in each other and, essentially, broadcast that interest to each other.

i had no idea when or how the interaction would end but at some point, one of the crows i guess had some other business elsewhere and took off abruptly, the other stayed but fell back vertically, to a rooftop, i figured they were both done, so just for closure i nodded and parted ways as well (crows don’t nod and probably don’t understand nodding – that was just out of habit) 

anyway i had a big bundle of twigs and leaves in my hands and i wasn’t going to continue downtown and get breakfast carrying them so i 180′d and headed back down the hill home, sort of baffled at the real thing that had just transpired in my life.

i didn’t realize that on the way down the hill i’d be crossing the second one’s line of sight on the rooftop again until i was in the clearing where that would happen, and just as i wondered if the second crow would watch me walk home or not i felt an abrupt rush of air and heard feathers ruffle behind the nape of my neck, and i just immediately turned to the tree across from me where he landed and just flat out said “oh my god” out loud, but like the “don’t do it–oh my god” brand of oh my god. he flew back to the roof and i just walked home in absolute disbelief and it still feels a little bit like a dream.

you know what i also have among the sticks and leaves? one of them dropped a crow feather. i was paying attention to the other when it happened so i don’t know if it was already hanging loose or what, but the one who dropped it sure did watch me with the same intent as i went to pick it up. anyhow, now i have this bundle of stuff that crows gave me:

 pay … attention to crows. that’s all. wow. over and out.

Idk if it's just me...

… But Reigen is like your weird-ass uncle you see once in a while in reunions that will come up to you and say ‘hey kid do you wanna know what happens when I press the gps button on my phone’ and ur like 'uncle reigen no’ but too late he pressed it now you’re inside a secret base in the middle of the night there are craters are everywhere you see evil spirits salt decorates everything and thete are four grown-ass men who can wield swords and cast magic and shit crying hysterically as your uncle roasts the living fuck out of them after a few explosions out of nowhere he dropkicks one guy and punches the other and there goes a car oh my god how did this happen

buffysummere  asked:

*warning this is a trash ask* what's your favourite spuffy moment from the comics?

ok…… this is gonna be a Top 3 because i literally cannot pick One Moment

one     [s9] that time something very dramatic happens buffy’s life and she feels all alone bc willow is gone and spike is the person she goes to and she’s like “i was hoping you could help me” and he’s like “anything for you, luv” THIS SCENE LITERALLY MADE ME CRY and im sorry this is so vague lmao i dont want to spoil too much stuff for anyone skfgjfk

two     [s10] when they’re finally Together and they have to do a mind-meld-dream-thing to find out what’s manipulating spike’s dreams, and buffy cries tears of joy bc spike loves her, genuinely (this whole issue, tho)

three     [s10] when spike tries to break up with her because he’s a coward and afraid of future pain and buffy’s literally like “y’know what? no.” and then drags a stunned spike out with her to go beat some people up, all the while thinking about what to do. when she tells him that “you and me is something i don’t want to lose without a fight” and then spike - having spent the past 2 damn seasons coming to terms with the fact that he’d idealized buffy as something no real person could be - apologizes for this and then AGREES THAT HE ALSO WANTS TO KEEP TRYING and they kiss

im not sure… anyone in su critical… knows what filler means…….

Like i appreciate what you guys are tryna do for the most part but

Filler was first used in reference to anime when they would include pointless episodes that didn’t appear in the manga? Filler really has nothing to do with not relating to the main plot?? You can’t have a show that is nothing but plot all the time wtf you need breaks to play around with the characters and also to give your audience a break??? jeez. SU has pacing issues for sure but lets not scream filler when it doesn’t even apply.