this is what i do when i see a rabbit i wiggle my nose


Overview: The reader and Sam decide to mess with Dean through…easily confused wordplay.

Warnings: a smidgen of language, sexual innuendos, fluff, and fruit being sexy

A/N: I asked Lee to give me a prompt yesterday and this is what transpired from it. I had too much fun writing this @wheresthekillswitch :)

It had started as innocent. All things with Sam seemed to start that way, but all things with Sam also had a bad habit of escalating at a rather…fast pace. I’m not claiming clean hands in this – together, Sam and I had always been evil masterminds. And this time wasn’t any different.

We had just gotten back from a grocery run and everyone was helping put the items away. I was unpacking the bag of fruit when a sharp jab to my ribcage from Sam’s elbow made me glare and roll my eyes at him. He just wiggled his eyebrows at me, unable to keep the excited grin off his face.

“Pull it together,” I mouthed. He quickly cleared his face of any and all emotions.

“So…Dean,” I said calmly, “can you feel my melons?”

His hand froze halfway to the pantry with the box of cereal it was holding. He slowly turned his head, “Um…what?”

“My melons,” I repeated, “I mean, Sam felt them earlier and said they were firm enough but I just wasn’t sure.”

The box of cereal almost slipped out of his hands, but he managed to catch it after a brief spout of fumbling. “Sam did - what are you – I’m sorry, what?”

Dean didn’t have much time to react as I swiftly tossed a cantaloupe in his direction. He caught it and then just stared down at the round fruit in his hands, confusion written all over his face.

“Yeah, my melons,” I said, pulling the second cantaloupe out of the bag, “think they’re firm enough?”

I saw his knuckles whiten a bit as his grip tightened around the fruit. He briskly walked over to the refrigerator, jerked the door open with a little too much force, and then haphazardly tossed the cantaloupe inside, “I’m sure they’re fine.”

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anonymous asked:

Hooray, requests are open! Can I ask this? Through a magic, an experimental food or just a dream RFA, V, Saeran became MC's pet. What kind of animal they be, what will be their funny habits and how MC treats them? From their POV if it's possible. Feel free to reject my idea. Anyway, I want to say that your writing is great, so funny and sweet! Thank you!

Thank you so much! Hope you like these~ 

Zen: (Hamster)

  • He knew he shouldn’t have eaten that take out last night
  • Now it was morning and he was a hamster lost in his own bedsheets
  • He goes to find you in the kitchen
  • You’re busy cooking breakfast so he tries to get your attention by nibbling on your heel
  • You get freaked out, not expecting a hamster in the house
  • You grab a broom and he bolts
  • After a long chase around the house, you realize he does kind of look like Zen
  • Finally the misunderstanding is cleared up and you both decide to wait it out
  • You were kind of gushing over him
  • You kept petting him while he ate and tugging his rat tail
  • One time he got really annoyed and bit you
  • You tapped his nose and he got really offended
  • He really wants to work out–even in hamster form–so he crawls into one of those hamster balls
  • He’s having a blast until he gets stuck between the couch and the wall
  • His pride dies a little when you get him out

Yoosung: (Rabbit) 

  • You had left the room for second
  • Something happened in that second, and before Yoosung knew it, he was small, fluffy and had huge ears
  • He was a little upset until you started showering him with affection
  • Petting his fur, hugging him gently, cradling him
  • He’s terrified he’s going to get stuck somewhere, so he’s following you around the house wherever you go
  • When he follows you to the kitchen, you get him some carrots and give it to him
  • You’re recording as he’s eating cuz his tiny mouth is just moving in such a cute way
  • You put him in a bunch of outfits
  • And he’s super upset, but he can’t say anything
  • One time, his angry bunniness gets the better of him and he nips at you
  • But he feels bad immediately and hops in your lap and nuzzles your stomach as an apology
  • Unfortunately, that’s also when he turns back into a human
  • Well, now he’s on top of you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jaehee: (Mouse)

  • She was just drinking her coffee when somehow she was as big as her mug
  • Lets out a loud squeak of disapproval
  • She knew if you came in and found a mouse on the table, you would freak and probably kill her or something
  • So, she started making letter shapes out of the crackers on the table
  • When you came home, the letters, “I am Jaehee” were spelled out so you were pretty updated
  • You were still squeamish about holding her
  • But you would slowly slid pieces of cheese across the table
  • She hated cheese, so she would just push it away politely
  • Instead, you ease up and give her a small spoon of jam or fruit
  • Somehow you started opening up about your day and troubles, and she was forced to listen because she was trapped on the table
  • You get a little courage and start stroking her head, and eventually she curls into a ball and gets the sleep she finally deserves

Jumin: (Corgi)

  • He wakes up in the morning and reaches out a hand to pet Elizabeth on the bed
  • Only, he sees a paw land on her head
  • She turns to him and freaks out
  • He calls after her, but only a “bork” comes out and he realizes what happened
  • Being a dog did not stop him from wearing a tie
  • This was the only way you also knew it was Jumin
  • You were expecting more, but he’s like a cat in a dog’s body to be honest
  • He starts scratching at the cabinet with wine, and you quickly put it out of his reach
  • “You already made wine for cats. You want wine for dogs now.”
  • You see his tail start wagging and you look into the distance, “I’m sorry, Jaehee.”
  • The cutest thing is when he waddles up the stairs
  • You really can’t help yourself and you pinch his fluffy, wiggling butt
  • He stops and turns his head and gives a disgruntled bark before running away
  • Really likes it when you rub his belly though 

Seven: (Parrot)

  • He was chilling at your apartment on his computer
  • You had stepped out for a second, and a lot of time had passed
  • He got up to get a snack and realized he was actually in the air…and had feathers
  • You returned from the store and freaked out when you saw him
  • You had left the window open, so you assumed something got in
  • He started flying around her, chirping “707”
  • He almost got swatted a few times before you understood
  • He tries to get some HBC, but you keep shooing him away
  • You weren’t sure if parrots could have them or not, so you only gave him crackers
  • He was salty eating his salty crackers, “Saeyoung doesn’t want a cracker.”
  • He doesn’t like you touching his feathers, so he flies away
  • He accidentally lands on a remote and music starts playing on the speakers
  • Cue cute birb head bopping
  • Honestly, he was such an annoying twerp the whole time, and you were so glad when he turned back normal

Saeran: (Kitten)

  • He was taking the most glorious nap, and when he woke up he was literally trapped in blankets
  • He tries to groan as he untangles himself, but instead he hears a meow
  • When he stretches he sees a paw, and he knows what happened
  • The first thing he does is find building blocks and spell out what happened
  • By the time you find him, you’re already informed
  • He wishes you hadn’t
  • You keep trying to do cute stuff with him, and he’s not having it
  • He hides most of the time…unless you’re feeding him a small little bowl of ice cream
  • At one point, you settle on the couch and pet him
  • He’s about to run away, but you hit just the right spot and he’s purring
  • He’s also freaking out inside his head, “Am I purring?”
  • Lets out yet another purr
  • Freaked out even more when he switched back to being human and was still purring
  • There was a side effect where he kept meowing at random times of the day
  • You adored it, but Saeran was so done with this

V: (Fish)

  • He was lucky you were there the moment he turned into a fish
  • You hurriedly put him in a bowl of water
  • Poor guy can’t see well even as a fish so he keeps bumping into the glass
  • He has trouble eating the food you give, but sometimes you’ll put it in a net so he can find it better
  • He’s loving the aesthetics you keep putting in the tank though
  • He would blow out happy bubbles every time something was added
  • He loved when you gave his head a gentle pat once in awhile
  • But he was bored with being a fish after a while, and was glad when he turned back
  • But…he did have a strange craving for seaweed after the incident

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School work with Woojin

Member: Park Woojin // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff

Plot: When you’re set to be partners with the school’s quiet and charismatic dancer, how will you fair?

Word Count: 6633

Originally posted by kimbbuyo

“______, please work with Park Woojin.” A murmur ran through the lab, as students shot curious glances to one another. A few girls looked murderous, while some of the boys just shrugged it off. You stood there, fiddling with the Eevee Pokemon keychain on your bag, before letting your gaze flit to him. He had a stoic expression, his hand running through his dark brown bangs as he quietly whispered to one of his closest friends, Kim Donghyun. You sighed, before nodding to the teacher, and stood to leave as the bell rang.

Working with Woojin was going to be hard. He was adored by all the girls, regardless of the age. He was the dark, mysterious, and charismatic one from his goofy friend group. Boys wanted to imitate his powerful presence while girls cooed over how wickedly handsome he looked whenever the dance team performed at a school event. Even now, with it being casting season for the popular crews in the area, he was looked at as the prime candidate to join a nationally recognized group.

“_____?” You froze at the doorway, turning to meet his unwavering gaze. His voice was quiet, but it demanded attention at the same time. A few female classmates giggled as they purposefully brushed by him to leave for the buses or subways as the school day was coming to an end. “How are we going to separate the research paper?” You ring your hands awkwardly, trying to not meet his intense gaze. Donghyun popped up behind him, giving you an angelic smile as he bid the two of you a good day before leaving.

“It’s not really something we can divide easily from what I can see. We need to learn the same content to create this paper.” He nods slowly, absorbing the information, and you finally let your gaze admire his unique and sharp features. He was not from Seoul as the rest of you were; he had moved in from somewhere in Gyeongsang-do. You could tell from his dialect, although you still had no idea if it was Busan or Daegu that he had originated from.

“Then let’s go out.” The words caused you to cough furiously, your hands flying to cover your mouth. He gasped as he realized how wrong his words had come out, and ran a hand through his hair once more. “I meant let’s go somewhere to work on it… together.” You finally stop yourself from coughing, and nod your head slowly. Working with him should be easy. He was known to be naturally intelligent, which was not fair when he was already graced with his unbeatable talent in dance, endearing appearance, and ability to win everyone and anyone over.

“Do you want to go to the library sometime this week? We have about to finish this and submit electronically by Saturday night,” you inform him, and his brows furrow as he contemplated his schedule. You didn’t do anything special; you spent time at home to study and rarely went out. In fact, it was more embarrassing trying to grasp at some social connection to Woojin when he was so outstandingly admired in the school and you were almost three alternate universes behind. To say you were hated was wrong; you were known as a nice and quiet girl, but it took an uncomfortably long time for anyone but your childhood best friend to remember who you were when hearing your name.

“I have dance usually at night, and it’s kind of far from the library. I normally get off at the fourth stop from Bus 166.” He rubbed his bangs with his hands once more, biting his lower lip meekly. You avert your gaze and fixate on the paint that was peeling off behind him. The sound of students flooding out the school doors is fading, the last few casting curious glances at the sight of Park Woojin with a girl.

“I actually get off of that stop too. It’s near my apartment.” He brightens momentarily, a flash of a childish smile on his face before it returns to his neutral mask. You sigh inwardly at how dreadfully long and awkward this paper would be.

“Are there any other scheduling conflicts you might have?” He thinks a bit more, a small silence once again between you two. He finally nods.

“I have a dance audition with the school team on Saturday night. I’m really sorry.” You smile a little, remembering how much you loved the sight of him dancing at school performances. Not that you would ever dream of saying it publicly, but Woojin was destined to be a star in the near future, and you could only imagine how many girls would swoon at the sight of him performing on TV or an important stage.

“It’s cool. We should just start a little earlier and work a little harder to make up for it then.” He looked distractedly apologetic, but seemed a little comforted at how coolly you were trying to brush it off. He opened the door a little wider for you to exit, and you wiggled through. His eyes glinted with amusement at how you blushed when your bag accidentally hit him, and the keychain fell off. He picked it up, brushing off the dust, and put it into your side pocket, before leading the way towards the bus stop near the school. You scrambled after him, heat radiating off of your cheeks. He was innocent. He did not mean to make you flustered, or feel like there were raging butterflies eating you alive, or that you could die of a heart attack.

“Oh shoot.” His quiet voice was laced with panic as he dug through his book bag. He looked at you with a meek smile, his own cheeks pinking considerably. You cock your head slightly, curious at his peculiar behavior. He cleared his throat a little, unable to meet your eyes. “I ran out of money on my bus card. Is it possible-”

“I got it, don’t worry.” You say quietly. You wanted to pinch your forearm to see if you were dreaming. Park Woojin needing your help? You wrinkled your nose slightly, trying to distract yourself from the thought, before continuing towards the bus stop. He followed in pursuit, his expression stoic once again, if not a little pink in the cheeks still. By the time the clambering bus arrived, you had taken out your earbuds and your bus card, swiping twice and waving him on. He ducked his head, letting his bangs cover his shy gaze as he sat besides you. All of the vacant seats around you made you almost blush at the thought of him choosing to sit by your side, but the other part of you chided at yourself for the thought. Of course he would– the whole purpose between you two travelling together was for a stupid biology research paper.

“I like that song too,” Woojin said quietly, his eyes directed at the head cushion of the seat in front of him. He was fiddling awkwardly with his phone, unsure of what to do in the silence as the bus bumped along the street. You took out an earbud, before hesitantly offering it to him. His gaze lit up, but his lips remained in a mutual line.

“I didn’t know you were a fan of Bruno Mars,” you whisper, not wanting to distract the few souls actually on the bus. You were somehow mortified at the idea of him listening to your music playlist. Was he judging you secretly? Was it expected that you would even like some song like When I Was Your Man?

“This is actually a good song to dance to. It’s kind of tricky to display the emotions but if you can’t do that then it could be a sad slow dance, too.” He whispered back, before tapping your shoulder to signal that the bus was at your stop. You stand up, his words still swirling in your mind. Part of you wanted to ask him to dance for you to this song, but another part of you knew better. The remainder of the walk to your apartment was quiet, sifting through various songs in your playlist. He didn’t comment at the flood of sorrowful and slower songs, instead just bobbing his head to the beats of Special by Lee Hi and Snow Flower by Park Hyoshin.

“You like a lot of older songs,” he didn’t sound surprised as you entered the elevator, and you took back the earbud from him. You nodded, waiting for him to say something else. “They’re all good though.” You fumble for the key in your pocket, hoping he didn’t notice the nervousness at his words. His praise made you feel flustered, and as much as it embarrassed you, you enjoyed it.

“I hope you can excuse the mess,” you said apologetically. He walked in, taking off his shoes and tucking them into the corner where there were other shoes. He looked around, his eyes careful and you could imagine the whirl of calculations and thoughts buzzing in his mind.

“It’s a nice place you have.” His words were punctuated with a rumbling of his stomach, which caused him to send a bashful smile to you, his eyes flashing with hope. “Er. By any chance, is there food?”

“Go ahead and sit down and start. Do you like any fruits? I have apples and pears.” He nodded gratefully, before moving towards the dining table. You watched him settle down, taking out his laptop and focusing on his work fairly quickly. You carefully cut the fruit, trying to make it as prettily arranged as possible. You had never done this for anyone outside of your family, and most certainly not a boy. You had always envisioned it to be something done in the far future, perhaps when you had a fiance or long time boyfriend or husband. The thought of the boy being Woojin rattled you even more, a distraction until you felt a sharp nick in your finger and looked down to see blood welling up. You sighed, grabbing a bandaid and messily putting it on, before grabbing a pair of forks and setting the dish in front of Woojin. He looked up, eagerly reaching for a slice.

“It’s a rabbit!” He exclaimed, unable to hide his excitement at the little ears you had made. You smiled, basking in his joy. Your grandmother and mother had cut all their apples like this for you at a young age, and now you were spreading the family joy. He reached for another, munching enthusiastically, before he halted, his eyes focused on your hand as you reached for your own laptop.

“Is something wrong?” You mumble, hiding the bandaged finger out of sight. He frowned slightly, before grabbing your wrist gently and bringing the damaged hand forward, examining it keenly.

“Did you cut yourself? Did you wash it? It’s bleeding through.” His words poured out of his lips, quickly and laced with worry. He was worried!

“It’s honestly fine–”

“It’s honestly a deep cut, ____.” The way he said your name shut you up, and you felt warmed by the concern. “Where’s your first aid kit?” You sighed, before pointing at the medicine cabinet that was barely in view from the kitchen at your seat. He rose, sifting through the contents before he grabbed the tiny plastic container. He took out an antiseptic wipe, before peeling off the now blood soaked band aid.

“This is going to sting,” he warned, before carefully dabbing at the cut. Stinging did not quite describe the pain, and you scrunched your face up to avoid spilling out some profanity. He tried to not smile at how adorable it looked, and instead fanned it with his free hand as he took out the antibiotic cream and applied a thin layer, finishing it off with a bandaid. It looked considerably neater than your own lousy attempt, and you stammered a measly word of thanks. He looked satisfied at his dandy work, instead turning back to his laptop.

“Anyways, back to this project. I heard from a few of the upperclassmen about this project and I hope you don’t mind that I started doing a bit of research and topic finding on my own. I printed a few papers out on one of the topics I liked.” He handed a stack of stapled articles, and you were impressed to see the already highlighted information, along with the immaculate notes he had written. You scanned through, eyes flickering every time he made a particularly loud sound as he continued to eat the fruit.

“I like it.” You announce finally, looking up at him with a smile. “I don’t think anyone else would think of triple negative breast cancer combinational therapy between dihydroartemisinin and 3-bromopyruvate. This is a pretty solid topic.” He grinned widely, his little “fang” poking out. He took the second fork, before spearing through a pear and handing it to you.

“I just realized I ate almost all of this without you. I’m sorry, I was really hungry.” He mumbled, and he separated the papers in half. “Also, I’m glad we’re partners for this. So many of our classmates probably wouldn’t have understood this topic.” You bite into the pear, relishing the sweetness. He probably didn’t realize that it was your favorite fruit, but it was the thought that counted.

“I mean, it’s pretty fool proof. Dihydroartemisinin targets the spindle fiber formation during mitosis, and 3- bromopyruvate lowers the cellular metabolism. They work hand in hand.” You mumble thoughtfully, finishing off the pear. He took the fork, spearing another pear slice and handing it to you again. You smile at the notion, and the two of you start your work quietly.

By the time night had fallen, he was humming some song repeatedly. The two of you straightened up as his phone alarm rang, playing the same song, signalling his time to leave for dance. He smiled slightly.

“I’m really thankful you’re so hard working.” You blushed a bit at his words. He was really too kind for his own good.

“What is that song, if you don’t mind me asking.” He smiled broadly at this, his little tooth showing.

“That’s the song me and the boys are performing at the audition. I thought the best thing for me to do was familiarize myself with it. I’m one of the younger members, so I have to work harder.” You nod in fascination. The passion that sparked in his gaze was intriguing, and you wondered briefly if this was what a bug felt like when it saw light.

“What’s the title?”

Get Ugly by Jason Derulo. I’ll dance a bit for you some day. Maybe tomorrow.” You nod eagerly at this, and he laughs, ruffling your hair a little. The warmth from his hand blossomed across your body, and you missed it the moment he recoiled, as if realizing his action. He smiled a little demurely, his gaze unable to meet yours and his cheeks reddening. “Good night, _____.” He slung his bag over his shoulder and scurried out of the apartment, leaving you to retire with a flicker of warmth still where his hand had been.

“So I forgot to fill my bus card again,” Woojin began, running a hand through his fluffy brown hair. He eyed you cautiously, expecting some disappointment or frustration. Instead, you stifled a laugh and shook your head teasingly.

“Luckily for you, I still have money in mine.” He grinned at this. You two had grown increasingly comfortable since being initially paired up, much to your pleasant surprise. You were looking forward to spending more time with him, mainly because he had promised to dance for you and because it was just nice to have someone to spend time with.

“It might rain soon– Oh, it is raining.” He held a hand out to catch a few droplets, before playfully flicking it at you. You shrunk away, about to shout at him, but caught yourself. He genuinely looked happy, perhaps the brightest you had seen him off stage! He caught your stare, and you glanced towards your feet instead, pretending to shy away from the rain as you set off towards the bus stop. He jogged after you lightly, a comfortable silence surrounding you two. You found temporary refuge under the trees that lined the path, but knew that there wouldn’t be anything to shelter you when you saw the crowd of people at the bus stop.

You sigh, standing at the end of the line with Woojin. The rain was beginning to fall harder, and you tried to not flinch every time a cold droplet of water splattered against your face. You could feel the rain trickle down your forehead, and you wiped it with your hand, silently begging the bus to come. You prepared yourself to wipe off the next trickle, but it never came. The water stopped tapping your face, and you glanced up to see Woojin’s hand covering your head, his gaze nonchalantly directed towards where the bus was slowly coming into view.

“Oh, it’ll be here in a few seconds.” You nod wordlessly, eyes still fixated on his hand. You wanted to hold it, to keep it warm and protected from the cold, but you knew your place. That would just make it awkward, and make him uncomfortable with you.

“Can I change into my dance clothes? My uniform got kind of wet,” you nodded and point towards your bathroom, which he shuffled into awkwardly. You also turned to your room, changing into your sweatpants and baggy Hello Kitty T-shirt. Part of you wondered if you should be embarrassed to sport this outfit in front of him, but another part of you dismissed the worry. Why care about someone who you didn’t have a chance with from the beginning?

“Do you want anything to drink or eat?” You ask as you enter the dining room. You ignored how handsomely boyish he looked in his simple all black attire, and tried to not let your gaze linger. He stifled a smile as he saw your faded pink shirt.

“Do you have hot chocolate?” You nodded, and turned to the kitchen. “Cute.” you almost froze at the words. Did you hear him, or was it just the rain hitting the window in the downpour? You forced the thoughts away. You probably had a higher chance of having auditory hallucinations than hearing him call you cute. You prepared the hot chocolate a little slower than usual, not wanting to be in the same room as him with your heart beating as erratically as it was at the moment.

“Thank you,” he accepted the mug with a grateful smile, inhaling the scent of the chocolate. You didn’t tell him that you actually snuck some of the more expensive cocoa powder into his to make it taste better, and sat down with your own mug of regular Swiss Miss, stirring the last few clumps of solids into sweet liquid. He stood up, tapping on his phone a few times. A familiar tune came on. Get Ugly.

“Are you dancing for me?” He nodded, a wicked grin on his face. He was not the same demure and bashful boy that he had been a few seconds ago. His face radiated confidence, and each movement he made was deliberate. His stare pierced yours as his movements were fluid from start to finish. His presence was explosive, and you were awestruck as his ability to pour his heart into a performance that was seen by only you.

As the song ebbed away, his breathing filled the room, and an unsure smile returned to his face as he searched your face for a reaction.

“How was it?” Each word was punctuated by the a puff of air and you grinned, clapping your hands enthusiastically. He smiled freely at this, his canine poking out adorably.

“You’re honestly amazing. I wish I could dance like that,” you said wistfully. He extended his hand slowly towards you, as though you were an injured bird who could potentially run away from fear.

“I’ll teach you right now.” Your eyes widened and you shook your head furiously. There was no way you were going to let him see you dance. You couldn’t even call the shameful movements you made to the beat a dance; hell, half of the “moves” weren’t even properly matched to the beat.

“I’m really not good at this–”

“Then I’ll pick a slower song.” He hesitated, before scrolling through what you imagined to be his playlist. Finally, he turned on a familiar song. Snow flower.

“You listen to this?” He shrugged, before grabbing your hand gently.

“My mom was a fan of the drama. I was only five at the time, but I remember it a little. So Jisub. Don’t a lot of girls like him?” He guided your hands to his shoulders, while his hands cautiously wrapped around your tiny body. You flinched a little at the touch, and his hands recoiled.

“You’re better than him.” The words blurt out before you can stop them. “Sorry. I was just a bit surprised and I couldn’t filter myself,” you whisper, and he nods tensely, before trying once again. Over Park Hyoshin’s beautiful voice, you felt yourself relax a bit, and for the first time ever, you enjoyed dance. It wasn’t quite dancing in the powerful way Woojin had performed, but in the stillness of the minimal movements the two of you were making, it seemed just as breathtaking. You tried to keep your mind away from complicated thoughts, but they pestered you constantly. ‘Why was he doing this? What am I supposed to do after this? Do I just play it cool?’ As the song faded out, he leaned a little closer, wrapping his arms around you in a brief hug. You felt your insides melt, as if everything had just been blown out of reality and you were thrown off into some strange world of fantasy.

“I- I think we should get back to the paper.” You stammer, backing out of his hug, and shuffled towards the dining table. He followed, his cheeks a little pink and his eyes restless. He looked lost, a little disappointed at your reaction, and above all confused. He wanted to get to know you better, and seeing someone dance was a way for him to grow infinitely closer to him or her. To have shared that experience with a girl as timid and quiet as you was an enchanting experience, and he was surprised that you had even gone along with it.

The hours flew by in a silence that would be ruptured by the occasional cough or exceptionally loud scratch of the pencil. You struggled to keep your gaze on the gibberish of words. Something about how the centromere was affected. Another something you kept missing over about the MDA-MB 231 cell line. Triple negative. Iron concentration correlation to what? You peeked up at Woojin, who seemed to be flying through his own work. A small pile of packets he had already finished was beside him, while his to-do list was shortening rapidly. Yours was drastically smaller. ‘I guess I’ll have to stay up and do it today because it’s due in two days,’ you thought somberly, flipping the page. The page ripped a little, and the sound caused Woojin to glance up, his eyes meeting yours.

His expression was unreadable, closer to stoic than anything else. You felt embarrassed and mildly irritated at yourself. What was your luck to have been paired with him? You ducked down towards your work again, and he ran a hand through his bangs, again, while turning back to his own work. The silence stretched on for what seemed like eons, and you willed for something to happen. It was a game of intuition, where you wanted to say something and you were almost positive he did too. You glanced up, about to blurt out some casual conversation starter, but his alarm rang. Dance practice.

“Good job today,” he said quietly. He bit his lower lip, and you were waiting for a few next words that never happened. Instead, he turned to zip up his backpack, gaze pointing downwards. You trailed after him wordlessly to the door, opening the door for him. He smiled a little at the gesture, before reaching out to pat your head once again. “Good night, ____. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You like pears, right?” Woojin asked, before holding out a can. It was pear flavored aloe. You smiled at the gesture, trying to open it. A dull throb from the cut a few days prior ached, and you winced. He took the can from you, walking ahead of you towards the bus stop. You could hear the container open with a pop, and he turned, a teasing smile on his face.

“Stop it. I got that cut because I was preparing food for you,” you sniffed the air indignantly, and he let out a small chuckle. You did not mention the slow dance from yesterday, nor did you even dare of telling him that your thoughts were filled of only him. You had stayed up a few more hours into the early morning, trying to catch up on your work. Luckily, you had actually finished all of your work, and he was almost done. Today would be a breeze.

“I’m sorry, ___.” He handed you the can, and you took a sip. It was sweet and chilled, the way you liked your drinks. You hum in appreciation, and he looked at your face. He loved the way your eyes crinkled into two crescents when you smiled, and how your baby hairs framed your face when there was a breeze. Perhaps you hadn’t an idea, but you were quite pretty to him.

“Do you want a sip?” You ask, confused by his staring. He smiled, accepting the can again. “Man, if I knew you were going to give me this I would have prepared something for you too.” He shrugged, relishing the taste.

“Getting to know such a quiet girl like you was an honor itself,” he mumbled thoughtfully, passing the can back. You pink a little at his words, and fished out his beanie that he had left the night before. You pull it over his face, deliberately covering his eyes with a giggle. He frowned, pulling it up to see your laughing face, and his expression softened immediately.

“Don’t get sulky because of that,” you said, and tapped his nose lightly, before turning to face back towards where the bus was arriving.

“I got this,” he said, and swiped his bus card twice. He actually refilled his card! You grinned, and sat beside him. The bumpy road lulled you to sleep, and dozed off in the late afternoon sun. You woke up from your blissful oblivion at a like poke on the cheek. Woojin was smiling down at you, motioning for you to get off the bus. You groggily followed, and he snorted with laughter as you got off of the vehicle.

“You snore so loud,” he began, and you rolled your eyes. You were always told you were a silent and unmoving sleeper. You were definitely not falling for it. “And you drool!”

“Where is your proof?” You stuck your tongue out, and he laughed, raising his hands in surrender.

“Man, I thought I could get away with it.” You nudge him playfully, and he tossed the empty can into the recycling. He must have taken it when you fell asleep. The thought warmed you a little, and you were constantly surprised by his caring ways. He was perfect, and you were the lucky classmate who got to experience this side of him for a few days. Today is the last day.

“If we finish early, want to go out a bit? It is Friday. I bet we can finish before I have dance. Or, you can come to dance with me.” Woojin looked at you hopefully. You gulped a little, and nodded slowly.

“If we finish early, I supposed I can go out. But I don’t think I can go to your dance studio. Besides, your audition is tomorrow and I wouldn’t want to take away from your practice time.” He nodded slowly, but still a smile formed on his face.

“How much more work do you have? I just need to type up a final paragraph.” You gasped at how much time the two of you had leftover. If you were already finished, then he would be done in a matter of an hour.

“I finished my work last night,” you admitted. He grinned, before nudging you towards the apartment door.

“Then I guess we have more than enough time to hang out. Let me ask Donghyun what there is to do that’s fun in this area– he plans all of our outings so I’m sure he can think of something.” He looked bright, like a child on Christmas morning, and you shook your head in amusement.

“Can I at least change out of the uniform?” He nodded, before pointing at his bag.

“I brought a change of clothes anyways.” You left for your room, heart pounding. He was making it impossible for you to even think of giving up this closeness with him. You dreaded tomorrow even more. In a matter of hours, this spell that created the dreamlike fantasy would be over. He would have no reason to continue being your friend, and you would have no excuse to talk to him. Perhaps you could maintain waving to him in the halls, but that seemed to be the limit at which you two could stay close.

You opted for a simple white tee with rose embroidery on the top, and skinny jeans. He had changed as well by the time you came out and were tying your hair into a ponytail.

“Wow, we’re matching. Is this a couple look?” He asked cheekily, motioning to his own rose embroidered shirt, which was black. You furrowed your brows, trying to not blush at his words. Couple look.

“Did Donghyun reply?” You ask instead, sitting next to him. He shook his head, before taking out his laptop.

“At worst, we can go to an arcade. I’m going to finish this paper really fast. Take a nap or something.” You agreed to his words, hugging your knees to your chest in the seat as you curled up. You let your cheek rest against your knee cap, and let yourself doze off once again. You felt something warm and soft encompass your shoulders, and opened your eyelids just a crack to see his black hoodie draped around you. You could hear him settle back into his seat, the typing restarting as he continued his work. The hoodie smelled like him, something clean and light. Perhaps it was laundry detergent, or his soap, but it was something you wanted to remember forever.

It felt like only a few minutes, but you could see the sun dip below the buildings when Woojin nudged you to get up. He brushed the hair away from your face, trying to stifle his laughter at the giant red circle imprinted on your cheek from your knee. You swatted him away, mumbling some incoherent complaint.

“Don’t worry, it’s kind of endearing. Just… do this.” He pulled the hood up so it covered your head, and you shoved him as he erupted in laughter, the sound beautiful to your ears. “Also, Donghyun said that at evening the food stalls and little stores are nice to visit.” You nodded, before realizing that he had given you his hoodie.

“Don’t you need this?” He shook his head, taking out another one, also black, with the plain white letters ‘BNM’ on it.

“I have another, don’t worry. You’re going to submit this online tomorrow, right?” You nod, and he smiles cheerily, before picking up his bag. “Let’s go then!” He was filled with infectious energy, surprisingly dragging you by the wrist to every destination. He refused to let you buy their fish cakes, so you forced him into accepting the bubble tea instead. You strolled in and out of little shops. He struck silly poses as you clipped on neon pink bows and plastic tiaras to his hair, and he returned the favor by urging you to try on fake moustaches and some hideous bucket hat. The quiet and intimidating boy from the first day was no longer there. Instead, this silly and fun loving soul was showing off his dance moves again on the streets in an impromptu dance battle you two had stumbled upon.

“Go Woojin!” You cheered, eyes glued to the boy as he smirked. He simply knew he was going to kill whatever performance he had, and you loved it. The crowd gathering cheered for him, and it was pretty obvious who the winner was in your eyes. You passed him back his stuff after he shook hands with the other dancer, a satisfied glint in his eyes as sweat was dripping down his face. You wiped it absentmindedly with your handkerchief you had kept in your bag. He smiled sweetly at this, grabbing your hand and lowering it.

“How was I?” He asked, his hand still wrapped around yours. You grin back, unable to deny yourself of this. ‘Just for this one last night… let me enjoy it.’ You rearrange your hand in his grip so they’re comfortably together, much to his pleasant surprise.

“You’re the best no matter what.” You replied honestly. He squeezed your hand, keeping it warm in the cool evening air. His face looked a little nervous, and your eyes widened as he began to move closer to you, his face approaching your own. You were about to let your eyes close, but then a familiar alarm sounded. The two of you jumped apart, and he smiled apologetically.

“I set the alarm a little early so I can walk you back home. It is night, after all.” He took your hand once again, and you obliged. Your heart was racing at the prospect of him doing what exactly. Kissing you? Hugging you? What was going to happen if the alarm hadn’t rung? He led you through the crowd, keeping you close and made sure to have his arm out to part the sea of people. You felt safe, but a sadness suffocated your thoughts. This is it, you thought as you finally arrive at the front of your apartment. He fixed your hair a little, and you try to not let your lip tremble. Where you two really just going to be strangers again? He was too popular, and you were too quiet in school to probably catch his attention in the halls.

“Have a good night.” He said quietly. He lingered a bit, taking in your sleepy appearance in his hoodie, which was too big for you. “Keep the hoodie. I’ll take it back another day.” A small flare of hope to rekindle their friendship.

“Good luck tomorrow.” You stand up on your tippy toes, giving him a chaste peck on the cheek. You both turn red, and you look away. “You should get going now.” You turn for the elevators, and pressed the button, a little dazed at your ability to have even pecked him. ‘He probably won’t want to talk to me after that-’

“Thank you. Today was fun. I’ll be sure to get the spot.” He said, his arms wrapped around you. He let go as the bell notified you both of the elevator’s arrival. “Sleep well.”

It was already late in the afternoon when you woke up. You had taken melatonin to help you sleep at night, and it worked a little too well. Your mother had left for work, as had your father. You sighed, taking your laptop out to submit the paper. You had checked it over a few times out of restlessness last night, and were positive it was submittable for a good grade.

After a quick shower, you pulled on Woojin’s hoodie once again. You loved how soft it was, how it was oversized and covered your hands so only your fingertips poked out, and how simple it was. But above all, you loved how it smelled of him. Your thoughts drifted to him for the nth time since you had woken up. Was his audition going well? Did he even go yet? He said he would be done by early evening or late afternoon, but you had no idea what the actual time was. You sighed. This would not do. You needed something to do.

Your stomach grumbled as you looked at the empty fridge. There were only a few beverages, and a container of kimchi that looked a little too fermented. Go out for a walk, go get some food. That was what you could do. You pulled on your thickest socks and put on your sneakers, the hood up to cover your messy bun. As you opened the door, a gasp made you look up.


The boy was standing there, his hand outstretched to ring the doorbell. He had a bag of what looked like fried pork cutlet and pear aloe drinks. In his other hand was a small teddy bear, one that you had been admiring the night before.

He rubbed his head awkwardly, a sigh escaping his lips. His eyes were embarrassed, and it showed in how red his cheeks were growing.

“H-Hi, ____.” He stammered, before clearing his throat. “I did well like I promised. And I thought maybe you would want some company while you submitted the assignment.” He winced at how stupid his words sounded, and you accepted the bear, looking at it fondly.

“How did you know I liked this?” He straightened up, attempting to speak some sensible words the second time around.

“I saw you staring at it. It was a pair right? I have the other.” He turned so you could see the other bear’s head poking out from his dance bag. “Did you eat? I have food.” He moved towards the door, and you raised an eyebrow. What about his dance team? It looked like he had come back from the competition without even changing, especially by the look of his outfit.

“This is really sweet and all but is there an actual reason? Shouldn’t you be celebrating with the guys?” He coughed at your words, and his face turned a shade redder as he sighed. He shifted the bag of food out of his hand and onto his wrist, before taking your hand.

“I was trying to find a smoother way of doing this but you’re really a difficult girl.” You try to not blush at his words and intense stare. “I wanted to formally confess. I like you a lot, ____.” You felt your face turn more red at this, and he licked his lips, unable to look at you in the face anymore. “I know you probably don’t return it, and that I’m rambling and I probably sound like an idiot, but I had to try-”

“I like you too.” You interrupt. His head shot up, looking at you with widened eyes. His mouth had fallen open, and his lips seemed to not function as he tried to register your words.


“I like you.” You repeat bashfully, and finally open the front door. “I think you can come now. I guess I can accept having my boyfriend visit me spontaneously.”

Down the Rabbit Hole (pt. 6)

Previous and Next

Wilford leans against the cell wall. Something crawls in the corner farthest from him, and he’s too afraid to investigate what it could be. Somewhere beyond the sight of the little window in his cell door, another, heavy door swings open on rusted hinges. It swings wide against a wall and the footsteps, the clack of heeled boots, grow closer and closer. Then a pair of eyes appear.

Wilford takes a step back just as the door jumps open, revealing a man dressed in regal black and red attire, a simple silver crown in perfect position on his head. He cranes his neck to the side and smirks at the prisoner. “Hello, Will.”

“Dark.” Wilford tilts his head back. “Still haven’t grown out of your emo phase, I see.”

Dark takes a step into the cell and looks around with barely-hidden amusement. “I hope you’re enjoying your temporary accommodations.”

“I take it you’ve given me the best there is. As a brother of royalty, I expect nothing less.” Wilford gives a sarcastic bow at the hip and cuts his eyes up to where Dark is glaring at him coldly.

Dark folds his hands behind his back and breathes a slow sigh. “Your sense of humor has stayed intact all these years. That’s quite impressive, but we’ll see how long it lasts once you lose your head.”

Wilford winks. “Already lost it.”

Dark smirks. “I’ve missed your idiotic banter, Will. It’s too bad you’ll be going so soon.”

“That’s really quite flattering, Highness.” Wilford sets his jaw and wiggles his fingers at his sides like he’s ready for a fight, but he knows that Dark would never muss his pretty hair, not anymore. “How soon is ‘soon’?”

“Morning,” Dark puts it simply. “Dawn to be precise. If we wait too late in the day, the stench is simply unbearable.” Dark smiles and straightens his clothes a bit, as if they were out of place to begin with. “I’m sure you’ll appreciate not having to await your fate too terribly long.”

Wilford bares his teeth. “Just tell me one thing. When you betrayed us all, did it hurt? Did you feel a thing when you killed the others? Or was it like plucking flowers?”

Dark’s face goes completely impassive, a mask of ice and darkness. “You were smart to get out of my way. I can’t help what I had to do to get where I am.” Dark spreads his arms to either side. “I could’ve given you a place in my palace! A position in my court rather than a corner of this cell! You’re the one who chose this life!”

“The choices you offer always lead back to you, Dark. No matter what I chose,” Wilford is seething, barely containing his burning anger that bleeds red into the sides of his vision, “I would’ve ended up right back here. With you holding your power over my head!” Wilford lunges for Dark, but the black and white figment is ready, calling for his guards to come to his aid.

The Googles swarm Wilford and drag him off of Dark, screaming and ripping at whatever he can get his hands on. They pin him to the wall, and he fights to get loose again. But he’s trapped.

Dark steps forward, straightening his crown and leaning in with a poisonous smile. “Hold on to that righteous fury, Will. It will serve you well in your last moments when you die alone. I’m sure that’ll give you some measure of peace, in the end.” Dark laughs and turns on his heel, stalking out of the cell as his laughter continues to ring through the stone hallway.


Host sucks in a breath as the beast spots them, its ears perking up in interest. Its eyes glow red in the darkness. Amy grabs for Host’s hand once more as the great beast saunters over and sniffs them with a cold, black nose. She holds back a scream as the large dog bares its teeth at her, sharp teeth as big as her head.

“It’s… it’s a dog?” Amy says, more of a question than she intended it to be. She reaches out her hand—of course, what does she have to lose—and pets the dog’s large head. It stares at her for moment before its tail begins wagging. “He-hello, puppy,” Amy says softly, hoping not to spook the beast.

The Host squeaks. “It’s not going to eat us?”

The dog growls at the sound of his voice, but Amy shakes her head and keeps petting the dog’s golden fur. “No, no, don’t worry. He’s a friend. We’re both friends.”

The large dog watches Amy with oddly understanding eyes before she hears a deep voice say, “I’m hungry.”

Amy’s jaw drops. “Did-did the dog just talk?”

“My name is Chocolate,” the deep voice intones. “But you may call me Choco.”

The corners of Amy’s open mouth turn up into a shocked smile as she laughs a little in shock and happy surprise that she is, in fact, not about to be eaten. “Say, Choco, if we promised to feed you, would you help us find my friend and get us out of here?”

Choco seems to consider this for a moment, turning her head away a bit and glancing at the central tower of the castle. “My master would not like it if I helped you to escape. He keeps me hungry so that I will eat any intruders.” The dog looks at Amy again. “But I don’t particularly like the taste of human. Ok, I will help you.”

Amy gives another nervous laugh and turns back to Host. “Now might be a good time to ask, are you a dog person?”

88. Hold out your hand and close your eyes.

A/N: This is I think the fifth one? Prompt #88.

Word count: 1177


“Just do it, Sweetheart!” he laughs, watching her nervously gaze at him.

“I don’t want to! I’m scared of what you’ll do!” she protests, shaking her hands out as she took a slow breath.

“I won’t do anything bad,” he says, his smile leaving her breathless for just a second. Shouldn’t it be a sin to have such a perfect smile?

“Show me your hands,” she commands, watching as he held them up for her to examine. “Sam? Your hands.”

Sam, who had been quietly observing, raises his eyebrow.

“What makes you think I’m in on whatever this is?” Sam asks, looking wounded that she would think that he would take part.

“It’s probably because I switched out your coffee for decaf and you guys finally realized it and now you two want to get back at me,” she returns, watching his head cock to the side a little.

“You what?” Dean shouts, and she nervously grins at him. Maybe they hadn’t caught onto that…?

“Okay, so it’s not for that. Let me see your hands, Sam, and I’ll do it,” she bargains, looking between the two of them.

Sam flashes his hands, and she sees something move in his sleeve.

“I knew it!” she screeches, backing away from him. “What is it? I won’t let you do it unless you tell me what that was.”

“Come on, Sweetheart,” Dean says, grinning even wider. “You said you’d do it. Trust me, it won’t be anything bad.”

“But whatever it was, it was fuzzy,” she pouts, making a face at him. “It could be a tarantula or something gross.”

“It’s not gross, and it can’t hurt you,” Sam says soothingly, and she reluctantly sticks her hands out.

“Close your eyes,” Dean tells her, and she shifts her weight from foot to foot before finally closing them. “There we go. Now don’t drop it, okay?”

“Okay,” she whimpers, squeezing her eyes shut tighter as she felt a tiny weight being placed in her hands. “Ew it’s fuzzy! It’s fuzzy!”

She feels hands underneath hers, and she very seriously considers dropping this thing into the hands and running for the hills.

Then she feels it nibbling on her thumb.

“It’s trying to eat me! Take it away! Take it away!” she shrieks, turning her face away so that even if she did open her eyes she wouldn’t have to see whatever it was.

“Just open your eyes and stop whining,” Dean says, and she whimpers as she opens her eyes, taking a quick peek to the brown mass in her hands before looking away once more.

“I swear if this is a giant ass spider I’m going to punch both of you in the dick,” she says, feeling the thing move slightly.

“You’re freaking out but you haven’t even looked yet,” Sam says in a playful tone, and she finally turns her face to look at the thing.

In her hands is a baby bunny, small, brown, and fuzzy.

“Oh!” she cries, lifting the thing closer to her face. “It’s so cute!”

“See? All that worrying for nothing,” Sam says, taking a step back from her. So it had been his hands under hers. She knew they weren’t Dean’s. They felt too big.

“It’s just…” she trails off, pressing the small creature to her cheek. “Dean?”

“I found it a little while ago and thought you might like it,” he says with a barely-there tint to his cheeks.

“Oh, it’s just so cute,” she repeats, looking into tiny beady eyes and the nose that wiggled so adorably.

“Okay, one more time,” Dean says, and she looks up to him quickly. “Give Sam the bunny and close your eyes.”

“I thought this was the present,” she says in a cautious voice as Sam took the baby bunny from her hands.

“That was to make you trust that I’m not going to put a bug in your hands,” he says with a knowing grin.

“Well, now that you’ve got my guard down, that would be the perfect time to put a bug in my hands,” she protests.

“Just close your eyes and hold out your damn hand,” Dean snaps grumpily.

She makes a face and does as he says, flinching when something cold is pressed into her hand. She feels Dean close her hand around the object, and when she look at him, his hand is still around hers.

“Dean?” she has a feeling that she might know what the object is, but she always thought that he would be more romantic about this.

“It’s not an engagement ring,” he says seriously, his green eyes holding hers.

“Oh,” she whispers, trying not to sound disappointed.

“But it’s an engagement ring,” he says quickly, and she looks to him curiously.

“Oh?” is all she can whisper. He hasn’t let her hand go yet so she can see what she’s dealing with.

“Dean, just let her look at it,” Sam says gently, holding the baby bunny in one big hand while watching his brother.

Dean’s eyes hold hers as he slowly releases her hand, letting her open her hand that had been clamped around the ring.

The coloring of it is not what a usual engagement ring looked like, and when she looks closely, she understands.

“You’re all about practicality and… I just thought that this was more practical than some flashy gold thing,” he explains softly. “It’s made of silver and iron, and there’s a little band of brass in there too, I think. And I got Bobby to etch an anti-possession sign on the inside.”

“Dean, I…” she’s speechless, staring at the mottled looking metal band.

“Like I said, it’s not an engagement ring but… It’s an engagement ring?” his voice pitches up slightly at the end like a question.

“Is this your way of asking me to marry you?” she whispers, holding the ring tightly in her hand.

“Yeah?” he returns, unsure. She wasn’t exactly giving him the reaction he had expected.

“Oh my God,” she groans, throwing her arms around his neck. “Yes. You don’t even have to ask.”

He hugs her close, grinning as she pulled back to kiss him before slipping the ring onto her finger.

“It’s a good fit,” she smiles at him. “Tight, so it won’t fall off.”

“Told you,” Sam mutters, and she looks to the taller Winchester with a question in her eyes. “He didn’t think you’d like it.”

“Of course I love it,” she nods, smiling happily to Dean. “God, a bunny and a ring. Best day of my life.”

“I love you, Sweetheart,” he murmurs gently, lifting her hand to kiss the ring she’s just put on.

“I love you too,” she returns, holding his cheeks to kiss him softly.

“Get a room,” Sam looks away, and she grins as she pulls away.

“Give me Doom,” she says, holding her hands out, and she watches his brows crinkle. “The rabbit. His name is Doom.”

Dean laughs loudly, his face splitting into a grin.

“God, I knew there’s a reason I love you.”

The Black Bunny

TITLE: The Black Bunny


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine if Loki accidentally turned himself into a bunny through some sort of magical mishap, and, not being able to properly care for himself, he kind of awkwardly nibbles on things and writes out what happened with the shreddings. 


NOTES: I could not resist writing this short, yet sweet, story, as I thought the idea of Bunny Loki was downright adorable. Full of fluff, and very silly (compared to the more serious fics I write). Also, it’s just in time for Easter! haha ♥︎ It is loosely based off of the imagine above and there will be two parts, hope you enjoy!

Part One

It was a Monday, and I was running late… again. I hurried to the subway, but I had then discovered that I left my metro card at home and by the time I bought another card, the train that I usually took to get me to work on time was long gone.
Today was already not my day.

I lived in a tiny apartment all the way downtown, near Battery Park, and it took me awhile to get to my office in Midtown: my office being the one directly besides the infamous Stark Tower - and yes, my words are dripping with sarcasm. 

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You’re the Only Ones that I Need                  Word Count: 1817

Evan stretched and yawned lightly. He turned to his side, expecting his arms to hit another body but he was instead met with empty blankets that were still a little warm. Of course, Ohm had already gotten up. He was probably downstairs, maybe in the kitchen, or living room. Before Evan could investigate his theory though, a warm arm draped across his side.

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I've Got A Theory....

A/N: if you get the title reference, then we should totally be best mates.

Reid x Reader

Spencer groaned watching the images on the screen, his dick in his hand as he worked it up and down.

You had been away for three weeks and those three weeks had been hell. Before you’d gone he made a ridiculous pact with himself that he wouldn’t touch himself until you were back. But it was too much, he’d become used to having regular sex and three weeks was killing him. Finally he’d given in and got his laptop out, sitting on the couch and indulging in some good old fashioned porn. Sure he’d only have to wait another day or so to see you but given how long it had been, he knew he’d go off like a rocket as soon as you touched him. And he didn’t want that. So he decided to give his pipes a clean out. Desensitise the sausage.

The girls on the screen weren’t as hot as you were but they were getting the job done.

You were exhausted but pleased you’d managed to catch that early flight. Now you could surprise Spencer. You’d checked in at the BAU, making sure he hadn’t been pulled out on a case whilst you’d been away guest lecturing, so you knew he was at his apartment. Hauling your suitcase up the few flights of stairs you stopped just outside his door, searching your bags for the spare key he’d given you.

And that was when you heard it.


The distinct sound of a woman moaning. And then the groan that you recognised without a doubt as your boyfriend’s sex groan.

Well then. That was it. He was cheating on you. Brilliant.

You leaned in to the door, fighting back anger and tears.

Wait a sec.


The female moans were tinny, like they were coming through speakers.

Which meant one thing.

He was watching porn.

Spencer was watching porn.

Well, least he’d be ready and raring to go.

You found your key and slotted it into the lock.

Shit shit shit shit shit!

Spencer heard the tell tale sound of his front door unlocking. His mashed at the keyboard, quickly deleting the Internet history and pulling up You Tube, clicking it to the first video he saw and then shoving his dick back into his pants.

Only Morgan and you had a key to his apartment and he knew that if Morgan found him watching porn he’d never live it down, and if you found him watching porn surely your feelings would be hurt. Women didn’t like their guys watching that sort of stuff, did they?

You swung open the door and dragged your suitcase in expecting to see a very specific site in front of you.

Except, nope. His pants were up and a cutesy video of some sort was up on the screen. Seeing you there, he tossed the laptop to one side shutting the lid so that it closed down automatically, and rushed over to you.

“Y/N! What are you doing back so early!”

You scrutinised him carefully. Face flushed, pupils slightly dilated, lips chapped from biting down on them. All the tell tale signs that he’d been doing something. You knew he masterbated, almost everyone indulged in a little do it yourself. You’d even caught him doing it before and it turned into a very hot and heavy session. So why was he being so weird about it?

“I caught an earlier flight. Thought I’d surprise you. Is everything okay?”

His eyes flickered over to the laptop and back to you.

“Everything’s fine! Why wouldn’t it be? I’ve just missed you that’s all, and I’m super happy you’re home.”

“Are you sure? You’re acting a little weird right now, like you’re on edge. Did I…. interrupt something? Because if I did, we can always head to the bedroom to carry on,” you raised your eyes provocatively and touched your hand to his groin. He’d definitely been doing something.

“No! Wait… No, you didn’t interrupt anything but yes let’s head to the bedroom.”

He took your hand and led you to his room, quickly distracting you with his mouth. And because he himself was so distracted by the thought of what you’d say if you’d caught him watching porn, he didn’t go off like a rocket.

In fact it took him so long to finish that you were starting to wonder if something was wrong. So when you’d both finally finished and he had fallen asleep, you slipped out of the room and powered his laptop back up. You knew his password just like he knew yours.

And the only thing in the Internet history was a video which showed cute little bunnies frolicking around on a hill side.


Fucking bunnies?

He’d definitely been wanking before you’d entered the apartment.

To bunnies?

He’d been getting turned on by bunnies?

You tried so badly not to freak out. People had fetish’s, some people had majorly weird fetish’s.

You just never expected Spencer to have one. How had he managed to hide it from you for so long? Or was it a reasonably new thing ? Had he stumbled across sexy bunnies when you’d been out of town? You couldn’t bring yourself to watch the video. Given the female moaning you’d heard through the door you could only presume that some sick fuck had tweaked the video, laying sound effects over it. After an hour or so of pacing the apartment and trying not to have a meltdown, you finally calmed down enough to get back into bed.

Where you lay with your arms straight by your side, not touching Spencer and not sleeping. Your mind was in overdrive.

By the time the morning rolled around you’d just about accepted it. You loved Spencer, everyone had their own kinks and this was just his. Maybe you could work with it. Bunnies were cute right? Maybe you could dress up as one. He’d clearly not been as into you last night as he normally was, perhaps a cute pair of bunny ears and a tail would change that?

Yes, that’s what you’d do.

Spencer was finishing up in the bathroom and you were getting ready to surprise him. You’d done your best to act normal around him today, you loved him and no weird little kink was going to turn you off him.

Unless it turn out that he’d actually been fucking bunnies somehow in which case you figured you might have to call someone.

After a nice breakfast together you both went out to run errands, going your separate ways for a few hours. And in those few hours you’d found a costume shop. You’d been torn between a playboy bunny leotard with the collar, cuffs, ears and tail, and a full blown furry rabbit outfit that would cover you from head to foot. In the end, you’d gone for the playboy bunny option. At least that way you wouldn’t feel so weird. And if it turned out that it didn’t turn him on, well you’d go back to the store and purchase the other one.

You finished drawing whiskers onto your face, assessing yourself in the the mirror. You actually looked pretty good. You just hoped it would be enough. The door to the bedroom swung open and Spencer walk in, stopping dead in his tracks as you stood posed with your hand on one hip.

“Hey there, big boy,” why on earth you’d decided to lead with that you didn’t know. His eyes raked over your body, taking in the outfit and a smirk spread across his face. He strode over to you and captured your lips in a breath taking kiss before releasing you and pulling back.

“Not that I’m complaining, but to what do I owe this pleasure?” his voice was low and gravelly, the way it was when you knew he was turned on. You breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh thank God. So this will get you going then? I thought I’d have to go back to the store and get the other one.”

“Huh?” confusion crossed his features. “Why wouldn’t it get me going. Although you should realise that you don’t have to dress up to do that?”

“I don’t? Is dressing up not part of it then? Do I need to like, get on the floor and wiggle and twitch my nose or something instead? Should I fetch a carrot from the kitchen, I bought a bunch just in case.”

“Y/N, what on earth are you talking about?”

Oh God, you’d hoped he’d just accept your outfit and efforts and that you wouldn’t have to deal with his denial.

“Spencer, I know okay. You don’t have to hide it from me. I mean, sure I was a little freaked out to begin with but then I remembered how when I was a little girl I used to be weirdly attracted to the fox version of Robin Hood. I get it, it’s fine.”

“Get what exactly?”

Ugh. This was worse than you imagined.

“Spencer, I know that you get off to bunny porn okay!”

His jaw dropped.

“W-what…. W-hat… B-bunny porn? What even is t-that,” he hadn’t stuttered around you in ages. He must have been super nervous. You moved forward and took his hands.

“Last night, when I came home early. I could hear moaning through the door so I knew you were doing something. And then you tried to hide it and practically threw the laptop across the room. So after you’d gone to sleep I looked. I saw the bunny video on YouTube Spencer, I know that’s what you were watching whilst you were wanking.”

He started to speak but you interrupted him. “I was freaked out. I’m not ashamed to say it. But I love you and if bunnies are what turn you on then….”

“Jesus fucking christ Y/N,” he jumped in, cutting you off. “I wasn’t watching bunny porn, I was watching normal porn.”

“Babe, that’s not normal to most people. I know it is to you but….”

“No!!” he was starting to turn red now. “Bunnies do not get me off, no animals do. I was watching regular porn but I thought you’d be pissed at me so I quickly deleted my browser history and clicked on the first video I found.”

Wait, what?


That actually sounded logical.

“So you weren’t getting off to rabbits?”

He shook his head, “Fuck no!  Just normal standard, run of the mill porn.”

“Oh thank God.”

“You seriously thought that I…?”

You nodded furiously, “Yes.”

“So you dressed up like this for me?”

You nodded again. “I love you, I want you to be happy. And if dressing as a rabbit made that happen then I would dress as a rabbit.”

His face softened into a loving smile. “As weird as this all is, that’s really amazing that you’d do that. I love you so much.”

“Good, you’d better do. Because I’ve been in turmoil about this for the last 24 hours. ”

“I can’t believe you’d think that I’d find bunnies sexual….. I mean I know the British caramel bunny is quite provocative looking but she’s a cartoon.”

You raised your eyebrows at him. “What was I meant to think? You’d clearly been masturbating and I’d heard noises - which if I can head through the door by the way then you gotta think your neighbours could hear too, ever heard of headphones Spencer? Anyway, I knew you’d been doing something and then all I can find on your laptop is bunnies. Do you really think I’d be pissed at you for watching porn?”

He nodded.

“Spencer, baby. Watch all the porn you want. As long as it doesn’t affect our sex life then go for it. Hell even I’ve been known to watch the odd porno when I’ve been alone and feeling frisky.”

“You have?”

Now it was your turn to nod. “Yup, it’s not just for men. In fact if you do your research I bet you’ll find that the percentage of women who watch is a lot higher than you’d think. Now, now that I know you’re not into cutesy little bunnies, I’m gonna take these ridiculous ears off.”

Spencer looked you up and down and then bit his lip. You knew that look.

“You want me to leave them on don’t you?”

“You do look super sexy. It’s not the ears, it’s the outfit as a whole. And you did go through a lot of effort, would be a shame to waste it.”

“Are you gonna show me how much you appreciate the effort?”

He grinned and pulled you towards him, his hand reaching round to your ass and squeezing your fluffy tail.

“You betcha, bunny.”

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Steve/ Bucky - “i’m a newly-turned werewolf without a pack and i can’t really control myself well on full moon nights yet and you keep finding me passed out naked on your lawn”, please?

Steve?” Bucky’s voice startled Steve out of his doze – he hadn’t meant to fall asleep, he’d intended to stumble to his feet and figure out how to get home before dawn, but it turned out that having all your bones rearranged was exhausting – and he hurriedly rolled to his feet.

Well, he tried to. Mostly he groaned and smashed his face into the dew-drenched grass.


“’m fine,” he told the grass, reveling in the chill of the morning air on his now constantly overheated skin.

“You’re naked and sleeping on my front lawn,” Bucky said, jamming his hands under Steve’s arms and hauling him into a sitting position. “You might be fine now, but you won’t be in thirty minutes when old Mrs. Hannigan across the street wakes up and calls the police.”

Bucky had a point there, Steve admitted. He propped Steve up against his legs and proceeded to towel off Steve’s damp head, as though his best friend turned up naked on his lawn every week. Steve was beginning to think he should have been bitten by a werewolf years ago, if it got Bucky’s hands combing through his hair.

Only, no, because he was naked in Bucky’s yard. His mother was going to kill him.

“What’s wrong?” Bucky asked, pulling Steve to his feet and wrapping the towel around his waist. Steve was relieved that his entire body ached and his right calf was cramping, or the feeling of Bucky’s fingers dragging just over his hipbone might have done him in.

“What do you mean?” Steve replied too fast, tripping over the words. “Nothing’s wrong.” He shook his head hard, and Bucky snorted.

“Punk, you were mooning my Mum over her morning coffee. Nothing’s wrong?” All Steve’s blood rushed to his face, his entire chest flushed red. His mother was going to kill him.

“Uh,” he stuttered. “Just, um, just, it was a really wild night.” Which was true. Steve vaguely recalled hunting for his dinner, and that was pretty wild, as things went.

Bucky raised an eyebrow. “Pal, it’s a Tuesday. And I’m the quarterback. You’re telling me you went to a party on a Monday night that I didn’t even hear about?”

“Modest, aren’t you?” Steve griped, and Bucky laughed, tilted his head back and chortled at the lightening sky.

Maybe being mauled by a supernatural creature and turned into a ravening beast wasn’t so bad, if it got him Bucky’s smile lit by the dawn.

“Steven,” Mrs. Barnes called, sticking her head out the front door, still in her bathrobe and rollers. “Did you want some toast with those hard-boiled eggs of yours?”

Steve debated taking the towel and making a run for it, despite not knowing where his clothes were or whether he would make it a block before Mrs. Hannigan called the cops.

Bucky had his mother’s diabolical grin, and Steve decided being a werewolf was, in fact, as bad as he had originally thought. Worse, even, because Mrs. Barnes popped him on his towel-clad ass with her morning paper as he slunk inside.


“Is this some sort of cult thing?” Bucky asked, twenty-eight mornings later, chucking a blanket onto Steve and flopping down beside him in the back yard to gaze at the fading violet of the night sky.

“Ungh,” Steve informed him, still trying to breathe through the grinding pain of having his facial bones flattened and his joints broken and reassembled, worse than rheumatic fever and the measles combined.

“Because Mum doesn’t mind when you stay over, but she really prefers it when we’re both inside and you’re wearing clothes. And Dad thinks you’re getting some bad medication.” Bucky paused, reaching out to tug the blanket off Steve’s face – Steve’s asthma had fled with the bite, but Bucky didn’t know that, and something in Steve’s chest warmed at the gesture. “Also,” Bucky added, “Becky is sort of at an impressionable age, and I would really prefer she didn’t see naked people on our lawn. She sees enough of them on the internet.”

Steve choked on his own saliva, and Bucky pounded his back until Steve shoved him away.

He wasn’t actually sure why he kept ending up on Bucky’s lawn. This time he’d even prepared – had borrowed his Ma’s car and driven into the protected forest ten miles away, sure that he would chase rabbits and probably wake up freezing in a river somewhere in the woods.

He really wished there was a werewolf handbook somewhere, to explain these sorts of things.

Bucky slung an arm around Steve’s shoulders, the fabric of his old thermal top scratchy against Steve’s oversensitive skin. “Besides,” Bucky said, “You really shouldn’t be out here at night. Alice and Nonie were toasting marshmallows at the fire pit last night and thought they saw a feral dog.”

Steve’s mouth went dry. Bucky’s baby sisters, the twins, out after dark on the night of a full moon. They would turn eight in a month, and had been begging Steve and Bucky to take them to the amusement park, swearing they were tall enough now for the rollercoasters. He had been living with the Barneses when the girls were born, his Ma still in the hospital with tuberculosis. The twins were the little sisters he’d never had.

And he would have ripped out their throats, hours ago, a feral dog too close to the Barnes home.

“I should go,” he managed, even though he was shaking too hard to stand. Bucky’s arm tightened around his shoulders, and Steve flinched.

“You should come eat some of the pancakes the devil children are making for you,” Bucky contradicted him, leaning his head against Steve’s, pressing comfort into Steve’s skin the way he had through countless childhood illnesses, the way he’d held Steve’s hand in the hospital when they were ten and the doctors thought Steve was going to die. “They added a whole bag of chocolate chips.”

“I –” Steve didn’t know how to say it. I’m dangerous. “Bucky –”

“We’ll figure it out,” Bucky interrupted, wrapping his other arm around Steve’s chest, shifting so that their foreheads were pressed together, his pale eyes boring steadily into Steve’s. “Whatever it is, Steve, we’ll figure it out.”

And Steve wanted so badly for it to be true.


“You moron,” someone said, not for the first time if the tone of voice was anything to go by. “You fucking idiot. These are things you tell your best friend!”

Something in that sentence caught Steve’s attention, even as he lay panting on the ground in the dark, the moon only just below the horizon. Best friend. Shit. Bucky. “I -” he tried to say, but his vocal cords hadn’t finished transforming and all he managed was a faint croak.

Cool, gentle hands slid over his skin, tempering the fiery pain licking through Steve’s muscles and through every pore. “Shh,” Bucky whispered, laying down next to Steve and tugging him into a loose embrace. “Shh, you dumbass, I’ve got you.”

Pain cleared Steve’s head quickly. If Bucky was with him, then he must be in Bucky’s lawn again, despite locking himself in the basement of the abandoned Stark mansion at the edge of town. Damn it. The girls!

“Al – Nonie?” he coughed, struggling weakly in Bucky’s arms.

“You’re an idiot,” Bucky informed him, the same unwavering affection he’d shown Steve since they were five. “You saved their lives, you know?”

Steve frowned, and wiggled around until he was facing Bucky, their noses brushing and Bucky’s eyes almost silver in the dark. “That feral dog they saw last time?” Bucky continued, sure that he had Steve’s attention. “That wasn’t you, punk. That was some other werewolf.” Steve blinked. He hadn’t considered that. Hadn’t even considered that there were more werewolves, beyond the crazed man that had bitten him. “I think you came close to tearing his snout off before he could even think about attacking them. They think we have the best guard dog ever.” Bucky paused, snickering, his breath warm against Steve’s face. “I think they left a bowl of water and a steak bone for you, if you’re hungry.”

Steve scowled at Bucky’s smirk. “This isn’t funny!” he insisted hoarsely. “Bucky, I could –”

“Save my family’s lives?” Bucky finished for him, raising both eyebrows and shaking his head a little, telegraphing his disbelief at the fears teeming in Steve’s eyes. “You’re not a threat, Steve. Not to us.” Bucky kept his eyes on Steve’s, even as he tilted his head just close enough to press his lips to Steve’s in a brief, quiet kiss. Steve dug his fingers into Bucky’s waist and held on.

“Do you boys have condoms?” Mrs. Barnes called through the back door, loud enough to wake the neighborhood and send Steve into another full-body blush – but that was all right. Steve had decided being a werewolf wasn’t so bad, if it put Bucky in his arms and Bucky’s mouth on his.

“I think your father has a box somewhere, from before the vasectomy,” she added. Bucky’s face blanched, and Steve tried to gauge whether his legs would hold him, if he grabbed Bucky’s hand and ran for the hills.

When canines forget

Title: When Canines forget.  Or what happens when you let Nursey and Dex dog sit.

Fandom: OMGCheckplease

Pairing: Caitlin Farmer/Chris Chow Derek Nurse/William Poindexter

Rating: G

Word count: 2097

Also on AO3

Chris is doing optional skate and the dog isn’t responding to its name.  They’re not terrible owners.  They feed the dog, they walk him, they give him belly rubs and biscuits (probably more biscuits than he deserves really) and they make sure that when they go on a long drive he gets enough of a gap out the back window to stick his nose through and sniff the breeze.  They also trained the dog, she was there, she remembers reading the book, carrying the treats in her bag, feeling her heart in her throat when she let him off the lead for the first time terrified that it would be the last she saw of him.  And besides, even if she hadn’t trained the dog she definitely gave him a name he recognised.

Except he doesn’t seem to be recognising it anymore.

She can see his ears prick up when she calls him, can hear him thwacking his tail excitedly against the cupboards as he glances between her and a very appealing slipper by the patio door.

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combateng1neer  asked:

Prompt #28: Nick's had a minor surgery and is under heavy anesthesia. The incredibly secret fox is about to answer some of Judy's most pressing questions. And she's got some deep ones. What's his real age, why the Hawaiian shirts, does he have anyone he likes? Some real hard hitting questions that that she'd never again have the chance to find out.

Sorry for the delay in filling prompts again…I was just lazy…


Nick was well…out of it.

Giggling at every little thing, and rediscovering everything he knew for fact with great awe and wonder.  Completely light and unweighted down but life and the past.  His motor skills cranked to an almost crawl, while his brain was both hot wired on his amazement and drowsy from the medications.  

Basically just really really high from the anesthesia and the morphine.

Which might be been humorous had he not just been hit in the arm by a ricocheting bullet during shoot out.  Or had it not required a standardized routine surgery, that the doctors assured her was nothing major, to get the bullet out.  Or if they weren’t in a hospital.

“You’re wittle nose is wiggling.”  Nick observed dumbly, but falling into a fit of giggles at the sight of it.

“Just a little anxious,”  Judy stated with a shrug.  She frowned a little as Nick reached across his bed to tap her nose, but merely ended up just laying his finger on his nose.  She smiled breathed out a laugh when the fox stupidly grinned at her, and took his paw into her own.  “I don’t really like hospitals.”

“It’s not that bad.”  Nick returned loopily.  “I’ve had way worse, like three breaths form dying kind worse, and I got better.  And I didn’t even go to hospital then.”

“What?”  Judy asked shocked. 

Her eyes wide in panic and worry, because she knew Nick had been and had his own fair share of altercation.  Yet she never assumed he would have almost died before.  Or that he would drop the fact so nonchalantly while on a cocktail medications.

The fox just nodded with a hum.  “It’s how I meet Big.  He thought I was going to die, like 5 times, but nope!”  Nick continued excitedly, smiling like was the coolest fact in the world.  “And I was like fifteen.”

Judy started at the fox in shock.  Amazed he just kept dealing the information like it was nothing.  Despite being tight lipped about how he ever meet Big before.

“So, don’t worry, Carrots, tis but a flesh wound, I’ll be fine!”  Nick assured, before he found on of the cords on his bed.

Judy blinked at the fox for a moment.  Watching as he clumsily fiddled with with the cords, dumb smile on his face.  Literally no care in the world as to what he was saying or doing. 

Then, suddenly, a thought came to Judy.

“Hey, Nick,” Judy started softly, scooting closer to the fox’s hospital bed.  “Why do you always wear though terrible pattern shirts when you’re off-duty?”

It’s not the most pressing question Judy actually had for a fox, but it’s a test.  To see if his truth dial had truly been turned up the medication.  Because she knows his usual reply of “impeccably fashion sense”, is something of veiled truth.

The fox turn to her, completely unphased by change in subject.  “Home,” Nick stated simply.

“What?”  Judy asked with a raised eyebrow.

“They reminded me of home.”  Nick stated, staring at her in her daze.  “My mom had a similar looking wallpaper in our apartment. I saw it on some fabric and made ‘em myself.  Makes me feel safe…”

“You made those shirts yourself?”

“Dad’s a tailor, I have skills.”  Nick sound proudly.  Smug little grin as he turned to look up at the ceiling.  “I can see faces in the ceiling tiles.”

“Another question for you,”  Judy said leaning in with a bit of smile.  Nick hummed as his hand discovered a the TV remote and he held it up in slight horror and surprise.  “How old are you.”

Nick paused for a moment.  Taking some time to count on his fingers absently.  “34, you know that.  Rabbits good a math, right.  You said that.”


“I don’t lie about my age, Carrots.  It’s bad luck…or something.”  Nick stated easily, fiddling with the buttons of the TV remote.

“Alright, fine.”  Judy huffed.  “How about this, do like anyone?”

“You,”  Nick answered immediately, his green eyes half focusing on the remote, half staring into space.  “I like you.  I like you a lot.  You’re nice, smart, funny, and trusting.”  

Judy blinked at the fox in surprise.  Her ears stood tall on his head, and she could feel them growing slightly hot.  Mostly from his immediate answer.  Like he didn’t even have to think about it.  And he just continued complementing her so easily.

“I like Clawhauser too, he’s nice too and he knows were to get good donuts.  Oh and Bogo, I like Bogo too, he’s a good boss.  And Wolford, but don’t tell him.”  Nick continued started to list mammals in his life. From coworkers to his apparent neighbor that gave him baked cookies from time to time.  “Can’t forget Finnick, he’s a pain, but like he’s my oldest friend…”

“No, Nick.”  Judy said with a chuckle.  Realizing he might have misunderstood the exact term the rabbit meant when she asked.   She smiled at the fox, starting to lean against the rails of his bed.  “I mean what I meant was, do like like someone?  You know like, have feelings for.”

Nick turned to her, and started at the gray rabbit for a moment.  He looked at her, actually looked at her straight in the eyes, without seeming droopy or dazed.  “Yeah, you, Carrots.”



“Dumb fox,” Judy sighed out.

“Next question please.”  Nick asked, before jumping when he accidentally turned the TV on.

Judy laughed, reaching to take the remote away from the fox and turned the TV off.  Using the time to think up as many more questions as she could think off before the fox dosed off.


AN: I really don’t know.  But cute fluff for you all!

‘Roughing It!’ Shuichi x Fem!Reader

A mini fic where Rantaro, Ouma and Shuichi with fem s/o going out camping? (They all hang out and chill like good buddies do but shuichi spends most of the trip with his s/o ;^0

Got you covered! I really hope you like it 
-Mod Korekiyo 

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Pairing: Wade Wilson/Deadpool x Reader(platonic), Bucky x Reader(kinda)
Summary: Wade is your roommate and you finally convince him to come and eat dinner with you, with Wade blaring the TV it’s hard to miss the Avengers on the screen but someone catches your eye.
Warnings: Language? Near Death experience? Mentions of sex. Mentions of face sitting ;)
Word Count: 2222

Originally posted by deadpoolbugle

Originally posted by eatalotandsleepalot

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Royai Week 17: Day 1

Can I tell you how hard it was to think of something for today’s prompt that wasn’t stupid? It was very hard. I’m not sure how I really feel about this, but it’s complete and I suppose that’s what matters. Also, ignore the vague-ness I used when regarding the chess, I know nothing of the game. I tried.

Theme: Chess

Words: 2,520

Laughter echoed as Mustang spit blood out of his mouth. There seemed to be no part of his body that didn’t ache; his face and jaw from the blows he received, his arms and shoulders from the way they had been restrained behind the wooden chair he’d been in for the past few days, his abdomen due to the beatings he’d been given, and he was sure he had dislocated his knee attempting to get free. That, and his whole ass was numb.

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Sits Like a Whore But Wears Pearls

Author’s note: This is for the Kate’s Card Against Humanity Challenge
My prompt was: clothes off, penis in vagina. (it’s bolded) This may also be my longest fic.
Warning: Swearing, the use of the word whore, but it’s used making fun of the way Tom sits. Mention of sex


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EXO When You Are a Hybrid

Xiumin: (Rabbit Hybrid)

   You rub at your heavy-lidded eyes as you pad down to your kitchen. Smelling the heavenly aroma of coffee, you knew Minseok was already up. As he usually was before you. Pulling your hair into a bun, you made careful not to snag your long ears. Sitting down at the bar island, Minseok placed a mug topped with whip cream in front of you. “New recipe?” You asked while taking a hearty gulp, it was delicious, as always. “Yup.” Minseok giggled as he wiped whip cream from you top lip, which made you grin. “I love your gap. “ He said referencing to the small gap between your two front teeth, everyone in your family had it. It came with the ears.  

Luhan: (Deer Hybrid)

   Rushing past an old couple, you speed up your pace to your boyfriend’s apartment. It was Halloween Night and Luhan had begged you to go to a costume party with him. Usually you would refuse seeing as being half deer half human made it extremely hard to dress up as something else, but because you loved him, you agreed. “Luhannie? I’m he-“You called before stopping blank at the sight in front of you. Luhan had made himself into a fawn, he had attached fake deer ears to his head and even painted spots on his pale skin to mimic your image. Luhan smiled shyly at you, “Do you like it, Jagi?” You had to swallow back a lump before speaking. “I love it, and I love you Luhan.”  

Kris: (Snake Hybrid)

   You hold back your laugh tickling your throat as you crawl on the floor towards your prey. Kris had been insanely bored and had suggested a game of hide and seek in the dark. Only, he forgot that you could sense his body heat and literally see his outline with your snake eyes. Not that you needed them, your boyfriend was a stumbling giant who couldn’t be quiet to save his life. Quickly slithering forward, you spring onto Kris, who takes both of you down. After a few giggles and groans, you flick your forked tongue out. “Best two out of three?”

Lay: (Sheep Hybrid)

   “Yixing, where are you?” You called out to the dark apartment that you shared with your boyfriend. You turn your head at the sound of a small gasp coming from your bedroom. A small prickle of fear rushed up from your feet to the tips of your sheep ears. Slowly walking into the bedroom, you see Yixing sitting on the bed writing in a notebook. “Jagi! You’re home, how was-“Yixing chattered before a shopping bag tumbled out of the closet. Before he had time to react, you reached in and felt what you knew would be in there: a wool sweater. Turning around you see a somber Yixing with his head hung low. A small smile touched your lips, “SheepXing, it’s okay, it’s just a sweater.”

Suho: (Fox Hybrid)

    “Suho! Please, can we stop?” You beg as you try not to groan from the strenuous position you’ve been keeping for the last 15 minutes. “Why?” Suho asked while continuing to snap photos of you posing from the tree. “I’m getting a crick in my shoulder and its cold!” Your fox ears lower down with all your energy that’s vanished. “Okay, we will in a moment, but the sun came out again and it’s making your brown eyes glow!” Suho giddily smiled before clicking away for the next half hour.  

Chen: (Cat Hybrid)

     You sighed in content from the sun’s rays on your stretched out body. Daily naps with your boyfriend was all you could ever ask for. “Jagiya? Please stop moving, I can’t fall asleep.” Chen whined behind you. You frowned at his voice, “I’m not moving.” Turning around to looking at Chen, you see your tabby-colored tail swaying across his face. “Yes, you are.” Chen responded while flicking one of your cat ears.

Chanyeol: (Meerkat Hybrid)

    “I swear to god Chanyeol, I’m going to murder you!” You groan in frustration as you caught your boyfriend mimicking your “meerkat” pose behind you for the last 20 minutes. “Oh come on, jagiya! It’s fun!” Chanyeol pouted his face to make his point more valid. “Look, even your nose and whiskers are scrunched up!” You angrily stared at your boyfriend’s beaming face before turning to grab your shoes and keys. “I’m hanging out with Kyungsoo.”

Baekhyun: (Mouse Hybrid)

   Baekhyun would love how your nose would twitch at the sight of cheese, as ironic as it was. He could never stop the giggles when the tremor from your nose wiggled throughout your whiskers. You guys have had pasta for the past four nights, not that Baekhyun cared, as long as you were happy. “Jagi?”

“Yeah Baby?”

“You’re doing it again.”

You look down to see the parmesan bottle empty and your pasta covered in a mountain of white flakes.

“Oh, dammit!”

D.O: (Wolf Hybrid)

  “Come on, Kyungsoo-ah!! You’re doing great!” You cheer him on as you guys race through the forest path. Kyungsoo had wanted to slim down a bit so you offered a jog through the forest. Although completely out of breath, he was able to beam brightly at your comment. Sprinting past tree after tree, your wolf ears pricked at the sound of rushing water. “Kyungsoo-ah!” You cry while grabbing the back of his sweatshirt before he goes face first into the roaring river. “Ah-hah, thanks jagi.” Kyungsoo smiled nervously.

Tao: (White Tiger Hybrid)

   “Tao. Come on, I’m serious get up. Tao… TAO!” You firmly said with your arms across your chest. Your white and black striped tail flickered back and forth with annoyance at your lazy-ass boyfriend. It was 1 in the afternoon and he was still sleeping. Trying to pull and prod him did no good, either. This called for your secret weapon. Lightly springing onto the bed, you straddled his back. A small moan muffled by the pillows reached your ears. Smiling to yourself, you rake your nails slowly down his back. Leaning close to your boyfriend’s ear you purr, “Tao, get up before I kick your panda ass.” With that, you move your nails down a bit harder this time making Tao hiss. You smile in victory as he gets up to take a shower. “Shut up.” He directs at you while looking at his back in the mirror.

Kai: (Lynx Hybrid)

  “Like this?” You ask your boyfriend as you copy that dance move he’s been teaching you. Leaping into the air, you execute a spin before landing nimbly onto the balls of your feet. “Jagi, that was amazing! I think you might be better than me!” Kai said in surprise. You giggle as you slink towards the beautiful dancer. Swishing your tail to push the two of you closer together, you purr in content. “I’m not better than you baby, I just have a great teacher.”

Sehun: (Raven Hybrid)

  “Sehun, can you help me with my choker?” You ask while holding your hair up. A grumble was all you got in response before your lanky boyfriend went behind you. As he tighten the clasp, his fingers brush against the onyx black feathers on your neck. “AHH!” You try to pull away from the tickling feeling. “Oh no, Babe, come back here.” Sehun wrapped a long arm around you before going for your neck again. “SeNoodle!” You laughed as you blinked back happy tears.

This was so much fun to make, I hope you guys like it!!!

-Admin Jade

kids. - Yoonkook Week day 3

Bruh I am so late with this and I haven’t even participated as much as I wanted I am sosososo sorry. BUT! Here is a funny little thing I thought of and just HAD to include in the week. It’s been lit, sugakookie babies! “AS OR WITH KIDS”
fluff; 1.5k

on AO3

- A trip to the zoo has got Yoongi melting at first, but leave it to him to get lost in an unexpected (possibly scary) new thought. -

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A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Chapter 5/5

Words: 2053

Author’s notes: Finally the last chapter! I hope you enjoyed this story! And now onto other stuff (like, I don’t know, the actual plot of the AU?)(Mod Junior “oooo’s” in the background)(And yes, there is an actual plot ;P) ~Mod Roy

He crouched low, hoping that the rustling in the bushes wasn’t the wind. This was it, it has to be. Too long has he been hunting, looking for some prey. After a while, he jumped out and ran face first into the defenseless… rock.

Link huffed and sat down, scrunching up his sore snout. Soon he was up once again, bending his front legs as he heard big footsteps behind him.

Ganon looked at the crouching wolf, “What are you doing?”

Pouncing,” He wiggled his butt, tail up in the air, “I need to hunt right?”

“Son,” The larger animal draped a front leg over Link, “Let a pro show you how it’s done.”

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"Get Home Safe" - Smutty Ashton Irwin One Shot

  You just shut the dresser drawer. The cloud-like silk of your new panties pressed tight against your shower fresh skin. You were still a bit red from the hot water and the lotion buzzed the scent of vanilla. Ashton really didn’t have to buy you all this the other day but-

“I need to treat my baby girl like the princess she is.” Ashton had told you after the pink tissue paper hit the duvet and you tried to protest. His palms found your jawline, fingers keeping your lips from saying more. “My lips”, as Ashton referred to them.

The high rise penthouse was quiet, as you were the only one home. It was Sunday night, close to 7:00, and pouring rain. Ashton was going to be home soon, driving back from the airport, a 2 week long business trip in Singapore.

And you hated that because those people in suits took your boyfriend’s time. Took him away from you. They took his dirty blonde curls and saw them combed back and tamed. His body covered and wearing the Armani suit like it was made with his broad shoulders in mind. His strong hands that gave controlled and planned gestures to skillfully explain just how to get the deal done. Done perfectly, and in his way. And oh, his eyes, his burning hazel eyes that pierced them with the promise that they needed him. Said, straightforward and with no possible pretense: Success.

You missed him, so much it made your skin feel tight and itch with the necessity to be grabbed. Clutched and pulled. Those hands pinning those Saint Laurent cuff links that should be gripping your waist. Fitting like the pinks curved into sticky orange of the sunset hanging over Manhattan. The cold buckle of his belt that had to be rubbing into your spine as you bent over. Needed it. All of it. All of him.

It was torrential rain and….and Ashton was driving.  You needed him home and safe and you hated this worry. He was gone for 2 weeks and he was their’s but he is yours. You picked up your phone and dialed before falling onto the sheets. Sheets that smelled like Tom Ford and Dior, like his skin and that meant home. If you could crawl into his chest and never leave that could work.

It barely rang twice before he answered.

“Love,” was his simple answer. His deep, calm voice sparked at the source to light up and travel across the cities as live wire, electrifying every nerve you had. And you felt him everywhere, toes and fingertips and chest and eyes, knees and hips and fuck, underneath the silk.

“Ash,” you breathed into the phone, mouth wide open. No shame.

“My love,” Ashton sighed. And you knew his knuckles were under his chin, driving one handed as he listened to your voice through the speakers of his Bentley. The charcoal one. The same one he fucked you with his fingers in on the night he told you he loved you. Just this phone call was getting you winded, thinking, thinking, thinking.

“I miss you.” You don’t care that you sound lost and needy. You are.

“And I you,” he said. Controlled. Always controlled, except around you.

His words ended there, so you fill the silence.

“I wanted to know if you were close. It’s, baby it’s raining so hard and I need you home. Safe.”

Again, it’s quiet. You can hear the rain hitting his car through the phone and the panicked drops of water are in time with your own anxiety.

“Baby-” You start to say, to make sure he’s still there. Maybe his reception was cutting out or something-

“I’m still here,” Ashton sounded, cutting you off gently. You blink up at the ceiling and rest your hand on your bare stomach. “Okay,” You say weakly, nodding fervently. Just need you baby. Need you….

“Princess,” Ashton begins, and you absolutely light up at that, wiggling into sitting position and gasping almost inaudibly. Almost.

“Now princess, calm. Be calm…” He replied in a soothing voice, sensing the rabbiting of your heart miles and miles away. “Breathe, baby girl.”

So you did, breathed. Casting a look towards the hallway of your bedroom and at his side of the closet. A hot lick of bravery shot up your legs, mixing into your thighs. “Daddy….” You breathed.

There was a sharp intake of breath on the other line, then silence. Then the clearing of his throat. “Princess,” Ashton muttered admonishingly. In that tone. The one that meant everything was perfect as long as you had each other. Each requiring the other to be driven insane. Getting off on it.

“But Daddy, I miss you so much it’s been so long and, and I haven’t…”

“Haven’t what, darling?” Ashton encourages softly, seeping into your stomach and twisting the want, cranking the dial to “desperation.” He knows. Always knows you.

“Haven’t touched…” You answered reluctantly, allowing your voice to drop off before fully finishing your sentence.

“Yourself, my girl? Haven’t touched yourself?” Ash supplies politely.

You nod, forgetting that he cannot in fact see you, before realizing and mumbling a noise that can be taken as a “yes.”

“Oh, my gorgeous girl,” Ashton sighed and chuckled faintly. You let out a whine just after, pulling a “tsk” from Ashton.

“Kitten, don’t whine.” Ashton instructed.

“Daddy, come home.” You replied, getting up and padding over to his hanging shirts, fingers dragging across each one, savoring the feeling to your skin.

“I’ll get there when I get there,” he said as you opened his drawer and yanked out a forest green sleep t-shirt. Pressed to your nose, you drank the scent from his shirt: his cologne and aftershave. His hair and his skin.

“I can’t wait much longer, Ash I-”

“What happened to Daddy, my love?” Ashton asked thoughtfully but with discipline. You stopped mid step, tripping a little.

“Daddy, I’m…I’m sorry.” He was going to play this game all night. Both of you were.

“That’s my girl. My good girl. So sweet. But so impatient, huh? Can’t wait any more?”

“Mmm, no,” You said, biting your lip hard. He can tell by the way you sound because he’s now saying,

“No biting, baby girl. Don’t hurt yourself.”

Your lip popped free from your canines, the canines Ashton so adored. He called you his pup. “I can’t wait,” You repeated, feeling pathetic but so alive.

“I know, shh…I know,” Ashton said. “So why don’t you go lay down in bed, beautiful, and do as I tell you?”

Shivers run down your back and up to your bare chest. Heaving now.


“Okay, what?” Ashton asks, voice and intentions clear.

“Okay, D-daddy.”

“That’s good. Now are you on the bed?” Ash asked as you sat yourself down on the fluffy black pillows and shook your hair back. “Mmhmm, I am, Daddy.”

“Excellent, doing so well, kitten. Now, take your panties off. I know they’re all you’re in, you hate wearing those pj’s, don’t you princess?”

“I hate it,” You whisper and slide the silk down your legs, it pools around your ankles, the barely there fabric.

“The baby blue ones I got you before I left?” He asks. You nod and remember to say “Yes, Daddy.”

“Now love, keep me close as you take your free hand and reach down to your tits, okay?” Ashton tells you more than asks, accent lilting with seduction only he can have. Can ooze.

You make a moaning sound deep in your throat as an answer, a conformation, and do as you are told. Silence save for the pattering of rain out the blinds covered windows. City lights blurry but shining through. It’s dark in the room but not enough to hinder the sight of your body. Silence but for that.

“Now play, kitten.”

Your fingers swipe across your nipples, the silver studs cold and so good. Ashton clears his throat at the sound of your moans and speaks again after you get warmed up. “Lick your fingers and rub down to your belly button.”

You have a few Van Gogh designs on your stomach from your saliva, subtly wet. Ashton told you to then spell out his name with your red lipstick across your navel.

“Lower, lower…” he rasps. And you do.

“Lick your fingers again, love, and pat your pretty little pussy,” he tells you, a trace of something different in his voice. He must be close. Close to home, he’s still on the road. Moving, moving, moving.

Your warm fingers against your throbbing center makes you hiss and whimper. You let your noises drain straight into the phone, turning your head to feel the security of your boyfriend not too far away. Can’t be.

“That’s it, baby girl. You’re such a good girl for Daddy, you know that? I love you so much. Now rub your clit baby, run your little fingers up and down hard. Hard for me, yeah?” Ashton was rougher in his tone now, needing this more. As if he wasn’t desperate for it all along. You knew he was, and that’s what pushes your fingers against your soaking wet pussy and the gasp right up from your throat. Feels like it’s from your heart. “Daddy!”

“I know baby girl, it’s so fucking good, huh? You know just what you need. You’re such a perfect girl for me, I can’t wait to get home and fuck you.”

He’s close. You feel it. Can feel it in your fingers through to your heat, down to your toes and in your skull. “Daddy, please get here, please,” you’re practically sobbing with how good this all feels, hips swiveling as you turn over and grind into the pillow. You catch Ashton’s shirt in your line of vision across the bed and lunge for it. “I, I have your shirt Daddy, and I, I want to use it.”

There’s a beat of silence and you can just imagine it being filled with Ash gripping the wheel harder before he answers.

“Use it baby, I’d love that.” His voice his so rough. His shirt is so soft.

“Nngh,” you let out in ecstasy as you bring the green shirt down to your pussy and rub. “Smells like you,” You let him know.

“Baby, you’re so amazing.” Ashton sounds closer, like he pressed a button and is now on the phone. Walking up to you, you know it. The shirt is almost the perfect friction, but it’s not Ash. Not his fingers or thigh or lips or cock.

“Oh, Daddy, oh, fuck.” Now you’re close.

You take the time you know he’s taking in the elevator to grind and flex your calf muscles against the bed and flip over to breathe. You left yourself at the edge, not yet thrown over. Silence except the rain.

The door opens and closes. Keys are thrown somewhere hard. Then he’s there in the doorway, tie loosened and button up sleeves bunched to his elbows. Hair neat but his fingers definitely ran through it. And his eyes, burning through you.

He speaks first because he’s your Daddy and you’re his princess.

“I’m so sorry I left you,” Ashton says.

Your fingers drop the shirt and your hips are finally, fucking finally being held again, his lips on yours and your neck and your legs bracketing him tight.

“It’s okay Daddy, please-”

“Shh, princess, I’ve got you…”

No silence. Heavy breathing and gasps and moans and rustling sheets and clothes being ripped absolutely apart. Rain and thrusts and screams and nails scraping his back. Hands against your ass and hips and his body is yours again.

“You’re mine again,” you rush to get out as you steady yourself in his lap, grinding. Ash looks at you, into your eyes and somewhere in the flecks of dark green and blown out pupils a certainty washes over you both.

“I always was, love.”

And there is a storm that night, tossing and turning in the sheets. A lightning storm. And has he fucks you deep into the mattress several minutes later and the room is lit up by a strike from the sky, he kisses your neck and breathes into your skin.

“Completely, baby.”

“What?” You asked as you knotted your fingers into his sweat drenched curls.

“Completely yours, baby girl. I’m completely yours. Forever.”

You know this is true, always did. But something about the way his promise curves into the air as the thunder and strike of electricity enters the atmosphere outside makes you know in your soul and bones, right here and now, that yes, forever.

Because nothing this electrifying can be temporary.

Ashton gets home safe, and so do you.