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After I posted my letter about starting a new job at Dreamworks I got a lot of messages and emails from people asking if I could talk about my journey more in detail and how I got here despite going to school in Pittsburgh for psychology and almost giving up on animation halfway through college. I know that I would have appreciated reading something like this a year and a half ago so I thought I’d share my story in the hopes that it might be able to help someone who is struggling. Plus: a detailed explanation of how social media has done so much for me as an artist.

Buckle in guys. Lots of text under the cut! 

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This is barely coherent because I’m exhausted but


So first in season 3 we see the relationship they’ve been building up between Keith and Lance for like 2 SEASONS really blossom. Like they’re BFFs. Lance is Keith’s impulse control. Keith is Lance’s comfort. They’re all cool and stuff.

Then, in 4.01 Keith leaves. Lance thinks joining the Blades will make Keith happy, so he’s like, okay cool. Then Pidge goes to find Matt and comes back with this guy who makes bad jokes and flirts with Allura (sound familiar?) but is also super smart and mature and good at fighting and stuff. I don’t think it’s too much of a reach to say this is Lance’s worst fear –– someone shows up who’s like him but ‘better’, more worthy of his friends’ attention, meaning he gets rejected. But no big deal, right? Ain’t no one rejecting him yet.

But then when Matt flirts with Allura (in like the dorkiest way possible omg save him) she blushes and doesn’t insult him or anything, which for her is responding pretty positively, or at least moreso than she does with Lance. And then Shiro (y’know, Lance’s hero) is all MATT?? I LOVE MATT!! And then Matt forms the Tech Nerd Dream Team™ with Hunk and Pidge, Lance’s best friends from the Garrison. (Basically, Matt is a lot like Lance, but ‘better’ and adored by people the way Keith was.)

The next time we see Lance, instead of being his social butterfly self and getting to know the new guy, he’s holed up in his room in the dark in the middle of the day, looking tense and marathoning video games.

Okay, though. Maybe that’s okay. People play video games. No biggie. But first of all, that doesn’t seem like Lance. He’s the social guy. He’s the last person I’d expect to be holed up in his room playing video games in the dark in the middle of the day, especially when a cool new person just showed up. Lance loves people. Lance loves getting to know people (see: Taking Flight, The Depths, the Voltron Show!, Changing of the Guard, and literally every episode with new aliens).

But even if you disagree, consider this: in the Paladin Handbook, Crystal Venom, and Eye of the Storm, we see that when Lance has time to himself, he uses it to relax (napping, chilling with a good lemonade, going to the pool). There are two ways people spend free time: relaxation and stimulation. Video games are definitely a form of stimulation. When are you more likely to choose stimulating activities, even if you’re more into relaxation in your time off? When you’re trying to distract yourself from something.

^ picture by breeceesall (So sorry!!)

(Lance is answer choice D. I accidentally originally said B because I just glanced at it and that was a mistake, thanks to celestialdefenders for pointing that out!)

(By the way, side note: when Allura and Coran come to get Lance to milk Kaltenecker and they all leave the room, he says something like, “Okay, let’s get this over with”… and it sounded… off to me? Like he was covering up the insecure layer and going back to business… I dunno maybe I just heard it weird, I’m not really counting this as a point.)

The last thing Lance would do is tell anyone about all of this inner turmoil. After all, the only times he voices or even admits to himself his own insecurities are to strangers (Escape From Beta Traz) and to… well, Keith (Tailing a Comet, the infamous leave the math to Pidge scene). Who’s gone.

And I don’t think it bothers Lance as much when he has stuff to keep his mind off it (in the Voltron Show, they’re doing his favorite part of the war effort. Of course he seems happy and lighthearted!). But.

Pidge and Hunk were already starting to distance themselves from him and form their own li’l Tech Nerds Unite team as early as season 1. Now they have Matt to further finish off the new-and-improved Garrison Trio, this time without Lance. They definitely aren’t doing it on purpose, and probably don’t even realize that they’re doing it. Obviously everyone loves Lance. But they don’t show it, because they don’t realize they have to. He seems so happy and confident. But to Lance, I can see how it would seem like Pidge and Hunk have replaced him.

And now Keith, who was quickly becoming Lance’s closest friend, strongest teammate, and the most likely to understand what he’s going through, has left. Meaning Lance is, for all intents and purposes, alone.

Dude, if I were Lance, I’d be sitting in the dark marathoning video games too.

EDIT: wingedkeith made a really good point and said I could add it in!

“I just wanted to add on something: at the end of season 3, we see lance’s insecurities as he claims that he’s the “one pilot too many” and says he’s going to step down. So this boy already feels sort of useless, and then Matt comes along and seems to “replace” him in every aspect with the team. I’m not really sure what we can draw from that, but it’s something I noticed and thought you’d also find it interesting that it isn’t just season 4 where Lance starts to feel this way, but season 3 as well, and that means it’ll probably carry over into season 5, where Jeremy (I think?) said that Lance will have a pretty big character arc.”

Further proof that this part of Lance’s arc has been a long time coming. Majorly in season 3 and even before then in Escape From Beta Traz, he has always felt like a seventh wheel. This started out as really subtle and it’s been getting less and less so. Which means Lance’s insecurities will probably definitely be a really big factor later on!


If you’re a frequent visitor here on SuperMovieManiac, then you know I like to cut to the chase and not dance around speculation… and I certainly take a distaste for subliminal, click bait articles.

So far, all I’ve seen from people that are reporting the Disney/Fox deal is:




Okay, people need to understand that yes, Disney/Marvel Studios have worked out a ($50billion+) deal with Fox, much like they did with Sony when they implemented Spider-Man into the MCU. If the X-Men are to be implemented, it won’t be for a few years, and it certainly won’t be the X-Men we’re currently seeing on screen.

When the X-Men do become part of the MCU, it will be after Fox’s X-Men series is down and out. Fox have ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’, 'New Mutants’ and 'Deadpool 2’ on the way, as well as the 'Gifted’ TV show that’s currently on air. Do you think all those properties will just suddenly be dragged into the MCU continuity abruptly and nonsensically?

If anything, for the time being at least, it’ll just give Marvel an expanded assortment of characters to pick and choose from. For example, when Marvel made a deal with Sony, they suddenly had access to all of Spidey’s villains and side characters. This will give Marvel Studios free range to use characters such as Galactus.

I don’t see the current X-Men franchise dying anytime soon because of the multiple projects that are either on the way or currently on your TV screens. When Marvel are eventually allowed to implement the X-Men into the MCU, it will be a 100% reboot/revamp, completley disconnected from the current X-Men franchise (just like they did when casting Tom Holland as a whole new Spidey).

Keep all of this in mind and don’t start expecting the cast of X-Men to suddenly barge into the fray, because it’s NOT going to happen the way all the news articles are making it out to be. All this can be applied to the Fantastic Four too; another Fox property.

Spread this around like a Marvel disciple. Stop misinformation!

Jimin and Jungkook on their own and together and the 3As

This is continuation of my thoughts on this post (Part 2):

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts. I am not attacking any ship in any way. So If you support another ship and happen to see this post please know that I respect everyone’s opinion and I would always fight for the right it to be voiced, even if I don’t share it. I simply want to talk about some things I have been contemplating (and hear different points of view on them as well). Feel free to ignore any part you don’t agree with and let’s be gentle and civil with each other!

About Jimin: one look at my blog and you would know he is my bias. He has been ever since I saw him in BS&T and he snatched me by the hair into his lane. Since then I’ve been a loyal stan (mostly, Disrespect-Kook almost wrecked me with his body rolls at Mic Drop Dance break MAMA2017). All the Bangtan boys are wonderful and deserve all the love in the world, but to me JM is just special. Maybe it’s his precious smile, his dual personality, his sweet and caring nature; maybe I connect with his journey of self-acceptance and love. I don’t fully know myself .

Anyhow, I know we all love the boys but it is important to remember that we don’t actually really fully know them! Something that should definitely be kept in mind when talking about things like sexuality and what not. Basically this is just a harmless analysis, no need to get too serious about it!

Now onto the analysis itself:

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surround me (m)

◇ pairing: yoongi x reader
◇ genre: smut, fluff, comedy, best friends to lovers
◇ word count: 10k+
◇ summary: after a very unfair and unjust firing from his bartending job, yoongi just wants to soothe his sadness by spending some quality time with his best friend - who he is very much in love with.
warnings: surprise piercings. slightly drunken and unprotected sex. netflix and chill, so kind of but not really spoilers for stranger things and good morning call and OITNB. a lot of hand holding.

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Originally posted by kylemclachlan

(joe keery x reader) 

request: babes! can I have a joe keery one where y/n works on the set of stranger things and to him she’s like the coolest ever and the both have the same style and he falls pretty hard, and when season two comes around there’s a tearful reunion and confessions of love xxxx (also can y/n be british?)

summary: turns out joe doesn’t really cope well with his emotions and cries when he’s tired.

word count: 2,393

a/n: okay, so this is going out tonight (sunday), and i won’t be on much at all tomorrow BECAUSE MY AUNT IS HAVING A BABY, so i’m going to queue up a fic that somebody submitted to me, and that’ll go out tomorrow. that is all. there are no warnings in this fic. it’s just nice and fluffy and joe cries a lil. 

It had all started with the slapping.

Well, really, it had started when you’d been hired as a production assistant for some Netflix show. The premise had seemed interesting enough - you’d grown up being into sci-fi stuff - but what had really intrigued you was the fact that it was a paying job. You’d been trying your hardest to get a job in film, on top of trying to get someone to hire you while also providing you a work visa.

Eventually, your uncle had known this dude who’d known a woman who babysat for this person’s cousin who knew someone that worked at Netflix. Which meant that a couple of months later, you were working on the set of an actual tv show.

But the actual fun? That had started with the slapping.

It was day three of shooting, when you’d noticed it. Being a PA meant that you were relatively low on the list of important people, and that you were there to do what you were told and to keep your mouth shut. But you’d started to pick up on the fact that two of the actors, Gaten and Finn, had red cheeks. Not just red cheeks where they were a little excited for the scene at hand, but like… like they’d been hit. You had younger brothers. You knew how stupid kids could be. They’d already shot the scene twice, and a difference like that would be noticeable.

So you took a chance. You approached one of the Duffer brothers - you prayed you’d get the name right - and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Uh, Matt? Gaten and Finn’s cheeks look a little off. It might show up on camera.” You and Matt looked to the boys in question, watching as Finn reared his hand back and slapped Gaten across the cheek.

“What the fuck… Hey, you two! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Matt started towards them, scowling as you hesitated for a second before following behind him. “Are you kidding me? You can’t slap each other before a take. It’s going to ruin continuity.”

“We can’t help it! We’re excited!” Gaten piped up, grinning.

“Well, are you guys going to stop?” Finn and Gaten both looked towards each other before turning back to Matt, shaking their heads, grinning like a couple of idiots. “Jesus,” he muttered. He sighed, running a hand over his face as he turned around. His gaze settled on you. “You, you good with kids?”

“Uh, sure?”

“Cool. You’re being promoted to child wrangler.”

“Isn’t there already a wrangler?”

“Well, yeah, but… You’ll be the actual wrangler. They’re worried about the kids’ safety. You’ll be making sure they don’t do anything stupid.”

Don’t do anything stupid became the mantra for the entirety of filming.

There would be days where it felt like the only things that you said were:

“Finn, knock it off.”

“Gaten, I understood the joke. It wasn’t funny.”

“Caleb, please stop talking.”

“Finn, knock it off.”

“Noah’s my favorite.”

“Finn, knock it off!

There were more better days than worse days, though. Millie easily listened to you the best, although that was more because you’d both lived in England. But weirdly enough, your favorite person on set ended up being Joe.

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simply.cute97 || jjk (m)

Originally posted by jengkook

Summary: You’re a popular camgirl, named simply.cute97 and you decide to put on a special show with fellow cammer domjeon09.

Relationship: Jungkook/Reader
Smut, Light Fluff
sex work, masturbation, loss of virginity, dirty talk
Word Count:

A/N: bonus points i u know who’s screenname belongs to who.
this started as a simple request found here.

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Bangtan Tea Time (Vol. 1) ☕

DISCLAIMER: if you A) are gonna use this post to start drama/hate B) are an immature fan who think you own the boys C) take astrology too seriously or don’t believe in astrology at all or D) work for bighit entertainment or the korean media, then this is not the post for you ‼️ please do not come into my asks upset! i’m just reading the stars and sharing my findings. everything in this post is purely. speculation. and just a bit of fun. thank you! (also, please do not use this post to justify your ships. just don’t.)

now that that’s out the way….

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You say you hit your head? Enjoy not getting any sleep.

Some context: I work in a nursing home. Nightshift on a men’s dementia floor, to be exact. I’ve posted a few stories here before, but they were about family members rather than residents, so here’s one about a resident. Some minor details changed and no identifying information given to coincide with HIPAA.

Normally, I wouldn’t harbor ill-will towards any resident since dementia makes them do bad things and it’s not their fault. A perfectly sweet lady can become an abusive prick once the Alzheimer’s kicks in. But this resident in particular didn’t have dementia. He was 100% legally competent and totally with it and not even in his thirties yet, he was just stuck on my floor because he was physically incapable of taking care of himself due to a lack of strength in his arms and legs caused by some injury. As for why he was on my unit instead of in a hospital or taken care of at home… that’s anyone’s guess, but judging by his behavior I assume it was because no one could stand to be around him for more than five minutes and we tend to get a lot of the residents with “behavioral issues.” Just so we’re clear, this guy wasn’t our normal case of “dear ol’ grandpa who was shellshocked in ‘Nam is now violent due to dementia,” this guy was mentally sound and was just a jerk.

Case in point, this guy was frequently abusive (physically, verbally, and sometimes even sexually) with the staff. He also had a severe case of “Oh and one more thing” whenever anyone tried to help him, going as far as to frequently lie and make stuff up for people to do just for attention or to exert control or whatever.

Naturally, dealing with difficult people is my job, but this guy had no excuse to be as difficult as he was, so I had absolutely no patience for the man and neither did literally anybody staffed on that floor. When the people who very frequently deal with residents who make absurd demands and physically assault the staff are complaining that this guy (who, again, was completely with it) was too much to handle, you know it’s bad.

One particular night, after dealing with his crap for half an hour straight around 3AM (he didn’t tend to fall asleep until 4) it was getting ridiculous. I was trying my darndest to do what I could to help him because I had to, but my patience was wearing a bit thin so I was being a bit more terse than normal. At this point, he was insisting he needed a new bed alarm because his didn’t work. I told him, several times, that it was a silent bed alarm (so it rang the front desk but didn’t BEEP BEEP loudly itself so as to not disturb his roommate). To “prove” his point, he very suddenly conjured up all the strength his body somehow hid and flung himself off the bed as I stared in disbelief, not able to react.

The area he landed on was free of anything he might hurt himself on, and in fact, he had fall mats on the sides of his bed to catch him anyway. He also had a very low bed. In total, he fell about 6 inches onto a soft mat as I watched him. But this guy insisted he had hit his head (despite no object even coming with a foot of his head on his descent).

Normally, if a resident fell like that and someone watched it, we’d have to take vitals (incl. blood pressure) anyway just to make sure they’re alright, but the resident could refuse the vitals. But, he said he hit his head…

Naturally, I called in the nurse on duty. She’s normally a sweet lady who’d feel guilty if she looked at a fly wrong, but also had the sense of humor of a wet blanket. When I told her what actually happened (that he threw himself onto the mat and was fine) he insisted that he had actually fallen out of bed and hit his head, and that he needed a new bed alarm so that wouldn’t happen, somehow. Unfortunately for him, our policy is that if a resident says they hit their head, even if the fall was witnessed as the contrary, we have to treat it as though they hit their head. Also, our policy is that in such a fall, the resident gets vitals taken every 15 minutes for the next 4 hours. For added fun, the nurse also has to do neurochecks (stuff like shining a flashlight in your eye and asking you to move your legs and arms to make sure you’re not concussed), and the resident can’t refuse these because a concussion is quite serious!

I got to watch her gleefully explain all this to the man. He realized he wouldn’t be getting a wink of sleep that night and tried to backpeddle and admit that he hadn’t actually hit his head, but… sorry! Gotta follow procedure!

So from 3 to 7AM the nurse dutifully went back there every 15 minutes for a quick round of blood pressure and other fun stuff while he kept whining about how he just wanted to go to sleep. Honestly, I’m not even sure if she had to do the neurochecks every time as well, but she wanted to be extra careful, so she did them anyway.

[M] Learning Curve

Paring: Jungkook x reader

Count: 8482

Warning(s): Smut, Sub!Kook but also Dom!Kook hashtag best of both worlds, spanking, two dirty mouths, and a touch of orgasm control for good measure.

A/N: This is re-posted from my old blog, boys and girls, keep that in mind.

Originally posted by hoshiimochi

If you had to guess Jungkook’s least favorite thing to do, you would say that renouncing his power was likely it. In bed, anyway. He always made sure to remind you that he was in charge of your pleasure, no matter what the situation. He administered it as generously or as sparingly as he saw fit. It hadn’t always been so, but Jungkook settled into his role as the dominant one quite naturally.

Evidently, though, your leniency had taken its toll on his once obedient nature. You allowed him to grow confident in his ability to disarm you fully with just one brush of his hands over the right parts of your body, or dirty, whispered words against your neck, or the heat of his body pressing against yours. You had become forbearing, allowing him to push the limits of your control until he had effectively slipped it from your grasp entirely.

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taehyung scenario | x and o

Originally posted by pabora

You accidentally send ‘xo’ at the end of a text to your daughter’s teacher, and he seems to get the wrong idea… ❞

prompt: My ex will be at the Christmas party, so you agreed to pose as my fiancé to keep them away.

pairing: teacher taehyung x parent reader

warnings: mentions of alcohol, brief mentions of bereavement

requested by anon | 11.4k words | fluff, teacher au

In the busy whirl that is the life of a single parent you’ve done some pretty stupid things – like running out of the house in your pyjamas to try and get your daughter, Mia, to school on time, or accidentally giving her your lunch of chickpea salad while you went to work with her sandwiches made with teddy-bear shaped ham, or forgetting to check the weather before driving her to school on a snow day, only to realise your mistake and ending up needing to call in sick off work so you could stay home with her.

But out of all the stupid things you’ve done, distracted by the blur of days that are never long enough, this is by far the stupidest. You stare at your phone in horror, gaping down at the ‘xo’ send at the end of the text. That was not meant to be there. How could you absentmindedly tack on kisses and hugs, normally reserved for your mother alone, and accidentally send them to Mr. Kim, your daughter’s young, and unnaturally handsome teacher?

If only you could delete texts… if only you could delete yourself…

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Here it is…the AU I’ve been hinting at lately!!

It’s called Tied Dimensions! I’d give you a basic summary but it’s all already written out below, so you can just read that and get the gist :’) I just think the whole concept is super exciting so.

Read and enjoy!! (It’s from Keef’s POV btw)

My world ended about two hundred and fifty years ago.

We call it World’s Terminus. An unexplained phenomena that plunged the world into darkness and terror, without any prior warning. Nobody saw it coming. Therefore, nobody was prepared. There isn’t much one can do when the world begins to fall apart around them, except run and cower and hide—that is, if you can even make it that far.

I’m what comes after World’s Terminus—what remains of humanity from our planet’s collapse. Billions of people were wiped out from the incident, and the rest were left to rebuild society and start anew. Not that it was easy, considering everything important had been destroyed in the turmoil.

The one really sad thing about my existence is that, even though the world’s population is alarmingly low and needs all the life it can get, I was abandoned. Cast out. Not needed.

I live at a dingy old orphanage on the edge of a broken town, along with the rest of humanity’s unwanted. We’re a gang of angry, depressed misfits who curse what our world has come to, and wonder where it all went wrong. Not that we’d be able to change the outcome, anyway. It’s way too late for that.

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bts | firsts

author’s note: okay so i got a couple of requests for bts reacting to you having a thigh riding kink and i was down, but no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t come up with seven distinct scenarios for that, so i’m combining that with another request i had for either you or bts teaching the boys how to give head and ofc i had to expand on that too, so enjoy disssss haha i’m really gonna need some feedback on this it’s my first time publishing something like this in a whileee
warnings: nsfw; smut
disclaimer: gif is credited below as cr.; none of the gifs used here are my own, they are cropped for uniformity and easy reading


“Fuck, why is this so hot?” Jin mumbles out loud as you continue to rock back and forth on him.

When you’d first proposed the idea, Jin was admittedly very confused. Although seemingly self-explanatory, he wasn’t quite too sure what thigh riding entailed. More specifically, why you’d want to get off on his lap and how, exactly.

But now that Jin can feel the wet heat of your core rubbing against his jeans, he swears its one of the most erotic things he’s ever witnessed. The thought of you getting off on him, but without his doing anything, arouses him.

“Ah, fuck, it feels good, Jin,” you moan, gripping his shoulders for support.

“Yeah? I want you to get yourself off, baby, nice and good for me, okay?” he encourages, resting his left hand on the small of your back.

You let him kiss you sloppily, not bothering to slow your movements as he lets his tongue slip into your mouth and explore as he pleases. He squeezes your waist when you moan into him, pressing you down further, increasing the friction between your heat and the denim of his jeans.

“Such, a good girl,” Jin whispers, words dance over your kiss-swollen lips. “You gonna come soon, baby? All over my lap?”

He continues the kissing, this time at your ear, your jaw, down your neck. He adores the way you rock into his kisses, like your body’s coming back for more. And he knows he’ll love the aftermath of it all; know he’ll love the way his mouth stains your skin in the morning.

“Fuck—yes, yes.”

Jin presses a single kiss to your collar and mumbles into you, “Good girl.”

He can tell you’re on the verge of an orgasm by the way your body quivers, and your hands claw at his shoulders. He hears you moan, sees you screw your eyes shut, but he won’t have any of that—his hand quickly grabs at your jaw, forcing you to face him. And with a single phrase he gives you both permission and the command that pushes you over the edge.

“Look at me when you come.”


“Nuh uh,” Yoongi shakes his head through shallow breaths, his words prompting you to stop your movements.

The way you look at him is sinful—neck craned obediently, eyes twinkling through your lashes. It makes him want to kiss you or choke you or something in between. He has to take a couple of breaths before speaking, afraid he could come right there.

“Did I do something wrong?” your breath ghosts over the tip of his cock as you speak, and the genuine innocence behind your words only serves as a reminder to Yoongi about the extremely compromising situation he’s in at the moment.

Because really, who agrees to teach their best friend how to suck dick? A really fucking good friend, was your argument. And Min Yoongi was nothing, if not a good friend.

“Not at all,” he reassures you, hand reaching to you head to slowly tangle itself in your hair, gently guiding your face closer to his dick.

But the more comfortable you got with your hands, the more restless Yoongi became; until a fiery possessiveness bubbled in the pit of his stomach. So, no, Yoongi wasn’t here to teach you how to give head. He was here to teach you how he liked getting head; he was going to fine tune you just enough to wreck you properly when this was all over.

“But you’re being a little too neat for me,” he grins when he sees the shy smile, possibly even a light blush paint over your features. It lights that same fire in his stomach, and Yoongi doesn’t think twice before tugging on your hair, making you look at him directly.

“Be a good girl for me, yeah?” he bites his lip when you nod your head, “Open your mouth. I wanna see how much you can take.”


Having you suddenly straddle his lap and kiss up and down his neck was not something Hoseok envisioned in his Friday afternoon movie-watching plans, but he wasn’t necessarily complaining.

“Hobiiiii,” you whine against his neck, continuing to pepper kisses as he leans to the side to give you more access, “I missed you.”

Hobi chuckles and snakes an arm around your waist, “I can tell, sweetheart.” He finds your pouting cute and goes in to give you a quick peck.

But you’ve barely seen your boyfriend all week; a peck will not suffice. Instead, you use your hands to cup his face, and deepen your kiss, letting your lips mold together. Hobi loves the sounds you make, the little moans that slip between your lips, and he tightens his grip on your waist. He savors the meshed closed-mouth kisses you share, because the moment you let your tongue snake past your lips, he pulls away with a cutest blush on his face.

“I, uh, I’ve never done that,” he admits shyly, scratching the back of his head.

“Never done what?” you question, genuinely perplexed, because the two of you have kissed plenty of times before—and he’s pretty damn good at it, if you do say so yourself.

“Just, made out with someone before, you know?” he shrugs, “Like with tongues and all that.”

“Oh,” you let out, taking note of the tone of his voice, “That’s a shame. Making out on a couch in-front of a movie is, like, the best part of dating someone.”

“Is it now?” Hobi raises an eyebrow, closing the gap between your faces. He loves the way you bite you lip and nod your head in reply and he can’t remember a time in his life when he’s ever wanted to kiss anybody this badly, “Looks like I’m in the right place at the right time, then. I guess you’re gonna have to teach me.”


“Baby, are you sure?”

You roll your eyes, because this is about the twentieth time he’s asked this tonight, “Namjoon, of course I’m sure.”

He looks into your eyes deeply, searching for even the slightest twinge of doubt. It’s not that Namjoon hasn’t been thinking about this, dreaming of this—because he one hundred percent has, several times actually, even while you’ve been doing it—but he wants to make you sure that you’re sure about this. About the potential consequences of this.

“Namjoon, for the fucking love of god, if you don’t do this right now I’m going to strangle you.”

A smile washes over his features and he kisses you, deeply, slowly as he enters you the same way, taking time to feel you around him everywhere. “Fuck,” he pulls away, forehead resting on yours as he tries to gain control of his feelings.

It’s better than any fantasy he’s ever cooked up. The feeling of you around him, raw, no rubber condom barrier, is heavenly. You’re so warm and wet and Namjoon swears you fit like a glove around him, like you’re made for him.

“You okay, Joon?” you asked, gently wiping his sweat-stuck hair from his forehead.

He chuckles through half-lidded eyes and kisses you softly, “Yeah. You just feel so fucking good, baby. I could have blown my load right there.”

You laugh and kiss him back, “Well don’t okay, you feel so good too, I want this to last.”

Namjoon smiles lazily, begins to thrust shallowly, slowly, sure to take in every moment of this. And fuck, he doesn’t think he can ever go back from this. You’ve ruined him for you and only you.

“Fuck, I love you so much.”


“Chim?” you question as your blonde boyfriend pulls away from your lips, and tightly wraps his hand around your wrist, preventing you from further unbuckling his belt. “I, um, sorry, am I going too quickly—”

“No, no, baby, you’re fine, it’s just, I’ve never—nobody’s ever,” he sighs in frustration, using his free hand to push his hair back, “I’ve never gotten head from anyone before.”

A big, red, question mark pops up in your brain and you look at Jimin’s face for a couple of seconds to properly process the information. Of course, it’s completely okay if he’s been waiting or hasn’t want to do this in the past. It’s just not exactly what you expecting from someone who… well, someone who looks like him.

“Do you want me to?” you ask lowly, looking up for an answer.

Jimin blushes, and runs his hand through his hair again, partially out of habit, partially out of nervousness, “I mean, yeah. Only if you want to, though, you totally don’t have—”

You shut him up with a kiss and pull away with a giggle, “You’re too cute, Jiminie. Of course I want to,” you gently shake off his hand and continue to unbuckle his belt.

“Tell me what feels good, okay?” You say, taking his cock out of his underwear and stroking it slowly. Jimin’s breathing immediately slows down and his eyes are trained on you as you lick a stripe from the base to the top.

“That, that—ah, fuck,” he nearly yells when he feels the tip of his dick enter your mouth, “Fuck, that feels good already.”

With no instructions, one of his hands is already threading through your hair. Jimin’s eyes dare not look away as you continue to tease him. When you look up at him while stroking his cock, Jimin doesn’t think he’s ever been this turned on before. That is, until you speak again.

“Then you’re gonna, love this, Jiminie.”


“You’re joking, right?” you ask, arms crossed, hoping (praying) that Taehyung would burst out laughing and tell you his scheme was just that—a joke, and that he was not at all, in the slightest, serious about this.

“I should be asking you that,” he counters, “It’s fucking ridiculous.”

“It’s ridiculous that I’m a little hesitant on whether or not my best friend was serious about asking me to sit on his face?”

“No, it’s ridiculous that no one’s ever gone down on you before.”

“I’m flattered, Tae, really, but you don’t have to do this. In fact, I won’t let you do this, so why don’t we—”

Tae reaches an arm out to pull you in by the waist, leaving virtually no space between his chest and yours. You roll your eyes at Taehyung’s overdramatic, overplayed gestures and attempt to push him away (keyword: attempt). “Tae, really, can we just—”

“Look,” he cuts you off. When he’s certain he has your undivided attention, he lets the other hand rest on your waist, tilts his head down a bit to look you square in the eye. “I’ll drop it if it makes you uncomfortable. But if you really wanna know what it feels like, I’ll do it to you—for you. Besides, it’s a win-win for the both of us.”

“How so?”

Taehyung licks his lips and lets a hand venture up your spine to cup the back of your head gently. “We both get our fantasies fulfilled,” his grins. “So, you in?”

The image of Taehyung, your Taehyung, fantasizing about you is one too tempting not to explore and entrances you into nodding your head.

“Good,” Tae hums, a gleam in his eyes, “Now, like I said before: get your ass on my face.”


“Please, noona,” Jungkook begs, doe-eyed and far too innocent for the favor he’s begging of you.

“Jungkook, I don’t think you understand what you’re asking me to—”

“Yes I do!” he interjects, but shies away immediately afterwards. The faint blush on his cheeks paints the apology he dares not say aloud. “I trust you.”

You look at him and sigh, mulling over the pros and cons of his proposal. God, he’s cute, you think, taking a good look at him. You watch his eyes dart back and forth between you and floor and smile softly. Yeah, he’s really fucking cute.


Jungkook doesn’t give you time to say anything else before he’s hugging you tightly and chanting thank yous into your ear.

“You’re the best, noona,” Jungkook gleams, finally pulling away and looking down at you in close proximity.

“Alright, Jungkooke,” you say, lifting you right hand to reach the nape of his neck and raking your hands through his hair. His eyes twinkle slightly at your actions, and you smirk, “Rule number one of eating pussy is that you do everything I say, got it?”

Jungkook nods obediently and licks his lips in nervous anticipation. “Got it.”

“Yeah?” you smile, tugging on his hair harder, “You’re gonna be a good boy for me, right Kook?”

Just as you presumed, the praise goes straight to his head; his eyes are something darker and you’d be a damned liar to say the way Jungkook nods and quietly says “yes, noona,” doesn’t affect you.

Something about having this usually arrogant, out-spoken, nearly six-foot tall boy at your command is powerful, sensual. Jungkook is usually one to figure things out himself, master them quietly then show everyone what he’s made of. But he came to you, asking for your help. Tonight he’s under your control. 

“I’m going to have so much fun with you.”

Seek And Reform

Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Reader
Warnings: Sexual content (handjob, oral sex, vaginal sex), swearing 
A/N: You guys are too kind to me. I want to thank you for the comments and encouragement! As for the story, yeah, I guess it was lacking smut???

Series Summary: Billy shows up in your bedroom in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt to forget about his demons.

Chapter Summary: You try to gather the courage and share your plan with Billy but touch-starved and consumed by conflicting emotions you decide to allow some fun first.


You walked out of the shower, shaking from the cold and quickly wrapped a towel around your body. You wiped the mirror’s surface to get rid of the steam and take a better look at your reflection which appeared much better compared to the morning. The dark circles under your eyes became barely visible and your cheeks took on a rosy red colour. You no longer looked like a mere shadow of yourself.

During one day you’ve been subjected to so many contradictive emotions but the hot water seemed to wash the bad ones away, bringing you a much-needed peace of mind. Well, all except for the anxiety hiding in the pit of your stomach reminding you about the little plan that you’d created during the ride to Hargrove’s home. All you had to do was share it with your boyfriend but of course, it wouldn’t be as simple.

You grabbed the hair band from the sink and used it to tie your hair in a messy ponytail and threw away the wet towel putting on Metallica shirt that Billy borrowed you. Just like him, you were a huge fan of their music but this particular shirt had some personalised additions as well, Billy’s smell still lingered on its fabric, filling your head with a sense of comfort. Despite its many advantages, it was not as long as you’d wished for it to be and as you had to keep it pulled down while walking past Max’s room.

You tiptoed to Billy’s bedroom and you were about to go inside when some sudden movement caught your attention. You leaned your hands against the door frame and peeked through the crack, watching as Billy was looking at himself in the mirror. He took a drag on his cigarette and blew out a white cloud, smiling at his reflection. Then he put the cigarette between his teeth, fixing the misplaced strand of hair that’d fallen on his forehead. He then turned sideways and adjusted his tight jeans, playfully wiggling his ass to Four Horsemen by Metallica. You had to cover your mouth to mute a chuckle. Finishing his ritual he reached for a bottle of the cheap cologne and applied it on the skin of his wrists. Then he poured some more into his palm and slowly slid his hand under the trousers.

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Public Apology - Harry Styles Imagine

Breakdown: Harry strives to keep your relationship hidden from the public. However, after a large argument with Harry, he makes a public apology to you in an interview.

It has been nearly five days since she last heard his deep voice, and although it had been during a heated dispute, she would do anything to hear it again. Reflecting upon it now, she could not even recall the main cause of the argument, but she knew it was a long time coming. For several weeks now, she has noticed their relationship growing increasingly distant and it has torn her apart a little more each and every day. Even fighting would have made her feel less helpless than the constant silence that lingered between them. Slipping in late at night and leaving before she would waken in the morning, she knew that something wasn’t right. Finally, she realized that she needed to be free from the constant worry and doubt that played in her mind, so she finally built the courage to confront him. As she expected, the argument resulted in a two-hour long blow-up between the couple where every underlying issue in their relationship was brought to the surface. She exposed her frustration for his lack of presence in her life due to work, while he accused her of being far too needy and dependent upon him. The intense quarrel ultimately ended with her ordering that he leave the apartment. To her surprise, he followed her request without any hesitation or fight. In fact, he almost seemed pleased to rid himself from the burden she placed upon his life.

Five days later, she has not heard a single word from him. She has not received an email, a phone call, or even a single text message. Knowing that he was traveling to America to promote his new album, she expected his stylist to text her with updates as she usually did when he his daily schedule was demanding. However, this time, she was left completely in the dark.

Despite her anger and frustration, she was still extremely excited to watch his interview with Ellen Degeneres. It was pre-recorded and she knew it had been filmed sometime within the past couple days, but she was also aware that it would be her only chance to see him for a while, as he is not expected to return to London for another week. He has always been nervous about being interviewed by Ellen, for she had an extremely large fan base, and he was frightened of making himself look like a fool. In almost every interview with her, Ellen would inquire about his relationship with her, but every single time, Harry would mumble a few words and change the topic. Harry has always valued his privacy, but when she entered into his life, her privacy became so crucial to him as well. Being just a normal girl living in London, Harry strived to shield her from the public eye as much as he possibly could, for he knew the damage that social media and the press could cause, especially to the relationship that he had worked so hard to build with her.

Her thoughts are interrupted when the commercial break ends and Ellen Degeneres reappears onto the screen. “Here to talk about his new album, please welcome the one and only, Harry Styles!”

Her heart flutters at the sound of his name, but that was could not compare to how she felt when he appeared on the screen. Wearing one of his fancy suits, Harry strutted across the stage with the awkward smile that she adored. As he waved to the crowd and showed off his handsome smile, Harry pushed his hand through his curly hair – the curly hair that her hands would often get lost in late at night. After pulling Ellen into a warm embrace, Harry took a seat opposite of her. While not many could notice, his nerves were apparent to her.

Ellen immediately jumped into a conversation about his new album. When asking about the songs on his album and his feeling on being a new solo artist following the breakup of One Direction, Harry’s face lit up with apparent passion and joy. While it made her happy to see him so delighted to discuss his music, she also knew that it was a joy that she never saw when he was with her. Maybe her insecurities were in fact true - maybe he had indeed fallen out of love with her.

Breaking her from her worries, her body jolted towards when Ellen smugly inquired, “Are any of these songs written about your girlfriend? What’s her name? Y/N, right?”

An embarrassed smirk fell across Harry’s lips and an awkward chuckle fell from his mouth. When Ellen did not change the topic, Harry defeated his stalemate and nodded his head. “That’s her, yeah.”

“So which one is about Y/N?” Ellen asks, striving to pry more information from him.

When Harry pretended to be lost in thought, Ellen answered her own question. Using her typical silly attitude, Ellen suggested, “Sweet Creature is a very romantic song, isn’t it?”

Harry broke into short laughter and once again, nodded his head to confirm her suspicion. “Yeah, that one is definitely about her.”

Curled onto the couch with her wide eyes glued to the television, her body was frozen in shock. Her and Harry had never discussed the meaning behind each of her songs, for she had always been fearful that she had not been an inspiration for any of his songs. Instead of being disappointed, she decided never to inquire, and in return, he never felt the need to share with her. Instead, they would simply lie together and listen to his music, and she would form her own ideas and thoughts about what each song meant.

“Which lyrics from the song do you feel relates mostly to her?” Ellen asks.

Initially, an uncomfortable expression falls across Harry’s face. Having to explain his personal life has always been something that he strives to avoid. He avoids this so much that interviewers compete to gather any personal information about him, for they know it will drastically increase their viewers. However, as Harry seems to be thinking, it appears as if a light bulb almost goes off in his head. The uncomfortable expression is wiped from his face and replaced with a confident and determined appearance.

“There is one lyric that says, ‘I know it’s hard when we argue, we’re both stubborn, I know,’” Harry recites. “The song then continues to say, ‘Wherever I go, you bring me home.’”

A tiny smile falls onto Harry’s lips. “This song for me was truly acknowledging that Y/N and I do not have the perfect relationship and we are faced with challenges and hardships. However, this was my way of recognizing that at the end of the day, she is the person who I will always return home to, and she is the person who has become my rock and-“

Harry shifts his body so that his eyes are staring directly into the camera. Almost as if he is directing his words towards her, Harry finishes with, “I truly do not know what I would do without her.”

The television suddenly powers off and the screen turns black. Confused and startled, she flips her body around to see who could have powered down the television. However, her body freezes when she finds herself staring at him – Harry Styles. Harry stands behind the couch with his hands placed in the pocket of his jacket. With his eyes fixated on her, a saddened expression falls across his face.

“What are you doing here?” Y/N asks. “You aren’t supposed to be home until next week.”

“After that interview, I knew that I had to come see you. I’m so sorry about the way that I left things.”

“It’s okay, Harry. You don’t need to apologize,” she says.

Harry shakes his head, arguing her. “Yes, I do need to apologize. You were right. I have been so distant lately and I have not put our relationship as a priority in my life. It was wrong of me to expect you to stick around while I was busy focusing on every single thing besides our relationship. That interview made me remember the reason I wrote that song about you, and that is when I realized how badly I fucked up.”

A smile instantly jumps to Y/N’s face, for she had been waiting to hear all of those words for such a long time. She quickly leaps from the couch and approaches Harry, but he quickly stops her. “Don’t you want to see the rest of the interview?” he asks.

She raises her eyebrow, curious as to why it would be important for her to watch. As Harry turns the television back on, Ellen presents Harry with another question relating to their relationship.

“So will Y/N be joining you on your tour in 2018?” Ellen inquires.

Instead of looking uneasy with the question, Harry smirks and shrugs his shoulders. “Well, I haven’t asked her yet but I suppose that I’ll have to now,” Harry jokes. “But of course, I hope that she will join me.”

Harry once again turns off the television and sits down on the couch beside her. As she peers at him with excitement, he officially asks her. “Will you please come with me on tour? I swear, I’ll be the best fucking boyfriend.”

“Of course, Harry,” she responds gently.

Harry leans forward and gently presses his lips against hers. “My sweet creature,” Harry whispers before allowing his lips to find its way back to hers.


SORRY it has been a while since I have posted anything!! School has finally finished for me, so I am officially free and can post lots!! This was not requested, but I happened to accidentally delete my request list, so please RESUBMIT your requests and I will get to them right away!

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yoongi scenario | stuck on you

Originally posted by acciosugas

While wrapping gifts you end up super gluing your hand to Yoongi’s… not completely on accident…

prompt: I can’t wrap Christmas presents to save my life, but you’re amazing at it. Please help me!

pairing: yoongi x reader

requested by anon | 3.2k words | fluff, neighbour au

Why is gift wrapping so difficult? Why is wrapping paper so flimsy? Why are gifts such irregular shapes? Why is sellotape so hard to cut? And why is the whole palaver such an embarrassment when you can’t do it properly, crossing the corridor to the apartment across from yours with shamed red cheeks, as you knock on the door and ask desperately, “Could you possibly help me? I might have tied my hands together with ribbon…”

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The One (Part I)

Part I –> Part 2

Genre: Hybrid!Taehyung, Fluff, Angst, smut in the future

Paring: TaehyungXreader

Word-count: 2,9K

Warnings: Abuse, unjust, anxiety, forcing, animalistic feelings

Summary: You’ve never liked the idea of hybrids, since it’s straight up abuse from a owner to a hybrid, they aren’t treated like humans. But what happens when your boss gave you a hybrid as a gift?

A/N: HAHA, I might look a bit like a copy cat since others have been writing about hybrid!au related stories, but I’ve actually liked the idea of the genre a lot, so sorry not sorry <3


‘I get what?’

You stare wide-eyed at the man in front of you, somewhat irritation running through your system. You’re genuinely confused to this request of your boss. It’s not something you’d normally get for the christmas days at work. Regularly, it’s just a box full of food and extra nobody-needs-that things. You’ve never wanted a christmas box anyways, you never use all the tools and mostly you even give it to the homeless.

‘Come on ___, everyone these days wants one.’ He chuckle, nudging your side as he smirked down at you. You hate that smirk of his, he always want to tease without a good reason. It’s as if he always needed to hamper you, though you let him notice you’re not into his bullshit that day. But at the end, he’s still your boss. You can’t do anything about his tremendous deportment.

‘I don’t need a hybrid in my house, so no thanks.’ You sigh, deciding on turning around, but your boss only called for you to hold there. ‘You don’t have a choice, have a nice christmas ___!’

You scoff, now not hesitant on rushing out of that room. Sometimes you don’t even know why you became a part of this pesky enterprise. It pays well, yeah, but this has a thousand too much problems within. Their problems are mostly on the social-part. It’s the way they treat employees, particularly women, who they like to impede. With ‘they’ , is meant the fewer higher-standing employers. But whatever you might disagree about, it still pays well, over average. And in your position, you could use some money to keep up your own living.

Suddenly your phone began to vibrate in your pocket. When you see the message of a shipping oganisation, knowing it wasn’t your doing, you began to internally scream. You can’t believe this fucktard of a boss litterally sends you this so-called hybrid to your house, no announcing or anything. You’ve never wanted a hybrid to even begin with.

It’s not that you hate hybrids individually, it’s just the matter on ’why’ they were made. You know that these hybrids are also human beings, converted to this inhuman rase. Not only do they break nature’s law, they also treat hybrids like complete garbage. Most people want them to help with their own lacking desire of affection. It’s sad, truly, but the most sad of them all is that the hybrids have no idea. They think it’s just the way life goes. Getting raped every single day? No problem, if that’s what you have to do to please your owner. It’s sickening, knowing this sort of extraordinarily abuse exists. Unbelievable.

You race over the highway in your car, making fast work on getting yourself home. You want to send the hybrid back as fast as possible, you don’t want to support this kind of mutated human, not when there is too much wrong about it. It’s a form of rebelling, indirectly showing your opinion on this. You want them to feel free, to feel loved like other humans. It’s almost as if they have less right than a cat or a dog, though they are human like the rest. If they only would realize that it wasn’t the right way to live your life, they would revolt and you would be a 100% supporter of that

You arrive at your house, immediately noticing a man standing in front of your house, hands folded over one another. He wears a kind smile, like he just delivered a small package, but in reality he just delivered you a whole human being. You can see the well-known uniform of the hybrid-company, called Hy-Tech, disgusting.

’The hybrid is in the back of the truck, should I get hi-.’

‘No, I don’t want ‘him’. It was a present of my workplace, but really I don’t need one. Still thanks though.’ You’d cut him off, walking straight past the shocked-looking guy. You struggle on getting your keys out, wanting to avoid the awkward silence between the unknown person and you.

‘Sorry miss, but we can’t take him back, at least not the same day.’ You can hear his wavering tone, somewhat scared for your reaction. From what he has noticed, you’re rather a spicy girl. And he is right, because you almost want to smack your keys to his head when those words left his mouth. Still, you try to keep yourself calm and steady, turning around with all the continence you have left in your bones.

When can I return him?’

‘Two weeks is the minimum. Mostly it’s used to see if the owner likes the hybrid, if not, it will be exchanged for a better one-.’ He almost drifts off ‘But, you can also just wait and then return him.’

You let out a deep sigh, lifting up you hand to massage your head for a small second to think. It’s not like there’s a lot to think about, you don’t have any choice. Two weeks isn’t long, so it’s somewhat doable. It’s just, you’re furious about the cause, your boss. Couldn’t he at least tell you? Ask you?

‘Okay… I guess I don’t have a choice.’ You sigh, nodded for the guy to get the hybrid, the poor thing. The guy smiles genuinely, probably just happy he didn’t had to disappoint his boss with an unhappy customer. He walks up to the back of his truck, opening it and smiling at the hybrid inside. He nudges his to get out, encouraging. You let out another sigh, again feeling a drill of irritation flowing through your body. Now you think about it, your boss must think that you’re some lonely loser who needs a fucking hybrid to fulfill your needs or something. What kind of creepy thoughts does this guy even have about you?

Then the hybrid finally steps out of the truck, looking around to take in his surroundings. You cock your head to the side as the hybrid and the man approaches you. He is… beautiful. It’s no doubt, his eyes, hair, body, lips, nose, you could go on and on. But then again, they must be made to be beautiful. thereby, they are here to please you, also your eyes.

‘Hi…’ He says shyly, looking away from you. You have to admit, he is really cute and you nod your head in return at him to greet him. You analyze his hybrid features, vastly noticing it’s some kind of cat, probably a lion or something, since his ears are yellow and so is his tail. His tail also has a little fluffy hair bundle at the tip. He wears a big sweater with black tight jeans, casually clothed, making him more adorable for his owner. Pathetic.

’So, there isn’t much you need to know about hybrids since you will be returning him again.’ The ears of the hybrid sprang up as he wears a really sad expression by hearing the words of the man, your heart sinking immediately. He must be very sad that you don’t want him, as if he is just a object, as if he’s lacking. How could this bastard say that in front of the hybrid himself? Like he isn’t part of the conversation. Fucking hell, this gets you so damn mad. You clench your jaw as you kept your eyes on the guy, having a stern glare.

‘He needs to eat and drink like any other human. He also needs some medicine for his heat, which he gets next week. Unless you’s want him to-.’

No.’ You cut him off again, not at all feeling the need to want any sexual things from this hybrid. You can take care of your sexual frustrations yourself, which is clubbing.

‘Well, then you need these pills.’ He gave you a small bag, white pills piled on one another. ‘He needs it once a day.’ You nod  as you put the bag in your jacket pocket. ‘That was it I guess, you can call me any time you need me.’ ‘There will be no need.’ You answer, now turning around and signaling for the hybrid to go with you, sighing a soft ‘for fucks sake’ under your breath.

Once the both of you were inside, warmth embracing your bodies, you pull off your jacket and shoes and the hybrid did the same as he just copied your doings. Then a question suddenly shot through your head.

‘Fuck, what’s your name?’

His eyes shot up at you with confusion written all over his face. He shrugs, literally not knowing his name. ‘I don’t have a name yet, you need to give me one.’ He says. Anger again began to boil within you. How can’t he even have his own name? Everyone has a name, it’s not possible for him not to know his own name at this point.

‘Didn’t they give you a name, ever?’ You say, now slightly interested in his background story. You’d like to know how his past life went, if he got treated well. You can’t imagine him, this sweet angel with a boxy smile, being abused, tossed around like a no one.

’They called me kitty, you can call me that too if you want.’ He says, giving you a small smile before focussing his gaze on the ground again. Then you noticed, as he looks at the ground, he is just having a straight face. As if he isn’t allowed to look at you? You run your hand through your hand, calming yourself.


He frowns, now giving you little glances up at you, but quickly looked back down at the floor. He is confused, why are you reacting like this? His past owners always were overjoyed and immediately wanted to use him for many different things. But he could sense you didn’t want any of it, you were different. You also gave him some kind of dominant vibes, so maybe you were just immense strict towards him, maybe wanting him on his knees to beg you? What do you want?

‘Look up at me, never look down ever again.’

He obeys, looking up at your eyes, still confused. You take his hand, carefully taking him to the couch and sitting him down. You’re mad, but still, you can’t blame him. You need to be careful with him, show him what real love is so he might want to escape and never return from this world. Maybe you can change his few on this world.

’Do you have a particular name you like a lot?’

Taehyung… I like that name… a lot.’ He almost looks scared to speak his own mind. He hesitates in his sentences a lot. He can’t even have his own opinion, fucking bullshit. It’s all bullshit, if you’d ask. How much you’d like to go back in time to where the hybrids got invented and just ruin it all, destroying all their new-found inventions.

‘Okay Taehyung, I’m ___, we’re going to make a few things straight in this house.’

He nods, a bit confused to why you would name him his preferred name, are you just being nice so he would have to pay it back later in bed? Is this some test? To show you that he is a great pet? Because you already wanted to throw him out the moment he walked up to you and you hadn’t even looked at him yet. But the way you’re treating him made him confused. you disliked him so much in the first place, what got your mind to change like that?

‘First, you can go out whenever you want, I don’t mind, just don’t go too far because you will lose track on your path. Secondly, you may eat whatever you’d like, just look in the kitchen if you want anything and you can grab it, just don’t eat my whole fridge away. Thirdly, you can be casually with me. Fourthly, I don’t want anything from you, with that I mean your body. You can be free here.’

Your four simple ways around your house got his head dizzy. He never has been treated this way and he couldn’t really find a reason to why you would be different. Of course, he isn’t complaining, he just can’t stop thinking that’s it’s a trick and you will be throwing him out any minute now. It’s his biggest fear as a hybrid, being left alone and back in his own cell again, waiting for the next owner. To him, a home is way better than the cells the hybrids have to live in while they are in the between-owners period. It gets him chills, thinking back to those cells.


You smile at him, hand reaching up to pet his ears, which hadn’t stopped twitching with confusion, but now eased down as you kept petting him. The feeling isn’t foreign to him, but it still has been a long time since he has been petted, and to your information, he loves it. So it wasn’t a surprise that he purr immediately formed, head leaning into your hand, eyes still wide open as he didn’t yet dare to relax with you. What is he makes the wrong move? Will you punish him?

‘Relax, I won’t hurt you.’ You try to assure him and he eventually does, closing his eyes and head laying down on your lap, loud purr heard. This place suddenly felt like heaven to him, as if he has finally find his destination, a good owner. He can’t stop admiring you all of a sudden, loving your smell, the way your hands slide over his ears as you turn on the television. You don’t mind him having on your lap, it’s adorable and you see how much he needs this. He obviously never really had the chance to relax, so you wouldn’t mind showing him how life also could be. Thereby, you’re extremely tired and you just want to relax, you will deal with your new accompany the next day.

He turns around to face you on your lap, arms making their way around your waist as he couldn’t help himself anymore, affection drilling through his body by your touch. It’s so overwhelming, feeling so satisfied after many years of being a ‘slave’. He just wants to keep being in your arms, resting his head on your lap.

‘Aren’t you cold?’ You say as you feel a slight breeze in your apartment, thinking that he might be cold from it. You know that cats like warmth, since you had a cat when you were younger and still lived at home, so maybe lions do too. He shakes his head no, but you didn’t take his response as an answer, still standing up and getting a thick blanket for the both of you to lay under. When you came back and laid the blanket over his body, you notice his big boxy smile, purr as loud as always. You sit down next from him as you took the blanket over your body too, nudging him to come closer to you and so he does. He lays his body close against you, arms again around your waist as he watches along with the series you had zapped to.

‘___, are you testing me?’ He suddenly asks and you just shake your head, hand coming up to pet his hair slightly, reassuring that everything is okay and that he can relax for the upcoming 2 weeks, because you’re still not planning on keeping him. But maybe, just maybe, you will let him stay? He thought. If he’s just really good to you, you might reconsider your choice?

‘Just relax tonight, Taehyung. Nothing will happen, I won’t ever play with you like that, I’m not like that.’ You sigh, hand returning to your own lap. He feels relieved. You’re so different from most people and he just can’t wait for you to open up more to him, showing your real nature to him. Because, as he feels your skin on his, he feels something strange. Something he never felt before and he didn’t know it was just affection or something stronger than that, talking about his mate. Mating is still something very big in this system of hybrids, since it’s a big turn on for the humans, wanting to be mated with a hybrid. It’s fucked up, yeah, but humans like it, getting owned by something with a big animalistic drive. Like with heaths, humans enjoy those the most out of everything.

Never leave me.’ He mutters, genuinely meaning the words and making your heart break. You can’t, you don’t want to. You’ve always been against it. Always. You can’t just take a turn on your opinion because of him… But still, he seems to have this effect on you when he lays close to you, it somewhat gets you dizzy. Maybe it’s just the effect a hybrid has on its owners. Whatever it is, it makes you want to be closer to him, cuddle up to him and hold him. You try to fight back as much as possible and that eventually works. You’re not that weak, you know how to stop. But others don’t. What if he goes back, to that centre and then eventually to another horrible owner? You can’t let him go back there, not knowing that he will go somewhere terrible. 

It has only been the first hour and you feel as if you’ve fallen into a deep ravine. Boy oh boy, this is going to be a whole new adventure.

A/N: I hope y'all liked it!



Request:  bath time w shawn!!!

He’s pulling up, messaging you that he’s finally home. You aren’t responding to him, the lights are off out front, and no lights are on in the house. 

He’s starting to get worried that you forgot that he was coming home to see you. His worry gets worse as he gets out of the cab with his bag, walking to the door finding it locked.

He digs his keys out of his skin tight pocket and unlocks it, met with total blackness and silence. 

He sighs, hurt that you forgot that he was coming home tonight. He sets his bag in the laundry room, kicking his shoes off so he won’t be making too much noise. He wanders off to the kitchen turning on the oven light so he can see. Looking around he feels his heart ache at how you decorated the place without him. How this house screams ‘SHAWN & Y/N’ yet he wasn’t even here to help you hang up pictures.

He can see it now; 

“Shawn it’s not straight!” You protest as he stands on the creaky old ladder he found in the garage. 

“Babe, you told me to move it to the left, that’s what I did.” He chuckles.

“Well now I’m telling you to move it to the right.”

“That’s where I had it!”

“Just do it Shawn.” 

He sighs and moves the picture back to where it was to the right.

“There! Right there!” You shout excited. 

He steps off the ladder, worried when it groans underneath his weight. When he turns to look at you he just stares at the smile of your face. 

“What are you smiling at?”

“It’s our first picture.” You sigh looking at the bare wall, well you know with the exception of the one picture he just hung. 

He saunters over to stand behind you, strong arms wrapping around your waist as his chin rests on your shoulder. He stares at the wall too, feeling your happiness seeping into him.

“Looks good Babe.”

“Would it be straighter if it was more to the left?” 

He can see it, but it never happened. Because he wasn’t here with you. Touring the world without you. 

He walks up the stairs, ready to join you in bed, make you remember that he’s home. 

But he can hear the soft sounds of John Mayer playing from the bedroom. He walks closer to the door, opening it just a crack to see that candles are lit and the room is dim. He grins when he can see your shadow from the bathroom. 

You’re hair is in a messy bun, a few strands falling down to frame your face. You have your silk robe on and are moving around the bathroom, swaying your hips to the beat of the song.

He’s standing in the door way, leaned up against the door frame. He’s so amazed by you, and how you always look so pretty. 

“Hey.” He whispers, hoping not to scare you. You had just tested the water in the bathtub when you look up at him slowly. Your smile gets bigger when you see him.

“Hey.” You whisper back.

“What’s this?”

“Thought maybe we could take a bath. It’s my favorite way to relax after traveling.”

“We?” He asks with raised eyebrows.

“We.” You nod at him. 

“This is my favorite way to be welcomed.” He smirks, making you blush.

“How was the flight?”

“It was alright.”

“Just alright?”

“It was long and seemed to drag on for forever because I knew I was getting to go to you once I got off it.”

“Mmm, I don’t think we have really said Hello.” You say walking up, leaning on your toes to reach his lips. He leans down and kisses you eagerly. “Now strip Mendes.” You whisper pulling away. 

He stands in shock for a second but is quick to get rid of his clothes. He’s in only his boxers while you are checking the water again. You put some bubble soap in the tub and swirl it around to make bubbles. 

He wraps his arms around you, kissing the shell of your ear.

“You’ve gotta strip too.” He says lowly, sending shivers down your spine. 

“All I’m wearing is a robe.” You blush just saying the words.

“Fuck.” He groans into your neck, peppering it with kisses. 

“Ready for your bath?” You ask going to step away. When you move away he catches the tie of your robe and it comes undone. You look over your shoulder at his blushed smirking face. 

You let it fall off your shoulders, landing softly on the floor. You hold his hand as you step into the tub, emerging yourself into the bubbles and warm water. You smile up at him, fluttering your lashes. 

He sheds his boxers stepping in, sitting across from you. He sighs in pleasure as he settles across from you. 

While his head is thrown back, eyes closed, you grab the two glasses of wine you had poured before he walked in. 

“Wine?” You ask offering him a glass. He looks at you and smiles.

“Thanks.” He says taking the glass. You take a sip and he watches you making you giggle. 

“Mmm, it’s good Babe, you’re gonna love it.” You say pointing at his glass. He dodges your hand, capturing your lips with his own. He pulls away smiling.

“It’s real good, best I’ve ever had.” He grins at you. You roll your eyes and sigh when you feel his fingertips on your leg.

“How have you been?” He asks rubbing your thigh with his free hand. 

“Lonely, but I’ve been good.”

“I’m sorry your lonely.” He frowns.

“Don’t be, this right here, makes up for it all.” 

“Good.” He says sipping his glass.


The water is getting colder, you are both three glasses in feeling a little tipsy. 

“You did not say that.” You gasp leaning forward. He laughs and nods, cheeks flushed.

“Totally.” He giggles.

“Shawn!” You splash water at him, making him laugh harder. “What did she say?”

“What would you say if a guy you were hitting on looked at you and told you that his girlfriend was way prettier than you?” He says splashing you back.

“I don’t know, no one has ever said that to me.” You say, picking at your lip.

“Stop.” He says pulling your hand away. “I missed you and your annoying habits.” 

“What like you and your nail biting.”

“You and picking at your lip.”

“Playing with your ring.”

“Bouncing your leg.”

“Pulling at your curls.”

“Picking at your nail polish.” 

“We have too many nervous habits.” You giggle.

“What are you nervous about?” He asks taking your hand and intertwining it with his.

“I don’t know.” You shrug.

“You know, I really love you.” He says shaking his head, smiling wide.


“Yeah, I was so stressed out on the plane ride home, then when I saw that no lights were on I thought you forgot I was coming home. That made me more stressed, but you have made it all melt away in less than a minute of seeing you.”

“You thought I forgot?” You ask, playing with his hand.

“Maybe.” He looks down sheepishly. Embarrassed that he thought you forgot when you had a plan the whole time. He knows he should have known better.

“I would never forget you.” You grin looking up at him. His gaze softens as he stares at you, head tilted to the right. “What?” You ask, eyebrows pulling together.

“You are perfect.” He sighs. You blush and shake your head. “I’m gonna make you my wife one day.” He says holding your hand tighter.

“Oh are you?” You quirk.

“Yeah, it’s gonna happen. Don’t fight it.”

“Don’t plan on fighting it, I promise.” You smile at him.

“You’re gonna be the prettiest bride.” He closes his eyes. “I can see it now, ‘Y/n L/n most beautiful bride in the universe.’”

Just the thought of you walking down the aisle, white gown making you glow more than you already do. That thought alone could save him for the rest of his life.

“Wouldn’t I be a Mendes by then?” You ask making him open his eyes.

“Yeah.” He smiles wide. “I really like the sound of you being a Mendes.”

“Is that your way of asking me?”

“Would you say yes if it was?

“I just said I wouldn’t fight it didn’t I?”

“Did we just get engaged? He asks sitting up.

“I think so?” You giggle.

“Wait.” He says leaning over the tub, fumbling with his pants. He digs into the pocket and pulls out a ring.

“Holy shit Shawn.” You gasp as he looks at you. 

“Was gonna ask anyway.” He grins, slipping it onto your finger. 

“Holy shit.” You sit there out of breath.

“Is that a good holy shit or a bad holy shit?” He asks tense again.

“Good, so good.” You smile, connecting your lips with his.


You are both laying in bed, in each others arms.

The bath had become cold and your skin becoming wrinkly. 

He’s in his boxers, and when you had asked him to grab you some clothes while you were drying off he had returned with a pair of his boxers and one of your cami’s. You didn’t argue, just put on what ever he brought you. 

“What are people going to say when I answer with ‘Oh yeah, we both kind of mutually agreed in the bath one night.’ I mean that makes us sound crazy.”

“More like crazy in love.” He mumbles, eyes closed but fingertips running up and down your hip.

“That’s very true, but like,” You say picking at your lip again. “Does that make us sound weird?”

“Stop picking at your lip.” He says, chest rumbling.

“You haven’t even opened your eyes to look at me.”

“Don’t have to, I know you.”

“You better know me, if I’m gonna be your wife.” You mumble.

That makes his eyes fly open. In a quick second he’s rolled you from your side to your back and has a hand on each side of your face. He’s holding himself up over you, with a playful grin curling up on his lips.

“If?” He asks, eyes challenging you. “This right here.” He says taking hold of your left hand, playing with your ring. “That’s not an ‘If’ Baby, that’s a when.”

“When I’m your wife?” You ask.

“Yeah, not an ‘If this happens’, it’s a ‘when it happens.’ And who gives a fuck about what we sound like when we say that we both kind of asked one night while taking a bath, it’s the truth.”

“So when the boys ask how you proposed you are gonna tell them truth and say you took a bath?”

“Yeah. That’s what happened, been the best night of my life and you want me to lie about it?”

“Best night?” You roll your eyes. “What about Madison Square Garden, or the night you signed your record deal.”

“Baby those nights mean shit compared to this one. You are gonna be my wife. My wife. Do you know how happy that makes me, I get you. Out of 7.442 billion people in this world, I get to marry my favorite one.” 

You reach up and stroke his cheek, your eyes glued to his. 

“Yeah those nights were good. But this one right here is the best. Any night with you beats those nights. I promise you that.” 

*Part 2?*

i like you already.

Originally posted by skarsgardangel

(dacre montgomery x reader)

summary: dacre montgomery should not be allowed to look that good. ever. what’s worse is that he’s a good and decent person, too. the reader doesn’t stand a chance at not being into him.

request: A dacre fic , where you meet during your coffee break because you walk into him (he’s in his Billy costume) and you say “woah the 80s called they want their wardrobe back” and later you meet again and he’s in normal clothes and you’re blown away etc romance ensues Sorry if that didn’t make sense 

word count: 2, 262

a/n: i actually had a lot of fun with this one! dacre’s a cocky little shit though okay i love him. also, brief mentions of cocaine and ODing. 

It wasn’t like you didn’t know that Stranger Things 3 was filming on the same lot as you. It’s just that you hadn’t actually thought about it. There had been more pressing things to worry about, like the fact that you’d been hired as the personal assistant on set for a notoriously difficult actor on a project that was already two weeks behind in filming and well on its way to overbudget.

You’d already been screamed at twice that day (once for not anticipating the fact that said actor would trip and tear a large hole in his jeans, and the second for getting his coffee order wrong. Because apparently, he was lactose intolerant that day) and getting screamed at for a third time was not on your list of things to do.

But of course some mullet-wearing asshole had to be taking his grand old time in front of you. Who the hell wore nothing but denim, honestly? Whoever the costume designer was obviously hadn’t been thinking that through. No one could pull of all denim. No one.

“Oh, my God,” you mumbled, letting out an annoyed huff. You were going to get chewed apart, and it was all because of this idiot.

But then the idiot turned around.

In all your time of being alive, you’d never actually come across someone who could pull off a mullet, but this guy was coming pretty close. The all denim outfit was still a little too much, but it wasn’t horrendous on him.

“Do you have a problem?”

“No, take your time in ordering. I’ve got all the time in the world.” The sarcasm dripped off your words. You knew that that wasn’t a smart idea at all. Personal assistants were supposed to kiss everyone’s asses until their noses were a nice brown color. But you were just tired. This was supposed to be your dream job, your foot in the door. But instead you were babysitting an adult who was constantly trying to sneak in a little snort of some white powder when he thought no one was looking.

It was an indie film, too. Not even a blockbuster.

“You see, that sounds like you have a problem, but you said you don’t have a problem. So what is it?”

“Well, if I did have a problem, it’d be with your outfit.”

“Oh, really?” The corners of his lips ticked up into a small smirk. “And why is that?”

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jungkook scenario | love can’t be bought (probably)

Originally posted by nnochu

Jungkook jokingly says he wants a date for Christmas, and your best friend, who keeps trying to set you up, takes it a little too literally!

prompt: My best friend rigged the secret Santa so that I could buy your present because they know I have a massive crush on you! 

pairing: jungkook x reader

requested by anon | 3.3k words | fluff, drama club au

Theatre kids always take things too far.

You realised this as soon as your joined your local drama club and were met by a wide-smiled boy, who introduced himself as Jung Hoseok, and told you that you were going to have ‘the best time ever’ with him. At first you thought him too loud and too obnoxious, but now you find him just right, and that’s why he’s your best friend. He introduced you to Jin who makes horrible puns, Taehyung who stares into space a lot, Namjoon who screeches out the lyrics during musicals, and of course, the boy who kept you coming back in the first place: Jeon Jungkook, who you’re hopelessly in love with.

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