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EXO (OT12) - Reaction to Things Getting Heated During an Argument ;)

As requested. :)


“Why do you even care” Your voice was stern as you turned around finally facing him after he had been nagging you as you were messing with the clothes in your closet. You had been spending some time with a male friend of yours and he seemed to be getting a bit jealous. You had repeatedly told him it was nothing more than hanging out due to having the same interests and working at the same office. His eyes were filled with anger but not directed towards you, mostly towards your friend. “He is spending too much time with you, what if he doesn’t feel the same way that you do?” Without thinking about your answer too much you blurted out what came to mind immediately, “Is he the one I come home to and sleep with every day? Who cares if he likes me, you are the one I want. No one drives me insane like you do, I mean do you even see how sexy you are upset like this?” You rolled your eyes but noticed the change in his demeanor. The anger in his eyes turned into lust. His rigid frame softened as he walked towards you and brought your lips to his own. The stupid fight forgotten. He wasn’t backing down and you had no desire to retreat, this man was yours and you were his. Just like you were trying to tell him.

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once-uponacaptain  asked:

Not sure if you're still taking prompts, but if you are, how about 'finding the other wearing their clothes'?

The last thing he thought he’d be doing on a Tuesday evening when the sky opened up and let out a monster of a thunderstorm, was leaving the house and getting caught in the rain. And yet, here he is, wringing water out of his clothes in the bathroom sink to get them just dry enough that they won’t leave trails when he takes them to the laundry room downstairs.

He heaves out a heavy sigh but he can’t seem to get mad. Because every time he tries, he thinks of Emma Swan knocking on his door and pulling him down several flights of stairs to soak him to his toes. His best friend is a thunderstorm in herself.

There’s a knock at the door, and he hums in reply.

“I made apology coffee,” Emma calls out. He laughs, as though she has anything to apologise for. She could lead him anywhere and he’d follow willingly, as head over heels as he is about her.

“I’ll be right there, love.”

It takes him a few seconds to gather his clothes in the basket at the corner, to push his fingers through his hair several times and look in the mirror, giving himself a silent pep talk. It’s mostly new, the discovery of the severity of his feelings for Emma. He’s always known he was drawn to her, but there’s something else there, too – a need to never be separated, a sensation of care that extends well beyond the natural, and a word that starts with L that he doesn’t think he should ever utter out loud in her presence. Not now anyway. Someday, maybe.

He hears her humming from the kitchen and smiles to himself.

“Apology coffee and a musical performance? Aren’t I just the luckiest man in the world.” It’s easy for him to slip into a tone of levity, even easier when she teases him right back.

“Please,” she scoffs. “You’re going to have to make me coffee if you want to hear me sing.”

“I make you coffee every single weekend,” he replies, throwing in a pout for good measure.

Emma shrugs, her smirk taking away from her excuse of an apology. She turns around to pick up the mugs from the counter and that’s when he notices it, the deep red fabric that bunches around her arms where she’s pushed the too long sleeves to her elbows. It hangs loosely on her frame, the threads fraying, the small tear in the hem glaring at him in recognition.

He hasn’t seen this sweatshirt in years, had forgotten about it completely, in fact. And here it is, worn by the woman he would never, in his existence, want to forget.

She places the mugs on the table and hesitates when he stays frozen in place. He’s staring, he knows, but he can’t help it.

“I forgot to bring an extra sweater, I thought it would be okay if I borrowed one?” she explains, though it comes out more like a question. He opens his mouth but doesn’t get a word out. Emma’s fingers run along the hem, fidgeting. “I’ll just go put it back in your drawer, I’ll be fine in my shirt.”

He steps in front of her when she tries to pass by him, and shakes his head.

“No, no, I just– my brother gave me that sweatshirt. I simply haven’t seen it in a while, that’s all.”

“Shit, sorry, I should–,” she moves towards his room but he grabs her by the elbow and pulls her back in place.

“Swan, it’s perfectly fine. It even suits you,” he grins. And gods, does it ever. It brings out the gold of her hair and matches the red on her cheeks that’s always present during colder months. And it’s something else, to see her wrapped up in clothing that’s his. He’s pathetic in his longing for domesticity, for wanting it with Emma and Emma only. Unbidden, he imagines her in nothing but his sweatshirt, greeting him on a morning after with intimacy he should not be letting creep into his mind when she’s standing right in front of him.

He coughs, trying to cover it up.

She eyes him warily. “Are you sure?” He knows what she’s asking, Are you sure you want to trust me with this? As though she and Liam aren’t on the same standing in his mind, as though she isn’t deserving of being compared to his late brother. How she doesn’t see his heart beat straight out of his chest when she’s near, he’ll never know.

He gently runs a hand up and down her arm, and she visibly deflates at the gesture. He’s so close to her that he can count the creases on her forehead, knows they won’t leave her until the unnecessary guilt subsides.

“Positive,” he reassures.

And perhaps if he was privy to her thought process, he would expect her reaching up on her tiptoes and placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Instead, he stands there like a fool, stock still, as it happens.

“Thank you,” she practically whispers. She squeezes his hand once before stepping back. “Your coffee’s getting cold.”

He watches her walk to the table, damp curls hanging down her back, at home in a place that isn’t hers. Engulfed in an article of clothing that he associates with warmth and comfort. Completely and irrevocably making his heart pound. He lets out a gust of a breath. A thunderstorm in herself, indeed.

intimacy prompts

You Look Cute In My Shirt

Summary/Prompt: “I may have slept in your shirt while you were gone.”
Word Count: 1730 words
Warnings: slight smut (but yeah not really), 
Pairings: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Authors Note: So the other one I posted yesterday was  huge hit and so I though why not post another one. I have a part 2 for this already written so if I get enough feedback on this one, I’ll post the second part.

Originally posted by clarkethesharkmacarthur

The house on nights like tonight were extremely boring and lonely. A cold breeze shot past me, sending shivers down my spine. Lately the house had been extremely cold and it obviously didn’t help that I walked around it in just a t-shirt and underwear. That is unless I had been accompanied by Tyler , then I would be forced to put on more layers. And I’m not saying I liked that.

As of right now, Tyler and the team where a 5 hour plane ride away from Dallas, currently finishing up a road trip. Tyler had crept into my room sometime last week during the earlier hours and had let me know that him and the team were leaving for the week, and that they would be back no later than lunch on Thursday, which was tomorrow.

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Catch a Falling Star

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1832 (Part I)

A/N: Part I of a Soulmate AU mini-series, or as I have come to fondly refer to it, the 1K Follower Celebration request by @trexrambling with prompts for hurt/comfort, protectiveness, and reunion inspired by TKG poem #4 that outlined better for me as a series than a stand-alone drabble.

Summary: What if angels didn’t end up just anywhere when they are banished by sigils…what if sometimes they end up exactly where they need to be? Turns out you are Castiel’s grounding stone, and it’s more complicated than either of you realizes. Sparks fly when you meet a mysterious blue-eyed stranger in the most unexpected of places.

Few sensations exist in creation more unpleasant than the vision blurring stomach churning skin chaffing whirlwind spin of an angel’s vessel hurtling uncontrollably through physical space upon being banished by means of blood sigil. Few sensations, that is, save for the fireball crash landing which invariably follows such expulsions. There are archived plans for a Coney Island roller coaster gradually disintegrating in a drawer at the New York City Public Library which, if the project reached fruition, might have come close to replicating the experience. However, engineers could never work out adequate safety measures to protect the rocketing passengers from being jettisoned into oblivion at the kinetic peaks.

Castiel, like most vessel-bound wavelengths of celestial intent in his current predicament, hadn’t expected to find himself the equivalent of an angelic slingshot just now. Unfortunately, and also fortunately for him, the sensation was not entirely unfamiliar and he knew panicking would accomplish nothing. Practice taught him that accepting fate and relaxing usually made for a slightly softer landing.

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Saudade: Ch1

Dating Josh was honestly everything you could ever want it to be. Two years of the greatest moments of your entire life. You couldn’t even imagine being with anyone else. All your other boyfriends and girlfriends, small flings, stupid one night stands, it meant nothing. Josh was like your modern day Prince Charming. While he might not be the typical fancy haired, twinkling eyed, sharp dressed, perfectly postured gentleman, he was just as special. He had hair that changed color almost as frequently as the weather, mocha eyes that squinted and widened in just the right ways, a rather edgy and modern punk fashion sense, a cheesy humor, and a kind heart. You still remembered the moment you met as if it was just yesterday.

“What the fuck?” you cursed, tripping over your own feet and spilling the coffee cup in your hand to the floor, toppling onto the sidewalk, your palms skidding with the pavement.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” a voice cried behind you. Before you knew it, two hands were helping you to your feet, sputtering out apologies. “I didn’t look where I was going, oh my goodness, I am so sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you muttered, brushing yourself off before looking up, staring into the most beautiful eyes you had ever seen. You were face to face with a guy who looked about your age, blue semi-curly hair, nose ring, gages, a snapback, NASA t-shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers. He stared at you for a moment before reaching down to grab his cellphone, which you assumed had fallen out of his hand when he had bumped into you, as well as his skateboard.

“Texting and skateboarding,” he explained, turning red with embarrassment and letting out a nervous laugh. “Probably not the best decision.”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly.

“I’m super sorry about that coffee,” he cringed. “You okay? You took quite the fall.”

“I’m fine,” you reassured. “Don’t worry about me.” You glanced at the spilled coffee on the ground.

“You sure?” he inquired.

“I’m good, I don’t know about my coffee,” you chuckled.

“I’m really sorry about that,” he sighed. “Um, how about I make it up to you? There’s a coffee shop down the street. If you’re not in a rush to get anywhere, maybe we could get you another one? It’s on me.”

“Sounds great,” you gave a light smile. “I was just heading to my apartment anyways.”

“I’m super sorry,” he repeated.

“It’s fine, stop apologizing,” you rolled your eyes. “It was just an accident. I’m quite the klutz myself, so I can relate.”

“Got it,” he relaxed his shoulders. “I’m Josh by the way.”

“Y/n,” you introduced, shaking his hand. You both exchanged a grin before walking towards the coffee shop, spilling out your life stories piece by piece, not knowing what great future destiny had planned for the two of you.

A small accident on the sidewalk transformed into an exchange of numbers in a coffee shop, which transitioned into regularly grabbing breakfast together each week, eventually evolving into attending a couple of his shows, and after a bunch of teasing from Tyler and several of your own friends, an official first date.

“A carnival,” you smirked when he led you towards the Ferris Wheel. “Leave it to someone like Josh Dun to take me someplace strange for a first date.”

“Why? You don’t like cotton candy and popcorn?” he raised an eyebrow teasingly, squeezing your hand he had been holding as you traveled down the boardwalk.

“I don’t know, it’s just unusual,” you shrugged. “I was expecting the whole fancy restaurant dinner or adorable little park picnic or something like that.”

“That’s so cliché,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on, we already exchanged numbers in a café. Isn’t that textbook enough for you?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” you giggled. “I love unusual.” You kissed him on the cheek and watched as he blushed, glancing at you and giving a small smile before you stepped in line to ride the wheel.

Josh spent the entire evening with you, winning you small plush animals, buying you funnel cake, traveling with you through a mirror maze, taking pictures of you riding the carousel, painting your faces, and even getting some animal balloons from a clown. You both ended up straying away from the boardwalk and sitting down by the beach, taking off your shoes and going for a late night walk by the shoreline, holding hands and talking about your favorite things in the world.

“I really like sunsets,” you explained. “The streaks of color and how they settle in the sky, the way the sunlight filters through the clouds, the entire peacefulness of it, it’s beautiful.”

“I like cats,” Josh added. “They’re so fluffy and they make adorable purring sounds and I think they have super cool eyes. They’re neat.”

“Finding money in the pockets of your jeans,” you laughed. “Like when you’re doing laundry or putting on an old pair of pants and you reach into your pockets and find money you forgot was there. That’s a great feeling.”

“You know what else is a great feeling?” Josh asked. “Spending an evening with a lovely lady like you, being able to hold her hand and look into her eyes, walk with her alongside the ocean, and know that you truly love her.”

“Yeah?” you wondered, pausing your walking and looking at him for a moment.

“Definitely,” he nodded. There was a pause. “I love you, y/n.”

“Well that’s lucky for you,” you grinned. “Because I’m pretty sure I love you too, Josh. And that’s one of my favorite things in the entire world.”

“What?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Loving you,” you rolled your eyes. You stared at each other, as if searching for something, before he cupped your face with his hands, studying your face for a second before kissing you, placing his lips to yours and letting the rest of the world fade away.

Since then, your small bud of feelings for Josh blossomed into a passionate flower of love. You started to spend all your time together, going to almost all of his shows, watching entire television series together, falling asleep cuddling on the couch, accompanying him to interviews and award shows, and even dying his hair red and pink. You spent hours drinking iced coffee, singing Blink-182, shopping for beanies and snapbacks, watching Stranger Things episodes, going to the pet store just to play with the cats, making occasional trips to the tattoo parlor, and eating countless amounts of burritos. It was the smell of bubblegum and having sweet sex and wearing his sweatshirts and silly texts and late night city walks and open mouthed kisses and trying to learn to skateboard and penny fountain wishes. Loving Josh was everything you had hoped it to be and more.

“Good morning,” he greeted in a sing song voice, kissing your forehead that morning. “Wake up sleepy head.”

“Ugh,” you groaned, fluttering open your eyelids. “It’s way too early. It’s like seven in the morning.”

“You know it’s our two year anniversary,” he smiled. “Big day.”

“I know,” you chuckled, pressing your lips to his. “How could I forget?”

“I was thinking, I don’t know, maybe we could go to Disney World?” he raised an eyebrow.

“What?” you widened your eyes.

“I sort of already got tickets,” he grinned. “Our flight leaves at ten.”

“You’re crazy,” you rolled your eyes, pulling him in for a kiss. “Wait. Are you serious?”

“Definitely,” he nodded. “I scheduled everything. We can stay for three days, go on all the rides, pose with the characters, watch the fireworks, the whole experience. It’s going to be great.”

“I fucking love you,” you beamed. “I also can’t believe you.”

“Surprise,” he laughed.

“You’re the best,” you kissed him again.

“I just wanted to take my very own princess to the magical castle,” he shrugged. “Special occasion.”

It was days like these that reminded you just how much you loved Josh. The adorable plans and surprises, his childlike awe and innocence, his contagious laughter and smile, everything about him. He even bought you matching Mickey Mouse ears to wear and took you to see your favorite Disney princess. A couple weeks after, you were sitting on the couch when the topic came up.

“I think you’re hiding something,” you murmured as you were cuddling on the couch, just having finished a season of X Files. “You’ve been quiet lately.”

“I’m fine,” Josh dismissed, but you turned around to face him, looking him in the eyes.

“You’re not telling me something,” you insisted. “Josh.” There was a moment of silence.

“I didn’t want to tell you until it was official,” he sighed. “I still don’t really know for sure.”

“You’re leaving for tour,” you stated flatly. “Aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” he shrugged. “I mean, Tyler and Mark are still working out dates, but yeah.”

“When are you leaving?” you asked.

“Next month,” he explained. His voice went soft. “Or next week.”

“Next week?” your eyes went wide. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” he sighed. “We wanted to surprise the fans with a tour and we’ve been practicing and stuff and we’re releasing dates tomorrow but-”

“But you just didn’t think it was important to tell me,” you muttered, obviously agitated with him.

“Y/n, it’s not like I was keeping a secret or anything,” he argued. “I just didn’t know. Okay? Please don’t be angry at me. I just, well, I was afraid to tell you. I didn’t want you to be mad, but I guess you already are, so, I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you took a deep breath. “I overreacted. I’m just sad to see you go. I’m going to miss you.”

“You know I’d take you along if I could,” he mumbled, pressing a kiss to your lips. “If Ty would let me, I’d wrap you in my arms and carry you everywhere I go. Even on stage. I’d let you sit on my lap as I play the drums, be up there on stage with me, right next to my heart.”

“You’re silly,” you rolled your eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he gave a small smile.  “You know what else I’m going to miss, though?”

“What?” you raised an eyebrow.

“This body,” he smirked, grazing his hand against your side. “The way your lips feel against mine, how sweet they taste, what miracles they perform when they’re all over my skin…”

“Yeah?” you flickered your eyes up to meet him.

“Yeah,” he nodded. Josh slipped a hand underneath your shirt and up your back slowly, sliding his fingers underneath your bra and beginning to unhook it. “I think we better do a little something special before I leave, right?”

“Definitely,” you whispered.

Everything with Josh was sweet. Being with Josh was a warm cup of café coffee or a sugary tuft of carnival cotton candy. Each touch of his hand was a brushstroke of a painter, every kiss a spoonful of honey, all of his movements as if the light breeze that blows on a sunny spring day. So of course, sex with Josh was always just as sweet. “Lift your arms for me, baby,” he mumbled, slowly inching the fabric of your shirt up your arms, then taking the time to kiss you on the lips again. He trailed his mouth down your jaw, your neck, and towards your breasts, swiftly unclasping your bra and delicately sliding it from your arms as well. Undressing each other was as if performing a graceful waltz, each move just a part of the dance, every thrust of the hips a simple sashay, each roll over a graceful twirl, all movements combined in a beautiful choreography, intertwined with the symphony of your heartbeats and breathing. It was slow and simple and so raw and pure, the most amazing feeling in the world simply compacted into one human being, and he was in your arms, against your body, within you, overwhelming you and taking over, and you savored every second of it.

“I want you,” you mumbled against his neck as you bunched up his shirt and slowly slid it upwards, over his head, tossing it to the side before traveling your lips down his chest. You tugged down his shorts and he lifted you up for a moment to kiss you again, his hands finding your hips and gently sliding his thumbs underneath the waistband of your leggings, hooking his fingers around your panties and inching them both down your thighs, his hand traveling towards your core and making you hum with delight. He brushed past your folds for a second to slide his fingers through your wetness before tugging down your leggings and panties to your ankles, helping you kick them off and then climbing on top of you, slowly grinding down on you through the fabric of his boxers. Both of you let out a slight moan and you reached for the fabric, tugging it down and letting his erection spring free, sliding them down his legs.

“Condom,” he reminded and you sighed, chewing on your lower lip as he reached towards the drawer of the nightstand and pulled one out, your eyes fixed on his movements and the pool of wetness between your legs growing as he ripped the foil open with his teeth and rolled it on over his length, repositioning himself above you and kissing you softly. “So. Fucking. Beautiful.”

“Please,” you murmured and he nodded, lining up with your entrance and slowly sinking in, making you inhale sharply, wrapping your arms around him as he went deeper inch by inch, finally filling you up to the hilt and letting out a soft moan.

Both of you began to rock back and forth, small slow thrusts making you close your eyes and tilt back your head, giving Josh access to your neck, his lips carefully placing kisses on your skin and down to your breasts, each movement so sweet and graceful. He held you in his arms as if you were fragile glass, a porcelain doll meant to be treated with upmost care, a precious jewel uncovered from the depths of the ocean. It made you feel warm and special and safe and so happy, the way his skin brushed against yours making your body relax against his, both of your movements combining into pure bliss. “Baby, I’m close,” he whispered.

“Me too,” you bit down on your lower lip and nodded, both of you starting to shake and quiver in each other’s arms, each thrust of your hips gaining momentum until you both reached your climax, moaning loudly and riding out the waves of orgasm, your bodies pressed so close together until finally it settled. You were wrapped in each other’s arms for a moment before he pulled out, untangling your sweaty exhausted limbs from each other and letting Josh slide off and tie the condom, tossing it into the trash as you reached for the blankets that had fallen off the bed, covering yourself in them. Josh smirked and wrapped you in his arms, sighing.

He stared at you for a moment before closing his eyes tight. “God I’m going to miss you,” he sighed. You kissed again, pressing your lips to his for a moment before pulling away. “I wish I didn’t have to go.”

“Don’t say that,” you frowned. “I want you to have fun. I want you to play your heart out on stage every single night. I want you to smile. And if not for you, then for me. Promise?”

“Promise,” he agreed, kissing the top of your head. He sighed. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I am too,” you mumbled. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”

Who Hurt You? (Part 1)

Title: Who Hurt You? (Part 1)

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word Count: 2,575

Warnings: angst, abuse from significant other (not Tony), and some cursing I think.

A/N: I have had this series for SO LONG. I was trying to save it for December, but I just couldn’t wait any longer! I hope you all love this! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You made your way to your desk and threw your jacket over the back of your chair.  You had a rough night last night with your boyfriend, Alex.  You had been together for almost two years.  At first he was loving, kind, and caring, but as the months went on he became more aggressive and more hurtful.  Instead of kissing you and taking you on dates, he would insult you and belittle anything you did.  These past few weeks he’d been more physical and you weren’t sure what to do about it.  You knew if your team found out, things would only become more of a hassle for you.  You didn’t want to answer questions and have them pester you on the matter.  You were going to think of a way out, even if it was on your own.  You didn’t want your team to think that you couldn’t handle it.  You fought off bad guys all the time, so this should be no different, right?

Your team was on a case where a Petty Officer was found dead on his ex-wife’s kitchen floor.  The husband and wife had been married for 10 years and he just got back from his last tour.  He was a respectable man and he seemed to be loved, except for the fact that one person didn’t love him enough to not kill him; his wife.  You were the one with the lead, but ultimately Abby pulled through and proved your hunch.  However, you still had to get her confession, so you weren’t done just yet.

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don’t make me over

Kurt thinks today will just be an average day; he’ll go to work, he’ll pine for his friend-with-benefits Blaine (who he desperately wants to become more), and he’ll remind his boss for the millionth time that he doesn’t want to be set up with her son. It goes pretty much as he expects… well, sort of.

Written for @prompt-a-klainefic‘s Klaine Prompt Reversebang! This fic is based on this amazing piece of art by @quizasvivamos based on this prompt. A big thanks to the artist, who not only made this amazing art, but also made some follow up art based on the story, AND put up with my obnoxious emails about the fic. Also, thanks to teach for looking this fic over :) Hope you all enjoy <3

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Kurt’s alarm blares at 6:45AM, as it does every weekday morning. He sits up in bed, rubbing a hand over his face.

As he gets his bearings, sleep-fog clearing, he happens to catch sight of a head of dark curls pressed into a pillow, connected to some of the nicest shoulders he’s ever seen. He stares for a moment, then looks around.

Oh, fuck.

He jumps out of bed, which makes Blaine groan, arms curling around his pillow.

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Summary: So this is for the magnificent @kaitymccoy123 Spring has Sprung Challenge. Kaity so kindly bestowed upon me the prompt of “If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me.” The character of Scotty and the color Red.

Pairing: Hate to burst your little bubbles but this is just implied Scotty/reader

Warnings: Domestic violence/abuse, some serious pinning

A/n: I just want to thank Kaity for this. I’m so proud of this. It has taken me a lot of work and rewriting. It was such a pleasure to write. Also, I’ll leave an explanation at the end of the story after the tags if you want to read it. Just some extra author notes. Okay, I’ll shut up now. Enjoy the story.

Word Count: 5110 (Holy shit. Guys this is a long one)

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Date Night

“Alec, what are you doing?” 

Alec looked up over the pot he was currently stirring in the Institute kitchen to see Isabelle leaning casually against the door frame. 

“I-” Alec started before cutting off abruptly when the pot began to boil over. Once he turned down the heat he finished, “I invited Magnus for dinner here tonight.” 

“You… Invited Magnus here? Like, for a date?”

“Yeah,” Alec responded grimly. 


Alec sighed, “we are always at his place, or we always do things that he suggests… I just didn’t want him to think I’m ashamed of him or something, and that’s why we never come here.” 

“Um, obviously. You never come here because here sucks,” Izzy responded gesturing to the general area of the Institute.  

Alec rolled his eyes and threw some spices into the pot, “are you going to say anything helpful anytime soon? Because if not, leave me to my meal.” 

“Actually, that’s why I came. It smelled like something was burning, and Alec… I’m pretty sure food isn’t supposed to look like that.” 

“You have absolutely no leg to stand on,” Alec said defensively, “it’ll be fine. I’m sure if I just keep adding things it’ll eventually even out.” 

“By the Angel, what is that awful smell ” 

Alec sighed when Jace walked in. The exact last person he wanted to see right now. Jace would never let him live this down, so Alec resigned himself to humiliation. 

“Alec invited Magnus here for a date and offered to cook for him,” Izzy said with a smarmy grin.  

Jace’s eyes widened, “you invited him here? Are you aware that he owns a beautiful penthouse apartment with the world’s most luxurious showers? Honestly, I’m glad to be home… But I still daydream about that shower. Also, there are way fewer people… Don’t you want privacy?” 

“Considering how often you guys interrupt us anyway,” Alec said ignoring Jace’s sound of protest,” I’m not actually sure it matters where we are. And would you stop! He’ll be here in half an hour, it’s too late to suddenly change plans. So, either help me or leave me to my misery.”

Jace and Izzy shared a look that Alec knew well- it was the ‘Alec is such a loser’ look, but he didn’t call them on it. Especially because, after a moment, they both shifted their shoulders back into soldier positions. They may drive him insane, but they’ll always come through for him. 

“Sure, buddy, why don’t I help you make a dinner that resembles human food?” Jace offered, and Alec sighed with relief. Of the three of them, Jace was by far the most capable in the kitchen. 

“Where were you thinking of setting up?” Izzy asked. 

Alec blushed slightly, but responded, “it’s nice out… So I thought, maybe… We could eat on the balcony of my office?” 

“Wow, look at you, bro,” Izzy said punching his arm playfully, “you are actually a secret romantic.” 

“Shut up,” Alec said turning away. “We don’t have much time, so Jace…”

“Say no more,” Jace responded, taking Alec’s pot and dumping everything out ignoring Alec’s soft sound of disapproval. “We don’t have a lot of time, so I think your best bet is some type of pasta dish, we’ll throw some fish on top because fish cooks faster than meat, make a salad and call it a day.” 

“Do you have wine?” Izzy asked. 

Alec nodded, at least that part he had completed. “Yeah, it’s chilling in the fridge.” 

Izzy nodded in approval, “I’ll go set up your balcony. Alec, why don’t you go shower and get ready?” 

“But what if Jace needs my-”

“No!” Jace said with alarm, “no, it will be less work for me if you’re not here. But don’t forget, you’re going to owe me big time.”

“Duly noted,” Alec responded, “what do you want?”

“I’ll tell you later,” Jace said already focused on his task of chopping vegetables. 

Alec nodded and ran to his room, cursing softly. It was disorganized because he’s been so distracted and busy lately. He hastily shoved a few empty, day old mugs into empty drawers, chucked his clothes into a laundry basket and then put that in the closet. With his room now looking moderately less terrible he rushed to take a shower, shaving his face and using the after-shave he knew Magnus liked so much. Or at least, Alec thinks he likes it based on the way he always seems to nuzzle closer on the days he uses it. 

He knew he couldn’t waste any time, Magnus was religiously punctual (at least, with Alec. Otherwise he was more than content to make people wait. The preferential treatment always made Alec smile.) 

By the time he got back to the kitchen Jace was just about finishing up dinner. 

“Okay,” Jace said upon seeing him, “I plated it and put the extras in your office, so that should be fine. I did place a heating rune on the pot, so no worries.” 

“You are the best parabatai,” Alec said pulling into a hug that surprised both of them. 

“Sap,” Jace said squeezing back just as hard. 

“I’m done with the balcony. I put the wine in an ice bucket out there,” Izzy said as she walked in on them hugging. Alec pulled her into the hug as well, because while his mother may insist that Lightwoods aren’t huggers, that particular family trait did not pass down to her children. 

“Try not to be too tragic, okay, Alec?” Izzy said as they pulled away. Alec made a face. 

“I’m not tragic.” 

Jace and Izzy shared that look again, “okay.” 

Alec opened his mouth to respond but his phone vibrated, with a message from Magnus letting him know he came. 

“I gotta go,” Alec said. 

Jace turned to leave with a wink, “if you end up fucking on the desk in your office I wouldn’t blame you.” 

“Goodbye,” Alec said walking away to let Magnus in through the front door. 

Magnus took his breath away, as usual. He was dressed well, but Alec didn’t expect anything else. There was something special about this, though, about having Magnus on his turf and opening the door for him. It was nice knowing that for once, Magnus really didn’t have to do anything- Alec could take care of him completely. It was a surprisingly heady feeling, Alec thought he might ask Magnus to come here more often after all. 

“I didn’t want to come empty handed,” Magnus said holding out a cake tin. “So I figured I’d bring dessert.” 

Alec took the cake and leaned down slightly to meet Magnus’s lips for a welcoming kiss. “Yes, very sweet.” 

Magnus rolled his eyes at the line but smiled anyway and kissed him again. When Magnus pulled back he immediately nuzzled Alec’s cheek, which made him smirk internally. Looks like he was right about that aftershave.

Alec led Magnus to his office and was hit by the scent of well-cooked pasta covered in a fragrant sauce. Jace really was a life saver. The second thing he noticed was the table on the balcony, with candles placed over a clean white table cloth, beside it was a smaller table with the wine he got chilling in an ice bucket. He even heard soft jazz playing in the background. 

“Wow,” Magnus said his eyes slightly wide, “is this some type of anniversary I forgot?” 

Alec laughed, “no. I just… Wanted tonight to be nice. Jace and Izzy helped a lot.” 

Magnus smiled, “I thought I recognized that smell. I think Jace made this for me once when he was staying with me.” 

Alec was burning up with happiness that bordered on giddy. He walked to the table outside, his hand still holding Magnus’. Letting go briefly, he pulls out Magnus’ chair for him. Magnus, who has been watching him with a soft smile, actually blushes at that. Alec thinks that if he can keep that wide-eyed look of wonderment on Magnus’ face as often as he can, he’ll have lived a good life. 

The place settings already had two plates full of food on them and had a small warming rune burned into the corner of the ceramic. 

He moved to open the bottle of wine when he realized he didn’t have a wine opener. Alec opened his mouth to start stuttering something when the bottle was suddenly uncorked in a haze of blue magic. 

“Thanks,” Alec said, his cheeks still slightly red. 

“It’s the least I can do,” Magnus said gesturing around them. 

Alec rolled his eyes, and reached one hand out to grab Magnus’ and pressed a gentle kiss to his knuckles. “I’m glad you like it.” 

“Of course I do, you didn’t need to go to all this effort but I do appreciate it. I love you,” Magnus said, his eyes warm and gentle as the looked at Alec. He was always struck by how beautiful Magnus’ eyes really are, they express so many emotions, they can be gentle and kind, and icy cold. Right now they radiated love, and Alec’s breath caught in his throat. 

“I love you too,” he responded. “Now, should we eat? This looks delicious.” 

“Sounds like a plan, Alexander.” 

While You Were Gone

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

Summary: The reader makes a deal to temporarily go to Hell for a week to save Dean. He doesn’t know what to do with himself while she’s gone and starts writing her letters…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: lanuage

A/N: Written in Dean’s POV….

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Asthma Attack

Request:  Hi friend! Idk if your requests are still open but I have recently become a slut for the new IT movie and if you could please please please please please do a Bill imagine where the reader has really bad asthma and her mom is not the best person in the world so she stays with Bill a lot and could you pretty please make it super fluffy?? I’m just trying to avoid doing my homework but please please please 🖤
Words: 1191
Request here!

All my life I’ve had asthma, but it was never that big of a problem until high school. That’s when you really don’t want to have asthma, not only me but Eddie Kaspbrak can tell you that too. Having asthma during high school is terrible.

And to top it off, my mom doesn’t give a flying fuck about what happens to me, but sadly she’s all I got. Well, except for Bill’s family. They’re so nice to me, but Bill is even nicer.

Bill and I have been best friends since we were little, living right across from him probably helped that too. His parents know about what goes down at my house, so they invite me over every chance they get, which I am very grateful for.

There’s Eddie’s mother too, she hates my mom due to how she treats me so I have free passage over there too. I’m probably the only girl allowed around Eddie, his mom considered us ‘Asthma Buddies’. I think it’s adorable, Eddie no so much. But what can you do?

Today was the worst my asthma has ever been though, but it was even worse because I didn’t have my inhaler with me. My asthma hadn’t flared up in over a month surprisingly so I didn’t bother to take my inhaler to school with me. Big mistake on my part, I know I’ll never hear the end of it from both Bill and Eddie’s family. I certainly won’t be hearing it from my mother, that’s for sure.

I was walking outside for lunch, I wasn’t super hungry today so I didn’t bother to get anything. My bitch of a mother also forgot to give me money too so there’s that. Usually when that happens Bill helps me out and either shares his lunch or gives me some extra money. It’s one of the many things I’ve grown to love so much about him, how caring he is.

I could start to feel it coming, but it wasn’t strong enough for me to do anything about it, not that I would be able to without an inhaler. Plus Bill wasn’t anywhere that I was able to see so I didn’t have the spare inhaler he carries on him for me.

Normally I don’t mind it though, this happens a lot so I just leave it alone. I find Bill and his friends sitting on a bench and I go to join them, the tight feeling fading to the back of my mind as I listen to Richie make shitty puns and Eddie or Stan, sometimes both, hitting him upside the head each time.

Lunch ends and we all head to our next class, Bill and I have the same class so we talk to each other as we walk down the hall.

The day goes by quickly and we all meet up so we can head down to the Barrens together. I always love going there with them, and it wasn’t too hot outside so we could actually swim today too.

Our fun is cut short though when we begin to see Henry and his gang of assholes coming towards us. They always give me anxiety, and that’s one of my main triggers for asthma. Just my luck, I was already beginning to have problems earlier and I don’t even have my inhaler? I’m fucked.

It starts to become hard to breathe and I cling onto the person closest to me which happened to be Eddie. He panics and reaches for his inhaler, which is swiftly snatched from his hands by none other than Henry Bowers himself. What a dickwad, I need that.

“G-give that back B-bowers!” Bill barks at him through his stutter. For someone with a stutter, he sure does have a lot of confidence.

“O-r w-what Billy? Y-you gonna h-hurt m-m-me?” Henry taunts, waving the inhaler in front of Bill and Eddie’s faces, putting it above his head each time they reach for it.

I can feel my lungs begin to burn as the horror of passing out dawns on me, what am I going to do? I can’t do anything to these goons with my current condition. Soon enough, the world goes black and I hit the ground with a thud.

I’m awoken by the gang shaking me furiously, trying their best to wake me up. I gasp for air and grab Bill’s arm. He pulls me into a tight hug and breathes a sigh of relief at seeing me awake and moving properly.

“Oh t-thank god,” he whispers into my hair. I smile, sure I passed out but I wasn’t going to die. He’s so cute when he worries though, that’s not too mean to think is it? I hope not.

“I’m fine Billy, thanks for looking out for me though,” I kiss him on the cheek and giggle as his face turns as red as an apple.

It isn’t long before I’m at my front door, not wanting to turn the knob and be alone with my bitch of a mother.

“Y-you know you don’t h-have to right? You c-can stay with u-us,” he notifies me, gently setting a hand on my shoulder, turning me to face him.

“Yeah I know I just don’t want to be a burden, especially after what happened back there today. Not to mention the fact that your mother is gonna kill me for not having my inhaler.” I answer him, the fear of his mother rattling my bones. She could be real scary when she got pissed, and this would be one of those times. It was rare, but it did happen.

“D-don’t worry about t-that (y/n). I’ll t-take care of it for you.” Bill assures me. I nod my head and let him guide me across the street to his home.

His mother wasn’t too mad with me, all she did was stress about how important it was to keep my inhaler on me at all times. I head up with Bill to his room, it was pretty late and his mom told me I could spend the night. With how my mother is, they always have spare clothes for me hidden in the laundry room so I’ll always have clean clothes and not have to worry about sneaking past my mother and getting in trouble.

Bill takes the bed and I take the couch that’s in his room. It was more of a loveseat but we call it a couch anyway. As I’m settling in, he beckons me over to the bed. I make my over there with a confused look on my face, it was super late, what could he want?

“Y-you can sleep with me i-in my b-bed in you, if you want t-to that is.” He whispers shyly, I smile and nod my head. It gets cold in his room at night sometimes and I’ve learned that Bill is a human heater, so I climb in and cuddle up to him, my mind drifting off to dreamland.


Hey I’m not sure if you are taking requests right now. But I have been watching fionns show, Him and been getting all types of weird feels from it 😂.but I was wondering if you could do one where y/n and fionn are step siblings and one day him and y/n are alone and he decides to kiss her. And it gets really heated and there is a lot of smut whilst making sure they don’t get caught by anyone.SMUT NSFW word count 8039  •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Someone like you

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

“I think this will be good for you honey, the move and all”.

You sat silent in the passenger seat as you stared out the window, watching the scenery as you passed by. It was a gloomy day, rainy and cold out, but that definitely wasn’t going to stop you from moving in with your father, your birth father.

Ever since your parents divorce you had been living with your mom, you were always really close and got along exceptionally well, that was until Brad came into the picture. Your parents divorced five years ago, your dad started dating Alyssa three years ago, and married her last year.Your mom on the other hand didn’t take the divorce well, and any guy that showed the slightest interest in her she was “in love” with. She met Brad two years ago, he just proposed and they’re  marrying in a week. He never cared too much for you, just wanted your mother all to himself, someone to wait on him hand and foot, but he was wealthy so she couldn’t really complain.

“You mean you think it will be better for you and that douch bag if I’m out of the house”.

“Y/N, I told you to stop calling him that, I really like him and he likes me”.
You turn to look at her, feeling the anger overcome you from her words.

“Yea he supposedly cares about you and you care about him but not your own child, all you really want is me out of the way, cause it’s what he wants”.
You know your whole face is now fully red. How can a mother pick a man over her child?  It didn’t matter now, you’d be at your fathers in five minutes, and he did love you, even Alyssa loved you. You quite liked Alyssa, she always treated you as one of her own, kinda makes you regret picking your mother over your father, but she was alone and you felt that she needed you.

“It doesn’t matter how you feel about Brad now anyway, your father can deal with you, and lord help you if you speak about Alyssa that way”.

“I wouldn’t speak about Alyssa that way, cause she’s more of a mother than you are anyway”.

You can see your fathers house now as you pull up the drive, unbuckling your seatbelt and opening the door before the car is even fully stopped. Hopping out of the car, you open the back door to get your bags, not bothering to speak to your mom, you didn’t have anything left to say to her.

“Y/N, darling I’ve missed you. How are you love?”
Your dad was now out of the house ready to help you with your bags. He looked good, healthy, happy.

“Hey dad, I’m good, how are you?”
Your dad took your bags from you as you both entered the house. You had forgotten how much you loved this place, although you hadn’t gotten much time to spend here, only holidays.

“I’m better now that you’re here. Want to see your room?”
You nod and smile at your father as you both head upstairs, you were glad your room was upstairs away from everyone else so you could have some privacy. No one would yell at you for being up past a certain time, or for accidentally hearing what was happening in the next room, you were finally free.

“Well, here it is love”.
The room was spacious, a huge bed sat in the corner with more pillows and blankets than you could ask for, and you couldn’t wait to snuggle up under the fluffy duvet that was draped over it.

“Umm, I hope you like it, Fionn helped paint it and put the bed together, a-and you have a bathroom right out there”.

“Dad, I love it, thank you”.
You quickly embraced him in a hug, just happy to be with him, happy to feel safe and wanted.
“Missed you dad”.
“Missed you too darling”.

“Alright, well I’ll leave you to unpack and settle in, Alyssa should be home in an hour. Oh and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask, this is your home now, want you to feel like it”.

You couldn’t believe how quickly your mood had changed within 15 minutes just from being with your father. He was always understanding and caring, you knew this was the best choice.
“Thank you, oh and dad, who’s Fionn?”
He chuckled at the question, finding it funny how you could forget about your step brother.
“Fionn, your step brother… Alyssa’s son you goof”.
You had completely forgotten that Alyssa had a son, of course you’d only met him a handful of times.
“Right…right, I don’t know how I forgot”.
“It’s ok, he’s right down the hall if you need him, and dinners at seven”.
You nodded as your father exited the room, leaving you to have some privacy and settle in before dinner.

 You decide that you should probably freshen up, grabbing a towel, and your toiletries from your bag. You lifted the towel up to your nose, inhaling the familiar scent that you’ve carried through your childhood to now. It was a comforting smell, mainly because your mother had been washing laundry with the same detergent your entire life, and it’s the only thing that’s stayed consistent. Luckily for you, Alyssa uses the same detergent, so the smell of Hawaiian breeze can continue to comfort you.

After entering the bathroom and striping from your clothes, you jump in the shower, the hot water hitting your muscles and immediately relaxing you. All the stress was now gone from your body, and you felt much better as you grabbed your towel from the drying rack and wrapped it around your body.“Crap! How did I forget to grab clothes?”

You were wet and cold from the air hitting your damp body. How could you forget to grab clothes, and you had already thrown your other clothes in the hamper, no way you were putting those back on. It’s not like anyone’s up here, you could just run from the bathroom to your room really quick and no one would notice. Grabbing the toiletry bag and clutching onto your towel you quickly walk out of the bathroom, almost making it to your room before you hear a deep voice, making you freeze in the middle of the hallway.

“Ummm… who are you, and why were you in my bathroom?”
Please don’t be who I think it is, please please please! You chanted in your head repeatedly before turning around to face him.
“Hi” you said letting one hand free from your towel to send him a small wave. “I’m Y/N…your step sister”.

You saw realization take over his features as he stood there silent. You had just seen him eight months ago, but he was no longer the lanky kid you met at your fathers wedding, he had filled out. You couldn’t help but to notice how thick his neck was now and how perfectly his Adam’s apple complimented it. His shoulders were broader, jawline more defined, and he was taller, you wouldn’t even recognize him if your father hadn’t reminded you of him earlier.

“Oh, right… right I forgot. Do you usually walk around in only a towel, cause most of us in this house wear clothes”.
Seriously? He just met you… well not just but he didn’t even know you and he was already being sarcastic.
“No, I forgot to grab clothes before my shower”.
Fionn just nodded his head in acknowledgment to your response, showing that he didn’t really care.
“Are you always such a smartass?”
The boy laughed dryly at you’re question, burying his hand in the pockets of his hoodie.
“Dinners at seven, mum doesn’t like it when people are late”.

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Sherlolly Week 2017 Day 2: First Date

(The rating is still G on this one. Set in S1, sometime after ASiP but before TGG.)


“Sherlock?  What are you doing here?  Do you have another case already?” Molly asked, setting her bag on the lab table.  He’d only left a few hours before.

“Nope.  John has a date and I’m not to return to the flat until two at the earliest, which, I have to say, is highly optimistic of him considering the length of his shower this morning.”  He went back to looking at whatever slide he had in the microscope.

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BTS: Reaction To Their S/O Having Curly Hair

(I don’t know why I decided to make them to where they’ve never seen her curly hair before, but I hope you enjoy (((: )



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“I’ve Made a Mistake” Ch. 1

The college AU that nobody asked for but that @tokugawalady and I created and love anyway. This is and will be an Ieyasu x MC fic. 

I hope you enjoy!

“You can’t be serious.” Toramatsu hissed, picking up another pair of ruined pants. “You. Cannot. Be. Serious.” He shook his head, almost unable to process what happened.

All of his clothes, from the clean clothes he laid on the floor last night to his pile of dirty laundry, they all had holes in them. Not just holes, they had been chewed to shreds.

He looked up, finally noticing that his door was cracked just slightly. Hadn’t he closed it before he had gone to sleep? A trickle of anxiety flowed through his veins, he had a feeling he knew what had happened.

Cautiously he stepped over to the door, opening it and coming face to face with the clothes-ruining culprit. His eyes widened. No, there was no way.

No. Way.

Toramatsu groaned, slamming the door behind him, a strangled yell leaving his mouth.

“That’s it! This is the last straw Tokugawa. I’m moving out!” He started pulling out his suitcases, not even bothering to throw away his laundry.  

He didn’t even have any clothes to wear to class.

“I’m getting evicted.” MC grimaced, thrusting the letter into Inuchiyo’s face. “For real this time.”

“For real this time?” He snatched the paper from her hand, taking a moment to read over it.

“Yeah, I am.” MC collapsed into the seat next to him, massaging her temples. “What am I going to do?”

“You were late on your payments again?”

“No!” She hissed, taking the paper back. “It’s the Manager! He’s a creep. I turned him down. Now I don’t have anywhere to live.” She looked exasperated. “Are we on the same page now?”

“Well what are you going to do? I already told you I’d take care of that creep but you wouldn’t let me.”

“Jeez, I don’t know, find a new place to live? Drop out and move back home? Move in to the campus library, maybe? I’m here all day anyway.” MC dropped her head onto the desk.

“You can stay with me?” Inuchiyo offered, patting her back.

“You, Hideyoshi, Mitsunari, and Hanbei in your two-bedroom apartment? No offense but I think I like the library idea better.” MC laughed, shaking her head. “I do appreciate it though.” She glanced at her phone, eyes widening.

“We’re going to be late for class!”

“Where do you think you’re going?” The familiar cheerfully cold voice chilled Toramatsu to the bone.

“I wasn’t joking, I’m moving out.” Toramatsu glanced around, hoping to look anywhere but the eyes of his roommates.

“You forgot to water the plants.” Ieyasu continued, trailing his hand over the leaves of one of the many pieces of his ‘special’ indoor garden.

“I don’t think missing one day is going to kill your profits, Tokugawa.” Toramatsu tried to ignore his line of thought. “Seriously, I’m packed, I found another place to stay. I’m gone.”

“All over little Ichigo?” Ieyasu sounded amused, pointing at the little demon, the floppy eared rabbit that single-handedly put him in pajamas.

“The thing isn’t a rabbit, it is a demon.” Toramatsu stepped back as the bunny hopped closer, wary of its sharp teeth. That little beast was barely a pet, it was just as threatening as a fierce guard dog. Over his almost six months living here, he had seen it send three separate people to the ER.

He wasn’t going to become a statistic.

“Harsh words, I seem to remember that you were the one who said you’d ‘cook her in a stew.’”

“I wasn’t even talking to you! I was on the phone and in my room!.” Toramatsu pulled the front door open. “This is just part of the problem, the tip a very very deep iceberg.”

“Of course, if you break the lease like this, I will have to pursue legal action.” Ieyasu shrugged, noting how Toramatsu froze at his words. “But, I’m a generous person, as you know.” He was smiling again, in that way that seemed to make the room 20 degrees colder, a smirk in his voice. “So if you can find someone to take your place in the next few hours, then I won’t say anything about you being such a dismal roommate and I won’t contact my attorney”


“Hey, Toramatsu!” MC shouted, jogging up to him in the hallway outside of their lecture hall. “Are you okay?” She looked concerned, but he really didn’t have time. He had to find a replacement.

“What? No I’m fine.” He replied, a flustered tone to his voice. “Do I not look fine?”

“You’re in pajamas.” She countered. “I’ve never seen you on this campus in the entirety of the three years I’ve been taking classes with you in anything less than your Sunday best.”

“Oh…yeah. About that. I’m moving out of my apartment, so this is all…I had?” He gestured to his pajama ensemble, a blush on his face.

“You’re moving out?” MC seemed to perk up at that. “I am too! Well, I’m being evicted, so that is less exciting but-“

“Evicted?” Toramatsu turned to her, wide eyed.  Oh no, he shouldn’t do what he was about to do, but…but, he needed to. He needed to get out of there. “Do you need a place to stay?”

“Y-Yeah.” MC gasped, stopping in her tracks. “Do you have a place? I mean, is your old place available?”

“You can take my place.” Toramatsu was yanking out a notepad, scrawling his address and information down. “I am having to move out because of extenuating circumstances, so my roommate needs someone to move in, ASAP.” He thrust the paper at her. “Be there at 6 pm tonight and I guarantee you’ll have a place to live.”

“W-Wait a second, will he mind living with a woman? How much is the rent?”

“Cheaper than your place for sure, and no, I don’t think Ieyasu cares.”

Ieyasu, MC recognized that name, Tokugawa Ieyasu. He was a senior, pre-pharm. His reputation was…less than pleasant.

She didn’t really have a choice now did she?

“Okay. Yeah I’ll be there.”

“Thank you so much!” Toramatsu seemed so relieved.

Shit, MC thought to herself, I have made a huge mistake.

Six on the dot and MC stood outside of the apartment, a nervous sort of energy making her tense.

Everything was fine. She was good roommate material. No strange quirks, no demanding habits.

And she was sure…sure he was not a bad person. Couldn’t be! After all, Toramatsu hadn’t told her anything too awful, other than the rumors she had already heard.

And those were just rumors…right?

She knocked on the door, rocking on her heels, and when it swung open, she couldn’t help but jump back in alarm.

And there he was.

The infamous Tokugawa Ieyasu.

The words were stolen from her throat as she glanced him over, even his molten copper eyes that make her shiver from the look in them were…stunning.

No this was a bad idea.

“So you’re the unfortunate woman who agreed to take Toramatsu’s place?” His smile never faltered from his face, and never ever met his eyes. He backed away from the door, allowing MC to walk in behind him.

“Welcome to my apartment.”

MC looked around, an incredulous look growing on her face.

His house was filled with…Marijuana plants?

Oh shit.

Well, it was too late, wasn’t it?

She took a breath, steeling herself.

She was going to live here whether she liked it or not, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

EXO reactions to you having ADD

ADD = Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD of the inattentive type.
What it comes down to, because there are a lot of different types and people struggle with it in different ways, is that you can’t quite focus because your mind is in a constant state of chaos.
I have a very light form of ADD, but my younger sister has a heavier form. I take meds for it that help me organize my thoughts and have more structure in my day, but some people choose not to do that.
For me, ADD causes a lot of stress, forgetfulness, and lack of planning skills which makes my day to day life quite a mess. Literally. Cleaning up my room is such a big task for me because it means I need to give everything a place and my mind is too much of a chaos to process that, meaning I get stressed at the thought of cleaning up more than the actual task.
I also need a lot of space and time alone to clear my head, so I will base this on the walls of ADD I tend to walk into in my day to day life.



He would get a bit annoyed that you are not able to plan well, but he would never let it show. He would be sad that it sometimes means date night won’t go as planned because you simply forgot the date you two set or were late with your poor planning.
However, sometimes he’d find it relaxing to just stay at home. This is because you two always looked ahead when it came to dates because of his busy schedule.
So sometimes, he’d be happy you were so forgetful so that you two could have a nice movie night instead of a fancy dinner.

‘Jagi, are you ready?‘


He would come upstairs to see you still in your lounge wear with surprise written all over your face. He’d shake his head, but a faint smile shows on his lips.

‘We were supposed to go out today.‘

‘Oh no, give me ten minutes.‘

‘You know, I think I’d actually rather stay in today.‘

Originally posted by junmyeonspadawan


Could get quite annoyed with it unintentionally, especially with your poor organizing skills since he likes things clean and organized. But that levels out nicely with both of you guys’ need to have quiet time.
However, the mess at your places would sometimes get too much for him and he will help you organize in the most gentle way possible since he knows it can cause you a lot of stress.

‘Jagi, can you come to your bedroom?‘

‘What is it?‘

You run into your bedroom where Minseok was supposed to be unpacking for you guys’ little sleepover. You’d find him standing in the middle of your room with garbage bags behind him on the bed and get a little bit nervous.

‘We’re going to clean your room together.‘

You get a mini heart attack.

‘It’s clean.‘

‘No, it’s not. Don’t worry, we’re going to take this very slowly. I made a list for you so that you can see what we are going to do and in what order. First, we are going to pick up all your clothes from the floor and throw what’s dirty in the laundry basket.‘ 

You can be proud of this boy. He gets exactly how it works for you and will help you wherever he can.

Originally posted by ttaeshooked


Considering he can be a little slow, he would sometimes not understand that you are just not able to do some things. That doesn’t mean he won’t respect you and try to help.
He’d let you know his schedule far ahead so you can plan yours around it and he will help you plan so that you stress less. He will also watch your schedule a bit and give you friendly reminders for important things.
But when it does go wrong with your planning, he won’t blame you for it. He’ll just adapt to you.

‘Baobei, aren’t you supposed lunch with your parents today?‘

‘I’m so excited for tomorrow. It has been ages since we went out together. Are you excited too?‘

‘Hey, did you go grocery shopping? No? Let’s got together then.‘

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He’d tease you about forgetting things from time to time, but if anyone else teases you about it. Oh boy. Which also means the others would do it from time to time just to get Baekhyun angry for their own entertainment.
Despite being quite hyper himself, he does need quiet time as well and he can truly be at peace when he’s with you. He doesn’t know why, but when you two lay on the bed together he can stay quiet for hours or just talk softly about whatever comes to mind.

‘Aish Y/N, did you forget to lock the door? Again?‘

‘I swear to God Jongdae, if you talk to her like that again I will hurt you.‘

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This whiny baby would, of course, whine about it from time to time. He knows how difficult things are for you, but he just can’t help it if things get off track because of you.
When he oversteps boundaries and actually hurts you, he will apologize the best he can. He’d actually be scared you’d hate him for it.

‘Ah~! Can’t you just be on time for once~?‘


You look at the ground in shame and Jongdae instantly regrets his words. He runs up to you and pulls you into his arms, making sure you aren’t crying.

‘I’m so sorry I said that, I didn’t mean it. I love you jagiya. Please take your time.‘

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He wouldn’t mind at all.
He’s just as messy as you, so you two would have regular cleanup days for which Minseok provided a task list so that the two of you could have a clean living space by the end of the day.
He can be just as forgetful, so if you forget a date or an appointment he is most likely to have the same problem another time. So no reason to be ashamed.
He is just as hyper, but also needs the peace and quiet you need.
You two are a mess together, but a perfect match.

‘Jagiya, do you know where our underwear went? I can’t find anything anymore after our last cleanup day.‘

‘I don’t know either. I told you we shouldn’t change the places of everything.‘

‘Soooooooo, let’s search for everything and put it back in their former place.‘


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Your lack of focus could sometimes get to him, but so could your hyperfocus.
For example, if you two would be baking together and you’d doze off while he explained something. He would find that very annoying.
But he would also find it annoying when you are busy with something that activates your hyperfocus while he needed to discuss something with you, because you can’t focus on anything else while doing that certain thing.
However, the both of you have your up’s and down’s and with proper communication the both of you are fine. Meaning thing can get difficult from time to time because Kyungsoo doesn’t talk much.

‘Jagi, you have been packing for four hours. What’s taking so long?‘

‘Sorry, I dozed off again.‘

‘Can I help?‘

‘Yes please.‘

‘Kyungsoo, what’s wrong?‘

‘You have been working on this project for three days and I know it’s something that triggers your hyperfocus, but could you give me a bit more attention. I feel like I’m talking to a wall when I try to talk to you.‘

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He doesn’t always know how to deal with it.
When you tell him you simply can’t go walk his dogs with him because he asked so spontaneously, it would confuse him. Why would you be unable to walk his dogs with him when you had been staring at your computer all morning.
He also doesn’t quite get how your planning works. He finds the order you do things in strange from time to time.
But what he has going for him is that he is really curious about everything. So when you tell him no, he’ll ask why at a time you seem relaxed.

‘Jagiya, wanna come walk the dogs with me?‘

‘Can’t. Got things to do.‘

‘You’ve been watching YouTube videos all morning.‘

‘I’ve got things planned.‘

*Later at dinner*

‘So why didn’t you go walk with me? You could’ve adjusted your schedule.‘

‘It’s not that easy.‘


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He understands how you work very well. He gets it and understands it fully, but will act like a tsundere about it because he knows you like to do things on your own.
If you take medicine, he’d help you remind it in a way that isn’t like a dad telling their kids to take their meds.
If you forgot a date, he’d hint at it instead of telling you straight up.
If things got a bit messy, he’d clean up some small things so that you’d start cleaning yourself when you noticed.
He’d also take you out spontaneously from time to time to get you out of your comfort zone and would intentionally not tell you his schedule far ahead so he could keep surprising you and help you adapt to spontaneous situations. He would, however, give you a bit of time to get comfortable with the sudden change.
10/10 would date.

‘Jagiya, you are so hyper. Did you forget to take your meds or something?‘

‘Hey, isn’t it someone’s birthday tomorrow? I think it was family, but wat it my family or yours?‘

‘Jagi, I feel like going out for dinner. Get ready. We’re leaving in an hour.‘

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I don’t know Rachel, I’ve never been this angry before

Our relationship was tumultuous to say the least. I’ve known him for 6 years and we dated for almost 2. His best friend was the love of my life, and he hung himself three years ago. I would try to get my ex to open up and talk to me, but all he was ever interested in was doing lines and babbling about the universe. I’m slowly realizing I mainly loved what he represented: redemption. We both had an affinity for cocaine and alcohol, and fortunately I was able to stop. He wasn’t so eager. The first time he got high, he told me he wanted to die alone in a cave. I ran and came back maybe a dozen or more times over 24 months. We lived with drug dealers. I paid his mortgage. I did his laundry and fed his dog and bought presents for his sisters. None of it was ever enough. Everything I did that had nothing to do with him pissed him the fuck off. If I had to wake up early, he would let me sleep through all of my alarms and call me “selfish” for stealing his sleep. If he was tired and ready for bed and I wasn’t then I was a “fucking idiot” for falling asleep with the TV on. If I was 15 minutes late to a family breakfast then I was a “self-centered bitch.” One time he called me a “guilty pleasure” because him and his dead best friend loved the same girl, me. I would spend my days and nights doing everything for him. He yelled. He punched things. Even went as far to say that I should have offed myself when I had the chance. We were violent souls and I truly believe we would have ended no matter what. He is angry at me for telling his mom that he has dependence issues. She flipped out of course. I had my wisdom teeth removed and, well the anasthesia did the talking on that particular day. I tried to tell her how awful he was to me, but she came to the conclusion that I’m the reason he is the way he is. Typical mama’s boy bullshit. I told her he isn’t my problem and left it at that. My parents knew everything about me and him. The drugs, the drinking, the fighting. I’ll never regret being honest with any of them. I refused to carry that secret around for him and suddenly his whole world saw the real him and they weren’t impressed.

It’s been hard. But I feel so much better after finally coming to terms and breaking away from his toxicity. If I stayed, he would have killed me slowly and surely; that is my only truth.

Tonight, we worked our last shift together after not speaking for six weeks. I helped him all night long, and was pleasantly shocked that we could talk and laugh like we used to. I called him after work (after unblocking him again), to see if he forgot his food and he asked me to clock him out. I texted him shortly after to see if he would want to get together next summer to hang before I move.

After I read it, I responded with this:

I’m not trying to make amends or apologize, I did enough of that tbh. I don’t need your forgiveness to be okay with everything either so let me just say this.

By “hang out,” I meant smoke a bowl, not rehash our entire relationship and figure it out. Or pretend none of this chaos ever happened. We tried that over and over to a fault. And when I say “moving” I mean out of state. I see it doesn’t make a difference to you. But I digress.

I would ask why you are so angry, but you don’t need to elaborate since I have a pretty good idea why still. You have your reasons and I have mine, explaining myself is futile. I don’t have to justify anything to you and vise-versa. If we’re being real here. I won’t ever apologize for caring about your well-being or mine, and I won’t let you make it a condition as to whether or not we can have a conversation far down the road.

I’ll just call tonight the last ditch effort at seeing if there’s even a friendship to salvage. We talked civilly for the first time in weeks today. I really thought you were being nice and were wanting to..but I guess that’s what I get for trying to be helpful is just fake nice with anger seething. A humbling and sobering moment when I have to tell people to not hold their breath because they see us look at each other with some type of fondness and think we can work through it.

Hey, it doesn’t matter at this point. Seriously. It’s done and I get it. I don’t have expectations for you or 11:11 wishes on you anymore, that’s why I asked you if you would *maybe* be willing, come next summer. I’m not sitting up all night tallying the days until we meet again so don’t think I’m trying to plan something with you to make myself feel better. I don’t need you feeling pity for me simply because I’m trying to find the gap. Or close it.

I can no longer find it in me to ask you to stop being mad, because if you’re gonna stay angry six months from now or six years from now, I can’t change that, and I won’t try.

Enjoy your life, and I do genuinely hope it’s a good one for you no matter how much you hate me. Because I’m okay with that, and I will continue to be okay with that. Everything that happened between us will end up changing me for the better. The good times and the bad. I harbor no hatred for you, and I really sincerely fucking mean that. Thanks for my clothes. 🤙

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Hello. Ily. Could you please tell me what Isak and Even's arguments are about? Both teasing and serious

halla!! i love that you differentiate between “arguments” and Arguments. 

So, when they “argue”: 

They “argue” about Even for the life of him not being able to do laundry. It’s about Even not remembering to do the laundry on time. Isak puts on a dark hoodie and (everyone who once forgot dark laundry in his life knows it) scrunches his nose up when the wet-dog smell hits his nose. He scowls at Even and drags out his name in an exasperated but still fond way. Even looks up from the magazine about photography he is currently deep into and gazes quickly from the hoodie to Isak and back. Then he pulls his mouth into a yikes grimace. 

They also “argue” that Isak prevents them from seeing their friends (or leave the flat for that matter). It’s about Isak constantly forgetting their plans. Listen. Isak is a cuddly dude ok? You wouldnt expect it (or well, we would but say, the rest of the squads wouldnt (maybe eskild)) but give him the chance and he stays with sleepy hair and crinkled shirts all day, eyes always half closed (ready at any given second to drift off to sleep) and just so warm! Even swears he is cosiest boy. And I mean, how can Even resist that? So, when he comes into their living/bedroom after doing the dishes (Isak offered his help but then proceeded to give Even kisses every time they crossed paths - which, always since that kitchen was like one square foot - and Even had to ask him to leave to get anything done bc their meant to meet the others) and Isak is laying on his stomach, duvet tangled in between his legs and he mumbles “Evi, come here. I warmed it up for you.” Even can’t really do anything other than slip in there. “Babe we said we would meet Mahdi and Mags.” But Isak just shuffles closer until he only has to lift his chin for their mouths to meet and oh well, friends? Even doesn’t know her. 

There are a lot of other things that they “argue” about, but they only once or twice had an Argument. Arguments are different. With the little daily stuff that sometimes is more annoying than other times, but is mostly just met with fond glances or excused by sweet kisses, they never really feel hurt or really mean it. When Even sighs and jokes about Isak never being the one that cooks, he doesn’t really want that to change. Because he pretty much loves preparing food for Isak (with as he would insist on … even though he only sits there and rewards spice choices with kisses or gets to measure something before it is added). 

But the Arguments they have, are about deeper laying things. They both internalise. They both get frustrated. Even learned to communicate a bit better but he also shys away from confrontation. So they do talk about everything that bothers them or happens to them. But there are a few things they keep for themselves. And when those pile up or they are stressed those rise to the surface. It’s quick and ugly and as soon as the heat of the moment is gone their shoulders slumb, Even looks at the floor and Isak with deer-wide eyes at him. Both incredibly sorry for what they said. Because that’s not how they do things. That’s bc of stress or bc they feel guilty or not worthy. They usually handle it better. And one of them will do the first step. Right before the other is about to run off, one of them will take a step toward the other. 

Closer and closer until their foreheads touch. Eyes closed and finally able to breathe again they will stay like this for a second or two. And then the one that was about to run off will croak “Halla.” And the other will answer “Halla.” in the softest voice. And they know they will be ok. 

They are extra clingy after one of the Arguments with a capital A. But it really just rarely happens. They will make sure the other knows just about 239% more than exaclty how big their love is for the other. And touch all the time. And tell each other everything they love and explain over and over how that argument could happen. And will talk through that thing that they piled up and never voiced before. 

So the banter “arguments” are good to communicate or negatiate in a way that is not heated or mean. The Arguments are tough and few but they always end in them being closer than before. Bc they handled the big stuff. 

(Im so sorry, I can for the life of me not write anything other than fluff. I did write a post-fight oneshot once and had to lay down bc i am not built for that, so i chickened out and did a semi version of what you asked for…. ily and im sorry <3 also im beyond tired so this is probably cheesy as hell and/or full of typos :p god natt peeps)

(also, i could not come up with stuff that annoys them bc my brain was always “oh but they probably adore the shit out of that one” so… if you have something in mind? maybe isak cant iron and ruins evens shirt even tho its his only one and he needs it for this internship interview at this radio station? its not film but its something. And Isak wanted to surprise him. And Even is anxious and nervous and now has nothing to wear. But Isak looks so heartbroken that Even will just melt bc faen he KNOWS Isak wanted to do something nice for him. So he wear the dark grey one from Isak. (And runs late bc Isak practically jumps him bc its a bit too tight on Even. “Babe, you do realise youre getting hot from your own clothes” - “you wearing my clothes always gets me hot” - *muffled giggly kissy sounds as the camera pans away from the scene*) 

Through It All (Luke Hemmings) - Part 2

Part 1

hi hello it’s my actual birthday now so if u wanna send nice asks about what u think of this imagine that would be super rad 😇


Luke’s POV; One week later

The night you made Michael leave your dorm, he practically lectured Luke when he got back to his own about how shitty it was that he was acting as the middle man when Luke was the one who screwed up. And Michael made sure Luke understood that if he wanted to fix things with his best friend, he needed to be the one to do it. Luke knew he was right, obviously – he knew he was taking the easy way out of apologizing to you.

You’d been there for him through it all – all his breakups and panic attacks, all his highs and lows… You were the one he trusted with every little detail about him… And he fucked up. Luke didn’t want you to never come around again – he knew he cared about you far too much to ever lose you for good – but the only thing he could think of to say he was sorry… Well, he didn’t know if it would be enough this time.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to try. So, five weeks after you blew up at Luke, his plan was put into action.

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