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I revisited your Scooby Doo and the Super Shag review last night, and I remember saying at the time "This is the best video Caddy has made in a while" (Which isn't to imply that the ones before it were bad), and watching it again I still feel exactly the same. Pure, hilarious Caddicarus at it's finest. Easily your best video this year, amongst many great ones, and one of your best ever in my opinion. Huge fan, thank you for the content :)

You know what, thank you. Thank you SO much. Many other people would take what you were trying to say and basically come out with ‘this video was amazing and the rest have been shit please stop being shit or I’ll unsub just do what you used to do wa wa waaaa’. It’s like, they say it as if I’m DELIBERATELY trying to be shit. Makes no sense, doesn’t help - and for someone who uploads these episodes weekly, far too many people expect magnum opus videos that top their favourites (sometimes from years back) every single week. And to be honest, I couldn’t even tell you what I did differently in that video. No clue. I tackled it the same way as I usually do with any other video I ever make.

Truth is, since the beginning, my approach to EVERY video has been the same. I just like to think I’ve got technically better at it and everything with audio and visual quality can be seen as different over the years! I don’t give myself video length restrictions, I try my hardest to keep away from formulas (hence why I stopped Retrospectives, it wasn’t fun to do), some videos get live skits and others don’t - Caddicarus a free for all in which I can creatively do what I want - and it’s been exactly that way since Rascal Racers. It feels the same, and I just hope the quality of writing/video production has improved somewhat (I personally feel as though it has but anyone in the creative industry usually hates their older work no matter how proud they are of how they turned out). When people tell you to 'just do what you used to do when you were funny’ it makes no fucking sense at all and doesn’t improve the videos or change how I approach them, because if I thought exactly about why each video is done the way it is, I can tell you they were all tackled in the same way with the same feeling. Some people will like a video, some will love, some will dislike, some will hate. I would understand the hate complaints if I had deviated from Caddicarus or abandoned it or started only doing VO in them or something (Puppicarus is an example of something that didn’t work out), but for the episodes as they are now, I haven’t approached them any differently since the start - but the final product I HOPE has refined and appeared a little more confident over the years - and if it doesn’t or maybe doesn’t feel 100% right on my end but was worth the experiment to see how people reacted (Rascal 'drunk’ video being an example), then I’ll step away and return to what I know.

So yes - sorry for the ramble - but thank you, and thank you for sticking with me. I only hope that another video in the future can become your new 'favourite’, but if not, I’m extremely happy you’re still enjoying the videos!

[…] “Now that I can really be myself and make music that feels honest to me, it doesn’t feel like work. It really is relaxing to me”. Explains Zayn “When I decided to leave, it wasn’t a big build up, it had always been underlying. I never felt like I belonged in the group, I was just doing it because at the time, I felt like it was the right place for me to be”. 

Given that boybands are created with a tried-and-tested formula, and handed a carefully constructed archetype to play up to (there’s the babyface one, the heartthrob, the boy next door, the joker and then there’s the broo- ding bad boy). Zayn has been called mysterious, a dark horse and a bad boy from press and fans alike. When I ask him about whether this mysterious persona was intentional, he laughs: “To be honest, I mentally and physically distanced myself from what I was doing creatively because I didn’t want any part of it really. It didn’t feel like I was really being me”. 

[…] I ask Zayn if he’s still in touch with the boys, he replies somewhat disappointed “the truth is I haven’t spoken to any of the boys at all really, I spoke to Liam a bit and that’s just the way it is. I did try to reach out to a couple of people and they didn’t get back to me, but then publicly, when they were asked questions about it, said that they’d spoken to me and that we were friends. But that’s not the case, I tried to reach out and be their friend but they haven’t even replied to any of my calls or texts”. 

Although there’s an air of sadness, he’s quick to reassure me that there’s “no competition between me and the boys, I didn’t leave for any reasons of animosity, I just wanted to do me”. I ask if we can expect any collaborations in the future, Zayn responds confidently “I just want this album to be about me and me standing on my own two feet. I’ve sung with four other voices for over four years now so I want to hear myself, alone for once”. 

Vogue Italia - 12 January 2016

Wrong Door

content: Dean wakes up hungover right beside Castiel and can’t remember what happened the night before. But that’s seriously just the least of his problems.

word count: 2306

It’s never nice to wake up with the worst hangover ever.

And it’s certainly isn’t great when you realize – after some groaning and cursing and a lot more groaning – that you spent the night in an unfamiliar bed.

Dean closes his eyes again, fighting the growing nausea and praying that he’s just dreaming or something. Picturing himself lying in a bed with flowery sheets in a room filled with  the ugliest furniture in existence – and he’s usually not that picky so this is saying something – and sporting some stupid hangover that will probably kill his brain by the end of the day.

But when he opens his eyes again all his hopes are crushed mercilessly.


“Good morning, Dean.”

The unexpected voice near his ear makes Dean yelp like a startled toddler and for about a second he’s convinced that his heart would explode into a hideous and bloody mess no one would ever be able to clean.

“Um …” Dean bites his bottom lip before he turn his head toward the guy right next to him. “Hey, Cas.”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

How the hell did that happen?

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To the ace Solas anon, I wanted to keep that reply positive but there is a touch more (somewhat off topic) commentary I had to offer as well.

Solas is a bit like Schrodinger’s Sexuality. I feel the same about ace Solas as I do about all fandom headcanons (anything not explicitly outlined in game).

Typically I ascribe to canon: if it’s explicitly stated (and not contradicted) that’s what I tend to abide to. I love, support and encourage the exploration of the more grey areas that we aren’t given as many details of: that’s the power of fandom, extending worlds beyond their creations. Give me all the headcanons and creativity! 

What I don’t like is when people on whichever side start:

  • Claiming headcanons as canon
  • Hating / shaming / judging other people for not ascribing to their headcanon
  • Trying to ‘disprove’ other people’s headcanons / pointing out why theirs is ‘right’

We’re here to share a creative space and ideas, not tear other people’s ideas down. Ace!Solas is neither inferior nor superior to sexual!Solas, they’re both on equal ground: which is to say, awesome.