this is what i do when i don't sleep


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

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i?? oh my god thank you???

  • *allura voice* “what do you mean humans need to sleep every night”
  • some people actually find hunk intimidating when they first meet him
    • listen. he looks like he can bench press a school bus???
    • but then they talk to him and they’re like ah. he’s a gentle creature
    • lance never had this problem, he met hunk and was immediately like “aw heck yeah i just won the best friend lottery
  • lance: “so i heard you like bad boys ;)” alien: “not really” lance: “oh thank god”
  • on average, shiro spends 50% of his day looking for lance or keith
  • pidge doesn’t show coran earth tech anymore because he always smiles condescendingly at her and calls it “cute”
  • they’ve got planet-specific memes
    • “how dare you make me look at this with my own four eye spheres”
    • instead of “who are you and what have you done with [insert paladin here]” it’s now “hunk get me a jellyfish i think we’ve got a case of mind-swishing here”
    • “lion goddess” makes consistent comebacks
  • hunk: “keith i don’t think that’s a good idea-” pidge: “no no wait let him do it, i wanna see where this goes”
  • Taurus: They didn't pay attention to the movie because POPCORN!
  • Gemini: "The thoughts I have at night were sadder than that movie and yes, I do cry every night before I go to sleep."
  • Cancer: They go to their room and cry a lot. They also probably look at the ratings and cry some more if the ratings were low.
  • Leo: The movie was okay. It reminded me of a time when... *goes on to tell a story about themselves*
  • Virgo: They just stare at the screen in emptiness and despair. They also used up all their tears during the movie.
  • Libra: "Am I feeling something?? What is this feeling?? Is it... SADNESS?? Oh no... Don't cry. You got thi-" *starts to cry*
  • Scorpio: "What was that? You said this movie was supposed to be sad. I didn't even shed a single tear. If this qualifies as a sad movie I don't even want to know what my life qualifies as."
  • Sagittarius: They keep ranting about the movie, and they constantly point out what was wrong with it.
  • Capricorn: "I need to go to my room..." *Screams into their pillow and cries for a good 10 minutes. Eventually walks out of their room like nothing happened*
  • Aquarius: "What? We were watching a movie???"
"I can't sleep" Starters
  • [ contents below are super cute and might get a lil angsty! ]
  • "C-can you stay for a while?"
  • "Rub my back please?"
  • "Don't leave me."
  • "What do you do when you can't sleep?"
  • "Why are you still up?!"
  • "You need to sleep!"
  • "Do you know what time it is?"
  • "You should be sleeping..."
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "I'll get you a glass of water."
  • "Sleep with me?"
  • "Please stay."
  • "I don't want to sleep alone."
  • "I'm scared of the dark..."
  • "I had a nightmare."
Insomnia starters
  • "It's nearly two in the morning, what are you doing up?"
  • "I'm pulling an all-nighter."
  • "I can't sleep."
  • "I'm having nightmares."
  • "Will you stay awake with me?"
  • "Why am I still awake?"
  • "I should've gone to bed by now, but..."
  • "I don't think I can sleep after that."
  • "It's past midnight, why are we still up?"
  • "Do you normally go this long without sleep?"
  • "God, I wish I could just pass out right about now."
  • "I'm an insomniac, this is just normal."
  • "I work best at night."
  • "It's that late already! But it feels so early..."
  • "Can we stay awake together?"
  • "Everything is prettier when everyone else is asleep."
  • "I like being the only person awake sometimes."
  • "Is it too late to go to bed, or should we wait for the morning?"
  • "I can't sleep - I've tried everything."
  • "Let's get you some sleeping pills."
  • "You should really get some rest."
  • "I don't want to fall asleep without you."
  • "I'll stay with you while you're up."
  • Nico: You're not my mom, and you're not her mom! [points at Hazel]
  • Jason: I never said I was!
  • Nico: No, but you certainly act like it!
  • Jason: I don't act that way! Piper, do I act motherly?
  • Piper: Hey. I'm staying out of this one.
  • Jason: What do you think, Percy? Do I act like a mom?
  • Percy: [rubs his eye] Well. I, uh-
  • Jason: Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!

this scene killed me. and purposefully paralleling bal and malvie? that’s um? gay

(these are taken from rise of the isle of the lost, in case anyone is wondering)

Sleep, or a distinct lack of it.
  • Ravenclaw: mission report- I have successfully stayed awake for 48 hours straight, but am slowly losing my grip on reality. But, I can't give up. Not when I'm so close.
  • Slytherin: who are you talking to?
  • Ravenclaw: the camera.
  • Slytherin: what camera?
  • Ravenclaw: they're watching me...
  • Slytherin: you need sleep.
  • Ravenclaw: No I don't. Not when I have... caffeine!
  • Slytherin: Sure... here's your coffee *hands Ravenclaw drugged drink Hufflepuff prepared for them*
  • Ravenclaw: *passes out from a mix of drugs and exhaustion*
  • Hufflepuff: Are you sure we had to do that?
  • Slytherin: it was for their own good. And for kicks
  • Hufflepuff: I hate you sometimes, you know?
  • Slytherin: I know you do. That's what makes us perfect.
  • Gryffindor: Is Ravenclaw dead, and is it my turn to clean up the dead body?
  • Slytherin: *covers hufflepuffs ears* shhhhh
  • Slytherin: They're not supposed to know about the murders.

can you believe i just learned, from reading fucking fanfiction, that this year’s world championships are held in helsinki? at the end of this month?

next question, would it be insane to pay 80e for the exhibition ticket? i could go see the short programs too, expect for the fact that they begin at 12:30pm on a thursday when i have classes… unless i skip? oops? and i would have loved to see the free programs but there are only vip tickets available and they’re like 230e which i really can’t afford fml :/

I’m not dead just ridiculously busy with moving and whatnot!! I haven’t had the chance to draw in months and it almost started to physically hurt not to be able to draw so my resolution: to use the time i could be sleeping to animate 8,D

Got dem Sailor Moon feels back from marathoning all the newest musicals and crying at the beauty that is Yuuga Yamato as Mamoru Chiba.

the signs as things i've heard people i know irl say
  • Aries: "I'll put your face away!"
  • Taurus: "I want to go to sleep and wake up next year when I have all my qualifications."
  • Gemini: "It feels like days since I was last in the existential crisis chair."
  • Cancer: "You know what's the best antidepressant? A cat."
  • Leo: "The SQA are my enemies."
  • Virgo: "Do I hear stupid over here?"
  • Libra: "No I don't like him, I like his jumper."
  • Scorpio: "I win, I have paper." "No I win because I nearly broke your hand!"
  • Sagittarius: "She looks like a spoon."
  • Capricorn: "Don't punch the computer."
  • Aquarius: "Haribo smut."
  • Pisces: "I have a secret meeting with Sonic!"
ShukaBlog 2017.03.19: Super Nerve-racking Day.

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I haven’t posted in a while.
My bad.

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  • Taehyung: Can jellyfish feel love?
  • Taehyung: I hope they can, love is beautiful
  • Taehyung: If they can't, then man, I don't want to be a jellyfish
  • Taehyung: what do you think?
  • Jimin: it's 3 am Tae
  • Jungkook, poking his head out from under the blanket: Hyung go to sleep
  • Taehyung: why are you naked Jimin
  • Taehyung: and why is Jungkook in your bed
  • Taehyung: and why is he naked
  • Taehyung: and why am i asking you these questions when I know the answer
  • Jimin:
  • Jungkook:
  • Taehyung: i want to be a jellyfish
the 5 stages of stanning day6 as explained by day6

1. casually and carefully dipping your toes into the fandom

2. ‘you know i think i actually like this band’ after listening to the title tracks 

3. full on stanning after hearing the whole albums

4. finding the covers

5. selling your soul to satan for day6 and ascending to the heavens because stanning day6 means stanning pure talent and you should go do it now

When the nights are cold.
  • Newt: Y/n came to my room last night.
  • Thomas: Oh?
  • Newt: Yea, she said she was feeling really cold.
  • Minho: Oh really? And what did you do?
  • Newt: I gave her my blanket.
  • Thomas: ....
  • Minho: ... you're saying you sent her back to her room with your blanket?
  • Newt: Of course! I'd never let her freeze!
  • Thomas: Didn't you feel cold Newt?
  • Newt: Yea I did, my feet were frozen, but what else could I do? I like her too much to let her sleep in the cold while I'm warm!
  • Minho: I don't know? Maybe you could make sure you were <b> both </b> warm!
  • Newt: .... You're not talking about blankets are you?
  • Thomas: No Newt, he isn't.

“ Do you think I’m poor because I want to be? Do you think I’m jobless because I hate working? I thought someone should have mercy on us after so many tries. Why is it always 100 against 1? What am I supposed to do? I did everything you told me do. What am I supposed to do when it’s not working out?”