this is what i do to keep from crying

Profound Sentence Meme
  • "People care about you, too, you know."
  • "What, and it's alright for you to save us, but never the other way around? Why not?"
  • "Don't you know how much you're loved?"
  • "You're trying to get yourself killed! Ever since it happened, you've been trying!"
  • "It's like you have a death wish."
  • "You're addicted to the adrenaline and sooner or later it will get someone killed. You, probably."
  • "What happened to you? Why are you like this?"
  • "This ISN'T okay."
  • "You can't keep treating yourself like this."
  • "I hear you crying sometimes, when you think nobody is listening."
  • "Do you know how sad you look sometimes?"
  • "What are you hiding from me? Just TELL me!"
  • "Something is eating you up from the inside. Something happened, or you've done something, or someone left. You need to share. Otherwise you're never going to feel okay again."
  • "Why are you like this?"
  • "Since when was doing THIS okay?"
  • "It's okay to talk to people."
  • "I'm not fragile, I'm not going to break if you talk to me about it. I'll listen and I'll care. That's it. I promise."
  • "You can't run away from this."
  • "I'm not going to leave you the moment you do something I disagree with."
  • "You're not secretly an irredeemably awful person!"
  • "What's going on with you?"
PSA for Fanfic lovers:

There are so many creative geniuses out there. I truly mean it. 

Writers: You don’t have to be told that writing is hard. But it’s also addicting. Your head gets full of ideas, plots lines and character bios. Do you have any idea how wonderful you are? You create worlds. Characters. You can make us laugh. You can make us cry. And you can make us believe in love. You give us an escape from real life. You are powerful. And you keep us all coming back for more. 

Artists: You take a blank canvas or paper (etc) and turn them into stunning works of art that tells stories themselves. Some are so lifelike, you think they are real enough to touch. To look at art and see the creativity and uniqueness, I truly applaud you for making something out of nothing. Which is what you do. You see in your mind what you want to make, and you do it. That blank canvas becomes something that your mind cooked up!!! That is just…. amazing. 

But I see so many of you get discouraged because lack of feedback. I’ve seen writers and artist’s quit because they think that no one notices their work. 

That’s not the truth though. People do notice your work, they do read your fics. What they don’t always do is reblog. Or comment. Or send asks in praising your work or even like what you made. 

But they need to

Readers: comments, likes, asks and reblogs are the bread and butter to a writer. And to artists. They create all these wonderful works of art, and they share them with us. So like, comment, reblog and recommend. Send asks in praising their work. Let them know how much you enjoyed what they shared with us. 

And do not ever ever ever steal or take credit for someone’s hard work!!!!! That is not right at all. Do not steal what someone worked so hard to create!!!! 

Writers and artists: Don’t be discouraged and don’t quit doing what you love. Continuing writing and creating your masterpieces. Because the world would be a lot duller without them.

This goes out to all writers and artists. To every fandom. You keep those creative juices flowing. 

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5 Stages of grief

5 Stages of Grief
Denial: She’s not leaving the fandom. She can’t be. It’s impossible. Leo will keep her in, I believe in his powers to keep her from leaving us. It won’t happen.
Bargaining: If you don’t leave the fandom I’ll send you an actual duck named TicTac, and if you do leave the spirit of Kronos will haunt you, and if you stay I’ll cut of my arm and some toes too as an offering Depression: I don’t know what I’ll do without her fanart. I might die. I might cry so hard I’ll die. I don’t know what I’ll do.
Acceptance: I guess I can understand why she might want to leave. She can’t keep drawing the same thing forever. I guesssss *sigh* I can accept it.



B.A.P song asks (≧∇≦)/
  • Fermata: what’s a moment you wish to relive again and again?
  • Bow Wow: time for positivity! State one thing you love about yourself, can be anything :D
  • Unbreakable: are you the type of person to conceal don’t feel or do you prefer to have a good cry?
  • Carnival: if you could travel to another country and attend any event, where and what would it be?
  • Rainsound: list 5 songs from your rainy day playlist
  • I Guess I Need U: what’s your new obsession?
  • Power: do you have any life mottos/quotes you particularly live by?
  • Coffee Shop: next please! What drink would you like?
  • Do What I Feel: are you a straight-forward person or do you keep your opinions mostly to yourself?
  • Monologue: tell me something you are concerned about that the whole world needs to know! SHOUT IT OUT OR FULL CAPS, SAY IT ALL!
  • Bang X2: give me the 3 best songs you whip your hair to
  • Warrior: do you believe that your past experiences have shaped who you are now or did they change you?
  • Be Happy: close your eyes and think of happiness, what’s the first thing you see?
  • That's My Jam: *when new jams come out* do you listen to the same song on a loop or listen to the whole album/ep on repeat?
  • What My Heart Tells Me To Do: what do you REALLY want to do right now?
  • Badman: what's a quality you absolutely despise in people?
  • Voice message: tell me something you wish you did differently **record after the beep**
  • Killer: what/who really has the rhythm of your heart & makes it beat?
  • Back In Time: imagine time travelling is actually possible, which certain era/event in history would you want to experience and why?
  • With You: name something/someone you are thankful for :)
What do I even want in life?
Is there anything I am meant to do?
A destiny I haven’t found yet?
Why am I happy with the way things are,
and yet I cry myself to sleep some nights?
Who am I apart from the things
society forces me to be?
And what do I really need
to achieve any form of happiness?
—  // questions that keep me awake

… “Chairman Yu must keep turning back to look. He’d be worried about you. That’s why… The ones left behind should live even harder. We might cry from time to time, but we should smile a lot and cheer up. You’re obligated to do that in return for the love you received.”

And I wish dealing with heartbreak was as easy as the movies make it seem like it is. But truth be told, heartbreak is not crying your eyes out in your bed, eating chocolate and watching cliché love stories. It’s not doing this whole heartbreak-ritual, and getting up after a week, feeling empowered and stronger.
Heartbreak is feeling your throat burning from screaming into your pillow for what may seem like an eternity. It’s breaking down to the sound of his name and it’s keeping all pictures on your phone, but telling your friends that you deleted them a long time ago. Heartbreak is missing him for 6 or 10 months, or even 3 years after you lost him. Heartbreak is timeless. It is not something that get’s easier as you get older. It stings, and it burns and sometimes it makes you not want to live.
And sometimes heartbreak does not go away, you just learn to avoid the streets filled with memories and people with the same eyecolor or nose or silly laugh. But it never goes away. And that’s not beautiful. That’s nothing but pure fucking tragedy.
—  F.F. // Heartbreak
Mystic Messenger Starters:
  • “I’m just writing random BS to mock [NAME].”
  • “Dude, no need for your lip service.”
  • “I have to go wipe off my snot…”
  • “There’s a cage inside the house, so if you’re bored, why don’t you try going inside?”
  • “[NAME], hello. Please save me.”
  • “Why are you doing this to me…?”
  • “Damn.. don’t look at me like that!”
  • “Why aren’t you mad at me?”
  • “I want to make you happy, but I can’t..!”
  • “You hate me right now, right?”
  • “Haha… I’m joking. Kinda..”
  • “[NAME], be careful of the glass! You’ll get hurt if you step on it.”
  • “She keeps crying!”
  • “If you have a thing for maids, just say so.”
  • “What can you expect from a guy who only cares about himself?”
  • “Goodbye, my freedom.”
  • “Are you tattle telling?”
  • “I did see him read a book on dark magic….”
  • “You gave up trying to be sexy long ago, haven’t you?”
  • “I’ll be off to hell now.”
  • “You have no idea how cute you are fidgeting with your phone in bed.”
  • “He got hurt yesterday..”
  • “I should go drink more wine.”
  • “This feels like a dream..”
  • “I don’t think I can just leave you here and run away.”
  • “[NAME]!! There’s a squirrel over there!!! It just flew away!!”
  • “I made a mistake..”
  • “I kept getting more lost because of [NAME]’s whining.”  
  • “I’ll make strawberry pancakes for you tomorrow. What kind of tea do you like at breakfast?”
  • “But you’re a woman and he’s a man!!”
  • “If someone opens up his skill and studies his brain, I’m sure there will be something wrong with the part that’s responsible for emotions.”
  • “I can barely sleep.”

Hey again, I’m here to inform you guys about another Bangtan hater. It’s getting out of hand and I don’t understand why people are wasting their time on hating on BTS/ARMY. 

I know people from our fandom can be rude sometimes, but that’s not even the whole fandom, for some reason haters like to generalize the whole fandom. Anyways, there’s this girl, Selja, who keeps dragging BTS because of ARMY. Which is completely dumb and ignorant because what the hell did BTS do to deserve that? Go ahead and hate ARMYs, but to drag BTS like that is just plain stupid. 

Some of her tweets: 

“I could have dragged V today but I held myself back. I have some empathy left. But ya’ll are testing me and my petty nature” ((About him crying about his grandmother’s death)) 

“It’s not my fault his grandmother died.”

“I can’t wait for GOT7, Monsta X, and 17 to end bts. Those bandwagon stans are already leaving.”

“I respect every group except bts”

Half of her tweets is practically hating on BTS, but she also tends to delete her tweets later. Luckily, I got some receipts. (’:

Please help report @AinsleyPaisley / link here on Twitter

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how would yamaguchi handle kei crying? He doesn't seem like the type but it's bound to happen eventually, plus they're together a lot so it's unlikely he wouldn't be around for at least the aftermath. how would yams comfort him?

Tsukki doesn’t cry often, because he bottles it up. I don’t think it’s entirely out of character for him to cry at all. Tsukishima doesn’t want to show he’s in pain when he is, so he hides it. The only reason Yamaguchi is allowed to see him cry is because he’s been around him so long. 

…That and the fact that Yamaguchi walked in on him crying and having a panic attack when they were younger. 

The first time it happened, Yamaguchi was terrified; he didn’t know what to do, Tsukki was always his rock, always keeping him from panicking, and to see him crying was a shock. And when Kei sees Yamaguchi, watching him cry, he panics more. Yamaguchi is quick to jump into action, taking Kei into his arms and hugging him tight, and whispering sweet-nothings to him. Telling him everything is going to be ok, that he’ll always be there for him no matter what, that he’ll stay with him until he calms down. Holds him and rocks him and even kisses him softly (they both pretend it never happened). 

It happens less and less nowadays, but when it does history repeats itself and Yama holds Kei tight and kisses him and promises he’s going to be ok. When Kei calms down, they cuddle, and Kei tells him what’s wrong, what’s bugging, and Tadashi listens. He doesn’t tell Kei how to fix his problems – Kei never appreciates it – but he listens and holds his hand and kisses his fingers and they’re soft and Kei is soft. 

“trust me” || lin manuel miranda

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word count: 2590

summary: reader x lin manuel miranda // not just another ride on a subway

*lowercase intented*

author’s note: okay, i don’t know what to expect from this. please let me know if y’all like the he/she writing, and if i should keep doing it. there are also a few cuss words in this so.. (sorry for any spelling or grammar errors) thank you, enjoy…

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Misc Disney Meme, #1
  1. ‘Come, stop your crying, it will be alright.’
  2. ‘Just take my hand, hold it tight.’
  3. ‘My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm.’
  4. ‘I may not be with you, but you’ve got to hold on.’
  5. ‘Why can’t they understand the way we feel?’
  6. ‘Don’t listen to them, ‘cause what do they know?’
  7. ‘Someday you’ll walk tall with pride.’
  8. ‘You’ll find your place beside the ones you love.’
  9. ‘It’s yours to claim it all.’
  10. ‘Put your faith in what you most believe in.’
  11. ‘Trust your heart.’
  12. ‘Only love can enter here.’
  13. ‘Take strength from those that need you.’
  14. ‘A new life is waiting, but danger’s no stranger here.’
  15. ‘No words describe a mother’s tears.’
  16. ‘No words can heal a broken heart.’
  17. ‘Whatever you do, I’ll do it too.’
  18. ‘I want to know, can you show me?’
  19. ‘Something’s familiar about these strangers like me.’
  20. ‘Why do I have this growing need to be beside her?’
  21. ‘Come with me now to see my world.’
  22. ‘Can you feel the things I feel right now with you?’
  23. ‘Do you trust me?’
  24. ‘I can show you the world.’
  25. ‘Now, when did you last let your heart decide?’
  26. ‘I can open your eyes.’
  27. ‘No one to tell us ‘no’, or where to go.’
  28. ‘Don’t you dare close your eyes!’
  29. ‘Hold your breath, it gets better.’
  30. ‘I can’t go back to where I used to be.’
  31. ‘Let me share this whole new world with you.’
  32. ‘She don’t got a lot to say, but there’s something about her.’
  33. ‘You wanna kiss the girl.’
  34. ‘Yes, you want her. Look at her, you know you do.’
  35. ‘It’s such a shame.’
  36. ‘You’d better do it soon, no time will be better.’
  37. ‘Don’t be scared.’
  38. ‘I know you, I’ve walked with you once upon a dream.’
  39. ‘Visions are seldom all they seem.’
  40. ‘But if I know you, I know what you’ll do.’
  41. ‘You’ll love me at once.’
  42. ‘Wanna know a secret? Promise not to tell?’
  43. ‘I’m wishing for the one I love to find me’
  44. ‘Hear what I have to say.’
  45. ‘I have but one song, only for you.’
  46. ‘One love that has possessed me.’
  47. ‘But he was mean, and he was coarse, and unrefined…’
  48. ‘I wonder why I didn’t see it there before.’
  49. ‘She glanced this way, I thought I saw!’
  50. ‘I’ll just ignore…’
  51. ‘But then, she’s never looked at me that way before.’
  52. ‘Who’d have ever thought that this could be?’
  53. ‘True, that he’s no Prince Charming.’
  54. ‘There’s something in him that I simply didn’t see.’
  55. ‘Who’d have guessed they’d come together on their own?’
  56. ‘Perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before.’
  57. ‘Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly.’
  58. ‘Both a little scared, neither one prepared.’
  59. ‘Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change. Learning you were wrong.’
  60. ‘I’m where I’m meant to be.’
  61. ‘All at once, everything looks different, now that I see you.’
  62. ‘The world has somehow shifted.’
  63. ‘All that time never truly seeing things the way they were.’
  64. ‘Now she’s here, shining in the starlight.’
  65. ‘And at last I see the light…’
  66. ‘It’s warm and real and bright.’
  67. ‘If there’s a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I’ve already won that.’
  68. ‘No man is worth the aggravation.’
  69. ‘That’s ancient history, been there, done that!’
  70. ‘Who’d you think you’re kidding? He’s the earth and heaven to you!’
  71. ‘No chance, no way, I won’t say it!’
  72. ‘I won’t say I’m in love.’
  73. ‘It feels so good when you start out.’
  74. ‘My head is screaming, ‘get a grip, girl!’
  75. ‘Hon, we saw you hit the ceiling!’
  76. ‘Face it like a grown-up!’
  77. ‘When you gonna own up that you’ve got it bad?’
  78. ‘Read our lips, you’re in love!’
  79. ‘Get off my case!’
  80. ‘At least out loud, I won’t say I’m in love.’
  81. ‘I’m so grateful to you.’
  82. ‘I thought our love would be so beautiful.’
  83. ‘I never knew that fear and hate could be so strong.’
  84. ‘We were right.’
  85. ‘There’s no moment I regret, since the moment that we met.’
  86. ‘I’ve lived at last.’
  87. ‘So many things to tell her, but how to make her see?’
  88. ‘The truth about my past? Impossible. She’d turn away from me.’
  89. ‘He’s holding back, he’s hiding, but what? I can’t decide.’
  90. ‘Why won’t he be the King I know he is?’
  91. ‘The world for once in perfect harmony, with all its living things.’
  92. ‘Can you feel the love tonight?’
  93. ‘Love is where they are.’
  94. ‘His carefree days with us are history.’
  95. ‘In short, our pal is doomed.’
  96. ‘We would never need to face the world alone.’
  97. ‘They can have the world, we’ll create our own.’
  98. ‘I may not be brave, or strong, or smart…’
  99. ‘I know love will find a way.’
  100. ‘Anywhere I go, I’m home if you are there beside me.’
  101. ‘Somehow we’ll come through.’
  102. ‘Love is never wrong, and so it never dies.’
  103. ‘There’s a perfect world, shining in your eyes.’
  104. ‘If only they could feel it too, the happiness I feel with you.’
  105. ‘We’re home, if we are there together.’
  106. ‘So this is love.’
  107. ‘So this is what makes life divine.’
  108. ‘I’m all a-glow.’
  109. ‘I’ll touch every star in the sky.’
  110. ‘So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of…’
  111. ‘How do I know he loves me?’
  112. ‘How do I know he’s mine?’
  113. ‘Everybody wants to live happily ever after.’
  114. ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’
  115. ‘We used to be best buddies, and now we’re not. I wish you would tell me why.’
  116. ‘Okay, bye.’
  117. ‘I think some company is overdue.’
  118. ‘Please, I know you’re in there.’
  119. ‘People are asking where you’ve been.’
  120. ‘I’m right out here for you, please let me in.’
  121. ‘We only have each other, it’s just you and me…’
  122. ‘What are we gonna do?’
  123. ‘I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place.’
  124. ‘With you, I’ve found my place.’
  125. ‘Love is an open door!’
  126. ‘Jinx, jinx again!’
  127. ‘Say goodbye to the pain of the past!’
  128. ‘Life can be so much more with you.’
  129. ‘Can I say something crazy? Will you marry me?’
  130. ‘Can I say something even crazier? Yes!’

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I'm trying to imagine you sitting on your computer or in front of a piece of paper like "Okay. My schedule is clear. Everything is clean. Everything I need is right here. NOW LETS DRAW SOME PORN OT TRY TO MAKE MY VIEWERS CRY FOR HOURS ON END! This is my what I do... It's amazing ;u;"

You guessed it partly right, I only draw once I finished my routine :) but my brain will whisper weird things so I have to listen to music to keep my brain in a trance, that way it will focus entirely on the story that I’m working on.

For example: Mr Han valentine was created with combination from “Rude boy” “S&M” by Rihanna; Kinky Zen was created with “Work” by Rihanna ft Drake; Sucker for Pain yeah thats the name of the song. And guess what, “no hope no fear” was created by hours of listening to Baroque music lol

Hello, baby. Part 22

Sitting against the cold concrete wall, I lift my head up and lean it back. My eyes burn as I open them from crying throughout the night.
I feel like I should be stronger, for myself and for J but I hate thinking about him coming back here. I could care less what they do to me but if he comes back, what if they keep him, make him worse or what if he forgets me, what if they kill him. 

A slot in the door opens up, a tray of food gets shoved through and it falls all over the floor. They slide a small cup of water through and that also makes a mess on the floor.
I stay curled up against the wall, i want to show them exactly how I feel but that’s exactly what they want. 

 "Stupid bitch.“ It’s the same guy that threw me in here. 

I clench my jaw in order to keep my mouth shut, my fingers dig into my shins as my arms pull my legs in closer. The slot closes and locks, I hear the sound of his boots trail off. I’m left alone.
The walls are bare and grey, there is a toilet and thats it and its filthy. There is no bed, not even a mattress, just the cold concrete ground. I tap my head against the wall behind me, thinking.
I have a plan, a plan J would approve of, I just have to wait for the moment.

“Turn everything into anger.” I whisper to myself over and over.

It’s about a week of the same treatment from the same man. His voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard and seeing him makes me fume with rage. I wait though. I pay attention to his every move and detail, his characteristics and mannerism. Which are disgusting. 
I hear him approaching.

The sound of the door unlocking breaks my thoughts and my head snaps up. It’s him. His skin is blotchy, his stubbled facial hair is dark brown, he is a big guy full of ego, his eyes match his facial hair and his walk is carried with a limp. My lip curls up just at the sight of him.

“I see your little lover hasn’t tried to save you yet.” He closes the door behind him, “You must mean a whole lot to him.” He laughs as he takes a few steps into my territory. 

I ease my tension and let my legs lay flat against the ground and my arms to my side. I know he is just trying to rise a spark in me.

“You were just a filthy bitch to him too, you fucked your way to the top just to end up here huh.” He takes a few more steps towards me. 

“Warning you.” I whisper.

“What was that? You don’t have a dick in your mouth yet so speak up.” He adjusts himself in his pants.

“I’m warning you.” I hiss at him, my eyes look into his black abysses.

“You don’t scare me princess.” He laughs again and stands right in front of me.

“I should.” I spread my legs out into a V shape. 

He doesn’t say another word, his eyes now focused on my hands pulling the gown up my thigh. 
In one motion I scoot down lower to the ground and kick my leg up, my foot meeting him right between the legs. He groans loudly, his hands quickly move to cover himself. I kick in his shin and the bottom of my foot stings from the force I used, I hear the snap of his bone followed by a scream from the guard as he falls to the ground. I snap up to my feet and quickly pull the gun from his side, I kneel behind his head and place the tip of the gun against his skin. 

“How do I get out of here?” I lean in close to his face.

Sweat is dripping down his face, he tries to hold back his whimpers as he stares at me. 

He stumbles on his words out of fear and pain, “Y-you can’t. You w-w-won;t make it.” He tries to smile.

“Watch me.” I reach to his side again and grab his key card, I stand up over him and keep the gun pointed at him, “Scared yet?” He doesn’t reply and I show him a smile for being honest.

With no hesitation I unload the entire magazine into the guards body, I don’t aim for one place, I simply make sure each bullet entered his body. 

I toss the gun and run out of the cell, I hear the shuffle of guards coming from the opposite way and I run towards the nearest door.
A stairwell, I decide to run up the stairs and use the key card to open the door to the roof. I walk towards the edge of the building and look down the side of the to see if there is a fire escape, I start to run towards the one I see. The sound of the roof door slamming open and the guards rushing towards me has my heart beating through my chest. I jump down to the first metal platform and move my feet as quick as i can down the ladder and on to the next. Four floors down and and my feet finally touch the outside ground. Bullets ring out from above and I run as fast as my legs will carry my around the corner and into the next alley. My body feels exhausted from not sleeping, barley eating and moving. I lean back against the wall and try to catch my breath but I know it won’t be long before they are after me. I look around the corner to make sure no one is near by before I make my move. I jog down the block, trying to wave down a taxi, one finally comes to a stop and I jump in quickly yelling at the driver to hurry up.

“A please wouldn’t hurt.” The voice sounds all too familiar.

“W-wait, Lucas?” My voice still loud, my heart pounding. 

He looks over his shoulder quickly, giving me confirmation it was him, “I’ve been driving damn near all day and night waiting for you to make a move or for Mr. J.” He laughs, “He had his plan but he had a feeling you wouldn’t wait on him.” 

I let out a sigh of relief and sink into the back of the taxi, I feel a lump forming in my throat and I close my eyes trying to hold myself together. Lucas speeds up and moments later we pull up to J’s place, the only place that feels like home for me. 
It feels like it has been much longer than a week, I smile at Lucas and quickly open the car door and make a run to the front door of the house. It’s locked so I frantically knock on the door till I hear the knob move. I take a step back and the door opens up.

“Kat!” Jackie screams as she pulls me into the house with a hug.

My arms squeeze around her, “I missed you too!” I laugh out.

I hear footsteps come down the stairs and Jackie lets go of me, I turn to look and J is stopped on the middle of the stairs. The lump in my throat makes it hard to swallow, my eyes start to well up just at the sight of him. 
He takes one more step down and I run at him, the tears start to roll down my cheeks before his arms even wrap around me but once they do the cries become sobs into his chest. 

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“I knew you wouldn’t wait for me baby.” His arms pull me into him and he rests his chin on the top of my head.

I hear him take in a deep breath, my arms wrap around his as tight as they could. He takes one of his hands and tilts my chin up, he wipes the tears off my face and brings his lips to mine. Our lips part and I inhale him in, I reach my hands to the back of his head and pull his lips back to mine. He lets out a growl and it sends a wave through my whole body, my lips part and he doesn’t need any more of a hint. His tongue slips between my lips and my mouth opens wider as our tongues roll over each others, I moan into his mouth and his hand reaches behind my neck and his thumb trails down my skin. 
I push him back against the wall on the stairs and I feel the smile appear on him lips.

“Oh, how daddy has missed you.” He growls into my mouth.

I bite at his bottom lip and whisper back, “Why don’t you show me how much you’ve missed me?” 

He moves his hands under my ass and pick me up, I wrap my legs around his waist and I can feel him harden against me and I let out a deep sigh from the friction. He carries me into the bedroom and tosses me on the bed, he is ripping off his jacket and pants and I wiggle out of the gown. His muscles define as he stokes himself and lets out a groan. I scoot back on the bed and bite my lip, unsure of his next move. He comes from the foot of the bed and bends my knees, he wraps his arms under them and his fingers dig into my thighs, no teasing involved as his tongue instantly starts swirling on my clit. My back arches and my moans are uncontrollable, I reach my hand into his green hair and try to gain composure. His tongue is being relentless, he flattens his tongue as he slides between my folds only to come back to my clit again. 

“Fuck!” I scream out as I can already feel my orgasm approaching.

He slides two fingers in me and he moans between my legs, my legs begin to shake as they fold around him trying to come together. He doesn’t stop, his fingers curling inside me and his tongue giving my constant attention. My hands move to the sheets next to me and my nails dig into them, I can’t control my rigid breathing or my moans. 
I can feel the last few seconds of build up become so intense as he doesn’t stop, all the muscles in my body tighten up and again he moans into me, I let out a scream again and I can feel each part of my body slowly come undone as J still works his tongue on me, tasting me while I try and catch my breath.
His head slowly lifts and he places a wet kiss on my hip, he slides his fingers out from me and makes his way between my legs.

“I missed how good you fucking taste.” He breathes out and presses his lips to mine.

His tongue asks for permission and I part my lips. I taste myself as his tongue swirls on mine and I moan into his mouth again. He pulls his mouth from mine and sits on his knees, using both his hands he holds my thighs spread down giving all the view he wants as he slowly slide into me. His groan is loud like he hasn’t had this feeling in years, his head falls back as he does it again. He runs his hands from my knees to the deep inner thigh and I moan back at him, trying to keep my eyes open to watch his expressions. He holds himself at my entrance and I wiggle trying to get back what I had.

“Don’t.” He groans at me. 

I bite my lip and move back again. He lets his thumb trail up my clit and a shudder runs through my body, he continues up my stomach and between my breasts, his hand covers my throat as he leans back over me. He applies little pressure and his hips meet mine with force. His thrusts become much harder and his eyes turn a shade darker, my legs wrap around him as he has one of his holding himself up and the other applying a little more pressure around my neck.

“Daddy!” I cry out as he pulls himself all the way out of me only to burry himself back inside with a deep thrust.

He growls and his pace picks up, my body bouncing with every move and my moans and screams cut short as he gets deeper and deeper. I can feel my body tensing up again and my fingers are tangled in his hair.

“Talk to me baby, let me hear you.” He groans.

I inhale sharply trying to catch my breath, his thrusts soften for the moment so i can speak, “Daddy, please don’t stop. Please, I’m so close again baby. I’m so close. You feel so good daddy.” I scream out as he returns to his harder motions.

My back arches as his hand around my throat reaches to my breast, his thumb grazing over my nipple and my body tenses up. I know he can tell because his head drops into my shoulder with a loud groan.

“You wanna cum on my dick, baby girl? Is that what you want?” He is panting between words.

“Please!” I beg, “Don’t stop till I am dripping down you daddy.” His hand comes off my beast and I feel it again on my clit.

my back arches and my nails dig deep into his shoulders as he rolls over my clit again and again. I tighten around him and I can feel him release himself with a moan that went quickly to a growl, he pumps himself in me a few more times which is all I need to get over my own ledge. I scream out as my second orgasm is even more moving, my back arches again while he rubs my clit through my orgasm, when he finally pulls out and releases his touch my body shows a visible shiver of ecstasy. 
He lays next to me on the bed, both of our chests rising and falling quickly as we are still trying to catch out breath. 

“You are quite the storm.” He mumbles out.

I look over at him and his eyes are closed, I grab his hand that was resting on his chest and intertwine our fingers, I don’t take in much of what he said as my heart is still pounding in my chest.

“A storm doesn’t need much, just some guidance and direction and it can destroy anything in it’s path.” His voice is low and hoarse. 

I listen to his words that time and my expression was confused even though he couldn’t see it, “Did I destroy you?” I ask in a whisper voice.

It’s a few moments of silence that fall between us before he answers, “Absolutely.” he replies.

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Um... Hi! Can you please do dai companions reacting to inquisitor Lavellan crying over Solas post trespasser? Thank you! ❤️

(Note: this is not a slight on Solas or Solasmancers or Solas fans. This is just written from what would be the companions’ reactions to the whole mess. Keep in mind that everyone but Cole disapproves if Lavellan says “I have to save him” choosing the romance option in Trespasser.)

Cassandra: She was still livid about the whole mess, and at Solas, but to see her friend so heartbroken… she’s going to kill him if it was the last thing she did. She tries to console the Herald to little avail, and feels awful for them. “Fen’Harel is not worthy of you,” she snaps, “I know it hurts, but he does not and never did deserve you.”

Iron Bull: Like Cassandra, he wants to violently murder Solas for this as he holds a sobbing Lavellan. For the moment, his attention is on her, though, and he feels so bad for her. The other Chargers are also trying to comfort her if she doesn’t mind their approach. “I know, Boss, I know,” he murmurs gently, stroking her back, “we’re here. We’re always here.”

Blackwall: Lavellan doesn’t deserve this. Blackwall’s mad at Solas, of course, but he doesn’t dare bring him up. He just sits with the Herald and lets her cry, because sometimes that’s all one can do. “I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now,” he murmurs, “but I’m here. Don’t know that it counts for much, but we’re all still here for you.”

Sera: Never has she wanted to kill anyone so much before. Not only was she mad at Solas for trying to destroy the world for the elves, one of her best friends was left utterly heartbroken by him. She just sits and hugs her and murmurs reassurances. “Don’t worry, I’ll get back at that stupid, shitty, elfy old wolf for you. You’re safe here. I’m not leaving you behind. We’re not.”

Varric: And here he thought what Blondie did was bad. Not only was Chuckles plotting to destroy basically everything that wasn’t Elven, he left one of his friends behind with a broken heart. He curses Chuckles’ name and sits with Lavellan, offering his solemn apologies. If she chooses to move to Kirkwall, he’ll ensure she’s safe.

Cole: “He still loves you so much it hurts. He knows you hurt.” he says mournfully. “It hurts him just as much. He thinks he has to, but he doesn’t want to. How can we help him and you? Your hurt is so powerful, so strong, it touches everyone.” He doesn’t know how to help, but he wants to so much– the hurt is too much. He settles for hugging her.

Vivienne: She’s already plotting with the others on ways to fight Solas, and she’s thinking of other suitors she can introduce Lavellan to, once she heals. She simply won’t tolerate the idea of Solas even being remotely near her again. “He is a revolting creature, unworthy of you.” she says, handing her friend a handkerchief. “We’ll get through this, Darling. I swear upon it.”

Dorian: His blood is boiling as he holds his best friend, who’s sobbing into his arms. How dare the Dread Wolf? How dare he hurt her? It’s mingled with pity and worry for the woman in his arms, and he lets her go as long as she wants. “I’m so sorry,” he murmurs now and again, “I’m here. Let it out.” He stays with her a little while longer than he planned, and before he goes, he kisses the little sending crystal he gave her and hugs her.

Solas: He checks on Lavellan in the Fade and finds her dreams as nightmares, darkened by her stress, and his heart pangs with guilt, and his stomach drops. He never wanted this for her. For a moment, he wonders if he should have given all of this up and stayed with her, but he flees when she seems to notice him. “Ir abelas, ma vhenan.” he whispers as he goes.

Josephine: She feels so bad for the Herald. She clears their schedule for the next few days if she can and makes sure they’re well tended-to. She visits them when she can, sparing a handkerchief, a shoulder to cry on, and a ear to listen. She invites them to come with her to visit her family in Antiva, suggesting that getting out might help.

Leliana: She gets them everything they need and makes sure someone is keeping them company, and she gets to work. Solas would pay for this. By wronging Lavellan and plotting to destroy the world, he had angered the wrong bard. She’d start the first steps and get Lavellan to join her when she was ready. She does visit her and stay for a little while. “I know it hurts. I will for awhile. But you have friends, and we are here.”

Cullen: He feels absolutely terrible for Lavellan, among stress and anger and a frantic hurry to discuss what their next step should be. He’s not quite sure what to do, but he wants to comfort her. Thankfully, his dog seems to know how to help at least a little– his mabari hurries up to her and licks her face repeatedly, trying to climb up onto her lap, and she can’t help but laugh. His eyes widen, and shortly after, he gifts Lavellan a mabari puppy. 

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i've literally never seen anyone's clothes fall off their body as often as jimin's sweaters, jackets, hoodies, and everything fall off his shoulders i'm crying why is he so much how does he keep himself warm does he even wanna be clothed

He does this on purpose. Park Jimin knows what he is doing.

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two prime examples like BOY. He keeps warm from the fiery heat emanating from his hotness, it’s scientific fact. As for being clothed, he DID say that the first thing he does when he goes to the dorms is take off his clothes so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hehe

so i got the iasip book recently and i wanted to share some of the more interesting tidbits in it that i haven’t seen posted around as much

  • mac says that dennis loves him “with the fury of a thousand suns” because he KNOWS it will prompt dennis to leave the room (i’ve seen this one around before but i didn’t know it came from the book until now so here u go)
  • dee reversed the DENNIS system to create the SINNED system, which she uses to manipulate men and steal their money
  • in high school, dee would lend dennis money, do his homework for him, and listen to him cry about his multiple breakups with maureen ponderosa
  • charlie doesn’t know what the word anonymous means– he assumes the gang is calling him “a nanny mouse” and gets so upset about it that he starts crying
  • frank claims to have possibly slept with miley cyrus
  • the waitress has another “bad” stalker that charlie apparently keeps tabs on– could possibly just be someone the waitress is seeing
  • dennis and dee are still addicted to crack and dennis still smokes it sometimes
  • dennis admits to having been fingered and enjoying it before, and then a page later stops talking about attracting a woman and starts talking about attracting a “mate,” saying THEY should have a personality weak enough for you to mold
  • frank was physically and emotionally abused by his father
  • charlie still worries about peter nincompoop
  • THIS IS A BIG ONE I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT!!! most of us know that mac taught charlie that his name is spelled “cat,” BUT the book also provides evidence that charlie actually knows that it isn’t. in charlie’s poem, “hans wermhatt: dream bastard,” the rhyme scheme is consistent and includes the lines “i’m chased like a rat/but i’m not. i’m cat.” given what we know about charlie’s penchant for writing music we know he wouldn’t just fuck up a rhyme like that, and so he wouldn’t have used the word cat if he thought it spelled charlie. more damning, in the accompanying drawing of charlie running from hans wermhatt, charlie has cat ears, so he clearly KNOWS that cat spells cat. so why is he using it as his name anyways? either he wants to appear as stupid as the gang thinks he is, or he’s just using it because mac gave him that name and, after all, CAT <3 MAC 4EVR. charliemac confirmed
  • for all his posturing and “intelligence”, dennis doesn’t know what punctiliousness means and mistakenly used the word diffidence when he meant difference
  • charlie and artemis still talk and seem to be pretty good friends
  • frank mentions a lethal weapon 7 (future episode ???)
  • charlie met john oates once when he was the only one at paddy’s and he got really adorably starstruck by him. when oates says the song title “you make my dreams come true” charlie thinks he’s just talking to him and nearly faints on the spot. charlie’s gay for john oates
  • dennis quite possibly had some gender dysphoria issues as a child– he talks about feeling lesser and feeling like he couldn’t be fabulous because he has a dick
  • one of mac’s top 10 movie quotes is “he’s got a real pretty mouth” from deliverance
  • dennis admits in a roundabout way to thinking that mac is a solid 7 in terms of attractiveness
  • dee will deliberately start acting batshit after sleeping with a guy in an attempt to make him leave quicker
  • charlie was in the cub scouts/boy scouts as a kid
  • dennis once cut off part of his nipple while shaving his chest

i can provide actual screenshots/book excerpts on any of these if people want me to!

A meltdown explained from the inside. Store, loud, crowded. People, clients, talking loud, don’t understand. Can’t make out words. Doesn’t make any sense. I’m talking but I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m pacing. I forget what I’m supposed to do. He’s yelling at me. He looks angry. I give up. Ask for help. I escape before it’s too late to keep the stimms in. I’m rushing to the staff’s restroom. As soon as I lock the door I cry, I tap my head with my right fist. I’m rocking and balancing. I’m out.
When I finally get out 20 min have passed. I need to leave. I can’t hold it in. It’s Sunday. Can I find a doctor ? It says only emergency on Sunday. Is it a emergency. I’m rocking, Hyperventilating and crying. Is it an emergency ? I call. I say I’m having a melt down but I don’t know if it’s an emergency. She says it is. Come at 2:30. Building’s code is 5983
5983 5983 5983 5983 5983598359835983

marriage proposal: wonho
  • ok tbh i see wonho absolutely losing his mind over this
  • he’d be a nervous wreck
  • acting weird for weeks but once you ask what’s wrong, he looks like he’ll have a breakdown any second so you just let him be, figuring or rather hoping he’ll get back to normal soon
  • he hates keeping things from you. he really does, but
  • he just wants it to be perfect. he tries to plan out how he’ll propose down to the smallest detail, because you can’t say no. honestly what would he even do if you said no???? cry for 38 years that’s what
  • anyway
  • so he plans it all out, even prepares a speech, telling you how much you mean to him and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with you and all
  • and then he takes you to the sea. he packs blankets and tea and you sit down together on the almost deserted beach, wrapped in blankets and watching the ocean together, just talking until even your quiet chatter dies down and you watch wave after wave crash onto the shore
  • and wonho looks at you, looking so beautiful and he’s still so in love with you and his hand wraps around the ring in his pocket and he’s ready to ask you to-
  • except he’s not.
  • he leaves the ring in his pocket and you leave the beach after a while and wonho hates himself a little bit because he really wanted to ask he you, he really did, but he just couldn’t
  • of course he tries again
  • he tries again and again, plans out scenario after scenario but he chickens out every time
  • get it together wonho
  • the ring is always in his pocket, the words he practiced so many times are always on his tongue, but
  • it’s never the right moment, he thinks. something’s always wrong, the mood, the timing, something, he doesn’t quite know what it is most of the time, it’s just-
  • he wants to find the perfect moment, ok?? it has to be perfect
  • or maybe it’s just that’s he is petrified you might say no because he loves you so much and he doesn’t wanna lose you
  • meanwhile the other members are getting more frustrated every day because wonho just won’t propose but he won’t stop talking about it either and honestly??? they’re running out of suggestions
  • ………………….so
  • it’s a day when you’re off work and wonho is as well but since wonho still hasn’t come up with a new plan and you haven’t seen the others in a while he invites you over to just spend the day with them
  • you’re all in sweatpans and just hanging out at their dorm, eating too much and playing video games
  • hyungwon is lying on the couch and reading, wonho is playing with his phone, shownu and kihyun went to the supermarket to grab more food
  • and you’re playing mario kart with minhyuk and changkyun, sitting too close to the tv and being way too into it for adults, cursing at items that hit you
  • it’s a close call but finally you get first place and
  • “ha!!”, you scream in victory, “take that suckers!”
  • minhyuk and changkyun groan in unison but wonho just chuckles
  • he loves it so much when you’re being dorky and kinda obnoxious. he loves you so much. he just wants to marry you, is that too much to ask for?
  • “just let me marry her..”, he mutters
  • ………….…..  …
  • four sets of eyes practically snap to gape at him, all laughter and chatter gone in an instant, the mario kart tune still playing mockingly in the background, making everything seem a little surreal
  • and you’re just. staring, eyes about to pop out of your head
  • “you……what?”
  • he just stares back for a few second with equally wide eyes, feeling nauseous and dizzy because did he just really just say that aloud?? god no you’re gonna hate him you’re gonna leave you’re gonna-
  • “wonho?”, you ask quietly but demanding
  • he swallows and takes a deep breath. now or never, he thinks
  • “y/n”
  • he walks over to you and sits down on his knees right in front of you, pulling out the little box he’s been carrying around for weeks now
  • “y/n”, he repeats and looks into your eyes and again you’re just staring back, completely in shock and trying to convince yourself you’re not dreaming
  • meanwhile the other boys are just sitting there, gaping, also not believing what’s going on right before their eyes
  • “i kinda had an entire speech written out for this but honestly?”, wonho laughs nervously, “i can’t remember any of it right now…just”
  • he opens the box and holds it up a little, your gaze flickering between wonho and the ring in his hands
  • “i love you, y/n. please marry me?”
  • overwhelmed with emotions, tears start spilling out your eyes and you start to cry
  • “y/n?”, wonho asks, voice uncertain all of a sudden and his frown deepening by the second
  • he looks so ridiculously concerned that you can’t help but chuckle even though you’re crying. you quickly start to nod, wiping your tears
  • “of course. of course i’ll marry you”
  • and wonho’s expression immediately shifts into one of pure delight and the way he looks as much in love with you as you feel you’re in love with him right now, makes the emotions rushing over you only stronger, causing you to smile wider and cry harder
  • he takes the ring out of the box and your hand in his
  • “can i?”, he asks, smiling at you shyly
  • you nod again, not really able to talk, tears still rolling down your cheeks
  • as soon as the ring’s on your finger, you practically throw yourself at your now fiancé, arms wrapping around him, burying your face in his neck
  • his arms tighten around you and he starts laughing and crying, too
  • so there you are
  • on the living room floor, in sweatpants and with unbrushed hair, the mario kart theme still playing in the background. clinging to each other and laughing and crying at the same time
  • your emotions are all over the place but what you know is this:
  • you’re happy. so unbelievably and incredibly happy.
  • you don’t even notice when minhyuk and the other boys finally start breathing again, too, groaning and laughing because “can you believe him oh my god” and “finally he got his shit together”
  • you don’t notice either when a few minutes later the door opens and shownu and kihyun come back, kihyun promptly dropping his bag of snacks
  • “……are you kidding me.”

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