this is what i do on nights i can't sleep

  • Friend: how are you?
  • What I wish I can say:
  • Well, everything is falling apart. I'm barley going to school, I spend most of my days laying in bed, laid in my own self loathing. I feel empty everyday and I'm getting tired of it. I think about ever little embarrassing thing that happened over 2-4 years ago and cringe at myself....everyday.
  • I'm fucking exhausted, and I still can't sleep at night.
  • Sometimes it feels like I'm not even here, and it's like I lost myself somewhere along this dark, muddy path.
  • I can't stop thinking about my past traumas, my hair is falling out, my mood is getting lower, my future seems to be getting more bleak.
  • I have a suicide plan already in place.
  • Because I fucking hate myself, I hate what I've become, and I hate everything about this world.
  • What I do say: I'm good, what about you?

I don’t think enough people actually…talk about the listening party of “if I could fly” ….like…they straight up played young Larry clips In The Theatre™….like it was so clearly Harry and Louis focused. What the fuck was that. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that information. I can’t sleep at night knowing this actually happened.

“He’s falling asleep… what do I do? What do I do, what do I do…”

  • naruto: because you're my friend
  • sasuke: and what exactly does that mean to you
  • naruto: it's hard to explain but
  • naruto: I really like spending time with you, even when we're fighting
  • naruto: there's something about the loneliness in your eyes that makes me want to get closer to you
  • naruto: like, close enough to smell your hair and touch your skin and feel your heartbeat
  • naruto: sometimes, when I can't sleep at night, I find myself thinking about you
  • naruto: and I get a raging hard-on
  • naruto: I get so horny, thinking about you like that, it hurts me
  • naruto: it hurts so much, I just can't ignore it
  • sasuke: *single tear drips down his cheek as he turns away*
  • sasuke: ...fuck
  • naruto: yes
  • naruto: that's what friends do
  • Shiro: Keith...
  • Keith: .... * is sleeping *
  • Shiro: Keeeeiiiith....
  • Keith: * groans * what is it, baby?
  • Shiro: I can't sleep.... * frowns *
  • Keith: * sighs * come here..
  • Shiro: * rests his head on Keith's chest *
  • Keith: Do you know what puts me to sleep?
  • Shiro: Counting knives?
  • Keith: * lightly smacks his head * No.
  • Keith: I relax and listen to your heartbeat...
  • Shiro: Oh... * blushes *
  • Keith: You try it..
  • Shiro: * closes his eyes and listens to Keith's heartbeat *
  • Keith: * running his hands through Shiro's hair *
  • Shiro: You're right Keith.. * yawns * its very relaxing...
  • Shiro: Thanks, Baby.. Good night.. *sleeps*
  • Keith: ........
  • Keith: Now I can't sleep...

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I supported you through all the stupid drama and hate you got but seriously I can't do it any more. You keep letting people draw that stupid Lady Shimada fuckface whose clearly NOT a representation of you and quite obviously appropriating the Japanese culture. WE DONT NEED A FUCKING BLOND BITCH WHITE HANZO. God damn. How do you sleep at night? Like its so gross I can't handle it. Make your own overwatch OC if you must but stop with the lady shimada shit because its gross. Control your fans.

what lol

you do realize it’s literally my OC Viro just in Hanzo clothes?

who the fuck

the white album explained (part 1)
  • back in the ussr: the beatles are the red beach boys (they forgot their sunblock)
  • dear prudence: "hey prudence farrow you haven't eaten in days stop meditating won't you come out to pla--wait omg stay there i had an idea" -john lennon
  • glass onion: can everyone shut up paul isn't dead (yes he is)
  • obla di obla da: life goes on, brah (still the red beach boys)
  • wild honey pie: george's wife wanted to end the beatles
  • bungalow bill: john tries to get yoko and the other beatles to hang out with each other
  • while my guitar gently weeps: george likes eric clapton
  • happiness is a warm gun: the beatles take a break from the hippy shit and preach violence
  • martha my dear: paul likes his dog
  • im so tired: oh john can't sleep at night, but just the same, i never weep at night, i call your name
  • blackbird: paul is a little late to the civil rights movement but that's what dying can do to a guy
  • piggies: reverse animal farm (regular farm)
  • rocky raccoon: he was a fool onto himself
  • don't pass me by: ringo,,,,good job
  • why don't we do it in the road:
  • i will: he will
  • julia: john writes a song about his mom à la paul style
Highly Suspect // Sentence Starters
  • "You kissed me on the head and left me out for dead."
  • "I just wanted to tell you I'm alive and doing fine, so how are you?"
  • "Your eyes are lined in pain."
  • "And I tied you to the tracks."
  • "Won't you let me in?"
  • "I'm dying to get in."
  • "These fellas are telling me I'd be better off dead."
  • "Nothing flashed before my eyes."
  • "No pretty angels and no bright lights."
  • "All I saw was the Devil's soul (and it looked a hell of a lot like my own)."
  • "You were the one that I used to love (and I'm still in love)."
  • "I never loved you the most."
  • "Black tears don't hide in rain."
  • "Fuck me up."
  • "I need you to aim straight for my heart."
  • "And if you're gonna miss, then hit my head."
  • "You're fatal but I love who you are."
  • "Cause lately I've been feeling so strange."
  • "They're painting me red."
  • "And no one told me which way to go."
  • "And every single night I get cold."
  • "I feel like death is coming soon."
  • "All I wanna do is fucking sleep."
  • "But at my best, I am the worst."
  • "Tell me, what's worse than this?"
  • "The echoes in the halls---they dance along the walls---the memories of your ghost."
  • "A pure love, unrehearsed."
  • "I can't breathe, much less believe the truth."
  • "I am a hungry shark, fast and merciless."
  • "My muscles will contract, your bones will crack."
  • "I am here to win this fight.
  • "Aim for the sun and shoot."
  • "I've never known your love."
  • "You know what you're doing, (you know that it hurts)."
  • "I'll follow you down to the edge of this earth."
  • "I'll kill for you."
  • "Your eyes, they could cut through diamonds and steel."
  • "Sharper than the blade in your hand."
  • "You grab the gun, I'll take the wheel."
a masterlist of prompts and sentence starters
  • ☂: our muses get caught in the rain outside without an umbrella
  • ★: our muses stargaze together
  • ✈: your muse is going away for a time and says goodbye to my muse or vice versa
  • ❤: one of our muses says the first "i love you" to the other
  • ✿: your muse asks my muse to dance with them or vice versa
  • ☤: my muse visits your muse at the hospital
  • ☢: your muse tells my muse that they need to break up
  • ☯: our muses have their first kiss
  • ❅: our muses have a snowball fight
  • ☠: my muse visits your muse's grave
  • ▲: how our muses first met
  • ➳: how one of our muses asked the other on a first date
  • ✌: our muses' wedding
  • ⌚: my muse proposes to your muse or vice versa
  • "Please don't leave me."
  • "I don't want to lose you, okay?"
  • "Because I love you!"
  • "And I thought I could trust you."
  • "I can't believe you forgot."
  • "What did you do this time?"
  • "We're going to get caught!"
  • "Kiss me."
  • "I'm sorry, I screwed up."
  • "I might be drunk."
  • "You look beautiful."
  • "That smirk is annoyingly hard to ignore."
  • "Stop staring at me!"
  • "Please go away, you can't see me like this."
  • "Come on, dance with me."
  • "I need you. I need us."
  • "You can't just lead me on like that!"
  • "I can't do this anymore."
  • "Oh, I'm nothing special."
  • "Just don't forget me, okay?"
  • "You have to let me go."
  • "We'll get through this together."
  • "You're not alone, you know."
  • "Shut up! I hate you!"
  • "I wish this could last forever."
  • "Maybe I was right in thinking that I should never have even fallen in love with you."
  • "What would the world be like without you?"
  • "Why do you like me so much?"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Shit, what did I do?"
  • [text]: Fuck you.
  • [text]: Where are you?
  • [text]: I'm sick.
  • [text]: I love you.
  • [text]: I wish I could be with you right now.
  • [text]: I'm at your door.
  • [text]: Is that all you care about?
  • [text]: Please stop talking about her/him.
  • [text]: Just come over, watch a movie, and cuddle with me.
  • [text]: Don't even start.
  • [text]: Is that all I am to you?
  • [text]: Help me.
  • [text]: Wait, what happened?
  • [text]: I can't go to sleep because you're on my mind.
  • [text]: I miss you.
  • [text]: Good night.
  • [text]: Stop leaving me voicemails, I'm not going to forgive you.
  • [text]: Tell me you didn't forget.
  • [text]: I've had such a bad day.
  • [text]: Don't talk to me ever again.
  • [text]: I have nothing if I don't have you.
  • [text]: After all we've been through, you can't leave me... please.
  • [text]: Breaking up over a text? You've stooped that low?
  • [text]: Can you stop ignoring me for a second?
  • [text]: Sometimes I worry that you won't know how much I love you.

George: How long have you been sleeping with John?

Paul: What?! I don’t even get- why would- I- I’ve never had sex with anyone anywhere! It’s none of your- you have the nerve, the audacity- and how- how do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off.


Expecting Starters
  • "I don't like this color anymore."
  • "This crib doesn't seem to have instructions in English. French, German, Spanish... Korean?"
  • "My back is killing me."
  • "Do you think we're ready?"
  • "We still need a ton of things."
  • "I had no idea diapers were so expensive."
  • "Are you sure you're okay?"
  • "Oh! The baby's kicking!"
  • "How much formula do you think we'll need?"
  • "We still need to pick a name."
  • "Do you want to know the sex?"
  • "What do you mean you're feeling contractions?"
  • "When did we get this pile of baby clothes?"
  • "Do you think we need toys yet?"
  • "I have no idea which to get..."
  • "Can you get some ice cream, pickles and pizza?"
  • "Bag's packed and ready when the baby's ready!"
  • "Do we seriously need to talk about preschool now?"
  • "My mother wants to be there..."
  • "Do you think I'll be a good dad?
  • "Do you think I'll be a good mom?"
  • "Surprise! It's twins."
  • "What do you think they'll look like?"
  • "I hope the baby's more like you and not me."
  • "Here's hoping the baby sleeps through the night."
  • "What if I can't produce enough milk?"
  • "We're going to be fine."
Cheating Sentence Starters
  • "I'm sick of being your little secret!"
  • "I can't do this anymore."
  • "You were supposed to be out tonight.."
  • "The way he/she looks at you.. I can't believe you're wiling to ruin that."
  • "I'm done being your booty call."
  • "It feels wrong, doing this with you."
  • "I didn't mean for you to find out this way."
  • "Don't tell me you're actually starting to grow a conscience?"
  • "He/She's going to be out all night. Come over?"
  • "Shit! He/She's here! Hide!"
  • "That's all I am to you? Your side whore?"
  • "I hate seeing you two be all coupley in public when I'M the one you're fucking."
  • "Don't you feel guilty at all?"
  • "But you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband..."
  • "I want to leave him/her. I want to be with you. I just can't yet."
  • "You're my best friend's boyfriend/girlfriend--I can't do this to him/her."
  • "I told him/her I was going on a business trip."
  • "Do you have any idea how awkward it is to have him/her confide in me about how he/she thinks you're cheating--when I'M the one you're cheating with."
  • "You're the only person I'm with, why would I lie to you?"
  • "Alright, where is he/she?! Where are they hiding?!"
  • "We can't keep doing this.."
  • "Are you screwing him/her?"
  • "I don't know what to think, I just know what I saw!"
  • "Be honest with me. Are you cheating on me with him/her?"
  • "I can't believe you'd do something like this! Was I not good enough?!"
  • "He/She can't do it like I do. That's why you keep coming back."
  • "...Who is he/she?"
  • "I can't be responsible for ruining a relationship."
  • "Don't pretend I acted alone on this, it takes two to tango."
  • "He/She found out."
  • "Meet me in the locker room during free period? He/She had a test."
  • "Meet me at the hotel tonight?"
  • "I can't handle them anymore! They're practically driving me to cheat!"
  • "How do you sleep at night?"
  • "W-What's going on here?"
  • "It's not what you think!"
  • Me: Night sweetie
  • My husband: Goodnight honey... wait, are you really going to bring that thing into bed? Again? When are you going to get rid of that thing???
  • Me: Get rid of it? How could you say that about my husbando.
  • My husband: I don't give a shit what that is I am not sharing a bed with it.
  • Me: This is just what Carol said you'd say
  • My husband: Wow *scoffs* so now you're talking about me behind my back? Is that what we're doing now??? Talking about each other with third parties that WE KNOW ARE GOING TO BLAB ABOUT IT?!
  • Me: You are so possessive, you know that, right?! And yes, Carol is a bit loose lipped but the fact that you want to hide this in the first place shows that there is something wrong.
  • My husband: Well there is something wrong. I feel like we're drifting apart, and that picture is just another wall between us. Am I not enough for you?! Why do you need him as well? He's not even real!
  • Me: I've told you, I get night terrors, And Ryuji helps with them.
  • My husband: And? I sleep right next to you, why can't you look to me for help?!
  • Me: ugh... it's not the same.
  • My husband: Great. My own spouse trusts a piece of paper more than me.
  • Me: Come on, Greg, does everything have to stem from your inferiority complex?
  • My husband: My what?
  • Me: You know, your inferiority complex. The reason you won't let me do the groceries alone, or why you're having an affair!
  • My husband: Wha- no, I... How did you know?
  • Me: Come on. You come home late from the office smelling of their deodorant and expect me not to notice? You let your insecurities tell you that you weren't good enough for me so you cheated on me to relieve that pressure. If I broke up with you it would because of that, not because of your horrible personality.
  • My husband: Really now?!
  • Me: Yep. The only reason I stuck around after that was for the kids.
  • My husband: Well at least I'm not in a codependent relationship with a fictional character!
  • Me, to my picture: Don't worry Ryu-baby, it's just the Jealousy talking.
  • Me: Look what you've done, you've woken up the kids!
  • My daughter: Dad, why are you yelling?
  • My husband: it's nothing sweetie, we're just-
  • Me: breaking up! Me and your father are breaking up.
  • My little son: What? No, you can't!
  • Me: Sorry Tommy, but this was a long time coming. Me and your father have just started to grow apart.
  • My husband: what are you doing?
  • Me, as I pick up my keys: leaving with my kids.
  • My husband: They're my kids too.
  • Me: Doesn't seem like it. After all, you always come home late. You barely even spend time with them. Or me, as a matter of fact. That doesn't matter though, because Ryuji has always been there for me when you weren't.
  • My husband: Oh for fuck's sake!
  • Me: Goodbye Greg, and kids, say hello to your new Step-Dad.
  • My husband: What the fuck?
  • Me: You can get married to pieces of paper. It's 2035, stop being so close minded. After the waifu wars of the 2020s fictional characters gained the right to marry too.
  • My husband: ...
  • Me: Ok kids, into the mini-van. We're staying over at nana's house for a while!

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What do you do when you can't fall asleep? I've been having trouble these past few nights, and I'd like to get back on track. Thank you!

hello! this is what i personally do:

when i feel like it’ll take me a little more to fall asleep:

• listen to the weightless album by marconi union, an album made specifically for sleep.

• have something on in the background, either on your TV or with headphones. i do this with The Office. i listen to it & slowly fall asleep. you could do this with podcasts too!

• wake up. read a few chapters of a book while drinking some tea. try falling asleep again.

when it’s really bad:

• watch something and commit full focus to one thing; this will make you tired faster and you may fall asleep.

• take a warm bath, then lie on your bed as you take deep breaths.

• use apps for sleeping! these provide you exercises to help you fall asleep.

  • Vic: Erm... He'll catch you up.
  • Robert: Vic, I've got a ton of work to do.
  • Vic: He'll catch you up.
  • Adam: (chuckles) Someone's in trouble. (leaves)
  • Vic: You're sleeping here at nights, then?
  • Robert: What? No. Why would I do that?
  • Vic: Well, if I had to guess, I'd say it was because you can't make yourself sleep in the bed without Aaron. (Robert shaking his head) Robert, I saw you hiding the duvet. Now, I'm only mentioning it because I care.
  • Robert: Don't... be nice. I can't handle it.
  • Vic: You can handle anything. You and Aaron both can and you will.
  • Robert: That six o'clock phone call... it just seems so far away every morning. And then, when we do talk, it's over so quick. And now these little vandal scrotes...
  • Vic: It's all getting on top of you.
  • Robert: Yeah, just a bit.
  • Vic: So tell him.
  • Robert: I'm not telling Aaron my problems.
  • Vic: But they're his problems, too, because they're yours. Would you wanna know if it was the other way round?
  • Mafu: well, being sad and not wanting the next day to come, think only about that every day. Thinking "Why am I even alive?" Always thinking that... to the point where you can't sleep at night
  • Soraru: what do you do when it's like that?
  • Mafu: ...
  • Mafu: I just stay that way

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Hey, do you write angst? If so could you do one where Gladio gets into a pretty heated argument with his s/o and out of stubbornness she sleeps on the couch but in the middle of the night Gladdy goes and squishes himself on there with her cause he can't sleep without her? Is that easy to read? I'm sorry haha.

Hey dear! I do write angst, and don’t worry, your request was easy to read :3 This was angst but it turned into fluff… Whoops, hope that’s okay!

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“I don’t care, Gladiolus!”

When you used his full name, he knew that he’d pissed you off. You were absolutely fuming with him, your hands shaking at the mere thought of what had happened. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding… But it always seemed like he had time for Noctis but never for you.

“This one was special, our anniversary but no, you had to go out with Noctis and get yourself hurt!” You motioned up at the brand new scar on his face. There were tears in your eyes, yes, you knew he was the kings shield, but that didn’t give him the excuse that it was your two year anniversary of being together and instead he went out with Noctis - despite the fact you’d had everything booked and ready for months. “Look, I don’t want to see you for the rest of the night, I’m sleeping on the couch.”


“Please, Gladio… Just this once, just… Let me alright. I know you’re sorry… But I’m really upset over this. Just… Just give me time, alright?”

As night fell, you’d settled on the couch and slowly fallen asleep despite the fact your boyfriend was in the shared bedroom, wrapped up warm in the large king sized bed that the both of you shared. Of course, just because you were sleeping didn’t mean that Gladio was, he was struggling to fall asleep, knowing that he’d upset you - he’d always been a person to never go to bed in a bad mood. Sitting up in the bed, he glanced out between the crack in the curtains to see the night sky of Insomnia - he’d worried you when he turned up with the scar on his face, when he told you that he’d wound up in hospital without even telling you…

Slipping out of the bed with his pillow and the duvet from the bed, he made his way into the living room to find you sat up, staring out of the window. “Guess you couldn’t sleep either.” He spoke softly, making you nod your head in the darkness.

“Couch isn’t as comfy as the bed.” You paused slightly. “Or as comfy as you.”

Gladio made his way over, slipping on the couch with you as you shuffled, it was a tight squeeze with the both of you on it, always had been. Until you shuffled and laid on top of him, head on his bare chest. His hands gently ran down your back, the silence comfortable between the both of you.

“I’m sorry for skipping out on you.” He finally spoke, still gently running his hands up and down your back. “I should have told Noct that it was too important to miss.”

“I don’t care about that anymore.” You whispered, trying not to cry. Astrals, you could feel the tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. “I was so scared, you never told me where you were… You were in the hospital, Gladio. You were attacked because of Noctis, I could lose you…”

“You’re never going to lose me, baby.”

“You don’t know that. You can’t make that promise, you could go with Noctis one day and I might never see you again.”

“Hey, hey, baby girl. Listen to me.” He made you look at him, you could only just see his face from the moonlight that was breaking through the windows. “If I ever have to leave with Noctis, you’re coming with me. I’m not leaving you behind, not a chance in hell. You and me, we’re end game, baby. Nothing’s going to change that.”

“You mean that?”

“I love you, baby girl. Nothing is ever going to change that, I promise, you’re coming with me…”

You paused before breathing in sharply. “Teach me how to fight, like you do Noctis, I want to be able to save you one day. I’m not going to be a liability to you. I don’t want to be an Amicitia that doesn’t fight…”

“Amicitia, huh? Already thinking that far ahead?” He chuckled lowly, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I’ll teach you babe, promise. No more missed dates, no more running off with Noctis and not telling you if I get hurt… Just on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“We go back to the actual bed, we need a bigger couch.”

Two lovers,🎎 forbidden from one another 💙↔️❤️
A war divides their people🔥↔️💂🏼💂🏼💥💂🏽💂🏽↔️💧
And a mountain divides them apart🌙🗻☀️
Built a path to be together⬅️🌚🌝➡️

…Yeah, and I forget the next couple of lines, but then it goes…

Secret tunnel!⬅️🎎➡️
Secret tunnel!⬅️🌊🔥➡️
Through the mountain! ⬅️🎎➡️
Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! Yeah!🌚👧🏽👦🏻🌝👊