this is what i do on christmas break

  • Leo: merry Christmas!
  • Guang-Hong: merry Christmas. Can I open the package now?
  • Leo: yes!
  • Guang-Hong: *rips open box* oh. *breaks into a huge smile*
  • Leo: do you like it?
  • Guang-Hong: it's adorable.
  • Leo: my name means lion and I know you have stuffed bears so I figured a stuffed lion-
  • Guang-Hong: you're cute when you babble.
  • Leo: *blushes* I love you.
  • Guang-Hong: I love you too. *blushes* Open your card.
  • Leo: ...what is this?
  • Guang-Hong: a receipt. For a plane ticket. I'm coming to visit you. Pick me up at the airport at five o'clock, Monday.
surprising your boyfriend like

Bitty doesn’t like lying to his boyfriend. It’s not his style. If anything, he’s honest to a fault. It’s not his speed to perpetrate deceptions, much less relish him.

Oh, but this… this is really kind of fun.

When he first tells Jack he’ll be heading home for Christmas, Jack is visibly disappointed. His face falls, and he heaves a sigh before mustering up his stoic face and telling Bitty “I hope you have fun.”

Bitty feigns concern. “Oh, now, what will you do? I know you’re playing on Christmas Eve day, so I suppose you can’t go home to your parents’.”

Jack shakes his head. “I’ll make do. I’m sure someone on the team will have me over.” But the sad glisten in his eyes is almost enough to make Bitty break down and confess right there.


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Sentence starters: Building a Gingerbread House.
  • "I got this, I watch food network."
  • "Yes, look at how good this turned out! We could sell this."
  • "Stop licking that!"
  • "The trick is not to break the gingerbread house."
  • "Let's just focus on the front and take a photo of it. It'll look like we worked more than we actually did."
  • "Why can't you follow directions?"
  • "Smell this, it smells so good. I could eat it right now."
  • "What design should we do on the roof?"
  • "Can't you just stop eating the icing!"
  • "I'm very ocd so I need it to be centered."
  • "This is so fucking amazing."
  • "This is where the icing should go. Just like that, nice and thick."
  • "This isn't fair. You're making all the fun parts all by yourself."
  • "If you get icing on my hair I'm going to kill you."
  • "Oh so now you're a professional..."
  • "I'm giving you props. I didn't expect you to be good at this."
  • "You thought we were doing this together? This is a competition."
  • "How do people do this?!"
  • "Aaw, this is so cute! We are a good team."
  • "What are you eating? That was supposed to be part of the roof!"
  • "Is this better? Are you sure? I'm not saying it's bad but..."
  • "I'm just going to say it... you suck at this."
  • "This isn't the design I wanted but neither is this life."
  • "The roof is falling off. This is so bad..."
  • "If I tilt it it looks good."
  • "This is hideous. Is it supposed to look like that?"
  • "Yes, look! It's looking so good... kinda.
  • "Eating all the candy won't help."
  • "Look at how you did the icing there, it looks like dicks."
  • "You ain't helping at all."
  • "We won't have decorations if you keep eating the candy."
  • "You put it on the wrong side, you're ruining it."
  • "Oh no, you fucked up the fucking icing..."
  • "The box said to leave it from two to three hours to set. We did zero hours. That's why it's all falling apart."

//10 jan 2017//

these are a few of my favorite things…

This was my beautiful hotel room in Atlanta, the Marriott Marquis! The view was gorgeous, the blankets and pillows were perfectly fluffy. I had to resist going up to take a nap at every occasion.

JMM was super cool, but I think the coolest thing I got was this book called “Math Girls” by Hiroshi Yuki. The editor and translator were at the meeting and told me that it’s 20% romance novel and 80% math text!! It’s such an awesome resource and I can’t wait to read it. I usually don’t read books longer than 200 pages, but for this I’ll make an exception!

Also pictured are my bullet journal (from Muji) and my “I am very busy” pencil bag that @zombienoether got me for Christmas!!

So what did you do for winter break?

  • Keith: So what's the worst thing you did?
  • Shiro: Like breaking the law?
  • Keith: * nods *
  • Shiro: Okay.... This is the worst thing I did.... Don't tell anyone...
  • Keith: Come on.. What did the big bad Shiro do??
  • Shiro: I stole a Christmas tree.
  • Keith: What...?
  • Shiro: Okay hear me out...-
  • Keith: * laughs * hahahaha, you're too precious, Shiro...
  • Shiro: Whats that suppose to mean?
  • Keith: I love you that's what. * smiles *
Voice Aggravated Teacher
  • Student 1: What happened over your Winter Break, Mr. [X]?
  • Me: Well, I went back home to see the folks for a while, but I can only stand them for a few days and then I'm done
  • Students: SAME!
  • Me: And then my girlfriend got me a Google Home, and I spent the rest of my winter break just yelling out questions into the air and honestly, I kind of get why you kids do it all the time without even saying my name first.
  • Student 2: Did you tell us about your Christmas just so you could roast us?
  • Me: I did, and thanks for playing.
Idk if it's just me...

… But Reigen is like your weird-ass uncle you see once in a while in reunions that will come up to you and say ‘hey kid do you wanna know what happens when I press the gps button on my phone’ and ur like 'uncle reigen no’ but too late he pressed it now you’re inside a secret base in the middle of the night there are craters are everywhere you see evil spirits salt decorates everything and thete are four grown-ass men who can wield swords and cast magic and shit crying hysterically as your uncle roasts the living fuck out of them after a few explosions out of nowhere he dropkicks one guy and punches the other and there goes a car oh my god how did this happen

You know what? That would be so nice to read a long tumblr post from Taylor. Like I am so curious how is she doing? Did she find any new hobbies during the break? Tried new cookie recipes? How the cats are doing? How was her Christmas? Did she get any cat-related birthday gifts? I just need a life update from my friend. 

Wolfstar HC 2

Remus and Sirius snuggling on a Sunday during Christmas break. 

  • Sirius stayed at Hogwarts because he didn’t want to go home to his mad house. 
  • Remus stayed at Hogwarts because Sirius stayed at Hogwarts. 
  • Lily and James stayed as well but being Head Boy and Head Girl, the spent most of their nights and mornings in the Heads Dorm doing lord knows what. 
  • Thus Sirius and Remus were the only two staying in the Gryffindor dorms over the break. 
  • They had been dating for a couple months by this point and were often seen wandering around the campus holding hands. 
  • Remus had decided that his favorite part of staying at Hogwarts over the break was the ability to spend as much time as he wanted with Sirius. 
  • Sirius had decided that his favorite part of staying at Hogwarts over the break was the ability to snuggle Remus in their dorm all morning. 
  • The first day of break the two had pushed their dorm beds together so they could snuggle all night long and maybe do more the snuggle
  • Every morning Remus would wake up around seven and begin reading his newest book. 
  • Most of them were muggle books that Lily had brought him after summer break. 
  • Sirius would wake up three or so hours later.
  • He had gotten in the habit of staying very still and pretending so be asleep so he could watch his boyfriend read in the late morning sun. 
  • He loved the way the sun made Remus’s hair glow, the way Remus’s eyebrows would knit together while he read his novels. The way Remus’s sweater rode up to reveal a strip of skin. 
  • Finally, Sirius would reach over and wrap and arm around Remus pulling him into his chest. 
  • Remus would complain about losing his page in his book.
  • But he wouldn’t actually care because he loved Sirius more than any book he had, or will, ever read. 
  • Them spending hours just laying in each other’s arms. 
  • Sirius playing with Remus’s hair. 
  • Only get up when one of them is hungry or when Lily and James emerge and want to go on an adventure. 


This cast is probably more of a musical cast than musicals I’ve been a part of. It’s crazy. Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash, this is his dream - to do a Broadway musical. We were hanging out over the Christmas break and he was at my house in New York. What were we doing? We were watching Singin’ in the Rain. Donald O'Connor’s a hero of mine. Jesse Martin - Broadway, probably best known for being in the original cast of Rent. Then you’ve got Carlos Valdes. The first time I saw Carlos he was doing Once on Broadway. In terms of the pedigree, when this musical fails we’ll have somewhere to point the finger, you know what I mean? I think Danielle Panabaker is appropriately terrified, but she also knows that the heavy lifting and the blame for it is going to go on the guys like us who’ve done the Broadway shows.
—  Tom Cavanagh, on whether any of the Flash cast are terrified of doing the musical episode [x]

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to a call from your parents saying they had a break in, and that they had managed to handcuff the intruder at gunpoint (something that was legal where you live) and that the police were on their way. You quickly drive over to check on them, only to find a very flustered Doctor handcuffed on the dining room chair. He gets incredibly happy to see you, and reveals that the TARDIS had accidentally given him your old address instead of your current one.

“Oh hello!”
“Doc?! What are you doing here?”
“Well I was trying to surprise you for Christmas but… wrong house I suppose.”
“Yeah- you supposed correctly!”
(Parental Unit #1) “You know him?!”
“Yes, unfortunately. This giddy idiot is the Doctor.”


hi guys!!!

AAAaa i was able to win the talent show yesterday!!! T_T and i just want to thank everyone who sent me messages and cheered me on!! T_T <3!! i’m really happy right now (especially with the fact that its one weight lifted off my shoulders!!!) ^o^

and i’ve also started working part-time as an illustrator for a local comic book publisher!! (and when i thought i’d be less busy T_T (but i’m happy it’s something within my interest!!!! :)) ))

i can’t wait for christmas break T_T!!! i want to draw i want to draw!! +_+

i’m sorry i haven’t been able to answer asks or post recently! i’m trying to find time to do so but there’s just so many things going on right now it’s so stressful T_T i’m super drained of all energy

by the way!!! if you want to watch my performance video, you can see it here!! it was based off of melanie martinez’ version of “toxic”, and i decided to pull off a lounge/bar theme (my good friends are the background actors!!) ^o^ <3

(fun fact i could hardly see anything the whole time because i had no glasses and have no idea how to walk in heels HAHAHA)

Um I’m going hiatus for a while…I think for a week…maybe even longer I’m sad I just want to draw draw and draw so many things but I’m still in college and college is hard especially when you don’t like what you’re doing. My grades are sliding on my hand like water (っ- ‸ – ς) I’ll probably post again in Christmas break which a bit far haha…

oh and btw

I was coloring my gift for Shou which I’ll finish one day and I’m still at 20% I think but I really wanted to show you guys the dancing hamster so here it is ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ a happy child and hamster!

Day 5

Remus was bored.

It was the last week of Christmas break and, as expected, Remus had already finished all of his homework. Both James and Peter were on dates with Lily and Mary respectively, and the only Marauder bar Remus that was in the common room was Sirius.

Usually it was Sirius who was pestering Remus while he was busy because he was bored. But now the tables have turned, and Remus had no idea what to do.

Sirius, as usual, had left all of his homework until the last minute. The grey eyed boy had claimed a table near the fire and had all of his work piled in front of him. Standing on the stairs, Remus watched the other boy for a bit before deciding to join him.

“Hullo, Pads.”

“Wotcher, Moons.”

“How’s the work coming?” Remus asked.

“I think Minnie’s still peeved about that last prank. Bloody woman’s trying to kill me!” Sirius moaned, gesturing onto the large scroll of parchment that Remus realized was the Transfiguration homework.

“Do y’know how much you have left?”

“Just this bloody essay, thank Merlin, but I’ve been working on it for hours and it’s barely half way done! Remus, if I die writing this essay, please staged it like I drank to death or something. Dying like this is unbecoming of me.”

Chuckling at his friend’s antics, Remus suddenly got an idea.

“Well, why don’t you take a break? You could use one, mate.”

Sighing, Sirius nodded and stood up, stretching for a bit before smiling at the werewolf.

“Brilliant. Give me a minute to drop this off, yeah?”

Nodding, Remus leaned against the table as he waited for Sirius to come back down. Doing a quick sweep of the common room, Remus took the map out of his pocket and drew his wand from the other one. Smirking softly, he pressed his wand against the folded parchment and murmured “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

By the time Sirius returned, Remus had spread the map across the table, his eyes darting about as he looked for the best route.

“Where are we going, Rem?” Sirius asked, trying to look over the taller boy’s shoulder.

Grinning, Remus held the map out of Sirius’s reach, closed it, and stuffed it back in his pocket.

“Come on, Pads, where’s the fun in that?”

With a wink, Remus started heading out the portrait hole, Sirius quickly following him once he realized the other boy was out of view.

Sirius followed Remus’s lead, and the two boys were jostling and bantering the entire way to Remus’s surprise destination. Once a portrait of a fruit bowl came into view, Sirius looked at the other boy, eyebrow arched as he said “The kitchens?”

Laughing, Remus shoved playfully him once more before reaching out to tickle the pear.

“Come on, then.”

The werewolf reached down and grabbed his hand, dragging him into the kitchens. Immediately the pair was swarmed by eager house elves, all asking the boys if they could get them anything. One of the house elves, Hooky, stepped forward, and as if on cue, the other house elves returned to their work.

“Master Moony, Master Padfoot! What is bringing you to the kitchens today?”

“Hullo, Hooky. I was wondering if we’d be able to get some hot chocolate?”

With a smile and a nod, Hooky disappeared into the crowd. Remus and Sirius headed towards the Gryffindor table and sat down across each other.

Two mugs of hot chocolate appeared suddenly in front of the new boys. 

“Cheers,” Remus said, smiling as he brought the mug to his lips. Sirius copied him, taking a sip before immediately spitting it back into the mug.

“What the hell?”

“Pads, what’s wrong?”

“Moony, what the fuck is in this drink?”

“It’s just marshmallows-”


Remus started at Sirius. 

“Wait, have you never had marshmallows with your hot chocolate before?”

“No, because it’s a bloody abomination!”

“Are- Are you serious right now?”

“I’m always Siri-”

“Sirius, how can you not like marshmallows?”

And thus began the Great Marshmallow Argument of 1978. 

Its Not What It Looks Like !

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader 

Requested by @iheartfood123 

 Word Count: 1,608

 Summary: After a long night of storming and nothing to do, Daryl finds out has Y/n and Carl decided to pass the time..  

Warnings: slight/implied nsfw, cursing 

 Author’s Note: Happy Holidays everyone !! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves over the break :-) sorry that this fic was so late ! I’ve been very busy with Christmas stuff lately (YIKES lol). Either way, I hope you all enjoy ! Starting in January hopefully, I will be starting a new Carl Grimes x Reader series that I think you all will enjoy ! (Depending on the feedback, I’ll determine how often I post chapters.) Until then, happy holidays and enjoy !!! (I again apologize about any spelling errors, as usual)


There was currently a storm passing through Alexandria, knocking out whatever power was left here. Carol was watching Judith at her place, at the moment, while Rick and Michonne went to help discuss and fix the problems with others. Carl and I were left alone in the house, bored out of our minds. 

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BOSS   Rant

I’m seeing  speculation in my inbox, and it’s making my head spin.  Apparently there was a concert tonight and MM was there with Sam, even though she was with family in Seattle this morning….beamed herself up… er,  over, I suppose, having friends with connections and all.   Christmas break and awards season are upon us and I’m so sick of what I’m reading already, so let me make this known before the inevitable drama starts.

Now I don’t think I’m  a Sam apologist, although you can call me that if it makes you happy.  I’ve been called worse.  But I do defend to the bitter end Sam’s character.  Go back and read the article ‘Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Sam Heughan’, talk to his friends, see all that he has accomplished, and listen to Caitriona sing his praises.   This is a man of integrity, an intelligent man with strong values, a caring, giving personality and a good strong sense of self.  Attaching his good name to this latest random girl and those who have gone before her is the greatest insult to both Sam and these girls, because honestly…what kind of girls then, are these?

What kind of a girl, knowing that her bf has said that he doesn’t live his relationships on sm, openly defies his desire for privacy by posting innuendo, knowingly riling up his fans and collecting hateful comments like they were some kind of prize?

What kind of a girl is content with a famous bf that she only  sees five or six times a year when he flies in for a one or two day visit?  A bf who doesn’t acknowledge her publicly or even hint that she exists?

What kind of a girl is content at home in the States or even in London while  her Scottish bf says in an interview that long distance relationships are not for him, that he needs to share the little day to day things?  How must that make her feel?

What kind of a girl is content to watch while her bf is back in Scotland seemingly pretty  happy,   having a pretty good time of it without her, when she knows that he’s said that when he’s apart from his costar he feels like there’s been a death in the family and he misses her terribly?  

What kind of a girl is content recalling her own times with him as she got herself in or out of a car,  facing crowds and cameras or battling high winds, to see a  picture of him gallantly offering his hand to help Cait as she exits a vehicle?

What kind of a girl is okay with the fact that her bf refuses to have a picture taken with her?  When she thinks he’s ready to go public with their relationship but then he ignores her at the most prestigious event of her career?

What kind of a girl is okay with the fact that he wants no PDA even though you know he’s a physical, demonstrative kind of guy and sm is rife with pictures of him snuggling bts with his costar?

 How must this make her feel?  I would hope furious, incensed, infuriated because every one of these actions is a slap in the face.  Has she told him how she feels and he doesn’t care?  Doesn’t sound like Sam.  Has she kept quiet because she doesn’t want to ruffle feathers?  Her IG habits would suggest otherwise, but that aside, this is the description of  a girl with zero self respect, zero sense of self worth, and with no better way to spend her life than playing doormat, at the beck and call to an absentee lover.   To define MM or Abby, even CK this way is horrible enough. To suggest that Sam would treat a woman this way is deplorable, and to think that he would be happy with not one, but a series of girls who would allow themselves to be treated in this manner is a backhanded double whammy.  

Can we think logically please and give these people some credit?  Anons pushing the MM narrative on me tonight, shame on you.

Even if it’s just pretend

(Yes that is a Taylor Swift lyric, from Wildest Dreams)

For @carryon-countdown prompt: Angst

This is something that I wrote months and months ago, but I wasn’t happy with it so I didn’t post it. Lately I’ve started this fantastic new habit where if I don’t like something, I actually go back and make it better rather than pretending it doesn’t exist (very shocking much wow I know).

It’s based on this quote from page 382-383 of Carry On – ‘I came back because I was afraid of what might happen if I didn’t. Baz might just pretend that nothing had ever happened between us. He’d make me feel like I dreamt this whole thing – like I was a maniac and a moron for believing he’d ever felt something for me.’

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