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Hello there! I really love your works! All of them. I wanted to know - what software do you use to create your amazing illustrations and animations? Thank you for your time! Have a nice day!

Thanks!  I make everything in Flash/Animate CC.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could share your favorite webcomics? I really love ctc and I want something to read as I wait for more pages. If you are too busy to answer I understand! Hope you have a great day :)

I really love Ava’s Demon, Cucumber quest, and Colorless ^^ I’ve been reading Long Exposure lately too!

hey vel i was wondering what goes on in art school what do you learn and what’s it like (pressure, deadlines, subjects) bc i’m thinking about going to an art uni or collage next year and wanna know if it’s a good choice

Hey buddy I go to an art based high school so I don’t think it’ll be like uni at all :( It’s rlly light work here but from what I know art colleges are rough on your schedule! Good luck!!

The best thing about having OCS is getting to ship them and being able to make it canon *winka wonka

You’re right ;3c

im not sure if youve already said it or not- maybe i missed it but when might episode 3 of CTC start?

I’m hoping for somewhere in August!

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heyyyyyy could u describe what each of the houses mean and where they are...? like 6th house is abt healing and it can be seen in working or jobs. thanks!

*So I got home a few hours ago from being out all day and my lazy ass decided to copy and paste what I wrote in my phone’s notes (I have astrological notes written down in my phone and I plan to transfer them to a journal soon) but I slightly modified them since they were written a while back but this shit will still probably look poorly written💀💀

Astrological Houses🌙🔮💫:

There’s 12 houses in astrology and each house has to do with certain areas of life like

✨1st is basically you,this house is connected to physical appearance (face mainly),how u act in public,what ur like when people first meet you, the image you try to portray to others, the side of you most visible to others

✨2nd is what you have,money,your personal values or what you feel is important,self worth,how you make your money as well as how you spend it

✨3rd is how you communicate and share your ideas and information,thinking patterns, how you receive information and learn,
early schooling(everything before college),transportation,siblings,aunts and uncles,short runs/trips

✨4th is family,homelife,usually the mother or the softer parent,residency,private life,early life as well as later end of life,roots, what makes you feel safe and at home,

✨5th is what personally gives you pleasure,personal hobbies,your dating/romance/sex life,creativity,sports, art(house of creative expression),your children(if u have any),money through gambling,lottery,

✨6th is like ur work environment,coworkers, how you handle obligations,how you maintain your physical health, what affects your health,how you go about your daily routine and handling what needs to be done,pets,work ethic

✨7th is long term/ close relationships and partnerships(best friends,business,the marriage partner) lawsuits,open enemies(bullies,court,etc),how your relate to people

✨8th is sex (attitude towards sex/sexual nature),death,taxes,the occult/psychic phenomena,money through inheritance/marriage,taboos,secrets,what’s hidden, attitudes towards intimate relationships and intimacy which can include the sex in serious relationships

✨9th is religion,philosophy,personal belief system,higher education
(university/college),foreign countries,
travel(to far places mainly),churches, how you go about these things

✨10th is career,reputation,ambitions,what you’re known for,personal achievements,where you strive to be in life I guess, a parent(usually the father)

✨11th also has to do with goals as well as hopes and dreams(wishes),your friends and how you go about making friends,personal popularity,groups,clubs, organizations (fame relates to this house in terms of fans and popularity while 10th house also relates),this can be money made through career or what you get out of achieving your goals, humanitarian causes

✨12th house is the house of sorrows and frustrations,self undoing,
what’s kept secret/repressed,
privacy (like the 4th and 8th house in a way but on a deeper level) ,dreams(sleep),sleeping patterns,alone time,solitude(this house also relates to prisons,asylums,old homes,hospitals and institutions like that),psychological health,secret enemies, what you may feel is missing from your life, planets in these houses swallowed up in the seas of the 12th house and the traits of these planets don’t really reach the surface to others

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore 😅 I thought of this during work and I just had to colour it (it was a long day -.-)

I’m still working on all of those request sketches I should have more up tomorrow (finally a day off!!!) I wanted to thank you all again for being so kind and receiving my sketches so well!!!❤❤❤

Love you guys!!! Keep on shipping 😄


in thanks for 2000 followers i will be doing a similar thing to what i did for 1000. i will be doing a TSF spam. a TSF is a three sentence fic and this is how it will work:

- you can request a character (basically anyone u see on my header image, plus the peeps from x-men) and a situation and i will make a little blurb for it that is 3 sentences 

- i will do them as soon as i can

- i will keep it open for a few days at least

- here is an example

there is another thing…

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anyway guys, thank you for all of the love and support along the way. you inspire me everyday and make me smile like a dummy for every like, reblog, ask, and message that i get. t h a n k  y o u

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i just realized “im just having a terrible day” is a really useful thing to say to people if they’re asking you for real whats up and like ive just never used it before because its never just a “day” obviously so i dont even conceptualize time in those terms (or at all) and its way less helpful for me to always be saying stuff like “ive just been having a hard time” because it seems too vague but when you say “day” people who experience minor sadness or being in a rut for like just. one day or two because that’s how normally regulated human emotions are supposed to work will immediately understand instead of just being like..what do you mean:/ did something happen literally 20 years ago:/

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If you get the time or if you want to, could you do hc/Drabble where the reader gets really sleepy and maybe is slipping into little mode at work or coming home after a bad day and just falling into a deeper subspace and what the poly!squad would do or their reactions. I hope that made sense it's like 4:30 am here and I haven't slept yet 😂

polysquad that’s cute i like that

okay here’s a drabble!

You sent a text into your group chat, a simple emoji that you knew your boys would recognize. You gathered your things and tidied up your space before you felt your phone buzz softly. It was Herc. 

drive safe, princess. we’ll have all your stuff ready for you. 

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Thread on bullies on Reddit. Makes me wonder: adults are useless, and we tell kids not to fight, but honestly, I’ve never heard of anything working to get a bully to back off other than showing you will fight back. This seems suboptimal, and I don’t want my lesson to my kids one day to be “You can’t trust your teachers; your best bet to stop a bully is to find five friends and lay into them in an alley somewhere,” but idk what else you’d do.

I was bullied for a bit in school, and I suppose I always thought at the time my teachers didn’t really know about it; but I found out years later that they did know. They all knew. My mother knew. They cared, even! They felt terrible about it. That did not get them to do a damn thing about it. Maybe, I don’t know, it was some fucked-up old-school idiot Adult Logic about how Kids Need to Sort This Out Between Themselves. But children, even teenagers, aren’t conflict resolution specialists; “sort it out themselves” means, at minimum, somebody’s going to get hurt.

I was a good kid; I did not want five demerits and a possible suspension for fighting. I did not fight back. But as an adult now, who is less concerned about being “the good kid,” and who knows no one would have ever come to my aid, I would gladly trade two and a half hours of writing lines on a Saturday to kick that dude in the nuts and tell the assistant principal after what a hypocrite he was.

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do you guys have any new stories where yoongi is a ceo or just really rich? or any new tattoo!au or florist!au? + could you recommend me your favourite college fic please? sorry for being so demanding haha and thanks in advance! I visit this site basically three times a day. love & appreciate your hard work!!

new ceo/rich yoongi: 

The Waiter

Steps To Forever

new florist au’s:

i want to see all the dreams that you keep beneath

In Bloom

Flower Language

oh, if you only knew (what we’ve been up to)

new tattoo au’s:

Dancing on a Needle

just like a tattoo (i’ll always have you)

Can I know your name?

college fics:

The Boy in the Music Box

Heroes, we come in all shapes and sizes

Wrong Stop

Out of My System

i carry your heart with me

Two Bowls of Jajangmyeon

Conflicting Arrangement

-admin y



So I picked up my parcels from the office today and got handed a largeish, super heavy one. Tried to wrack my brain to remember what I’d ordered that would be so heavy. Opened it up and SURPRISE, BOOKS!!!

These are so big they barely fit on my shelf, lol. I’m gonna spend all day tomorrow reading the stories; already went through every last illustration and lemme tell you, they are stunning. This book itself is a work of art. I’m so proud of our fandom for creating something so amazing. Endless kudos to the @notwithoutyoufanbook team for making this happen!

(I’m on tenterhooks for the extras, eee)

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I don't feel good. I feel sick. But not physically. I think I feel mentally bad. I don't know. It just all feels usless. Like there is no point. I just sleep most of the day now. Even if I'm not tired. And then I'm always up until 5 am with a lot of time to think. I've been trying to occupy myself with fictional stuff that I enjoy and drawing to feel better. But it's not even working anymore. What am I suppose to do? I have no one to talk to. It doesn't feel okay to tell anyone how bad I feel.

is there someone you can talk to that can help you? I’m concerned for you :( can you talk to a family member or friend?

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gentle caretaker, i offer you all that i have. the snot and tears on the cuffs of my jumper. the vodka mixed in my wine. the present i might have to return, the plans i havent made yet for my birthday, the unbearable silence on the other side of the wall that means this is day three of ignoring me and day four of wondering what the fuck im going to do without her. im sorry for the searing and for always coming with bad omens. im just so scared of being alone


Special Announcement!

So I have a few things to share with you guys!

1. Discord 

I do have a discord server that’s been around for a few months now. The community may be small, but we are incredibly friendly. If you would like to join the server, send me a DM and I can give you an invitation link!

2. Youtube

I started a Youtube channel where I’m going to be doing some drawing recordings. I plan on doing some of the kids so when those are posted, I’ll be sure to link them.

3. Merchandising. 

If anyone follows me on my main blog, you may have noticed a few days ago I asked about what people would like to see for merchandise from me. Surprisingly, people have suggested Next Gen content. So right now, I am working on some Next Gen sticker and keychains! Stickers will become available on Redbubble, and keychains will take longer since I’ll be hand making them. I’ll let you know when all the designs are available!

Anyway, that’s my announcement! Have a good day, everyone!

Thank You :D

Thank you for the ones who have inspired me to open an ask blog and the ones who inspired me to keep it open. Thank you to all of those who have inspired me in general I am very grateful for that and I love you all. Also thank you to the ones who asked me questions, you seem very kind very excited to answer any questions I can the best I can. I am very thankful for all that you have done and I wanted to say keep up your work you are all doing a fantastic job here, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and keep up all you have worked, accomplished, or even just having fun. You’re all amazing and any opportunity to meet any of you would be a blessing. Just know your work is much appreciated either by me or someone else. I love to make others happy so enjoy what you can it’s a part of life. Have a great day!!! ❤💕

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Heyo, i think it'd be a cool idea if you made a discord server for you and all of your fans to interact! (You don't have to make one, Im just saying that it'd be a pretty cool idea!) Discord is kinda like skype but it has more moderation stuff. If you are interested in making one i can help you out if ya want^^ Anyways, I hope you have a good day / night ! -Stars Anon<33

hey stars anon ^^

i’ve never had one of those;; so im not sure how they work…? but maybe? I dunno, what do all of you think? 

have a good day/night, stars anon!💛

ijadgojnadojl  i noticed this just now but the heckeroonie you mean by fans;; 

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Hey just wanted to drop in and say: you are amazing, and only real fans of your work will stay ❤ so keep going, keep doing what you love, stay healthy and make an amazing day out of every day ❤❤

You all keep using the word “fans” and it honestly makes me laugh because I am a literal voltron fan blog I’m not a famous person how do I have fans what are you talking about.

But for serious- thank you. For being there for me when I really needed it. It means a lot to me.

Speaking of healthy life choices I’m on the laptop doing nothing while I should be working on it all day AND I woke up with a headache that’s more than probably because of too much computer during the week. Like, get away from here, maybe ?!

AND getting out for a walk is not an option because no sunglasses (also I’m kinda stuck since they’re not prescription glasses : I’ll get to choose between more headache because of light (always sunny on that damn fucking coast) or more headache because everything is blurry as fuck. WELL…) 


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I felt the need to ask. How are you doing? Are you okay? If not im always avaliable to talk. If you are, then great! Whats made your day so great?

This is such a nice message, thank you! I’m alright, i’m not too happy about working on a saturday, but i’m looking forward to seeing my favorite patient today. Hope all’s well with you too.

I think, instead of telling kids ‘don’t do drugs, they’re bad’ we should show them the opiate withdrawal patient I had the other day

25 years old, in jail for god knows what, cops bring him in with a lac to his forehead from banging it on the wall repeatedly. He is already handcuffed so we put him in an isolation room, with sliding glass doors. Because he is in custody we take everything but the bed out of the room. 

Patient is screaming the whole time he doesn’t want to be there (same bro) with blood everywhere from the head lac. 

5min later, I hear this sickening crash, I’m pretty sure someone has just run head first into the glass doors, because mate I’ve done that before those curtains are assholes, so rounding the corner I see blood all over the glass door, patient still screaming he wants out but is now banging his head on the glass. 

It takes 4 security guards to hold this guy down, he is absolutely losing his shit, screaming and flailing and has no idea whats going on. Calling out for his mom, for Neil (???), for a sandwich, doesn’t know what day it is or just refuses to answer we can’t tell, pupils 4mm and sluggish but thats how it was when they brought him in, so security cuffs him to the bed so he can’t hit the wall. 

Fastforward 10 minutes and he has dislocated/broken his wrist trying to get out of the bed and to the door, he has puke and stool everywhere, refused to take the ativan so we gave midaz, but that didn’t touch him. 

This guy screamed from 2-7, we maxed out what we could give him for benzos and he was extraordinarily agitated and wouldn’t settle and was only in the beginning stages of withdrawals. It was terrifying, but the thing that got me was after screaming about how we took the 20′s (from his underwear??) he was quiet for a minute, I thought ‘shit the midaz finally caught up with him and now were gonna need to intubate’ but he then screams

“I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want to be on drugs anymore, I want this to stop, I want to be clean, please someone help me”

And thats what got me. This guy was 25, had his whole life ahead of him, but got caught up in drugs and it was going to kill him, and he wanted out, but withdrawals were so bad that it was easier to keep using. 

Fuck telling kids don’t do drugs. Show them what its like to try to stop, how all your friends die from OD, how you are one phonecall-not-made away from death yourself, how you get to be tied to a bed in the ER and your nurses need to apologize to other patients because you can’t stop screaming and just shit yourself and puked the cookie I gave you and your body is on fire. 

Don’t just tell them not to do it, because that doesn’t work, show them what its like to try to stop, because sometimes fear works better than facts. 

Note: Throughout the day we gave him 4 of ativan, 27.5 of Midazlolam and 12 of haldol, and this guy still was still agitated and screaming and 100% inconsolable, and by that time the doc was like ‘we can’t give him anymore, but lets transfer him out before he crashes’. It was a fucking time