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So Gabe loves telling the story of how he came back to life. He tells it over and over. Sam indulges him, hell, he even finds it amusing, but he also secretly eye rolls every time Gabriel starts. Just a tiny eye roll though. Not even noticeable.

And the Archangel makes such a show of telling the story. Hands gesticulating as he paces the room, never sitting still when he tells it. 

“Yep, it was miraculous, fantastic, a thing to rival the Big Bang. I was gone, dead, finito, and then BOOM. There I was, standing outside your bedroom door.”

And Sam can’t help but laugh, raising his eyebrows, just sitting there waiting for Gabriel to get done telling the story again. He sets his beer aside, wondering what little detail Gabriel will embellish this time.

“It was almost like some kind of divine intervention, wasn’t it, Sam? Course, what we did that night really was divine.”

And by this time Dean is gagging from his chair in the corner. “No. Huh uh. Nope. Stop right there.”

“Shut it, Deano. You’re ruining our romantic reunion story.”

Sam laughs softly, almost letting his eye roll show at the two of them bickering. “Guys, knock it off.”

“Now, where was I? Ah yes…”

“So I try to make it to Samshine’s bed, but on the way I stumble. Of course I grab the biggest thing in the room to catch myself with, which is obviously Sam’s coc–”

“Dammit, Gabriel!” Dean yells, cutting the angel off. “Shut the hell up, nobody is even buying this story.”

That gets a little smirk out of Sam, a knowing glance between him and Gabe. Of all the times for Dean not to believe the story, it’s the one time the archangel was telling the truth. 

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You walked up to Winns desk to say goodbye. You and Barry had come to help Kara with a villain and it was time to go back home. You always hated saying goodbye to Winn, you never knew when you would see him again. “Hey Winn” he jumped as you spoke “Sorry! Didn’t mean to scare you” you said as you chuckled. Winn cleared his throat “N-no, it’s fine, whats up?” he said with a light blush on his cheeks. “I came to say goodbye, Barry and I are heading back home” you said trying not to sound disappointed. Winn did the same “oh? So soon?”. “Yep, bad guy is gone” you said awkwardly. “Yeah, I guess so” he stood up and gave you a hug. “(Y/N)!” You turn to see Barry coming towards you. “Time to go. See ya Winn!” Barry shook Winns hand “Yeah, see you guys soon”. You smiled at Winn and did a small wave as you turned and walked away. You wanted to tell him, but you were too scared he didn’t feel the same about you. But what you didn’t know was that as he watched you leave he couldn’t help but criticize himself “God, why didn’t I tell them” he said quietly as he sat back down at his desk.

The “Straight” Roommate AU

I was asked to make this one long sooo. 

Hey @kuroko-no-swimclub , how’d I do?

The words, “Hi, roomie, before you get settled, you should know, I’m gay,” weren’t exactly the first words Nico expected to hear when he walked into his dorm freshman year. Regardless, those were the exact words out the blond, blue eyed, freckled boy he met at the end of summer. Followed by, “I’m Will, it’s nice to meet you.”

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TVD = The It Doesn’t Make SENSE Diaries {1x13 Review}

Welcome to the 13th review of season 1! As per usual, here are the guidelines: Considering that I haven’t sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I will start with my usual disclaimer:  I write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena senitments and I feel the need to say there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism and anti-blackness. OK. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Opening scene of Damon helping Katherine murder two people and yeah Human Damon is a lot meeker but that doesn’t mean that this grown ass 20-something year old man was “done in” by Katherine, he knew exactly what he was doing and doesn’t actually seem to struggle with her killing two people, he just seems mildly uncomfortable and then he kisses her with their blood on her lips, the fact that he has a “Aw gee” meek demeanour doesn’t make him any less of an an accessory to murder, guys.

2. Elena and Stefan cuddling as they wake up! So cute! The way she smiles when she wakes up in his arms and how he kisses her, omg.

3. I also just realized that the door is still open when Elena brings Stefan back into bed so like not only does she not give a shit if Damon hears them fucking, she doesn’t care if he happens to pass by either. But seriously, how can anyone say they didn’t have amazing sex, she’s like um excuse me, half-naked God of a man in my bed, I’m not done.

4. Seriously, Giuseppe doesn’t realize that his two sons are sleeping with the same woman in one house? HOW?

5. Also, legit Damon would’ve been married with kids by now. Stefan wouldn’t be too far off either, it would actually be interesting if they were at least promised to two other women and then Katherine came. Like if Katherine convinced Damon to destroy his life, leave his kids, leave his wife so they can run away for an eternity together and then went oh btw, your brother is coming with us and then set the series of events in motion in which the town was at war with itself and Damon spent over a century waiting for her and feeling the guilt of having abandoned his wife and children for her but holding on to the idea that this woman he did all these things for will finally reunite with him only for her to be gone? Then that would be way more interesting and have way more emotional stakes than what we have now.

6. Yep, let’s just brush over the fact that Emily is enslaved. Pearl also would not be so easily accepted.

7. No seriously, how OLD is Anna? When did she turn?

8. And I never got why Pearl wouldn’t just leave Katherine behind. Like yo if they have vervain in elixirs and they’re trying to find vampires, I’m about to LEAVE.

9. “You were sad, Ben, you lacked purpose, you needed me.” I don’t understand this idea of vampirism = purpose because the show doesn’t expand on that. As a vampire your emotions are heightened so if Ben was sad as a human, would he not just spiral into despair as a vampire? And also his “purpose” is to help Anna for her own agenda, how would Ben not realize that? At least in True Blood when Godric turns Eric, Eric is dying and Godric likes the fire he has because Eric was a viking and he was like do you want to be a companion of death? I will be your father, brother, son and friend. In TVD it’s just … what?

10. “You know I really think that Damon believes that everything he’s done, every move he’s made, he’s done for love. It’s twisted but kind of sad.” HOW, ELENA? How was turning Vicki and leaving Stefan to clean up the mess done for love? How was abusing and raping Caroline done for love? And how can you speak so dispassionately about something when the people being affected are the people you’ve known since childhood? It doesn’t make SENSE. From the first season, Damon and in relation Delena is the biggest writing weakness.

11. Stefan: “There are other ways to get what you want, you don’t have to kill people” LIKE RIGHT THO? And Elena just tilts her head like, “Oh. True.” WHAT? This reminds me of a plot line in Friday Night Lights, where a man attacks Tyra and tries to rape her but she manages to fight him off but then he comes back again and tries to rape her so Landry kills him. After a while, the attacker’s brother asks to see all of his brother’s victims to apologize on behalf of him and Tyra is uncomfortable doing it so choose Landry to go in her stead and his brother is like, I’m sorry he never used to be like this … he was the only one who took care of me, my dad ran off and my mom was too drunk to feed us and Landry is like, you know what, pretty much every person in Dillon has the exact same story and they don’t turn out to be rapists! Same THING.

12. Also, I have a question about these journals … does every Founding Family have their own set of journals? And if they do, since they make up the council, shouldn’t they you know SHARE these journals with each other? Like why is it so singular?

13. OK, schools do get locked you know.

14. Paul commands such presence in his scenes, seriously when Alaric discovers he’s a vampire and Stefan just dashes him to the desks and tells him to sit? I would not want to cross him.

15. The woman who plays Pearl has so much more presence than Nina and she comes across as older – because she is – so for her to take point from Katherine is like, why? I don’t get it.

16. “I never asked for your respect.” “Good for you, Damon. Because all I have is disappointment.” Said every sane viewer ever.


18. Also, I missed when Damon went over to Elena’s house. And him being in the kitchen cooking is like, that’s cute, Stefan did that 8 episodes before, you’re late.

19. His grin is annoying.

20. “You met Damon.” “Who do you think killed my wife.” Oh yes, ALL for love.

21.Elena feeling guilty about lying to Damon is like, remember that time he nearly killed Bonnie? Remember that time he nearly killed Caroline? Remember that time he killed Tanner? Remember that time he turned Vicki?

22. And so Jenna and Jeremy aren’t a little bit curious why a grown ass man is hanging around Elena and why he’s at their house? When Angel is in Buffy’s house, she has to lie to her mom and tell her he’s in college and that he’s her tutor and Joyce side-eyes the hell out of that so Buffy has to sneak him up to her room. If you’re making sexy eyes at the man, Jenna, then he should not be around your niece the way Damon is.

23. “Elena and I are bonded for life, I can’t imagine it any other way. She’s my sister, I mean, I’d die for her.” WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY BONNIE. Elena hasn’t done anything in these 13 episodes that would warrant such loyalty.

24. Also, Damon just told Elena that he won’t let anyone get in his way when it comes to getting Katherine back, like it was a threat, and when they find out the journal is gone and that Jeremy is the only other person who knows about it and he walks back into the house that determined and Elena is just like “Damon, leave him out of it …” I would panic especially considering that Damon had already negatively impacted Jeremy’s life by turning Vicki.

25. Yeah, this Giuseppe is stern and a hard-ass but I didn’t get the impression he was this tyrannical, abusive father. In 1x20, Stefan does say even in our death you only feel shame so like I don’t get a sense of closeness with Giuseppe and either brother but I really do feel like they turned him into a monster in season 7 as an attempt to excuse Damon’s behaviour because we all know if you’re forced to eat your pet bunny nearly two hundred years ago you have to act out and kill people.

26. Stefan, why are you giving Elena a shovel too to dig up your father’s grave, you can vamp speed that shit.

27. Seriously. Paul’s sighs when Nina is kissing his stomach and chest, like …

28. I forgot Bonnie actually kisses Ben.

29. WHY would you open the grimoire there? Vamp speed the dirt back into the grave and then go. HOME.

30. Oh shut UP, Damon, you’ve caused this town so much damage, Elena owes you nothing.

31. It’s also super gross that Damon sniffs Elena’s hair as he hands her back to Stefan after force-feeding her his blood.

32. It really bothers me that the show is substituting vampires for the enslaved without talking about the enslaved, like it takes some kind of privilege and entitlement to have  a show set in the South and flashing back to 1864 and NOT talking about it.

33. To be fair, Stefan didn’t tell Giuseppe that he was sleeping with a vampire, he was just like so maybe we shouldn’t kill all of them. I get that in the heat of the moment, Damon would blame Stefan but like 100 and some odd years later? Fam, let it go. Or if the point is that he can’t let it go and the older he gets the more stuck in time he becomes, that needs to be displayed more.

34. I love that forehead kiss and Stefan and Elena holding hands till the very last minute is their aesthetic.

35. Wow, Jenna being semi-active! “You know you’re not staying the night, right? Keep the door open.”

36. Pearl’s death is probably the most moving part of the episode.Much better than Damon’s man pain.

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Allergy Season

Request: Could you do a super fluffy imagine of Frank where y/n is sick?

It’s that time of the year again, allergy season. As pollen coated the air, a cold hit me like a brick wall. When my allergies began to work on me, Frank hovered over me like a hawk. He wouldn’t let me leave my room, insisting he’ll take care of what ever I needed and it wasn’t a big deal at all. “Frank, it’s okay. I can do it-”

“No no no, I got it. Just stay in bed, your feeling warmer today than yesterday” The thermostat beeped, Frank studied the results and frowned. “Yep, I was right. Your 102 today. Do you feel better at all”

“I feel Frank, really” I wheezed out, my throat still hasn’t recovered.

“Because you sound sooo much better” He chuckled, brushing the hair out of my face to kiss my nose. “I better go get the medicine, try to get some sleep while i’m gone”

After 45 minutes of flipping through channels, I heard the front door open along with the shuffling of plastic bags. Frank walked in the room quietly, trying to hold multiple bags at once. “Frankiiiiie…” I whined, making him jump.

“Jesus christ y/n, I thought you were sleeping” He giggled bashfully, still clutching his chest.

“I’m sorry, what did you get? That’s a shit ton of medicine”

“Yep, I cleaned out the whole pharmacy” He laughed when I raised an eyebrow at him. “I got some stuff I thought would make you feel better. Some ice cream, bath beads, movies, etc. Even all of your dumb chick flicks” I gasped dramatically, putting my hand on his shoulder.

“You got…the rom coms”

“Every cheesy rom com at WalMart” 

“Aw Frankie, you do love me”

“If I knew stupid, sappy movies were the key to your heart, I would have bought these months ago when I was stuck in the friendzone” 

“Oh yeah, cause I would have banged you instantly. If only you would have bought them sooner”

“Hahaha you’re so funny” Frank smirked, setting the gifts aside to lay down next to me. I shivered, his skin felt ice cold against mine. I nuzzled my head deeper into his jacket, feeling sleep beginning to creep up on me. He kissed the top of my head. “Go to sleep baby”

“Can you stay with me?”


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40, 41, 42, 43, 45, 47, 48, 50

40. Will you sing today?

Probably, lol, I sing all the time

41. Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didnt?


42. Who do you go to when you need to talk to someone?


43. Have you ever gone to the hospital in an ambulance?

Yep. I slipped and fell while ice skating and knocked myself out when I was 3. When I woke up, I started snacking the emts and it was hilarious.

45. What is wrong with you right now?

I have to go to work in like 10 minutes and I really don’t want to ;;

47. Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing right now?

A thrift store

48. Hot chocolate or apple cider?

Apple cider.

50. Are you a good artist?



Not Worth The Tears - Michael Imagine (Part 2)

Part 1 here
Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name

“Are you sure he was cheating?” Y/B/F/N asked. “Yeah.” I breathed, flopping back on my pillows. Yesterday I found out Michael cheated on me. It felt like a piece of me was gone. Gone with him. I heard a sigh on the other end of the line, as if she doubted what I was saying. “It’s true! You have to believe me!” I said with a raised voice, sitting up straight. “Okay, okay,” She sighed again, “It’s just that he told me that nothing happened with the girl. And he really seemed sad.” I rolled my eyes. Michael had gone to Ashton’s place after he left. Y/B/F/N was Ashton’s girlfriend and she introduced me to Michael. Which now seemed like a mistake. “The only thing he’s sad about is getting caught.” I scoffed. I might have been coming across as angry but the main feeling swallowing me up was sadness. Heartbreak hurts. It actually felt like I was broken. “Did you ask him what actually happened?” I asked. “Yep. He said he can’t say anything.” Y/B/F/N muttered. I rubbed my temple in frustration. Michael just expects me to forgive him when his only excuse is that he can’t tell me. I groaned in frustration. “I know right.” Y/B/F/N huffed. Michael wouldn’t say anything to anyone apparently. Nothing about the girl or where he was going. Even though that was pretty obvious. As if thinking the same thing as me, Y/B/F/N interrupted my thoughts. “I wish we knew where she lived. Then we could totally rat him out.” That’s when the idea hit me. “Wait. Has Michael left yet?” I asked. I’d imagine she was frowning when I said that. “Nooo why?” She responded curiously. I was about to explain but she quickly caught on. “Oh! You want me to follow him!” She exclaimed, excited by the idea. I waved my hand in a shushing movement even though she couldn’t see me. “Shhh! Don’t blow it before you’ve even left the house!” I whisper-shouted. “Oh oh. Sorry,” Y/B/F/N apologised, “Wait.. I think he’s leaving right now. I’ll call you later. Okay bye!” She rushed before hanging up. I chucked my phone across the covers as I rose from the bed. Knowing Y/B/F/N she would most probably be caught out before she left the driveway. I sighed and continued what I was doing before. Packing Michael’s stuff. Crouching by the drawers I yanked out his clothes and shoved them in a box. I pulled out Michael’s Jack Daniels shirt and chuckled. At one point he wore this shirt everyday. It took everything in me to get him to take it off. The memory tugged at my heart, reminding me of the pain Michael caused. Tear drops fell to the material gripped in my hands. I furiously wiped away the tears on my face. I needed to get rid of his stuff and forget about his impression on this place. His impression on me. But I couldn’t forget about him until I found out the truth. I was almost finished with the bottom drawer when my phone rung. Most probably Y/B/F/N telling me Michael saw her in his rear view mirror. I stood up and walked over to the bed, grabbing my phone and answering. “So what’s happened?” I asked. “Hello?” A female voice asked. Her voice sounded familiar, a husky whisper from my memories. “Who is this?” I frowned, crossing my free arm across my chest. “Is this Y/N?” The voice asked. “Yes. Now who’s this?” I asked again, losing my patience. “The girl from yesterday.” My throat burned, as my whole body stiffened. “What do you want?” I asked through gritted teeth, venom practically dripping from my words. My sadness was placed with Michael. My anger was placed with this bitch. “I want to explain what ha-” “There’s nothing to explain.” I interrupted, pacing the room. “No there is. Michael didn’t cheat on you.” She explained. I hated the way she said Michael’s name. As if it was special to her. As if each syllable of his name meant something to her. “Okay,” I laughed cruelly, “If he didn’t cheat then tell me what actually happened.” I heard the girl swallow before lowering her voice. “I can’t tell you that.” I gripped my hair in frustration. “You have got to be kidd-” “Hey Sylvia.” Michael’s voice interrupted me. No. Freaking. Way. “Who are you talking to?” He asked. My spare hand flew to my mouth. This can’t be happening. “No one. Now let’s get started.” Sylvia said before hanging up. I let the tears come. “No! Not again!” I sobbed. He was doing it again. I didn’t think my heart could break more than it had. But Michael proved me wrong. I sunk to my knees, my head in my hands, a mirror image of the night before. I wanted to hate Michael so much but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.
My phone vibrated against my thigh as I sat on the floor, still in the same place I had been before. I picked it up to see Y/B/F/N sticking her tongue out at me. “Hey.” I answered, my voice wavering a bit. “Are you okay?” She asked. I looked down at my tear stained shirt, tugging at the marks. “Yeah,” I lied, “Did you find out anything?” “Yeah.” Y/B/F/N replied slowly, a bit unsure. “What?” I asked, voice firm. I wanted to know what happened. “I’ll send you the first few pictures on Facebook.” She responded. I got off the floor and walked to my desk, sitting down and opening up my laptop. One unread message from Y/B/F/N appeared as a little 1. I opened it up and looked at the pictures. They were of Michael and Sylvia. I gripped the phone in anger. They were smiling and laughing in a cafe. I clicked through the other pictures and recognised their table. It was the table Michael took me too on our first date. It hurt to see that it wasn’t that special to him. “Look at what’s in front of them.” Y/B/F/N said, as if reading my thoughts again. I glanced down at their table and saw scrunched up piles of streamers in different colours. There were some deflated balloons too. “My birthday.” I breathed. “Yeah they were planning your birthday party.” Y/B/F/N squeaked. A tear slid down my cheek onto my fingers. “I feel terrible,” I whispered, “They were just trying to do something nice for me. He wasn’t even cheating.” A sense of relief came over me with a mix of guilt. I kicked him out when he hadn’t done anything wrong. “Uhh actually..” Y/B/F/N said. “What?” I asked again, worry knotting up my stomach. “Take a look at the next picture.” Y/B/F/N replied quietly. A little bloop signalled a new message. I opened it and clicked on the small image to make it bigger. My mouth hung open as the phone slid from my hand. I couldn’t even gasp. The shock tore my wounds open, raw and painful. An empty breath left my lips as I took in the image. “Y/N! Y/N!” Y/B/F/N’s muffled shouts snapped me out of my trance, making the new information really sink in. Fresh tears left my eyes as I stared at the picture of Michael and Sylvia. Of their lips locked in a kiss. Sealing my pain in an embrace that was supposed to signify love. But for me it signified my heartbreak. The hollow ache that was only in my chest spread through my body, leaving me numb and empty. Forgotten and broken.

A/N Oooo drama!! I will write a Part 3 if people like this :) Hope you did like it :)
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Flushed Cheeks and French Names (Bellarke AU)

Word Count: 1317
Timeline: Modern AU
Notes:  Because I am a very focused student, I wrote this “we accidentally got married in vegas oops” lil thing instead of studying for my yearly exams which are currently taking place and I am forever grateful for the people who post prompts
Warnings: mentions of sex, swearing, extreme idiocracy

Her head was pounding. And not like a ‘I need coffee’ kind of pounding, more like ‘I drank six beers and twelve shots before dancing on the table with my shirt riding up to my boobs’ kind of pounding. Which was pretty much as accurate as it got.

Clarke groaned and rolled over in her bed, pressing her hand to her aching forehead as she did. Her other hand hit something… warm.

Her eyes flew open, letting in a copious amount of fucking blinding light, and she cursed the sun for existing. And then she caught sight of the extremely handsome specimen lying asleep beside her. And the ridiculously large, fake-looking ring on her ring finger

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CARYL - These Are The Scenes Of Their Lives

Defining the essence of CARYL is not easy because the nature of the bond itself is not something easily described or something a traditional label can capture or do its complexity any justice. 

Carol and Daryl share elements of friendship in their bond but there is also a strong current of familial loyalty and dedication that has always been elevated by romantic potential they can easily grasp. 

The very fact that they connected to one another so quickly and with such intense and profound depth, being the people that they are, with the kind of lives they led before the apocalypse, enhances the CARYL relationship in a way that has always suggested deeper ties. Whatever they are or end up becoming in the future, one thing that is irrefutable when it comes to them is that their dynamic has become vital not just to each other but even the show itself. 

One of the ways TWD has honoured CARYL throughout the seasons is by designing scenes that not just highlight the uniqueness of what they are but are also set up in a way that makes it impossible to see anyone else being a part of them. 

The moments I am referring to are not necessarily even meant to convey closeness between them but still manage to show just how comfortable Carol and Daryl are in each other’s presence and how their connection is always just a little bit separate from the rest. 

The scenes are intimate in a way that imply a reality shared by the two of them off-screen and thereby mark their interactions as ones that would only work for the two of them. 

 Just Take a Look; 

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