this is what i did instead of sleeping last night

2p FACE as things said or done by me and my friends at school Pt. 9

2p France: sleeps through the first two periods, “What’d I miss?”

2p America: In Lab, watching teacher do a demo of whoosh bottle.              Teacher: “Now don’t try this at home. Especially with things like gas instead of ethanol (needed a chemical that lights on fire to coat inside of bottle)”                  Al, leaning over to whisper to Matt: “Let’s do it at home but use oil instead”

2p Canada: wearing sunglasses, guy walking by “He’s got them hater blockers on”

2p England: the one asking the teacher about taking up the homework that no one did last night

When They Leave Marks On Mommy

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon stirred at the sound of a running shower. His head popped up from the pillow to see you nowhere in bed. The bathroom door was cracked leaving him room to slip inside, bare as the day he was born. Namjoon grinned at your silhouette and opened the shower door to climb inside.

Namjoon opened his mouth to speak when he saw the angry red marks on your back. “Y/n did I do that?!” You turned to find yourself in his arms, face curled in your neck. “I’m so sorry!”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin awoke to the bright morning sun. He scrunched up his face and whined. With a little stirring, he finally awoke from his slumber. Instead of being met with your perfect back, clear of anything but beautiful skin, he was met with red lines down your back.

“Mommy!” You jumped from your sleep and quickly turned to face him, stroking his cheek.

“What is it baby?”

“I-I didn’t mean to hurt you! It just felt so good last night…”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi rubbed his eyes and yawned. The morning before had left him completely pleased. When he turned and didn’t find you in bed, he frowned. Then the aroma of bacon filled his nose. Exiting the bedroom, he found you in nothing but underwear and a tank top.

Even that didn’t cover the scratches on your shoulders. Yoongi quickly ran to your side and wrapped his arms around you. “Mommy why didn’t you tell me?!” He softly placed kisses on the marks.

~Jung Hoseok~

Hobi walked into the living room, rubbing his eyes and carrying his favorite blanket. You were on the computer, your back facing him while you typed away. He didn’t notice anything until he stepped closer. He could see the faint scratch marks from the collar of your shirt and gasped.

You turned to him and smirked. At that moment, Hoseok dropped to his knees and hugged your waist, face buried in your tummy. “Y/n I didn’t realize I was scratching you. I promise,” Hobi began tugging on the elastic of your shorts. “I’ll make it up to you.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin whined when he tried to shake him awake. He had to be at rehearsal in 30 minutes and he was no where near awake. “C'mon baby boy, you have to shower and get dressed.” Jimin arches up and away from your hand but opens his eyes.

At that time you were walking to the other side of the room to fetch his clothes. You were still bare, so it was easy to see the harsh red lines on your back, even in the dim light.

“Mommy! I did that!? I’ve been a bad boy…”

~Kim Taehyung~

Taehyung wrinkled his nose in his sleep when you poked his sides. Tae was deep in sleep when you ran a hand over his chest. That made his pretty brown eyes pop open almost automatically.

“Good morning, my sweet prince.” You giggle and kissed his nose. His hand trailed down your back and felt the large welts from his nails the night before. He quickly sat up and saw the various marks on your body.

“Mommy!” Taehyung whimpered and buried his face in your neck. “I’m sorry mommy.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

You were usually the one to wake up, but this morning, you woke up to soft lips against your back. You whined a little at the feeling and tried to wiggle away, but strong hands grabbed your hips and pulls you back.

“Don’t move mommy, I have to kiss theses Boo-Boo’s better.” Jungkook’s lips trailed over the scratches with ease. You shivered under his touch and moaned.

“I can make them feel even better mommy.”

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request: “could you possibly write a fred weasley x reader with number 4 and 68?? if you could, that’d be wonderful!!” — by anon

a/n: it’s funny to think that the numbers you requested are somehow linked with the drunken nights imagine i made for draco lol

4. “No. We did not do the frick frack last night.”
68. “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?”

Masterlist + Request here! 

    “Y/N, dear, thank you for bringing Fred in one piece.” Molly Weasley handed you a cup of tea. “Really. It still amazes me how he managed to find a girlfriend who’ll actually tolerate his devilish tactics.” she mostly told the last statement to herself rather than to you, moving on to the kitchen once again to now prepare for breakfast.

    You grinned. “It was no biggie, Mrs Weasley. Thank you for letting me stay for the night.” you sipped your tea silently.

    “Well, it’s the least I could do considering how my son disturbed you. Oh, I swear, as soon as he wakes up he’ll hear something from me and I’ll make sure he won’t do it again.”

    Mrs Weasley kept on speaking to herself even more after that, her tone obviously mad from the way Fred behaved that it made you chuckle as you finally finish you drink.

    Honestly, what Fred did wasn’t too grand. He just had enough drinks to actually get drunk last night, he apparated to your house and insisted to sleep there, but since you knew how strict your parents were, you just decided to bring him home at the Burrow instead. You were supposed to come back that very moment but you couldn’t bring yourself to leave him so you settled in staying with him just for night, planning on waking up tomorrow as early as possible to go home unnoticed by your mum and dad.

    It was definitely a good thing that your parents were such heavy sleepers.

    “Thanks for the tea, Mrs Weasley. I’ll just go upstairs and change my clothes then I’ll be leaving.” you stood up from your chair.

    “Okay, honey, please do make yourself feel at home.”

    You headed to the staircase and quickly made your way to Fred’s room. You were wearing a shirt of his for the meanwhile of your stay and your clothes from yesterday (which still smelled decent, thank the heavens for that) was on the edge of his bed.

    Before you could take off your shirt, you peered suspiciously at your boyfriend’s still sleeping figure. Well, it wasn’t like it would be the first time he would see you naked if he was awake, but somehow you still wanted to keep your guard up.

    When you were sure he was still unconscious, you stripped down as quietly as you can. Though just as you were buttoning your pants, your upper body completely bare except for the bra that you were wearing, you abruptly heard Fred grunt and turn behind you.

    “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?” his hoarse voice filled the area, a chuckle escaping his mouth afterwards.

    You turned around and raised an eyebrow. “I know what you’re thinking.” you rolled your eyes, reaching out and grabbing your shirt that was still on the foot of his bed.

    Fred took a minute before answering and sitting up, “Did we …” he slowly asked you again in grogginess, his eyes not even opened entirely as he gazes at you.

    “No. We did not do the frick frack last night.” you laughed to yourself, soon sitting down to wear your shoes.

    “Damn it.”

    “You seem disappointed.” you teased.

    “I am.”

    You furrowed your eyebrows, “Are you still drunk, love?”

    Fred chuckled again. “No. Just amazed that my girlfriend has self-control.” he had the nerve to joke.

    After you have successfully worn your shoes, you finally walked towards the bed and sat beside him. He was already looking at you though, bringing his hand to your leg and closing his eyes again.

    “Seriously, Y/N, I’m sorry for last night. I shouldn’t have bothered you.” he yawned.

    You leaned down and kissed his forehead. “It’s alright. Everything for my favorite man.” you winked playfully. “Though now, I need to get going before my parents wake up. You know, you should be thankful they’re both muggles or else they’d be aware of my late night sneaking out.”

    “At least give me a proper kiss before you go.”

    You smiled, reaching down and attaching your lips to his. You felt him smile, his hand moving its way to the back of your neck to pull you closer. You almost melted into him because of how warm he was in the morning and how he was honestly such a good kisser, but as you broke free, you realized what he was trying to do.

    “Nope, not working on me, Weasley.” you pecked his lips once more before standing up and getting your wand from the table.

    Fred dramatically sighed. “I was sure it would work this time.” he grinned, his face now red.

    You chuckled. “Whatever.” you looked at his eyes again. “Make sure to apologize to your mum when you go downstairs, okay? Stop giving Molly such a headache.”

    “I will. Go home safely.”

    You nodded.

    With one final playful wink, you waved your wand and apparated back to your room, where your own bed was messy and the door was still tightly sealed with a lock.

Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

Previous chapters: Chapter one. Chapter two. Chapter three.

Chapter four.

Eddie sits at his kitchen table doing homework, but his mind is elsewhere. Tapping his pencil, he thinks he could not focus if his life depended on it. His thoughts, while they should be filled with math equations and studying for the exams before winter break, is busy drifting, wandering…thinking about someone in particular.

(I don’t have a crush)

(I do not have a crush)

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Ao3 Link

Summary:  After discovering the wonders of Ladynoir fanfiction, Adrien sets out to start his own with his classmate Marinette helping him along the way. But when does fiction start becoming reality?

This story is also beta’d by the wonderful @serendipitousReckonings here on archive, @dickerdoodlez on tumblr.

Chapter 1

Adrien was never the writing type. He did write well - written papers and essays – at least according to his teachers – and was even occasionally asked by a few of his classmates for some writing tips. But, it was for educational purposes only. He‘d never had any sort of passion to write an actual story and he never thought of himself as the imaginative kind anyway. His mind was almost always focused on school, his responsibilities set by his father, and his masked identity. He never really had that luxury of being able to think about anything else. Well, except for his Lady, but that was something entirely different.

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abelas and solas banter
  • Abelas: You are no better than me, Solas. You may not have the vallaslin of a slave, but you have the demeanor.
  • Solas: What, proud? Free to pursue my own goals? Live my life as I choose?
  • Abelas: No. You are bound to your path, you could not change it even if you wished to. You have made sacrifices, and it has cost you your happiness.
  • Abelas: You speak of freedom as if it will make me happy, yet you are as deserving of my name as I am.
  • Solas: Tel'abelas. Even after all that has happened, I am glad that the life I live is for others.
  • ___
  • Solas: How are you adjusting, Abelas?
  • Abelas: To what?
  • Solas: To this world. I've lived in it all my life, yet there are moments when I wake from a dream and shocked by the present. I can only imagine what you are feeling, having lived in the wilds for so long.
  • Abelas: It is... strange. The world feels larger, yet also smaller. For every new piece of knowledge gained two more have been lost.
  • Solas: A thousand years of humans who wanted to make the world forget their kingdoms were built in the shadow of Elvhenan.
  • Abelas: I will not allow them to forget me.
  • Solas: Nor will I.
  • ___
  • Abelas: The durgen'len thinks he is clever.
  • Solas: And he is, in his way.
  • Abelas: How do you get him to stop talking?
  • (if Varric is present)
  • Varric: You could pay me, Gramps, but I don't accept acorns. Or whatever you elves used to use.
  • Solas: I would suggest engaging him. Think of him as a leech. He hungers for stories, you must let him suck you dry before he can move on.
  • Abelas: What does he call you?
  • Solas: ... Chuckles.
  • Abelas: [faintly amused] Ah.
  • Solas: [incredulous] What?
  • Abelas: Nothing. Samahl. It suits you.
Things kids in my school have said

“I’m so tired, I’m gonna fall down the stairs. Don’t catch me, I wanna die.”

“JE SUIS LIVRE!” (translation: I am book) 

“Dude I haven’t vegetabled since two weeks ago.” 

“The last time I felt emotion was 2002″ 

“Is your exam dank enough?” 

“don’t let your memes be memes. Kill them instead.” 

“did you just assume that I got sleep last night? How dare you.” 

“I want to be that pigeon. He does what ever he wants.” 


“How do you expect me to french if i can’t even english.” 


“Why are white mom names so funny.”

“Are you apart of the bleach club?” 

“I’m a professional actor.” “I don’t care I’m awkward.” 

“Is it just me or is she more dead than usual.” 

“Bee movie memes are the only reason why I’m alive.” 

“At least she didn’t say you would sink in the dead sea.” 

“I’m captain of the pigeons.” 

“I have D-money’s class next.” 

“Teenagers tend to be more impulsive and dangerous” “BECAUSE THEY SLEEP WITH A GUN! AND KEEP AN EYE ON YOU SON!” 

“How are you all today?” “Well I don’t know about the rest of the class, but I’m dead inside.”

“remember that if the pH scale is a higher number, then it’s more basic.” “So the Hydrochloric acid drinks a lot of Starbucks?” 

  • Me, thinking: Gosh I'm tired why am I tired I had a full eight hours of sleep last night and I've had minimal contact with people today oh look there's a bird, pretty, I wonder what birds think about, actually I wonder what babies think about and how they recognise people, wait what about that embarrassing thing I did last week no I'm not going to think about that I'm going to think about the happy conversation I had instead that was really validating and fuzzy aw that was nice, I wish I could have more conversations like that
  • Person: What are you thinking about?
  • Me: I have absolutely no idea

Personal Yuri on Ice Fic Rec List

This is Part Eight. There have been Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, and Part Seven (although tumblr keeps screwing up my hyperlinks, so you probably can’t click on these, and should just check out my #fic rec tag instead).

1. Undiscovered Country

Yuuri wakes up in Victor’s room the night after the Sochi Grand Prix Final banquet. Did they sleep together? No. Instead, last night, Drunk Yuuri taunted Victor that he hadn’t earned the right to get in his pants…and spelled out exactly what Victor would have to do to get there. Now, Victor intends to do everything on that list…

2. A Side of You I Never Knew

Well, how was Victor supposed to know he was married to an absolute genius? Nobody had ever told him! Well, there’s no way he can let it go on being a secret.

3. Coming Home Again

Yuuri, given to periodic bouts of paranoia, would often wonder if Viktor is, in fact, a Russian drug lord on the loose, seeking refuge in a nondescript town in America. This would explain a manner of things: his evasiveness whenever probed about his job; the way he’d unpredictably throw out incisive, thoughtful commentary about the morning news over breakfast; his expensive tastes in shirts, watches, and wallets alike; why he’d want to stay here with Yuuri, of all places, when the contents of his wardrobe alone could probably afford him a year-long stay at any condominium of his choice in the trendiest part of town. And then he goes on to discover that Viktor actually has a premium account on club penguin, and that his five penguins are named Peanut Wigglebutt, Luke skyhopper, Zing Zing, Otto Von Longdong, and Mooshoo Vegetable, and beats the idea to death in his head.

4. Living in the Maybe

Mari picks Viktor up at the airport when he returns from Moscow. Without Yuuri there to play his usual role of interpreter, they learn to communicate around their linguistic, cultural, and personal barriers.

5. Go On Ahead

Sour, grouchy Yakov didn’t understand sparkly purple skate outfits or wanting to eat your weight in sweets or having crushes on boys. But Viktor did.

6. Fear

Yuri is a good skater. He knows this. Viktor is just better. (Yakov disagrees.)

7. Sixty Impossible Things

Two weeks after his failure at Sochi, Yuuri receives a text from a mysterious number asking why the fuck he’s ignoring Viktor. So begins Yuri Plisetsky’s all out campaign to get Yuuri to fucking finally text Viktor and end his torment of watching Viktor pine, and so begins Yuuri’s descent into a wonderland of texting his idol, meeting his #1 fan(s), and slowly rebuilding his life with a little help from his friends.

8. Two Nights in Paris

Life and love: two words starting with the same letter, mutually existing for each other. One is simple, the other not. When Victor whisks Yuri away to Paris for the weekend, they might just find themselves asking which is which.

9. Katsuki “PDA Monster” Yuuri

When he kissed Yuuri for the first time, Viktor assumed that would be the end of any public romantic gestures between them. Yuuri, however, had other plans.

10. And So Viktor Met Him

At the Sochi GPF, Viktor watches Yuuri’s disastrous free skate and Chris watches Viktor. Two days and one gala banquet later, Viktor is in love and furious about it. In which personal revelations occur, the scoring system is biased, and Chris is a good friend when he isn’t a terrible friend.

11. Bare It All

Yuuri gets himself into trouble at a bar before he even gets drunk. Luckily for Yuuri, his hot neighbor and longtime crush, who Yuuri tries not to peek at while he wanders around his apartment, is also at the bar.

12. In Honour of the Lambs Led Astray

Living in a world run by money and deceit, Katsuki Yuuri is a honeypot who works under the guise of a high-class escort. For a hefty sum, he can turn an extraction of information into an assassination. Jaded to the existence of soulmates, he throws himself into his work and lets it consume him.

13. Without fear, without metaphor

Yuuri was never one to use more words than necessary. Underutilized it, even, his family and friends would remark. Still, there was a certain relief that came with easy communication. Then he started wanting to use words for more. He even ran his mouth quite a few times in the past months, much to his embarrassment. And he quietly admitted to himself that it came with the sudden barrage of Viktor Nikiforov into what he expected to be peaceful life and probable retirement in his hometown.

14. were stars to burn

How should we like it were stars to burn with a passion for us we could not return?

15. that boy is a monster

Viktor is almost thirty. It’s only a matter of time.

I wanted this list to be longer, and I also wanted to publish on the same day as the YOI Anniversary. Guess which urge won out in the end. Happy belated, Yuri on Ice!

AU for 12x11

Sam hasn’t been blackout drunk for a couple of years, not since the night that he got Dean back from demonhood and put away nearly an entire bottle of Jack. That time he woke up face down in his pillows, fully clothed with his dislocated shoulder shooting violent bolts of pain down his spine. This time, he comes to with the sky wheeling white above him, his clothes damp and his knees muddy and twigs and leaves in his hair. He sits up, hauls himself to his feet and staggers forward a dozen yards or so to emerge onto a jogging track, a woman in bright lycra thudding past with headphones in her ears. His legs are bruised and aching and his mind is… fuck, so foggy, a great roiling cloud of nothingness, and he has to stop thinking about that right fucking now if he wants to stay calm. He runs his hands through his hair, dislodging a beetle and a shower of debris, tries to straighten up his clothes. He finds his phone in his pocket, the screen shattered and dead. Great. But the next woman down the track has a guy alongside her, a personal trainer maybe, so Sam steps forward hoping that he won’t intimidate them both away.

“Hey,” he says, hoarse. “Can I – I’m sorry. Can I borrow your phone?” 

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last night i was trying to get to sleep but my dog was playing with a toy and being really loud so i asked her if she could try to be a little quieter and she starting licking it instead of chewing on it so it wouldn’t squeak what did we ever do to deserve dogs

Bob Morley Imagine: Get To Know Me (Part 1)


Part 2

Summary: Reader, famous singer, hooks up with Bob on Lindsey’s birthday party. Then she gets a role on The 100 and is nervous about seeing him again but everything goes better than she expected.

Word Count: 1808

Originally posted by paul-steroline-lover

I took a deep breath as I had parked my car into a parking spot for actors. Today one of my biggest dreams was going to become a reality.

Even though I would always be mainly a singer I had always wanted to try acting. So once I had gotten an opportunity to be casted in my favorite tv show, The 100, I had immediately agreed without hesitation. I had been more than eager to become a part of such amazing show and the fact that I would be able to work with my good friend Lindsey was just a bonus.

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Reunited - Eight

A/N: Part 8 of 10. Thank you all for your feedback, it helps keep me motivated and inspired. Also a special thanks to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, Lexi (OC), Violet (OC), Sarah, (OC). And JACK is back:p

Warnings: A little bit of angst and a little bit of fluff.

Wordcount: 3462

Catch up HERE

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Jensen felt like the air had been knocked from his lungs. He wasn’t exactly sure what he had expected you to say, but the fact that you had nothing to say at all hadn’t crossed his mind. He let go of you and took a few steps back, the hurt he felt was clear in his emerald green eyes.

“I love you, Jensen. Of course I do. But I don’t think that we love each other automatically means that we’ll make it in a long distance relationship,” you said, trying to reach out for his hand, but he pulled away from you.

“It sure as hell is a good place to start.” He was looking at you in disbelief.

“Yes. But we are just getting to know each other again. And I think that if we’re even gonna stand a chance we need a stronger foundation. We need to be able to trust each other.”

“So you don’t trust me?”

“That’s not what I’m saying…”

“Well… It’s what I’m hearing. I will say this one more time. I am truly sorry that I have hurt you before, but I have promised you that I will not do that again. You are it for me (YN), I’m in this for the long haul,” Jensen said sternly. “But if you’re gonna drag up the past every time you’re having doubts, or get scared to commit to me, this will never work. You either forgive me and we move on, or we call it quits right now. I will not let you hold this over me for every future fight.”

You could feel the familiar sting of tears behind your eyes. Of course he was right, it wasn’t fair of you to keep dragging up the past, but you couldn’t help it, just thinking about him leaving made you crazy. You didn’t know what to say to him, instead you just stood there looking at him, trying not to let the tears start flowing.

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An Alyanette story for a-typical April! @larvesta and @breeeliss really inspired this story!

On AO3

“Hey Ladybug! Do you have a last name, or do you want mine?” Marinette blanched. She whipped around to see a smirking Alya, completely untouched by the utter chaos around her. Uncharacteristically, Alya wasn’t recording, in fact, it looked like she didn’t have her phone out at all. Marinette quickly tore through the ropes of caramel and over to her best friend.

    “Aly-I - you! This is the middle of an Akuma attack! You need to vacate the premise immediately! Are you hurt?” She rushed out, frantically looking around to ensure the Akuma was far away. “Wait. What did you ask me?”

    Alya let out a tinkling laugh, smirk stretching into an endeared grin.

    “I asked if you wanted my last name. I’d settle for a date if that was too much to ask.” She added with a wink, completely unaware to the grinding halt Marinette’s mind had screeched to.

    “I… are.. Are you hitting on me?” She asked, fully aware that if Chat had said the same thing it wouldn’t have been a blip on her radar. Alya laughed and Marinette couldn’t figure out why there were sirens going off in her head.

“Of course, who wouldn’t want to score a date with the cutest savior of Paris? I’ll let you get back to work, you know how find me!” With that, Alya took off running, bringing Marinette back to the battle, shoving the sirens to the back of her mind as she turned to the Confectioner.

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Why Her? (Part 6)

Prompt: You’re in love with Chris Evans…but your best friend is dating him

Warning: language, adult content-ish? Jealousy, drama-rama

Word count: 1227

Note: This is for one of my bestest friends. I hope she enjoys it! @amarvelouswritings This will feature Sebastian Stan and OFC Lexi. This is a drabble/short chapter series. Beta’d by the perfect @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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The following morning, you woke up a little stiff, the ground definitely not as comfortable as your memory foam mattress back home. When you got up, Chris was the only other one awake and he was brewing coffee over the new fire.

“Good morning,” he greeted with a grin that could win ten Oscars alone.

“Morning,” you muttered taking the cup he offered you, trying to calm your raging emotions.

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you put the boom boom into my heart,

you send my soul sky high when your lovin’ starts

jitterbug into my brain,



  1. bang!
  2. bang!
  3. bang!

till my feet do the same

Ripples - Part 6

Originally posted by vintagefangirll

Warnings: Language, Angst… a little 18+ love so if you’re younger turn away…

Series Tag List: @captainxamerica, @just—love, @senpaiace, @glittercoveredsouls, @findacauseandserveit, @devil-may-cry-11-blog, @agentbarnescarter, @mannatgalhotra @harrisbn @sapphire1727 @ishipmybed @nessy-bearxb @calaofnoldor @cautionconed @badassbaker @mannatgalhotra @girlwonder86 @thatpunkrockfandomchick @barnesdeservestheworld 

Permanent Tag List:  @gratittie

A/N: Finally a chapter! Sorry for my absence, it was also my baby Ben Barnes birthday today so I did a week of fiction and honestly didn’t have it in me to write for both because adulting. Hope you like this and this helps for those of you who are Team Bucky! More to come very soon.

Previous Part 5B

Bucky POV

You couldn’t have known that Bucky had gone up to the 7th floor balcony to finish dinner, to allow the cool autumn air to distract him from the way you had looked when you walked into the compound in your jeans and t-shirt. Couldn’t have known that he had heard every last painful detail of what had really happened that night with you and Steve.

He wanted to be mad at you and in a way he was. You had agreed to all of those things, under the influence or not. But he also knew that you were right when you fought a week ago - he had no right to demand that you choose. At the time, you were a free woman.

Besides, you knew about all the women he had brought into his bedroom the moment you had started working for Tony. Thought he had been very clever in hiding it but had known. Didn’t know that he did it every night to erase the image of you from his mind, not wanting to get attached and ruin your life. Using someone else to help him remember he didn’t deserve you.

So he couldn’t be mad at you because essentially you were doing what he had been doing to you for months.

Steve; however, was another thing.

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