this is what i did instead of homework...yeah


thoughts, feelings, y’know that sorta thing

edit 2: this is a post about bipolar disorder, made by me, an artist with bipolar disorder, strictly for other people with bipolar disorder. stop tagging it for unipolar depression, anxiety, bpd, psychosis, or anything else (those are just the most used tags on this) because it’s not about those. even if you think you can relate, tagging this as anything other than bipolar disorder is stripping my meaning away from my work, and invalidating my feelings as a mentally ill person AND an artist. stop doing that.

edit 3: do NOT put this on gore/guro blogs. thanks.


Stan Pines according to tumblr tags (insp)

“they start that young?”
“i did.”

a mix about who natasha was and who she became link

тили тили бом - russian lullaby | aprés moi - peter gabriel | cain - cousin marnie | remain nameless - florence + the machine | 23 - blonde redhead | female robbery - the neighbourhood | yellow flicker beat - lorde | battle cry - imagine dragons | icarus - michael mccann | silver - the neighbourhood | seven devils - florence + the machine | dark doo wop - ms mr | we must be killers - mikky eko | blood on my name - the wright brothers | devil may cry - the weeknd | neptune - sleeping at last | this isn’t control - ms mr | once upon a december (instrumental) - anastasia | heavy flowers - blaudzun | elastic heart - sia | buy the stars - marina and the diamonds | natasha - henry jackman |


my music aesthetic playlist // [listen] x

just a bunch of songs that sound like they would be a good soundtrack for me :)

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“We’re on our way to save Pepperland from the evil Steam Powered Elephants… You can come with us if you’d like.” 

“You mean, you would take an adorable super lovable little giraffe with you?!”

“Yeah, come on. We’ll take you somewhere”

Because The Beatles and also Steam Powered Giraffe. And GG. For reasons.