this is what i did at work

When you thought you'll lose your job because of KPop

This is a looooooong ass post.

Okay. It’s actually because of frustration over ‘music elitists’ looking down on Kpop fans.
I was in my office,working and finishing up some AY end paperwork when a professor (not the one i love) entered my room without any sort of permission to borrow my vacuum.
I let him be and was about to hand him the vacuum when he laughed so loud it drowned BAP’s Warrior. When i asked him what the problem is, he said he never thought i had such cheap taste in ‘music’ (he did use air quotes) and proceeded to shame me for liking such ‘mediocre, predictable, and tasteless pieces of sh*t’
I just cant take that, you see.
So as calmly and composed as i could be, i walked forward, handed him the vacuum, and held his shoulder gently while saying….
“Sir, with all due respect that you think you deserve, I give zero fucks over your opinion. Take what you need and please get the fuck off my office”
I guess he saw something in my eyes and he scurried away.
The next day, the dean called me because the Professor reported the incident and she wants to know my side of the story. So, i told her. And she let me off with a cheeky grin and an order to listen to Highlight’s new song. YEP. The dean is a B2uty. Lol

So. Yeah. I just wanted to share that.
Dont let anyone shame you for liking a genre of art, literature, music, movie, or television programs. It’s your preference and source of enjoyment (and sorrow). Yours. It may not conform to their seemingly snobbish and elitist standards but if it makes you happy and it doesnt inconvenience others, go with it. DO WHAT YOU WANT AND TO HELL WITH THEIR OPINION.

okay. That’s it.

Legit Tip #187

or - “Creating a More Organic Flow in Your Storytelling”

Let’s say you’re writing a paper, and you want to connect point A in history to point B. To explain how those two points are connected, you would need to focus keenly on the flow of that essay, showing how events throughout time led from one thing to another. 

You want - no, need - this kind of organic flow in your storytelling as well. Practically speaking, it keeps readers from wondering - “Wait, how did we end up here?” But even beyond that, it keeps things moving. It keeps the action going. It keeps your reader’s eyes moving across the page. 

And for you, as a writer, knowing how to use flow to your advantage keeps you writing. I’m not saying it’s a magical end-all and be-all for writer’s block, but learning how flow in storytelling works can do a lot to keep you moving when you know what’s coming next and all you need is to get there.

So, an important question - 

What are common storytelling roadblocks?

That is, what are the types of thing that stop the flow of stories? That break up the action and stop readers in their tracks when they come across them? Here are a few to consider.

1. Epiphanies

Yeah, okay. Characters suddenly realize things sometimes. That’s grand. But when characters have epiphanies out of nowhere, with nothing leading up to it, readers are left with a whole lot of “What?” 

Amateur writers use the method of “Suddenly she realized…” a lot when they need something to happen. It gives the character new information without the writer having to go through the trouble of delivering the information through other means. 

2. Time and Place Changes

Okay, bear with me. Changes in time and place are necessary for any story. But it interrupts the flow of a story badly when these transitions aren’t handled well, even from scene to scene or chapter to chapter. As you open in a new time or place, go through the effort to reestablish what put your characters in this position, why they’re here, etc. 

Or, and this is an important “or”, drop hints, foreshadow, etc., in the text beforehand to keep the flow going. Allow for some sense of connection. This is most important when time and place changes within a scene, but can still be useful to remember in other contexts.

3. Mood Shifts

I’m not talking about a specific character’s mood shifting. I’m talking about mood shifts within scenes - i.e., the way a scene changes when something happens and people react to it. The flow can be severely interrupted if a writer doesn’t take the time to flow into the “new” mood. Take a death scene, for example. 

In the middle of a battle, Character A is suddenly stricken down while his friends and family watch. Do things become instantly sad? Probably not, if people are still fighting. The writer needs to proceed with caution. Take time to let the impact settle in. Let the characters finish what must be done (as in, finish the fight.) Then they can gather around the fallen. Then the narrator can let the mood shift to a more somber tone. From fast-paced to frozen-in-time shock to sadness rather than immediately to sadness. That’s how flow works in instances like these. 

There are plenty more roadblocks. Think about anything that can disrupt a story’s pacing. Look for these words - 

  • Suddenly
  • Immediately
  • At once
  • He/she “realized”
  • Etc.

I’m not saying these immediately indicate bad flow. But look around them and you might notice places where you can build on the story to create better flow. 

Let’s get back to the idea of the character epiphany, for example. 

“She realized he had been lying to her.”

Right. So… how did she realize this? What did she remember? What did she sense about the way he’s speaking to her now? How does she feel having this realization? 

There is so much you can do to connect the thing that causes the realization to her having the epiphany that there’s no need to simply drop that bomb. 

So there you have it. I hope that this helps give you some ideas on what you can do to improve the flow in your own storytelling!

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Yuu and Mika are both cherry boys lmao but in my opinion Mika is more of a cherry boy because he grew up as vampire in a vampires society so he kind of didn't have the chance to uhm think or learn about 'joys in life'. What do you think?

Yeah and I remember someone mentioned humans probably have sex education and all that shit because they have to populate the world, and Shinoa did talk about how humans promote the idea of having sex and illicit relationships in general (lol). .

I mean, Mika probably knew about sex from before (remember in the light novels) but he’s probably clueless about how it actually works.

Not to mention the fact that vampires cannot do the do because they’re…dead? And they don’t have body fluids.

So I imagine that if Mika is ever turned into a human again he’ll be pretty confused about all that stuff and how his own body reacts.

I mean, if OnS was realistic at all, it’d be like that

So yeah, fanfiction lied to all of us, Yuu would probably know more about sex than Mika (but he’d still be clueless as fuck, since we all know he has no experience whatsoever lmao the cherry boy)

Throughout an entire two seasons of heavy combat Kallus’s hair has never come undone.

Crashing on an ice moon? Hair is flawless.

Fighting jedi? Gel that mofo.

Saving Sabine or Ezra? You know the hair perf.

Alarm in the middle of the night? Don’t worry he did his hair last night.

Working as a stressed out double agent? Better work that weave.

So how did that Strand™ come undone?

All I can think of is Thrawn in the middle of hurting Kallus. But he stops.

He knows what will hurt Kallus the most. So he reaches over and neatly takes a few strands of hair…and makes it come undone.


*heart eyes* uh oh.

so Giancarlo, who works on svtfoe also worked on green lantern. And THIS character’s design caught my attention for some obvious reasons..(I wonder what lol).


I’m playing catch up, and I’m too far behind. I’ve been working lots of hours again, and I’ve been sick off and on over the past two weeks or so, so I haven’t been here very much. I’ve missed you lovely people.

I had to get out of the house this morning. I’m determined to walk an average of at least half an
hour a day. It makes such a difference to my mood and motivation. I got out for about 45 minutes this morning, and then I did crunches, planks, and what pass for push-ups in my brain.

My oldest is home for the weekend, and we heard all about her trip to Bangladesh last night. I will fill you guys in soon.

It looks like I may be going to Costa Rica in June, and I am getting excited. I will let you know if it goes through.

Now I have to wake up my 15-year-old, because my boss has offered her $12 an hour to get some general work done in our office today.

Have a great Saturday, friends!

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What was your first job out of college and what was your first animation-related job if you didnt get one right away?

My first animation related job was like 3 hours of work I did during college drawing inbetweens at 0:38 of this:

Immediately after college, like maybe a month after school ended, I moved to China and became an English teacher. I got a TEFL in China certificate after taking a course in Beijing, then I taught in Shenzhen for one year and then two years in Shanghai. The school in the “Hello China” episode of Regular Show is entirely based on the school I taught at in Shenzhen. The establishing shots are basically just traced images of the school. I hear the students that are currently attending that school are extremely excited about it.

During my last year of teaching I decided to move back to the US and live in Los Angeles until I could get an animation job. My plan was to live in my car until I figured something out. However, while I was still in China, my friend @tobyjones who already worked on Regular Show told me they had an opening. Regular Show sent me the storyboard test, JG liked it, and I got hired (even though he had reservations because I was some random guy living in China that he’d never met).

kai winn is SO fucking evil and i LOVE it but imo i wish she was better at not SEEMING evil because like, the flavor of evil she is works best when you seem like a good and likable person, you’re just wildly selfish. i wish she was better at being machiavellian so she could be more competent at being a backstabbing conniving self-serving powerhungry monster

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Prompts for a female hacker and male scientist

“Where did you study how to do this?”

“What, hacking? I didn’t. I just taught myself.”



“So, you’re telling me that if you wanted you could see all my secret research ever just because it’s on the computer?”


“That’s annoying.”


“Have you hacked into the government, yet?”

“I’ve gotten into small things, but I’m working on the big guns. Have you founded anything life saving, yet?”

“…No, but I’m working on it.”

Happy writing!

-Ashley ❤

  • *a few months later*
  • Sabine: Hey Kallus, guess what?
  • Kallus: You...graffiti'd some of Thrawn's art collection during the raid?
  • Sabine: Yeah, no, you told me how he analyzes my stuff. We found your bo-rifle!
  • Kallus: Well, Thrawn technically did beat me in combat...I wasn't using it at the time, but...*glances at Zeb*
  • Zeb: As the actual Lasan Honor Guard here, take your darn weapon, Kal.
  • Kallus: All right then. Just checking.
  • Ezra: We found it in Pryce's office anyway.
  • Kallus: Huh. Well given she couldn't even have me thrown out an airlock properly, we can safely say she is not a superior combatant. My conscience is appeased.

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I quit my first study after 3 months because of a burnout. The next year I wanted to start easy again so I did a study beneath my level for a year. It didnt satisfy so I started uni after that year. Now when I tell people my age and that im in my third study, they give me this "ew youre dumb/lazy/undiciplined" look..I dont want to tell them about my burnout, cus thats really personal, but I feel really down when it happens. Im working really hard in uni but people always assume the worst, right?

I’ll be blunt here and say don’t let anyone make you feel inferior about your choices in education. They have no say in it. They don’t know what you’ve been through and, with my small understanding of your situation, your decisions were completed warranted. I’m sure each time you did serious thinking about it. I don’t think it’s a decision you’ll have made lightly. You shouldn’t feel like you have to justify your choices to anyone, no matter what they might be thinking. I’d agree people assume the worst. In a way, I feel it’s them trying to feel superior to you. I know in my journalism classes, people were dropping out/changing majors in the first few weeks of the semester and everyone sort of had a smug look as if they were generally smarter/more suited to the course because other people were leaving. When I changed majors and dropped the journalism class, I had a girl message me a question on Facebook about an assignment and then correct herself by saying “oh wait. you dropped out.” In the way she said it, it made me like I wasn’t good enough to stay in the course and she was judging me for that. To me, she assumed that it was “too hard” for me when in reality, I’d spent weeks debating whether it was really the career path I wanted. I think in this instance people assume a lot about you by your choices - generally that you’re not as smart as them. But honestly, I think if you’re able to make those really important decisions about your education/career, mental health, etc, you’re the better person. As I think now, it was 100% the best choice for me. No matter what that girl, or anyone in the course, thought. I’m sure you know deep down that everything you did was to benefit you and with that I think you shouldn’t be bothered by anyone else’s opinion xx

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meme

Willow Rosenberg edition ( part one )

  • “Well, did you try looking inside the sofa in hell?”
  • “Yeah, great, there’s a sexy nickname.”
  • “I’m so evil, and skanky… and I think I’m kinda gay.”
  • “I’m storming off. It doesn’t really work if you come with me.”
  • “Say, you all didn’t happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?”
  • “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything that could be interpreted as brave.”
  • “You’re not gonna jokey-rhyme your way out of this one.”
  • “Hey, I eat danger for breakfast.”
  • “And now we’re supposed to decide what we want to do with our lives. And I just realized that’s what I want to do. Help people.”
  • “I have my own fun.”
  • “Are we hoping to find a body, or no body?”
  • “Usually I use that time to copy over my class notes with a system of different colored pens. But it’s been pointed out to me that that’s, you know, insane.”
  • “I’m not stealing. I-I-I’m just taking things without paying for them. In what twisted dictionary is that stealing?”
  • “Come on. Everybody loves fetal pigs!”
  • “Well, you know, I have a choice. I can spend my life waiting for _______ to go out with every other person in the world until he notices me, or I can just get on with my life.”
  • “You just don’t like him ‘cause of that time he beat you up every day for five years.”
  • “I hope this story ends with, 'And she lived happily ever after.'”
  • “When I’m with a boy I like, it’s hard for me to say anything cool, or-or witty - or at all. I-I can usually make a few vowel sounds, and then I have to go away.”
  • “She’s sad because her lover gave her twelve gold coins. But then the wizard cut open the bag of salt, and now the dancing minions have nowhere to put their big maple… fish thing.”
  • “Was it one of those vivid dreams where you could feel their lips and smell their hair?”
  • “You’re being too hard on yourself. Why don’t we wait a half an hour and try again?”
  • “I’ve seen honest faces. They usually come attached to liars.”
  • “Irony’s kind of ironic that way.”
  • “There are men, better men, wherein the mind is stronger than the penis.”
  • “I don’t care if it is an orgy of death. There’s still such a thing as a napkin.”
  • “That way leads to madness and sweaty palms.”
  • “Eat a cookie, ease my pain.”
  • “He said he wasn’t coming back until he’d driven to all fifty states.”
  • “No. It just means that you’d rather be with someone you hate than be with me.”
  • “I knew it. I knew it. Well, not 'knew it’ in the sense of having the slightest idea, but I knew there was something I didn’t know.”
  • “Well, there’s something you don’t see everyday.”
  • “Now that I know there’s something to know, I can’t *not* know, just because I’m afraid somebody’ll know I know, you know?”
  • “When did morning happen?”
  • “We had kind of a pajama party sleepover with weapons thing.”
9 crimes

Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x Reader

Prompt: There are 10 things a person should never do under any circumstances. Throughout all your life you did 9 out of those 10. 

or the story of two little girls who fell in love and of two women who had to bury those feelings. 

Word count: 1,668

Time period: Hamiltime

Warnings: None (yet).

Note: This is a big work that’s going to be divided into three parts. Each one with 3 ‘crimes’. It may be confusing at the start as to what exactly are the crimes (or maybe it’s really obvious and I think is not) but at the end, I think everyone is going to get it. Also, I was experimenting with the narration again so… let’s see how that goes. I hope you like it, guys!  ♡

Extra information: I didn’t mention it in the text but the reader is the same age as Peggy, so is one year younger than Eliza and two years younger than Angelica. Oh and they’re neighbors. 

Keep reading

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German fan here and honestly I really hope some of the Ducktales team see your doodle comics! partly because it might give them a sense of how integrated Gladstone is in a lot of our childhoods and hearts in a much bigger sense than the Barks comics allow for- not that they are bad I adore his comics, but I fear they may be mistakenly limiting character potential due to loyalty

Oh gosh, thanks man I don’t know if they will/have or what I’d make of it if they did, but I do feel the same way. Carl Barks material is absolutely wonderful and I’ll not say a word against him or his stories, but I do agree that there could be a severe pitfall awaiting writers in not allowing for any evolution or emotional development of characters outside of his works. Having said that we don’t really know yet what the new Ducktales take is going to be on Gander or any of the characters, and while a cautious optimism may be best I don’t want to go anticipating it with a negative attitude. Right now I’m just expecting it to be ‘its own thing’, and whatever happens I’m excited for the new show and hope the team making it are having a good time!

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i just got thru goin thru ur weird/adstract gem tag and im wondering: do u have any weird/adstract thoughts about the vld aliens? specifically alteans? p l e a s e give me thoughts on alien monsterish girl allura she is beautiful and very not human (also: shiro as greg in ur weird gem au where he very has a Thing for tall alien girls that are not human)

So I know @notllorstel has some cool stuff with the Alteans glowing (here) and I swear there was one that added in monster teeth?

Most of the VLD aliens I’ve left alone because they are already lovely. I think I appreciate what canon did with the Alteans in the sense of they had to work with prior incarnations of the characters who were literally exactly like humans, physically.

So, things I’d take with that- I dunno if I would make Alteans super monstery as much as an AU that’s basically just, exactly like canon but with a few little added details.

Altean skin texture is actually scales- very fine, smooth scales, but it means their skin color is kind of in a gradient and darkens to closer to their marking color around the extremities and in other places. They’re also kind of shimmery in most lighting, and this gets more impressive if you try to capture images of them with anything other than their own technology.

Seriously. Lance tries to explain selfies to Coran one time and ends up with a picture where it looks like he is being photobombed by a seven-foot amalgamation of eyes and strange patterns of light.

Their musculature is pretty much dense enough to function like a subdermal bulletproof vest. You could literally shoot Coran in the chest with an average handgun and he’d be miffed at worst, like it’d leave a bruise and probably rip his clothes and why’d you go and do something like that. Their hair texture is also very different- the individual strands have a kind of fiber-optic cable look to it, translucent, hollow core. 

Technically the eye markings and the inside of the mouth are the only permanent luminescent spots but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a whole mess of transient markings that tend to pop up depending on how they feel. Humans blush? You have Allura talking to Shiro and she fluoresces a whole spectrum of twilight colors and changes the subject a little nervously. still glowing faintly pink.

Also holy heck do they have teeth. Partially retractable, glowing teeth so let’s just say the first time Allura yawns Hunk’s life flashes before his eyes (and Shiro discovers he’s got it kinda bad)

Alteans looking like humans is more or less a quirk of convergent evolution due to coming from similar planets. You know the whole “what if Earth is space Australia?”- that’s not totally applicable in this read, but, Earth and Altea both are/were climates that cultivated a very specific skill set that puts resilience, stamina, and the capacity to put yourself back together again after serious injury as major priorities. Basically human recovery times and stamina tend to measure up rather favorably to those of most other species. Shiro doing pretty dang well for his missing year? Yeah. Broken bones are a bigger problem to a lot of species.

So on that note: if Alteans weren’t a dusty legend at this point, how much humans resemble them would give everybody a certain amount of the heebie jeebies. (Except the Alteans. They’d be like “aww, look at this adorable little terminator baby species”. Which, I think was probably Coran’s impression compared to Allura’s ‘what’s wrong with your ears’.)

after driving 1837 miles over four days, I’ve made it to Redmond. I saw so many interesting and surprising things the way up. I met some wonderful people. I got into a minor car accident. but I’m here now.

I am in something of a culture shock. this area is so different from what I’m used to. how I live I’d doing to have to change a lot, as well. I’ve done this a number of times already, but it doesn’t really get easier. before leaving Arizona, I definitely started to feel the enticement of settling.

but that’s all disrupted now. I am promised a lot of opportunities here. I will have to work harder and live leaner. I don’t have nearly as much cushion as I did before. I’m honestly a bit scared. but a still have a lot of good people supporting me. thinking of them and wanting to see them, it gives me strength.


“Eliana! There you are! What the hell??? I was wondering where you went.”

“Aiden! I told you! Jeez, I needed some air, and I bumped into Rory.”
She smiled bashfully.

“Ooooo Rory? Is this the guy you invited? Did the dress work? Why are you still here?”

“Ugh Aiden, don’t be gross. I just met him, and I told him I was waiting for you. So you’re welcome.”


Abbey, Angie and Michaela Rose

This is what I do when I should probably work on the story. I give makeovers to spares’ kids who are almost elders in the actual legacy save. These three are daughters of Tania and Lars, which makes them Sebastian’s cousins. However, I don’t think he even knows them. Did I mention my Sims rarely have friends outside of the household? :D

Anyways, you can now download them and maybe give them more love than I gave them.


  • Don’t claim as your own.
  • Don’t touch their features.
  • As for anything else - clothes, hair, make up etc. - feel free to change whatever you want and of course you can use your own defaults.
  • Please tag me or mention me or something, I’d like to see what they’re up to in your game!


Hair | Eyes | Skin

I’m not too sure about their make up (as always) and they most likely don’t have any clothes CC on. However if you really really wanna know what make up they’re wearing, ask me and I’ll try to find it. :)


The .zip file contains all three of them + pictures so it should be easy to choose which ones you want in game :)

By request (which are open fyi)

Sebastian Stan with a Curvy Significant Other:

  • running his hands up and down your waist
    • “You’re gorgeous. How’d I get so lucky” 
  • kissing you all over
    • “Whats so funny?” When you laugh
  • him waking up at five am to work out
    • “come with me, babe. i promise it’ll be fun”
      • working out is a pretty big part of his life, and working out or just going to sit and keep him company is fun for you, too.
    • breakfast after
  • being rough during sex
    • “do you know how hot you are, huh? so fucking hot i swear to god”
  • sometimes he says stuff that hurts you
    • he wouldn’t notice at first
      • “what? what’s wrong? shit, did i say something? oh god, i said something, didn’t i?”
      • holding onto you really tight
      • “i’m such an asshole, i’m so sorry. i don’t deserve you.”
      • “you’re beautiful and i’m so stupid.”
  • your weight doesn’t really make a difference