this is what i deem their relationship to be like


I will be deleting any asks that state things like this because first of all:
•I do not belong to the ddlg community
•My bio specifically states that “I do not belong to any community” if you would bother to read it
•I strictly only post sfw things so I do have the right
•I will not listen to anyone who tells me that I am too young to like stuffed animals, coloring, Disney movies, or anything that is deemed “childish”
•I call my age regression little space, so do not comment on it
•I call my boyfriend Daddy and that means something entirely unique to me
•And lastly, DO NOT EVER TELL ANYONE THAT THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS, that goes for everyone, you do not know that person or the relationship they have with others, too many people are told that they don’t know what love is, when you probably don’t even know what it is yourself.

As stated anyone who sends messages like this it will be deleted and I hope you have a good day.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: femmequixotic | Word Count: 34.2k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: After a difficult breakup, Draco finds himself dragged to the land of magic, law, and natural wonders where, of course, nothing goes as planned.

Review: This was so so perfect and weirdly satisfying, I was kind of craving a story like this and it delivered beautifully.

There’s intensity, Draco’s heartbreak and insecurities, his unfinished whirlwind relationship with Harry, the palpable jealousy, the magic and the Icelandic setting, the other characters, their realistic characterisations… there’s just so much to be fascinated with. 

This is very much Draco’s story though, in that way where you only really see things that Draco deems important, almost like tunnel vision. So you don’t really get to understand Harry, or what really forms the foundations of Harry and Draco’s relationship. But you do see the intensity of it!

Content/Warnings: Draco/OC, Casual Relationships, Jealousy, Angst

Mood Music: Ready To Run - One Direction (Acoustic)

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I don't quite understand Compulsory Heterosexuality and think it's possible I may be experiencing it??? Please explain

Compulsory Heterosexuality is the assumption by the male-dominated society that we live in, that the only normal sexual relationship is between a man and a woman. Society enforces heterosexuality, as you may have already discovered haha and erases any other possible relationships LGBTQIA+. This mainly happens in media e.g TV,Films and more. So yeah I guess if you are an LGBT+ person and you feel like you have to come out, feel like you have to to have a relationship with someone of opposite gender, have to dress ‘normally’ by societies standards according with your gender, then yeah you are probably experiencing it.
So it’s just what 'society’ deems normal. (although it has gotten better in the last few years) I hope that makes sense? It’s kinda a hard thing to explain, or maybe i’m not good at explaining things haha.


Oh boy I have no clue how long this was in my ask box whoops!

Hmm I don’t think I have any unusual ships actually? Like they’re all pretty boring lol though I do have one uncommon one.

Coral Oldie/Benjamin Long is probably my OTP at the moment. They met in one of my pleasantview saves (I documented a bit of it, link here.), he was a cop who lived next door, she was an older woman who got married when things like love didn’t matter as much. Of course, it’s mostly a nonromantic relationship, since she would never cheat on Herb, but she does wonder what it’d be like if she had met him before she met Herb.

Like thats really it? I’m not an adventurous person and I’ve only really played with Pleasantview and Strangetown, and even then my ships fall in line with what most people deem ‘acceptable’. Sorry I’m so boring nonny :P

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I'm a little confused rn.. Are Bum and Sangwoo in relationship or nah??

It really depends how you look at it. Although there hasn’t been an explicit “Will you be my BF?” question popped, consent isn’t exactly their style, so Sangwoo saying they’re going to be together forever sounds like some-what of a proposition in which Bum has no choice. With that you could deem them in a relationship. They definitely have a connection… Interpret as you will, I say.

All Their Superficial Love

I encourage men I love
To leave me because
Maybe with another,

They will have everything–

They have ever wanted. All I
Have is love, an abundance of
Affection and attention which is
Typically deemed annoying and–
Clingy. Alas, I am not starved for a
Man’s attention: I will not message–
Him over and over. I do not care what
He does on his own time; I am not ever
His mother. I just like to play with his
Hair and kiss his whole face all the
Time. What a nuisance–I often–
Become the perma-bootycall,
And the woman he cheats–
On me with is adventure.
I would rather it be the
Other way around …

for how much this website tries to sell the idea that we’re totally about “equality” it seems to me that you people deem some relationships between people (read: the same gender ones) more equal than others

and before you think this is me being like “but what about the poor straights” i’d just like you to take a good hard look at my url and then think the fuck again

I used to think I was just like a bad gf for how I argued with my ex so often for so long, cuz I just thought I was difficult or being irrational,

but now that I’m having (occasional) arguments with my gf and my roomies that actually end in compromise pretty quickly and without fuss I’m just like 🤔

like people will actually genuinely apologize for hurtful actions and work to not repeat them instead of deeming it an irreparable character flaw! What a wild and baffling concept

it’s really shitty noticing in retrospect how little effort he was putting into improving himself/ our relationship, but then again boys are always all talk no delivery so

Man every new episode of KnK makes me like Ikoma more. I expected him to be really whiny because of his design, what happens to him in the show, and the fact that the anime is made by the same studio that made AoT (ngl I wasn’t the biggest fan of Eren). But instead he’s a guy who won’t lay down and accept shit that he deems unacceptable. If shit needs to get done then he does it. He has moments where he freaks out over something or feels bad about something but instead of dwelling on it constantly he moves on, or makes up for it (for example, I thought he’d angst over attacking Ayame for way longer than he did. Instead he spends most of the episode trying to save the train. Again. Then he just makes a pact with Ayame to fight for them in exchange for blood. Problem solved.) His speech to Mumei in episode 6 really showcases why I like him so far, he basically says “Yeah we’re weak. So what? Doesn’t mean we have to accept our fate. If we’re weak then that just means we can learn from our mistakes and become stronger”.

Also, when Mumei said “go ahead and tell me it’s my fault we’re in this mess” I thought he’d be all nice and tell her it’s not her fault. But instead he was like “Yeah you totally ruined everything you asshole” while working diligently to free her and also admitting that he also acted impulsively by abandoning the crane to rescue her. Which I thought was a great moment. He seems to be very willing to take responsibility for his mistakes. He’s also constantly surprising me with how badass he is despite being a huge nerd lol. Not to mention he’s surprisingly cheerful sometimes, like when he was gushing about his steam gun, or when he was all excited about his plan. He has two modes, angry green zombie nerd, and happy green zombie nerd.

He’s overall just a way better MC than I thought he’d be when I first saw the previews for the anime. Hopefully he continues to impress me.

I've Fallen for My Best Friend ( Patrick Stump)

Based off of the Request: Request where Patrick and the reader are best friends but fall in love with each other and eventually with Pete’s help they get together?


(Y/N)’s POV

They were fighting again. These days, it seemed like all they ever did was fight. The fighting itself didn’t bother me, I had deemed my parent’s relationship unredeemable almost two years ago. The yelling however, freaked me out. No matter what I did, whether I blasted music or buried my head under pillows, I could always hear them yelling, the hateful words trying to burrow into my brain. Tonight was a bad one. I’m not sure what started it, I’m not sure if it really mattered, but after a half hour of trying to block them out, I couldn’t take it anymore. Unlocking the window and pushing it open, I throw one leg out, and then the other, pulling myself out onto the roof. I look over at the house next door, the roofs edge only a few feet, and my best friend Patrick’s bedroom window only a few feet further. I smile as I notice a piece of paper taped to his window, “I’m here if you need me”. I grin at the sight, Patrick always seemed to know what I was feeling before I even told him. Moving to the edge of the roof , I take a large step and place my left foot on the roof of his house, pushing myself over, careful to not be too loud. I make it safely over the edge and slowly walk up to his window, softly tapping my knuckles against it.

“Trick? You there?” I ask softly. I hear a mumbled response and soon Patrick’s hands appear on the window, pushing it up the rest of the way, and he sticks his head out.

“Are you okay? I heard the yelling” Patrick asks me, eyes filled with concern.

“I’m alright” I respond quietly, “just wanted out of the house”

“So,” he asks with a smile, “ what do you want to listen to?”

I grin at the question “ Coldplay?”

Patrick smiles and nods, head disappearing back into his room. I move away from the window, over to the flattest part of the roof, laying down in my usual spot. A minute later, Patrick pulls himself out onto the roof, holding a pillow, a blanket, and a CD player. Ho moves carefully over me, before moving to lay down next to me. We settle in, heads coming together on the pillow, eyes fixed on the stars above us. Coldplay plays quietly in the background, and we simply lay in silence for a few minutes.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Patrick’s asks eventually, eyes turning towards me.

I shake my head slightly. “Not right now” I reply, “Tell me about the stars instead?” I ask, turning my head towards him with a smile.

He looks back at my with a roll of his eyes and a laugh, but turns back to face the stars. He took an astronomy class last summer, and learned all about the constellations. I think it fascinates me more than him, but he always talks about it if I ask. So, like always, he agrees and starts mapping out what constellations he knows. I listen to the sound of his voice, my eyes dividing their time between the starry sky, and Patrick. Truthfully, getting to watch Patrick as he talks about something he likes is one of my favorite things. The way his eyes light up, the excitement evident in his face, and his usually ever present anxiety completely melting away in the face of his passion. I turn towards him now, watching his eyes as they flit across the sky, hands gesturing as he points out the North Star, the little dipper, and Orion’s belt. His eyes flicker to mine as he explains, and his explanation breaks off as he catches me staring.

“What are you looking at?” He asks confused.

“Nothing” I respond, turning away quickly and praying the night hides my blushing face.

I turn back towards Patrick, finding him still looking at me with a slightly confused look on his face mixed with…something else. As I face him again, I notice how extremely close we are. His eyes flick down towards my lips, and for a second I think he might kiss me, but instead I see a blush creep over his cheeks as he clears his throat and turns back to the sky, voice stuttering a little as he continues his explanation. I frown a little as I think about his reaction, the blush, the stutter, it was almost like…he likes me? But no, that can’t be possible, and I shouldn’t let myself hope for something that probably wouldn’t ever happen anyway, so I push down the thought, and turn back towards the sky, letting Patricks voice soothe me.

Eventually, the last Coldplay song on the CD ends, and nothing but silence follows. Groaning, I pull myself up in a sitting position.

“I should go home” I say sadly, “we do have school tomorrow”

“Ugh don’t remind me” Patrick says, sitting up besides me “Can’t we just stay here?”
I smile at him but stand up anyway, reaching out a hand to pull him up. He takes it and bends down gathering up the stuff, and we move quietly over to his window. I go to walk back over to my roof, but I turn back to see Patrick shoving his stuff inside. As he turns back to look at me I pull him into a hug. He seems surprised, but hugs me back tightly.

“Thank you Trick” I whisper into his shoulder.

“Hey I told you I’d be here for you” He says, pulling back to look into my eyes,” always, no matter what”

I smile at him and nod, before I turn away, leaping back onto my own roof, slipping into my room, with one last wave to Patrick, and close my window.

As I finally fall asleep that night, one thing becomes perfectly clear. I’ve been wondering about it for months, but now I can no longer deny it. I am undoubtedly falling in love with my best friend, Patrick Stump.
Patrick’s POV

I wake up to the obnoxious shrieking of my alarm. As I roll over and slam my hand down on it, I let out a loud groan. It’s safe to say I will never be a morning person. Trying not to be late like usual, I pull myself out of bed and into the shower, getting ready for school.

Twenty five minutes later, I pull on my hat and walk out of the kitchen, grabbing an apple and shouting a goodbye to my parents. I walk down the porch and grin as I spot (Y/N) sitting on the lowest branch of the tree in my front yard, laughing as she talks to Pete, both of them waiting for me.

I can’t help but notice how much different she looks this morning compared to last night. She’s laughing, throwing her hair over her shoulder without a care in the world, no sign of the broken, sad girl who clung on to me last night. And it was the realization that there’s something special between us, that there’s a side of her that no one else gets to see except for me, that finally convinced me of something i’ve been thinking for a while now. Now, there’s no doubt - I’m falling in love with my best friend.

I push the thoughts out of my mind as I reach the end of my driveway and say hey to my friends, tossing the apple to (Y/N). She catches it with a grin, hopping down from her seat on the tree, and grabbing her backpack from the ground.

“Morning Trick, didn’t expect you to be on time today” she says, taking a bite out of the apple.

“Well it was a late night” I say with a pointed look as we take off towards the bus stop.

Pete raises his eyebrows at me , gesturing between (Y/N) and I. Thankfully, (Y/N) can’t see him. I just shrug at him, deciding to explain later, and focus back on (Y/N), who’s walking a few paces ahead of us, but turns around and walks backwards so she can talk to us.

“Do we have that math test today?” She asks

“Yup, unfortunately” Pete responds

“Oh crap I am so going to fail” she groans overdramatically, twisting back around.

“You’ll be fine, it’s me who’s going to fail” I say as we stop at the side of the road waiting for the bus.

“It’s determined then” she says with a grin, “ we shall fail together”

“You’re such a nerd” Pete responds with a laugh as the bus pulls up.

“I take that as a compliment thank you very much” she replies sassily, turning and climbing up into the bus.

We make our way to our spot in the very back row. (Y/N) takes up one side,throwing her feet up, so Pete and I sit on the other side. (Y/N) sinks down in her seat, throws headphone sin, and closes her eyes. As soon as he realizes she’s not paying attention, Pete starts interrogating me.

“So why did you have a late night? Were you guys together? Did anything happen?”

“Woah dude, calm down, it’s not that exciting. She came across to my roof because her parents were fighting, so we just layed on the roof and looked at the stars, nothing crazy”

“Oh you guys looked at the stars” he says, waggling his eyebrows, “how romantic”

“Shut up, it wasn’t like that” I say shoving him away

“Are you sure?”

“Okay there was a moment when I almost kissed her, but it didn’t happen”

“Why not?” Pete demands

“I pulled away, I just, I don’t think she likes me like that Pete”

“Dude, she likes you I swear!”

(Y/N’s POV
My eyes fly open as my legs are lifted off of the seat, only to be dropped back down. I look over in anger, only to realize it’s Joe. Apparently he decided it would be too much work to get me to move, so he just decided to sit under my legs. Oh well, I’m not complaining. I finally sit up and take my headphones out when Andy sits in the row in front of us, and we finally have a full group. I get Andy to lend me his math notes, in the hope for last minute studying, not that it’ll do any good. Soon, the bus pulls up to school, and we get off, walking in a line towards school. All I can say is, thank god it’s Friday.

Several horrible hours later, school is out and we all hop off of the bus, and walk to Pete’s house. We slid into our normal Friday routine of food, video games, and music, but something feels different. Pete and Patrick keep leaving the room together, and everytime I leave the room and come back, they break off their conversation instantly. It wasn’t until I saw Patrick’s guilty look that I realized they were talking about me.

“What’s going on with them today?” I ask Joe and Andy as Patrick and Pete leave the room, once again.

“I have no idea, they act like they’re planning something” Joe says, narrowing his eyes in suspicion, looking towards the door they walked out of

“It’s probably nothing, they’re just being weird” Andy says, turning his attention back towards the comic book he was reading.

When they finally come back in, whispering, I decide I’m just going to ask them.

“Hey what gives?” I ask, walking up to them and crossing my arms.

“W-what do you mean?” Patrick asks nervously, looking at Pete.

“I mean, you guys are hiding something and clearly talking about me, so what’s going on?”I ask, raising my eyebrow.

Patrick gives me a slightly panicked look, but Pete cuts off his shaky response with his own, coupled with a devilish grin. “You’re right, we are talking about you, and we have a surprise for you.”

“We do?” Patrick asks, earning a look from Pete, “I mean, uh, yeah we do”

“What? Why? What is it?” I question, now extremely confused.

“Well follow me, and we’ll show you, it’s in the closet” Pete says, turning to walk out of the room.

I look at Patrick suspiciously, but he just shrugs and follows Pete.

Sighing, I follow them to the closet in the next room. Pete gestures for me to open it, but when I do, Instead of finding something, I’m shoved from behind. Patrick follows closely behind me, obviously pushed by Pete as well.

Pete shuts the door behind us, plunging us into darkness. I hear a scraping sound outside, like he’s pushing something in front of the door.

“Pete what the hell!?” I yell towards the door.

“I’ll be back in an hour, you crazy kids have fun” he yells through the door, and then the sound of his footsteps move away from the door, and I hear the sound of the bedroom door closing.

“Patrick what the hell is going on” I demand, turning around, surprised to find Patrick immediately behind me. Apparently this closet isn’t very big.
“ I don’t know, another one of his pranks I guess” he says apologetically.

I groan loudly, but my anger diffuses as I look at Patrick, obviously this isn’t his fault.

My eyes slowly adjust to the darkness and I realize we are indeed, extremely close, no more than an inch or two between us.

Impulsively, I reach up and pull his hat off. “Why do you always wear this?” I ask quietly.

“What? Oh um,” Patrick says nervously, “ I don’t really know to be honest”

“Well, I like it, I guess” I say, taking a deep breath, “ but I like seeing your eyes better”

I hear Patrick breath in sharply, “Why?” He asks, sounding generally confused.

“I don’t know,” i say, embarrassed, eyes avoiding his in the small space, “ I like them”

“Really?” Patrick says, astonished.

“Yes really. Is that so hard to believe?”

“No it’s just” he begins awkwardly, “I, um, I like your eyes better”

Now it’s my turn to be shocked, and even in the darkness I can see Patricks cheeks turning pink. I smile at him, unreasonably happy at the comment.

“But that’s not it” Patrick continues, clearing his throat nervously “I like your eyes, and you hair, and your smile, and your cute little laugh, and the way you bite you lip”

“Patrick” I say quietly, astonished.

“But, most importantly,” he says, eyes finally looking straight into mine, “ I like you, (Y/N)”

“You-you do?” I ask, barely believing what I’m hearing.

“Yes” he says quietly, eyes sliding away from mine again, “ that’s what I’ve been talking to Pete about all today, he wanted me to ask you to be my girlfriend but-”

“Yes’ i say, cutting him off.

“Yes?” Patrick says looking back at me in surprise and confusion.

“Yes, I will be your girlfriend, Patrick” I explain, “ because I like you too”

“Really?” Patrick says with a grin.

“Yes, really” I say, smiling back at him.

His eyes flick down to my lips, and he ever so slowly leans towards me, one hand coming to the side of my face as he presses his lips to mine, sweet and gentle, just like him.

It’s official. I’ve fallen for my best friend, and apparently, he’s fallen for me too.

So if elves are considered attractive by other elves based on their ears, I imagine they have pick-up lines and compliments based around their ears.

Which makes things a little odd when it comes to interracial relationships. Like imagine a Dalish elf trying to hit on a human (with no idea of what human society deems attractive and guessing based on their own) like “uh… your ears are… very round and you, uh, are very… um, broad? Also I don’t hate you as much as I hate other shemlen. Did I mention how… cute your ears are?”

So my Queer Studies class was talking about what society deems “normal” in terms of relationships–romantic, platonic, sexual, mixes of those three. And I was SHOCKED when the professor said that the American standard for adult friendships that you no longer have “best friends”, you only have friends you do mundane things with– you have your “golf friend, your lunch friend, your work friend”. And how “best friends” are viewed as being a youthful childish thing? And how that is THE standard, it’s supposed to be once you get married, your life revolves your marriage + nuclear family and nothing else?

When I looked around the class people we like nodding their heads in agreement! I literally NEVER realized that was the American view of adult friendships? I was raised with my parents’ “crew”, friends from the neighborhood that they’ve remained best friends with all their lives? And my parents themselves are even like “best friends” with each other. I NEVER realized that wasn’t “normal”!

My professor mentioned that immigrant families + families of color might operate differently, and everyone (including my parents) in their “crew” are immigrants so maybe that’s why? But idk, do any other Americans have families that include really close friends?

Relationship goals is such an overrated expectation within the general consensus.
People see a picture of a couple doing some sort of activity & label it goals, but that’s about it, it’s about capturing a fabricated moment only to upload it to every single social media account within the reach of a tap…& they are fabricated moments because you see it & think “I want to do that with my boyfriend/girlfriend” so then you go to the next level to plan this shit out & take the perfect pictures for them….why do the spectators matter? Why are the likes a factor? Why is any of that deemed a sound foundation for a relationship? What happened to vibing with a person?
Your goal should be to grow together
To discover yourself & the person you are with
To truly know one another
You should strive to know the little things that seem insignificant
Connect with your significant other on a deep emotional, mental, & physical level
Be able to trust them with your weirdest secrets, desires, & pleasures
Create beautiful positive vibes that can’t be captured on camera
Yes, pictures are lovely but don’t think that a relationship is perfect because the pictures are amazing, do not base your relationship off images of strangers which you would like to recreate, create a bond that can’t be seen, a bond that can’t be imitated, a bond in which you both find nothing but harmony….
—  Stop relationship goals 2k15

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So I have a friend that is a Bellarke shipper,which I totally understand and respect,however she is constantly bashing Clexa for being an abusive relationship.I'm not blind to the fact that Clexa has a complicated story & that there is a lot of things/moments we rather would have not happened,but I just think it's unfair to deem it "abusive".I have a lot of reasons as to why it isn't,but I feel like you'd be better at articulating this so what is your defense against this claim?

Honestly, I really don’t care what they think. I know the truth and that’s all i care about. I have watched and analyzed this show way more than any of them. I love Bellarke and I love Clexa for different reasons. I don’t value the opinions or thoughts of these people, that obviously are watching it with ‘shipper goggles’ on – these aren’t just Bellarke shippers there are Braven shippers that do this too. 

I don’t feel like wasting my time and energy trying to formulate a response to respond thoughtfully to their stupid and uneducated claims that Lexa and Clexa is an abusive relationship. To label it as abusive is actually taking away from ACTUAL abusive relationship in our real world. Abusive relationships is when there is physical or verbal assault or neglect. Tell me one time Lexa did one of these things to Clarke, WITH context in the scene. Yes, you could say that Lexa leaving the Skaikru was ‘neglect’, but it had nothing to do with Clarke. Lexa made that choice with her head and not her heart. Lexa left the Skaikru to fend for themselves at Mount Weather because it was the best political move for her people. It would have been selfish of her to stay and fight. She would have declined the deal because she didn’t want to lose Clarke. She in turn would have lost hundreds of her people. 

These people would rather just stew in their anti-clexa/ anti-lexa hatred then see the light. These shippers honestly give the entire Bellarke/Braven fandom a bad-rap. Mislabeling a non-abusive relationship as abusive, takes away from actual abusive relationships. Sorry, but I’m tried of people saying it is abusive. Every single argument they have is not looking at the context of scenes. This show needs context. This show isn’t supposed to be happiness and light, shit gets real…shit hits the fucking fan and flies everywhere. So, I say, just let them fester in their own stupid misdirected hatred and good riddance. 

There are wonderful Bellarke shippers out there that are Clexa/Lexa supporters but don’t ship it. These are the people that I respect the opinions of. I probably shouldn’t post this, but you know what. I am sick and tired. Sick. and. tired. I normally try to formulate my thoughts and opinions in an objective manner and don’t use loaded language, but come. on. 

Here is some meta that I have written about Clexa or responding to ‘hate’:

It’s okay to be gay.
It’s okay to fall for a boy, and not minding what others might think of you. Being in an open relationship won’t make you less of a person.
If you feel like the whole society is deeming your existence, I am here for you, I will fight by your side. You are not a disgrace, and you are not the epitome of mistake.
Like a cup of coffee and a good book to read on a fine day, you matter.
There’s nothing wrong with being true to yourself, as long as you’re not stepping on anybody else.
You’re human, and why would I hate you for being human?
It will take time before they learn to accept you, but someday, they will accept you. I assure you.
You bring color to this greyscale world.
God will never condemn you just because you’re different among the rest. What my pastor would always say: hate the sin but love the sinner.
You are a butterfly, you might not see how beautiful your wings are, as you fly against the the pastel flowers, but this, I will tell you. They look wonderful on you.
You are loved.
—  11 things my churchmates never told me.