this is what i bought

this the pic i was trying to post but what we think of this shirt i bought and like dunno abt it bc it makes me look fat as fuck and my titties titanic

People liked the BDFF pic I posted yesterday more than I thought, so here’s the doodle that led to that full drawing a week later! Looking at this is kind of like a weird little throwback to the stuff I was semi-famous for back in 2014 or something… Huh.

My cousin loves me so!!!

I swear the only time I have had Starbucks lately is because someone else bought it for me…..what what??

Yea, I am kinda on a financial diet  for good reasons, but i miss my Starbucks!!!

*Cough*SendMeGiftCards*Cough* XD XD

I will probably be able to have some come next paycheck—but a few. The bulk of my paycheck is bills and savings for a bit! Again, worth it, but let me complain anyways. LoiL

and only 47 i'm gays in my i'm gay account

i only started listening to taz three weeks ago and look at me now mom

pattern by @odddaughterdesigns

dailysakuraiba #1-100 | subtlesakuraiba #83 - vsa 【2017.02.16】

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He was at the kid's section of Selfridges that day actually, I remember everyone found it weird thedailystyles*com/post/154203288645/genkohhh-thank-you-for-the-picture-yesterday - WELL WELL WELL

Blood rush in the hazy glow, my hands, your bones

Sort of continuation of this one (x), and Hawke is a dumb dope