this is what i ate today

Workout Log 3-23-17

Man, I don’t know what it was about today–but, cardio. Status: Slayed. Maybe it’s because I slept like an absolute rock? Maybe I hit some sort of exact sliver of time for ingesting my fruit and water beforehand? I dunno. Could be all the carbohydrates I ate yesterday! Dunno. Column A, Column B. There’s also the chance that I’m just getting better. Oh, gosh. I should just let myself have this victory. Why, yes. I don’t mind if I do! I did it, after all. 

But, I’m comfortably holding a steady 5 mph pace this morning (up from 4.5 mph in previous weeks) and getting my bursts up to 7 mph (up from 6.0 and 6.5 mph in previous weeks) and wasn’t even entering peak heart zone this morning. I was thinking, “Holy crap, I can still breathe?” I did stick a little walk cycle in, but damn. Not bad for a chick who couldn’t jog 30 seconds straight 18 months ago!

Playlist Picks: Rick Jame’s Super Freak,” tell me that bass line doesn’t make you want to dance! I wouldn’t believe you if you said no. And, Nu Shooz’s “I Can’t Wait.” As much as I wanted to bust moves out on the treadmill, that’s how you get permanent brain damage, I gather. 

Now that I’m home I can actually dance to this music!

Health Diary 23-03-17

SO I’ve decided to start posting a little daily ‘health diary’ thing, including what I eat in a day, what exercise/movement I’ve done, what supplements/healthy habits I’ve implemented, plus a little ‘how I’m feeling health-wise today’. I haven’t been very well over the last few weeks - my IBS has been flaring up, and I think I’ve had a chronic fatigue relapse. I’m going back to see my doctor tomorrow, so I’ll let you know what the outcome of that is. I’m not quite sure where to go from here, BUT I know that trying to be as healthy as I possibly can be can’t be a bad place to start. And writing it here for all to see will hopefully help keep me motivated and accountable.

What I ate

Breakfast: peanut butter nicecream with raspberries and raw chocolate fudge chunks

Snack: dried mango

Lunch: potato wedges with chipotle tahini

Dinner: coconut lentil soup with rice noodles and papadums


1 ½ hour dance class

½ hour stretching

Healthy habits

Water: 2 liters

Tea: 0

*Coffee: 3

Supplements: probiotic, B12

Health update

Overall I felt okay today - physically at least. Mentally is another story. I literally feel like I’m having a quarter life crisis. I don’t know what the heck I’m doing with my life. But I might write about this in a separate post, I feel like I could write a whole essay.. But anyway, basically I felt quite anxious and stressed all day, and as a result (or maybe because of?) I was very unproductive. I went and had a great time at my dance class, and felt a lot better, but now that I’m home and it’s getting late, I feel run down and on the verge of sickness again. It’s never-ending. 


I am trying to reduce the amount of coffee I’d drinking, down to a maximum of one or two a day, but today I didn’t worry about it too much as I’m swamped with uni work, and didn’t want to send myself into withdrawal while I have so many things to get done! This is something I’m just going to work on reducing slowly. 

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Hey Chris so just wondering what you ate so far today and what else you're planning to have? You definitely should post these once a week you're so inspiring

Breakfast: protein oats (oats, PB, protein powder, cashew milk)

Snacks: coffee, banana, apple

Lunch: whole grain PB & J toast with a spinach salad + red bell peppers, Greek yogurt

Snack: Bai antioxidant drink, an Oh Yeah! One bar

Dinner: this Alfredo-type pasta dish with a big salad with tons of veg, croutons, grilled chicken

Post-dinner: watermelon

Thank you!!! I am a very routine eater hahaha :)

newbie vegans!

you have a whole community online to support you, please never forget that! i know it can sometimes be challenging to change old ways (especially if you have been eating animals since you were little). years and years of the meat and cheesy meals are hard to erase overnight, i totally understand that it can be hard to learn vegan alternatives to your fav foods. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to shoot me an ask any time babes and I’ll be more than happy to help you to the best of my ability. This probably goes for most veggies on tumblr since we are all pretty rad folks who love helping newbies into our little community :)

good luck out there. remember you are SAVING THE PLANET AND THE ANIMALS and they thank you for living a kind and compassionate life

I really wanted to give up a binge today

Still do. But I have eaten 110 calories, 12 hours ago, and tmrw I will probably be a pound lighter. I have also probably burned off what I ate plus some at work standing.

Why ruin it? Even though I want to binge, I just can’t. It’d be stupid to binge after doing this all day, right?


This is what happened when I ate some bread. I normally have a fairly flat stomach and even some baby abs and now I’m lying in bed feeling unreasonably uncomfortable. IBS is really tough to deal with, you have to double check everything. I was conscious of the fact I was eating bread today but even though I’ve suffered with IBS for nearly a year now, I wasn’t expecting it to be this bad! I have to check and double check and triple check labels and when I eat out, if I order something with gluten free bread I’m always so frightened the cooks forgot and have given me normal. Ordering hot drinks is the worst and I apologise to all the baristas who have had to deal with me asking 5 times “are you sure it’s soya milk?”

IBS is an awkward topic but just because we sometimes sweep it under the carpet doesn’t make it any less real, and definitely not any less of a struggle. So to all my fellow sufferers out there, I feel you. We can handle this.

Proud of myself for today ✌🏼💕

When I woke up my head felt cloudy and I thought it would be another bad day. While it wasn’t perfect I feel like I made progress in my mind. I didn’t dwell on negative thoughts, when I did I managed to let them pass without overthinking them. I ate moderately well, I mean I had a protein shake at breakfast and a salad at lunch. I still had some treats but I’m trying! Plus I applied for two more jobs and managed to get in the gym. So yeah, I’m still stressing over finances and stuff but I’ll take what I get and chalk up today as a positive one!

I just aggressively ate an apple at a doc who walked in on me relaxing at break time.

Apparently I’m channeling some iatrophobia today.

You know what they say: an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

I’m Sorry: Preference #11


“(Y/N) please I’m sorry!” Dan yelled as you tried not to get worked up. Maybe you were overreacting, but you were definately mad.

“No Dan! Why would you do that? That just totally crossed the line!” You argued with him. Why were you mad though?


Dan ate the rest of your cupcakes.

The cupcakes you had been saving for a time when ou really needed them, when you really craved them. And well, today was that day. Everything started out fine, you just had cupcakes on your mind and then it hit you THERES SOME IN THE CUPBOARD! but when you went to go check, there was nothing.

So you asked Dan. And do you know what he replied with?

“yeah i ate them yesterday…” that cheeky little bastard.

“Look, babe I’ll buy you some more, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were saving them. I’m sorry” Dan apologised once again, so you decided to ease up on him

“You’re lucky I love you, Howell”


“Shit” you muttered to yourself. “Phil is going to murder me…” you said looking down at your hands. In your hands was his camera he uses to film his videos, his now broken camera. “what the heck am i gonna do, he’ll be back any minute…” but then i thought came to mind

‘I know! I can just blame Dan!’ that plan was pretty much set in place, until Phil came through the door.

“Hey (Y/N)- oh gosh what happened?” Phil asks, looking down at his broken camera in your hands.

“It was Dan!” You blurted out, lying through your teeth, as well as a “what the heck i didn’t do anything!” from Dan in the next room. You instantly started feeling tremendously bad about it again. It was an extremely expensive camera, and it was just as expensive to fix.

“I’m sorry, Phil. It was an accident, I didn’t mean to…” you apologised. Lucky for you, you had an amazing and understanding boyfriend.

“It’s okay, accidents happen. I’ll just have to get a new one tomorrow.”


3 treadmill miles today and then work meetings side tracked me into a crappy day. I didn’t eat lunch until so late then over ate because I was so hungry. Grr. I have an over eating problem for sure. Now I’m cuddled with Maggie instead of studying. What’s wrong with me haha.

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Chris im in a slump. Haven't lost weight in a month and I can't find the motivation to continue going forward with weight loss. Yesterday I was supposed to be active and go to the gym. Instead I stayed home and ate like shit. I'm trying so hard and I don't see anything happening even tho it was working before but it's been a month and I feel my determination slipping away. I don't want to fail again but I feel so defeated and I can't bring myself to eat healthy and workout today

It takes ONE day! ONE day of you staying on track with your eating and exercising like you want to, and that can make all the difference. Make a plan, decide what you’re going to eat and what your exercise is going to be, and then do it. It’s ONE day. You can give it 100% for one day. And then once you do that, make a plan for the next day. And then the next day. And before you know it, you’ll be right back on track. Sometimes it really only takes ONE day of giving it 100% and you’ll realize how easy it actually is. Suck it up and make it happen. If you want to reach your goals, you can. You’re in charge.

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How is your macaw doing? ( very loud and lively, i'd assume)

Thanks for asking! He’s doing great. Since I canceled my vet appointment due to me thinking I wouldn’t get him, he can’t be seen till next Wednesday. BUT, he isn’t picking at his skin today and ate all his pellets!! He is picky when it comes to his vegetables, but for 5 years all he lived on was sunflower seeds and walnuts, so I’ll take what I will get. He likes apples and pecans, btw. I also ordered 4 pounds of quinoa and will be making him some with some beans to add to his food.

So he’s a spoiled baby. 😂 #asks

Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t post an article yesterday; I had a lot of homework on weekends and I was really tired so I had to prioritize. Instead today I wanted to write a few words for all autistic students, and really for all neurodivergent, disabled and/or chronically ill students. So, a few reminders:

1. Do not compare yourself to others

It is unproductive. Especially do not compare your grades. Remember, a grade someone gets can be influenced by so many accidental things and it may be entirely up to good or bad luck! How you felt on that day, what questions you got on a test/exam, even what you ate can influence your grade. And averages are made up of even more random factors, and not just how smart someone is or how much they studied.

So do not look at other students and think you are worse than them. First of all, you don’t know their situation: they may have a ton of advantages over you (starting with the obvious one - majority of people are not ND or disabled or chronically ill), like a better economic situation or previous education. You will never be 100% equal to anyone and it makes no sense to make those comparisons.

I know some schools require certain averages for various reasons, which I think is a rather flawed system, but at least remember that your grade doesn’t equal how smart you are or how much work you put into studying, and it definitely doesn’t equal your self-worth.

2. Don’t be so harsh on yourself

I am definitely guilty of this. At the end of the day I think about all the things I did today and it makes me feel sad and disappointed. If I have two or three lectures or classes a day, usually it’s all I can manage. I could do much more, but I end up resting a lot and not doing anything productive. And it makes me feel so incredibly lazy.

But really it’s a lie. First of all, I get things done! Maybe it is more difficult for me, maybe I have to skip a lot of things that aren’t necessary, but I am pretty happy with my results in uni so far. I’m not a perfect student, but I work hard and I learn a lot of things, which is what truly matters.

And secondly, I actually do much more than I realize! I exist in a world that was not made for me and people like me, and my body isn’t very cooperative. Every day I deal with sensory overload, fatigue, chronic pain, executive dysfunction, anxiety, and so on - and it takes energy. I have to modify my behavior to fit in better, which also takes up energy. And obviously studying takes a lot of energy by itself.

And my energy resources are limited. If after I come back from my last lecture I feel like all I can do is scroll mindlessly through social media or listen to an audiobook in bed, I’m not lazy - I’m just a battery out of charge. And it’s not something to feel guilty about. It’s just how it is.

3. Ask for help

And lastly, I want you to remember that it’s okay to ask for help. I know that it’s scary, I know that people are often ableist, cruel and distrustful, and that there is a high chance of hearing “you don’t really need that”, “everyone else is managing just fine” or “it would give you an unfair advantage”. However there’s also a chance you will hear “of course, what can I do to fix this?”. It happened to me in uni more than once. Yes, there are some not-so-good teachers, but many genuinely care about their students and want to help them learn.

It’s also okay to ask your family for help. Again, not everyone is lucky enough to have a kind, supportive family, but even one person can make a difference. Someone making a dinner for you, or helping you finish an important project, or even talking to you about your problems can make a difference. If online communities are the only support you have, then don’t be afraid to ask people in those communities for help. You don’t have to be alone. Ever.

I hope this helps you! Have a great week, and keep being awesome.