this is what i ate today

Nyquil fucks me up every time I take it and furthermore, has the audacity to make me forget what fucking happens every single time.  Since taking it at about midnight last night, My day:

  • Woke up at 4-6 AM and apparently did the dishes
  • Fiance gets up at 8:00AM, allegedly has fully cognizant conversation with me about his plans to stay late and tutor classmates. I don’t remember even being awake.
  • at 9:32 AM, my Dad called me and i had a 23-minute phone call with him that I have no recollection of, but apparently I spent most of it discussing the merits and drawbacks of the various tablets my mother is interested in.  I was mad about how expensive updating storage capacity was for most of them.
  • Felling way more sober than I actually am, attempt to drive to school at 10:12.  and spend enough time confused why my keys aren’t working on my car that my neighbor actually comes out of his apartment to ask what I’m doing to his car.  I decide to stay home.
  • 10:40: Send emails to professors to tell them I’m in no shape to be in class.  I think I am eloquent. Upon opening my email later I realize I’ve sent them emails with the subject line “fuckt up” and message: “sorry, love you.”
  • Benefits of going to a small college: they know I’ve got exciting drug reactions already and are sick as well and reply with “I understand and hope you are feeling well soon, here is today’s lecture slides” and “lol” respectively.
  • ~11- 12:30 : Get lost in neighborhood walking dog.  In my defense, it’s 99% off-beige generic prefab housing on nonlinear-bordering-on-noneuclidean streets and Charlie had no interest in going home either.
  • 12:30-3:00: Wall
  • 3:00 : phone alarm goes off and I suddenly realize fiance was supposed to be home an hour and a half ago. Fly into immediate panic, try to find phone to call him and/or the sherrif becuase he’s obviously dead in a ditch or something.  I am holding my phone the whole time.
  • 3:16 : Fiance gets home, I cry like a bitch, the dog also cries, everyone has a really bad 15 minutes.
  • 3:33 : Realize I haven’t actually ate or drank yet today. Immediately consume a quart of apple cider and plate of taquitos.  Make pork chops and potatoes and don’t stop talking about what happens if a werewolf has sex with a dog while shifted the entire time.
  • 4:00: pass out on couch to the soothing sounds of Mario Oddesy
  • 1AM: Why is it thursday?

The moral of the story is that you should always write down any drug reactions and label medication you should take with a large index card that says “DO NOT TAKE THIS IT FUCKS YOU UP THEN YOU FORGET” in large, friendly letters.

  • Christine: You two seem kind of out of it today. What did you eat for breakfast?
  • Jeremy: Don’t be silly, what I ate this morning has nothing to do with my current state.
  • Christine: Michael, what was your breakfast?
  • Michael: M&M cereal.
  • Christine: Oh god, you see! That’s what I mean, I didn’t even know M&Ms made a cereal!
  • Michael: They don’t, it’s just M&Ms in a bowl with milk.
Seventeen as Things I’ve Heard the Kids I Babysit Say

PREFACE: I babysit for a set of twin boys that are six years old. They don’t know English that well so some of these are translated roughly. They have the most nihilistic sense of humor and it’s great and terrifying at the same time.

S.Coups: “I’m gonna name my first kid wardrobe! Then he’ll sound like a transformer!”

Jeonghan: “Kill me so I can be reborn into a into a caterpillar and sleep for a year.”

Joshua: “God loved me so much he had to make a photocopy.”

Jun: *Sprays brother with hose* “I hope that watermelon seed you ate starts growing and I get to have a tree brother.”

Hoshi: *Drops his popsicle and I offered to grab a new one* “Don’t ever get me a new one. Nothing in the world can make me happy.”

Wonwoo: “Someone called me emo today, I don’t know what that means, but I told them that calling someone names doesn’t get them any closer to their parents love.”

Woozi: “He can learn as much Japanese as he wants. Mom will still love me more.”

DK: *I made him put on pants* “I wish I was a girl so I didn’t have to wear these leg prisons!”

The8: *To the other brother* “I wish I absorbed you when we were in mom.” (This is what made me make this post)

Mingyu: “What does ‘abstinence’ mean?”

Seungkwan: “I think I’m the smartest in my class, these bitches think Santa is real.” *We had to have a talk*

Vernon: “I wanted my English name to be ‘dog,’ but my dad said no.”

Dino: *I asked one boy to stop eating the other’s food* “No, I’m going to grow stronger and defeat him.”


  • <b> Harry:</b> Oh shit, here comes Draco. Okay. Okay, act cool. Is my hair messy? Who am I kidding it always is- oh my god are my shirt buttons uneven again? My glasses are dirty- I have to clean them. But wait- he says they're stupid. Maybe I should take them off? No, no I'm blind I'll have to- oh my god my <i>breath</i>! I just ate tha- no, no! He's not even coming over here. You're fine... But what if he does? What if he <i>actually</i> kisses me today? And my breath is terrible and he storms off? I need gum.
  • <b> Harry:</b> Hey Hermione, have any gum? No... no particular reason why.
  • <b> Hermione:</b>
  • <b> Ron:</b>
  • <b> Harry:</b>
  • <b> Ron:</b> You know you just said all of that out loud, right?

I know it’s impossible considering it’s the 1910s, but I want to see Al make a series of vlogs called “What’s Big Brother Doing Today?”, about his short-tempered, too smart for his own good, rambunctious fighter older brother trying to adapt to home life and being very bored

“What’s big brother doing today? …Yelling at a tree. Winry asked him to install a swing, since the old one broke. That was three hours ago. I think he’s just tree-shaming now.”

“What’s big brother doing today? …Dressing up the dog like a- You know, I don’t even know what kind of creature that’s supposed to be. Pretty ugly tho”

“Today brother is in a very bad mood. Granny insinuated that he’ll be as short as her when he’s old, and now he’s absolutely fuming.”

“Day 3 of Winry being in Rush Valley. I’ve spent the entire day trying to convince Ed that our house does not need a moat. I’m not sure I’m succeeding.”

“What’s big brother doing today? …Throwing up, because he ate an entire bucket of ice cream himself, in one sitting.”

“We took in three kittens whose mother was eaten by a coyote. The kittens’ names are Katya, Tiger, and Dark Lord Ragnarok. You can guess who named who.”

“What’s big brother doing today? …Trying to assemble a dresser, and failing really, really badly. Remember, this is the guy who passed the state alchemist test at age 12. He can’t put together a dresser.”

“Ed’s not home today. He found a book that has some really bad, possibly even dangerous advice for beginner alchemists, and he got so pissed off that he decided to go to Central himself and threaten the publisher into recalling it. I’d try to stop him, but… He’s right.”

Cookie Day (WinterIron Quick Fic)

This is just fluffy WinterIron. Just fluff. To make up for the tear fest that was “Moments” lol

Enjoy :)

Bucky made….cookies.

Like really, really insanely good cookies. While humming, and listening to slow music as he took over the kitchen in the Tower. He even wore an apron most times.

And really, the team didn’t know what to do about it.

Mostly because even a year and a half after Steve brought him home, Bucky was still quiet more days than not. He still wore his hair long, his chin scruffy. He hardly ever smiled, hardly ever engaged with anyone. He was never in anything other than a long sleeve because he didn’t like the attention his arm inevitably drew, even though Steve had told him at least a hundred times that no one here ever noticed. He didn’t wake up screaming with nightmares anymore, but no one ever actually saw him sleep either so…

Anyway. Cookies.

Like, the best cookies in the world. Like thick and fluffy and packed with butter and chocolate and enough sugar to put an elephant down. And he absolutely refused to share.

In fact, no one was even allowed in the kitchen while he was baking. Clint had tried one time to scoop some cookie dough and Bucky had (accidentally) almost broken his hand.

So the team retreated, hovered outside the kitchen door and plotted ways to get to the cookies.

Steve had assured them that back in the day, Bucky had in fact been the best cook he had known, always making something in his mamas kitchen, and then cooking for Steve after his parents passed.

It didn’t matter what it was- thick, crusty bread, impossibly light pastries, and of course these amazing cookies— Bucky could make them no problem, and was happy to do every time Steve looked just the littlest bit hungry.

Of course Steve had been allergic to or at least sensitive to nearly everything back then, so little bites and nibbles was the best he could do. And now that he was a 100% healthy, super serum powered soldier who needed upwards of 4000 calories a day to keep his body running… well Steve was just as desperate as the rest of them to get his hands on some of Bucky’s cookies.

But alas, it wasn’t going to happen. Because Bucky only ever baked enough for himself, just enough to pile on a plate that he then hoarded on his lap during team movie nights, an entire gallon of milk sitting next to him because that’s how much milk it took to wash the cookies down.

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the lover

hi pals, this is part two to the fighter. i hope you all like it!! thank you for all the love you’ve given the fighter

warning: smut


questions, comments, concerns

Harry groggily starts to blink awake at the sound of his alarm. He quickly reaches over and taps his phone to quiet it, your quiet moan vibrating across his skin.

He smiles at the sensation, but he really has to go to work and you’re currently laying on top of him. You usually got into bed after him and since Harry typically fell asleep on his stomach, you would crawl on top of his back, kissing his shoulders as you settle on your stomach and wrapping your arms around his abdomen.

You were most affectionate when you were sleepy, always wanting a kiss, whining when Harry stopped playing with your hair, asking him to hold you. Harry thought it was adorable (he hadn’t taken you for someone who’d want a cuddle in bed) but it became sort of an inconvenience when he had to wake up before you.

“Hey,” He whispers now, “I’m gonna slide you off my back now, alright?”

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Some food headcanons
  • Naruto: How about we'll grab some ramen tonight?
  • Boruto: But I want the Yakibasa buns!
  • Naruto: You can eat your junk food with your friends, but it's a family dinner so we are eating a normal food!
  • Boruto: Yakibasa buns ain't no junk food! You eat ramen 24/7, we totally should have something different!
  • Hinata: I guess we are eating at home again...
  • ___________________
  • Choji: What do you want from McDonals?
  • Chocho: I would like 3 Big Macs, 2 big fries, 20 chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce and Diet Coke
  • Karui: Why Diet Coke?
  • Chocho: I'm on diet after all
  • ____________________
  • Sakura: What's for dinner tonight?
  • Sarada: Miso soup
  • Sakura: Could you please add some tomatoes in it?
  • ____________________
  • Shikdai: Ma what's for dinner tonight?
  • Temari: If you and your father are going to pick up your butts and help me, we might actually eat today
  • ____________________
  • Rock Lee: I want to eat curry today
  • TenTen: No freaking way Lee! We ate curry yesterday and my mouth is literally burning from it, please spare my life!
  • TenTen: Metal, you say something!
  • Metal Lee: Maybe some spicy Korean chicken will do?
  • ____________________
  • Orochimaru: Kabuto said that people actually eat snakes
  • Orochimaru: You wanna try some?
  • Mitsuki: Are you seriously going to eat your own kind?
Getting along with Tessa (Tom Holland HC)

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Summary: Tom’s favorite girls are you and Tessa, here are headcanons about how the two of you get along.

Author’s Note: This was a request I’ve had in there for like a week. BTW if you make requests I see them, I got you. I have other ones in the works. I just finally got inspiration for it so finally here is the final product. I hope you guys enjoy this. Feel free to give me any feedback (good, bad, whatever) and that’s about it.

Requested: “Toms s/o relationship with Tessa. Headcanons of course”


Word Count: 1042

Warnings: Fluff (FLUFF), swearing, people being mean to doggos

Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask

  • Tom, as we all know, is a family man and Tessa is definitely a part of the family. 
  • She is the Holland princess so you were extremely worried about her “approval”.
  • Tom would never say this out loud but he honestly couldn’t date someone that didn’t get along with his angel.
  • You moving into Tom’s apartment was actually the first time you met Tessa.
  • You and Tom’s relationship was based mostly in the U.S., but he asked you to move in with him and you were head over heels so you followed him to London.
  • Understandably, you were nervous as his parents brought Tessa over to your new apartment for the first time.
    • They suppose they’ll let Tessa hang out at Tom’s place while he’s in town because he’s technically her human.
  • The grey lion bounded through the door like an excited puppy.
  • She pounced on Tom, and he caught her falling back on the couch and laughing.
    • “There’s my girl.”
  • Tessa licked Tom all over his face, making him laugh.
  • He looked up while rubbing her belly and smiled at you.
    • “Come on over babe.”
  • You gently sat on the couch next to the two and Tessa glanced over at you.
  • For a few moments, she just stared before she leaned over and began licking your hand, trying to figure you out.
  • “She’s nice Tess, go on love,” Tom said rubbing her belly.
  • Tessa laid down so that her head was on your lap while the rest of her body was on Tom’s lap. 
  • She nudged her head towards you which you delightfully rubbed.
  • The fur baby laid there in bliss as you and Tom spoiled her.
    • “I think you’ve pleased her highness.”
    • “Yes, I think I’ll be able to keep my head for another day.”
  • From then on Tessa became your fur baby.
  • She was spoiled before but now that you were able to be there with her along with Tom she was super spoiled.
  • You loved giving her little food treats
    • Homemade dog treats
    • Freshly cooked dog food or gourmet dog food
      • Seriously they make dog food tailored to certain occasions (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.)
  • Tom got lowkey jealous of how well Tessa ate.
    • “Ah, babe we’re having steak.”
    • “No why would you think that?”
    • “Um because you’re cooking a steak.”
    • “It’s for Tess, she was such a good girl running errands with me today.”
    • “So what am I supposed to eat?”
    • “I don’t know, you’re a grown man.”
    • Then he’d get all sulky and order takeout for both of you while watching Tessa eat her superior meal.
  • The three of you would workout together.
    • Every morning (to keep up with Tom’s fitness routine) you would get up and walk to a local park.
    • Tessa would be the most energetic, tugging you two along to hurry up so she could play.
    • You couldn’t help but laugh at how thrilled she was to get to the park.
    • Tom would run some laps while you would play fetch with Tessa.
    • Tessa and Tom would also race
      • Tessa wins obviously
      • You would cheer her on and give her hugs.
        • “Yay Tess! You’re a winner!”
      • Tom would be salty
        • “Psh, she cheated.”
        • You kiss Tom’s cheek to make him feel better, even though he lost.
  • Tom normally didn’t like when you let Tessa lay all over the furniture (you couldn’t help it she was just so cute) but he did feel himself swoon as he watched the two of you napping on the couch together.
    • He had just got off a 13-hour flight and sleepily stumbled into the apartment.
    • He followed the dim lamplight from the living room and found the two of you sleeping on the couch.
    • You laid on your stomach and Tessa found a comfy position on your back, using your hair as a pillow.
    • Tom smiled at the sight, gently setting his bags down.
    • Tessa woke up, jumping off the couch and running excitedly over to Tom.
    • He let her give him kisses all across his face.
    • He would gently press his finger to his lips.
      • “Tess, darlin’ we have to be quiet for mommy can’t let her wake up.”
      • But her tail would be wagging so hard and she clumsily keeps trying to jump into his arms that you eventually wake you
        • “Tess, go back to bed.”
    • It takes you a minute to realize that Tom is there with you.
      • “Tommy!”
      • “I missed you guys. Tessa already gave me kisses, can I get some from you too?”
      • “Mmm, I suppose so.”
  • One day you decided to take Tessa to a dog park.
    • Tom was hesitant on the idea because of the reactions he’s gotten before.
    • You convinced him that everything was going to be fine.
    • At first, things were going fine. 
    • You and Tom were responsible dog owners so you kept Tessa on her leash and kept your eyes on her.
    • Things slowly went south though when a woman with a fluffy Pomeranian walked by and Tessa decided to be friendly and gently nudge the other dog.
    • The owner was not happy.
      • “Get your mutt away.”
      • And then she proceeded to kick Tessa.
    • Listen, fighting is wrong you’re all about peace, love and that other shit but in that moment you wanted to knock her ass out.
      • Especially when Tessa let out a pained whimper at the woman’s foot.
    • Tom saw what was about to go on and stepped in between the two of you.
      • “Don’t kick our dog,” He said calmly.
      • “YEAH DON’T KICK MY FUCKING DOG,” You said trying to get past his arm.
      • “That thing tried to attack my dog,” The woman defended, pulling her leash closer to her.
      • “Tessa is a saint unlike you, you stank ass-” You started to go off but Tom gently pushed you away so he could handle the situation on his own.
      • You growled but stomped off in a huff with Tessa.
      • She still whimpered some which made you soften up and hug her.
        • “You know you’re my girl, Tess. You little angel you.”

Delicious vegan Mediterranean 😍👏🏽
Assorted items consist of tabouleh, falafel, marinated eggplant, picked red onions, cilantro and red pepper hummus, quinoa salad, Turkish salad, greens, and tahini.

stood up

inspired by @jilys and @alrightpotter and everyone else who has made lovely group chat aus

this is one inspired by the prompt “i got stood up and you sat down and started talking to me who are you”

Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: what would u say if i broke ur heels

Marlene McKinnon: i would murder u w. Out thinkng abt it

Lily Evans: ….

Lily Evans: i broke ur heels

Lily Evans: marlene

Marlene McKinnon: blocked


Dorcas Meadows to diagnose me dr lily: lily

Dorcas Meadows: i have a rash on my arm lily diagnose me

Lily Evans: pneumonia

Dorcas Meadows: ???,,,,???? Its getting worse???…

Lily Evans: did u try turning it off and on again

Lily Evans: geez i m not a doctor yet


Marlene McKinnon to all boys r twats: dorcas i just saw snape and rosier following after lily

Marlene McKinnon: oh shIr

Marlene McKinnon: Lils

Marlene McKinnon: im coming to get u stay there


Lily Evans to Severus Snape: if u come near me again i will grind ur balls in a blender

Severus Snape: you know I’m right

Lily Evans: you’re a white supremacist

Lily Evans: YOU are wrong


Marlene McKinnon to Dorcas get me those spicy pita chips: what did snivelus say

Lily Evans: ‘’’’’im a nazi’’’’

Dorcas Meadows: rly

Lily Evans: no but basically

Lily Evans: i need booze asap

Marlene McKinnon: i got lots

Dorcas Meadows: omw


Dorcas Meadows to lily needs to get laid: mission imposible: how about Peter Pettigrew

Lily Evans: pass

Dorcas Meadows: u say that about everyone

Lily Evans: and

Lily Evans: i m focusing on school rn

Dorcas Meadows: do u even know who pettigrew is????,,?

Lily Evans:  y es

Marlene McKinnon: just one pls

Dorcas Meadows: lil if you go on one blind date ill take you to nandos

Lily Evans: deal

Lily Evans: but just one and not peter pettigreq

Lily Evans changed group name to i deserve better friends than these weeds


Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: where am i meeting him

Marlene McKinnon: corner of 165th by tha t pizza plce

Marlene McKinnon: he said hed b inside

Lily Evans: he better b hot


Marlene McKinnon to tminus 0 days until lilys date: LILY


Marlene McKinnon: IM SO SORRY

Marlene McKinnon: EVANS


Lily Evans to blondie + inferiors with rat nests: marlene he was rly hot ur the best

Lily Evans:  wait what

Dorcas Meadows: ?,,,,,,,???

Lily Evans: he stood me up?

Lily Evans: then who was i with last night

Lily Evans: Marlene McKinnon get ur butt over here with the nandos
Marlene McKinnon: it’s 3am lily why did u just get back ;)))))


Lily Evans to James Potter: who r u rly

James Potter: oops

Lily Evans: r u actly james ?

James Potter: yeah srry i didnt know what to say u just kind of sat down

Lily Evans: ?? I was there first twat

James Potter: u were rly cute

James Potter: what cna i say

Lily Evans: so u just sat down with a random stranger and pretended to know me

James Potter: yes ?


Lily Evans sent a picture to group: what Do I dO

Marlene McKinnon: James Potter SAT NEXT TO YOU?

Dorcas Meadows: the CUTEST guy at on campus???

Marlene McKinnon: to clarify

Marlene McKinnon: the star football player who also happens to be v hot and buff sat next to u bc u were cute??

Lily Evans: i got stood up and i guess i didnt know who he was

Lily Evans: he was a little concieted

Lily Evans: and not that hot

Dorcas Meadows: ur in denial

Marlene McKinnon: ur name together is lames

Lily Evans: …..

Dorcas Meadows: so what happened after the date

Marlene McKinnon: u didn’t come back until late late

Lily Evans: ..nothing


Sirius Black to Remus Lupin: whats wrong with james

Remus Lupin: he went on a date with Lily Evans

Sirius Black: the redhead in his calc class

Remus Lupin: yeah

Sirius Black: oh

Sirius Black: he’s in a daze and wont move

Remus Lupin: tell him theres a spider on his bed

Sirius Black: he didn’t move

Remus Lupin: woW

Sirius Black: im calling 911

Remus Lupin: nO

Peter Pettigrew: too late


Marlene McKinnon to Sirius Black: theyre the worst

Sirius Black: tell lily to meet u at the library

Sirius Black: ill get james to go to

Sirius Black: also how did u get this #

Marlene McKinnon: it wastn that hard


Sirius Black to James Potter: meet me at hte library in 10

James Potter: u never study

James Potter: r u trying to set me up again with evans

Sirius Black: no ?

James Potter: wanker

James Potter: leaving now


Lily Evans to James Potter: im not good enough to be a doctor

Lily Evans: i just got fired from the pizza parlor

James Potter: yike what happened

Lily Evans: fell asleep during my break n missed my shift

James Potter: im coming with nandos

Lily Evans: im in the tesco parking lot

James Potter: np


Lily Evans to James Potter: ur gonna crush it today!!

James Potter: are u coming

Lily Evans: ofc


Marlene McKinnon to lily ate the chocholate and deserves disembowlment: lily and james just hugged after he won the cup and

Sirius Black: most sexually charged hug i’ve ever seen

Remus Lupin: is that an apostrophe

Sirius Black: there are more important things to worry about right now

Peter Pettigrew: who put Marlene on this chat


Lily Evans to We”RE OUT OF CHOCOCLATE: so

Lily Evans: theres this guy who is hot and toned

Lily Evans: and also happens to be mischevious and smart and is good at literally everything

Lily Evans: but also has a big head and generous and super rich

Lily Evans: and i cant tell if i hate him or like him

Dorcas Meadows: r u kidding me lily

Marlene McKinnon: a match made in heaven

Lily Evans: i cant TELL

Marlene McKinnon: im texting him right now

Lily Evans: NO DONT

Lily Evans: mar i will kill you im not even sure yet

Lily Evans: some people said i just want him as my sugar daddy

Marlene McKinnon: who said that

Dorcas Meadows: snape

Marlene McKinnon: he’s an asshat don’t listen to him

Lily Evans: but what if potter just leaves

Lily Evans: there are way better girls for him

Lily Evans: ones his parents would approve of

Dorcas Meadows: thats bs and u know it

Marlene McKinnon: ^


Lily Evan’s Notes: u just do everything perfectly theres nothing you could do wrong and its unfair and you have perfect messy hair thats so beautiful and i could stare at the stars for hours with you just because nothing can stop you and u want to learn everything like i do and your the only person i can call at 2am without worrying and your tall and i think im in love


James Potter to Lily Evans: sitting on third floor by statue of humphrey

Lily Evans: can you pick me up

James Potter: we have a quiz in five mins

Lily Evans: its important

James Potter: ill b right there


Sirius Black to twats + grammer twat: LAMES HAPPEND

Sirius Black changed group chat name to LAMES: THIRE SNOGGING IN TH PARKIING LOT

Remus Lupin: IM COMING
Marlene McKinnon: freaking adorable

James Potter: twat

Lily Evans: shut up black

[ENG] 170530 Joshua’s Twitter Interactions With Fans

Opening Tweet: [17’S Joshua] Hello!!!!

Fan: Shua-ya, I love you❣️ All the best for The Show~~~~~>< I will also work hard at work❣️
JS: Thank you :)

Fan: Yo burger king, I’m the rap king, you mAKE ME WANNA SING
JS: Yo yo I like your flow, it’s smooth like a sailing boat, cool and refreshing like a root beer float, it’s so cool I need to wear coat.
JS: Wear a.^

Fan: Shua, did you agonise over what to eat today last night as well….? Noona agonised over it but ate something different…. *laughs*
JS: I have determination in eating meat.

Fan: Hello Shua-sshi (attached image)
JS: Hello Jane*-sshi.
(T/N: Fan’s name)

Fan: Wah, it’s hot *cries*
JS: When it’s hot, Americano :)

(T/N: ^ denotes tweets that are tweeted and replied in English)

cr: jiakass @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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onlygeorgeshelley  asked:

I'm intrigued by your post about the "legalgrind" thing in the teasers, and I'm fully on board with the possibility (more probability in my head) that this song is a drag/shade on Simon/Syco/Sony/SJPR and anyone else who's fucked him over these last seven years. I even sent Amy an note about it on Friday (I told her she didn't need to reply, I was just venting). In any case, you seem to be alluding the possibility that this may mean something else. May I ask what you think it might be?

I made a reply but mobile Tumblr ate it… I’m sorry.

I think Louis knew that he couldn’t publicly acknowledge that BTY was from personal experience– and maybe even suspected that he would have to say so during promo.

He compensated by using the BTY teaser to outline his reality, and also to mention that his album was honest.

I realized, while listening today, how BTY was an inverse of Just Hold On. Where the promised reunion in JHO was reassuring and consoling (“You can be who you were, or who you’ll become”), in BTY, reunion is not healthy. It’s poisonous, disorienting, and almost done against one’s will. It’s Stockholm Syndrome– without the warm overtones. “You got me cornered and my hands are tied.”

The singer has lost a sense of who he is– “I don’t even know myself, I don’t own the way I feel.” He’s in pain. He’s forced to play wicked games. The laughter is not joyful but numbing. The “someone else” isn’t a romantic partner but a business partner.

I know you say you know me, know me well
But these days I don’t even know myself, no
I always thought I’d be with someone else
I thought I would own the way I felt, yeah

I call you but you never even answer
I tell myself I’m done with wicked games
But then I get so numb with all the laughter
That I forget about the pain

He keeps getting pulled back into situations that are stressful and emotionally damaging. His reputation gets dragged (“you drag me down,” perhaps a reference to MITAM), he can’t stop it (“I don’t know how to make it stop,” “I can’t take it”) but he keeps going back– signing with Syco, working with JGG/ SJPR/ being interviewed by Wootton.

Whoa, you stress me out, you kill me
You drag me down, you fuck me up
We’re on the ground, we’re screaming
I don’t know how to make it stop
I love it, I hate it
And I can’t take it
But I keep on coming back to you

And I guess you’ll never know
All the bullshit that you put me through
And I guess you never know, no
Yeah, so you can cut me up and kiss me harder
You can be the pill to ease the pain

Compare these lyrics from Zayn’s lUcOzAdE:

Seeing the pain side in this house of fear
Time heals pain and promotes self-soothing
I’m getting caught up in the feelings that they bring
A lack of sanity, losing touch with reality
I’m tryna fucking scream but the words won’t come out.

I see lUcOzAdE as a metaphor for things they do to mask the pain– literal things, like pills and sugary drinks– as well as metaphoric things, like songs and albums.

“Cut me up and kiss me harder” is a violent imagery– to show the supposedly good things done for Louis (Triple Strings, AGT, girl band, Eleanor) that are actually unwelcome, like a forced kiss. The song’s spareness is no mistake. Louis wanted every word to be heard. And he does have full creative control of his art.

1334  x 750

⌦ characters: jungkook, an idol that gets jealous and insecure easily but in the cutest ways. y/n, the idol’s playful long distance girlfriend that also happens to be a heavy sleeper and his rock.

⌦ genre + plot: fluff, smut mention, angst. the long-distance couple stays in touch via daily facetime calls and the occasional visit, but even then they crave each other. the idol acts on those desires, but not without a few bumps.

⌦ wc: 3,595

muse: bts’ jeongguk

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“Broken” (Chapter Eighteen)

Surprise! Two chapters today! As a thank you I expect lots of asks and various exclaiming over every detail of this beautiful chapter. I want to hear what everyone’s favorite part was!


Enjoy the hell out of this!

Bucky was nowhere to be found for almost two days.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true, he was still sleeping in bed with Steve and Clint every night, but as soon as he got back from his run with Sam and Steve, he disappeared.

He wasn’t around for meals, or when Pepper made her famous double chocolate fudge brownies, that everyone ate entirely too many of and then spent a few hours trying to nap off the carbs on the couch.

When Natasha and Clint took off for a quick assignment, taking the jet to Chicago, Bucky wasn’t there to say goodbye, or to welcome them back the next day.

Bruce had sent a message via Steve asking Bucky to come down to the lab and take a look at the new design he was considering for his metal arm, and Bucky had never responded.

Tony was worried, but Steve assured him that Bucky was fine, just being overly quiet. That he still slept with his arms wrapped around Steve, and slept all night with no nightmares, Steve just didn’t know where he went during the day.

Bucky was just nowhere to be found.

So Tony was understandably surprised when he walked through his dark lab, and Bucky spoke from the couch in the corner.


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