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Regarding all the drama surrounding ME:A...


I get it. Your upset. I can sympathize. Honestly, I can. Bioware could have made every character bisexual, they did that it Dragon Age 2! But that’s a little unrealistic?

Like out of all the people that came to andromeda PLUS what’s left of the Angaras, some of the people you get on your squad/crew/whatever aren’t interested in your gender?

Like, Sara Ryder player here, hit on Gil and he was like “umm no thx” ouch that sucked, lemme try another! Lexi “no thx” oh well shucks, that only stings a lot.

I understand that when it comes to m!ryder’s wanting a male love interest, there’s not much to choose from, and that honestly sucks. You have every right to be upset. You can’t be your true self in a game that is like an extension of you.

But straight up harassing developers and voice actors or anyone that has come in contact with the game is not right! They pour their hearts and souls into this game for you, add little things that you like FOR YOU, and you throw it right back at them. “THIS GAME SUCKS BECAUSE I CANT BANG THE SQUID CAT!” That’s not even what the game is about! It’s just an added bonus, an after thought. You can go through this entire game series without screwing a single person!

TL;DR:: I’m not bashing people for wanting representation. I’d want that too. I’m not saying you don’t have the right to be upset. By all means, do. All I’m trying to get at is respect. Respect for the company, for the people working in that company, for the game that is pretty much their baby! Stop the harassment. If a dev gets touchy about it, wouldn’t you if you were jabbed endlessly about it?

Enjoy the game for the story, the lore, the adventure! Romance is great, but I value the friendships I develop. I fall in love with the characters. These are my friends, my family.

I hope you can see it that way too.

Enjoy Andromeda!

(Editx2: sieve-owl made a lot of good points in their replies. I suggest people read them as well)

Dating George Weasley Would Include...
  • always trying to surprise you (scare you) when you don’t expect it, all just to say hi or something
  • while he’s always super confident and stupid with Fred, before actually asking you out he’d be ever so slightly more awkward around you
  • Like he’d still be stupid don’t get me wrong, but he’d be more careful what to say
  • admiring you from afar before he grew the balls to actually talk to you
  • Fred fucking notices
  • Ginny being your biggest shippers
  • he’d try to play it cool that he’s dating you but is actually super giddy about it
  • “I told her to wear that shirt today how good does she look”
  • “Did I tell you this thing about Y/N…”
  • “Y/n got a 90% on her Transfig exam can you believe it”
  • “I don’t even talk about her that much shut up”
  • stealing each other’s food
  • like even if you were in other houses
  • you’d make up such elaborate and insane strategies to steal like a single potato wedge
  • him trying to make you laugh 24/7
  • him helping you with homework
  • because he’s secretly so smart but keeps it under wraps
  • “George when did you even get smart”
  • excuse me
  • not gross PDA but the occasional hand holding
  • him telling Fred how much he likes you
  • “omg Fred she looked at me did you see that”
  • “god her hair looks pretty, like it always does but it needs saying”
  • *ears prick up* “that was so Y/n’s laugh I know her laugh and that was it”
  • “ah, Fred, she looked at me again”
  • “Fred I think she might have a crush on me”
  • “George you’re DATING
  • saying comments for the soul purpose to get you to blush
  • o v e r   p r o t e c t i v e
  • “George did you do the potions homework?”
  • “What potions— FUCK”
  • natural lounging position: his arm around you lazily
  • Fred would 100% say things about you to get him jealous
  • like Fred would say something like “Looking good Y/n” with a wink
  • George would just go quiet and have the iconic Weasley response of annoyance: red ears
  • having to reassure him that you’re only his
  • of course he believes you because he loves you
  • this was super long I apologise if you made it this far I congratulate you

Request: Could you make a ’_____ with George Weasley would include’ post because I’ve seen a bunch with Fred but I can’t find any with George. Thanks a million!!

I HAVE WANTED TO DO ONE OF THESE FOR AGES! Also turns out I read it wrong so I did the standard ‘Dating whoever would include’ sorry! I never had any inspiration to do one of these but here was my loooong attempt

I’m speechless by this picture. The man in the suit who’s doing first aid is a British minister named Tobias Ellwood. The man he’s doing first aid on is a police officer. The police officer had been stabbed down by a terrorist and was in a critical condition. Tobias Ellwood did what he could, but unfortunately the police officer didn’t make it. He is one of the four people who has lost their life today. There’s still people who’s fighting for their lives so this could sadly become a higher number.

If you’re in London and have seen anything suspicious call the anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321
If it’s an emergency call 999

Please stay safe and keep yourself updated either via social media, any news channel or you can follow @/metpoliceuk on Twitter.

Sickfic sentence starters that are not sweet or cute

“What’s your deal today? Why are you so crabby?”

“Of course you got your ass kicked; what did you expect?”

“Stop being a baby; it’s just a cold.”

“You’re overreacting. It doesn’t look that bad.”

“You’ve been lazy all day; it’s time to get up.”

“You missed my fucking presentation. You promised you’d be there and you missed it. What the hell was so important that you couldn’t be there for me?”

“I’m not falling for that one.”

“Oh, fuck, I’m–I’m not good with blood. I can’t help you.”

“Find someone else to help you–I’m done.”

You’re an asshole when you’re sick.”

“I don’t want your help. Fuck off.”

“Don’t touch me. I don’t want you to touch me right now.”


And it is officially Thursday here so I’m posting SUPER SPOILERS… Action Comics #976 by the master Dan Jurgens, and beautiful art by Doug Mahnke.

So today I woke up extra early and the first thing I did was buy and download Action Comics. I was promised that Superman: Reborn would be an epic tale of …well Superman proportions.

Was I nervous? Yes, hell yes! I’d just gone through years and years of the New52 and the Fauxmance (Super💔Wonder). I was promised that Superman and Lois would be used in stories that mattered… well, they sure as hell did not matter to me. To me I kept saying, nay, screaming that his collared freak was not my Superman. What do I mean by “My Superman”… confession time: I’ve only ever owned about 25 comics before the New52. I came in wanting the Superman I knew from the animated series, Lois and Clark TNAS, and Smallville. I didn’t find him in New52 comics. Who I found was a coward. A loner. A depressed person that was never happy with his life. And why was he like this? Because he never chased what he wanted: Lois Lane and his life.

In this issue of Action Comics, all that, though small, changed. I believe that given what they was given Dan Jurgens, Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason told a story that redeems New52 Superman’s mistakes. Why? It wasn’t his fault. He was kept from all the dreams he wanted to live. And ultimately, a truly evil force killed him.

In this issue, that has foundations as far back as Justice League International Annual 1 (released the same day as Justice League 12, to give true Superman fans hope) this issue does what the New52 couldn’t even dream of doing: it told a true Superman story.

And what my dear readers and friends is a true Superman story? A love story. A story about a man and his woman. A story about Clark Kent and Lois Lane. But this one truly becomes a modern classic with the addition of Jonathan Samuel Kent. There is the true love of lovers and the pure love of a family.

Not only does this issue erase a mistake that killed New52 Superman (his abusive relationship with a fake Wonder Woman) but it fuses yesterday, today and tomorrow. All stories matter. All stories have lead us to this moment. And now, everything is truly going to be okay.

I used to wake up fearing comic book Wednesday, and now thanks to Jurgens, Tomasi and Gleason, I have hope for a better tomorrow. I have hope I’m going to be happy.

DC Comics, you got it right.

True love truly conquers all.

P.s. Clois Lovers, do not let anyone ruin today for you. This is our victory. No one can rob this moment away. Don’t let sore losers dampen your happiness, go out and celebrate.


I actually arranged this piece nearly two years ago but I guess I can repost it for today’s theme (music).

15 Year Old Boy Comes Home With A Porsche

A fifteen year-old boy came home with a Porsche and his parents began to yell and scream,

“Where did you get that car?”

He calmly told them, “I bought it today.”

“With what money?” demanded his parents.

“We know what a Porsche costs..”

“Well,” said the boy, “this one cost me fifteen dollars.”

So the parents began to yell even louder. “Who would sell a car like that for fifteen dollars?” they asked.

“It was the lady up the street,” said the boy. Don’t know her name-they just moved in. She saw me ride past on my bike and asked me if I wanted to buy a Porsche for fifteen dollars.“

"Oh my Goodness!,” moaned the mother, “she must be a child abuser. Who knows what she will do next? John, you go right up there and see what’s going on.”

So the boy’s father walked up the street to the house where the lady lived and found her out in the yard calmly planting petunias. He introduced himself as the father of the boy to whom she had sold a Porsche for fifteen dollars and demanded to know why she did it.

“Well,” she said, “this morning I got a phone call from my husband. I thought he was on a business trip, but learned from a friend he has run off to Hawaii with his secretary and really doesn’t intend to come back. He claimed he was stranded and asked me to sell his new Porsche and send him the money. So I did.”

like ok yes the split was the Right Thing for them and i’m glad they did break up for all their sakes. i think most mcr fans recognize that at this point. but it doesn’t mean i (and other mcr fans) can’t take a day to remember what happened and how much they helped so many people and what they built. so maybe uhhh don’t shit on people for being nostalgic or sad today. THAT’S ALL I’M SAYIN.

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Oh god, ghost mama! Im shaking so fuckin much, today i said to myself that i need to confess to my crush! And i did. But not my love for her, i told about my depression. Well. This is not what i planned, but i panicked! ;w;

oH GOSH I MEAN THAT WORKS TOO LMAO……. legit tho hopefully you find the courage to confess soon!

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dr iris west an icon

Do you know by any chance who is filming i know cp is but do u think KL and dp are in vancouver and i asked u about about dp because there is some rumours that the new quirky woman that has been recently casted may replace her on the show and iam more than here for it so if anyone knows if she is still in vancouver.

LOL, DP is filming today, I doubt her relocation to Legends is happening this soon. 

I know you don’t watch SG but Winn really put everyone to shame with his voice. I’m still shook

I don’t watch SG, but I did watch Smash and Jeremy has a beautiful voice (but I did hate that they kept pairing him with Karen’s bland ass)

what do you think about a timetable for the wedding? i’m okay with a long engagement at this point. i think late Season 4 at the earliest, but i can’t shake the feeling that they’d want to do a big event like that for the 100th episode, which would be around the crossover time in Season 5. then they could have the other show’s characters all come for it and everything, have some big threat to the wedding taking place. it seems perfect for that.

 I doubt they’ll wait for the 100th ep. Maybe Iris will find out she’s preggers in the 100th ep, or Bart will show up. I think they’ll get married around this time next season. 

I don’t know if y'all have noticed but tom f posted on his ig stories a photo of him doing ADR for an episode and it seems to me that KF is happening 🤔🔍👀 check it out

Yeah, I saw it on the Twitter. 

To the blogger, the difference between Kai and Mon-El is that Kai was a funny villain. Viciously​ evil, but funny. Mon-El is a chauvinistic fuckboy that lied about being a regular alien of a cruel planet when he's​ actually a prince of said cruel planet. So there’s that.

Oh, wow. Evil characters are always more fun. 

Westallen trended for hours after the show went off, people who don’t even watch the flash are dying to see the ending, people from other fandoms are praising it, people who don’t watch flash or like wa are buying rhty on iTunes, some sb shippers have jumped ship, critics are loving the end of the episode. THE POWER OF WESTALLEN

The video that I posted already has over 4,000 notes, and looking at the tags, white a few are people who don’t even watch The Flash. It’s such a beautiful scene <3

If GG is going to pass out cigars when WA had twins, he’ll be twirling a cane when WA gets Bart Allen.

LOL, why twirling a cane? I don’t get the reference.

Proud of myself for today ✌🏼💕

When I woke up my head felt cloudy and I thought it would be another bad day. While it wasn’t perfect I feel like I made progress in my mind. I didn’t dwell on negative thoughts, when I did I managed to let them pass without overthinking them. I ate moderately well, I mean I had a protein shake at breakfast and a salad at lunch. I still had some treats but I’m trying! Plus I applied for two more jobs and managed to get in the gym. So yeah, I’m still stressing over finances and stuff but I’ll take what I get and chalk up today as a positive one!

there’s this girl in my class that suffers from some kind of intense social anxiety and selective mutism (i dont want to assume anything but i think she has some autistic traits as well)
people are so mean to her sometimes, teachers always call her attention bc she’s always drawing in class and i feel so bad for her but i never did anything it makes me feel so guilty
so today she sat by my side and i wrote her a note saying that her drawings are beautiful and i asked what she wanted to study in college
i think she was v happy


Okay. So I finally got my hands on the one Ninjago set I’ve wanted more than anything. So everything was good. Well today did get better, and by better I mean something really funny happened.

So basically, after we left Target, my brother, being a ten year-old. Did what younger siblings do best. Annoy their older sibling(s). As we walked through the mall he was following me saying “Ninjago sucks!” over and over again. I ignored him. Only threatening to send him to Hell once(twice) . And after enduring my mother’s long trip to Nordstrom Rack. (10 minutes is a long time to look at clothes.) We got in the car to head home.

  But, then my mother and Grandmother who was also there. Decided to go to TJ Maxx because they wanted to look at more clothes. I did not want to get out of the car, and neither did my brother. So I was stuck with him.

  We argued a bit after he insulted Ninjago again and I attempted to dump a bottle of water on his head, but thought better of it. Then there was a few minutes of silence while he played with the Lego he got and I just sat there appreciating the box in my hands. This silence lasted until out of nowhere my brother shouts “Fuck You Jay Walker!”  Hearing this. I lunged at him only to (lucky for him) look out the window on his side and see a man in a white short sleeved shirt and jeans. Jaywalking. He was yelling at the man. When I realized this we both started laughing our asses off until the adults got back.

In conclusion. Idk it was funny so I thought I'd  share.

Alright fam day 3😊😎 didn’t really know what I wanted to post today. So I chose an old sketch I did for art class. Its not my original work, and no where near as good as the original. I really loved the original sketch so here’s my interpretation of it.
Celegorm- Hunting, Strength and Beauty.
(also love Celegorm, not as much as Maglor or Maedhros, but very close)

[ENG TRANS] What are you doing V App - Jungyeon showing off her collection Part 1

Jungyeon reads a viewer’s comment on whether she can show more Nayeon manips (remember she kept showing them on another V App recently and got in trouble? Nayeon called her live, just like this one). Jungyeon says, “Indeed, I did take one today everyone!!! Heheheh! But I can’t let Nayeon-unnie see this… shall I show it to you? Are you curious? curious about Nayeon-unnie manips? But then if I show it to you guys here, I think Nayeon-unnie will call. She’ll call in 3 seconds, hahaha! Okay fine, for the benefit of the fans, just once (LOL) I will reveal it.”. She then stops Seventeen’s Highlight and starts finding the pics, “Recently Nayeon-unnie was sleeping…”. Nayeon calls right away as expected, “ARE YOU CRAZY?”. Jungyeon dies laughing and coughing and Nayeon says, “I’m watching now (you know)”. 

Jungyeon: Let’s reveal it
Nayeon: What is it?
Jungyeon: It’s that one, Unnie’s sleeping picture
Nayeon: Huh? That’s not a manip, that’s totally cute. It’s Ultra. Cute. (T/N: the abbreviations they talked about at Sangam fansign)
Jungyeon: Fine let’s reveal it
Nayeon: It’s Ultra. Cute. guys! You’ll be surprised how cute it is. Ultra. Surprised! Don’t you think it’s cute? 
Jungyeon: *laughs* Fine I’ll reveal it! So basically Nayeon-unnie was sleeping wearing a beanie, but the way she looked with the beanie… It was… *laughs and laughs* 

That’s love <3

Trans: only2yeon

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Wait ok what's happening with you apparently being rude????? I'm confused, I think I missed something?? Like did some bitch try to call you out and get people to turn on you or something...? I don't know what is going on.

Someone probably saw me be sassy or salty and then they got sad because they have nothing better to do! I hope they’re having a better day today though!