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  • Molly Weasley: That was Ginny’s school calling. Apparently, she’s been using some very creative language today.
  • Sirius Black: Oh? Do tell.
  • Molly Weasley: Well, she called her Potions homework a “cluster duck” and her professor a “mother flunker”.
  • Sirius Black: [amused] Did she call anyone a “sock sucker”?
  • [Molly looks at him, pissed]
  • Sirius Black: What? It’s just someone who sucks socks.
  • Molly Weasley: I can’t believe you’re teaching my daughter loophole swear words.
  • Sirius Black: In my defense, “mother flunker” was entirely the little deviant’s creation. And very clever of her, I might add.

You Need To See This - Sweet Pea

Prompt - SP thinks his North side girlfriend is ashamed of him until Toni shows him a video of the reader defending him
Pairing - Sweet Pea x reader
Warnings - swearing 

a/n this is my first sweet pea imagine and request for riverdale i hope you like it


You had been dating sweet pea for almost 2 months now. You had gone to visit jug at the trailer park when you first met the cute serpent and both clicked more or less instantly getting together.

You wanted to tell B&V about sweet pea but just as you was about to archie had started some form of feud with sweet pea and the serpents. Every time someone mentions them Archie would lose it so you kept your relationship with sweets a secret.

You and sweets was in pops car park when you saw Archie and Betty and Veronica in there. “you hungry” he asks, “no” you say too quick pulling him away from your friends. “I wanna go for a ride” you say trying to get him to leave fast.
Sweet pea knew something was up with you and as he looked up seeing the bright red hair of Archie he began to know what it was. Once back at the Southside sweet pea had given you the cold shoulder, pouting and being snappy.

You watched him go outside for a smoke following him out to find out what’s up with him. “why you in a mood” you asked him. “nothing” he snapped back at you not looking up from the ground.
When you went to go back inside he looked at you. “wait, are you ashamed of telling your north side friends about me” he said in a softer voice. You stopped looking back at him, “what no” you say back unsure where this was coming from. 

“Then what was today all about, you literally dragged me away from pops because that North side idiot was in there” he said looking slightly hurt. “when I call you and your with them you say you’ll call me back and act different, you won’t even let me drop you off at your door because Archie might see us, isn’t that what you said” his voice a mix of anger and sadness.

You felt bad as he listed all the things that made it look like you was ashamed of him, but you wasn’t you loved him. Stepping closer to him putting your hand on his, “sweets I know it sound like that but your wrong” you plead with him.
“then tell me, tell why I’m your secret” now he sounded more angry. “because of this fight your having with them, if  I tell them it’s going to cause more trouble than soon enough I’m gonna be made to between you or my friends and I’m not ready to make that choice” you say back now had tears in your eyes.

  Sweet pea stepped back moving his hand from you, “well I’ll make it easy for you, where done I knew being with a north side wouldn’t of worked and I was right, goodbye y/n” he said walking off to his motorcycle. As you shouted his name crying heartbroken.

It was two days after sweet broke up with you, you had tried to text and call him but each one ignored. you was sat in pops with Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica and Reggie who for some reason was Archie’s new bff. You wasn’t in a social mood, Archie was banging on about some fight he’d had with sweet pea and the other serpents. Every time someone said his name you felt your heart brake more.

In the end Archie was beginning to annoy you. “he’s nothing but scum they all are they are like an idiotic  plague ruining the Southside and that sweet pea is worst one” Archie shouted. That was it you couldn’t sit there anymore “really Archie, your calling them scum, they wouldn’t have bothered you if you didn’t cause it all to begin with” you shouted. “your the one who pulled a gun on sweets, in the middle of the south side and your calling him a thug” you continue to shout as the whole of pops watched.

Kevin looked at the tension between you and Archie making a joke to lighten the mood “oh y/n defending the serpent, your not into him are you” he said. Everyone went quite as you didn’t respond “Omg you are into that thug” Archie screamed.
What none of your group knew was Jughead and toni was sat in a booth on the other side of the diner. they both watched when Archie started talking trash. “remind me why he’s your friend she ask Jughead, jug didn’t say nothing not sure what was wrong with Archie lately. they watched as y/n stood up to Archie, Toni took out her phone, Jug looked at her "What are you doing?” he asked, Toni didn’t answer but kept filming the rest of the argument.

over at the south side sweet pea was with fangs and some of the other serpent’s, although his mind was else where. fangs had made fun of how distant he was how he never thought sweet pea would be so sweet for a north side girl. getting frustrated “shut up I’m not she was just a bit of fun” he said trying to lie to himself. sweet pea went to taking his anger out on the pool table beating almost everyone he played.

Toni can in calling him out, pea went to her followed by fangs. “what do you want Topaz?” he asked “seen your buddy Andrew’s at pops today” she said sarcastically. sweet frowned and went to go back to his game not wanting to talk about Archie Andrews or any other north sider. “sweet pea, wait you need to see this” she said holding out her phone.

he looked at the screen seeing his redheaded enemy and y/n, “what is this?” he asked not really wanting to watch her with the north siders a reminder he’d lost her to them. “just watch it pea” everyone round him said at once. sweet pea pressed the triangle button to play the video.

he watched the start as Archie ripped into the serpent’s, but didn’t look all he noticed was the say yet annoyed expression on y/n. He watched her back him and his friends “and your calling him a thug” sweets gave a small smile, he watched as the sheriffs son commented on her possibly having a soft spot for the gang member.

“your into ain’t you?” Archie asked her. for a few seconds sweets breath stopped as he waited to see her reply. “yes, yes I like sweet pea a lot actually I’ve been seeing him for a few weeks now!” she said, sweet pea felt a smile spread across his face. he couldn’t help laugh at the looked on the north side groups faces. “your not really dating that south side piece of crap your picking him over us” Archie screamed at y/n.

“yes Archie I was until we had a fight because I knew when I told you all this argument would happened so I kept sweets a secret and now he want speak to me because he thought I was ashamed of him.” y/n shouted back. y/n stepped out the booth looking back at the group “when at the moment I feel more ashamed to be your friend Archie” she said walking out the diner tears in her eyes, as the video ended. sweets could hear the crack in her voice, it hurt him to see her so upset, yet proud to see his girl have his back. sweets sent the video to his phone, then gave Toni her phone back “thanks Topaz” he said genuinely.

you sat in your room crying you had lost sweets and now your group of friends. your phone rang a bunch of times not wanting to talk to anyone you let it ring out each time. once the constant ringing stopped you looked to see who it was shocked to see 20 miss calls. clicking on the list you saw 5 from Archie 3 from veronica 8 from betty 2 from Jughead and finally 2 from sweet pea. your mind raced to why he would be calling you did he want to get back together or did you still have one of his jackets and he wanted it back. your finger hovered over sweets name as you fought with yourself if you should call him back.
lost in your own mind, you screamed when a knocked on the window came. looking up you saw sweets pointing for you to open it, you smiled running over. Sweet Pea climbed into your room, it amazed you how easy it was for him to climb up to your room. “what are you doing here you ask timidly, now unsure what he was doing here.

  he took a step closer to you "I saw an interesting video today that showed me how much of an idiot I am” he said. you was even more confused now, but before you could ask anything else you heard your voice from his phone. “who, how when, how did you get this” you ask. sweet looks at you chuckling “Toni, but that doesn’t matter” he said putting his hands on your hips. “what matters is I should have known you have my back, you stood up for me even after I pushed you away and I never want to fight and lose you again, I love you y/n” he said kissing you. You kissed him back putting your arms round his neck. when he pulled back you smiled I love you too sweet pea.

Thin Mints and Menthol(Part III)(Steve Harrington x Reader)

PART 1   


Pairings: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: It’s set a year after Season 2 has finished and you’re a senior in high school who’s often getting into trouble with the law for petty crimes. And Hopper usually gets you out of trouble. Then one night the new officer Steve Harrington joins him.

Words: 2.6k

Warnings:  Mild swearing, mild mentions of smoking, abusive behavior.

A/N: Third part is finally here! It took me so long because I was having a tough weekend but I finally got the urge and I just needed to write! I don’t think it’s as good as the other parts, but I really tried! I think that the next part will be the last, which is sad but I’m so glad I’ve had so many people message me saying they enjoyed it. It means so much to me!!!

Over the course of next couple of days Steve picking you up from the bus stop became almost expected. Every morning, bright and early,  he’d pull up in his car, roll down his window and casually ask if you needed a ride. It was nice for you to actually see a friendly face before school. Between your unpredictable father and the now constant glares from your peers, Steve was comforting.

However, today there is no sign of Steve. You try not to look up every time a car passes, however you’re beginning to get anxious. A heavy blanket of fog had covered Hawkins overnight, and you couldn’t help but worry about Steve driving in it. If he doesn’t show up you’ll be forced to ride the rowdy school bus, along with people who hated you. Before he’d begun to give you a ride you’d been essentially invisible to all your classmates, now you were the talk of the town. You try not seem bothered but you can feel everyone’s eyes watching you, each of them whispering behind your back making no secret of their opinions.

A girl walks up to you smugly, you don’t know her name but she seems to know you.

“No Harrington today, (Y/L/N)? I guess he realized what a loser you are.” She says to you, she looks expectantly at her friends who are all giggling behind her. You roll your eyes at her.

“Yeah I guess he did.” You tell her, flashing her a sarcastic smile. She scoffs.

“At least you know you’re a nothing. Your little boyfriend must have found someone actually hot.” She cackles, her friends joining in. One of them calls her ‘Becky’. They all look slightly younger than you. You assume they’re juniors, you generally know everyone else in your grade.

“He’s not my boyfriend, we’re just friends. Not that it involves you.” You reply.

“Whatever, freak. Stay away from him.” ‘Becky’ demands, she jabs you in the shoulder with her index finger. Her blonde ponytail smacks you in the face as she spins around, flouncing off to stand with the crowd of girls she approached you with. You watch her as she walks away your mouth open in disbelief.

It had already not been the best morning, to say it’s your birthday. It’s been pretty shitty. You’d walked downstairs in a blouse you had decided to wear despite the cold temperatures that Hawkins had been dropping to. You’d walked past your father’s half-opened door, his snores echoing down the hallway. You could smell the strong stench of vomit and beer wafting from his room. No doubt he’d fallen asleep in his own vomit again. Tears stung at your eyes, you couldn’t believe that this was your life now. The brushes on your wrist have faded now. But fresh bruises have appeared elsewhere. It didn’t take much to anger him and apparently just your presence had been enough to set him off the night before. A sharp kick to your ribs and back had been enough to satisfy him last night.

You’re so wrapped up in your own thoughts you barely realize that the school bus has pulled up until you notice that students are getting on. You sigh shakily and place one foot onto the step up.

“(Y/N)! WAIT!” You breathe out a sigh of relief as Steve is jogging towards you. He’s smiling nervously at you. Walking out of the way of people trying to board the bus, you cross your arms and raise one eyebrow.

“You’re late.” You tell him, he runs his hands through his hair. You notice his lack of uniform, he’s just wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

“I know, I know, I had… Business to attend to and I didn’t realise it would take so long.” He gave you an apologetic smile. You shake your head in mock exasperation. “Can I at least make it up to you by taking your bag?” He begins to gently pull at your bag strap. You giggle lightly and let him remove it, he slings it over his right shoulder.

His left hand grasps yours and he leads you towards his car, your face begins to burn. This is the first time either of you had done anything so overtly romantic. Your palms are starting to exude moisture. Praying that you look much calmer on the outside. As inside the butterflies that live in your stomach are awake and fighting to get out. You glance up at him, he looks as red as you assume you look. You bite your lip slightly. He instantly lets go of your hand when you reach his trunk, and places your bag into it.

He saunters up to the passenger side door and opens it. The smile from his face immediately drops.

“Hey dickhead I told you to get in the back.” You raise your eyebrows in shock and storm up to up to him. He’s aiming the comment at the curly haired boy who’s sitting in shotgun. You stop in your tracks.

“I was here first!” He shouts at Steve.

“Dustin, I won’t hesitate making you walk. I’m serious.”

“You’re such an asshole. You know that right?” Dustin snaps at him. He steps out of the car and squares up to him, despite the very obvious height difference he looks quite menacing.

“Yeah, yeah , yeah. An asshole who takes you to school when you crash your bike. Y’know normal kids just ride the bus.”

“I’m not a kid!”

“Yeah and you’re not normal either.” You clap a hand to your mouth realising it was you who just told him that. He turns, gaping at you. Steve howls with laughter, struggling to remain upright he clutches to the car door. Dustin’s face suddenly cracks into a smile. He steps towards you.

“Okay, I like you!” He pats you on the arm. He opens the back door and slams it shut.

“I’d say I’m sorry about him, but you can handle yourself.” Steve tells you. You lean in and sit down in the car. He hesitates slightly. “It was kind of hot.”

“Dude, what the fuck kind of compliment is that?” You burst into laughter, Dustin’s head is poking in between the two front seats a disgusted expression etched across his face.

“I was joking, shut up.”

“Pretty crummy joke,” you inform him, “now can you please get in the car we’re gonna be late.”

He throws his hands up, “y’know I feel really used right now.”

“Good.” Grabbing the door you slam it shut. He paces round to the other side of the car, yanks the door open and slips into his seat. His hair looks manic and less put together than normal. He pulls away from the bus stop, his hands casually holding onto the steering wheel. You sit up slightly, pulling at the hem of your dress.

“So how come you aren’t in your not suited and booted today?” You enquire. It was strange to see him without the khaki coloured uniform. It was nice to seem him look more casual however. A glimpse at who he really was.

“Oh, I have today off. I’m working Sunday instead.”

“How come?”

“So he can pick you up from school.”

“Dude!” Steve says turning to glare at Dustin. The younger teen throws his hands up in frustration. You burst into peals of laughter unable to contain it, your hand holds onto the doorframe to steady yourself.

“Oh wow, and I thought chivalry was dead.” You finally get out once the laughter has subsided slightly.

“I was going to try and make it more romantic or something, but no. I cart you two around and where’s my thanks? Nowhere.” His hand touches his temple massaging it slightly. You lean towards him placing a hand on his thigh, a reassuring smile on your face.

“You really took time off just to take me to and from school? I mean it’s a nice gesture but I think you have your priorities in the wrong place.” You fail to mention the part about it being ‘romantic’.

“No. I was also going to ask if you wanted to see a movie and go for something to eat. I guess you’re going to say no, maybe I miss read the signs, but I heard that there’s this new horror film and -”

“Steve!” You grab his arm and shout to stop his ramblings. “Who said I was going to say no?”

There’s silence, his face frozen in shock. “Oh,” it’s all he can get out. He swallows and nods absentmindedly. “I suppose I’ll pick you up after school and we’ll catch the 5 P.M showing of ‘Silver Bullet’.”

“Oh I don’t even get to choose the film?” He raises his eyebrows at you. You place your hand on his thigh. “Don’t worry, I’m joking.”

“Wow. I can really feel the… Electricity.” Dustin’s face appears between you, his eyes darting between you, eyebrows moving suggestively.

Steve whacks him over the head, as you roar with laughter in the front.

“And remember I need your essays on my desk Monday morning!” Your teacher shouts over the class as they all rummage to try and pack away to get out as quick as they can. You’re also scrambling to collect your books into your bag so you don’t leave Steve waiting. There’s a tap on your shoulder. It’s Nancy Wheeler.

You and Nancy had been friends when you were younger, there were a small group of you that had been close. One by one you had dropped off. Some becoming more popular, you fading away. Nancy had coasted clear in the middle, her and Barbara had been the only ones to stay friends. Then when Barb died she looked lost, you wanted to reach out to her but it felt too hard. You always held a torch for Nancy no matter what rumors surrounded her. There was a certain quality to her, she was kind and funny. You also suspect she can be scary if she wants to be.

“(Y/N)! I heard that Steve is taking you to the movies tonight.” You continue to zip you bag up, struggling to maintain eye contact with her.

“Yeah I am… I hope that isn’t weird for you or anything…”

“What? Oh no! I was just going to say have a nice time. Steve, Steve’s a really good guy.” She smiles at you kindly and walks with you out of the classroom.

“So, you’re on good terms? I didn’t want to ask what happened between you two.”

“I wasn’t the best girlfriend to him. I was faithful to him, but emotionally I was unavailable. I just didn’t know how to cope with the pressure I was under at the time.”

“You’re with Jonathan now though, were you in love with him when you and Steve were dating.” She grabs your arm to stop you.

“I don’t want you to think badly of me, I like Steve. It’s just what me and Jonathan has is different.” You nod knowingly, somehow you suspect that things are also different for you and Steve. Even now your heart is beating knowing that he is sat waiting in his car outside. Just for you.

You part ways with Nancy, she walking up to Jonathan. His smile at her is sweet and loving, receiving something as truthful as a smile from someone who loves you is a gift. You admire them for a moment longer, breathing in deeply you push open the doors to the parking lot. The sun is already starting to set, most people have left the high school. The only cars parked are teachers and a few students in their cars waiting for people

But leaning on the hood of his car, wearing Ray-Bans in the dim autumn evening is Steve. You stop dead in your tracks and laugh at him. You run up to him, he stands up clearly noticing him. He grabs the door handle to open it for you.

“You ready?”

“Yeah, let’s go!”

“That was kind of awful!”

“What! No it wasn’t.” Steve faces you, walking backwards down the sidewalk as you sip on the last few dregs of Coke in your cup after you get out of the movies. “I think it’s already a modern day classic.”

“It was scary!”

“Yeah it’s a horror film (Y/N), they’re generally scary.”

“Well I’m just glad nothing that strange happens here in Hawkins.” Steve chuckles.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He just shakes his head and takes your hand in his. You swing it back and forth slightly. “Is there something exciting happening that I don’t know about?”

“Now that would be telling.” He taps the side of his nose, you roll your eyes at him but lean your head on him slightly as you walk. He shakes his sleeve up his arm to look at his watch.

“Huh, it’s past eight already. We need to hurry to get our reservation.” He tells you, but you’re not listening. Panic starts to rise in your chest, building as the seconds tick away.

“I’m sorry, I need to go home.”

“What? I booked us a table!”

“Steve, please!” You forcibly grab his arm, hoping he understands the urgency of the situation. He slowly nods, obviously disappointed, he pulls his keys out of his back pocket and leads you to his car.

“I really am sorry, I just didn’t realise it would be that late.” He shrugs his shoulders and points behind him.

“Your birthday present is on the back seat, it was a real bitch to find.” You beam at him and reach back to grab it, the back of your blouse riding up revealing the purple bruises cluttering your lower back. You grasp the roughly wrapped gift and sit back, a childlike wonder takes over you. A small box of ‘Thin Mint’ cookies stare up at you, you scramble to open them. However the sudden tension in the car makes you hesitate, Steve’s watching you a concerned look on his face.

“Where did those bruises come from?”

“Nowhere.” You gulp, “I mean, I fell down the stairs last night.”

Bullshit. Hopper told me your Dad was an asshole I didn’t think he was doing that to you.”

“H-h-he isn’t, I fuh-fell. I promise.” Tears roll down your face, you can’t even bring yourself to wipe them away. He takes one hand off of the wheel and reaches out to you. Instinctively you flinch away. He looks hurt, his hand still outstretched. You hide your face in your hands, the embarrassment of the situation is unbearable. How could I be so stupid? You think to yourself. The car stops but you sit unmoving. The click of a seat belt echoes throughout the car and suddenly Steve is pulling you into him. You melt under his touch, still sobbing. He rubs your back, whispering to you quietly. You cling to him desperately.

“I would never, ever hurt you. I promise.”

He smiles sadly and kisses your forehead. For now you were safe. And even though you were scared about the horrors waiting for you inside you could live in this moment, just for a while, and forget that the world wanted you to suffer. 

PART 4????


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hello from the other side

cassiebones  asked:

Okay but Lena being convinced that she’s dating Kara and holding her hand and cuddling with her and Kara thinks that they’re just friends so she doesn’t think it’s odd until one day Lena pecks her goodbye and calls her “babe” and Kara practically combusts on the spot and is like “what? Oh ok...”

It’s not that she doesn’t want to be dating Lena.

She does.

Rao, she does.

But Lena’s called them friends before, and to Kara, that means that she only wants to be friends.


So Kara lets herself love Lena the best way she can. 

In all ways.

But only as her friend.

So certain things… certain things stay in her imagination.

And she thinks it’s her imagination when one day, Lena kisses her on the cheek – Kara’s heart leaps, as it always does – and tells her, “see you tonight, babe.”




Kara’s heart leaps and it twitches and for a moment, she’s flying. 

She must have misheard.

Or maybe she hallucinated.

Maybe there’s something in her brain that’s being attacked by some alien, maybe she should get herself to the DEO, maybe –

“Kara? All good?” Lena asks, and Lena is touching her arm, and her face is so close, and her breath smells of red wine and perfection and –

“Lena, I… did you… I… you know what, never mind, yes, yeah, later, dinner plans, our dinner plans, I’ll see you for them. For the dinner plans, yes.”

The skin behind Lena’s eyes scrunches slightly and normally Kara finds it attractive but today it’s increasing her panic, her confusion.

Her being convinced that she’s having some alien-induced visions, because Lena Luthor cannot possibly have just called her – 

“Babe, what is it? Did I… did I do something wrong?”

And now Kara’s stomach really sinks, because that’s worry in Lena’s voice, that’s panic in Lena’s eyes, and suddenly both of Kara’s hands are on her upper arms because no, no, no, she cannot panic like this, question herself like this, not because of Kara.

“No, Lena, of course not, I just…” She steels herself and she breathes and she lets herself fall, just for a moment, into Lena’s eyes. “You called me ‘babe.’ And I… no, no, shh, it wasn’t wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong, Lena, I… it felt nice, but I… maybe it felt… too nice, or… I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m sorry, I – “

“No, Kara, please, tell me. Whatever it is you’re thinking, I want to know, so we can deal with it. That’s what relationships are built on, right? Communication, and… and trust?”

“Rela… friendships. Friendships, huh?” Kara chuckles and adjusts her glasses.

Lena squints.

“Kara, if calling you babe is too fast, that’s fine, that’s okay. Or… or if you’d prefer another pet name… I often think of you as… as my darling, in my head, if you’d prefer that to babe… I just… I thought… I’m sorry, Kara, truly, I didn’t mean to – “

“Wait, Lena, I… what – what?”

“Kara, you’re my girlfriend. You’re allowed to tell me what you like and don’t – “

But Lena doesn’t finish her sentence, because Kara’s lips are on hers, and Kara’s breath is her own, and Kara’s pulse is her own, and…

“You can call me babe all you want,” Kara whispers into her mouth, and Lena swoons, and Kara steadies her with strong hands and a trembling heart and soft, soft lips.

“Excellent,” Lena smiles into Kara’s mouth, and they dive into their first kiss with just as much synchronicity as they dive into everything else.


BTS Reaction: They Lose Their Shorty in the Store

Anonymous said:

“LMAO what about BTS losing their s/o in the store and being unable to find them because they’re on the short side, so they insult themselves in public and hear their s/o yell like "EXCUSE YOU?!” from a distance??“

😂😂I love this! Thank you for requesting 💕

Warning: minor self-deprecating comments

Arasseo: alright, okay (I understand)


His little princess has gone missing and he’s starting to get worried. He’s been calling for you, but he knows you have your earbuds in and aren’t paying attention. One thing that never fails to capture your attention, he realizes, is hearing him being insulted.

"Yah,” he sighs loudly as he sits down. “I’m getting old. Pretty soon I’ll have wrinkles and y/n won’t want me anymore.”

“EXCUSE YOU!” You appear out of nowhere, yanking your earbud out and scowling at him. “You not only insulted yourself, but me, too!”

“I’m sorry,” he leaps out of his seat to lay his hands softly on your shoulders. “I just couldn’t find you. It was either that, or scream at the top of my lungs.”

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He’s been searching for you in this department store for a whole thirty minutes. You think it’s hilarious, but he’s starting to get annoyed. Well, he was starting to get annoyed the first five minutes, now he’s pissed.

When an older song of BTS comes on the radio, he smirks. “Wah,” he says, exasperated. “Why would they play this one? It sucks.”

“What?” You yell. It’s one of the tracks he produced and your favorite.

“Found you,” he taunts, smirk never leaving his face.

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Your little body disappeared between the dress racks and now he can’t find you. He had found the specific dress you were looking for and your inconsiderate ass disappears on him.

“You know, I’ve been thinking” he says loudly, pretending he thinks you’re still beside him. “Yoongi hyung is a much better songwriter than me. He should write all the songs for our next album.”

“What the hell did you just say?” You come out of the dressing room, wearing the dress he found, looking beautiful and furious.

“Oh,” he says, laughing nervously. “There you are. I wasn’t serious.”

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Where is she? He thinks as he frantically searches for you. He even yells out a few times, but you don’t answer. What if something happened? She’s small and defenseless.

“I think Jimin should be the lead dancer now,” he says, thinking maybe you’re just ignoring him. He has been particularly loud today. “He’s much better than me.”

“Bullshit,” you say as you burst from the bathroom.

“Oh, you were in there the whole time?” He laughs. You silence him with a quirk of your eyebrow. “I’ve been looking for you.”

“We had Chipotle,” you whisper. “What do you expect?”

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He can’t find his tiny angel and he’s getting a bit worried. An idea comes to him and he walks to a mirror, leans in for a better look, pinches his stomach and frowns. “I should go on a diet,” he sighs.

“EXCUSE YOU!” You shout, coming around the corner where you were the entire time, innocently looking at jackets. “No, you should not, Jimin. You’re perfect.”

He smiles sweetly at you, pulling you in for a hug. “Arasseo.”

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He was joking around with you, only to hurt your feelings. Now, you’ve stormed off and he can’t find you. Curse your tiny body and ease at hiding from him!

“I’m a terrible boyfriend,” he practically shouts, knowing you’re going to come to his defense.

“What’d you just say!” You come out of hiding, your irritation at his jokes rising.

“I said ‘I’m a terrible boyfriend’. You deserve someone better, y/n.”

You punch him in the arm, making him over-dramatically cry out in pain as he clutches his arm.

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You’ve been shopping for hours and he’s exhausted. He just wants to go home. The problem is, he can’t find you, your little body has disappeared between the clothes racks. Letting out an exaggerated groan, he decides to pull out the big guns.

“I’m so stupid,” he says rather loudly as he pretends to examine a price tag. Good thing there aren’t many people in this god-forsaken store, he thinks. “I can’t figure out how much 40% is.”

“EXCUSE YOU!” Comes your shout, and he smirks at his brilliance.

“You think that’s funny, Jungkook?” His smirk disappears at the tone of your voice. You’re always so protective of him, even against himself. He’s in trouble.

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No makeup, my gown looks like it has a clown collar.. but I don’t care. I am feeling fantastic :) As I mentioned earlier, there have been some very rough patches due to pain medication alterations and today the issue all morning was fairly severe abdominal pain.  The laxatives finally worked though and I feel a lot better now this evening. I did feel overwhelmed today and cried for about 10 minutes. That feels like it was kind of the turning point though. I even told my mom I think I needed a good cry. As far as the big changes to my body, I am happy with what I can see so far. I would still most definitely do it all again despite the bad moments of pain and the discomfort from bowel issues. The stomach issues showed up even though I was taking medication to prevent them. It’s in the past now though! The turn around today was kind of amazing. I went on two walks on my own in addition to the scheduled physical therapy time. I was able to shower, hence the reemergence of my curls. It doesn’t look as nice because it air dried while I laid in bed. That did not stop the nursing staff from showering me with hair compliments though. They are all great here. At times they are very busy, but I can feel how much they do care. One of the nurses commented to me in the hallway with a smile.. “my, you are tall.” I later thought with a giggle.. “yeah, but I lost a few inches last week!” -Ari

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i loved your mistletoe fic but all i could think of was harry running back to the dorms and falling down beside hermione and ron and being like “i kissed draco today!!!” and ron looking green like “yeah i did too” and harry laughing his ass off and being like “wait WHAT YOU FIRST”

OMG YES!!! I am SO here for this!!!! :D :D And Draco never hearing the end of it! Every time Ron is with them and Draco leans in for a kiss, Harry smirks at him, leans back and raises an eyebrow. “Are you sure it’s ME you want to kiss?”

Even on their wedding day, when the minister says “You may now kiss the groom!” Harry wiggles his eyebrows and grins.
“Last chance, Malfoy. If you’d rather-”
“Oh, shut up, Potter!”
“Excuse me, it’s Malfoy-Potter now.”

Thank you for this!!! 💙💙 :D

tumblr acting like kylo ren’s story is as simple as boohoo mom and dad ignored me so i lash out by throwing tantrums and killing people

do you realize that this is what’s happening in the world today? young kids are being used by terrorists. snoke started on kylo when he was young and vulnerable. emphasis on young and vulnerable. and feeling abandoned by his parents. this is literally what is happening in the world right now. terrorists target the children because they’re not set in their ways and if they start them young, these kids grow old with their foundations as whatever the predators want them to be. whatever they need to be able to use the kids for their twisted causes.

this is the exact same reason why kylo ren thinks what he’s doing is right

am i saying he’s not accountable? no. but do i want to see his character be further developed and explored? to see his character rise above the manipulations of snoke on him as a kid? fuck yes

story-wise that is why he is fucking compelling to me as a character especially with current events and yall reduce him to a whiny ass boy that you all think of as a bad villain

you’re fucking right. he is a “bad” villain. and to those who want an iredeemable villain in star wars he’s not your guy. he is a “bad” villain because he has always been conflicted by the pull to the light. he is conflicted when he does the things he thinks are right (right = evil). like come on that is literally the first movie

and i don’t understand why some people were so confused when rian johnson said he and rey are sort of dual protagonists. like??? are you paying attention? KYLO REN IS NOT THE VILLAIN IN THIS STORY. rey, actual protagonist, went through the same shit and it only made her kind you say. well don’t you see kylo ren is just the other side of rey? with snoke lurking on the side to ensure ben solo stays dead inside?

this makes me so fucking angry tbh. i’m tired of seeing posts about how people who like kylo ren as a character are apologists and pro this and that shit and oh yeah blame it on the absentee parents boohoo. it’s such a one-sided view of kylo’s story.  he is a victim AND he is accountable for the shit he’s done. it can both exist on a character??? and it’s not even a subtext on the movie. it’s so explicit that some people are just being too selectively blind to see it for whatever reason.

i literally have no idea how he’s gonna redeem himself especially after killing his father. i really don’t know. but those kids recruited by terrorist groups that have killed people in the name of their cause and want to quit and remove themselves from the evil organizations they once swore allegiance to… do i not want to see them renounce the false and evil beliefs and get back into the light? even if they never fully redeem themselves, isn’t it a good thing if they try? isn’t it a good thing for them to start choosing the good? that kylo ren’s redemption is a good fucking message to say that it’s not too late for everyone? that you can’t undo the past mistakes but you can do something about the present and the future? i’m not talking about kylo ren turning into a saint. but just the mere fact that these lost and fallen ones stand back up and find their way to the right and good again… isn’t that what we should want? i literally don’t understand why this redemption arc is such a bad thing for some people. like who are we to say who can and cannot at least try to redeem themselves?


@dearnonnatives, I hope it’s okay that I tag you in this? My brother took the worst of it, but he & I were both at Standing Rock

From my brother, recounting the tale of today on the Front Lines of Oceti Sakowin:

One year ago today, while wearing what had become my signature bright orange jacket, I was shot three times. Twice in the back, with my arms up and walking away from the police after they had said -and I was complying, “Viking, get your people off the bridge”, and once in the hand, breaking it.

It was the first time I swore while at Oceti Sakowin. I turned around and yelled at them, “You fucking cowards!”

I was immediately knocked back by a concussion grenade, and then blown to the ground by a concussion grenade detonating ten feet from the right side of my head, and then rendered unconscious by another, which detonated inches from the left side of my head.

I came to, laying in the middle of the Backwater Bridge, got to my feet, and was hit with clouds of tear gas. I then watched, as rounds I had not seen before, flew overhead, with greater range than the previous canisters, split into five or six pieces, and smoked with some sort of tear gas I hadn’t experienced before.

The winds had shifted, and the smoke was blowing back toward me. With my head pounding, and nearly complete loss of hearing on my left side, I inhaled the smoke, had a vasovagal syncope, and dropped to the ground, unconscious.

I regained consciousness to two Iktčé Wičháša brothers hauling me off the bridge, and all I remember them saying is, “Fuck! He’s heavy! You’ve got to walk, Viking! We can’t carry you!”

I told them to shove me over the guard rail onto the grassy shoulder, and they did.

I laid there, head pounding, trying to breathe, hand swelling, and the skin on my back feeling as if it were on fire.

I regained my senses, stood up, jumped over the guard rail, and went back to the line to pull anyone injured back to the medics.

We started that night.

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9 logicality

9.  When baking chocolate chip cookies (Different Ways To Say I Love You)

While Patton was known for being terrible at grilling, he was actually quite good at baking. It happened to actually be one of his favorite hobbies.

Especially since that’s one of the things he almost always does with Logan.

Not many would expect the normally stoic trait to be fond of something usually considered an art, but as Logan likes to say; “Cooking and baking are more like a science than an art. You have your reactants and your product is something edible, hopefully. You have instructions you need to follow,  but if you wish you can experiment, and while you may have a hypothesis on how things will go, you won’t know until you get the results of the experiment.” (Logan never was one to keep things short)

So yes, Patton loved baking with his Sherlock.

Another little known fact is that Logan had a huge sweet tooth. To the point where they had to be careful of Logan eating the ingredients while baking (Especially when they used Crofters to make thumbprint cookies- Patton will never again make the mistake of leaving Logan alone with that Jelly)

Sweets made Logan happy and baking them made them both happy, it had actually become a trend for them to make something simple together when the other was feeling down.

This is actually what happened one day when Patton was feeling down. He had been in a sad mood for most of the day, then he heard a knock on his door.

He sighed and did his best to put on a smile, though you could still see sadness in his eyes.

He opened the door and saw Logan standing there.

“Hey Logan. What brings you to my humble room?”

“I heard you were melancholy today. I thought it would be in your best interest to ji me in making chocolate chip cookies as it seems to quote on quote “lighten the mood.”

Patton chuckled slightly. “It sounds like fun Logan.”

The logical side seemed satisfied by this answer and two made their way to the kitchen and began to bake.

After they were done, Patton couldn’t help the happy feeling in his chest and the smile on his face.

“Thanks for cheering me up Lo.”

‘It was no problem Patton, baking is fun for me as well,”

Patton smiled, it was always a nice feeling to do something with someone you love, especially if it was a sweet way of them knowing that they loved each other.

“It is for me too Logan, it is for me too.”

A/N: I didn’t know how to end this, whoops. Hopefully you enjoyed nonetheless!

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Today in Middle-Earth: Thorin becomes obsessed (November 21st, 2941 T.A.)

“For the Arkenstone of my father,” Thorin said, “is worth more than a river of gold in itself, and to me it is beyond price. That stone of all the treasure I name unto myself, and I will be avenged on anyone who finds it and withholds it.”

Bilbo heard these words and he grew afraid, wondering what would happen, if the stone was found—wrapped in an old bundle of tattered oddments that he used as a pillow. All the same he did not speak of it, for as the weariness of the days grew heavier, the beginnings of a plan had come into his little head.

CSLB Author Spotlight: rouhn

Today’s featured Captain Swan Little Bang author is @rouhn!

How long have you been writing for the OUAT fandom? Did you write anything else (original or fan fiction) before joining the OUAT fandom?

I published my first story Dec 13th, 2016.

What sort of fic do you like to write? What sort of fic do you like to read?

I like to read one shots (around 9000 words) or MC; first I only read completed ones but now I read not completed MCs too. I prefer CS stories, mostly rated M but if someone recommends other stories I also read other ratings; if the summary is interesting I give it a try.

Besides your Little Bang fic, do you have anything else in the works?

Still have a MC in progress (which I hoped to finish until Dec 13th but now I am not so sure about it) and constantly working on one shots which pop up in my head and have to get out so I can focus on the CSLB story.

If this is your first time participating in a Big or Little Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

I struggled with myself to participate the CSBB17 - but I was afraid of not being able to create such a monster in such short time (I only was writing for a few months at the time of sign-up); when I read that there is a “little bang” with a max to 15000 words I knew I have to participate. I’m looking forward to see what an artist is able to create for my story - I am always eager to work with other talented people.

Featured Fic: The Dark Mission

It’s my baby, I was inspired by several other stories and wanted to give it a try - I still love it because it is a future fiction in the EF and I love that I leave my readers in the dark most of the time - this fiction combines angst and love and darkness.

Check out @rouhn on FFnet and AO3!

TWD 8x05 - The Big Scary U | Sentence Starters

I no longer fear death.
What I fear is a fruitless death.
These cakes are made from scratch by yours truly.
You don’t need to explain yourself over and over again.
I don’t like killing people any more than you do.
If you kill the right people at the right time, everything falls in place.
If you kill one, you could be saving hundreds more.
Tell me where to go and what to do and I’ll make it happen.
I think you’re a thin-dicked politician, threading the needle with your thin dick.
People are a resource.
People are the foundation of what we are building here!
Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?!
Are you confused about who we are?
Are you confused about who’s in charge?
We kill the right people in the wrongest way possible and we make them all watch!
Your friend (…) is an asshole.
There had to be some reason why I did what I did.
I don’t have shit to confess.
We have to assume (…) is dead.
They have snipers all around the building.
Someone in here made everything out there happen.
The right kind of rat can kill plenty of people.
We keep what’s ours and we don’t give up a damn thing!
We’re going to find that subhuman coward who did this to us and we’re going to kill him!
Let’s make today the best today it can be.
You can use your weaknesses to drive your strengths.
I’m going to make you my new special project.
You killed my people when they were sleeping?
I haven’t killed anyone who didn’t need it.
There are people in there who aren’t fighters!
There’s a plan and everyone’s sticking to it.
A lot of our people are dead, (…).
We make it inside, we live.
I can just kill you, but that’s not what I want.
I’ve killed before but that’s not my greatest sin.
What you did, that’s some horrible, cowardly, spineless shit.
Anyone else want a bullet? Anyone?!

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I know this is my second ask, but Ichi, what did you do with the babies today? :0

Ichi: Well after arriving and giving them a little greeting, I was escorted with some nurses to learn how to take care of them. They taught me a few things in basic newborn care. One being learning how to burp them after feeding.

They also taught me how to change diapers…I think I hate this job out of all of the other ones…

Also how to bathe them and other stuff. They sure do need a lot of care and I probably wouldn’t have been able to do half the stuff without their help. But all I want now is to bring them home.

Today was a very emotional day at work. Another life or dead situation. I always feel bad when I have to leave when my shift ends. What happends when Im gone? Will she be alone? Are they taking good care ( i know they do )of her and did I enough for her today? So many questions, I know I did my best for her and she told me that she was so happy about the loving care she got .. I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow and see if she is still there. Its a hard and beautiful thing to take care of someone who is in his last period of life. I can’t describe how loving it is to just sit there with someone and be there for that person. I just needed to get this of my chest. Sorry for the spam. 💗

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CSLB Author Spotlight: best-left-hook-jones

Today’s featured Captain Swan Little Bang author is @best-left-hook-jones!

How long have you been writing for the OUAT fandom? Did you write anything else (original or fan fiction) before joining the OUAT fandom?

I joined the OUAT fandom years ago, but I only started writing things in January. I write a lot of research papers and I’m always editing for other people, so this is a nice change of pace for me. Probably a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to fiction writing, but I’ll get there!

What sort of fic do you like to write? What sort of fic do you like to read?

Many of the shorter fics I write centre around family interactions and small moments caught between big scenes. They’re always fun to write, and I draw a lot from my own memories and experiences when I write them. Sometimes a little bit of heartache makes its way in there too, but those are just as cathartic and I’m always happy with those moments.  

I love reading long, modern AUs and period AUs! Basically anything where I get to see my beloved characters thrown into a new world together and I get to watch them fall in love all over again. I’m also a massive sucker for castles. Oh, and cursed!Killian, of course!

Besides your Little Bang fic, do you have anything else in the works?

I have tons of ideas in the works right now, and my ever-growing folder of fic outlines is getting more and more daunting every day! I’m in the middle of writing a long MC called “It Is Not Yet Evening” that centres around Emma and Killian in Russia in 1917. I also have a yet-untitled murder-mystery/detective AU that I’m excited to get started on!

If you participated in the 2016 Big or Little Bangs, or the 2017 Big Bang, what was the experience like for you? What are you looking forward to this time around?

I participated as a beta reader in the 2017 Big Bang for the lovely miss HelloTragic, which was a wild ride! It was honestly so much fun, and I’m really looking forward to trying my hand at being the one at the helm this time around. I’ve never written a stand-alone one-shot before, so this should be a good challenge for me.

Featured Fic: It Is Not Yet Evening (AO3/Tumblr)

Check out @best-left-hook-jones on AO3!

ok sit your asses down it’s mcfuckin story time

a while ago the nib of my tablet pen was getting a bit small and i was like ‘oh better change it’ but!!! i couldn’t get it out with the nib removal thing from my tablet. so my stupid ass was like 'hm nevermind then. i’ll just continue drawing like a lil bitch’. and thus,,i did that.

now you know what happens to a small nib when you continue drawing? the fucko gets smaller. so my stupid ass picked up the pen today and guess what? the nib’s too fucking small to be used.

so i spent.half an hour. trying to pull it out with fucking tweezers.

but guess what? I DID IT. i don’t know how but i fucking DID it.

moral of the story don’t buy a wacom intuos draw because the nib removal thing is shitty as fuck and it will slowly kill you

All I did was request information from two colleges

at 3 in the morning

they both called after 8 a.m.

suddenly I’m being pushed to fill out enrollment forms, talk about money

I fillled out a FAFSA 

a third college just called me and the operator was really snotty when I said I didn’t want to talk. “So you don’t wanna get the information because three people have called you today. OKAY WELL GOOD LUCK TO YOUR FUTURE!”

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