this is what hollywood does to people

An old Hollywood expression goes: “If the scene is about what the scene is about, you’re in deep shit.” It means writing “on the nose,” writing dialogue and activity in which a character’s deepest thoughts and feelings are expressed by what the character says and does – writing the subtext directly into the text.

Writing this, for example: Two attractive people sit opposite each other at a candlelit table, the light glinting off the crystal wine-glasses and the dewy eyes of the lovers. Soft breezes billow the curtains. A Chopin nocturne plays in the background. The lovers reach across the table, touch hands, look longingly in each others’ eyes, say, “I love you, I love you”… and actually mean it. This is an unactable scene and will die like a rat in the road.

Actors are not marionettes to mime gestures and mouth words. They’re artists who create with material from the subtext, not the text. An actor brings a character to life from the inside out, from unspoken, even unconscious thoughts and feelings out to a surface of behavior. The actors will say and do whatever the scene requires, but they find their sources for creation in the inner life. The scene above is unactable because it has no inner life, no subtext. It’s unactable because there’s nothing to act.
—  McKee, Robert. Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting. HarperCollins e-books, 2010: 252-253.

I respect Jensen so, so much. I’m incredibly proud of this man.

Do you know why?

Because he’s honest with his fans. Because he sees us as people and not as mere paychecks. Because he considers us as a part of his extended family. Because he respects us. Because he won’t lie to us.

When you respect someone, you don’t lie to them. You don’t give them false hope. You don’t make up things to gather attention. You don’t use them to gain popularity. You treat them like they are people, like they matter. Like their feelings matter.

Jensen could have done what Misha does, what other actors do, what other show-runners do. He could have just laughed at the destiel jokes, could have teased fans some, could have amped up the tension. It would have been beneficial for him to do so. He could have kept on playing the hollywood game, like every other actor does.

He could have joked about misogynistic writers, could have talked about unwilling show-runners, could have pointed fingers at the vaguely homophobic studio heads –while giving false hope to the fans. He could have played the long con, could have kept up the will they or won’t they speculation until the last day and last second of the show. It would have been good for the show ratings. It’s what any other actor would have done.

But Jensen, Jensen is not your typical fame-hungry hollywood celebrity now, is he? Jensen respects his fan-base just too much to play with us like that.

He realizes that this ship is important to many people and he refuses to deceive them. He knows that its not gonna happen, and he doesn’t want to take advantage of their feelings, he doesn’t want to queer-bait. He doesn’t want to sell this show as something it is not, to sell his character as someone he is not –he’d rather tell us the truth and face the backlash. Because he cares about his fans.

And what does he gets from this fandom in return?

He gets so much hate from this fandom. He receives threats all over the social media. He gets called all kind of ugly, hateful names. He gets so much hate from the same people who pretend to be his fans. He gets ugly backlash –for treating us as people, as adults. for being honest with us, for being open.

Do you think he enjoys being hated on? Do you think he wants to hurt his fans feelings? No, he doesn’t. No one does. He just has too much integrity that he’d rather choose the right path, even if it is hard, even if it is full of proverbial thorns. 

That respect I was talking about? He’s earned it. He has taught me so many life lessons -lessons in hard work, integrity, honesty and love. Not by preaching, but by showing, by example. He makes me so proud of being his fan.

Yeah, I really love and respect this man. I find him truly remarkable.

First of all, there are some very chic avenues in BDSM,” - “It can be very beautiful and tasteful, and the materials can be luxurious. It’s not like being on Hollywood Boulevard and walking by a ball-gag store. But what I admire is the bravery and the honesty of people who get down with it, who aren’t afraid to say that they need something a bit more in order to get off. America is still so sexually oppressed. Isn’t God’s gift to humans the orgasm? Here’s a fun fact: A woman has the same number of nerve endings in her clitoris as a man does in his entire penis.
—  Dakota Johnson
"what could be more Hollywood authentic than holding out false hope?"

Riley and Lucas SAID they had hope for their relationship just one episode before GMGB (although Riley sounded awful skeptical, didn’t she?)…but in terms of behavior they didn’t actually hope for their relationship in GMGB. In S16, two pretty people said a very pretty thing, but in the next episode those words ring more than a little hollow in terms of their actual behavior.

“It’s not what she says, it’s what she does.”

Lucas “isn’t ready” for it in that first classroom scene, but he just assumes Riley’s leaving and that’s that. He’s pretty clearly not hoping things will work out with them as a couple because he already assumes she’s leaving and it’s over. Of course by the time he decides to say goodbye…he actually seems pretty ready although that’s more debatable than the cold hard fact that they behave as if they are convinced she’s leaving from the get-go. Riley and Lucas clearly accept that their relationship is ending due to distance before they even know for sure whether she’s moving or not. That ain’t hopin’.

“Those are just words.”

I shouldn’t be too upset, because Hollywood does this too. Remember Office Christmas Party? I guarantee you that started out just like any Tumblr post: “what if we made a movie about a crazy office Christmas party (hey, that can be the title!) and cast a lot of funny people like Kate McKinnon, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, et al?” 

“Okay, let’s find someone to write a script…”

“No, no, no, we just need to come up with a bunch of ideas of wacky stuff that could happen. Like… people photocopying their butt. That’s a scene right there. Then we give it to Jason Bateman, his mortgage is due, he’ll make it funny.”

And you wind up with a completely mediocre movie because it’s just a bunch of cliches strung together and funny people trying to breathe life into them. Figuratively throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks. “Oh, T.J. Miller said something funny in this take, that’ll go in the movie, done.” But then that scene ends up being pointless because it didn’t advance the plot, didn’t escalate the crisis, didn’t further anyone’s character… because it wasn’t written to. The director just said “T.J. Miller, you’re photocopying your butt, Jason Bateman, you come in and say ‘don’t photocopy your butt!’ But, like, in a funny way.”

You can also apply this to most blockbusters by substituting “action setpieces” for “wacky stuff that could happen.” And on the surface, it seems like the same content as you’d get in a movie that’s actually written. It’s only as you go from scene to scene to scene that you realize this is just an episode of Who’s Line Is It Anyway? with a comparatively huge budget (actually, that sounds great, scratch that).

I realized today that once you look past the filthy Frank show’s layers of odd humor and gross-out factor things, it actually has some pretty good messages.

For example, the director is Japanese, and said director also plays most of the main characters. Which already means we have many Asian characters that borderline make fun of the asian aesthetics most people enjoy, which is almost the opposite of what Hollywood does. There aren’t very many white characters, even in the early seasons before they began collaborating with internet celebrities. They even managed to subtly draw attention to many issues through the “lore”, a scifi-esque miniseries that abandons the elements of crude/offensive humor and gross out comedy for a more serious storyline an immersive world but uses all the ,characters from the content outside of the lore. Some examples of this include but are not limited to the subtle way of drawing attention to domestic abuse through a song called “fried noodles”, the not-so-subtle calling out of PETA through a song called “furr”.

It’s very interesting to see what an online series that appears to be about crude humor and things that make one nauseous can actually teach through subtext in storylines.

  • Snow White: For a 14yr old girl, I think I achieved a lot. I got out of an abusive situation, I kept my head held high in light of what happened to me, I demanded respect from a man who was rude to me and I got it, my movie helped Disney become what it is today, I helped people during the Great Depression and I even got my own Hollywood star! It may not seem like much but I think I did some pretty cool things. I wonder what the fandom thinks of me and what I have done.
  • Snow White: *Logs on to Tumblr*
  • Fandom: OMG, Snow White is so useless! She doesn't do anything! She is just there for looks. And all she does is wait for a man to save her.
  • Snow White: .....
  • Snow White: .................
  • Snow White: Ungrateful bitches.

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Can we all appreciate shawns life style. like he doesnt party af like all young these hollywood teenage stars do. doesnt smoke, do drugs etc. all he does is play his guitar and take photos on his phone if fan doesnt have hers. what a unproblematic role model he is. like how? i wish he would stay like into fitness and that cute canadian forever. gotta love him and i love ya

Smol skyscraper too pure for the world ☺

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What's Mulholland Drive really about? I've read summaries about it but I don't understand people's comments and posts about it?

I’m not really sure any summary would suffice because it’s a total disruption of traditional narratives?? There’s an overarching story following two women and their experience with Hollywood/Los Angeles, but it’s interwoven with a dozen seemingly insignificant stories that all connect at the end in the strangest of ways. None of it seems to make sense, until it does. And even then it’s still like.. what did I just watch?????

This is the poorest description of a film but I honestly don’t know how to even describe it–certainly without giving anything away. It’s just the ultimate betrayal of the mind. Plus queer women. 


I’ve mentioned before that I have a really hard time telling people apart. Hollywood really does not make things easy for me. 

Usually I can only keep track of the kind of huge, obvious many details that you’d find on a super exaggerated cartoon made by somebody who can’t actually draw– hair color, skin tone, maybe an iconic article of clothing, or a very large and prominent scar. When it’s exaggerated enough, I can use body language. I have a lot easier time with actors who would be considered Hollywood’s version of ugly (overweight, broken nose, strange-looking face, etc) –usually because they have distinct enough features that I can latch on to. 

I don’t completely lack the ability to remember faces– I don’t usually have a problem after I’ve developed an emotional attachment to a person/character– which is why I can actually tell Castiel from Columbo, and Lucifer from Nathan from Hook. It can be really hard to get to that point, though, if I can’t tell if I’m looking at one character or six. 

It’s not just Hollywood casting, either. When I first started my most recent job, I got super awkward around two of my coworkers because they were both petite blonde college-age girls with long hair, and I had no idea which one I was talking to even when the other one was standing right next to me. Now that I know them both fairly well, they look absolutely nothing alike. 

A lot of my ability to identify people is context based, too. For a while, I was able to identify a friend in the lunchroom because she was the only blonde who sat at our table, but I couldn’t recognize her in the halls until we became better friends. I wouldn’t have any problem identifying Lucifer in his own show, but I’ve had several moments where I see an untagged gifset where I have to look super close to be able to distinguish who I’m looking at. It doesn’t always work, though. Notably, I once saw a picture and got really confused about why Daniel Radcliff was hanging out with the Supernatural actors. It took maybe two full minutes of confused staring to realize I was looking at Osric Chau. 

This is the Ghost in the Shell we need.

I don’t dislike ScarJo

I dislike the white washing

I dislike the message saying: Japanese material is good enough but not a Japanese face

I dislike that Hollywood continues to say there aren’t enough Asian actresses, there are. They just won’t cast them in main roles.

I dislike that people are saying Motoko Kusanagi is not human so she can be any race, wrong. Kusanagi is made of mass produced parts so she doesn’t stand out, she also lives in a fictional Japanese city, you know what doesn’t stand out in a Japanese city? Someone who looks Japanese.

You know who does stand out? Someone who doesn’t look Japanese. Yes it’s a fictional city but it’s a Fictional city in Future Japan, a country where less than. 3% percent of their population is not Japanese (as in they can be any race, including other Asians who aren’t Japanese).

I dislike that there are so people coming out to defend this casting choice as if race doesn’t matter, or as if Caucasian actors are some how being unfairly treated by this… Are you kidding me?! white actors are not in danger of losing roles… If anything Asian actresses can’t even get a role where the protagonist is supposed to look Japanese…

How many Caucasians do you know named Motoko or have a surname remotely close to Kusanagi?!

I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

I love Ghost in the Shell. I love how it is most certainly a story resembling a part of Japanese culture and society and has commentary on very Japanese values.

I am just very disappointed by the continual Hollywood bullshit answers.

I can’t even be excited because it definitely feels like one giant slap in the face to Asians, especially Asian women.

I need to get this off my chest because it is driving me insane. I know I’m gonna get hate for it but I literally don’t care.

I am in no way shape or form racist. I am not sexist. I have always been very supportive of equality.

People should not get upset about races playing certain roles. It does not matter what race the actor or actress is. What matters is their talent. How well they can capture that character. 


I am white and one of my dream roles is Mimi Marquez. The backlash I would get for playing a normally Latina character would be insanity (even though renée elise goldsberry is african american and got 0 backlash for that). And yet when Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm everyone talked about how equality in Hollywood and how this was amazing.

That isn’t equality?

No type of race shaming is equality. 

It does not matter if you’re white, black, blue, purple, etc. We are all equal. Racism happens with every race no matter what you say. It does not downplay the racism towards other races, but it does exist.

ALSO. I am in love with Renée and I loved her portrayal of Mimi. I am just trying to make a point.

Why is Hollywood continually bombarding our country and this world with trash movies, which portray violence, rape, crime of every kind - a constant outpouring of appalling bloodshed? Why does Hollywood continue to pump out motion pictures depicting murder and violence and bloodshed? Then turning around to insist that movies don’t have any influence on young people’s minds, or people’s minds in general, when the obvious is so conclusively true - that all tapes and movies influence people’s minds. Ask yourself why. What is the purpose for portraying so much violence, and horror, and gory bloodshed in motion pictures? There is a reason for it. You had better think about it.
—  Jordan Maxwell - Matrix of Power

god my life is so full and rich when I see this kind of shit.

These people are the luckiest sons of bitches on the planet. How do they know enough actors to pull together a summation of what actors are “known for” Do they live in Hollywood? New York City? Are they schmoozing with the up and comers or do they touch toes with the A-listers? Where can I sign up? I want to see examples of those actors who take criticism ‘really intensely” What does that include?

Like this?

Random critic: Sebastian, you aren’t posting enough selfies on Instagram and you’re calling trolls “scum.” You must calm that fine err I mean, that ass of yours and play nice.


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OH MY GOD, there are actors who don’t like to read negative reviews about themselves?! I cannot believe such treachery! I just love finding negative comments about myself and reading and re-reading them all the time, because god knows, critics are never biased, obnoxious, self-serving antagonists. They only ever write things that would help the actors become better! hahahaha

GRADE: B- This one is a tad boring, but I wanted something different to mock and enjoy.

~Mod B


Hollywood usually likes to tell you what you are and I don’t want that. People see my face and they think it’s a prize. It’s something to win, something to get. I’m not a real person to them, I’m just something to check off their f****** list. How does that sound? Does it sound like fun to you? People walk out on pretty people all the time. Do you know how much shit I’ve carried around, had in my life, for this? - Amanda Seyfried for Sunday Times Style (July 2015)

I mean I honestly have loved liza for soo long she’s really funny and her puns are soo clever but I mean I saw the video she posted for eating foreign food and I get it people have sensitive stomachs and find it hard to digest foreign food and all but calling it pee and spit was little too far.. at least in my opinion
I’m Indian and I love Indian food but I can respect the fact that you may not.

And honestly, what do you really think– Indians talk like that??? I mean it’s so insensitive to think that every Indian person has the same stale-department-store accent!? What does priyanka Chopra and deepika padukone’s presence in Hollywood mean if you can’t tell that people in India don’t talk like that?!
So stop labeling that as funny cuz it’s just not!!

The last couple of days have been pretty rough for me adjusting from what I am used to back home in Sweden to what I will have to get used to here in LA. The culture is different, the basic moral is different, people are different, it’s a different place. I think you can see it both ways, both good and bad, but as we all know change is seldom easy. Just because things are hard in the beginning does not mean it will always be like that. I learnt that today. It’s all about you, you fully own yourself and your actions, which is such a privilege. 

Before taking this picture I had just been to my last class of the day which was contemporary and this class was the main thing that made my day so much better and that I could walk home, take this picture and feel good. It was a totally knew experience and I am so glad I got to experience it. A big shout out to the teacher who was endlessly dedicated in us to be ourselves on the dance floor and never be afraid of failing. 

Ending the day with a smile, thank you.

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How old are you?
26 (fuck you, a day off or no I’ve been alive that many years!)

What is your current job?
the job offer I got says “part-time proof-reader + general administration role”, so that’ll do I guess!

What are you talented at?
I crack the occasional funny; I’m told I make great tea/coffee. clear me a space on the Hollywood walk of fame cause clearly I’ll need it!

What’s your Aesthetic?
whaaaat? I don’t really know where to begin/end…
somewhere between a densely foggy moonlit countryside and the sound of pages turning mixed with people drinking/talking/laughing and a crackling fire
(does that work/make sense? who knows? answer in the replies!)

Do you collect anything?
closest I could say is books

What’s a topic that you always talk about?
not a lot. when I get the chance, it’s bits and bobs from books/films/music/tv shows I love, or plans to be made.

Good advice to give?
“when the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table”

Five songs you would recommend?
1: Wear Clean Draws - The Coup (puts the “fun” into “funky”, and was written by Boots Riley for his young daughter)
2: White Light - Shura (heard it live twice and doesn’t get boring, it always gets me moving)
3: Við spilum endalaust - Sigur Rós (such a happy song, even when played in a cafe in Paris!)
4: Hurley’s Handouts - Michael Giacchino (don’t scoff! Lost hit so many highs when it came to the soundtrack, and this might just have been the peak - ignore the Spanish bits in the video)
5: King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men (can’t decide if I prefer this or Mountain Sound, but I’ll go with this one for now. fun video too)

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Any teenage girl constantly obsessed with pointing out *other* teenage girls’ flaws simply can’t admit to her own damn problems.

*That big, bullying girl in high school to me in French class* 

“Sharon, how many boys have you kissed?”

(I was 14, I hadn’t kissed anyone yet.)

*Me lying* “I dunno. One or two boys. Maybe. I’m not sure.”

*Her* “Who was there? Who saw it?” 

*Me* “I dunno. People?”

*Her* “Liar.”

*Me* “Why do you even care about the boys I have kissed? What does it have to do with you?”

She swore at me a bit, made threats, then sulked.