this is what he wanted to wear to his outing

Conversation with my Co-Author
  • Me: I want Lotor to have more depth in this fic. I don't want him to be pure evil, but became that way from circumstance. But I can't seem to figure out how it will all end.
  • CA: Keith should kill him.
  • Me: what?! No, I'm not sure that will work for this...
  • CA: He should wear his black suit and kill Lotor with his blade.
  • Me: Now this is an excuse to put Keith in his black suit...
  • CA: And then he can kill Lotor nice and slow, the way the bastard deserves to die.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Your obsessing over that one thing he does, aren't you?
  • CA: You don't kidnap Lance away from Keith and not expect to DIE!!!!!!
  • Me: -_-
and you drive me wild

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PART SIX: Let’s make your outfit look hot

“Laf?” Alex called from his bedroom. He was standing in front of his bed, six different outfits spread out in front of him.

“Oui, mon ami?” Lafayette poked his head into Alex’s room. He had little green spots all over his face–– a face mask to treat his nonexistent acne.

“I can’t decide on what to wear,” Alex whined.

“Mon ami, seriously?” Laf asked, picking up the suit Alexander wore to all of the Washington’s uber formal events.

Alex gave a nervous laugh and shrugged. “I… wanted to make a good first impression?”

Laf shoved the suit at Alex for him to hang back up in the closet. While Alex was doing so, Laf had rejected three more potential outfits.

Alex went to gather them up when Laf stopped him.

“I must tell you why not to wear these for this kind of moment or you will never learn,” he said. He cleared his throat as he picked up the first outfit, a faded t-shirt for an obscure band and torn jeans. “This is not at all you,” Laf said. “Wasn’t this a Halloween costume?”

Alex blushed. “But what if he likes the whole grunge thing?”

Lafayette tsked. “Mon ami, do not lie about who you are or what you like to get a boy or girl or anyone. Ever. It is not worth it.”

With that, he picked up the next outfit, a bright blue polo shirt and khakis. “Alexander, mon ami,” Laf said, cocking an eyebrow at his brother. “What the, how you say, fuck?”

“Remember my job at the snack shack on the golf course last summer?”

“You were going to wear your work uniform?” Lafayette exclaimed. “I do not believe I even have to explain why you should never do that.” He shoved the clothes into Alex’s arms.

“I was trying to look professional!” Alex said.

“Professionally bad a fashion,” Laf muttered.

Alex glared at him, but stayed silent. Lafayette was just trying to help, after all, even if he was being the ultimate sass queen about it.

“And this little number,” Laf said, holding up the final outfit. It consisted of tight black pants and a purple sequins top. “This was from a talent show performance. From eighth grade. Do you even fit it anymore?”

“Fuck off,” Alex muttered, swiping the outfit out of Laf’s hands.

“Were you going to wear the hat, too, and bring your wand?”


“Ah, I am only teasing, mon ami,” Laf said with a wink.

Alexander crossed his arms and huffed at his brother.

“Now, let us look at the final two outfits.”

All that was left were two pairs of dark blue jeans, a collared flannel shirt, and a dark green cable knit sweater.

“The sweater,” Laf said confidently. “It goes well with your skin and brings out your eyes.”

Alexander studied the sweater. “And which pair of jeans?”

Laf looked at each pair before turning to Alex in confusion. “They are the same, non?”

“One has more of a distressed look than the other,” Alex said as if it should have been obvious.

“And are you distressed, mon ami?” Laf said, his tone light.

“Always,” Alex mumbled, rolling his eyes.

“Then the more distressed ones it is!” Laf turned to leave the room, but stopped short of the doorway. “And when you are done, mon ami, come to my room. I will fix your hair.”

“But my hair is fine, L––”

“I will fix it,” Laf said again.

Alex knew it was useless to argue. “Fine,” he said with a sigh.

“Magnifique,” Lafayette said with a grin. “Let us prepare for game night!”

Do you ever just think...

About that one episode (season one episode 2: some assembly required) where Allura runs a drill, testing the teams response time, and like everyone but Shiro fails. OK but really, why the hell was Shiro wearing his Paladin armor, working out? Like OK I get you want to make sure you can move in it and everything, but really Shiro… You were in your room… Doing push-ups… There is probably a mirror in his room. So what I think was happening was, Shiro (leader of Voltron) was working out in his armor, checking himself out, strutting his stuff! Then all of a sudden Allura pulls the alarm and shiro is in his uniform cause he was dicking around in it 😂😂😂

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So eighth year and McGonagalls put everyone that came back to finish up their last year in the third floor corridor or in the tower under the owlery.

But that part of the castle’s been abandoned for years so the heating charms are completely naff and it’s always too cold.

One night both Draco and Harry are in the common room after insomnia, for Draco, and nightmares, for Harry, kept them from their beds. They’ve pushed a couch up next to the main fireplace but it’s still fucking freezing.

Draco cannot stop shivering and is sitting right on the edge of the couch and holding his hands out to the fire. Harry’s leaning back, just wearing an old jumper and jeans he threw on, looking completely at ease.

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official ranking of every dog emoji on emojipedia 🐕

A beautiful shibe. A good boy who wants to shake a paw. 10/10 would shake

A cute little pupper. Possibly wearing some sort of doggy earmuffs because it’s winter and his ears get cold. You do you lil pupper! Stay warm out there! 10/10 would cuddle to warm up

A handsome doggo going for a walk. Don’t know what happened to his other front leg, but he seems happy. 10/10 would give belly rubs.

Looks like a plastic dog toy, except the head was swapped with a different larger plastic dog toy and just popped on. 10/10 would still play with.

Looks like a fridge magnet. I like the tail floof though. 10/10 would put on my fridge

Cave painting doggo. 15000BCE/10

Somebody just told this dog that he’s a good boy. And they’d be right, he is. 10/10

Simple, not really realistic, but gets the point across. Looks like it was designed by a child. 10/10 would draw in elementary school.

A cute little fella doing his thing. 10/10

Adorable! 10/10 blep, would give many head pats and ear scratches

Ready for anything. 10/10 would go hiking/camping in the mountains with.


  1. Emoji One 3.0
  2. Facebook 2.0 Beta
Your first date with Newt Scamander would include

Originally posted by hardyness

Anonymous asked OMG I need more Newt fanfics in my life! Can you do what your first date with him would include?

  • Him shyly asking if you wanted to get dinner with him. And you ask if it’s a date, and he hesitates, but says (avoiding eye contact) yes.
  • You wearing a huge scarf that almost swamps you and he thinks it’s adorable.
  • Him picking you up from your apartment and the two of you walk to the restaurant.
  • The two of you talking softly about work, and Newt’s admiring how you look out of the corners of his eyes.
  • Him offering you the seat, all gentlemanly like, at the table.
  • Newt talks about his passion for animals, and you just sit there, smiling shyly at how adorable your date is.
  • Once you get your foods and are eating, you ask him if his food is good. He lifts his fork up and says “Open wide?” Blushing, you try his food and offer him some of yours.
  • Him asking you if you’d like dessert or not. As it turns out, both of you couldn’t really afford two of the fancy cakes, so you share one.
  • He lets you eat the last bite of cake, off his fork.
  • The two of you talk and take a stroll under the bright lights of New York.
  • You get a little chilly and scoot closer to Newt. He asks if you’re cold and before you can answer, swishes off his coat and gives it to you. And on top of that, he wraps his scarf around your neck, over the other one.
  • You notice his scarf smells slightly musky, like hay and dust.
  • Newt asks if he can hold your hand, and you say yes. He takes your hand and slips it into his pocket, keeping both of your hands warm.
  • Once you’re done with your walk, you make your way back to your house, still talking about animals.
  • Him sweetly asking if he can kiss you.
  • You standing on tip toes to kiss him.
  • He wraps his arms around your waist, and you gently pet his hair. His lips are warm and yours are cool.
  • The date ends with him asking if he can show you his animals tomorrow, and you say yes.
  • Newt watches you walk up to your apartment, smiling a bashful smile and rubbing his neck, thinking, “I think that first day went rather well indeed.”
  • My Jewish friends: Trump is a Nazi
  • Especially my disabled Jewish friends: We are afraid for our lives.
  • Me, a disabled cishet white-passing guy and veteran who has studied Holocaust Literature: Trump's doctrine matches up with Hitler's point for point.
  • Muslims across America: We are afraid for our lives.
  • All of my non-white, non-straight, disabled, and non-cis friends: Trump's a Nazi, and his policies are terrifying.
  • ACTUAL HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS: Trump is another Hitler.
  • Trump: Announces the appointment of the author of the "papers please" law (which allowed AZ cops to stop anyone who wasn't white and demand to see proof of citizenship and jail them if they weren't carrying it) to his transition team, will get to appoint 3 or 4 SCOTUS Justices (with a rubber stamp Congress), who will determine for the next 30 to 50 years what is considered constitutional, has publicly stated women should be punished for having abortions, throws non-white people out of his speaking engagements, has stated that he wants to force Muslims to wear badges and carry special IDs, plans to round up millions of brown people "humanely" to "relocate" them (which is what the Nazis claimed they were doing with the Jews they rounded up), and on and on and on...
  • cishet white males: "Oh, that's just fear-mongering. You're just upset that your candidate didn't win. This isn't 1930s Germany, ha ha, grow up and stop with the name-calling."

So I’m watching the very first ep again and realize that when Shiro crash-lands and gets taken in by the hazmat crew he’s wearing what we learn later is his gladiator/prisoner getup:

but immediately following the rescue and subsequent getaway (during which he is out cold and still obviously in the same clothes) we see him the next morning,

clearly wearing his own clothes.

But where did they come from??

The other three paladins-to-be left the garrison with just the clothes on their backs (and lbr Shiro’s height and shoulder-to-waist ratio means he’s not going to fit into anything of theirs anyway), and there’s absolutely no way he’d fit into anything of Keith’s either for the same reasons.

That outfit is also not generic officers’ or instructors clothing from the garrison either, because I’m like 95% sure we see examples of both earlier in the ep:

Which leaves only one obvious explanation: 

Keith has some of Shiro’s clothing.

Let’s talk about hanzo shimada’s “Left tiddy”

Hanzo’s kimono is often part of a lot of jokes within the fanbase, which is fine because i love making fun of it too but i don’t think a lot of people know what his outfit really means aside from “Left tiddy out for comedic effect LOLOLOL”

I learned from curse entertainments, recently uploaded video called “Behind the hero: hanzo” which i will put the link here for anyone who wants to watch it.

it talks about things like the origin of hanzo’s name and the origin of his last name and who he is based off of if you wanna check it out if you’re interested.

Anyway, Hanzo’s Kimono is actually traditional Japanese attire for Archery sporting competitions.

They wear their Kimonos like this to stop any wind obstructions when strawing and aiming their bows. However this isn’t the type to wear when you’re in battle. His outfit also is just more than to show off his tattoo for “Bad fashion purposes”.

Speaking of his glorious tattoo:

His tattoo is a traditional form of Japanese tattooing which is known for being exceedingly painful and time consuming. Tattooing was done for spiritual and decorative purposes but in modern day japan, tattooing have an origin of criminality around them. It was outlawed for many years and tattooing was done underground and become associated with the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia.  His tattoo would seem to be why he’s part of the Shimada crime family, which probably have/had functions similar to modern Yazuka but they seem to be linked to the way he controls the dragons so it’s inking could be magic embedded so he can control them. I think it seems kinda rude to make fun of something like this, as long as you don’t go to extreme lengths with it because it’s not a style choice he just thought looked cool.

“There are many people who haven’t figured out what they want to do yet, so don’t get discouraged when people say ‘you don’t have dreams!’. Believe in yourself! Work hard and be healthy, like me!”

— Kim Namjoon on 270816 V App Live in Tokyo

Do You Want To Grab A Coffee?

Carry On Countdown Day 1! For @carryon-countdown!

Prompt: Coffeeshop AU (AKA the Soulmates!coffeeshop!AU that no one asked for)

Baz hated soulmates.

You could always spot them when they came in for coffee. Giggling over nothing, one of them ordering both drinks because they just instinctually knew exactly what the other wanted. Their soulmarks proudly on display.

Girls coming in wearing a hoodie too big to be hers, boys reeking of bubblegum perfume. Girls with lipstick smudged on their necks that didn’t match the shade on their lips, boys with matching ‘I’m His’ sweaters.

Soulmate pairs were always filtering in and out, making the whole damn coffeeshop smell like sickly sweet hope, and Baz hated it.

The tiny girl he was serving at the counter wrinkled up her nose, cocking her head side to side.

She finally turned to him. “Okay! So, I’ll have a small butterscotch latte, and she,” she jerked her thumb to a Gigi Hadid doppelgänger leaning against the wall, “will have a mocha cappuccino.”

Baz just jerked his head once. “I’ll have it right out, Trixie.”

“Thanks, Baz,” Trixie chirped in that grating, horrifically squeaky voice she had.

Baz busied himself with their drinks, but he could still overhear Trixie tittering to her soulmate, the one that was far too beautiful to be real. They always came in during the lunch lull, so he was forced to hear them being gross to each other with painful clarity.

God, he hated soulmates.

As he placed the drinks on the counter, and Trixie’s girlfriend glided over to pick them up, his sleeve inched up.

Baz cursed, quickly yanking his black sweater in place. Luckily, the only one that had seen had been Baz himself, but he hated the reminder.

He hated what he saw when his sleeve rode up.

The bare, blank skin where a soul mark should be.

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monsta x getting pulled over


  • i cant see him getting pulled over for anything ever
  • probably gets a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt because it doesn’t fit over his shoulders
  • cop feels bad and asks him if he wants to join law enforcement bc damn those shoulders
  • becomes the most respected police officer in the county


  • will scream when he sees the sirens.
  • tells himself to calm down and gets ready to flirt with the officer
  • cop turns out to be a married man in his late 50s
  • tries anyway
  • gets a ticket for insulting an officer


  • will befriend the officer
  • “yes, im sorry officer, what is your name? you have nice eyes and oh thats a nice badge, how’s your work along this road, isnt it dangerous out here at night?”
  • cop realizes he is a bundle of puppies and sunshine and lets him off with a warning
  • probably knows all the officer’s names in the area and never gets a ticket


  • old lady panicked screaming like the one where they were playing the basketball arcade game yes that’s the one
  • “im a good noodle i have a clean record and straight a’s and go to bed before ten”
  • will get severely disappointed in himself when officer tells him he was speeding
  • “I. am. so sorry officer. i should be ashamed, ASHAMED it wont happen again”
  • will drive 10 miles under the speed limit from now on
  • gets another ticket


  • gets pulled over because cop thought he was drunk
  • actually couldn’t decide what lane to go into so kept switching between all three
  • registration papers are in the dashboard compartment but he cant open it
  • tells the officer he forgot them instead so he doesnt look like a nerd.
  • gets his car towed


  • will first think the police have snuffed him out for being a low key gangster that hasn’t done anything illegal
  • realizes he doesn’t have an alibi and starts crying
  • but stops when the officer only tells him his headlights were off
  • gets disappointed because its not as cool
  • tries to do the kuku kaka to get out of the ticket
  • gets 3 more tickets instead


  • notices the police sirens behind him
  • will engage in a high speed car chase because it was always his dream
  • will dodge hundreds of cars going 200 mph and end up having 20 cop cars and two helicopters hunting him down
  • chase is filmed on national television until he finally gets caught
  • known as the dude with the cleanest record and ran from the cops who are still trying to work out why
  • he’s not talking
  • police end up letting him off with a speeding ticket
  • cries with jooheon

What people in the fandom are saying: but the Autobots are just as evil, if not MORE evil, than the Decepticons! It’s an abhorrence that Megatron now wears the Autobot symbol! How dare Megatron do that to the Decepticons!

What people in the fandom should realize:

-Megatron’s redemption arc isn’t about the Decepticons. It’s about him recognizing he was wrong. It’s about him removing himself from something which only enables his terrible behavior. The struggles the Decepticons are facing now will never outweigh the slaughter of BILLIONS which Megatron carried out with no remorse as the faction’s leader.

-Megatron was never what this fandom positively associates as a ‘revolutionist miner.’ He wanted to be a revolutionist, and at one time his ideas and writings were his protests, but his anger and hatred led to his own corruption. Instead, Megatron was a terrorist who used unlawful force and violence to coerce others and governmental powers to follow his social and political objectives. Destruction and murder became an appropriate way to get what he wanted.  Megatron and his Decepticons didn’t attempt to liberate their species from an oppressive government; Megatron went beyond fighting for the freedom of everyone to instead wanting to punish, to destroy, to be the oppression and ruled as a tyrant. He didn’t fight for the rights he once thought Cybertronians deserved, and rather, rose to be a force nearly as bad as the Senate.

-The word ‘Autobot’ was reclaimed from off-worlders by Orion Pax and later again by Optimus Prime after Zeta Prime’s failed leadership. The true Autobot cause didn’t exist before the war; it came to be during the revolution as Optimus amassed an army large enough only for the sake of defeating Megatron’s Decepticon terrorist movement. Instead of being used as a slur referring to their species as ‘automatons’ because they seemingly never changed, it evolved to mean ‘autonomous’ as Orion Pax suggested it should mean. The word became unpopular because of Zeta Prime’s ruthlessness and neglect of the citizens of Cybertron. However, it was canonically established that Optimus Prime wasn’t corrupt like the Primes who preceded him. He turned the Autobots into a cause for morality and freedom, one which would ensure justice to those who threatened the sanctity of others, their world, and every other world. Optimus has never strayed from those ideals, even though others attempted to bring out the worst in him.

Most importantly, the choices and actions of a few do not represent the cause as a whole. For instance, Decepticons such as Thundercracker who opted to adopt a dog, spend his time writing screenplays, and gets along relatively peaceably with others do not lessen the atrocities of the Decepticon cause. And, the Autobots who slip up, who act more violent or make questionable choices do not lessen what the Autobot cause stands for or what it has accomplished in protecting the lives and freedoms of others.

People who draw Cecil in a tie/vest are not ignoring canon or trying to kid themselves that Cecil is a suave dresser when he’s not. Just because he doesn’t usually dress that way, doesn’t mean that he couldn’t. Just because we draw/cosplay him in a smart suit or something, doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t know that he usually wears things that are very different to that. If all Cecil’s are good Cecil’s, then is it necessary to make posts pointing out that people usually don’t draw him in his ‘canon’ clothes like you’re shaming them?

All Cecil’s are good Cecil’s - so draw him in any clothing you like, because what is actually canon is that Cecil wears whatever he wants and maybe sometimes whatever he wants will be a tie and vest/waistcoat.

✨ imagines; theme: "in love with you" ✨

🌻 imagine dan as the boy with anxiety , the boy obsessed with the stars and reading mystery novels, the nervous seeming boy who always shakes and stutters and avoids eye contact and phil as the popular boy who doesn’t even try to be liked, who has girls and boys alike throwing themselves at his feet. and he falls in love. with dan howell.

🌻 phil hating his glasses, not wanting to wear them but they’re the only way he can see, and he tells dan. dan just frowns with a “well let’s see” and takes phil’s glasses off, tilting his head to the side and he smiles softly. when phil asks what, why is he smiling, dan just smiles harder, putting his glasses back on. “i think i like it better like this. you look more like the phil i fell in love with.”

🌻 dan getting slightly (*very) tipsy while out with his friends at a bar, and he sings halo at the top of his lungs; it starts with humming and light tapping of his fingers before his friends start encouraging him , and soon he’s on the fucking piano, spinning around and around and singing (and if they’re honest it doesn’t sound half bad) before he starts to fall ; cue bartender phil rushing forward and catching him bridal style. dan giggles, his face tinted pink and blowing away the soft curls falling in his face. “can i have another drink pweasee?” phil chuckles. “i think you’ve had enough, love.”

🌻 phil befriending his best friend’s younger brother who’s always shunned by him; inviting him to hang out with them and soon enough just him, pulled in by dan’s sweet squishy face and his dimples and the way dan’s eyes twinkle when phil makes him laugh. one day dan’s being very reserved when they’re sitting on phil’s roof; he keeps biting his lip and pulling his sleeves over his hands and avoiding phil’s eyes, so phil asks what’s wrong. dan looks up, blushing like hell, holding his hands to his mouth like a chipmunk, his eyes wide. “i think i’ve fallen in love with you, philly.” his bottom lip trembles he lets his face fall into his hands. “i’m sorry, please don’t hate me.” phil grins, touching his arm. “hey,” he says gently, offering him a smile. “don’t worry. i think i’m falling in love too. so…” he takes dan’s hand, intertwining their fingers, and dan stares at their hands. “so we’ll fall together. okay?”

🌻 phil using pick up lines on dan all day, every time he walks into the room. “are you a magician? because when i look at you everyone else disappears.” “hey, dan? tie your shoes. i wouldn’t want you falling for anyone else.” and every time phil says one he gets this look on his face, his eyes lighting up and an excited grin stretching across his face, and dan can feel himself melting more and more every time but he just rolls his eyes until, finally , after phil compares his face to the night sky he blurts it out; “fuck you, phil, i’m fucking in love with you,” and leaves the room, leaving phil with his mouth dropped open.

The Best Thing

PAIRING: reader bucky barnes 


WARNINGS: SMUT, Oral sex, Language, slight sub Bucky, slight Dom reader. 

Request by Anon: Hello :) I it’s my birthday today, so I thought I could request something, cause I love your blog :) You’re Bucky’s girlfriend but recently you barely had time together so one time after he came back from a long mission, you wait for him in the bedroom wearing his favourite lingerie and when he comes in the bedroom, still in his uniform he’s immediately all over you and you spend the whole night in passionate love making? :) I hope it’s okay for you :) ILY <3 maybe also his POV? only if you like

I hope this is what you wanted anon :) I did try by best, but with a tiny hangover I’m not sure how good this turned out ? But I did my best and any Bucky smut is ok in my books haha. Enjoy 

GIF NOT MINE (but I’m so glad it exists) 

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If Bucky had to complain about any aspect of his new life, the life he had finally gotten back from years of being tormented by Hydra. Was that missions were a bitch, especially when he had you waiting for him back home. You was the happy addition to his life no one saw coming, especially Bucky. The ex Russian assassin thought his days of romance and women were long gone, especially after all the pain and misery he caused. Bucky was convinced that he was destined to live the rest of his life alone, but you were not going to let that happen. (Y/N) was a force to be reckoned with, strong and brave. Intelligent and beautiful, you had all the makings of a woman who knew what she wanted and would stop at nothing to get it. So it was no surprise that the legendary Winter Solder fell head over heels for you, even if he was somewhat reluctant. Eventually you wormed you way into his heart, and Bucky wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“I don’t see why he has to go as well,” Bucky grumbled throwing various items into his rucksack.

“Because believe it or not Mr I-Work-Best-Alone, Sam is actually a viable member of the Avengers. Plus having eyes in the sky is a distinct advantage” you eyed the six-foot temper tantrum before you. Bucky sighed sitting down next to you on your bed as he pulled on his shoes.

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Drarryisms that I want to see more of (please)

~ Draco growing out his hair and letting Harry play with it, braid it, decorate it with flowers and just bury his face in it

~ Harry and Draco getting a pet snake because, in a sense, it represents huge parts of themselves and what they’ve been through

~ Draco taking Harry’s glasses and wearing them because he doesn’t want to admit that his eyesight is shit

~Harry and Draco having to ride on the same broom because Harry was stupid enough to leave his at Ron and Hermoine’s place and Draco pretending he’s annoyed that Harry insists on flying it but really he doesn’t mind because that means he get to wrap his arms around Harry’s waist and rest his head on his shoulder

~ Ron and Hermoine’s children not being able to decide whether they like Draco and Harry visiting or not because even though they’re both kinda really hot, all Draco does is make snide remarks about their red hair and flying abilities and all Harry does is half-heartedly scold him whilst looking smitten as fuck

Get cracking all you amazing writers and artists out there :P

P.S. When reblogging try and add your own, I didn’t have all that many :)

So @biklance​ and I like to yell about Voltron Christmas hcs…

  • So. Christmas with the all the paladins together.
  • Everyone had to explain what Christmas was to Allura and Coran who were confused and slightly terrified by the idea that a fat man comes down your chimney to give you suspicious gifts from the unknown.
  • Hunk dresses up as Santa. Lance gets really excited and is the first to sit in his lap.
  • Hunk starts choking on the white fluffy beard he has to wear.
  • They all force Keith to wear a red nose and pretend to be Rudolph because, “He’s the red paladin. It makes sense.”
  • Everyone wanted Pidge to be the elf. She flat out refused. Lance dresses as an elf instead and he gets really into it. He’s Santa’s helper how could he not be excited?!?!
  • Allura and Coran fall in love with Christmas traditions. They love decorating and they love the Christmas food and the festive mood.
  • Because of ^ they go really overboard with decorating the castle. Allura puts mistletoe e v e r y w h e r e. And anybody and I mean anybody caught under that plant will be forced to kiss by a very excited, sparkly-eyed Allura.
  • Lance tries to catch Keith under the mistletoe every goddamn chance he gets. He finally manages to do it and gets punched in the face by a flustered/angry Keith.
  • Shiro walks into the castle’s bathroom and finds garlands wrapped around the toilet. Then when he goes to shower, he finds a full-on Christmas tree in the shower. I told you Allura gets really excited.
  • There’s probably a Christmas tree in every frickin room. Shiro is utterly confused. They’re in space?? Where did the trees come from Allura h o w
  • Coran turns out to be the best. gift wrapper. ever.
  • Lance is the one running around belting “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the top of his lungs. Hunk is his backup singer. Everyone gets serenaded. E v e r y o n e.
  • Pidge wears a reindeer antler headband every day, starting December 1st all the way until Christmas Day.
  • Hunk cooks the meal for Christmas Day. Everyone swears they saw a bit of heaven after finishing their food.