this is what he does during the zombie apocalypse

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Yooo can I have some headcanons for how sohoku, mido, manami would be like during a zombie apocalypse?

You bet! I’m hoping this was the kind of answer you were looking for.

Finds his people and keeps them together in a team–nobody gets left behind if he can help it. Spends a lot of time plotting out what should hopefully be the safest courses for his group.
The backbone of the team. Kinjou is terrifyingly good at fighting and shows no hesitation; always the last person to escape because he insists on making sure everyone gets out before he does.
Weapon of Choice: Ax

Prefers not to fight at all (can’t get past that the zombies used to be people, some of the people he knew), but when he does, he’s completely unstoppable.
Carries a lot of the supplies for the group, does a lot of “menial” tasks out of guilt for not fighting as much as he should. The heart of the team.
Weapon of Choice: Sledgehammer

He’s in shock for a long time about the zombies, which allows him to fight without thinking about it much.
Often considers running off on his own because he can’t bear to watch anyone else he cares about turn into a zombie, but stays because he hates the idea of abandoning them even more.
Weapon of Choice: Explosives, misc. long-range weaponry

He’s utterly furious about the state of the world, and uses that anger to fight against the zombies (has the highest kill count in his group by a long shot).
Stays on night watch a lot. He’s overprotective of the people around him and doesn’t like letting them out of his line of sight, especially Tadokoro.
Weapon of Choice: Baseball bat

One of the few to stay relatively calm during the outbreak.
Avoids fighting, and sticks to doing supply runs and being the designated doctor figure of the group. Also tries to develop makeshift explosives with varying success.
Weapon of Choice: Firearms

He’s terrified of the zombies and of turning into one; ritualistically checks himself and his group for any scratches/other wounds.
Attaches to Teshima, because he’d rather heal than hurt, but also knows his skills are best put to work fighting. Trains under Kinjou because he doesn’t want to let down his teammates.
Weapon of Choice: Hatchets

Tries to treat it like an adventure as a way to cope with everything, makes a lot of morbid jokes.
Naruko hates killing, but hates seeing the zombies shambling around even more. Acts as ‘bait’ for his group quite frequently because he’s the quickest on his feet.
Weapon of Choice: Crowbar

Adjusts alarmingly quickly to the new world. He doesn’t like it, but he finds he has a knack for survival.
Works best as a tag-team with Naruko and Imaizumi by providing cover fire for them, but works just fine as long as he doesn’t have to fight alone. Then the horror of what’s happening really gets to him.
Weapon of Choice: Firearms 

Is in such despair about the zombies that he goes on a rampage near the beginning of the outbreak.
Prefers to stay on his own rather than working in a group, even though groups are safer. Known for suddenly appearing as a distraction and drawing off zombies from people in trouble.
Weapon of Choice: Knives; fireworks (for causing distractions)

Treats the zombie outbreak with an attitude of “well, I guess it was bound to happen some day”. 
Rarely fights zombies directly; lays traps with ropes/chains or will bait them into entering enclosed spaces and then setting them on fire.
Weapon of Choice: Fire; firearms.