this is what happens when you listen to not alone on repeat

"You're alright. It's okay."-Danny/Derek

You know I ship it…don’t lie(: Oh and um… kind of a trigger warning, I guess?

The sound of his phone vibrating against the wooden texture of the nightstand woke Derek up at unkind hours of the night. He groaned, annoyed that he was disturbed from his slumber. He grabbed the device and blinked multiple times when the bright light shined in his eyes. When his eyes adjusted he read the text. He shot up, stumbled out of his bed and ran to the door, grabbing a shirt on his way out.

Text from DannyI can’t. I’m sorry.

Derek raced to the Hanover house and pounded on the door. 

“Open the fuck up, dammit.” He yelled. Only after a few moments did the door open revealing a tired and irritated prefect.

“Dude, what the hell? Why-” Derek pushed past Justin, who was in the middle of a rage, and ran up the stairs to Danny’s room and tried the door knob. It was locked.

“Bancroft!”  Derek yelled sharply, waking up other Hanovers in the process, “you have a way to get in his room, right?”

Justin, who had followed Derek, nodded and hesitantly handed him the key. “What’s going on?” He demanded. Derek just shook his head as he unlocked the door.

“Just, wait out here and…and have your phone ready, o-okay?” Derek didn’t wait for an answer as he rushed inside. His eyes scanned the room quickly until he saw the closed bathroom.

“Danny!” He called as he made his way over to the door. “Danny, please answer me.”

There was long pause.

Then he heard a heart wrenching sob coming from the other side.

“I-I’m s-sorry, I’m so-sorry.” Danny choked out. Derek felt his heart breaking and he blinked back tears. 

“Just let me in there,” he said pleaded.

“I-I don’t want y-you to see me l-like this,” Danny let out another sob.

“Please?” Derek said desperately. He heard the sound of the door unlocking. He took a deep breath and twisted the knob.

He saw his boyfriend curled up in the bathroom corner, hugging his knees to himself and shaking. He also spotted a razor lying on the sink. He reached for a towel, walked over to Danny, and sat next to him.

“Hey Danners, rough night?” He asked softly, bringing the swimmer’s hands towards him, gently dabbing the cuts as he tried to clean him up. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Danny repeated over and over again.

“Hey, none of that,” Derek stopped what he was doing to look Danny in the eyes, “You have nothing to apologize for.” The rower reached over to grab the first aid kit that was under the sink and started bandaging the other boy’s wrists. Danny was still crying when Derek was finished so he pulled him into his arms and held him.

Danny wept into Derek’s shirt. 

“Don’t worry, you’re alright,” Derek whispered while rubbing the Hanover’s back and blinking back his own tears. “It’s okay.  We got this. We’ll win this one.”

He wiped away a tear from Danny’s face with his thumb.

“I love you and always will. We’re gonna get through this. Together.”