this is what happens when you know how to use haircolor

Like the Sky Trusts the Sea

Modern AU + Soulmates

Based off: au where you have a stripe of your soulmates haircolor on your wrist and if they dye their hair your stripe changes colors



“Your soulmate is weird.”

“I know.” Bellamy looked down at the stripe on his skin and smiled. “But, at least they’re interesting.” Interesting seemed to be the only appropriate word. Or at least, the most accurate word his friends could use without offending him.

Nate was probably the only person who could get away with calling Bellamy’s soulmate ‘weird’ and not get a punch to the face.

As a kid, the golden band cutting through the perfect tan of his skin was his favourite thing about himself.

Because it meant, that despite the mess that was his family, there was someone out there destined to love him, no matter what.

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Back on the Road again (SupernaturalxReader)

Request: The Boys giving you tips for your date.

Name: Back on the Road again

Fandom: Supernatural

Author: Micia

Character: Surprise

(If you really want to know before reading, because you don´t want to read stories with certain characters, look here please: (x) )

Word Count: 1.528

Warnings: slight swearing

(Y/N) ..First Name // (c/H) ..Haircolor

More One-Shots: (x)


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