this is what happens when you don't use a reference kids

I don't care if I reveal the company's name, this needs to be heard

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I’ve posted here before, I work at the mouse theme park, but I don’t care about keeping it secret now, this is unacceptable and I need everyone to know what I’m talking about.

Little back story, I’ve been working for the Walt Disney Company for 3 years and my best friend has worked there for about 5 years. He’s been my best friend since 6th grade and is one of the most kind and genuine people I’ve ever known. He even let me use his personnel number as a reference when I applied for the job. We work in different areas. He’s in Disneyland and I’m in Disney’s California Adventure.

Now for those of you who do not know, Disney has a point system. We get 36 points a year to use and honestly, it’s hard to not go over every once in a while. Basically 3 strikes in a year and you’re out. Calling out sick is 3 points and you can be gone for 6 days without getting more than 3 points as long as you have a doctor’s note if you’re gone longer. Calling out personal/dependant is 3 points but you can’t call out multiple days. A tardy is 1.5 points. Sometimes, it’s easier just to call out sick and take a few extra days off. But for some who depends on that paycheck, it’s not an option.

Ok if you’re still reading this, buckle up kids because this ride is filled with a whole lot of bullshit. So my friend was sexually harassed and assaulted by a fellow cast member. His lead. They are both male and even though my friend is LGBT, it doesn’t mean that the advance was wanted. So like most victims, my friend was very traumatized. My friend is also very smart. He did the right thing, even though it was probably painful and very triggering (I honestly cannot imagine how hard it was for him), and reported it to his managers and HR. The lead was force transferred to a different area and stripped of his lead status. Not fired…Just transferred… FOR ASSAULTING SOMEONE!!!!

Fast forward a little after the incident and my friend is still understandably shaken up from the events. He had a lot of anxiety and suffered multiple panic attacks. Unfortunately, these panic attacks happened before his shifts. They made him late. Now, you’ll recall me mentioning that you get 1.5 points for being late and honestly shit happens and keeping points under control is really hard. My friend couldn’t just call out because he and his family depend on his income. The managers, WHO WERE AWARE OF THE SITUATION, suspended him.

Well guess what? He had his meeting today to discuss his suspension. Wana know the result? Well, because of all the points from being late due to panic attacks, as a result of being fucking assaulted, the company terminated his employment.

Fucked up right? The guy who assaulted him gets to continue working for the company and the victim gets terminated.

My friend COULD come back and work for the company in 6 months, but as a new hire. So he loses ALL of his seniority.

Despite everything, my poor friend is scared to take this issue to court because Disney is such a powerful company and he’s convinced he wouldn’t win the case.

So please please please… I know I don’t have a lot of followers other than porn bots and even if my blog offends you or whatever, I NEED y'all to reblog this and make it known what my friend is going through. Disney is starting to become so corrupt that their cast members are of little concern now. So please boost this. I want everyone to know what is happening.

I know you’re wondering about my employment, well I don’t even want to work for the company anymore. I’ve been on medical leave for my own mental health and honestly, I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to work for a company who could treat their cast members like this, let alone victims of an assault.

So again, please share this with everyone you know. Share it with your followers, cast members, friends, family, strangers, anyone you can think of. Please my best friend deserves some justice for this shit.

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"crazy detention stories"...go

They’re really not that crazy I don’t think but fine- but as I had detention at least once a week for 3 years you’re only getting the highlights here:

  • So again, I only ever got detentions because I was late to school basically every day. Every single day, the office wrote me a late slip with my name spelled horrendously wrong. Different spelling every day. The most famous butchering was writing my name as “Millie Hoagie”. On my very last day of high school, I was predictably late, and they spelled my name perfectly correctly.
  • So listen my ‘reputation’ in school was basically “quiet good girl who’s never done anything wrong, ever, in her life” and “teacher’s pet” and the like. And despite the fact I was there every time all the ‘Bad Kids™’ who were also always in detention were always incredibly surprised to see me??? Like they never got over it. Every time I walked into the damn room at least half the class would be like “MOLLY YOU DON’T BELONG HERE YOU’RE INNOCENT!!” 😂
  • Also despite the fact I was basically invisible in the school as a whole all the trouble makers knew me by name because, and I quote a kid from my 10th grade Spanish class who was trying to hook up with me at the time here, “Guys like me are afraid of you, Girl, we’re just plain out scared that we gonna corrupt you!” and I still don’t know what he actually meant by that???
  • Bu anyway, this apparent rep usually gave me an upper hand with the teachers monitoring the detentions. Because, you know, some were fine, some were bitchy, some were insane. But all of them were pissed about the fact they had to be there instead of heading home.
  • The rules of detention were literally just ‘stare at the wall and don’t talk’, depending on which teacher they might let the students do homework. But since I was apparently a great person and always had the class’ incredulous response to me being in the room, they usually let me get away with sleeping or reading a book lol.
  • Of course…no one said any of the other kids were inclined to following the rules lmao. These were like, all the class clowns™ shoved into one room. Things always got real funny real fast.
  • It would always start off with the coughing game. If you’ve ever stepped into a school you should know what that is.
  • It would then escalate to everyone in the room playing catch whenever the teacher looked away for a brief moment
  • Detention was always in the health classroom so someone always tried to steal a limb off the skeleton without being to obvious
  • Some teachers would let people talk ‘quietly’ so jokes were fucking abound
  • One time I was minding my own damn business and a kid slides me a note saying ‘in like five minutes ask to go to the bathroom but head downstairs to the English wing’ before he snuck out without the teacher noticing. I get down there and he’s at one end of the hallway and another boy is at the other end. Upon seeing me, these boys run full speed down the hall at each other, leap up in the air when they get to the direct center, high five with full force, both scream in pain, and then hit the floor, clutching their hands. I was cracking the fuck up and trying to convince them to go to the nurse but they wouldn’t listen. I asked the guy why the hell they did that. He told me ‘because we wanted a witness and no one will ever believe you’ 😂😂
  • One time my sorta-neighbor Mike comes in and the teacher asked why he had detention and apparently, the principal had asked him where to find his friend Jose, and Mike responded “he’s out picking cotton” and the principal flipped out at what he perceived to be a racist joke and gave him a month detention. But the thing was, Jose was in an agriculture class and he was literally outside picking cotton that they had planted there earlier. Jose found it fucking hilarious and refused to tell the principal to get his friend out of trouble.
  • As I haven’t been inside a school building for quite some time now I don’t know if turtling is still a thing but it was…quite an epidemic for my senior class.
  • It’s when you turn someone’s backpack inside out right? But it was a full blown war with these kids. Trust no one. Never leave the room. Never look away. Holy shit. One of the best moments of this occurred in detention, when a boy reached to get a book out of his backpack to find it was gone. After 15 minutes of searching the room, he found it, turtled, hidden in a filing cabinet in the front of the room. Everyone, including the teacher, was loosing their shit, because how did someone pull that off so quietly and invisibly without someone noticing??? No one fessed up. The class was in fear of the turtle ninja for the rest of the month, but they never struck again. No one ever discovered who it was.
  • Guys: It was me.
  • One time it was raining and the teacher was in a bad mood so he insisted all the windows stay open. He left for a bathroom break or something and this one poor kid, who was now completely soaked as he was stuck with a window seat, just said “fucking bye” and just…climbed out the damn window. Left his backpack and everything. Didn’t see him again for at least a month.
  • There was one guy who always sold ice cream out of his bag when the teachers weren’t looking. Where he was getting it from and how it stayed frozen is beyond me.
  • Oh my God sometimes all the indie singer kids would just come and sit on the floor outside the classroom and talk loudly to annoy us??? The hell were they trying to accomplish??? Your singing ain’t special and you won’t be famous, please let us die in peace.
  • One kid had detention because when we were running laps in gym class he jumped up to hit the arch of the ceiling and accidentally set off the fire alarm. The teacher that day insisted on continuously referring to him as ‘the delinquent’, as if no one else in the room had broken the rules or something
  • One time one of the gym teachers was in charge of it and long story short he started doing the jersey turnpike. True horror.
  • One time the teacher got a call and she had to go down to the office and the second she was gone this one kid’s friend runs in with a huge tray going “Y’ALL I STOLE THE LASAGNE CUPCAKES FROM THE FOOD AND NUTRITION CLASSROOM” and we dined like kings.
  • Everyone would sometimes just break out in song for no God damn reason
  • One time one of the guys in charge of the detention was A) Not someone anyone recognized as a teacher and B) Potentially Stanley Tucci. Like…I was about 80% certain that this guy was Stanley Tucci.
  • He refused to confirm or deny or even give a name
  • One time I was really absorbed in my book when all the sudden a letter flew onto my desk, an anonymous sender that just said “You have a soft, sexy voice.” Neither of which is true, I’m pretty sure, and I could not for the life of me figure out who sent it omfg
  • One time a teacher was freaking out because he went to a psychic over the weekend and was told there was a lot of activity around him so I looked him straight in the eyes and told him I’m a medium and I can see that the devil had marked his soul and he threw me out of the room and refused to take that class for detention ever again😂
  • It was a hot summers day. The ceiling fans were on their highest setting. A boy nudges me, with a small carton of ice cream in his hands under his desk. “What do you think would happen if I scooped out a huge chunk of this and threw it at the fan?” he whispered. “Jamil, no.” I pleaded, but it fell on deaf ears. Soon, the room was filled with confused screams.
  • Apparently all the other regulars™ had bought me candy grams around Christmas time so they were confused when I showed up to detention with no candy and apparently the student council member sent them all to the other Molly in the grade because she was the popular one and this lead to about 12 boys grumbling for two and a half hours like “The one damn time I attempt to be a gentleman” and “I know where she lives” and “Gonna gingerbread her fucking locker” I could not stop laughing
  • Oh God okay one time the teacher we had was literally. Off the charts.
  • Like there’s the chill teachers, and then the bitchy teachers. And then this lady. She literally reminded me of Stubel
  • So I didn’t even know who she was but I walk in and do my shy smile/quiet ‘hello’ thing and take out my book so she immediately zeros in on me as ‘the good kid’ as usual
  • But she literally seemed to think every other person in this class was a hardened criminal holy shit. She was all over the place barking orders and yelling. And of course, you’ve got a room full of class clowns, like they feed off teachers like this. So the madder she got the more ridiculous they got. I was literally almost in tears trying to force myself not to laugh because I didn’t want to risk her turning on me omfg
  • So she yelled and flailed about the room and they kept going with jokes and paper wasps and lying about their names and just doing literally every thing they could possibly do so this woman wouldn’t have the chance to rest
  • This escalated with every minute and came to a resounding end when the teacher decided the Australian Kid™ was chewing gum and picked up the trashcan and shoved his face in it, screaming at him to spit it out as he yelled back “YOU’RE ONLY DOING THIS BECAUSE IM AN IMMIGRANT
  • he was in charge of all the bullshit that day and it was hysterical but he wasn’t the one chewing gum loudly that was me
  • The vp came in to see what all the yelling was about to find a teacher shoving a boy’s head in the trash, one boy shirtless as another drew tattoos on him, the phone off the line with it’s cord wrapped around a kid’s neck, two boys dueling with skeleton arms, one kid with her leg out the window, a kid tying a skeleton foot to the ceiling fan, rubber bands and paper wasps flying from every angle, three people turtling backpacks, someone brandishing an epi-pen, sexual hangman being played on the chalkboard, someone eating ice cream and fanning himself with money, and me, crying into my book with my hand literally bleeding from all my efforts to not laugh at what I was witnessing
  • We never saw her in detention again😂
  • My one younger friend got a detention for being late and was really shaken up about it and I tried to tell her she’d be fine but then she got caught sliding me chocolate animal crackers during it, and subsequently got another detention because of this; somehow I was not viewed as an equally guilty party and didn’t get in trouble
  • This one guy came in complaining “You guys all told me to get a twitter and I get thrown in twitter jail my first day!” “That’s like a thousand tweets in one day, how the fuck did you mange that?” “Bitch I had a lot to say about McDonalds!”
  • One teacher came in and was like “I don’t feel like helping with homework but does anyone wanna learn how to hack a computer?”
  • Someone got caught pouring water out the window but when the teacher looked to see why she saw the youngest of the goats™ standing under the window with it’s mouth open waiting for more
  • One time the teacher wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom and after I asked for like the 5th time he said “It can’t be that important!” so I just pulled a pad out of my backpack and silently sat it on my desk while glaring at him and this 40 year old man looked like he was about to pass out and he finally let me go
  • I remember our final detention of senior year we were told that if we skip it we can’t graduate so everyone went into that room with a ridiculously nostalgic attitude and one guy finally stole the skull off the skeleton and we fucking tossed it around the entire time while singing and blatantly ignoring the teacher’s complaining lmao
  • I know there’s more but it’s 7am and this is long so all in all like…I do not miss high school but some memories are bearable lmao

Ok that last post got me fired up so we’re gonna have a quick chat about queer history and respecting your elders.

Nothing makes me more angry then when I see some 14 or 15 year old kids try to talk over queer elders and tell them what they can and cannot say about themselves and about their community. 

The queer community has a long, painful, and constantly evolving history. From things like early lesbian couples and Boston Marriages to Stonewall to the AIDS crisis, a lot of shit has happened, a lot of identities have existed and a lot of words have been used. 

Remember that if you’re young right now, you grew up in a time completely different than that of queer elders. You didn’t live through this stuff but you’re coming into it and you’re expecting to bend it to your own thoughts and needs. And that’s ok, you’re allowed to want to better your community and you’re allowed to change things where you see problems.

The problem arises when you haven’t done your research. When you come into the community with no background in it and try to change things. When you don’t know what happened in the past, but you think it should change or you think you know how to change it. 

So story time.

I live in a very liberal dorm. A very queer liberal dorm. And each semester we have guests come speak to us about whatever they do. A couple semesters ago we had Kate Bornstein come speak to us. For anyone who doesn’t know, ze is a trans author. A much older trans author. And the entire trans club at my school decided to attend hir talk. An email was sent out by the LGBTQ resource center beforehand explaining that if people chose to attend the event, they should be aware that ze was older and probably had differing views and to take it with a grain of salt.

So I attended the talk and first of all Kate is the loveliest human. Just very sweet and ze really wants to help queer youth. But, yes, ze is a little different than say a trans 15 year old. Ze explained how ze likes to use the word tr*nny. Why? Because when ze was figuring hirself out ze found a group of other trans people who referred to themselves that way and it felt like a family. Tr*nny became a family word. However, people in the audience immediately started questioning her on this. And being rude about it. 

So my takeaways from this are essentially that this was carried out horribly. First of all, I find it cringe worthy that the trans club felt the need to tell us to “take it with a grain of salt” and I found it cringe worthy that these kids fought a trans elder on zir own life story. 

Why? because this wasn’t a lesson in being queer now. This was a lesson in queer history. This was a person talking about what it meant to be queer in the past and educating us on where our community came from. And that’s important.

You don’t get to tell queer elders who they are. They know who they are and what they’ve been through far more than you do. You need to sit down and learn your history before you try to tell a queer elder what it means to be queer and what words they can and cannot use. Because you know damn well that if anyone tried to take your words away from you it would hurt. 

TL;DR: the queer community has a history, please learn it before you try to shit on it

If you need educating, please read And the Band Played On by Randy Shilts and Odd Girls and Twlight Lovers by Lillian Faderman. They’re a good start, but there’s always more to learn, please don’t stop.

Don’t Label Jin in BTS with Female Pronouns or Automatically Associate Him with Namjoon

Please, don’t call/or imply that Jin is a mom/wife/parent/princess etc.; claim indirectly that Namjin is the only Jinship; or automatically associate Jin with Namjoon as a default, because of these reasons:

1. Misrepresentation of Jin’s personality: BigHit restricted Jin’s personality because they wanted him to have a certain image as being cool, calm and collected until around 2015/2016, when BigHit finally allowed Jin to act like himself. As you can see in recent videos, Jin is much more playful, outgoing, childish and loud However, the label of mom still remains despite the fact that he doesn’t exhibit the stereotypical traits of a mom anymore. Cooking and taking care of the members does not automatically make him a mother. This is why I don’t want him to be called mom/wife/princess anymore, because you’re misrepresenting who he actually is. All the members say Jin ist the most childish.

2. “But the other members call Jin mom, and Jin has called himself it as well”: Yes, I acknowledge that this has happened in 2013-2014; however, J-Hope and Jimin has also been labeled as moms. J-Hope especially have been referred to as the mother-figure much more frequently than Jin. Both J-Hope and Jimin have done actions that can be perceived as stereotypical mom-traits. Why does the label only stick to Jin? Plus they’re calling him uncle now.

3. The appropriate context: If you’re going to label someone as mom, at least it should be in a context where the member actually acts in a way that is stereotypically considered motherly. Instead often what happens is that Jin is labeled as a mother/wife no matter how unlike a stereotypical mother/wife he actually acts.

4. Double standards and hypocrisy: For example, Jin has nearly kissed Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook but this is still considered a son-mom-moment, with comments like “Mommy Jin, what are you doing trying to kissing your son?”, “Cute mom-and-son bonding moment” or “Stop cheating on Namjoon.” This limits our perception of Jin’s relationships, because they are all reduced to son-mom-moments. If near-kiss-moments had been between any of the other members than Jin, the interactions would not have been interpreted as a mom-and-son-moment. But just because it’s Jin, his interactions are judged differently. In other words, there is a double standard on how Jin is treated compared to other members. It is hypocritical that Jin is judged differently.

5. Limiting the way we perceive Jin’s relationships: It also limits the type of relationships Jin is allowed to have, both romantically and brotherly. The mom/wife label is indirectly forced on people like me, when people continue to comment things like mom/wife. When people comment that Jin is “cheating on Namjoon” or “Mom Jin and dad Namjoon taking care of the kids”, people implicitly make it clear that Jin can only be shipped with Namjoon (even if it’s just a joke), and when people, even if they don’t bring in Namjoon, call Jin mom they are indirectly reinforcing the ship and the role Jin has.

6. Shipping: Worse is when Namjoon or mom jokes are used to promote their ship. Saying that Jin is “cheating on Namjoon” or imply in any way that Namjoon or Jin are in an actual relationship, dismisses Jin’s other relationships with the other members. and implicitly reinforce that Jin can not be shipped with anyone than Namjoon. This often happens when people don’t want Jin to be shipped with anyone else than Namjoon, so they make “jokes” and misgenders him because they don’t want Jin to be shipped with anyone else then Namjoon.

7. Indirectly/Implicitly preventing shipping: Saying things like “You can’t ship mom and son, that’s incest” and “Everyone already knows that Namjoon and Jin is married”, is a dismissive gesture, that is implicitly preventing people from interpreting Jin’s relationships in another way than mom-and-son. People hide behind this “joke”, to prevent Jin from being shipped, brotherly or romantically etc., with anyone else than Namjoon.

8. Stereotyping of Moms: “A stereotype is a preconceived notion about a group of people.” By calling Jin mom/wife, people are indirectly implying that making food and taking care of the members, is how a mom should/and is acting.

9. “But it’s a compliment”: Maybe people mean it as one, but it’s still problematic to perpetuate a stigma about moms, and implicitly about gender roles.

10. Gender roles and heteronormativity: By stereotyping Jin as the mother and Rap Monster as the father, people are implying that there needs to be a “submissive” and “dominant” in the relationship, often in relation with “femininity” (female) and “masculinity” (male). Instead of just being a relationship with two men, people are indirectly strengthening the perception that there needs to be someone traditionally feminine (female) and someone traditionally masculine (male). Even though I don’t believe anyone is intentionally intending to be homophobic or sexist, this is still unintentional and internalized sexism and homophobia, that stigmatize and generalize people. This is heteronormativity.

11. Misgendering: About the princess/mom/wife label, Jin once corrected a fan when she called him princess, he wanted to be called prince. This can be applied to the mom/wife label too.

12. “But we know that he is a man, it’s just a joke”: Jokes can be problematic and harmful, and as I mentioned before, it still misrepresents Jin’s personality, stereotypes him and limits how we view his interactions with other members.

13. “It’s still a joke. Calm down. If you don’t like the comments, just ignore them.”: People are entitled to their opinion, but don’t tell us not react or tell us it’s just a joke, because we understand that it’s just a joke, but we don’t find it funny. Stop trivializing our feelings, perspectives and experiences and blame us for implicitly for being “too sensitive” and “not being able to take a joke” when so many people do not like that Jin is called mom/wife/princess etc. Our feelings should be acknowledged. We should not be marginalized and overlooked, and we need to speak up, because if we don’t, people will continue to call Jin mom/wife/princess. Stop misrepresenting Jin’s personality; stereotyping him; being hypocritical about how you chose to interpret Jin’s relationships/personality as mom/wife/princess when you wouldn’t have done the same with another member; and limiting how we view Jin’s interactions and relationship with the members.

Side note: English is not my first language, so I’m sorry if I didn’t articulate myself well enough. Also if you agree, please spread this text. You are allowed to post this.

50% OFF Starters pt 2
  • "If you continue your attempts at flirting, I will be forced to take DRASTIC measures."
  • "I like watching you from behind."
  • "Stunning deduction sherlock."
  • *demonic voice* "by the darkest sun that casts its menacing rays of the furthest madness, we sense your intentions, (name). the gibbering of mad cultists whisper wicked words to temporal winds, they inform us that you are not to be trusted. Usurper. Usurper."
  • "USURPER!"
  • "I've heard a lot about you and your extensive collection of tank tops, like I'm thinking about getting like 10 more."
  • "Calm down little dude."
  • "the fear of drowning is a primal one. it's a feeling of helplessness, of losing all control. struggling against an inevitable fate as your lungs fill with water..."
  • "I don't need a piece of paper to tell me how to swim or how to fuck Dean Winchester."
  • "You know I had a dream like this once, you surprisingly had more clothes on, though, at least at the start."
  • "ten bucks says he dies."
  • "I'm gonna go run my feelings off."
  • "Yeah it didn't work out... for them."
  • "I have to go scream confusing, end-of-the-world ramblings at people under the freeway."
  • "I feel like I should argue this, but the potential for implied sexual antics is far too appealing."
  • "do not be alarmed! I am about to be hilarious."
  • "Maybe you should stop dragging me to these rap battles then!"
  • "I was under the impression there would be implied sexual antics, time to take matters into my own hands!"
  • "This feels a little exploitative."
  • "I need a soda. Or therapy. Probably both."
  • "Yeah it started because K-pop concert security is tougher than it looks but I just got hooked on the feeling of crushing someones face in with a solid right cross."
  • "sHHSHHshhshhhhh shut up shut up! shh I SMELL BOYS BEING GAY."
  • "Excuse me I am trying to scream my feelings into your mouth!"
  • "That wasn't hot... it was just fucking weird..."
  • "It's not what I would have you in, but I do appreciate beauty in all its many forms. mostly that cute booty though."
  • "hey, the heart wants what the heart wants."
  • "It may be hard to believe, but recently I lost the ability to read."
  • "Just because you can't read the words, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the book in a different way."
  • "boom! done. advice over. let's go get shitfaced!"
  • "Alright I brought the bitch-board for (name)."
  • "Alright let's call it what it is, a sissy paddle."
  • "calm down (name) we weren't talking about your internet search history."
  • "didn't we make a pact to stop her from doing this weeb shit?"
  • "this better not be anymore or (name)'s weird porn!"
  • "Please call the police, because I look so good in this it should be against the law! uh, don't actually call the police though, I WILL incriminate all of you."
  • "Yeah but didn't they train on those islands where all those teenagers were killed? ...and those witch burnings happened? ...and all that toxic waste was spilled?"
  • "if you die, I get fired and I like this job. people don't ask questions here."
  • "fish-men walk among us. conquerers of land, BORN FROM THE OCEAN--"
  • "I don't need him to make weird pornography, I have prawns for that."
  • "Finally moving out, son? I'd like to say it's been fun. I'd like to. But I won't."
  • "hey check me out! I'm on a bout!"
  • "Sit down and stop making 2009 references!"
  • "nah, I scream enough at the unforgiving void of space."
  • "You know, the ocean goblin? He lives in the ocean and if you don't brush your teeth he steals your bones."
  • "Ok I'm done for the day. If anyone needs me I'm gonna be in the tent looking at weird porn."
  • "Hey, you miss every ball you don't hit."
  • "You say 'you people' like you're not part of the family. I've got some news for you, you're already on the christmas card."
  • "You think these antics would fly at the german club?"
  • "brush your teeth, kid."
  • "Can you hear it? the ocean... it wants blood."
  • "I'm the best damn shot we've got."
  • "You know, when I was a kid, before my dad got hit by that train, he said, '(name) don't let your friends swim out into the ocean and get stranded on the haunted island of camp kill-a-teen.' and here we are... stranded on the... haunted island of camp kill-a-teen..."
  • "that's fair."
  • "hey tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumbass!"
  • "It's fine, baby, if you get scared you can squeeze my hand."
  • "now let's make like scooby-doo and split up to find a clue."
  • "In 1991 a case was discovered where a man had the remains of over fifteen victims hidden in his apartment, over 40% of which were stored within his refrigerator. do you know how unsanitary that is?"
  • "you're so cute when you never shut up. Now shut up."
  • "all hail decision cube!"
  • "that's when you started walking on the wild side, right?"
  • "Does anyone want to hear my tragic backstory?"
  • "Bed? But what about possible axe-murderers?"
  • "And we solved the curse of the island, and realized that the real axe murderer was love, all along."
  • "It was a good night for all of us, let's spend more nights in abandoned lighthouses."
  • "That hottie from the track team is here and I wanna ask politely is he wants to get rowdy in the back of my dad's Prius."

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Hey, fantastic job with your metas! I don't know if you've already posted a thorough article on what you expect or think IX will be, but I'd love to read what you have to say about the probable storyline you think is going to happen; personally, I'm having a hard time believing the Reylo arc can be completed in just another movie, let alone the arcs of the three trilogies; what would be left for the next trilogy they're already working on? What do you think? Tks again!

Dear Anon,

thank you for being so encouraging, it is always nice to hear! And thanks for the ask. It took me a little while to answer you (sorry about that) because I was wondering what I could really tell you. I usually try to avoid speculations because, well, I would not say it is my forte, I am not the best at making bets… And, honestly, there is a lot of stuff that could go whatever… BUT…. There are some things I think we can count on, and some things we may expect. And some others (not necessarily groundbreaking) that we could also see them explore or hint at, when looking at the material they have given us so far. Again, I will not bet on anything…Disclaimer, guys!

What we can count on:

Ben’s redemption (yep), last Skywalker standing, guys…. This is my final world, and I have no doubt about that. 

More Force bonds. Because they are awesome!

Reylo as endgame. So… Reylo kiss/ Reylo sex (don’t expect porn, you guys, a lot of great fanfic readers are very kindly providing that)… Probably off screen then (but a girl can dream on something tactful and romantic, the kids will be watching so obviously…)

TFA was Kylo and Rey fighting each other… TLJ is them fighting together. Episode IX should be them fighting for each other… You can’t convince me otherwise.

The MF… It has been key in the ST… Home… Bringing Ben home, or Rey and Ben leaving together at the end. Or Ben piloting the Falcon to do something important…

New saber for Rey… duh

A coup by Hux. Obviously. Rabid cur anyone? Division among the First Order.

Brace yourself: death of our heroes. One or the two of them. Litteral death of one of them, but the other resurrects it through love and use of the Force. Or symbolic death of one or the two of them, through imagery or suspense (we think they are dead but they are not). This is classic myth/fairy tale. It has to happen for them to complete their growth and journey. There is no other way around it. But it can happen many different ways… Don’t fret. I am expecting them to be alive and well at the end.

Balance of the Force… see the quotation from Journal of the Whills: grey Jedi.

Overarching theme for the saga and ST: “you win by saving what you love, not killing what you hate”/ Fairy tale morale/ Dante’s Divine Comedy… Need I say more?

What we can logically expect (as a continuation, or because they have hinted at it, or because that is what they do)

Porgs!!!! Anything with eggs, nesting… too many aviary and bird references in the ST movies and novelizations to overlook

Maz Kenata.. playing some part… or just a cameo. Or finally delivering some answer or advice…

Battles… with ships… in space. And on land… LOL

Leia’s death and/or funeral… Except if they recast her, but oh well… Han’s funeral was in the novelization for TLJ. We need a funeral anyways in the last installment. Padmé in the PT, Vader in the OT… We are bound to get a funeral in the ST. Leia seems like the logical choice. Multiple possibilities: fairly early on, and then you have Kylo trying to show up or sharing with Rey after it and it can play a part in bringing them together. Or at the end, and it is the funeral that brings the galaxy together and it helps everyone mourn their lost and loved ones. Padmé’s was the funeral that marked the end of unity, Leia’s could be the one that brings everyone together. With Rey and Kylo together behind the coffin, or putting a torch to the pyre, hand in hand, as chief mourners.

Division in the Resistance? As a parallel to the First Order’s inner divisions? Would seem logical. I could see Poe struggle as a leader. Or Rey not being comfortable with everything about the Resistance, especially when it comes to Kylo. Rey still needs to figure out where she belongs… She belongs with Kylo. So, she might have issues finding her place in the Resistance. Just as he will not be happy with the First Order as seen by Hux.

Stormtrooper rising. They have focused more on the extra material about the human face of the Empire. See Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars, and the Junior novelization of TFA. Deleted scene of TLJ. Yes, Finn might not just be a bug in the system, it may be the first sign of more to come. Along with the division within the First Order, there may be stormtroopers rebelling and deciding between Kylo and Hux. Plus it gives Finn the chance to shine bright as the one who reaches out to dissident stormtroopers.

Use of the Jedi texts: they can’t have been stolen for no reason.

More FinnRose.

Kylo as good leader/benevolent emperor.

A Force ghost. I wonder if we will get a ROTJ type of ending with all our ghosts gently beaming… Or if they will just pop in to comment Rey and/or Kylo’s actions. We had them in the OT obviously. Not so much in the PT where Qui-Gon could have made an appearance/apparition… It is actually weird he didn’t but maybe Liam Neeson was not interested, who knows?

The ending should be on a lush planet. To symbolize rebirth, renewal, fertility, and the return to Paradise. And as a counterpoint to the ending of PT on Mustafar/Hell.

We might have the return of other known systems, Naboo or Mustafar, but I would really love to see Chandrila featured. It has been heavily featured in the extra material for the ST: in Last Shot, Leia Princess of Alderaan, and Aftermath series. We have seen Jakku, Rey’s birthplace, it would be logical and expected to see Chandrila, birthplace of Kylo. Also, don’t you think it eerily looks like Earth?

A nod to Padmé is overdue. Poor Padmé. Her part was already butchered in the PT. She is vaguely alluded to in the OT… It would be nice to see her somewhere in the ST. Extra material has been alluding and hinting at her…

Someone finding about Rey and Kylo’s force bond and special relationship and being shocked. I am imagining Rose or Finn. Either they keep her secret but call her out on it. Or they betray her secret, for her own good as they see it, and that prompts Rey to dramatically choose to defend Kylo. I have a head canon on BB8 playing a part in all that (catching them during a meeting and playing the holo of their tryst, for example… LOL)

Something that I desperately want to see but am unsure of… the overdue “I’ll come back for you sweetheart, I promise”, that is SO overdue and that is so important in the novelization of the movies, especially in the TLJ Junior version. I think I will pass out from excitement if I finally hear Kylo utter that line (which I deeply believe in).

THAT scene from Rey’s Force vision in TFA. Because, WTF, JJ, you started that now you finish it!

So possibly the elusive Knights of Ren?

Ok, I am sure I am forgetting some stuff. But, this is my piece for now. I hope that answers your questions. Please let me know your thoughts… Sorry it took so long! As for your question about completing it in one movie, well… @taule was telling me that she had heard people speculating they might make more… I would love it, of course, but they did say that ix was supposed to wrap up and tie in the whole Skywalker saga… Do not worry anyways,  because you can count on books, novels, comics, and animation to keep Kylo, Rey, and all their buddies alive and well for quite a while. I am predicting LOTS, TONS OF Kylo’s stuff once they are done with ix and can finally stop pretending about the redemption and survival of their character.

@raven-maiden, @toawaterfowl, @lightaroundthecorner My elves accepted to finally open one letter and get their act together to answer an anon that has been nice all year! LOL

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the whole Toyotaro scandal? I was though he might have used that pose a reference, but the fact that he deleted his post and hasn't answered since seems kinda suspicious. I honestly don't know what to think of this

I saw a lot of people defending him, and I think it could go either way, but the fact he deleted it and refused to talk about it, and the person who originally drew the comic page acknowledged what happened and laughed about the ridiculousness of it all, saying how as a kid he used to draw using DBZ panels as references, and now Dragon Ball is tracing his art.

Either way, I didn’t really care for Toyotaro. You know how Miyazaki is quoted as talking shit about otaku, and saying that they’re people who hate looking at other people, and how that so often ruins their art? I think Toyotaro is like that. He got his job from being a fan and having a very close style to Toriyama’s. He’s the kind of person that only learned to draw by mimicking an art style without learning the basics or developing by himself; you can physically tell it. It may be very offensive to DBS fans for me to say this, but he strikes me as extremely un-creative, and I can’t imagine him having his own series any time in the future. He only exists as a Toriyama stand-in because Toriyama is too old to keep up work as a mangaka.

Like, let’s compare here. Here’s Toriyama sketches:

They’re only sketches, and many are half-finished, but he has line confidence. He knows what he’s drawing. His lines are exactly where they should be, there’s not really anywhere where he had to go back and re-draw something to get it to look right. You can tell it’s the work of a professional. Neat, clean, and to the point.

Here are sketches Toyotaro has done:

And like, I understand to most people who aren’t into art, you won’t really see a difference because the art in both cases is ‘good.’ But here, it does not look like a professional. He has seemingly no line confidence, and looks as if he does more just guessing as to where body parts should be and where clothes should go- which is something that is a give away in my eyes as someone who has only learned to draw by staring at anime and trying to replicate it. 

There’s weird parts of the first God of Destruction’s head that are thick, as if he was desperately trying to make the lines look better, rather than just having line confidence form the start. The poses are unoriginal, and look specifically at the first God of Destruction’s arm on his hip. There is no real weight to his first against his hip, and Toyotaro looked like he wasn’t even sure how to structure the arm. The way he drew the fist seems like go-to ‘I don’t know how I can draw this hand, so I’ll make it look as vague as possible’ kind of shape. You can tell why the manga looks so much more devoid of life than when Toriyama made it; his lineart needs to be cleaned up that much.

I’m kind of rambling, and I know unless you’re really into art you probably won’t really catch on to what I’m saying. So like… TL;DR: I don’ think he’s truly a good artist, and even if the art wasn’t full-on traced, he probably didn’t even know there was anything wrong with copying people’s art, because it’s what he’s probably literally always done. However, I don’t hold it against him; it’s more to do with the state of the anime and manga industries today, where they’re so devoid of life that they just keep picking up fanboys who should never have been hired. Toyotaro is one of those fanboys.

Happy early Valentine’s Day! This is for @whimsyalice as part of @aftgexchange!!! Yay!!! I wanted to include all your fave ships/characters, so this is more Foxes nonsense than ships! Hope you enjoy! :) 

Use this post for reference

It starts on a Monday. The locker room is a cacophony of chattering voices as the Foxes all arrive for afternoon practice, everyone still thrumming with excitement from Friday night’s win. Neil follows the group in and past the lounge. Allison and Renee have their arms linked and heads bowed together as they make their way into the girls’ changing room. Dan and one of the freshman girls are close behind them, not even pausing their lively conversation as they disappear behind the door. Andrew pushes past the door for the men’s changing room, Neil behind him. Matt and Nicky are hot on their heels and arguing about some television show as Neil makes his way to his locker.

“I’m telling you,” Nicky says. “He’s dead.”

“No way!” Matt argues. “He’s gonna pop up next season. You’ll see.”

“Are you sure we watched the same episode?”

“They can’t just kill off a fan favorite like that!”  

Neil tunes them both out and spins the combination into his locker lock. When he pulls the door open, something falls out and clatters to the floor. There’s a moment where Neil’s heart stutters to a painful halt in his chest, his breath clogging up his throat. Somewhere in the back of his mind, memories he’s long buried try to sink their claws back in. He has to close his eyes for a moment before he can focus again. Neil slowly looks down only to find a plastic knife at his feet. He blinks a few times in confusion before reaching down and picking it up. He turns it over in his hand and sees Justin Mattews scrawled in sharpie across the handle. As far as threats go, this one definitely makes the least amount of sense. Neil gives his brain another minute to come up with a possible explanation, but when it comes up blank, he holds the plastic knife out towards Andrew in a silent question.

“Neil! What’re you doing? You’re not supposed to tell anyone who you have!” Nicky exclaims from across the row of lockers.

“Murder season is finally upon us,” Matt says. “Let the chaos begin and may the best person win.”

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After All These Years [Levi Ackerman x Reader]

A heavy cloud of fog covered the area and rain pounded down as Levi squinted to try and see through the mess. There were no other soldiers in sight and his horse had collapsed a while ago, leaving him to walk to the Walls on foot. Or try and meet up with another soldier and possibly ride horseback. Not to mention, all of his blades were dull but useful and his gas tank wasn’t as full as it should be.

He had been in many death experiences, whether it be face to face with a titan or a dirty gang member in the underground. His simple problem didn’t faze him. That was until he heard a distant sound and the Earth beneath his feet shook. He pulled out his blades, ready for the titan until more appeared in front of him. He counted them all, a total of six. He was ready to attack until they all stopped in front of him. The faces were all familiar.

From blonde hair and brown eyes to auburn hair and amber eyes. His heart sunk and his jaw slacked. Eld…Gunther…Oluo…Petra…

His entire squad were titans.

But then his eyes traveled to the other two titans. Sandy blonde hair and blue eyes and bright red hair and green eyes. His heart sunk even further. Farlan and…Isabel.

His family were titans too.

He screamed. Screamed out for anybody to hear. For someone. He dropped to his knees, his voice hoarse. They all watched with, not a normal, creepy, titan smile. But with sad eyes and frowns.

It was his fault.

He screamed more and more as one last titan came up with the six, tall and muscled cannibals. But Levi had opened his eyes.

Pitch black.

His breath choked up in his throat, hair messy and matted to his forehead with the beads of sweat. He looked around until he noticed the sleeping lump, tangled in sheets beside him.

His wife, Lieutenant [Name] [Last Name]-Ackerman, laid beside him, chest falling softly with each breath. He did not want to wake her up but, Dear God, everything he just saw made his chest burn and eyes sting. He especially didn’t want to wake her up when he was tearing up at a dumb dream. A dumb dream that scared the shit out of him.

“Levi?” Fuck.

He turned his head to see his perfect wife, watching with the same [e/c] he had grown to love. She was a goddess in his eyes. After all these years, her beauty stood still.

[Name] and Levi met when Levi was first forced to join the Corps. She had taken the roll of a sweet and smart but feisty girl who was the first to stand up to Levi. He hated her. But then she became friends with Farlan and Isabel and he just couldn’t shake her. Then, even if he never admitted it, he fell in love with her. Years later, they got married and she always referred to his squad as their kids. Even if it was his old bunch, who they still carried in their hearts, or the new bunch, one of [Name]’s, and secretly, Levi’s favorite group of cadets.

“Levi. Levi, what happened?” Her soft voice broke his train of thought once more as he barely turned, his voice hoarse.

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it. Go back to sleep, [Name].” He murmured. It was quiet for a moment before the bed dipped and went back into place. Soon, the [h/c]-haired girl plopped in front of him. Bags hung around her eyes and her lips were set in a frown.

“Not until you tell me what happened.” she spoke, voice strict yet soft. After all these, her stubborness never wavered.

“Go back to sleep.” He spoke again, this time his voice shaking. He noticed her eyes soften and her lips quiver. He knew damn well it hurt her when he bottled stuff in. After all these years, she was still selfless.

“Levi…You can cry to me. You always can…We can cry together…” That broke the dam in his eyes. As soon as she noticed the water lining his gunmetal grey eyes, she immediately wrapped herself around him, holding his head in her shoulder. His arms weakly wrapped around her waist as he let the tears flow freely. He knew that with her, he was safe.

“It’s my fault, [Name]. T..They’re gone..because of me.” Levi spoke, his voice broken, begging to be mended. [Name] sniffed at this, her tears slipping too. She knew exactly who he was talking about. The people they called family, even if they were gone.

“No, it’s not. D-Don’t ever say that, Levi. Never.” She whispered, her body shaking against his. He gripped at her tighter when he felt her tears hit his bare shoulder. “You loved them. Even if you didn’t express it or say it, they know. They know you tried to keep them alive. They know how bad it hurt to watch them go. They know everything. They’re watching us.” [Name] quietly sobbed into his shoulder, his hands gripping his onyx hair.  “They probably think you’re being a baby right now, Levi.” She pulled back, a smile on her face. Then, her dainty hands went to the silver, heart locket that hung around her neck. She clicked it open, a black and white picture inside. It was them.

Squad Levi sat on the right and The small group of four sat on the left.

On the right, Petra was smiling at [Name] as she laughed at something. Oluo had his eyes fixated on Petra as Gunther and Eld smiled, eyes crinkled and arms thrown around each other’s shoulders. Eren was laughing along with [Name]. Levi was staring directly at [Name], a trace of a small, hard to see, smile on his lips.

On the left they were all younger looking as Isabel and [Name] were hanging off of the top bunk, upside down. Farlan was laughing too hard, gripping his stomach. And Levi was scolding them, a frown on his face.

This made his tears stop. His fingers replaced where her’s had been as he inspected the two pictures. She was right. Without showing it, they all knew that they were a family. Levi truly did love them all. His steel eyes met with [e/c] ones, his wife watching him with a smile.

“They know it wasn’t your fault.” She simply spoke. Her fingers shut the locket and went to wipe away the stray tears as he only breathed through his parted lips. [Name] leaned forward and kissed him softly, only to pull away moments later. “Let’s go back to bed. I’ll be right here.” Levi only nodded, laying back as she crawled into his arms and laid her head on his chest, fluttering her eyes close.



“I love you.”

“And I love you…”

“…even if you snore.”


After all these years, she still broke his walls down. Her and her only.

[A/N: Whew! Two uploads in one day! I’m quite proud of myself! Anyway, I loved writing this. I’m a sucker for angst to fluff. I tried really hard to not make Levi seem OOC for this because I’m so bad a writing him. He’s my favorite character but I just–uGH. I hope you guys like this one too and let me know what you think!]

starting the awesome adventures of captain spirit

  • lmao first time starting the game and,, my computer doesn’t meet the storage requirements. eesh.
  • i know it’s not gameplay but the opening screen is super cute. interface = super cute.
  • he got some superb art skills
  • I love the new response feature when his dad was yelling for him, how you could enable it so you could quickly respond
  • I already have a bad impression of the dad (“when I call for you come out immediately”) jeesh.
  • when he’s not being a hardass the dad seems ok
  • it’s fucking early morning the fuck u drinking for (I said this before Chris and I was proud he thought of it too)
  • “I don’t need a lecture from my own kid” um fuck yes you do the game won’t come on until afternoon you do not need to be drinking
  • first impressions of the dad have changed. im assuming he’s abusive, or at least has injured Chris once since it seemed like more of a first time occurrence. I’m also assuming he did it because he asked if anyone said anything. assuming it’s first time for the same reason. ugh.
  • i want the mom she seems nicer but she ded probably
  • “best dam town in America” hahahaha I like that pun
  • this kid seems more of an adult than he should be. i mean sure- it’s good he knows how to do that shit now, can clean dishes and do his own laundry, but to me it’s sad. like his dad is the kid, and he’s the parent. idk
  • I assume the mom’s death is fairly recent, of course assuming she’s dead
  • fuck so yeah, I’m assuming the dad gets abusive when he drinks whiskey (“idk why he drinks that when it just makes him mad”)
  • why the hell is dad getting into bar fights
  • Henry kinda reminds me of the stuffed animal from alternate timeline Chloe’s house
  • aw don’t worry Chris we’ll measure you… if only the camera angles didn’t hate us.
  • who the fuck needs to lock a goddamn wardrobe
  • ok cigarettes are bad but like let’s steal one anyway
  • “Oregon’s best boobs” who the fuck puts that on the porno mag why the hell that’s so stupid fff
  • ok so it seems the mother was killed on asteroid drive and mantle street. murder im guessing. I think I’ll retract the previous assumption that she died recently, since it seems to be several years (doesn’t this take place on 2018). I take back this assumption bc I figured like a year ago not 3
  • also what’s with these games and dead parents or fucked up parents
  • daddy’s an alcoholic
  • daddy’s new “friend” is a stripper or prostitute. just guessing.
  • his little interview is so cute awww
  • I strongly dislike the dad. like Jesus, the kid doesn’t like you drinking maybe you should lay off. “get me the goddamn beer” “that’s alright it’s ok”… fuck u cHaRlEs
  • you better fucking slow down
  • FFF the mom’s comic that Chris doesn’t get cffodnks
  • yep. hit and run.
  • that feel when ur snowman’s nose is ur drunken dad’s beer can
  • look at Chris defying gender rolls
  • aw, I wonder what Harry said about the dad. although tbh whatever he said was probably true
  • “physical educstion- d” me
  • the shooting of the beer cans reminded me of Max and Chloe. although Chris shot the beer with snowballs… still. the memories
  • the fact the treasure was memories of his mom… poor chris
  • I’m taking back my previous assumption about the mothers death, bc it takes place in 2016 so it would’ve been a year ago since she died in 2015
  • also, since this takes place in life is strange world I wonder what happens to Arcadia bay. I personally sacrificed the bay, because I love my girl Chloe. I wonder what’s become of it now.
  • is the fucking mandroid planet the same fucking Street his mom died on
  • fucking drunk dad tripping over shit
  • did this fuckface, drunkass, bitchass, cocksucking CUNT just blame US for mom’s death?? fuck you dude

ok I really don’t know how this all is supposed to relate to life is strange 2. I mean it does say at the end “see Chris in life is strange 2” but I really dont think he’ll be the protagonist. although that could be the case. seeing as this game is in the life is strange universe and alrhough the first season had a murder mystery along with high school drama, the main point of it all was this teenage girl having the power to rewind time. so, seeing as Chris has a power, that would make him a good suspect for the lead.

the awesome adventures of captain spirit “‘links’ to stories from the upcoming Life is Strange 2 and contains 'many secrets’ and Easter eggs for fans to uncover. Choices you make in the awesome adventures of captain spirit will also carry over into Life is Strange 2.”

that explains how the games are linked together, but it doesn’t really specify how big of a role the awesome adventures of captain spirit plays into Life is Strange 2. the game itself says we’ll see more of Chris (hopefully aged up) and the quote explains that taaocs links to stories from lis2. but that doesn’t necessarily mean the whole story will be in lis2. when I heard about the game, and how it is linked to lis2 and we’d have to figure out how, I thought more of a puzzle would be involved. that’s why I don’t think Chris would be the protagonist, or anything that seemed too easy.

for example, I thought that maybe the story would start with Mrs. renyolds and Chris being adopted since how the door scene ended (I have no clue if you could actually get her to leave without coming back).

anywho, I can’t wait until September (which is weird to say, since I don’t want to go to school but sister is fucking ready for lis2). if this game makes me cry, I’ll just drop dead.

really sorry if my explanation makes no sense, it’s 3:30 am and I’m half here also no clue what the fuck ^ that was


Ok so

I’m going to take the time today to remind everyone that “whiteness” is a regional social construct that can be given and taken away.

Whiteness is less about where you are from and more or less a classification that certain groups can temporarily achieve.

I think the best way of quickly describing this is that one scene in Django Unchained where Dr. King demands that Django be referred to with respect to the master of the plantation and a slave girl asks “do you want me to treat him like white folk?” And the master says “NO” but then asks her to treat him like “Jerry” who it turns out is a poor non land owning white man who in the Master’s eyes is something between the status of a Slave and a “white folk”. (

Jerry exists as a masterful example of the status and social construct of “whiteness” not applying to someone who is technically white in a scenario in which most white people are “from” the same place. And as the history of whiteness in America is concerned, Jerry “becomes” white when other groups such as the Irish and the Italians and the polish,etc appear and it’s time to exclude them.

The social construct of Whiteness requires exclusion to give certain privileges to an ever growing upper class of whiteness. In which “new applicants” of whiteness must wait until another applicant arrives in order to be bumped up into the classification. And while the class of whiteness does grow this way, it can also spit groups out.

For example, when people are perceived as being white but then revealed to be not white. At the moment of the reveal,the social construct of perceived whiteness that benefits them erodes away and all social privilege granted is stripped from them (this happens to a lot of mixed people, white passing latin@s, and Ashkenazi Jewish people.)

If the construct of whiteness becomes strict, as it tends to in times of economic distress, sometimes the qualifications become even stricter and it spits out groups that have stronger ties to their mother cultures and languages than to the amalgamation of whiteness and thusly can be “confused” for being non white, such as that Greek couple who were speaking Greek and were besieged by a neo-Nazi.

What does all this mean?

That white supremecy is not something you must adhere to or that will even protect you if you are white. It is so tempting for some people when they hear white supremacist rhetoric to think that they will be “safe”. But the reality is that there is just a pecking order of who to attack and you simply are a bit further from the top than people of color. Also that your association with POC does count and that gives you brownie points that make get you closer to getting very violently hurt by white supremacists.

What can I do about this?

Learn about it. Do some independent research on the concept of race and where it came from. Race and culture are very different things and as things around us get worse, knowing the difference can help protect you from falling in with a dangerous crowd.

But what about black? Is black a social construct?

Yes and no. The first thing to understand is that black refers to two things: people with African descent the world around, AND the displaced African-American people who descended from slaves in the US. Because the descendants of slaves do not know their cultural origins (like you know that you are white but are actually Romanian and French or whatever) black people here had to start over and create their own culture so they are culturally black and racially black.

So if you’re talking about black/white issues, know that you are talking about Culturally and racially black vs. white supremecy/whiteness as a social construct. Not black people vs. Irish/Italian/British/etc cultures.

So does that mean I shouldn’t be proud of being white?

Whiteness is a social construct, so no. BUT! Having cultural pride for your background is absolutely acceptable and worth embracing! If you’re Italian being excited about Italian heritage is great! If you’re Hungarian tell everyone all about it you’re A++++! Everyone and their mama loves German fest in my town. It’s one of the highlights of the year. But the concept of being proud of a structure you can get kicked out of is absolutely ridiculous. Searching for pride in a structure that only serves the concept of a supremecy that you may or may not be allowed REGARDLESS of your skin color is dangerous and doesn’t serve you well. And hearing things like Black Pride! Is more comparable to hearing “Irish Pride!” Or “Swedish Pride!” Than “White Pride”. That Irish American heritage month is what is equal to black history month, not “white history month”.

Accepting that whiteness as a social construct does exist and that you benefit from it is important.

But knowing what the fuck that even means is considerably more so.


Hi, it’s me, back at it again with another Varian post

I just…can we talk about this for a second?
This is a moment at the end of Ready As I’ll Ever Be that’s very difficult to catch at a glance, but to me, it says a lot. These are all expressions that Varian makes just before the Final Battle- when he’s just finished preparing and is watching the automaton as it’s being lowered into the cellar.

In the first two images, he doesn’t look nearly as sure of himself as he does throughout most of the episode. In the second one, if you look close, you can even see his gaze has drifted to the side as though he’s contemplating something; possibly wondering if all this is really necessary and whether or not he’s actually doing the right thing, here.

But then, by the third one, his resolve hardens. He’s likely reminded himself of his (supposed)motivation to free his father and of the fact that he’s already come too far to change course. And we know what happens from there…

We’ve seen this kind of thing before, though; In the Alchemist Returns, he seems to be second-guessing his actions just before turning on Rapunzel:

It’s already made pretty clear that Varian is neck-deep in denial about who’s really to blame for his father’s condition, but he also appears to be wavering a lot in his resolution for solving the issue. Despite the bravado he uses when confronting the king and Rapunzel - bragging about how they’re “not in a position to demand anything” - any time he really stops to think about what he’s doing, his expression suddenly becomes hesitant and unsure. 

This, to me, reaffirms that the only real motivation he has for his actions is anger. He’s not thinking clearly; the logical side of him is still not completely sold on the course of action he’s choosing, but he’s letting his emotions override it (as distraught teenagers often do). Varian is not all-in with seeking revenge against Corona, but at this point in time, he views it as his only choice. Not because it makes the most sense, just because it satisfies his desire to deflect and refocus his anger on something(or someone) else.

Because where would he turn it on otherwise? Probably, himself.

Man, I just… realizing that Varian is eventually going to have to come face-to-face with his own guilt and accept the blame for everything that’s happened… Varian may be a villain (and I do personally believe he can be referred to as a “villain” at this point), but at the end of the day, he’s still just a grieving kid who’s too afraid to admit that his mistake may have cost his dad his life.

I truly hope he’s able to reconcile his relationship with Rapunzel and save his father. And when he does, I hope it’s his decision to make. 

I really want this boy to make a turn around of his own volition. Because, deep down, he knows that what he’s doing isn’t what he wants to do- what his FATHER would want him to do. And he needs to come to terms with it, and set it right (just as he said he was going to do in Let Me Make You Proud.)

When you’re doodling a baby Akoya, but you aren’t using a reference, so the shorter strands of hair at the front end up looking like crab pincers… crabkoya 🦀


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so many people don't like the new Eren, I think he's awesome, what about you, do you like time-skip Eren?

These two asks go hand in hand so I will be answering them together, and though I don’t believe this really deserves my disclaimer as it isn’t a meta post, so to speak, I will be putting it up anyways for the sake of sakes.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different interpretation of the series and its characters! However, if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages because my opinion differs from your own; please do us both a favor and don’t even bother with it.

Let me start this out by immediately saying that I do not hate Eren. I don’t think I ever could tbqh, but I am not gun-ho! happy with him either. 

From the very moment that I saw Eren watch his mother get eaten in the very first episode of the anime, I knew without a doubt that he would be one of the most inherently tragic protagonists I would probably ever have the pleasure to witness. And throughout the progression of the series this has, sadly, been undeniably confirmed for me. I knew that at some point, Eren would end up in a state like this. I did not know how, I did not know when, but I knew it would happen.

The overzealous kid who charged head first into battle with little regard to his surroundings and the consequences of his actions. Guided by a determination so fierce that even Levi himself refered to him as a monster, after learning through what should have been an inevitable death that he was, indeed, a monster. Through tooth and nail he has fought, and bled, and watched countless friends and comrades die all while being pulled through an endless stream of absolute hell that he chose to engage in. He was leashed and collared with a dog tag that read “Humanity’s Hope” on it and it wore it as proudly as he could through all the shit he, and everyone around him has had to endure and despite what he feels are many failings under the weight he bears.

Truly, the kid was a walking tragedy from the start and his current mindset and physical appearance really isn’t incredibly shocking to me. Still though, seeing him let himself go to the point that Levi looks outright sad at his downtrodden and dead-eyed appearance hurts. Seeing Mikasa’s sad eyes, and Armin’s blank ones where light and hope used to shine hurts. Seeing Jean question the violence even after witnessing Sasha bleeding out on the floor hurts. Seeing Connie cry in silence at the death of his best friend hurts. Seeing Hange say they lost all trust in him because he put too much trust in them hurts.

It all hurts. 

Eren is Humanity’s Hope and he did what he thought needed to be done for them because he feels as though it is his duty to carry them all forward, even if they don’t agree. But it is hard to watch a character who started out so overly fierce turn into someone so broken and cold. It’s hard to see Eren, who once followed every order despite his personal feelings, commit mass genocide without orders while forcing his comrades to participate. It’s hard to see Eren mentally break with the death of a person he’s been friends with for the better part of seven years because of a miscalculation in a plan he instigated while not regarding the death of the thousands he just massacred.

Long story short, anons, I have A LOT of feelings about Eren right now. As I already said, I do not hate him, and in fact, I love Eren. I also understand - to some degree at least - why he carried out such actions, but almost like a mother and her child, I am disappointed that it came to this for him, and I am worried about what his future holds. Not just pertaining to his mental health, but to him as a character, and as a whole.

I adore Eren. I truly do, and because of this, more than anything else, I mourn for him. I mourn for his sanity. I mourn for his friends. I mourn for his future, and I mourn for the bright-eyed, feisty kid he used to be.

Ok, judging by these screenshots of this spoiler cutscene below, I’m calling it now. 

Nero and Kyrie…

have twin kids!

Bear with me. First, we see that Nero and Nico are tinkering with the car at the house garage. And it’s safe to assume the house belongs to Nero and Kyrie since Kyrie mentions she is done cooking dinner. I’m not sure if Nico actually lives with them as well or if she just comes by since she’s Nero’s business partner and of course Kyrie would insist that Nico stay for dinner.

So below, Nero mentions Kyrie (or, as Matt described, “the most important thing to him”). So this informs the mystery stranger (aka Vergil) that, besides Nero around, there’s also a woman in the house.

Nero explains that Kyrie always makes too much food. Assuming Nico doesn’t actually live in the house with these lovebirds (you don’t want to be a 3rd wheel and Nero and Kyrie have proven that they don’t mind expressing their affection to one another), then it’d be weird for Kyrie to make too much food for 2-3 people to the point that there’s more than enough to feed a 4th person. Unless there’s kids involved? Because then you’d have 4-5 mouths to feed and then yeah it is very easy to make too much food when you overestimate. I’ve cooked food for people before and have found it harder to estimate how much to cook when there’s more and more people involved.

And then above, Nero adds that there’s a pair of “loud talkers” in the house too. At first, I thought Nero was talking about Nico and Kyrie. But Nero had just mentioned Kyrie by name already. In my opinion, it’s kind of weird and does not make sense to refer to someone by name and then in the next sentence refer to them as part of a pair. To me, it sounds like "pair” refers to a group of people BESIDES Kyrie. As in “Kyrie just cooked and we also have a pair of loudtalkers upstairs” = “Kyrie + 2 other unnamed people”. Also, we don’t know what Nico is like but I don’t think she’s a “loud talker”. I think her character is the kind that doesn’t mind having a dirty mouth like Nero, but not necessarily a loud talker. And I can’t imagine Nero calling the love of his life a “loud talker” either. Kyrie has always been portrayed as a sweet, soft-spoken woman. So it’d be out of character for Nero to call his lover a “loud talker” and for Kyrie to behave as one.

But you know who are loud talkers?


Young kids to be exact. I don’t have children myself, but I’ve worked in classrooms with children ranging from 4 - 15 years old and it’s not unusual for toddlers or kids around that age to have issues controlling the volume of their voice. Sometimes, parents may have a kid who has still not grasped the concept of “indoor voices” (aka “loud talkers”). I would assume it’s mainly toddlers who have issues determining how loud is too loud, especially since toddlers have only just begun learning to speak.

Another keyword Nero uses is “pair”. It doesn’t have to mean that the kids are twins necessarily. Maybe they had one kid, and then another right after, but I like to think it means they do have twin kids. You know, to make it a tradition for the Sparda line to have twins for each generation. It’d be cool if Nero’s children were twin boys, like a homage to Dante and Vergil’s brotherhood. I also think it’d be interesting if the pair of twins were boy/girl.

I’ll bet that’s why the prologue doesn’t reveal Kyrie and only provides her voice. Meanwhile, we’re shown what Trish and Lady look like now (at least how they look when lying face down). And maybe that’s why there are several references/images of a baby in the Devil Trigger music video?

I can just imagine Vergil (saved and redeemed) returning to Nero’s house and discovering he’s a grandpa as he sees his son be welcomed back by his family. Who knows? Maybe he’ll decide to stay for dinner this time. Hopefully, he won’t rip anyone’s arms off when reaching for the salt…

Or maybe I’m just reaching because the game is still so many months away and I need to know what happens to Dante & Vergil at the end and I NEED IT NOOOOW. 

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Do you think Sansa can warg? Bran and Arya undoubtedly can, Robb was rumoured to be able too(wether he used to or not I guess we'll never know), I don't remember Jon being able to although his connection to Ghost seem stronger than a normal pet/owner. Sansa lost Lady really soon but Arya hasn't seen Nymeria for the same amount of time and she still can warg, also I don't think all wargs must have a ln usual pet to warg

I think there’s an important distinction to be made here between two definitions of “can.”

The first is Martin’s words on the subject:

“I don’t know if I want to get into genetics - this is fantasy, not scifi” He replied. “I don’t think this is necessarily a ‘Stark’ ability, though all the children have it to one extent or another. They also realize it to one extent or another. Arya doesn’t realize she has it, she keeps thinking she has these weird dreams, and of course Bran is much further along” (x)

Sansa “can” warg because that’s something that all of the Stark children have.  They have in them a magical capacity to wear the skins of their direwolves and–in Bran’s and Arya’s cases–other animals as well.

The problem for Sansa is that I don’t think she “can” (as in, she has never developed the skill) and therefore likely won’t in text.  Lady’s death has a lot of symbolism around it, but on a basic skill level: the reason that the Starks are able to warg is because of their connections with their wolves, and those wolves are alive.  

  • Jon has wolf dreams (though he doesn’t really understand what they are) starting in ACOK.
  • Bran’s is focusing on developing the skill and he identifies it (with help) as a skill to develop.  He’s also taking his skinchanging one step further in his study of greensight, which is something that only skinchangers can do to.  
    • “Only one man in a thousand is born a skinchanger,” Lord Brynden said one day, after Bran had learned to fly, “and only one skinchanger in a thousand can be a greenseer.” (Bran III, ADWD)
  • Arya is able to skinchange from across the sea in to Nymeria, though she does not know that’s what she’s doing.   Arya’s being able to warg into Nymeria from across the sea I think is a major indicator of her power: that’s a far distance from Braavos, and we even see her skinchange into a cat while blind (though, again, she doesn’t know what she’s doing) which is more than anyone except Bran has done. 
  • You mentioned her not seeing Nymeria for as long as Lady’s been dead–the difference is that Nymeria’s alive and there are instances of Nymeria and her pack being very close at hand to Arya while she’s in the riverlands
  • Nymeria’s being far away is not the same thing as Lady’s being dead–at least as far as the text demonstrates given that Arya has wolf dreams and Sansa does not.   

In all of these cases, there is the implication that the connection to the Starks’ direwolves is what allows it:

All of the Stark kids have certain links to the wolf. I think in Westeros there’s a certain amount of identification of all of these great houses to their sigils, to the animal charges that they bear. The Lannisters are always likening themselves to lions, for example, and their motto “Hear me roar” speaks of a certain way of looking at life. But I think for the Starks it goes a little bit beyond that, especially in this generation, with these direwolves. It’s more than just a handy metaphor with them. (x)

The wolves are the gateway to the magical skill, and Sansa’s wolf died at the end of her first POV chapter in the series.  And while it’s possible for skinchangers to skinchange into other animals and not just wolves (Orell, for example; and Varamyr Six Skins, though he also skinchanged into wolves), I don’t think that Sansa’s basic magical instinct on that front was ever cultivated, or has even prickled across her awareness (or her unawareness) at this point.  

And who knows, maybe that’ll happen in TWOW, but at this point I doubt it.  People have made comments about other animal references when she leaves the Red Keep and what that might mean for her potential to skinchange, but I’m skeptical (if happy to be wrong).

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Actually the real reason why LGBT people (in general) don't use qu*er is because it's a hurtful slur that very few actual LGBT people have reclaimed. It wouldn't be right to label everyone under the LGBT as qu*er without their consent.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, queer has been 99% reclaimed for literal decades. We have queer studies in classes. ‘We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!’ was a common pride chant/slogan in the 80’s and 90’s. Hell, check out posts on Tumblr back in 2012! 'Queer’ was commonly accepted as a word to refer to the LGBT community, particularly those who don’t neatly fit in that acronym. Remember when the acronym was LGBTQIAP*? That 'Q’ stands for - guess what? - Queer!

This narrative that 'queer is a slur’ is flat out ahistorical. 'Gay’ is less reclaimed than 'queer’; in common parlance, the average asshole is going to say 'lmao that’s gay’ to insult something, not 'lmao, that’s queer’. And yet there are those who would tell us that 'gay’ is the only acceptable umbrella term. Are you for real?

Of course there are those who don’t want to be called queer, because somebody told them it was always a slur or because somebody called them 'queer’ in a hurtful way - which of course does still happen sometimes. Sadly, as the newest English-speaking generation of queer kids are being 'raised’ by REG-owned Tumblr, we might un-reclaim 'queer’ in the next couple of decades, returning it to our oppressors as a nasty thing to call us after literal decades of it being our word.

but hey! No nonbinary, genderqueer, questioning, asexual, aromantic, panromantic, messy-obscure-labeled non-straight non-cis person will have an easy label with which to make themselves look like they’re part of the LGBT community anymore. Which is, of course, exactly the fucking point.

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BonneyQ is it okay for you to continue the AU where it was a two year time skip and Juvia got pregnant with Gray's child when he was in Avatar to do their fight when they under Ice Lock and the Gray had to fight Natsu and then Juvia comes back please? I don't know if you're taking requests or not.

I think you are referring to [THIS], so here’s a follow up!


The first thing Gray saw when he woke up were deep blue eyes staring at him, curious. For just a moment he thought it was Juvia looking at him until his eyes focused and he recognized Gris.

His son.

“Good morning.” He mumbled and the boy tilted his head to the side, as if studying Gray. “Where’s your mother?” The question sent the child into a long babbling; Gris pointed to the open door and clearly said ‘Mama’. “Alright, let’s go see her.”

Gray got up from the bed and put his pants back on – after putting Gris back to sleep the night before, he had stayed after they spent a long time talking about her two years on her own. Juvia told him to sleep next to her and for the first time in two years, Gray had a full night’s sleep.

The little boy waited until Gray was dressed and for Gray to point to the door before he started to walk as fast as his tiny feet could carry him – his diapered bottom moving and Gray tried to contain a smile, it was quite cute, really. Gris would look over his shoulder from time to time as if to check Gray was still following him.

“Mama!” Gris said, happily, looking to Gray and pointing to Juvia, who was at the small kitchen.

“Yes, baby?” Juvia asked and when she looked up, and saw Gray there, she looked surprised. “Oh, Gray-sama, I’m sorry! Did Gris wake you?”

He shrugged. “It’s fine. He was curious.” Gray said. “It must be weird for him to see someone else sleeping here.”

“Yes.” Juvia chuckled. “It has been just us for so long and he is such a curious little boy. He is loving all the new people he has been meeting. Aren’t you, baby?” Gris hugged his mother’s leg and looked up, giving her the most beautiful smile and Juvia smiled back. “That’s my handsome boy.”

Gray, seeing the interaction, kneeled in front of the boy. “Hey, Gris.” With his attention at his father, Gris watched as Gray created a small horse with his magic and the boy’s eyes went wide, surprised. Gray smiled when the little boy let go of his mother’s leg and took a step closer to touch the horse, babbling away. “Careful, it’s cold.”

Gris took the horse and sat on the floor, thoroughly checking the new toy and when it became too cold for him, he let go of it and it felt on the floor, making him giggle. The boy looked up, his blue eyes sparkling in happiness, and he said to the adults while still giggling: “Oops.”

Chuckling Gray got up from the floor and messed with Gris hair before he turned to Juvia, who was looking at the scene before her with watery eyes. Gray frowned and took a step closer to her.

“What’s wrong?”

Juvia shook her head. “Nothing. Nothing at all. It’s just… seeing you and Gris interact…” She dried a tear that fell from her left eye. “There were days Juvia thought she would never get to see you two together.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” Gray said, regretful. “I’m sorry you had to raise him on your own. I missed everything.” He sighed.

“No. You missed a lot, but not everything.” The blunette told him, stepping closer and wrapping her arms around his middle. “There are many things yet to happen in his life. You will see it all from now on.” She hesitated. “If… if you want to, that is.”

“I do.” Gray gave her a nod. “He is my son too. I don’t feel like a father yet, I didn’t see you pregnant, I didn’t see you giving birth and I didn’t hold him when he was born. But I know he is ours and I want to be there for him. And for you.” Gray put a hand on her cheek. “You will have to help me, though. I know next to nothing about raising kids.”

Juvia snorted. “Trust me, Juvia didn’t know much either but then I had him in my arms and Juvia tried her best.”

“He is a healthy happy child; I guess you’ve done alright.” Gray told her and leaned to give her a peck on the lips, she smiled into the kiss. A moment later, Gray felt tiny hands pushing on his legs and when he looked down, he saw Gris frowning at him, not happy at all. “What is it?” The little boy kept pushing until Gray let go of Juvia and took a step back, confused, and Juvia sighed. “What’s his problem?”

“He has had Juvia to himself since the day he was born.” Juvia said to Gray and picked her son up when he raised his arms. “He doesn’t know how to share me.” Gray looked to the boy and Gris was staring daggers at him, his tiny arms around Juvia’s neck and his head resting on her shoulder. “Only now we are seeing more people.”

Gray sighed. “Yeah, I get it. I guess I’ll have to be around all the time for him to let me be around you.” He stepped closer to them and Gris held on even stronger to his mother. “It’s alright, kid. I’d be upset too if someone I don’t know was pawing my mother. Good to see you are taking care of her.” He looked at Juvia. “I’ll start on breakfast.”

“Thank you.” Juvia tip toed to kiss him and Gris pushed Gray away with his tiny hands when the kiss was a bit too long for his liking. “Alright, baby. No kissing.” Juvia chuckled.


AN: Poor Gris, he has to share his mama now! :’D

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like? i honestly don't get people (haters and those who stopped watching) who say spn has bad writing? of course not ever episode will be as good, but for a show at it's THIRTEENTH season the writing hasn't let up at all (it's just more simplified), sfter all those years i still find the dialogue utterly fascinating. i really don't get it but maybe i'm just biased :/

Yeah, and the thing is the show has gradually moved from what was good writing for season 1 or 4 or whatever, to whatever makes it still work after 8 or 13 seasons… 

Like, the internal mirroring in season 1? It’s there, it’s good, there’s a lot more than you think and you’d basically have to watch the season twice, once forwards and once backwards as soon as you’re done before you forget all the little details to catch all the stuff. I mean there’s some things which are obvious like the Mary and Jess dying either end of their episode things. And then there’s stuff like 1x09 and 1x17 both having Sam and Dean obsessed with drawing something that they’re trying to capture on a piece of motel notepaper or whatever. Little motifs that barely mean anything but give a sort of coherency and nod to earlier writing, which is basically just stuff you do to assure the viewer there’s a sense of having things under control. 

Cycle all the way up to season 13 and you can have so many nuanced references going on that just the MotW in 13x05 mirrors 5 different season 1 episodes, a season 8 main arc thing, a random season 11 motw, or 7x19 even, for the house full of ghosts thing… and probably some other stuff I can’t even remember now, and that’s before we get to the main plot half, and the emotional arcs. And those references aren’t just in there as a competency check, but because it means stuff and it’s relevant. The parallel to Lucas the mute kid in 1x03 who Dean related to? SUPER RELEVANT to his emotional state now. For like the entire season we’ve had 1x02′s “saving people, hunting things” speech lurking around in Dean’s actions visibly decayed and broken from its original meaning. 1x10 was visually referenced and that is important because of the Sam and Dean at odds stuff, and some of their most important yelling at each other about how they see each other and how John affected them and how they see John through each other happened there, all of which is being recycled in how they’re treating Jack. I could keep going but point is, the writing is good surface viewing, and a really rich soup of past canon references for people who want to analyse it, because just showing they understand the story they’re telling is a huge sign of good writing, and makes me confident to assume they do mean basically everything they imply. 

But on the other hand in season 1 you can really feel scared and alone and confused and like the entire universe around them is too big and filled with evil and they’re small and incompetent and just want to find their dad and go home, and that aesthetic is excellent, but you can’t keep going with that past even season 1, so they start to get more people in their lives, even just passing acquaintances at first, and a couple of settled locations. And the story can’t just be the same simple goals over and over again or what’s the point in setting up a big looming battle between good and evil from the very start if it’s just escalating and deescalating clashes with a few important demons, a 4 episode per season main arc about family, and then a bunch  of monster hunts? For one thing they’d run out of hunts :P So more plot, more characters, and it all starts eroding the original aesthetic because better writing for what they’re working with means abandoning what originally made the show good because it can NEVER make the show good again IN THAT WAY.

And by season 6 the mytharc is all concluded, and you basically have to pick the show up and turn it around, and start telling it all backwards, and make it personal instead, because not only is escalating threat meaningless after the victory in season 5, but they have a massive world full of characters and resources and KNOWLEDGE and you can’t have the Winchesters alone against the world. There’s jokes about how in season 1 they wouldn’t know a vampire if it bit them on the arse but then in season 8 Dean just goes and clears a house of them out for his vampire BFF. Or season 1 Dean vs demons and then just cut to him and Crowley drinking together. Like… it’s experience and competence and also just the story can’t maintain itself if it never explores new avenues where monsters stop being scary for being monsters and start being scary for what they say about the characters… Which 2x03 does for Dean, and everything since has been post-picking up the story and turning it around. I mean, that can happen at any point really, but the season 1 approach to monsters was completely unsustainable because they’d run out of monsters. Look at how werewolves never came back until season 8 and when they did, Robbie retconned the crap out of them so they could be used in different stories. Werewolves who transform unknown to themselves and can be monsters without ever knowing it? Are good for like 1 story only, and that was the one they told in Heart. And until you suck it up and retcon it, you can NEVER use werewolves even as incidental monsters. We didn’t even see them in season 6. 

And all these changes are happening all the time, and bit by bit things like “can’t have the Winchesters without any reoccurring side characters to help/hinder them” and “monsters aren’t all evil” and “escalate the mytharc at least a notch higher than previously or start over but make it personal” and all these changes happen one at a time for good reasons, until you end up with a show which looks nothing like the original one but still has its DNA. It’s just grown up into an adult version of itself that can carry its own weight. And that’s good long-form writing.

I don’t actually think the writing has simplified, it’s just behaving in a different way now. Season 1 and 2 were pretty raw and full of character dynamic stuff but the main plot was very simple and tropey because it could afford to be because the show was a bunch of world building and a focus on the MotW episodes, and the main plot was a bonus and a mystery to string us through episode to episode, so the main pull WAS the character stuff between Sam and Dean as an identifying feature of the show. But you can’t tell that story over and over where they don’t know what’s happening and it never comes near them until shit hits the fan. For one thing, they blew all their cards ages ago on things seeded into their life from birth that they had no idea about but were always fated to happen, unless there’s something that happened to Dean that’s just been idly ticking away waiting for him to hit 40 for him to be slapped with some ancient curse Millie Winchester activated poking around with artefacts Henry brought home from work or something. Again, once the demon blood reveal comes you basically pick up the show, turn it around, and start telling in the other direction from the build up to that reveal, and we’re still going in that same direction that Sam’s been reacting to since 2x21. That’s the hugest thing to happen in their family history in terms of plot so everything has to loop around that somehow, and new reveals are just “why” ones not “what” ones, in 4x03 and 5x13.

The show the hardcore original couple of seasons fans are longing for is one that wrote itself out of existence with its OWN good writing. Sam and Dean DEMANDED more characters to interact with to show more facets of themselves and for them to be challenged, so they got Ruby and then Cas. The plot was rolling along building up steam so excitingly that it COULD go to an epic fated apocalypse, and sell that our guys were the ones caught in the middle and ready to save the world. They weren’t the same dweebs as season 1. 

And instead you get this INCREDIBLE character writing… Like, Sam and Dean leap off the page as it were right from the start, and without them being good characters the show would never have amounted to anything because Sam and Dean was all the show depended on to start with. And it’s still going on their charisma and chemistry, but it’s FAR from all that now. They get characters thrown at them to see what sticks, and increasingly characters begin to stick. Characters would basically never be seen again originally. And then a few began to show up over and over after Bobby and then the Roadhouse lot, and season 3 had a whole bunch of actual reoccurring characters and stuff like surprise returns for the Trickster or whatever - things that began to make it feel like the world was populated with more than the Winchesters. And by season 8 when the narrative shifts to being primarily character-based and action driven, repeat characters are allowed to show up and stay in ways that they never would have in the past. You get in season 8 Garth, Kevin and Charlie all coming back since season 7 first appearances, Cas and Crowley get their first season they’re actually both in all the way through at the same time, and then there’s repeat characters introduced in that season for its story. Amelia and Benny, and Abaddon and Metatron. It’s CROWDED. The Winchesters are being defined by the people around them and it’s how they react and make their decisions that affects the story. Which allows for delving right down into them and doing masses of character building because all the plot stuff is affected by character things.

And I think Destiel gets so compelling around this time because the shift to emotional storytelling means it’s less what they do and more how what they do affects them and each other. Everyone’s getting defined more by the people around them but Cas and Dean have this whole weird profound thing going already. 

As we go through all that the story becomes more and more self-reflective. 6x01 and 8x01 both reboot the story in weird various ways, going back to the pilot for inspiration. 6x01 just again is about picking up the story and turning it around and telling it in another direction, but 8x01 gets really meta about it… Dabb era snuck up on us because it starts somewhere in the middle-end of season 11, but the end of season 11 is another pick up and turn around moment, but instead of re-telling it begins to completely deconstruct and break down everything that the story had been previously defined by. Which means in many ways the drift back to trying to tell simpler episodes with season 1 themes and style makes it look simpler, but after you stick out 12 years of the show and then get to it, if you look at what they’re doing, part of the reason why the episodes feel SO good, is because there’s a deep intelligence to it all, at least in storytelling terms. Finding what is fresh by taking the things which are worn down and tiresome and trying to do something with them. Subtly, in season 12… A bit louder for the people in the back in season 13 :P But there’s a clever purpose behind it, and the episodes are engaging for other reasons and as a bonus we’re seeing the characters in ways we haven’t really seen them before. Or as we haven’t seen them for a long long time. 

I think a lot of intelligence in good writing is not forgetting the beginning of the story halfway through or at the end or anything. Which is a serious problem when the show is so long. It’s why you sometimes get lines like in 5x21 where Sam and Dean have an exchange where they talk about remember when we used to just hunt Wendigo (*takes a shot*) or in 12x06 why that was the monster they had that game about… It’s meta commentary for mentioning it to go back to the start, to examine their lives (as we were doing to Asa) and remember how it all began. To get a sense of context and continuity that these are the same guys from the start of the show, who have been through *all that* and are still here, being themselves, in their further adventures. 

I think the style has obviously, necessarily, changed a lot but I don’t think it’s simplified anywhere, just that the changes and evolution it’s been through means that the way it’s told now is different, in this case blending nostalgia with trying to convince us we need to keep watching, still, after 13 years, for some of the weird ideas they have going forwards… I think that involves a LOT of character emphasis like being able to take most of 13x01 to mourn Cas when we know he’s coming back, or this whole grief arc, really. Or look at the evolution of Dean worrying about Cas in season 8, 11 and 12 when he’s missing/possessed and how each time it was significantly louder and more important as what Dean was dealing with and how it was affecting him and how important it was to the narrative as a whole. It’s like someone saying a sentence over and over but repeating it with different emphasis. And louder. And the longer the show goes on the less it can rely on one type of telling and the more it has to rely on the other, although I sort of feel like season 13 is hitting a point where I’m not sure where else they GO from here :P 

It’s flipped right back to season 1 in a way, that there’s very little “main plot” intruding on them, right now, except via grief or having Jack around, which of course just elicits a bunch more character development and emotional arc stuff. But the entire history and complexity of the show is still there, so a regular MotW can turn into a chat with Death, who talks to Dean about cosmic matters. Their world is never not going to be huge now after it’s been escalated so far, but on the other hand, you can go back to that season 1 feeling where character development was basically all they had lying around… It’s all massively complex, but on a sublime lower level to what’s going on in the main plot. 

Same as last year, the plot stuff all just served the emotional arcs and it could be literally anything as long as it gave the right nudges to the characters. So far this season it’s been going much better, probably because it feels simpler and there’s been less direct main plot nonsense going on and letting the characters breathe and deal with the emotional stuff… 

Idk, tl:dr I sort of feel like everything season 11 onwards has just been rewarding fans of the show who kept watching that long, made by people who love the show and are delighted it’s been around this long… Like, if anything, the writing might seem simplified because they’ve written so much show that it’s like a self-fuelling self-nostalgia perpetual motion machine for the last couple of seasons. But the very fact it seems easy and simple is betraying how intelligent some of the writing actually is, because at no point has it let up on the depth it’s written at, and with more show it just means MORE stuff to mirror, parallel and build off of. The writing is probably proportionately better than it ever has been because it’s not a level playing field, it’s a MASSIVE MOUNTAIN of past canon all the new writers have to wrangle, learn, and love before they can start writing. And they show that they HAVE and produce great episodes out of it.