this is what happens when you cant wait for album anymore

Dating Hoseok:

Dating Hoseok would include:

  • The first thing he thought when he saw you: “who is this girl?”
  •  He found you interesting but
  • He was going to keep walking, forgetting about your face just as he forgot any other face he saw walking past him almost everyday
  • But that changed when you made eye contact
  • You looked at him
  • And you smiled
  • You just simply smiled and walked away
  • When he got home he was confused
  • The next week he found himself trying to find you in the same place he spotted you the first time
  • He is a confident person but when he saw you again for some reason he just couldn’t move his legs near you
  • Like something was stopping him
  • The next time he saw you was almost the same
  • He couldn’t move
  • But you saw him
  • And when you walked past him you talked
  • “Such a sunny day huh?”
  • He wanted to talk back. He really did. But his tongue had another plan.
  • Great Hoseok. Great. You lost your chance. Again.
  • Back at home he just couldn’t stop thinking about you
  • You were in his mind all the time
  • It was at dinner that he took the decision
  • “Next time. I’ll ask for your name. I promise”
  • “What you said, hyung?”
  • “Noth-”
  • “I think he asked for ramen”
  • The next time he saw you he was ready
  • He didn’t know but you noticed him as soon as you saw him and now he was walking towards you
  • Hoseok, you got this.
  • “Hi”
  • “Hello”
  • “Um, can I know your name?”
  • You smiled
  • “Y/n”
  • Since that day. You guys met at the same spot at the same hour everyday
  • You both always had something to talk about
  • “Awkward silence” doesn’t exist between the two of you
  • Hoseok is always laughing and screaming, it makes you laugh too
  • You guys talk trough imessage when you are not together
  • He was really nervous when he actually decided to ask you out
  • He was sweating
  • Literally screamed when you said yes
  • *lifts you up*
  • “Hoseok no!”
  • *spins you around*
  • When you met the boys they all knew everything about you
  • “Oh, so this is y/n, the cute girl with a beautiful smile”
  • “You mean Y/n the girl who has a dog and two plants?”
  • “I thought you were talking about Y/n, the girl that loves capuccino with vanilla and cinammon?”
  • “Hyung he’s getting mad. Look at his mouth”
  • Hoseok is mad but you are giggling and now he is giggling too
  • He is always calling you to tell you the most bizarre things
  • “I just watched the best comercial ever”
  • “Just ate a mango that tasted like rotten bluberries”
  • “Wich song do you like the most? Skater Boy or What the hell?”
  • “I just remembered that day in our trainees years. I farted and blamed Taehyung. Everybody believed me”
  • He lays his head on your lap when he’s tired
  • Sometimes almost everytime he falls asleep and you can’t help but stare
  • He looks peaceful and beautiful
  • Moving his hair out of his forehead you start stroking his hair
  • He loves it when you stroke his hair
  • At first he would ask you to do it
  • Until you start doing it yourself almost everytime his head is near your hands
  • When you don’t do it, he knows something’s wrong
  • “Y/n? What’s wrong?”
  • *you are asleep*
  • Carries you to his room
  • When you wake up, he’s literally smiling at you
  • “Where are we?”
  • “In my room”
  • “I fell asleep, didn’t I?”
  • “Yup”
  • “… wait… we are in your room?”
  • *You softly turn around to find Jimin staring at you*
  • “Hi Jimin”
  • “Oh, hi y/n. I didn’t see you there”
  • You didn’t feel like staying in your jeans so you went through Hoseok’s clothes
  • You tried to find some comfy sweatpants but all you see are shorts
  • “Y/n, baby, breakfast is ready… are those my shorts?”
  • “Don’t say a word about this”
  • Too late. He’s already laughing at you
  • Actually, everybody is laughing at you
  • Always lays his head on your shoulder when you guys eat breakfast together because he is sleepy
  • You love sleepy Hobi
  • You guys can communicate trough glances
  • Like that day you and the boys were buying clothes and he was trying to tell you to buy a skirt without letting the guys know
  • You looked at him asking him with your eyes if you should take the black or the white one
  • And he gave you the look
  • So you brought the white one
  • Or the day you went to the cinema with the boys and you weren’t sure of what movie to pick
  • “Mmh”
  • “That one?”
  • “Uh”
  • “Yeah, right”
  • “And that one…?”
  • “Well…”
  • “Wait look”
  • “Okay”
  • The boys didn’t know what just happen but somehow you two agreed to watch the same movie without even saying it out loud
  • “Wait. So what are we watching?”
  • “ La La Land, Jungkook. Didnt you hear us?”
  • Always taking you to dance practice with him
  • “I cant practice without you around. You are my hope, Y/n”
  • He would do everything for you
  • But not going in a roller coaster ride (at least not the gigantic ones)
  • “Y/n do we have to do this?”
  • “Well, I’ve been waiting for this for weeks. So I am going. But you can stay if you want. I think Yoongi wouldn’t mind to…”
  • “Yoongi is going in too?”
  • “Yeah”
  • *He sits between you and Yoongi only because he wants to hold both your hands at the same time*
  • When you are doing homework he is either playing with your phone or taking pictures of himself
  • “Y/n what’s this?”
  • *a picture of him sleeping on your lap*
  • “Uh…”
  • Favorite thing to do together: go to costume shops and try on wigs
  • You have an album in your cellphone full of Hobi’s pictures with wigs on
  • “Omg you look like your mom in this one”
  • “Please erase that picture”
  • You guys are always holding hands
  • Or he is always back hugging you
  • There is no in between
  • Cuddling together is a must
  • The first time you fought he cried
  • Wich made you cry too
  • “Let’s not fight ever again”
  • “Okay”
  • The day you found out you loved him you went running to his place
  • You were sure about it and you wanted him to know
  • But when he oppended the door and kissed you. You somehow got scared
  • What if he didn’t love you back
  • So you kept it for yourself. Deciding to wait for him to tell you first
  • Time passed by and you were starting to get worried
  • Maybe he really didn’t love you
  • One day you both were eating ice cream while watching a movie in your place
  • Your dog sleeping on Hoseok’s chest
  • When you looked at them you couldn’t keep it to yourself anymore
  • You had to tell him
  • He had to know
  • Now
  • So you took a spoon of icecream and a deep breath
  • “Hobi?”
  • “Yes, love?”
  • “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with this. But I just can’t keep it to myself anymore”
  • Noticing the seriousness of the manner. Hoseok sat gently placing your dog on his lap
  • “What is it, baby?”
  • Not looking at him anymore. You talked
  • “I love you, Hoseok. A-and it’s weird beacuse I think I’ve never loved someone before. In fact you are the first person I say I love you to that’s not part of my family or my dog. I just feel it, you know? Its like-“
  • Hoseok couldn’t help but kiss you
  • “I love you too Y/n. Since the day you smiled at me in the middle of a park. I knew it was you. It had to be you”
  • After a few kisses he would suddenly stop
  • “There’s something I have to do”
  • *calling Yoongi*
  • “Hello?”
  • “Hyung, she said she loves me”
  • “What the heck? Is that her? Is she with you right now?”
  • “Yeah, she’s next to me. She’s laughing”
  • “Go kiss her or something. Why would you call me to tell me this anyways?”
  • “It’s more romantic that way”
  • “Why are you like this?”
College!AU Seungkwan
  • major: journalism 
  • minor: vocal performance 
  • sports: was on the table tennis team until their funding was cut 
  • clubs: campus journal - he critics music albums and reports on student activities (sports, musicians, events)
  • seungkwan is pretty well known on campus because he’s interviewed just about e v e r y o n e
  • anyone who heads a team or a club or organized a fundraiser/bake sale whatever like seungkwan has emailed them to talk about their activities 
  • and like his enthusiasm isn’t matched by anyone else in the major, like seungkwan will do the most to get a story and he’s never shy of approaching people or getting them to share what they know and like he’s a complete PERFECTIONIST when it comes to reporting because not a single thing can be a lie, he has to report exactly what he knows
  • and sometimes this can get on people’s nerves and people always whisper behind his back about his over-the-top nature but seungkwan could literally care less
  • sometimes seungcheol or hoshi will hear someone say something and they’ll be like “cheer up seungkwan, they’re just being assholes!” and seungkwan, whose eating with one hand and taking notes from one of his interviews with the other is just like “hmm? they said something? i didn’t even have time to hear them.”
  • and like his true passion is writing musical critique because aside from being a journalist, he’s also a practiced singer and even minors in vocal performance 
  • and every time the journal comes out the music section is the longest because seungkwan is passionate and yes he totally reviewed vernon’s secret mixtape and that one cover song jeonghan put up on his soundcloud and when both people found out their names were in the journal they were like sEUNGKWA N and he was just like 
  • “listen i gave you pretty decent scores, you should have seen how i tore about this other album-” and they’re like oh my god
  • and seungkwan has sent in a couple formal pieces to local magazines and things like that and he’s really hoping for an internship soon because just writing for the campus journal isn’t too big of a deal
  • especially considering the fact that almost every time someone joins the journal - they like drop it a semester in because the work that you actually have to put in is a L O T
  • the editor in chief also is like seungkwan maybe you shouldn’t,,,,be so hard on the newcomers you kinda scare them away
  • and seungkwan is like “just because i told ken his fiction piece about flying squirrels wasn’t that good doesn’t mean im being hard on people. it was a story about flying squirrels you guys.”
  • and the thing is seungkwan really does love his major and he really loves the act of reporting, of hearing people talk about things they love or things they hate, and being able to share that small snippet with the rest of the campus through his words - like that impact is the reason he’s so obsessed with putting out only perfect work
  • and so when the campus directors send the journal a letter about how if it doesn’t find new members it’s sure to lose its funding, seungkwan is beyond devastated 
  • and everyone’s like “seungkwan that’s not gonna even wo-” and seungkwan’s already opening up photoshop and being like “comic sans would be a good font, but let’s be real helvetica is more classy.”
  • and that is actually how you meet intense journalist seungkwan, through some flyers and im not saying he hands you a flyer and politely introduces you to the student journal
  • im talking you’re running down the hall to the printing room and seungkwan is holding a wobbly pile of 100 flyers that all say PLEASE SAVE OUR SCHOOL JOURNAL on them
  • and once you two collide all those flyers come down like rain around you
  • and you’re hfowskdf oh my god im SORRY and seungkwan doesn’t even answer you he’s like “the flyers, pick up the flyers, the flyers, we’re ruined, the flyers, flyers, flyers, fLYeRS” and you’re like 
  • watching him try to gather everything with panicky hands
  • and you know you were running because you had to print something super fast because you were in class but you can’t leave him like this so you start helping him pick up the flyers and he doesn’t even notice
  • until you two are both out of breath, sweaty, each holding a crooked pile of papers and you’re like “here!!! sorry again, i hope none are ruined!!”
  • and he’s like “oh-” because he didn’t notice you were helping him he got too caught up
  • and then,,,like you two thought it was over riGHt but all at once it’s the end of classes and before you know it there’s a stampede of like students coming from this way and that and you and seungkwan are caught in the middle and their are elbows being pushed into you and peoples backpacks swinging at you
  • and seungkwan wobbles and once again….the papers going flying
  • except this time you guys cant hurry to pick them up, instead they’re stepped on and tore apart by people trying to get the hell out of the building
  • and when you look up at seungkwan you can see the Utter Defeat in his eyes and like you feel so bad that that just happened and you’re like
  • “,,,,,,,,im so sorry.” and he just sighs and as the crowd disperses he walks over to the wall and slides down against it and is like “it’s fine, it was a stupid idea anyway. who on campus even looks at flyers anymore?” and you’re like ): because like you’re not friends with seungkwan, but you know who he is and you’re like 
  • “i assume the flyers are about the journal?? is it closing??” and seungkwan explains that they’re gonna lose their funding if they don’t get more members and you’re like oh,,,,,im sorry
  • and he just shrugs and he’s like “it’s not like anyone reads that journal anyway.” and you’re like “i read it!! i especially like the music page, all your stuff is so in-depth and not half assed.” and seungkwan suddenly gets a hint of happiness on his face
  • and he’s like “really??” and you’re like “yeah!!! i even checked out that cover your friend did…..jeonghan? you wrote about it and when i listened to it, it was so relaxing!!”
  • and suddenly seungkwan perks up and he’s like “if you think jeonghan hyung sings well, you should listen to-”
  • and long story short you don’t ever print your thing and instead you end up talking for some time with seungkwan until once again he’s like “i really don’t know what to do about the journal.” and you’re like “i could try to join??;” and seungkwan thanks you for the sentiment but one new member probably won’t appease the school
  • and so you’re both standing there with frowns on your faces and seungkwan is like 
  • “it’s funny but i used to wish that someone in the journal would finally ask to write an article about me,,,,don’t you think that’s kind of selfish?” and he’s trying to laugh it off but you see that he’s faking and you’re like
  • “wait? are you also a musician?” and seungkwan bites back his lip and shakes his head
  • and he’s like “my sister and i both sang a lot when we were younger so i took up vocal performance as my minor because i like it a lot. i wouldn’t say im a musician, but ……it’d be nice to have someone acknowledge it once in awhile.”
  • and he like starts to get up and you’re like “wait.” and he’s like ??
  • and you  scramble to your feet as well and you’re like “let me do it. let me write something on you as a singer, at least for this last issue.”
  • seungkwan kind of looks at you flabbergasted and he’s like ????? do?????do you know what you’re signing up for???
  • and you’re like “hEY look midterms are over for the most part and aside from stuff i have to do for myself, i could devote some time to this. especially if it means a lot to you.”
  • and seungkwan for a second stares at you as if he still can’t believe you’re offering to do this
  • but then he takes your hand in his and is like “well, finally we’ll have another persons opinion in the music section!”
  • and you’re like giggling but you’re also like “just tell me a time when you’re free so i can hear you sing.” and seungkwan’s like here give me your number so i can contact you
  • it’s cute seungkwan’s background is the famous singer junsu and you’re like “oh” and seungkwan’s like LISTEN he’s my idol,,,,,,,, and his eyes get all sparkly it’s adorable
  • but yeah you give him your number and you’re like “ill look forward to it and ill do my best!!”
  • and then you figure out holy shit your class is over, you never printed your  thing time to run and see if the teacher still hung around for office hours
  • and like as you make your way down the hall, seungkwan holds his phone and he can’t help but finally feel a little better about everything 
  • and as he watches you disappear around the corner he reminds himself that he owes you a thank you when this is all over
  • and so a week passes and seungkwan texts you finally to meet him in the performance center on campus and he’s like “i booked one of the recording rooms!!” and you’re like cool let’s go
  • and like to be honest you’re sitting on the other side of the glass with your notebook out to maybe take notes like ??? really you don’t know what you’re doing here you’ve never written a review but you’re not like worried
  • but then, seungkwan who seems so shy putting on the headphones and adjusting the mic
  • like when he starts to sing the pen you’re holding literally drops from your hand because his voice???????
  • it’s the voice of a real Angel 
  • and from the moment he starts to the last second of the lyrics, you can’t help but just be completely wrapped up in his voice
  • and when he asks you what you thought of it you can only try to snap yourself out of it and ask him
  • “did you play a recording into the microphone? was that really you?”
  • and seungkwan puts a hand over his mouth to laugh and he’s like WHAT is up with your facial expression you look so confused
  • and you’re like “seungkwan, seriously why aren’t you a singer? why are you in college? why aren’t you selling albums with your face on the cover holy hell you sing better than anyone ive ever heard before???”
  • and seungkwan shrugs and he’s like “nahh, it’s just a hobby.” and you’re like if i had a hobby that i was THAT good at. i wouldn’t be here. i’d be trying to get jyp or sm to notice me hoyl HELL
  • and seungkwan comes out and he asks if you took any notes or have any criticisms and you’re like
  • “criticisms? this review im going to write is literally going to be like : BOO SEUNGKWAN OF THE JOURNALIST MAJORS HAS THE VOICE OF GOD”
  • and again seungkwan is just laughing because wow you’re so silly he’s not that good but like a sense of pride swells in him because no one’s really ever praised him so much like this before
  • and like he asks if you’d like to listen to him some more and you’re like yes please!!!
  • and it’s amazing he has such a good range and he even says he’s written his own original lyrics
  • and you two spend a good 6 hours in their together until one of the professors needs the recording room to teach and as you’re walking back onto campus you’re like
  • “seungkwan, what if…… busk?” and he’s like “on campus?” and you’re like “sure, or even better like in the city? like whats a day you don’t have classes or club we could go out and set up in a park or somewhere and you could sing and maybe if we do it a couple of times we could scrap up some many for the journal???”
  • and seungkwan brightens up instantly and he’s like !!! that’d be so cool and you’re like right??
  • and you two start basically jumping up and down in excitement just talking about it and seungkwans like “maybe i could ask my friend joshua to come out and play guitar too??” and you’re clapping your hands like yes!!!! that’d be amazing
  • and seungkwan is like “you’re a genius, we should have thought of this SOONER” and you’re like ok ok text joshua and see when he’s free and then tell me so we can plan more
  • and it’s like really adorable because you and seungkwan, who met literally a week ago are talking like you’ve been friends for ages
  • and you get so happy at the thought of being able to help him and he gets so excited being able to share what he loves with you
  • and maybe neither of you know it yet but listen, this is the beginning of CRUSHES
  • and when seungkwan asks if you’re free tomorrow after 4 because joshua can come out then you’re like yes!!
  • the next day you’re leaving your dorm and your roommates like woAH you look so cute - going on a date? and you’re like huh??? no?? why does it look like i put in effort? and your roommates just like (—–: yes it does. is it for a bo-
  • and you’re like BYE GOING NOW
  • and you meetup with seungkwan and joshua near the subway station off campus and joshua introduces himself and when he turns to seungkwan he’s like 
  • “your significant other is really sweet, why didn’t you introduce them to me before?”
  • and seungkwan is like “oh they’re not - we’re not -”
  • and you’re like YEAH we’re nOT 
  • and joshua is like oh?????? really???? it’s just the way seungkwan was talking about you made it seem-
  • and seungkwan like jumps up to cover joshua’s mouth like HAHAAH so funny hyung let’s get on the subway
  • and you don’t notice it but joshua nudges you closer to seungkwan while you guys are squished on the seats on your way to the city
  • and seungkwan holds you steady when you get up to get off and the train jerks
  • and the whole time joshua’s looking off to the side like he’s on the office with the mOST SMUG EXPRESSION 
  • because you two are all cute and innocent, just like a young couple in love and you don’t even KNOW IT
  • and like once you get to the park you help joshua and seungkwan set up and you guys use joshua’s guitar case as a way to collect money and you’re basically in charge of attracting peoples attention so you run around asking people to gather around seungkwan because !!! hey hEY the best vocalist is about to perform
  • and like you give seungkwan a thumbs up after you manage to get like 15-20 people to come around
  • and when he starts to sing along with joshua’s guitar you can see the shock on the faces of the audience
  • and people even start getting their phones out to record
  • and sooner or later that crowd of 20 turns to a crowd of even more
  • and seungkwan is such a natural people person like in between songs he asks the people if they’re resting well after work and if they’ve eaten
  • and it’s like watching a soloists performance, he’s so professional and good
  • and people even ask if he has albums or a site where they could listen to him sing like a youtube or something
  • and seungkwan is like !! im not that great- but seriously everyone is complimenting him
  • and seeing him light up with happiness and bow in thankfulness it makes your heart beat with joy,,,but also
  • the smile on seungkwan’s face,,,,,,,it gets you so,,,,,,,soft
  • like you want to protect that smile forever
  • on your way back you count all the loose change and bills and you’re like it’s over a hundred dollars and seungkwan is like WHAT NO WAY and joshua’s like “im not surprised, you sounded really good seungkwan”
  • and you’re like “i told you!!! you’re so talented and lovely - people are bound to like you!!”
  • and seungkwan looks at you and he’s like,,,,, “lovely?”
  • and you kind of turn pink and stutter and you’re like “yEAH you know like idols,,,,,,,,,,very lovely your look,,,,,,you look approachable and nice and,,,,,”
  • and seungkwan is like “oh! you just mean im nice!” and you’re like mHMM!!! and joshua is like PFFT UHUH OK 
  • and so you accompany seungkwan a couple of more times when he goes out to busk
  • and by the end of the semester you’re sure you’ve raised enough for the journal to fund itself just a bit longer without having to get new members
  • and seungkwan is like “it’s time for our next issue to come out!!” and you’re like “can you wait to see what i wrote on you?” and he’s like HONESTLY NO
  • and so when the copies get made, seungkwan rushes to see and he’s like 
  • “why isn’t your piece in the review section, it’s just my review of vernon’s mixtape - where is -”
  • and you’re like “silly, look at the cover!!”
  • and seungkwan flips it back over and he sees that on the cover it’s a photo of him singing in the park, a photo you took and he’s like “wh-”
  • and he sees that the main story that was printed is about how his performances helped save the journal
  • and it’s written by you (with help from the journals members who all love seungkwan too) and it’s literally just you praising his hardwork and humbleness 
  • and ask seungkwan reads it you see him stop at the last line 
  • “….and somehow, this all made me fall in love with him.”
  • and he looks up at you and he’s like 
  • “is it true?”
  • and you can only looks to the side sheepishly like,,,,,,, “reporters shouldn’t lie? right?”
  • and seungkwan literally just puts the journal down and takes you by the waist and kisses you and you’re like oH!!
  • but it doesn’t stop there he’s just kissing you on your temple and your cheeks and your nose
  • and you’re like seungkwAN THE other MEMBERs of the JOURNAl Are WATHCING 
  • and he’s like OOPS but it’s cute they’re like “we’ll leave you two to it ^^”
  • and seungkwan is just like,,,,,, “i don’t know how or why i got lucky enough to meet someone like you who wanted to help me right from the get go, but god im so so so thankful”
  • and you’re like “im thankful too, to have meet someone so talented and passionate. you have the capacity to do anything seungkwan. really.”
  • and you two are looking into each others eyes and he leans in and he’s like
  • “right now, i want to use all that capacity to kiss you again.”
  • AND LIKE you two are the cutest thing ever seungkwan is so proud of dating you and he shows it off all the time
  • like literally a minute after he sends his mom an excited message about how he thinks he’s found the person of his dreams
  • he also mails her a copy of the journal as always and he’s like “here, do you wanna talk to my mom when i call her???” and you’re like isNT IT TOO early to talk to her like this,,, and seungkwan is like “no no she’ll love you i know it because i love you.”
  • and the journal is up and running ok and tbh seungkwan’s busking on campus has kind of made it pretty popular like more people are coming to meetings and submitting writing or songs 
  • and you even join but not really as a reporter but more as like an editor every now and then
  • and you’re the only person seungkwan trusts to show drafts too 
  • and like you’re his number one hype squad like you’re always like seungkwan your writing is so good, your singing is so good, your face is SO GOOD
  • and seungkwan’s like ‘i know my face is good because you keep kissing it’ and you’re like YOU’RE RIGHT
  • that background photo of junsu on his phone is replaced with a photo of you when you fell asleep on his shoulder after you two were coming in from the city after he busked
  • and one day he actually writes a song for you 
  • and performs it for the first time outside on the campus quad
  • and when he sings your name you literally fall to your knees with your face in your hands and like seungcheol and joshua and vernon and jeonghan are all elbowing you like AYEEE and it’s cute 
  • seungkwan serenades you when you’re a little pouty with him and you’re like STOP we’re in the cafeteria and he’s just in his sing-song voice like “i don’t care~~~ i love you~~~~”
  • sarcastically told jun off that one time he tried to ask you to get coffee with him since seungkwan was busy writing for the journal and literally it was like this;
  • seungkwan: if i had to do a review on your hair jun, i’d give it a bacon sticker because it’s so greasy.”
  • it hurt jun and he held a grudge for quite a while
  • as he is with reporting and singing, seungkwan is a perfectionist in dating 
  • and sometimes it’s a bit too much because if he takes you on a date and something goes wrong he blames himself and you’re like “baby, we don’t have to go see that movie. we can just go to the arcade.” and seungkwan’s like bUT i know you wanted to see that movie and you just pinch his cheeks and tell him that yes, but you also wanna kick his butt at dance dance revolution and that gets him fired up
  • you didn’t believe he was good at table tennis until you guys finally had a match and he won even though you guys played like 12 matches and you’re like seungkwan is their anything you’re not good at
  • seungkwan; hmmm im not good at resisting you?
  • depending on if you like to sing or not you and seungkwan do a duet during his busking one time and an elderly couple is just like “you two should hurry up and get married!!”
  • and you’re like blushing but seungkwan is like “my ideal wedding would be getting married on the beach at jeju, are you cool with that?”
  • you: seUNGKWAN we’re IN COLLEGE PL E A S e

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus


thanks to my friends buggin me abt this bc if it werent for them would i ever rlly  post this honestly? this was fun tho but its also realLY LONG? this is honestly just a part one bc jfkgl i dont think bullet lists are meant to be this long oops but i hope you enjoy!

  • ok so
  • your family just moved from your home city to this other weird ass country lookin ass town near the ocean
  • why? bc theyre wanted to move to a place more serene and quiet as theyre reachin the older ages you feel
  • youre upset abt this bc,, well you grew up in your hometown and you still had friends there and now youre leaVING
  • you get into an argument w your parents before you move,, like why didnt yall talk this thru w me?? yall left me in the dark until a couple weeks before our move?
  • after this you tended to walk around the block whilst listening to music to calm your nerves each night
  • its become a semi-habit for you by the time you DO move to the new town that youre kinda lost on where to go
  • you grow even more grumpy bc of this: youre in a foreign town and you have no idea how to cope w this new discomfort lest u wanna walk into an alleyway n get stolen
  • LUCKILY this new house of yours is built by an ocean: a beach if you will
  • kinda the only place you know where to go bc its /right there/ like,,, across the street n downward
  • unluckily this beach gets kinda packed during the day so you have to sit inside your house with your unfinished bedroom sittin on the mattress on the ground bc the bedframe hasnt arrived yet
  • but once the night comes and the beach empties out you kiss goodbye to this house that def aint your home just yet
  • theres a few people still on the beach, but you pay them no mind and just walk along the shore listening to some mellow music (probs lana del rey)
  • you walk along the shore long enough to encounter those pier rock cliff thingies right
  • so you walk up them right, feeling the cool stone under your toes (too bad the air’s rlly cold rn so you cant rlly appreciate the feeling all that much) and you just sit on the ledge and watch the ocean waves crash onto the beach
  • you sit there for a full 30 minutes before the album you were listening repeats itself again, and then you conclude that its probs time to head back home right
  • so you stand up abt to follow thru w this plan except,, you notice this head pokin out far into the ocean
  • n now youre like !! bc the head keeps ducking back down into the water and youre pretty sure no ones aloud to swim that far
  • youre getting nervous and you look around, no ones on the beach except a couple wayy far back down near where the beach meets the street and so you call out 
  • to the person in the water ofc
  • “h-hey!! are you ok over there?!” and u kinda facepalm at yourself bc no!! ofc not!! their heads under the water!
  • and so you do the heroic thing they do in the movies
  • and run straight into the sea fully clothes, phone still in your pocket and all thnx god that its waterproof phEW
  • so youre swimming to the person, takin every few seconds to scream out “im coming for you! just wait!” and thats when the persons head ducks down completely
  • you gasp and try your hardest to swim faster
  • but the cold ocean water and the cold breeze from the late night kinda makes your whole body numb and stiff
  • your paddling gets slower and your legs suddenly feel liek theyre gone
  • and youre like “oH NO! what do i do now!?” 
  • you look around n youre pretty far from the sand now but the person!! is still down under!! and you cant decide if you wanna save urself bc the person might be a lost cause or if u push on and be the one to literally save a persons life
  • while youre deciding this you temporarily stop your actions and guess what? youre basically frozen
  • now you kinda frail your limbs around you cant feel them!! you dont know if ur moving your arms and legs the right way bc theyve gone completely numb and you just,,,, regret
  • you feel something brush against your waist and you shudder bc like,, is that fuckin seaweed or algae touchin me rn?? 
  • but then youre lifted and youre like nope! and then you hear a male voice askin you urgently
  • “are you alright!?”
  • you scream out “no!” as you desperately claw onto the man’s shoulders
  • n hes like “ill get you back to the shore! dw” n starts swimming /really fast/
  • like damn you kno u aint no pro but this is just,,, next level
  • in like 10 seconds in the 2 minutes it took for you to reach wherever in the sea you were, you arrived on the shore
  • shivering n numb and quite honestly tearing up, you ask
  • “ were you the person drowning!?”
  • and he looks at you all ‘huh??’ drowning?? bitch i cant drown but then hes like
  • “wait were you the person on the stone ledge?”
  • you nod your head once n hes bursts out laughing
  • “so you saw me? i wasnt drowning! just swimming as usual”
  • n youre like oH ok so, i just… did this to myself for no reason aite go figure ig and youre looking down at your arms n watchin the hair raise off your goosebumps
  • then he pipes up “uhh are you new here? and what are you doing so late at night?” n you widen your eyes kinda like uhh huh howd u kno n youre like 
  • “yeah i am i kinda just moved in today. and i like walking outside during the night. its… soothing”
  • and he just nods his head like ahh ok then youre like
  • “wait what are YOU doing out so late? out swimming? in this freezing weather?!” n he just looks at you and laughs n looks away
  • “uhh,.. i live at the beach, its my home heh” n youre like ok but you go out swimming at this time and weather?! but youre like …..ok masochist
  • “im mingyu btw”
  • “y/n”
  • n neither of you say anymore,, youre both lookin at each other yet lookin away from each other n its just so… awkward lmao
  • finally being fed up w this youre like “i gtg im abt to catch pneumonia and/or die of hypothermia so see ya!” and so you get up but he doesnt protest or anything so u just,, leave
  • you look back and hes back to being abt waist deep in the water n it looks like hes abt to go swim again so you shrug your shoulders and carry on w your night
  • your parents yell at you ofc when you arrive home but its whatev.. you take a hot shower huddle up in thick clothings and blankets n think abt the moment that just happened.. 
  • you went out to ease your stress n just encountered something even more nervewracking like ok,,, new town aint rubbin u the right way so far :////
  • anyways you continue your lil night routine of walking along the beach and sitting on that ledge thing till your playlist runs out for a week. within tht week youve seen no mingyu
  • hes not in the water or on land
  • you try not to think abt it to much bc hey at least hes not crazy enough to go swimming every night but then you wonder if you can ever encounter him throughout the day somewhere in town
  • this town is barely big, its fun sized, so it should be easy to meet him again letsay on the way to the convienience store or smth
  • but then it got you thinkin, would you even recognize him?
  •  you couldnt see his face much during that night; it was late and dark, and your vision went haywire from the saltwater and tears in your eyes, and the fact that your body temp probs drobbed 100 degrees from that swim
  • so then youre like ‘so ig thats it. it was a one time deal ://’ n youre upset bc he was the only person youve met and introduced yourself to so far since this move
  • but you carry on w ur days until one day!! this one fateful evening
  • you meet him again!!
  • youre on your way to the pier when see a familiar lil head pokin out in the water
  • you break into a sprint n call out to him, waving all excitedly aw cute
  • he doesnt hear you until you step as close to his area as possible without getting your pants too wet and call again
  • “mingyu!”
  • this time he hears you and looks up
  • he gives u a look that you couldnt decipher all that well until he swims towards you again
  • “y/n!” he exclaims n youre all “mingyu!” n hes all “y/-”
  • its all nice and all until you realize neither of yall really got anything to say to the other like :/// yall kno nothing, n yall both a lil awkward w words so its ;/
  • but hten youre like “so youre out swimming again? i havent seen you in a while..”
  • n hes like “yeah ive been travelling lately. why? were you looking for me ;0?” n he gives u this lil sly smirk n youre like oH NO
  • dont tell me all beach boys are what they say in the movies
  • then he turns red (you think) n is all “im kidding!! i mean- nOT LIKE THAT” n he ducks his head into the water n youre startled like hUH?!
  • youre like “MINGYU DONT DO THAT YOURE GONNA DROWN” but all you get is bubbles from what you guess is from a giggle
  • giggle bubble…. a guggle
  • he pokes his head up to only show his eyes, nose n mouth still buried and gives a chuckle again
  • youre scratching ur head now like uhhh bro thats how u inhale water n trust me inhaling water is NO F.U.N
  • hes like “i can handle this” then ducks his head another time, this time hes down under for like 2 minutes
  • you were gettin kinda bored in those 2 minutes lmao so youre like uhhh ming-
  • then he pops back up like “sEE!?” and laughs
  • n youre like… hes a pup.. an actual pup
  • so youre like “how old are you?”
  • n hes like “how old are you?
  • n youre like uhhhh (your age)
  • n hes like “hmmmm… me too! :)” 
  • >.> anyways
  • “so what do you do? school? work?”
  • “i travel”
  • youre like woah!! where to?
  • “a lil bit of everywhere. i cant go too far from home tho so i basically just revisit a bunch of places all the time”
  • and youre like “how often do you visit here?”
  • “often. the last time you saw me and today is about how long it takes for me to travel places again” n youre like hmmm ok
  • “can i see you more often?” you ask then youre like “ive only been here like a week and youre the only person ive really met”
  • n hes like “oH! ok. yeah i can do that! it takes me abt 2 days to get here from home tho” n youre like !!! what?! where do you live?
  • n this is where he stutters
  • hes all “uh uH i live around here!! well kinda way back there” *points to the ocean behind him* n youre like.. uhhh wtf is back there last i check any islands in this area is inhabitable. IN FACT howd you even get here?! i see no boats!
  • mingyus like aH CRAP i cant handle this sorry n dives back into the water n swims along the shore away from you
  • you chase after him ofc but youre all whys he acting so weird?? WHY IS HE SWIMMING ALONG THE SHORE WHEN  HE CAN JSUT WALK
  • you chase him for like 5 mins before he stops n is like “hey you can ask me any question you’d like but they cant be personal sorry :/” n youre like oH ok did i offend you?? do i come across as creepy?! lmaO IM SORRY I’D NEVER DO IT AGAIN im not a creep i swear
  • so then you sit in the sand as he looks like hes standin in the waist deep ocean n yall just talk. yall talk abt music interests and friends.. in which he answers like a disney princess “i have alot of animal friends :)”
  • n youre like.. this guys cool 
  • so youre like “so you’d come here every 3-4 days right?”
  • “sure”
  • “well i’ll come every night :) ill be waiting for you”
  • n so yall catch up on those days for the rest of the summer
  • until autumn comes and the new school year starts
  • then youre like 
  • “its the early weeks of school so for then and now i’ll be able to visit you but once the workload comes in idk man :/”
  • n hes all bummed “…oh.”
  • then youre like “do you go to school? or just travel?”
  • n hes like “eh… some schooling… not much. mostly travel” n youre like
  • “you can travel while im doing school! in fact… how come ive never asked this but do you have a phone?”
  • n hes all “yeah no… :/// sorry”
  • n this is where it gets tough
  • yall talked so much during the summer  but now… the talk has faded
  • when yall do meet up you try to talk as much as you can!! but once you head home, youre filled with such overwhelming emptiness
  • if only you had another means to talk w him
  • this town is so countrified youre not all that surprised mingyus a lil outta the loop
  • but when you visit him youre so curious abt where he came from.. its def not this town so where??? but then again he said no personal questions so you just :(((
  • even tho yall havent gotten “personal” like that you were still super close anyways but he was so full of mysteries n you were kinda upset he didnt even have an questions to ask for you
  • you wanted to get closer
  • just then, on a friday night you met up w mingyu n got shocked when he was all
  • “hey you wanna kno where i live?” n youre just :000 yeS DUH
  • n hes like “well it takes 2 days to get there and 2 days to get back so,,, got time to spare?”
  • n youre mentally like no not rlly sfhjf but this new side of him!! you cant pass up so youre like
  • “yeah i do!!” but then youre like “youre not gonna kidnap me are you?”
  • n hes like haha no you weirdo n wants to lean forward n boop ur head but he doesnt.. he kinda blanches in the face n you get all worried
  • and honestly… youve gotten so used to seeing him in the water that you dont even think anything of it anymore.. hes just a dude that loves swimming
  • but hes like “but i have something to reveal to you first” n he hesitates
  • “you probs knew this already” n youre like what??
  • mingyu pulls himself onto the shore w his hands n ur a lil confused but watch him anyway
  • but then it shows
  • a long purple tinted fish tail (bye im so bad at descriptions) connects to his waist
  • the waters blue green tint makes it hard to see properly but its right there in front of your face
  • you glance at mingyu and to what you assume is his real tail
  • “..b-but mermaids arent real”
  • he laughs “but im here arent i”
  • you dont say anythign but reach a hand to touch upon the scales of his tail. you run your hand up to feel his humanlike skin on this tummy and run it back down to feel it fade back into its scaly texture
  • ‘w-wow ok..’
  • “shocking isnt it” but then he grabs your hand and pulls it to him
  • he looks you dead in the eye
  • “this doesnt change your opinion of me does it?” and hes totally serious. 
  • he doesnt break his gaze and it intimates you.. you hesitate for a minute before..
  • “actually it does” his face drops “youre suddenly much cooler in my eyes!!” 
  • his face changes to a look of disbelief, but a smol grin finds its way to the corners of his lips
  • “youre cooler than aquaman!!” he snorts hysterically n grabs onto both your hands in glee
  • you giggle along w him, squeezing his hands in yours
  • after a few seconds of this Pure Moment, he looks back into your eyes sincerely n is like “seriously?? you dont find me weird or anything at all”
  • and youre like “no!! mingyu youve been strange since day one yet i still stuck around! honestly, this makes me feel safer than if you were just a regular dude-human who literally lived in the ocean”
  • he sighs at that n is like “so do you still wanna come to where i live?”
  • you scratch ur head like “.. well yeah but… im still in shock plus i need to prepare so”  and he nods understandingly
  • “ahh well… now you know!! ive been dying to tell you” and he throws his head back n sighs in relief n its all just relaxing honestly….

well this got a lil TOO LONG i just rambled. anyway imma make a part 2 and it’ll be more romantic n shit.. like what would boyfriend merman!Mingyu be like?? n also you get to see his home underwater city holy shit!!

tbh i only believe my gyal @foolishlydreamingx n my other friends are gonna see this n like it bc this was Wildt lmao.. well look forward to part 2 ghskj

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Monstax reaction when you like to sit Inbetween their legs?

Shownu: You havent been dating for a terribly long time but hes just so cute you cant get enough of him. One night as yall were watching a movie together, you made the split decision to climb into his lap. Taken completely aback, he would get very shy and blushy and bury his head into your shoulder concealing his cheeky smile. Normally he puts on a tough exterior but you totally made his heart melt. It wasnt that he didnt love your show of affection, he is just someone who takes things on the slower side and never expected this from you. He would be so happy the rest of the night and be extra giggly while holding you tightly against him. 

Wonho: As you and Wonho were hanging out in his dorm with the other members, he decided to spend some alone time with you so he walked you to his bed room to watch tv in private. Everyone was discussing plans for their day off when they all decided to go out to eat, leaving you two alone. Skinship was relatively familiar in your relationship so neither of you were caught off guard. It would start off as cuddling but the longer you two laid together, the more turned on he would get. Until finally he decided he couldnt take it anymore. Lifting you up onto his lap facing him, he would passionately kiss you and hold onto the small of your back as you two continued to get all hot and bothered.

Minhyuk: Similar to Shownu’s reaction, Minhyuk would become extremely blushy and shy. He as well gives off cool vibes when he’s around you and your friends, but whenever you two take things up a notch he completely goes mushy. Monsta x had just made a comeback so their schedule was jam packed with variety shows and performances. Their first comeback stage just so happened to land on your birthday and he knew how much it meant to you. The rest of the guys were fond of you for being so good to Minhyuk and themselves that they didnt mind he invited you to come along. However, their van was completely full due to the members and management team but he didnt want you to take a separate car. Without any other options, you instinctively climbed onto your boyfriends lap and wrapped your arms around his neck. All the other guys hooted and praised this action, while he just gazed up at you in total awe. Noticing his bright rosy cheeks, you’d playfully pinch them and give him a kiss on his forehead.

Kihyun: It would be your 1 year anniversary together so skinship wasnt far fetched for either of you. Not that he is a super cuddly person but you would be his world and he’d love to hold onto you. Spending the night together under the stars, it would be full of deep conversations about your future together and memories of the past year. With such a warm and light-hearted atmosphere surrounding the two of you, he would pull you closer. You were no stranger when it came to his lap, fitting perfectly like a puzzle piece. You would sit back between his legs as he embraced you tightly from behind, smiling and reaching around to kiss your cheek. You two would sit there in peace, fingers laced together and enjoying the warmth of one anothers body staring up at the night sky.

Hyungwon: Just like Wonho, Hyungwon is a take action kind of man. He has a very sweet heart and soul and knows what he likes. It was no secret that the both of you liked each other immensely, it was the hottest topic among the guys. They were all having a movie night and told Hyungwon to invite you over. Once you got there,  you saw them all sitting in various spots around the living room trying to decide on a film. Being the gentleman that he is, he would have saved you the perfect seat right next to him. Allowing you to get comfortable, he would wait to put his arm around you and hold you close. Halfway into the movie, he wouldnt be able to handle it anymore and you’d feel him tugging at your hand or hips to come closer to him. Looking over at him, you as well wanted to get closer. Without any hesitation you scooted yourself onto his lap and got comfortable again. Hyungwon would be watching you intently and smiling widely once you two made eye contact. He’d give you a big kiss and chuckle proudly at his take charge actions that brought you two this close. He would do his best to keep his excitement concealed, as he has to play it cool in front of you, but later that night after you left he would have a victory dance moment with the other guys.

Jooheon: Not an overwhelmingly ladies man, Jooheon is more known for his cuter side and big dimples. He would be the kind of boyfriend that has a joke for every situation yet is very serious as well. Your relationship hasnt been going on for a super long time so everything is still pretty new as a couple. The most skinship thats occurred is hugging, holding hands, and a kiss on the cheek after your first date together. Both of you are content with the speed that the relationship is going, however being young adults hormones happen to be familiar. They would be in the studio practicing and writing lines for some new tracks on their next album when he got your text asking to see him. Its advised that they dont bring people they are dating into their work space but since it was just the group and no managers he thought it wouldnt matter. Once you arrived, all the guys welcomed you with large smiles and waves, happy to see you. Walking over to Jooheon, you just plop right down in his lap and give him a big kiss. All the other guys “oooh” when they see this. After you both decided it was time to breathe, he would make a joke about it with the others and hold his head up proud as they shared with you the lines they have written.

I.M: Exuding confidence with a mix of slight cockiness, I.M wouldnt be nervous at all. The first time you ever sat in his lap, he would be very pleased and smiley. Looking straight into your eyes and asking if you’re okay with this. Although he can be cocky around girls, hes still a gentleman and doesnt want you to be uncomfortable. It was mutually agreed that sitting in his lap was very enjoyable and made both of you feel extremely close to one another. Soon after, sitting in his lap would be like second nature. Whether you walk up to him and wrap your arms around his neck as you take the seat thats reserved for you or if he grabs your hand and pulls you onto him in one swift motion. It wouldnt shock or phase any of the boys anymore either, it would be such a common thing. You would always catch him smiling and opening his arms  for you in the most welcoming manner possible. It would become a safety zone for each of you, bringing the most comfort when you two are so intimately embraced.

  • Little Kid: Tell me a story!
  • Me: Ok
  • Me: Long ago, even before the world was created, Fate had decided that Pentatonix would be a very, very important priority in the world-
  • Little Kid: Wait so they're immortal?
  • Me: Shush. Anyway, no one knew when the 5 members of Pentatonix would show up.
  • Little Kid: Are they still not here? Am I a part of Pentatonix?
  • Me:
  • Me: Once the first member of Pentatonix was born, a strange Halo was seen shining on the little boy's head. They knew the time had come, but no one had the courage to talk about it. Once all the kids were born, several kids got a weird feeling in their hearts.
  • Little Kid: Several?
  • Me: Around the 4 Million.
  • Little Kid:
  • Me: One by one those people found out about Pentatonix: some through High School, some in Music Class like me, some while mindlessly looking up videos on YouTube and some even because of a friend! Those kids quickly bonded: like magnets. They were attracted to eachother in some way. Some platonic, some romantic. Pentatonix was powerful, that's for sure.
  • Little Kid: Is the fire nation going to attack again?
  • Me: no that was the Barack Obama fandom
  • Me: Anyway, more things happened. Pentatonix was incredibly talented, and they kept getting better and better. One day, on a Tuesday, all members came together. Kirstin Maldonadon't, Avi CrapI'mGonnaDieBecauseOfFeelslan, Kevin Yolosula, Scott Toying With My Emotions and Mitch Sassy. They decided to never give a break to the fandom. To lovingly tease them until they die. They decided that the biggest break we would get would be 5 days. Not more. Then, the worst thing happened..
  • Little Kid: *sits up excitedly*
  • Me: The fire nation didn't attack
  • Little Kid: :(
  • Me: It all happened so fast, I..
  • Me: They won the sing-off.. Only a week later they won a Grammy
  • Daisy On The Other Side Of The World: IT WASN'T A WEEK.
  • Me: They went to the AMA'S, their album went Gold, then Platinum, they met Obama, they were Grammy nominated and they.. *voice crack* They won the Grammy. We were all so, so happy, we still haven't recovered yet, now that it's 11 years later. The feels hit us so fast, it caused a flood and now Neverland doesn't exist anymore. The Niagara Falls? Those are Pentaholic tears.
  • Little Kid: LOL, losers
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Pentaholics learned a lot of skill from their masters.. Including level 100 Shading, getting rid of haters in 2,3 seconds but also how to sing beautiful notes. I mean, unless ur name is Rana, she sucks. Little Kid, you are related to Rana. Anyway, Pentaholics were powerful, SO POWERFUL. They even had friends in Mars and Venus. Yet they had 6 weaknesses..
  • Little Kid: Seven Sins?
  • Me: no, 6 weaknesses, can't you listen, god, Kids these days. Anyway, we can never speak of those..
  • Little Kid: Oh, okay.
  • Me: Okay, okay I'll tell you, why did you push me, jeez.
  • THE FIRST ONE was Mitch Classy's high note.
  • THE SECOND ONE was Avi Traplan's bass notes
  • Little Kid: Okay, but like did they have Avatars?
  • Me:
  • Me: gdi, can't you like shut up for fourfive seconds- *grasps heart with a pained expression*
  • Little Kid: What, you can't talk about seconds now?
  • Me: you don't understand, that cover Uptown Funked us up- *ground starts shaking*
  • Me:
  • Little Kid:
  • Me:
  • Little Kid:
  • Me: Our third fatal flaw was Kevin Nolusola's celloboxing talent..
  • Me: THE FOURTH ONE.. Polkadott Hoying's riffs..
  • Me: THE FIFTH ONE is Kirstin Macdonalds' lower range.. Her eyes were a bonus.
  • Me: And the sixth one..
  • Little Kid: oh no
  • Me: *gets paler* was..
  • Little Kid: do not-
  • Me: *closes eyes slowly* Pentatonix teasing us *faints*
  • Little Kid:
  • Me: Fine, and then the firenation attacked.
  • Little Kid: :)
Hm, I think I just broke up with Kanye West.

After hearing yesterday’s Breakfast Club interview, it’s gonna be hard to overlook his antics this time. It might be time for me to finally throw in the towel. 

Kanye. I’ve been with you from the start— the start. When you first came on the scene back in ‘04, I loved what you represented: the slighted, but sort of genius underdog. And your outspoke nature? I often vibed with it. Your sense of self, I felt it somehow mirrored mine, and so I ALWAYS defended it. Sometimes, I think a little too much though. I guess perhaps because I got where you were coming from. You felt overlooked and further, you felt your community was overlooked. I understood that Black self-love because as a brown Indian woman, I sometimes feel like I’m put in that same position. But then, there was 2008 with Taylor Swift. You went too far, but I thought to myself, ‘I get it… he feels some type of way when someone in his community doesn’t get the cred they deserve.’ I didn’t agree with how you stole the stage from Taylor, but I got it. Even more recently with Beck I thought to myself, ‘Hm, a little more off-base here. He really needs to sit his ass down at this point. But I get where he’s coming from.’ People BEEN done with you at this point, but I kept thinking, hoping really, that you would snap out of this. This new look you been donning…I CAN’T. I should probably just hold my breath though, because this Breakfast Club interview? You’re going down a road I just cant deal with anymore.

Your comments on needing to take ‘30 showers’ after you been with Amber just to be with Kim was an unnecessary and kinda BS dagger. Do you know your wife? Or she been training you to think otherwise because no shade to Kim, but Amber and Kim have careers largely built on doing the same things: they are both socialite, personality types who have dated several celebrities. So, why did you do you her like that? Why slut-shame Amber Rose, when Kim’s career was founded on the same shit? Their careers are SO similar. If anything, Amber Rose at least owns up to her list of credentials whereas Kim tries to hide behind her antics. 

When you pit Amber and Kim up against one another, it just seems like a slam on WoC and also those who live in poverty, since Amber Rose is of mixed ancestry and she grew up in a fam struggling to make ends meet. But Kanye’s politics have always had an element of colorism in them especially in regards to women.

Then, you lifted Kim up once again, for her Paper magazine cover; a cover that mimicked Grace Jones’ cover in a way that seemed a bit of a mockery (another topic for another day), since Kim’s butt was purchased whereas Grace Jones’ was not, but for a moment I was still with you on some points. There should never be anything wrong with a woman showing her body, mother or not, naked bodies should be celebrated, but then…you went too far; shouting from the rooftops that her body type should be celebrated just as much as thin, model type bodies…that one day your daughter North might have a body like that and until that moment you would fight to have that body celebrated. That comment was TOO hard to ignore, since Kim wasn’t born with a butt like that. She bought it. So, you’re going to fight for equal representation for a body that she got at the store? North might inherent a body like that, even though you CAN LITERALLY NEVER inherent a body that was bought?? 

Kanye. Is there something stuck in your eye? Have you been drinking that Kim K juice too long? You confused? Or are you just plain stupid? Last time I checked, Kim is not Black. Yes, she has a butt like many Black women have, but Kim bought hers. So can you just own up to that? Or at least stop talking about it? Yes, she is married to you and you have a mixed race daughter, but Kim is not all of sudden inducted into the Black girls’ club. No, no, NO. Kim is not Black. She will never be Black. So, stop trying to make Black happen. It’s not something trendy like a piece of jewelry and it ain’t ever gonna happen. 

But WAIT, there was more. As if that laundry list I just gave you wasn’t enough…Kanye, you had to dig even deeper. When Charlamagne (cthegod’s words always piss me off tbh) directly asked you if ‘Tyga’s relationship with your sister-in-law is inappropriate?’ Your response was:

Photo credit: Professor Sweet Pea

I found that comment slightly disgusting. EVEN with the unedited “I think they in love” comment, ‘he got in early’ is still suspect. Who talks about a girl like that? Family, no less? Is a women’s sexuality and further her sexual freedom that much of a normalized talking point? You basically insinuated that it’s smart to get to a woman first, perpetuating the idea that it’s problematic being with a women who done been with several people, as if they’re dirty, even though you are married to Kim, a woman whose career, again, has been largely elevated by dating several high-profile celebrities. But I mean you just dragged Amber for that. You said you needed 30 showers after that relationship. So, I have no doubt in my mind that’s what you meant about Kylie. No doubt. 

Coming out of that interview, I’m stunned. Stunned. What is this Kanye? I don’t know what’s happening here, but I just don’t recognize you anymore. You have lost your damn mind. Lost it. And I’m writing this as I stare at my Kanye West online library— all your albums sitting in a pretty little row and I wonder where/when you changed.  I’ve always had some words about your racial politics and also your race/gender politics, but I never had to sit through the latter on an interview. You kept those thoughts in your I dealt with it. But even so, the old Kanye would never have kidded himself ‘four five seconds’ about the “authenticity” of Kim Kardashian and her body. But the words of Drake, you just ‘so far gone.’

EDIT: The shoot that Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine cover was based on was that of Carolina Beaumont not Grace Jones. Thank you to the person who brought it to my attention.

D&E Tour Saitama - Day 3 :

➮  Hyukjae wiping sweat for donghae with tissue and put the tissue at donghae’s mouth .Hae pick up the used tissue from floor and wipe hyuk sweat and also squeeze into hyuk mouth

➮ Donghae threw Hyuk’s jacket on the floor and Hyuk told him to pick it up lol so donghae picked it and placed it over Hyuk’s shoulders ㅋ.Hyuk took away his jacket and put in on hae, so he was wearing his jacket on his back and hyuk jacket on the other side
He kept turning around and say “donghae” “eunhyuk”

 ➮ Donghae carried Hyuk over his shoulders. Hyuk pat Hae’s butt and Hae squeezed Hyuk’s butt .Then after that Hyuk said he feels good  XD 

➮ Hyuk said “did u buy our album” ? Really? Then lets do a test"
He started singing “you r my precious” but we didnt follow so he turned away and said “the concert is over”
He tried again and we failed hahaha so he went to sit on the floor&made crying sounds .Hae says he’s speechless.

➮ Hyuk:i dont know if there’s recording today so when you see camera, pls show expression and lip sync. hae was singing “ur my precious…” And hyuk was miming elf singing and being cute XD

Hae:if all of you dont remember the lyrics today i am not letting you go home.only if you remember then i would let all of you go one by one.otherwise i will “chu” you all at the side non stop!

Hyuk:watch your lips!!

Hae:did everyone buy our album? 


Hae:so why is it that all of you dont know our songs?did you all buy them to use as tables to eat ramen??

 Hyuk:you all just want to use the albums to exchange for the photocrads,you cant be like that!you have to listen to it if you buy the albums!

➮ Hae:you all our mothers,you must be very happy that your sons are so grown’s nice to raise us isn’t it?
Hyuk:thanks you everyone for giving birth to us.
Hae:there are so many mothers ,where were you born from?
Hyuk:..from under a foot…

➮Hae : when singing mother I think of my mum and all the ELF mums, the feeling comes . They both smile with tears in their eyes TT

➮ donghae carried hyuk over his shoulder again. Then after that they were holding hands going around the stage.

➮ DH: do y'all know why I wrote 1+1=Love?

HJ: to earn money 

DH: the meaning of 1+1 is SJ+ELF=.. 

HJ: equals 2! 

DH:  it equals love!

➮ donghae and hyukjae trying to put their face inside the box.Both squeeze into the box to picked the video. No distance between them! donghae picked up a paper with his mouth and passed to hyukjae..

➮ for the lottery hae put his head INSIDE the box for soooo long searching for a good paper ! Then hyuk also wanted to put his head inside the box but no place so he pushed haes head with his own head and they were so close omg
Then hae took a paper with his teeth and hold it like that XD

➮ Hae said ‘joudan’ that means joke, and hyuk act like Michael Jordan bcs the pronounce is similar XD

➮ Hyuk say doremi song is too cute and now they cant perform cute songs anymore due to their age.He said bcs there’s a rule in korea ppl more than 25 years old can’t have cute stage. He keeps saying that they’re 25 years old hahaha

➮ Hyukjae telling fans to sit and stand repeatedly and donghae said that he’s crazy

➮ Hae was making a kiss noise on the mic but hyuk slapped him XD the noise hae made was so strange XD

➮ Hae was staring at hyuk butt during oppa oppa

Hyuk: the concert has ended 

Hae: it has not 

Hyuk: it has ended

 Hae: no it has not 

Hyuk: wait and see 

Hae: please wait 

Hyuk: Wait 

Hae: Wait

➮ Hae said that the concert theme is 'surprise box’ then hyuk said sorry bcs hae is weird lol

➮ Hyuk kicked hae and he collapsed    

-hae on  the floor-  

hyuk: he is dead

 -then hyukjae poured water on donghae and he jumped up-   


➮Hae said that he has a present for us and pushed hyukjae out. Hyukjae did the same 

➮ They trying to speak in English accent again.

Hyukjae: My god! 

➮ Both jump down pit to dance choki wa.Hyuk said they maybe get scolded if they do chokiwa one more time but bcs we’re happy then its ok" Hae say he knows we like choki wa and he feel good. We may sing in osaka. Hyuk: Cannot!  

➮ There was a male fan who shouted donghae. So Hyuk was like I see that there are many male fans  and that they are looking handsome at the cam so he made a pout face kk 

Hyuk: seems like there’s a no.of fanboy. They look good. Of course I look better.
Then he asked if the up floor could see sth and a guy screamed so loud from up there and they laughed 

➮ Hae drank water then moved his tongue out of his mouth so much on the cam omg Then eunhae kissed their mic togethee
Hae then kissed hyuk shoulder and blowed a kiss at him and laughed so much

➮ hyukjae making kissy face to the camera while donghae was facing him and make kissy face while closing his eyes

 ➮ at the end when donghae was doing kissy face towards the right then hyukjae closed his eyes and “waited” for the kiss .then donghae realized what happened bc he saw the screen and he pushed hyukjae and shouted “what are you doing!!” HAH

➮ cr:Mininin_87 ,sj_iriszhu ,Luvh3art ,lovelocked89,youngxbae,duckhae , ddaalki.hyukarmpits

Shawmila Duet Masterpost #2
  • So we killed camren and then shawmila duet happened and she killed the rest of her ships herself.
  • Sometimes i feel like camila has her own personal manager or something. The way she handles herself with the media and retweets all these hundreds of articles of her in one day. Either she has a personal manager or 5h manager is camilizer as fuck
  • It sucks for camila. She is clearly dying to get away from the group but she is forced to stay till a third album. Honestly after this shawmila song i wish she would leave right now. The girls deserve better, 4th harmony would be better without her.
  • camila gets a solo in a song with shawn mendes meanwhile dinah and lauren dont even get proper solos in their OWN album. Im done.
  • I dont think Theres anything the girls can do at this point to make the media and public acknowledge them. Media talks about camila, epic gives the solos to camila, camila has a duet. Seems like they will never be anything but mila’s shadows.
  • I’m ready for 4th Harmony if Camila is going to be like this to the people who were here from the beginning. Thanks for using us as stepping stones and being backstabber before the 2nd album even dropped. You could have waited until after number 3 (if there would have been one of course) at least. I honestly just feel used and I know it’s dumb but I voted for 5H on the X-Factor every week, not just Camila and it hurts that she’s just jumping ship like this.
  • camilas collab with Shawn is making me rlly angry. I’m not too big of a fan of 5h but if I was, I would be even more mad. she is a part of a GROUP and people in a GROUP don’t just go off with other artists. It should have been the whole group or none at all
  • I feel kind of bad for Camila now that she’s tweeting about IKWYDLS and all of the replies are drags omg.
  • Its like every move camila makes is carefully planned.I cant believe i felt sorry for her and her ‘im sad’ crap she had been giving us for months. Which led to what? Solo publicity and a duet with shawn. I cant believe how blind some of you are.
  • I don’t get why everyone is getting pissed over IKWYDLS. People can release solo things while in a group. The Eagles for example. This isn’t a new concept. Please realize this doesn’t mean 5H is breaking up.
  • Considering last summer’s tour, Shamila should have named the song…I know Who you did last summer. haha! However much you hate the idea of this duet and possibly Camz dating Shawn, he’s still 500x better than Dorito Mahone
  • Honestly I’ve just come to a point where I don’t even care what Camila does anymore. Like I still have love for her but she can do whatever shit she likes. If it don’t involve 5H as a whole (I repeat; 5H not 4H) then I couldn’t really give a crap. Meaning that I won’t be promoting this so called single or even acknowledging it.
  • I’m not going to make excuses for Camila. Groups often have very little control over their management and usually do what their told. If Camila was told to do this then she will. She won’t get a choice.
  • This is bad of me but I hope the general public sees Camila as a traitor. I wish them all the best in their solo careers but the fact that she’s doing something like this and they only have ONE successful single says something about the type of person she is.
  • Camila doing this duet with Shawn is not a form of disrespect to 5H. Camila is a singer songwriter. This is her art, just like Lauren likes to draw and do photography, and like Normani loves to dance. It’s a form of expression. Please stop being so dramatic. Remember, it’s not her causing drama, it’s all the fandom’s negativity that’s causing it.
  • When are Harmos gonna realize how selfish Camila is?
  • I think this duet will ruin 5H. The rest of the girls are gonna start to want to do solo music projects as well, lauren could do it with halsey,or mani could do it becky. Eventually they will stop caring about the group and last one or 2 albums.
  • Maybe the whole Normila “feud” started from the collab thing. I would have been pissed if the girl in my group the world sees as the ‘lead’ decided to do a song duet with another artist.
  • Now I know the reason why N and D were so distant with Mila. I guess when C might have told them that she is doing a duet with shawn they must hv told her that she shouldn’t do so or something and then guessing by how Mila has been nowadays she must have accused D and N of being hypocritical and must have said that if they can do solo projects then why can’t she. Thats probably the reason for all this
  • I hope from the bottom of my soul that Camila flops hard if she goes solo. As an hardcore harmonizer from the beginning, I honestly feel betrayed by her this whole year.
  • why do people even think C is gonna flop if she goes solo? She has so many connections now, they would all promote the hell out of her and even if her voice isnt super strong neither is Taylors or Selenas and they are still incredibly popular.
  • I believe that if the fans would have never had a favorite girl things would have played out differently. Since Camila is the most popular one and management obviously knows that, they are using her popularity for their best interest not necessarily the girls’ best interest. I don’t think they would care much if they were to split up I mean they’ll have more successful artists. So don’t put all the blame Camila and send her hate. NONE of the girls should get hate from their so called fans.
  • Zayn left One Direction on their Asian tour. Fifth Harmony is having Asian Tour negotiation. If the tour will push through, someone from 5H might leave the group too. *cough camila *cough
  • It blows my mind how smart camila is. She is becoming so good at this industry thing, she knows exactly what she is doing with the whole taylor swift attitude and 'im a victim’ attitude. She knew how to play us all(well, the majority anyways.)
  • The signs were all there since a year and a half ago even. Camila changed. She is in it for herself now. It’s a shame, when the band first started I adored her.
  • everything camila has done lately has been super insensitive towards the girls, and now this whole duet thing with shawn is a huge stab in the back to not only the girls but the fandom.
  • if camila doesn’t care anymore, then neither should we. if anything we should be spending our time admiring the girls that do want work hard to make a name for the group instead of for themselves.
  • Anyone know why Camila never travels with the girls anymore? Like the last time she was obviously filming the music video for the duet or something but even last year; all of them travel together without her. Does she not want to be with them or…??
  • Camila has been done with 5h. Look at the self promo of #IKWYDLS , none of the other girls are talking about it. I guess that’s what she got into the competition(X factor) for in the first place, to be a solo artist. Eh. I wish her well, I just hope our girls do just as well without her. I understand her being true to herself & what she wants, but it’s selfish. She’s in a group. #creativedifferences #sorrynotsorry
  • IKWYDLS is getting so much promo all of a sudden i am kind of upset
  • She already has all the solos in the group.I dont understand why she had the need to go and do a duet with shawn.I would have understood if dinah had done it cause she felt undrrappreciated by her record/managment or something. But camila? Camila????
  • Camila couldn’t have chosen a worse time for this or in her case, a better time. The girls are at their highest fame rn and are gaining more popularity WW and esp in the U.S., she is releasing a single that will ride the waves and she’s releasing it with someone who has a top 10 hit and who’s song is number 1 on pop radio. She’s good, but at what cost to her group mates?
  • Its funny to me that none of the girls who barely get solos were the ones to pull this on us.Dinah and Lauren could have had enough of the bs and do a ft. But the lead singer and face of 5H was the one to do so, as if she didnt have enough shine.