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ダイアローグドラマ ~ベルトルト・フーバー & ライナー・ブラウン side~
ダイアローグドラマ ~ベルトルト・フーバー & ライナー・ブラウン side~


: After being attacked by a group of titans that suddenly appeared within Wall Rose, the cadets of 104th Survey Corps (including Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover) have met up with the Eren Yeager’s troop. While resting on top of the wall, Reiner and Bertolt confessed that they were titan-shifters. Using the outstanding power of the Armored and Colossal titans, Reiner and Bertolt captured Eren and Ymir and fled for the forest of giant trees within Wall Maria, where they were planning to recover and wait until night falls to avoid facing the titans scattered around the area.

Reiner: *heavy breathing*  We’ve finally made it to here… Bertolt, how is Eren?
Bertolt: Just like Ymir, he’s still unconscious.
R: I see. It’s no wonder - both of his arms were gone when I ripped him out of his titan’s nape. I doubt he’ll be able to go on a rampage when he wakes up. It was so much harder to deal with him than I had imagined though.
B: Yeah.
R: I didn’t expect him to use those fighting techniques. I used to hold back on him during the hand-to hand combat training.  
B: Maybe he used some of Annie’s techniques? They often trained together.
R: Whatever the case, we only captured Eren thanks to you. I wouldn’t have made it without you.
B: It was only because you, Reiner, lured him to the perfect spot and gave me a signal. I had nothing to do with that.
R: No, you have the strongest abilities of all. You don’t need to wait for my instructions all the time. You should act on your own, at least a little!
B: Right…
R: Ok… I think we should put on the vertical maneuvering equipment we took. It’s swarming with titans down there.
B: If that crowd attacks us, even with our titan powers we won’t be able to reach the wall, especially if we have to carry Eren and Ymir with us.
R: It means we’ll have to wait until night falls. We don’t have any food or water, and we haven’t slept since yesterday – we’ve been fighting without any shut-eye. But we won’t let them devour us!
B: Yeah…
R: It’s just a little bit more… We’ll survive and return home, no matter what it takes.
B: Yes, we’ll return! We’ve at least made it this far.
R: So traitors, huh? …
B: It can’t be helped! We aren’t soldiers, we’re warriors! That’s who we always were!
R: I know that, but… what will Connie, Jean and the rest say when they find out?
B: Reiner… you’ve spent too much time living together with those guys! I mean, of course you’d feel this way, we’ve spent 3 long years there, after all!
R: Yeah… I guess you’re right… we’ve been through harsh training together, we’ve had conversations about everything, we even promised to all go out drinking together if we all managed to get out of it alive…
B: Yes.
R: Oh man, Bertolt, the way they predicted the weather based on the unbelievable poses you made while sleeping! I still remember the “garrison officer is searching for the toilet” one! What a masterpiece! I’ve never laughed that hard in my entire life!
B: When I woke up, I couldn’t tell why everyone was on the floor laughing… *chuckles*
R: So many memories…
B: Yeah… But… it’s all in the past now.
R: True… You’re right… It’s all in the past… It’s all over–No. We have to end this with our own hands.
B: Yes!
R: Hey, Bertolt… do you regret it?
B: You just said it yourself – we have to fulfill our duty, even if we don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. We have to stay true as warriors and follow through on the decisions we’ve made until the bitter end.
R: Yeah.
B: Our fate was decided 5 years ago when we breached the wall and took all those lives… no, even before that – when we were sent on this mission.
R: You’re right. Somebody had to do it.
B: Of course, nobody does this because they want to.
R: Bertolt…
B: When I was pretending to be a soldier, I could escape from what I’d done for just a little while… I really could think of them all as my friends. You feel the same, don’t you, Reiner?: Yeah…
R: Yeah…
B: Not all of our words were lies… I know it may sound like a silly excuse. But it’s not surprising that they’ve labeled us traitors now. We’re not the people they used to know!
R: You’re right… There’s no point in dwelling upon what’s already happened. We can’t and won’t turn back now.
B: Yeah. That’s why we have to fulfill our mission as warriors and return home!
R: Yes, we’ll do it, no matter what it takes!

Armin: In a few hours, Ymir regained consciousness, and then Eren followed suit, as well.

Reiner: Oh, Eren. Are you awake?

Strength of Your Beliefs

He comes back to the hospital much later, well past the end of visitor’s hours, when he’s certain that Maggie and Melissa will have gone home for the night. He’s held up for a moment at the nurse’s station, but they all remember him as the lunatic who had completely lost his mind when Scully had first been admitted, and none of them seem too keen on telling him he can’t see her.

Her room is dark; more likely than not, he realizes, she’s asleep. Sudden misgivings make him pause just outside the door.

She’s been through an unimaginable ordeal. Mulder’s mind is full of the transcripts that clog the files in his office- the testimonies of alleged abductees who returned with stories of unimaginable torture, of extensive and invasive testing done without any anesthesia, and the idea of any of that happening to Scully makes him want to vomit. Even if her mind doesn’t remember what she’s suffered, her body still does, and she needs her rest.

Mulder asks himself, before crossing the threshold into her room: who is he here for? For her? Or for himself? He’s about to turn and leave, to let her rest undisturbed, when a soft, scratchy voice calls out to him from within the darkened hospital room.

“Are you going to stand out there all night, or are you going to come in and see me?” His face breaks into a grin, the muscles of his cheeks aching from the almost-forgotten act of smiling, and he ducks into her room.

Scully smiles softly up at him as he crosses to her. Without sparing a glance at the chairs waiting along the wall to receive visitors, he sits down at the edge of her bed, by her hip. She reaches for him without hesitation, and he holds her hand tightly in his own, the way he had longed to before, when he’d felt too self-conscious under the infuriatingly knowing smiles of her mother and sister. She smooths her thumb over the backs of his knuckles in a gentle caress and he feels, finally, as though everything is going to be all right.

“I didn’t know if you would be awake,” Mulder says, his voice thick.

“I was waiting,” she tells him. “I had a hunch you might come back.”

“How are you feeling?” he asks. The smile slides slowly off of her face.

“Frustrated,” she confesses. “I’ve been lying here all afternoon, trying to remember something, anything, about what happened, about where I’ve been.” She sighs. “I remember calling you, leaving you a message… I remember Duane Barry breaking my window, and then….” She shakes her head. “Nothing. Nothing at all until I woke up this morning.” She frowns. “Well, nothing except….”

“Except what?”

“I think… I must have been dreaming for at least part of the time I’ve been here, Mulder. I can’t remember all of it, but there was a nurse….” She trails off, frowning in confusion. Her eyes close for a moment.

“A nurse?” Mulder prompts her, and immediately feels guilty. If she’s drifting off to sleep, he should let her.

“Yeah,” Scully says sleepily, and her eyes flutter open again. “Nurse Owens. I remember hearing her talking to me, telling me that she’d be taking care of me… but the nurses here told me that there’s no one here with that name.” She looks up at him. “And I thought… I thought I heard your voice, too.” She yawns. “That was real, wasn’t it? You told me that you didn’t think I was ready to go yet.”

“Yeah,” Mulder whispers. “Yeah, that was real.” She gives him a gentle smile, her eyelids at half-mast. The hand not holding his gropes clumsily on the nightstand to her right, and when she brings it back, Mulder sees her cross glinting golden in the faint light from the hospital hallway.

“My mom says she told you to keep this with you,” she says. “So you could give it back to me, when you found me.” She looks up at him. “She says you wore it.”

“Yeah,” he admits, ducking his head. “That part’s true, too.” She smiles bemusedly.

“Why?” she asks, perplexed. “It’s not a symbol that means anything to you, Mulder. You believe in lots of things, but Christianity isn’t one of them.”

You are, though,” says Mulder. Scully’s hand tightens around his, and her eyes sparkle with tears. “You have your beliefs, Scully, and I have mine… and whatever the Pope might believe, the Catholic Church can only dream of being as much of a force to be reckoned with as you are.” Scully chuckles, shaking her head.

“If that’s not blasphemy, Mulder, I don’t know what is,” she says. She starts to speak again, but her words are lost in an enormous yawn.

“Get some sleep now, Scully,” Mulder says.

“I’m probably going to need all the rest I can get, to undo whatever disasters you’ve created in our office while I’ve been gone,” she grumbles, rolling onto her side, getting comfortable.

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I kept that office running just fine before you came along, Scully,” he protests.

“It’s a wonder you managed at all before me, Mulder,” Scully sighs, her eyes closing, her hand releasing his as she starts to drift off.

“It really is,” Mulder whispers as he stands, his voice so quiet that he’s certain she can’t hear him.

But as he leaves, she opens her eyes to watch him go… and she smiles.

My thoughts on what could happen in tomorrows clip, if Sana does in fact go to Isak and Even’s place. 

I think tomorrow’s clip could potentially be where Even and Sana’s connection comes in full circle. Last season, the first Friday clip after the hiatus was Isak coming out to Jonas. And Julie has said how the response to that clip meant a lot to her and so I think tomorrows clip will also be similar in style. Discussion, no drama, and possible breakthrough moment.  

Sana texted Isak when she was upset. I believe we were supposed to interpret that moment as Sana wanting to study with Isak, so that maybe she can get info on Sara from Isak. Info that could potentially be used to expose her online, as she was just rudely talked about online in a public forum. We know that Sana is regretful that she wrongfully accused Jamilla of something she did not to. So why would Sana want to potentially do something similar again to Sara. 1) Sana is upset, feeling completely disconnected from her friends, and just very lost right now. 2) She is more certain now of what Sara has done. Whereas with Jamilla she assumed before getting all the information. 

We are supposed to assume that Sana will go to Isak and Even’s to get info on Sara. But will she? I don’t think so. Its really important that Sana is going to Isak’s place because Even will most likely be there. 

How does Even relate to all of this? 

Even has not had the best experience with social media. We know he posted stuff on facebook. We know it was all so bad that he completely deleted all his social media. There is a good chance that after what happened, Even may have been bullied online in response to his own posts. Even knows the harm that posting on social media can do and potentially how exposing other people online (as he may have been), will not lead to anything good. Because as Isak said “girl you can’t run away from the internet.”

Even and Isak (who is aware that Even wrote stuff on facebook) will not give Sana info on Sara. Right now Sana needs someone to talk to (aka Isak and Even in this case), not someone to convince her to expose Sara online. It’s not the right response. There are other ways to go about it.

When Isak told Sana all that stuff about Sara the other day. He didn’t tell her because he wants Sana to expose Sara on facebook. Isak doesn’t know whats going on with the girls. All he knows is that Vilde, Eva, and Noora are all Sana’s closest friends. He knows Sana is a good person. He was telling her, your friends are getting played as a heads up. 

If Even talks about what happened to him in relation to social media, we will get Even explaining what happened with Isak present, what exactly the fight was all about, and Sana finally having someone to talk to. Because as the doctor told us last season, we all need someone to talk to, we can’t go through things alone. 

Sana may go into the situation hoping to get info on Sara but I hope instead it will end with her finally texting Jamilla. That would be really nice. 

Or this could all be wrong who knows. All I know is that Sana has a good heart, she is a great person. As much as she wanted to send Sara that comment today, she didn’t. That’s important. 

mypassionsareyours  asked:

Hey, I was wondering do you believe in positive manifestation and if so do you have any tips?

Yes, manifestation is a thing. It is how I went from an intern in the movie industry to a medical student. 

Obviously there were many hours of hard work involved. And you should be ready to put in said work for anything you wish to manifest. 

Yet you can also align yourself with the movement of the universe and use the momentum of that alignment to help further your efforts so that the results exceed the sum of their parts. 

There are times when manifestation happens spontaneously without your conscious effort. That’s great too but I wouldn’t count on that happening. 

Some tips on manifesting stuff:

  • Intention.
    • Intention and motivation are intimately connected. 
    • Examine what it is you are seeking to manifest. 
      • Are you seeking happiness? Control? Power? Fame? Why?
    • Oddly enough, whether you have good or bad intentions doesn’t matter. You can make either happen. What matters is that you understand why you want that thing and that you are ready to bend your entire will to it. 
    • Naturally I recommend having good intentions. Bad intentions lead you into terrific messes in this life or the next. 
  • Expression.
    • If you look at all the stuff about manifesting your dreams and such, there are actual techniques involved. Vision boards, affirmations, etc. 
    • In my opinion they are sloppy techniques but not ineffective. Just kind of basic. 
    • There are many ways to encourage new things to happen in your life. Exploring the arts can be helpful. Art is meant as a window to allow new sights and feelings into our reality. 
    • Sigils and the occult are also relevant here. 
  • Make room.
    • If you want someone to sit down with you but you are seated at a crowded table, it wont happen. Sometimes you need to clear a space and then that special someone will join you. 
    • The same goes for manifesting your will. 
    • Identify things you need to let go of and sacrifice in order to allow this new thing to come into your life. 
  • Make effort!
    • Lastly, do all the things. Do everything. Be ready to put in all possible earthly effort to achieve what you will. 
    • Perfect effort does take time and may not happen in a day. But really work towards that. 
    • Miracles may happen along the way. Be grateful for them and give thanks. But never let up, keep working hard. 
      • Know when to “treat yourself” and when to buckle down and strap in. 

Typically I don’t like giving this input because I think focus is best put on self-realization, awakening, enlightenment, whatever you want to call it. But living in this world is hard and we need all the help we can get. 

Remember that ultimately nothing you can manifest will give you happiness. The best it can do is help you to find harmony in the physical world, which can help reduce the distractions when it comes to seeking happiness within. 

Just my two cents. 

Namaste :) Much love. 

More Deaf West Newsies

@crunchie-morris your wish is my command and also I just? Can’t get enough of this idea.

  •  I already have a post on this somewhere
  • But I’m gonna yell about it again
  • basically Newsies is perfect for Deaf West? All of it is perfect
  • Jack
    • has a voice
    • sometimes his trouble keeping in sync with his voice
    • Like when he’s joking around? his voice goes faster than he can translate
    • but also sometimes his voice just cuts off entirely
    • In Santa Fe Prologue, the “hey, hey. Don’t you know that we’se a family? would I let you down? no way. Just hold on kid, til that train make Santa Fe” is signed and not sung before Jack hugs Crutchie tightly 
    • In Santa Fe, his voice cracks on “Good ol’ Captain Jack” and cuts out, so the rest of the song in signed completely
    • When he’s giving his speech in Seize the Day, his voice is coming in and out but his signs stay steady
    • Whenever his voice is talking too fast, somebody is standing off to the side translating for the deaf newsies
    • he does do his best to keep in sync with his voice, but sometimes his voice is just going faster than he is
  • Crutchie
    • doesn’t have a voice
    • Jack always pays super close attention to everything Crutchie signs
    • Race will translate for Crutchie when needed, but mostly he just knows that the people who matter can understand him
    • he sells his papers either with a partner, usually Jack or Race, or by looking as small and pitiful as he can
    • instead of yelling when he’s getting taken away, he’s just slamming his hands into the ground, and he’s terrified because he knows nobody can hear him
    • Letter From the Refuge? Letter From the Refuge.
  • Davey
    • does not have a voice, only a deaf actor
    • Les’s voice translates for Davey at first, but eventually Davey learns to speak for himself with his signs
    • Seize the Day is incredible like this just imagine it. Davey is signing all of his parts, but Jack’s voice would still come in on the harmonies
    • and on the “Now is the time to seize the day” call and response bit Davey is signing proudly and then the rest of the newsies come in behind him
    • it’s glorious
    • also as Davey starts to come out of his shell, he goes from signing down low and more slowly to going as fast as his mind is working
  • Katherine
    • is only played by a hearing actress but signs along with all her lines
    • when she’s writing her article, she speaking it out loud as the words go up above her just like it already happens
    • when she’s singing Watch What Happens she’s singing right along with herself
    • at the “A girl? It’s a girl? How the hell? Is that even legal?” she’s pulling faces and signing as aggressively and “manly” as she can
  • Pulitzer
    • Is only a voice, he doesn’t have a deaf actor
    • Hannah is usually translating frantically but Pulitzer is swatting her hands down constantly
    • he proves he does know how to sign when Roosevelt shows up and he grudgingly starts signing
  • Race
    • similar to Jack, both voice and deaf actor
    • Race is much better at staying in sync even though he doesn’t look like it
    • when he calls Mr. Wiesel “Weasel” his deaf actor deliberately spells out the word, throwing every letter in Mr. Wiesel’s face
    • his voice is bouncing all over the place all the time while his voice is usually more controlled
    • the exception is King of New York, when both the voice and deaf actor are super hyper and super into the dance
  • The newsies
    • a mix of hearing and deaf actors, all of whom can sign
    • whenever somebody is speaking, hearing newsies are standing so that their deaf friends can see what they’re signing so they know what’s going on
    • even if the person is translating, like Roosevelt at the end, boys are translating in case somebody can’t see
  • In general
    • the dancing? you wouldn’t have to change almost any of like, Seize the Day, Carrying the Banner, King of New York, because most of the crazy dancing happens either in a dance break or when people are off to the sides, and the things that would change would be incredible? 
    • little details? the boys are always saying little things off to the side, imagine how much more fun that would be with signing added in
    • Medda would be so flamboyant with her signing and it would be Davey’s first time seeing somebody genuinely proud of being deaf? that would be his first moment of “maybe I’m not like them but also maybe that doesn’t have to be so bad”
    • Les? He starts out sticking with Davey and always keeping his voice and signing lined up, but as he starts to idolize Jack more he starts to be more like Jack in that sometimes his voice gets away from him

In conclusion: Please give me Deaf West Newsies? Please.

I love that they were able to get everything out in the open. I love that they finally talked about what happened to get Aaron sent to prison and how they coped when he was inside. I wanted a scene where Aaron told Robert that he made him feel crazy, but he was right, and the times that kind of happened were done mostly really well.

I love that even though he was dealing with the fallout of all this, Robert respected that Aaron needed space, but still tried to make sure that someone was there for him and reminding him that this wasn’t his fault and he wasn’t going to let him blame himself because he knows that’s what Aaron does. And as much as I need to disconnect from reality (there’s no way that appointment would’ve happened irl) for this one, I’m glad that instead of hurting himself, Aaron was able to get help.

I love that Robert made it clear that he was telling Aaron, not because he felt pressure from Ross, but because he meant everything to him. And it meant a lot that Aaron was able to see how big of a change that was from how Robert used to handle things, that it meant more coming from him than anyone else. All the declarations of love were amazing. They’re so in love and they’re “rubbish without each other.”

I love that the fandom thought of “Aaron hurts himself and Robert hurts other people” was addressed.

Aaron absolutely broke my heart when he was talking about hearing Gordon’s voice in his head. He’s never felt worth it, like he was enough. These aren’t things that are just going to go away. It seems like Robert finally gets that this is something that they need to work through and it’s awesome that he’s willing to work through it with Aaron. They both probably need therapy, but it’s good that Robert’s at least going with Aaron.

Robert being so broken was something new. He’s used to being the strong one that controls everything, but it was nice to see him break down and seek comfort from Aaron. It’s heartbreaking how relieved he was that someone finally forgave him and how quickly he put the ring back on made me cry.

I like how Robert talked about bisexuality. It was like he finally found the perfect way to explain it to Aaron. It’s not about comparing, but how he feels with the one person that he loves.

Oh, and the “I love you” “I love you more” needs to be the new “You know” “I know.” Just saying.

Maxine is still queen. Danny still cries prettily. And Ryan’s guilty face is epic.

but does everyone remember when we watched brooklyn nine nine bc it was a feel-good comedy with lighthearted humour? bc i sure do and i’m wondering what the hell happened to the writers during season three that made them want to hurt jake peralta, my sunshine boy, the light of my life, so much

it's called adulting, Bruce
  • Stephanie: *opens door* Welcome to casa de la Steph! Would you like some coffee? Orange juice?
  • Bruce: No, thank you
  • Stephanie: Oh good! Because I have neither.
  • Bruce: Then why did you offer?
  • Stephanie: Because it's the adult thing to do.
  • Bruce: And what exactly happens when an adult does ask for coffee?
  • Stephanie: Yikes. That'd be awkward, fer suuuure. Although I suppose I could just distract them with the leftover Halloween candy.
  • Bruce: What kind of moron would fall for that?
  • Stephanie: Tim has. Multiple times.

reiswonderlanduk  asked:

G. A fistfight, please!

(You get Flatmates! Everyone gets Flatmates! I like Flatmates) (I just really do wish I’d given it a better name)

Anna initially just waved a hand at Kristoff and Sven when they came into the living room, but she jumped up from the sofa when she saw the blood. “What happened? Are you alright?”

“He’s an idiot is what happened,” Kristoff said, sitting Sven down in the armchair. “Do we have any ice?”

“I think so. Really, what happened? Is your nose broken? You should go to A&E -”

“No,” Sven said, pulling half the tissues out of the box on the coffee table and dabbing at his face. “Ow. Just bleeding. I thought you were going to fucking back me up,” he said to Kristoff.

“How would that have helped. Violence,” he added, rummaging in the freezer for the ice cube tray, “Never solves anything.”

“Is anyone going to tell me what happened?” Anna said plaintively.

“We were leaving the pub,” Kristoff said, “And some gentlemen outside who were rather worse for wear called us a pair of - homophobic slurs, and Sven here, who can’t hold his drink as well as he thinks he can, told them they were cu- c-words. And got punched.”

“…they thought you were a couple?”

“I had my arm round him so he didn’t fall over. But it’s happened before.”

“It has?”

“Yeah,” said Sven. “Coupla times someone’s told us we’re an adorable couple or summat. But you have to challenge people when they’re being homophobic, or racist, or misogo - misaga - sexist,” he continued. “Letting these things slide does no good. For society.” He looked down at his t-shirt, which had a huge red stain on the front of it. “Aw, jesus, Jessica’s going to go spare.

“Then what happened?” Anna said.

“I dragged him out of there before it became a proper fight,” Kristoff said. “Which I think is being a better friend than punching people in return.”

“Of course it is,” Anna said.

“Anna,” Sven said in a small voice, “Anna, will you drive me home please?”

“Of course,” she said. “Anything for my boyfriend’s heterosexual life partner.”

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some rainy day cuddles as they are getting over an emotional argument

@imagine-2d read this bc I know you’re feeling shitty. I’m love you wifey, hope you like it

Rain patters against the window sill, and you hug your knees as you stare out at it, lost in thought. Typical English weather. You had been planning to catch the first train out of here to stay with a friend of yours yesterday, but the rain had come as suddenly and quickly as it always does, flooding the tracks, delaying and cancelling trains left, right and centre, trapping you in the house.

In a way, it was good. It meant you and 2D had had time to talk over what had happened two nights ago, when he had stumbled in at 4am, drunk off his arse and high as a kite for what to you felt like the last time you could deal with it. You’d yelled and screamed at him, and he’d snapped and yelled back, and then practically collapsed in the middle of the kitchen floor while projectile vomiting half digested pills and foul smelling cocktails.

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Genos with an Accent pt. 2

I still can’t get this accent thing out of my head and thanks to the OPM discord and @rayadraws I know how to proceed. 

This is a continuation of this. I was thinking about a situation where Genos’ accent just comes out and this is what happened. 

Since Genos knows more than one language, it would only make sense that sometimes he’d forget a word when he’s speaking, right? Maybe he knows this and he does his damned to keep things like that from happening. He carefully thinks through what he’s going to say right before he says it so he never has any slip ups. Moments like these are very rare so Genos usually forgets they happen until they do. 

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Hi host club! It's my 18th birthday today and I've been feeling kind of tired and loney. What's something that helps you fight those feelings?

Tamaki:  Lonely?  Pah!  There’s no room for lonely girls on my watch!  *turns on the charm* The Host Club is the perfect place to avoid feelings of loneliness!  Here we’re a family who enjoys spending time with beautiful young ladies, like yourself!  

Hitachiin:  Agreed.  Who gets lonely when you have a twin?  

Originally posted by thisisnotcassity

Honey:  I always have Takashi and Usa-chan to keep me company while I eat cake!  Oh, I got you a piece of cake for your birthday!  But only one slice the rest is mine.

Mori:  Mitsukuni.  Share.  

Originally posted by myanimestars

Haruhi:  Happy birthday!  I don’t often feel lonely, mostly because I’ve been sucked into the “Host Club Family,” but when it does happen, my dad and I reminisce about my mom.  Talking about her always makes me feel better.  What about you senpai?

Originally posted by leiqhtning

Kyoya:  Hmm?  Oh, I don’t really feel lonely.

Honey:  Really?  Not even a little bit?  

Hitachiin:  He’s bluffing!

Tamaki:  Aw, Kyoya!  I didn’t know you felt lonely!  Antoinette and I will have to drop by your house on our walks more often!  A happy pupper is the ultimate cure for loneliness!

Kyoya:  No need, Tamaki.  Surrounded by you 6 all day every day, it’s nearly impossible to get a moment to myself, much less enough solitude to feel lonely…  

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Does Jimin ever pay Yoongi some of his debts with sex, and if he does, does Yoongi fuck him without feelings?

Because of his addiciton there is no real chance Jimin will ever be able to pay his debts. Sometimes it happened that they fuck, especially when Jimin stole drugs from his customers again. This is his way to say “sorry” even tho Yoongi doesn´t care when Jimin says something. Yoongi waits until the day the customers will hunt him down for him. But Yoongi likes sex and he know Jimin is good so… He let it happen. Silently raises the debts too. 

Pretty recently this happened: 

Y: What are you doing here, Park? Get your ass back to your place..

J: They kicked me out… So I thought maybe…

Y: Maybe you can sleep under a bridge? Yes. I think that´s a great idea…

J: Oh come on Yoo-Yoo…. You can´t be angry at me forever… Please let me stay… I´ll pay you… 

Y: Don´t call me like that…You can´t even pay your rent not to mention your debts, how do you wanna pay me?

J: I see how you look at me, Yoo-Yoo… You still like me~ Let me stay and I promise you I play my debts to you… *purrs*

Y: … Fuck you… 

J: How about you fuck me…? 

*4 Minutes later*

J: I kn-knew it…. You…. You still like me~

Y: No. I´m just horny and you´re here. I hate you. No wait. I don´t even hate you. I feel nothing when I look at you. You´re nothing… 

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Oneshot Raywood Fics, Any AU?


A Miracle Gift by Thisiswhatmylifehasbecome

Summary: Ray asks, once more, for the one thing he wants more in life: for Ryan Haywood to come back to life. [PG]

WC: 1,076

[Tags: AU (GTA), Hurt/Comfort]

I Love You by inthelittlegenny

Summary: Ray finds it difficult to say those stupid three words. [PG]

WC: 1,035

[Tags: AU (GTA), Established Relationship, Fluff]

Nobody Wants You Here by KennDemon

Summary: Ray has been haunted by the first words his soul mate will say to him ever since they appeared on his wrist. He has dreaded the moment he would hear them out loud, but when he finally does, what happens next? [PG]

WC: 1,554

[Tags: AU (GTA, Soulmate), Hurt/Comfort]

Slip ‘n Slide by inthelittlegenny

Summary: This is from the prompt: ‘Who slides around the house in their socks and who catches them before they slip.’ ( It was so fun to write, and helped me temporarily push through my writer’s block and lack of motivation. And I had to include Oreo’s as they are my favourite. [PG]

WC: 695

[Tags: AU (GTA), Established Relationship, Fluff, Friendship]


KS chapter 25 thoughts

If there’s any self insert in Killing Stalking, that must be Bum’s grandma. Just kidding. but i think it’s interesting how she justifies her son’s twisted behaviour by saying that he had a difficult childhood and that he “can’t help it”.. Same excuses seem to work for both of the main characters. She’s probably Bum’s biggest letdown btw. She is relatively sane, she seems to understand that what her son does is wrong, and will definitely act when he goes too far. Heck she might even be the reason Bum hasn’t died of malnutrition/dehydration. But she won’t do more than heal his wounds after he’s been beaten up

For Sangwoo: I see a bunch of people saying that he is concerned about what happened to Bum. But what I saw was not really concern or protectiveness. To me it looked like perversion/voyeurism. See his choice of words? How he asks for precision? Is he acting like a therapist to help Bum externalize his feelings? I highly doubt it. He sounds more like he wants to hear a juicy story rather than comfort him about his terrible childhood. Also he used the same manipulation method as usual to get him to tell all the sordid details. He orders Bum around and he’s asserting dominance the exact same way he did since chapter 1 and that’s in order to make sure he doesn’t keep any secret for him, as his possession. Well it’s mostly because i don’t really trust Sangwoo…

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Hey Rosy, What do you think about Bellamy mourning Clarke and perhaps moving on with Echo? And if so it just drives our b/c ship farther apart when they get back to earth. Also, how long do you think it'll take for them to come back? Also, thoughts on this new corporation?? Thanks Rosy, xx

I really don’t understand why you guys don’t understand the transitory nature of love and relationships.

Sex is not fate. Love does not always last, in fact most relationships fail or end or fade away.

So people fuck other people. So what? I’m not saying this to be mean. I’m saying Bellarke is endgame so whatever happens up in space is not endgame. In six years, Bellamy is allowed to have sex with, have a relationship with or even love other people. 


I mean, if you don’t believe in Bellarke, that’s your choice, but you I don’t know why you’re coming to me. I’m not going to force you.

Ugh. You guys. Not just you, Nonny, but all of you, The whole fandom.

You need to CHILL out. 

Whoever Bellamy is with in those 6 years, it isn’t driving Bellarke apart. 

Bellarke will really start when they are reunited and we’ll get to see how they FALL IN LOVE with this person who they loved with all their soul and also lost.

You’re so freaked out about the possibility of different ships you’re just all FREAKING OUT. Calm down. 

Can you just let them tell the story they’re going to tell. It’s been not even one day and you’re already prophesizing the doom of bellarke. 

I wonder whether people who ask God to interfere openly and directly in our world quite realise what it will be like when He does. When that happens, it is the end of the world. When the author walks on to the stage the play is over. God is going to invade, all right: but what is the good of saying you are on His side then, when you see the whole natural universe melting away like a dream and something else — something it never entered your head to conceive — comes crashing in; something so beautiful to some of us and so terrible to others that none of us will have any choice left? For this time it will be God without disguise; something so overwhelming that it will strike either irresistible love or irresistible horror into every creature. It will be too late then to choose your side. There is no use saying you choose to lie down when it has become impossible to stand up. That will not be the time for choosing: it will be the time when we discover which side we really have chosen, whether we realised it before or not. Now, to-day, this moment, is our chance to choose the right side. God is holding back to give us that chance. It will not last for ever. We must take it or leave it.
—  C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Yo not to be too ~emotional but remember 2 years ago when I was making posts DREAMING about Elounor getting back together and Louis and Bruce being reunited and now it’s literally happened right in front of my eyes … what is this feeling inside my sad hollowed out heart

i’ve heard this quote and similar and thought so many times that “i’m sure someone will love you even if you don’t love yourself” and they probably will. but what happens when they don’t love you anymore? it happens, we all know it does. and, they leave you. if you don’t love yourself, you might beg for them back, you might feel you are nothing without them, you might feel like a “terrible” person, that no one wants you… etc. but if you’ve got that love for yourself first, yes, after a break up, you’ll probably grovel for a while, but you’ll love yourself enough to walk away and know you deserve more, you’ll understand that it’s not all your fault, that you aren’t a “terrible” person, it was just unfortunate things didn’t work out, you will know you are loveable, and you’ll find someone else. that’s why i think it’s so important to love yourself before you love anyone else. so, you can stand on your own two feet, and put yourself first. i know how hard it is to love yourself, i’m still working on it everyday, every single day. but, this is just a thought i had that i wanted to share 💭 let’s spread self love everywhere 💖

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Can you explain what has happened? I saw a post talking about how people reacted at the showing or something?

chris (and mel) cancelled HVFF which is on saturday and although i understand that people are disappointed and upset by it, i wish people wouldn’t just assume why he cancelled and act like they know when no one really does

also regarding the screening, that’s about antis reaction to mon-el there