this is what happens when insomnia strikes

Car Playlists

This is only a faint smattering of what these guys are probably listening to but anyway… Feel free to add to the playlists (or at least shoot me suggestions so I can add to them)

The Dad Mobile -

The S.S. RayRay -

The Salt Crew -

Hot Wheels -

The Sass Car -

*Oh* and some thanks to @gendryw4ters for even introducing me to half the stuff that wound up on these playlists, you’re a doll and your playlists are suuuuper amazing

OHKAY! So there were two moments that really bothered me before. Like when Regis spoke with Nyx in the elevator there was a dialog that went like “You knew this is going to happen?” “Yes. It was the only way to get their attention of Noctis”. And another moment when Cid said something along the lines of “It was not just Nifs, Regis was planing his own strike to take them out”. And both times I was like SO? What the fuck Regis? You knew that shit was coming and did nothing? Where was that secret move of yours? You didn’t even summon the Wall? You did nothing at all? 

And this moment! It all makes sense now! He looks at Insomnia and asks forgiveness! Regis purposefully gave up the city. That sudden attack was not sudden at all but exactly how he planed it to go! I even suppose he planed to die? If not the surprise on his face during the final duel I would have though he was actually well aware of Drautos’ plans or even worked WITH him. Too bad I think otherwise, would have been awesome tho! *0*                       

Speed Force No. 5

A little bit of Barry in my life
A little bit of Cisco by my side
A little bit of Harry is all I need
A little bit of Eddie is what I see
A little bit of Garrick in the sun
A little bit of Leonard all night long
A little bit of Ronnie here I am
A little bit of speed makes you my man