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00QAD: The Protector, the Snark, the Calm, the Heart. 
↳ They each have their roles; bringing something different to the relationship. 

Bond is the protector: there is nothing he won’t do to keep the other three safe, even if it means compromising his own mission to keep Alex from getting blown up by a terrorist, Q and Danny listening in on the coms with bated breath back in Q-Branch. At home, Bond is the one shaking his head as Danny first persuades Q and then Alex to prank call Mrs. Wright from across the street (she always gives them the stink eye whenever she catches them all go out together or kissing or holding hands). 

Q, though? He’s the brains, yes, but he’s also the refreshing snark and sarcasm they all need when things get tense around the household because the agents are leaving on a dangerous mission. He’s also rather a child: no one can figure out where the hell all the toilet paper goes until one day, he casually owns up to making origami figures out of it while he’s in the bathroom. 

“What? I get bored in there,” he says defensively, looking at the other three’s amused and exasperated faces over the lip of his cup. “It keeps my brain sharp, anyway.”

Alex is the calming presence: their anchor. He’s the one to break up Q and Danny’s squabbles, the one who’s always there when you need help coming to a decision and the one who makes sure their house isn’t too much like a pigsty (Bond and Q are an absolute menace when it comes to dirty laundry or dirty dishes). He’s the one who meticulously writes down all the items they’ve run out of and puts the list on the fridge so the others can add things in if they want. The list is always heavily edited and scribbled on by the time he finally goes shopping, though. 

And Danny, their emotional core: the heart. He’s the one who they go to for a hug or a cry, he’s the one who knows what they need and exactly when they need it. He’s the one who gets excited on holidays and the one who looks forward to lazy Sunday mornings, when the MI6 gives the agents and Q a day off (usually). He remembers anniversaries and birthdays and often yells at Q to look after his goddamn cats, he’s the one who’s always feeding them (though he doesn’t really mind). 

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