this is what happens when i'm over stressed

don’t ask me why.
  • t a g g i n g → Nick Wilde, Brody Wilde, & James Wilde with mentions of The Hopps clan and Judy
  • t i m e  f r a m e → Sometime during parents week
  • l o c a t i o n →  Nick’s dorm room
  • n o t e s → since I wasn’t able to be on bc of work have a gist of what would have happened for nudy lmfao :~)

It’s not that Nick didn’t like his parents - honestly he loved them. Unlike most students here at Walt he didn’t have that bad relationship with them.The fact of the matter was…Nick didn’t like who he was, his family name to be exact. The Wilde name hasn’t exactly been the squeaky clean of names Zootopia has seen. Nick has tried to fight against the reputation that has been placed upon him. he’s tried to fight against his parents mistakes but the reality of it was is that people only saw Nick and one thing and one thing only: A wilde. A no good fox.

So that’s what he became.

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  • Schools need to have some sort of mental health rule. Like there can be sick days and then there can be mental health days where you cannot make it through the day safely even though you're physically fine (Though, at least for me, when I need these days I'm completely sick to my stomach and can't function). And if a teacher's course load or homework level or something is making you panic or breakdown or cause you so much stress you're throwing up and sobbing over them you can just go up to them and explain what's going on. Mental health is just as important as physical health, to ignore one is to affect the other. School really isn't helping me, I need these things.