this is what happens when i'm bored i guess


Today I was working on my Book of Answers. It was an idea from a friend, who got it from a friend, and [blah blah blah] got it from the actual Book of Answers. Anyway, I’m just making a silly little one with a cheap notebook, so nothing special. Oh, except I’m adding a TON of nerdy things.
Anyway, the pictures, they are part of an argument thing I had with this book. I was just testing it out.

Me: What will I dream about tonight?
Book: {Sweeney Todd} “We all deserve to die…”
Me: *tries not to have heart attack* *really doesn’t want to dream about a crappy drawing of him*

Me: What kind of person will I be when I’m older?
Book: Happy Birthday!

Me: Why can’t I stop drawing Sweeney Todd?
Book: You will set the world on fire.
Me: What does that mean exactly…?
Book: {blank page}

Me: Is Castiel the most adorable angel ever?
Book: I’m afraid not, my dear.

Me: Do you not like me, Book of Answers?
Book: Don’t Panic

fakesmilesandsecrets  asked:

If Harley ever decided to leave the Joker, which is dangerous in and of itself, I totally can get behind her being with Deadshot, too. He even comes with his own kid, which she seems to want?? I came up in that theater expecting to be bored asf tbh but I was sobbing my fucking eyes out when El Diablo died. I'm a big sucker for his tattoos and tragic backstory. Rick was such a damsel in distress but he hot, so, win-win, I guess.

I KNOW ITS PERF. Im actually writing something like that ahah. And then I’m writing rick/floyd lets goo. awww baby. i didn’t cry but yeah that was sad even tho i had the same reaction as harley ‘what did you think was going to happen’ maybe I’m crazy too lmao Rickkkkk ahhhh yes