this is what happens when i'm bored and waiting for inki to start

gabriellajane  asked:

Ok so what about a soulmate au thing where you share each others dreams/nightmares? (andreil pls???)

( this is probably a stretch from what you may have imagined, but I hope it works!! )

“Should’ve known this was one of yours.”

“These are always products of a shared imagination. You can’t blame it all on me.”

“Flying pigs? I’d never.”

“If that’s the part you have an issue with,” hands spread behind him, the cement unnaturally and too pleasantly warm under his palms, “I’ll take responsibility there.”

They sat atop a boring, plain grey building in the middle of a boring, plain world, the edges soft and the sound not spoken so much as known, and it was business as usual. It wasn’t every night they fell asleep to each other, but the night was fated to go one way, they always - eventually - met. The dreamscape varied, of course, sometimes influenced by television shows Andrew had watched or towns that Nathaniel had seen.

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