this is what happens when i try to be creative

The worst part about being with someone who everyone wants is that you’ll always have competition. Other girls are always going to flirt and try and god damn what happens when those girls are prettier and funnier and just more? You know that you have them, but baby for how long?
—  4am
Art things I wish I knew earlier #7

Sometimes to get better at art is to get away from art!

Things like watching movies, playing video games, and even reading books will jumpstart your creativity. You will have more things to draw from your mind. I noticed this recently, as I am currently in a creative block. So I stepped away and been playing some games (POKEMON SUN :D) and really enjoy the scenery and props.

Later on, when you get back to your sketchbook or canvas… You’ll have some cool experiences to share. Also living life, thinking about your individual experience. What unique things happened(or happening) to you?

Some of my recent art is more of my personal expressions and display my processing of emotions. Maybe you can try to put your feelings into your art too.

Also, if you force yourself to draw, it’s gonna look forced. You will recycle ideas and it won’t be as exciting as if you drew when you are inspired!

Anyway, hope this helps with anyone stuck with no ideas or feeling uninspired.

Don’t use this as a excuse not to draw at all though. ;)

btw.. I was blown away by the amount of positive feedback on ATIWIKE #6. O_O ( you for your support! And have a awesome thanksgiving!

Blame Me (Part 3) - Bucky Barnes

Part 1  ➽  Part 2


Summary: The reader and Bucky have a big argument after she met in secret someone from her past. Saying things that he doesn’t mean it and realizing his mistake too late when she already broke before his eyes. And, with Tony’s help, the reader finally have the opportunity to face her past once again. And now? What will happen?

N/A: my creativity to create summary is really a sadness. 

“Dammit, (Y/N)! What happened? “ Tony’s nervous voice forced you to open your eyes, you were feeling weak because your body was trying to expel the device stuck in your chest. The millionaire crouched and quickly pondered the situation. "I can’t take or disarm, right? Shit, that bastard!”

“Tony, shut up and get me out of here.” you groaned, leaning one hand on the ground to boost and lift, but Tony moved faster and took you in his arms carefully.

“Where? (Y/N), do you have a plan?“ the millionaire asked urgently, leaving the building and then using the iron man suit, quickly rising from the ground.

“You need to go to the Grand Central Terminal, he left a bomb there… And Tony, go higher and fly over the Hudson River.” you took a deep breath, trying to join forces to do what your best friend wouldn’t like.

Some years ago

“Hey, kid, can you hear me?”

You opened your eyes slowly, but without leaving your position lying on the destroyed mattress of your cell. You noticed the two men standing at the door waiting for a response from you, one of them you quickly recognize because of his suit. Iron man. You knew the truth. You knew who you really were even with all the psychological torture. And you were safe now.

“Yes. Please, get me out of here?” your voice was a weak murmur, getting up from the bed with some difficulty. You were exhausted after so many tests and torture.

“We’ll get you out. Oh my God, you’re… Oh… Tony, we need to immediately get out of here.“ the other man, who wore glasses, said quickly while helping you leave the cell. Deciding after two seconds that it was better to pick you in his arms to get out quickly. "Are you (Y/N) (L/N)? My name’s Bruce Banner.”

“Y-yes, I am.”

“You’re safe now, (Y/N). I’m sorry about your family, but you’re not alone anymore.” He smiled weakly, just to assure you that everything would be fine. But you could feel that, despite everything you been through, you could have a second chance. You felt peace.

Present day 

You had just five minutes. Your eyes stared at Tony’s face, a worried expression and his eyes full of emotions. You owed Tony and Bruce so much. You hoped that both men would one day achieve their inner peace and well-deserved happiness. They were your only family. They were everything that you managed to win after all the suffering. You then noticed that you had reached your time, Tony now were flying over the Hudson River area that you considered safe enough. So you took a deep breath again.

“Please save those people. And do not come after me.” you whispered tenderly, stroking the millionaire’s face and then using your power to come out of his arms and stop him from trying to hold you again. “I love you, Tony.”

You heard Tony shouting for you, his betrayed expression as he tried to fight your power that blocked him. You closed your eyes, you didn’t want to look at him as you felt your body fall quickly across the sky, the wind ruffling your hair and causing you goose bumps. When you finally hit the water, you felt the pain of the impact and your lungs lose air, but then you heard the alarm sound on your chest and you stopped trying to reach the surface. Dammit. Is that shit over the 10 minutes? So fast. Looking at the sky through the murky water, your last thought was the blue eyes that you loved so much before the darkness swallow you whole.


Bucky didn’t like to stay away from you, he didn’t like to know that you were avoiding him in every possible way. But he didn’t feel good enough to try and ask for your forgiveness. After you’ve gone to stay with Bruce, Bucky’s nightmares started again. He wasn’t complete, he was feeling so bad that he ended up discounting his frustrations on Steve and Natasha. But he actually lost his ground when he found out that you had gone after your past again.

“Where did she go? Where?” 

Bucky shouted angrily, firmly holding the collar of Natasha’s shirt as he held her against the wall, a few centimeters off the ground. The redhead kept her expression blank, the super soldier was nervous but would do nothing to hurt her. He wasn’t angry. Bucky was desperate. He was afraid. Steve and Bruce appeared running in the hallway, they came to contain Bucky, but Natasha shook her head quietly.

“James, she’s with Tony.” she rested her hands on his shoulders and was released automatically.

“This should reassure me?” Bucky pulled away and walked with his head down to the living room, sitting on one of the couches, he buried his head in his hands. 


"Come on, kid. Don’t let me down. Where are you?” Tony grumbled anxious while flying over the perimeter where you had fallen, he had solved the problem of another bomb quickly and without attracting attention. But he did not feel that sense of accomplishment. Not when he couldn’t find you. “FRIDAY, any sign?”

“I’m sorry, sir. But no sign of Miss (Y/N) in this area.”

“Maybe… Maybe she was taken by the river flow?" Tony took a deep breath, trying to contain his emotions and his panic He needed to find you. He was going to find you.

“Sir, I think I found something.”

“Take me there.” 


"You just needed to be with her, Stark!” Steve yelled, keeping a distance from the billionaire so he couldn’t end up doing anything that he’d regret later.

Tony followed the path FRIDAY had indicated and found your body on the Hudson River’s banks, half of your body was destroyed by the bomb and, for a moment, he thought you could recover. But then he saw that remained almost nothing of your heart. He was only able to return home thanks to the AI.

When Tony returned home with you in his arms, Natasha had to quickly knock out Bruce before he could process any information and turn into Hulk. And Bucky… No one imagined that one day would see the winter soldier so destroyed. Bucky didn’t react aggressively. Bucky didn’t run toward Tony’s direction. He simply forgot how to breathe and fell to his knees. The super soldier cried silently, his body trembling violently due to his crying strength. James Barnes was in pieces. This couldn’t be happening. Not with him. Not with you. He couldn’t lose you. Not after everything. But there you were lifeless, breaking all the promises that were made to each other. There would be no future. There would be no “Yes, I do”. It was over.

You were gone.

What would he do now?

Part 4

anonymous asked:

I dont know what happened with springlechuu but a style cant be "stolen". It can be emulated but stolen? Nah. Plus emulating your favorite artists is a great way to learn how to draw, no one starts out with a single style, its learned through trying different things.

I absolutely agree with you! Trust me, I used to imitate certain artists I admired when I made my first blog! I learned many different techniques to use, and slowly I was finding my very own style!!! So it’s a bad thing to do that kind of stuff, it’s helping those learn different ways to become creative!!!

I’m sure a ton of people were doing the same thing, and it’s not a problem at All!


Update from last week: got my phone back! Some guy found it on the floor (don’t ask) and returned it. The jacket was the target of the theft, as I suspected (and now I’m sick af because it was 42F when I was trying to get home - with a sheer top on 😅).

Anyway, let’s see what’s been happening for the past week.

Interesting and fun stuff

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Homemade Pizza Roll Recipe

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Lemon Sheet Cake





Lemon Blueberry Pancake Bites

Blackberry Cake Recipe



4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Carrots

Sunflower Cake

And don’t forget this ancient tumblr user proverb: Why is a porn blog following me.

Jane the Virgin-Chapter 58

I love that whenever I watch this show I have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s great like that.

Okay, so first off: Jane and Petra. I’m happy Jane finally called it quits in their rivalry. I love it so much better when they are on the same team and not trying to one up each other. I want to see more Jane and Petra helping each other at parenting stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED this electione episode for so many reasons and once again tip my hat at the writers for their creativity.
2. Rogelio and Mateo.
Can we talk about how freaking cute those two are? I love it. I want more of that please.
3. Rogelio and Xo
In this episode we saw a few old flames get that spark relit and one of them was Ro and Xo. I was aboard this ship from the start so I can’t say that I’m dissapointed. It is a little repetitive and if they are going to get together then they should just do it because I think they would have a more interesting story together.
4. Alba
LOL. I loved the dress scene, it was so funny and just so relatable, regardless of age. We have all gone through that one time where we try to be smooth and completely fail. It worked out for Alba, for some of us though……
5. Alex
I’m diggin it.
6. Jane and Rafael
Yes, I think that they are working towards making Jafael end game and the whole Petra thing is like one final go that isn’t going to end well and people will get closure on why they don’t work out. I really would have preferred if they had remained co parents. So I think Jane is going to try to date again and then fail at it and Petra and Rafael are going to fail and this will bring Jane and Rafael closer as friends because they will confide in each other.
7. Petra and Rafael
Should of stayed as friends. I really like that other guy (chuck?). But he scared me this episode. Tone it down a bit bro. And Petra really liked him too. I wonder if that will come into play in future episodes?

Can’t wait to see where we go from here.

anonymous asked:

I have heard of "writers block" and " artist block", but what do you do when you have a block on your favorite couple. Its a terrible thing, my job has me so stress out I can't fantasize about my shipping. It absolutely frustrating. This happens when I am extremely stress out. Any suggestions ?

Well as far as any creative stuff I’ve find it really difficult to force it, lol. If I really don’t want to do a video or write a story or something, I just try to find something else I do want to do. I’ve tried forcing myself to slog through projects before, and in the end I just waste a bunch of time and spend most of it miserable. So usually I try to keep multiple projects going at once, so if I’m not feeling one I can bounce to another.

Sooo perhaps you can do the same thing with your ships, lol. Just have different things going at once, so you can give yourself variety. Can’t say I’ve ever had this specific problem, though. Hope that helps!

Drunk fanfic lmao
  • I wanted to try and write something because I heard that alcohol makes u creative but I think I drank too much so I gave up on trying. Anyways, here's the reveal. It's 100% what happened okay. Ur welcome.
  • It was really nice outside. Like it wasn't super hot but it wasn't really cold either. Nice. But that has nothing to do with anything so anyways
  • Marinette was walking home from school when she dropped her bag.
  • "FUCK!" She yelled as her bag opened in the sidewalk And all of her stuff including tikki fell out and onto the sidewalk.
  • "WHAT THE FUk MARINET" tikki yelled because wtf she was just dropped on the ground fuck u Marinette
  • "I'm Sorry tikki!" Marinette cried bending down to pick up everything that fell out of her bag. "I'm so clumsy lol"
  • "Yeah you are!" tikki glared at the earrings on her ears "why did I pick you again? What a mistake"
  • "Wow, tikki u savage" Marinette glared as she walked before looking up. Why was it taking so long to get to her house she literally liv d right beside the school. "Where's my house"
  • "You went the wrong way" tikki rubbed her head from being dropped on the ground. She was fragile and this ho over here had just dropped her onto some concrete. "How did this even happen you live RIGHT THERE" she pointed to Marinettes house in the opposite direction.
  • "Duck u tikki get in my earrings" Marinette yelled at the Kwami.
  • "I do what I want" tikka replied, getting all up in Marinettes face because she couldn't respect boundaries
  • "Wtf tiki you need to hide" Marinette yelled "someone will see u and know that I'm ladybug"
  • "Hey Marinette!"came Adriens voice from behind the two because plot development
  • "Whaaaat" Marinette turned around "h-hey h-Hi a-adriEN"
  • "Omg Stop stuttering!!!!" Tikki yelled before adding "bitch"
  • "Where is this attitude coming from?!" Mari yelled back because wtf tikki "I thought you were sweet that's why you like cookies!"
  • "Woahowow what's that?" Adrien asked shocked. OH yeah he was there
  • "Dan tikki why aren't you hiding Adrien sees you!" Marinette tried to grab the Kwami but she flew back
  • "Because I'm tired of you two IDIOTS not realizing who the other is." She looked over at the model "Hey Adrien"
  • "Uh yeah?" He looked confused because honestly wtf was going on
  • "WHAT?!" He yelled in shock
  • "Hey Marinette?" Tikki turned to her owner???? Miraculous holder???
  • "Ye?" The girl replied
  • "ADRIEN IS CHAT NOIR BITCH" she yelled before flying into Marinettes bag. She was so done with teenagers
  • "Omg!!!" Marinette shouted "chat?"
  • "My lady?" Adrien asked
  • "Adrien?!" Marinette gasped suddenly able to talk to the boy "you're chat noir?!"
  • He nodded "okay but you're ladybug?"
  • "Duh." She dead panned "literally everything is the same about me except I wear a mask"
  • "Oh." Was all Adrien replied with
  • The two superheroes stared at each other for a second in awe.
  • "I can't believe the love of my life is actually Chat noir" Marinette grew wide eyed at the thought
  • "Awh bugaboo im the love of your life???" Adrien smiled stepping closer.
  • The people passing by stared at the two weirdos who were having a romantic moment on the middle of the sidewalk.
  • "Adrien is" marinette smiled "chat noir can go fuck himself : ^)"
  • "Well I'm chat noir and Adrien so you'll have to love us both my lady" Adrien put a hand to her cheek. Cute.
  • ": /" Marinette replied "I'll try"
  • "Purrfect" he smiled
  • The two stared into each other's eyes for like a seconds
  • "Hey can I see your phone?" Marinette broke the silence
  • "Why???" Adrien asked confused
  • "I need to put my number in it duh Adrien" the girl gave him a -_- look.
  • "Ohhh okay!" Adrien pulled out his super fancy phone and gave it to Marinette
  • 'Nice' she thought and pretended to put her number in.
  • "Sooooo bugaboo, this is so pawsome" Adrien laughed "it's the cat meow!"
  • Marinette looked up from his phone and scowled at his puns "fuck this I'm out"
  • So she slid his phone in her back pocket, because she's a klepto, as Adrienlooked at her confused
  • "Marinette?" He called after her "I thought I was the love of your life??"
  • "get rid of the puns and well talk" she called back, already a few feet away.
  • Adrien sighed and looked down because down at the ground because that's what you do when you're sad.
  • "Wait" he looked up quickly "where's me phone?"

sorshasoars  asked:

Hello! Just passing by to say how refreshing your series "Insomnia" has been. So far I've sorta considered it a canonical sequel to the game, especially with how faithful you've been with maintaining character personalities. I've never really gotten into the AU's, but your story has kept me intrigued and in suspense. Keep it up!

Thank you so much!

I guess it helps that I don’t really consider this thing much of a full blown au either. More like a story about the parts we don’t see in the game. The what happens after ‘the end’, and the ‘what happened before the beginning.’ It’s just a giant what if scenario (with a lot of creative liberties. A loooot, but I try to tie it all back into the lore of the game when I can.)

Also it’s a chance to explore a bunch of characters that in game, you only know for a day. There’s so much potential there!

what happens when i can’t sleep..

listen to me.
this is it okay? it’s over.

it’s time to walk away. it’s time to be alone.

you are going to be alone. and you are going to feel it scrapping your insides and its going to make you cringe and you are going to hate it,
you are going to be bad at it. you will try to find refuge under the skin of others, you will use them as umbrellas to avoid getting soaked in the storm. i am not telling you to dance in the rain. i know how unrealistic that sounds. sit in it though. let it take over you, and then watch it go away. experience it. understand that it goes away. 

it always goes away.

you are going to be furious. you are going to throw things, break them, and then for a second you might feel better. and then you are going to be sad. you will cry. it’s okay. cry. cry because he used to call you wiffey and you believed him. cry because he told you he loved you. cry because you wanted him so bad. it’s okay to admit this. cry because he held you and squeezed you and fell asleep on you and cry because he took this all away with the first fuck you. cry because he hurt you and the people you love and because he listened to his ego more than to your heart. cry because he let you down. because he cared about being dominant more than loving you. because he made you feel like a worthless penny when you would have done anything for him. cry. cry some more. but don’t cry because it’s over. people don’t change. stop giving chances. people who hammer bitter sentences and insulting words on the walls beneath your skin, don’t deserve love. don’t cry over someone who has the least respect for you. someone who uses your body like a walk-in-closet and confesses his love only in privacy. you are not a secret. 

you are a fucking masterpiece. 

you deserve someone who not only sees this, but wants to show it to the world.
it’s over. you can smile now.

listen to me.
i know you feel different now.
though don’t let this change you.
he isn’t worth it. not one bit. no one who chooses to hurt you over and over again, is worth it.
it’s okay to miss him. but realize it’s not him you miss but the idea of him: what you thought he was.
forgive yourself for putting him above everything and everyone when he never even fought for you.
forgive yourself for chasing someone who found amusement in being chased and took you for granted.
forgive yourself for convincing your heart that he was the one.

understand this: people that are unstable and lost and unaware of who they are, are incapable of loving. his claims don’t make a reality. he never loved you.

understand this: everything he said about you was a projection of what he felt about himself.


whatever happens next, i know what you are capable of. don’t be a warrior. don’t fight. don’t battle the demons, don’t walk around with your arms and fists up. don’t turn hard. I’m not asking you for a promise, i am giving you an order: heal yourself. you have to. you can’t let this turn you into a monster. heal yourself and come out stronger and brighter and wiser. and don’t look back. 

once you realize your worth, you will realize there isn’t anything to look back on anyways.

listen to me.

this is it okay? you are free.

i just really love nalu because its made of two parts first you get natsu, this adorable silly person who half of the time doesn’t know what he is doing or whats happening but he sure as hell will step in to protect his family, fairy tail. he has the sweetest smile and hides the deepest pain behind his eyes. he never gives up, he keeps trying to make everything right for everyone. and i couldn’t love him more.

the other half you get lucy, one of the kindest souls in fairy tail, for real all the pain and loneliness she has suffered just made her stronger at heart and mind. she is creative and smart and is not afraid of expressing how she feels like when she is scared or when she feels like she cant keep going but you can be sure she will keep walking in the path she created to herself, she grabbed her own happiness.

and if you see this two people together they make the finest team.

Stephen Curry was recently called “the Messi of the NBA” and he had a few things to say about it:

  • “It is an honor to be compared to Messi.”
  • “I love watching him play. I’m a big fan. And to see just a guy that you never know what he’s going to do at any particular moment – when he’s on TV, everybody is glued in because, as soon as he gets a touch with the ball, something special could happen. And you’ve got to appreciate that kind of talent.”
  • “I try to do the fancy things out there by going with both hands, making crossover moves, and having a certain creativity and flair to my game. That’s definitely the style that Messi has when he’s out there in his matches.”

1. four a.m. is for the lonely,
and you are what happens at a quarter past.

2. the words stick to my fingers,
splinters of need and want and longing.
they hurt too much to pull out.

3. you are a river i’m trying not to drown in,
and the future is a locked room at the end of a long, dark hallway.

4. you can’t stand me when i’m not sober,
when my soul is bared for all to see,
offered to you like a small, secret treasure,
so exquisitely rebuffed.

5. sometimes i think you just can’t stand me,
full stop.

6. space is defined as the absence of touch.
when there is space, i’m the only one who can’t breathe.

7. i no longer know how to define myself
by anything other than you.

8. i told you once that water is the color of loss,
and you didn’t understand how loss could be a color,
or how the stars could hint at madness,
or why people flinch away from the things they want.

9. we were almost there,
but almost was a pit-stop in the late night and the rain between two cities.
we got too comfortable,
we stayed too long,
until i became just another road sign that you pass on the way to somewhere else.

10. you destroyed me for years,
so why am i still here?

11. it’s like this, boy with the orpheus eyes,
singing careful, sculpted verses about roads and rivers and what could have been:
i could be your ghost, but i know you won’t look back.
you’re a stickler for the rules like that.

12. maybe i just want to do for someone
the things that no one ever did for me.

13. we like different parts of the same song.
you’re all about the anger,
while the only thing i can focus on is the regret.

14. i was screaming silently in a room where all the stars were out.
you were beside me, just beside me,
and i couldn’t move.
your name was all i had, and the line of your back, statue-still,
and your shoulder-blades beating through the distance between us
amidst the whispering echoes of labyrinthine moonlight.

15. someone else is to you
all that you are to me.

—  fifteen reasons you’ll never love me back by thea g.
My Opinion...

I kind of have a hard time reading some of the fanfiction written about Luke Hemmings. Okay, maybe just about everyone. Part of the reason being, most of you are probably pretty young, but then again I’m just assuming. The main reason being all of the smut.

Yes, I get that it’s nice to read something “different”, but we’re all young. It’s pretty much porn for teenagers! I guess I’m going at this from an “old soul” perspective.

Writing is amazing and I get that it’s a type of art we can all enjoy. But do teenagers really need to write about intimate details? I know it’s just fiction, but it really should be a private detail.

What happened to all of the fairy tales we fell in love with when we were kids? Why can’t we write things like that? Where princes are frogs, princesses are the damsel in distress, or maybe the other way around?

Be creative! Try something different!

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to write a story, and I have the characters, the plot but it's messy and not really put together right now because I don't know what I'm trying to say with this story. Are there are ways to figure out what you want to say with your story, what is my commentary on the theme of the story? I just don't know what I'm trying to say, and I'm at a loss to figure out how to figure it out. Thank you!

“The best things that happen in our writing happen not because we will them, but because we let them happen.”

-Peter Selgin, 179 Ways to Save a Novel

One of the first things I learned when I started taking creative writing classes was that theme is not a starting point. Trying to figure out what you’re trying to say before you say it can often affect the soul of the story, because you end up forcing characters onto paths they weren’t meant to take. 

Didn’t stop me from discussing the challenge in a past post, however. There isn’t one right way to do things, so never be afraid to try new approaches.

But when it comes to determining what your story is trying to say, start by looking at what issues your character and plot decisions raise. A good story has characters that evolve, and when we evolve, we often learn lessons about life. Those lessons create themes. Therefore, if you’ve got characters that are evolving and learning, overcoming adversity, and challenging their weaknesses, you’ve got themes already. You might not know what your story is saying yet, but it’s probably saying something.

Focus on resolving the “mess” your story is in. Does your story have a beginning, middle, and end? Do you have a climax? Do all the events of your story contribute to getting to that climax? And as I said, do your characters evolve? Do they end the story with a different perspective/opinion on something? Do they handle problems with more resolve and strength? Do they learn skills they didn’t have at the beginning? 

If you’re at a complete loss, think about it in this progression:

  • Step one: Think of an interesting story. 
  • Step two: Find a way to craft that story with cohesion, conciseness, and complexity. Use your characters to achieve this, by having their choices directly cause the outcomes. Create a plot that’s driven by character decisions.
  • Step three: Read your complete draft and marvel at the meaning that was just sitting there, unintentionally gaining momentum as the story progressed.

The point is that deep meanings grow from the roots of good plot and good character. So try to start there. If there’s inconsistencies in your plot, or things that don’t make sense, brainstorm threads to tie things together. If your characters are doing things that don’t seem believable, evaluate the choices and either change the character’s motivations or change the choices they make. 

Solve problems at the micro level, and when you’ve got something complete and cohesive to judge, you can start identifying the themes. 

To my anon, focus on telling a good story, first and foremost. There are too many writers that never say anything because they spend too much time trying to think of what to say.