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fashion consults!

as most of you know, I was in the hospital this month. why? my heart. again. always. two cardiac arrests within a fifteen minute span as I was getting ready for work; an ambulance came and got me and everything. after that, it was two weeks of tests and surgery and new medications and short-term disability and ultimately, no answers. my heart condition remains a rare and mysterious jewel. so good news: I’m alive. bad news: I’m an american who just spent two weeks in the best electrocardiology ward in new york city. which means medical bills. so many fucking medical bills. 

now, I have insurance, but before it kicks in I have a significant deductible to meet. every scrap of every paycheck is going towards those bills for the foreseeable future. which isn’t great, considering I took two-thirds of my closet off to a consignment store about a month before this happened. You guys know me, I’d like to be able to fill it out again. so I’m proposing a trade: I’ll dress you if you dress me. 

style consulting - rates and services

  1. $15 option - one time occasion styling! if you have a wedding or a graduation or a big date coming up, I’ll hop on skype with you for a half-hour and see what we can do with the clothes you already have.
  2. $20 option - fashion guidance. I’ll ask you to send me five to seven pictures of outfits, styles, or fashion icons that you like. from there, I’ll write up my impressions of your fashion goals, advise you towards certain trends, and help you solidify your sense of personal style. (here is an example)
  3. $40 option - fashion guidance + personal shopper. You’ll receive all the services of #1, plus I’ll discuss your budget and then go shopping for you. I’ll put together ten items within your price range that will help you meet your style aspirations. 
  4. $65 option - fashion guidance + personal shopper + skype consult. You’ll receive all the services of #1 and #2, plus I will set up a 45 minute in-person skype consult with you. We’ll go through your closet (or whatever items you choose) together, and I’ll help you pinpoint which garments will work with your new look, and which ones won’t. 

**request via an ask - include your email address, your name, and which service you want - I’ll send you an email and we can begin the conversation there.** 

(note: all these prices are suggested. obviously if you’re willing to donate more, I’d appreciate it, each option takes about an hour and a half more to do than the option preceding it. if you want something different than what I’m offering, send me a message and we’ll talk details.)

(second note: I’ll be doing these requests in the order I get them. When I get your inquiry, I’ll let you know where you are in the queue.)

I’ll still be giving out style advice all the time on this blog, don’t worry! But in-depth, individually tailored stuff takes me a lot of time, and I’d like to be able to turn that into something I can use to buy shoes that won’t fall apart with nyc wear.

hope to dress you soon! ♥

Lately, I’ve been seeing something slightly bothersome around studyblr, and I just want to say something about it. Basically, there seems to be this attitude cropping up (or at least that I’ve seen/heard about more frequently these days) that your grades reflect your level of effort, or that by simply working hard and putting more effort in, your grades will automatically improve. I disagree.

Yes, there are certainly some cases where you’re already proficient in a class and if you just put in the extra time to study, you’d do better. But there are some classes where grades are not a measure of the level of effort you put in, and therein lies my biggest issue with the grading system and these types of studyblr posts in general. This was certainly the case with me in honors physics (so bear with me, because I have a very large point to make with the following anecdote).

Personally, I’ve always had “easy A” classes where I don’t have to work hard; my brain and academic strengths simply favor me in that particular subject, so with minimal effort I can still be top in the class. And then I see peers who go in for tutoring every day, who spend hours studying and meeting with teachers, who basically invest 100 times the effort I do… and still can’t get above a B or C.

This is not to mention people who take classes that are “reaches” and, accordingly, don’t do so well – even though they work hard – because it’s a challenge. Then there are those who take lower level classes but have capabilities beyond that – and don’t need to put effort in – thus giving them an unfairly easy A. Does their A mean that they work harder? That they’re a better student, studier, scholar, intellectual? Hell to the no.

English is one of those “easy A” classes for me. I’m just innately strong in verbal-linguistic intelligence (going off of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences), so I’ve literally never had to study for English tests or reading comp/writing. But put me in other classes, particularly science classes? Well, that’s something else entirely.

Which brings me to junior year honors physics. 

Guys, I studied my ASS off, for hours at a time. I desperately Skyped people in my class nearly every night to try to understand the homework and spent every lunch block trying to master the material. I met with my physics teacher and tutor all the time and had a dozen anxiety attacks (and I mean actual, diagnosed anxiety attacks) over that one class because I tried harder than I’ve ever tried… and I got a B for the whole year. I was the one who dreaded seeing that red number scrawled on my test, who shoved it into my backpack before others could see and blinked back tears, thinking, But I studied so hard!

Physics was a nightmare I was desperate to forget by the end of junior year. But then a couple things happened that shocked me, and I instantly thought of them when I read some of these posts about good effort = good grades.

Now, my physics teacher, who has a reputation for being on the strict side and being a tough grader, has had four teaching assistants (TAs) in five years of teaching. Most science teachers at my school have as many as five a year. At the end of 11th grade, after I’d scraped by with a B in his class, he asked me if I wanted to be a TA. Out of the entire grade – out of the multitude of students I’d watched parade past with straight A’s and “that test was so easy” and “I barely studied” and “sorry Edye I don’t know how else to explain it to you” – he chose me.

I think I (very graciously) blurted out, “What? Why?” because I was so taken aback. He said that I was hardworking and dedicated – that I’d always gone above and beyond in my studying and meeting with him – and he wanted someone like me to be a TA. I was flattered, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a TA during senior year. (Also, anyone who doesn’t think he’s super nice is incredibly wrong. He’s awesome.)

Two years later, I got to read his college recommendation for me. Bear in mind that I was not, based on my grades, a top student in his class. And this is what he wrote for his opening line:

Honors Physics is a rigorous course that draws from the strongest students in the junior class and Edye proved to be one of those students.

What? He had seen my report card, right? I got worse grades than all of my friends. I got a goddamn 66 on a test in that class, my all time low. He continued:

One of the many examples of Edye’s commitment [is when she] had been ill and missed quite a bit of school and consequently had a lot of school work to make up in all of her classes.  Many students in this situation would take one or more classes pass / fail for the quarter; Edye would not take the pass/fail option and insisted she complete all the work and complete it with the grade she would earn.  She did in fact complete all of the work and with a B-.  A remarkable accomplishment considering she kept current with her studies while making up all of the missed work.

He called a B-minus “a remarkable accomplishment.” Did he say “too bad she didn’t put enough effort in, which was reflected in a B-minus” or “she only got a B-minus, so I guess she didn’t try hard enough”? No, he praised the amount of effort I put in, even though I didn’t even get a “good” grade.

I’m hardly one to knock putting in effort, but what bothers me is that this attitude, that effort = good grades, has the potential to make people feel bad. To feel like if they aren’t acing a class even though they’re studying harder than anybody else, well, they just aren’t trying hard enough. Yes, grades are important. So is effort. But they are not always directly correlated. As is evidenced by my story, sometimes people who get lower grades have worked even harder then those who got high grades. And, if they’re lucky, this will be acknowledged. (I can certainly attest that while I’ve been praised by English teachers for my writing skills and intellect, they’ve never singled me out for putting in an exceptional amount of effort. They know that while I’m proactive and responsible, I don’t try super hard because, well, I don’t really need to in order to get a good grade.)

Encourage other students to put in a reasonable amount of effort; recommend different study methods. But don’t tell them that good effort = good grades. Teach them to measure their success by looking at how productive they’re being, how proactive they are in reaching out for help, how dedicated they are to their education, how resilient they are in the face of obstacles, how committed they are to school. Admire those who refuse to take the easy way out, even if they only get a C. These qualities, which are far more important than a 4.0, just don’t always translate directly into good grades.

I dislike seeing this message all over Tumblr, that to get better grades you just have to try harder – which carries with it the implication that if you don’t get good grades, it’s because you aren’t putting enough effort in – when I know from firsthand experience that this is not always true. I strongly believe in trying to be the best student you can be, rather than trying to be in the top 5%. But in the end, do what works for you. Just take it with a grain of salt.

And to my followers, and anyone reading this… please know that, if you work hard regardless of your grades, you are already a model student, and you are absolutely someone I look up to.

Sad Songs

A/N This is a pretty crappy one (not gonna lie) but I just wanted to write something… so here you guys go!! I’m probably gonna write a part 2 because I have a few ideas in mind… Anyways hope you enjoy this!

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, ft Harrison Osterfield and Zendaya

Word Count: 1, 218

Warnings: None? A lil angst?

Inspired by The Deceitful Man by @webslingerholland!!


| Part 2 |  

You sat down on the couch. Excitement bubbled inside of you. Tom was landing today. You were ecstatic. Tom had been away for 6 months, filming Chaos Walking and going for press tours. You couldn’t leave London due to your job, so you had to make do with Skype calls or texts. You missed him so much and you couldn’t wait to have him in your arms again. The late night skype calls weren’t enough. You were desperate to touch him, hug him and kiss him.

You smiled to yourself as you looked at the picture of you and Tom hanging on the wall. Oh how you wished time would pass faster. A buzz from your phone snapped you out of your thoughts. You picked up the rectangle block. A text from Zendaya.

Call me on Skype. It’s important.

You frowned. What happened? It couldn’t be Tom. Harrison would’ve called you if something happened to Tom. You rang her up on Skype.

“Hey Zend-”

“He’s cheating.” You could sense the nervousness in her voice.

You furrowed your brows. Who was cheating? Tom? Not possible. Was Zendaya’s boyfriend cheating on her?

“What? Who?”


You couldn’t believe what you heard. You blinked. Was your head processing this right? Tom?  Thomas Holland? Cheating? On you? No way. You refused to believe it. You laughed.

“That’s a good prank Z. Thomas wouldn’t cheat on me.” You said flatly.

“But he did. Y/N you need to believe me. I have proof.”

“I don’t think so Z.” Your voice quivered a little.

“I’m so sorry.” She said as your phone buzzed. You looked down. A picture of Tom holding another woman, smiling as he kissed her passionately. You refused to believe what you saw.  

“Are you sure that this isn’t from Chaos Walking?”

“It was taken during a get together three weeks ago. There was no booze. Nothing. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have kept it from you for so long. I just didn’t know what to do.” She apologised with a sorry expression plastered on her face. You knew it was true.

“It’s alright. Does Harrison know?”

“Yes. You alright?”

“I’m fine.” You’re not.

“You’re not.”  

She was right. You were broken. Torn. Hurt. You bit your lip hard, trying to stop yourself from breaking down. But you couldn’t hold back. Hot tears started to trickle down your cheek as you thought of Tom holding another woman, with the hands that held you. You thought of Tom kissing her, with the lips that said ‘I love you’. You thought of Tom’s smile, the one that could light up your day. You thought of him, until the familiar ringtone sounded through your house. It was Tom.

“Hello?” You put the phone on loudspeaker so that Zendaya could hear.

“Hey. Haz and I just landed. But you don’t have to come see us. We’re really tired. Gonna head to my house to rest. I’ll see you in a few days at your family dinner alright?”

“How about tomorrow? We have tickets to watch a movie remember?”

“Oh… about that… I’m sorry but I’m really tired and I want to take a few days to rest. You can take your sister instead.” He sounded nervous. You could tell that he was lying through his teeth.

“My sister is studying in Singapore Tom.”

“Right… sorry.”

“It’s fine. I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

You said, waiting for an ‘I love you’ back, but the line went dead.

“Oh God. I’m so sorry Y/N. I can come over tomorrow to watch it with you?” She suggested, hoping to lift your spirits.

“It’s fine. I have something to do anyways. You’ll hear about it though.” You smiled.

You were fine. You had skipped the whole crying and wallowing in self pity phase of a breakup. You spent the night singing happy breakup songs and clearing your house. You packed up all of Tom’s things into a box. You cleared all the clothes you took, all the pictures and all the gifts. You packed it into two cardboard boxes. You loaded the boxes into the boot of your car and you headed off.

“Y/N?” Harrison looked surprised and extremely uncomfortable.

“Hey.” You smiled.

“uh… what are you doing here?” He leaned his weight on the door, such that all you could see was him and a little bit of the house.

“I thought that I could come surprise Tom. I have somethings for him.”

“Oh… well but Tom doesn’t want you here right now. Plus he’s out.” Lies. Tom’s shoes were by the shoe rack.

“It’s fine. I’ll just leave the things here.”

Harrison reached to take the boxes, but you pushed your way through and walked into the house.

“Y/N, I said you’re not supposed to be here.“ 

You dropped the boxes. Now you were angry.

“Why? Why Harrison? Why am I not allowed here. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t be here.” You were fuming. How could Harrison not tell you? He was your best friend too.

“I said, Tom isn’t home.” Lies.

“I’m not blind Haz. I can see the pair of high heels sitting next to Tom’s shoes. I know Harrison. I know.“ 

By then you were raising your voice. You didn’t care if you were disturbing Tom and his girlfriend, you needed to let your pent up anger go.

“Geez what’s with the noise?”

You turned to see him. Standing on the steps of the staircase. He froze. He went white. You desperately wanted to go up to him and kiss him. You wanted to scream at him. You wanted to hug him. You wanted to slap him into another universe.

“Y/N… what are you doing here? I told you not to come.”

You shrugged.

“I told you not to come. God why can’t you just listen? I wanted t-”

“To spend time with your new girlfriend?” You fired back.

He was stunned. He figured that you wouldn’t have found out. He figured that if he hid her well enough, no one else would find out.

“Oh yea. It was supposed to be a secret. My bad. Zendaya happened to spill the beans. Whoops?”

“Zendaya…” his hand curled into a fist.

“Don’t blame her. I think I deserve to know if my boyfriend doesn’t want me anymore right?”

His face softened when you said that.

“Y/N… it’s not that I don’t want you. I do. I’m so sorry… it was a one time thing. It was an accident. I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing.” He pleaded.

“No wonder you won that award at the BAFTAs… you’re a really good actor.” You crossed your arms, pretending to be wowed by his performance.


“Zendaya told me every single detail Thomas. There was no booze. You were definitely in the right mind… and judging by the pair of high heels over there… I’m pretty sure it’s not a one time thing.” You stated flatly.

“No Y/N… It’s not… no… Please forgive me. I’ll break up with her…”

“It’s fine Thomas.”

He looked at you, his eyes lit up. He was thankful that he was given another chance.

“It was nice while it lasted. Goodbye Thomas.”

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Robin’s Nest: Part 16

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1081

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 , Part 13, Part 14, Part 15

“That storm is pretty bad.” You glance out the window and can’t help but agree. Hurricane Renee had been on the news for days, and now that she had hit, she seemed determined to live up to her name.

           Unfortunately for you, this meant that your seven children were cooped up inside. The manor had become a complete mess between various board games, and one or two games of extreme hide and seek.

           So far, the casualties included a chandelier, a Ming vase, two of Bruce’s golf clubs, and Alfred’s blender. You’d left your children to the mercy of the butler and retreated to the library to find Helena staring out the window.

           Your daughter was a daddy’s girl and had been from day one. She was fierce, tough and outspoken, and she hated storms with a passion. More often than not, lightning and thunder filled nights found her in your bed with you and Bruce.

           Hurricanes seemed to be even worse. The usually rambunctious girl was sullen, and more than a little pouty. This was proved even further when she snuggled up to you. Dick, Jason, and Cass were your snugglers. Helena preferred her personal space.

           Never one to pass up an opportunity, you pull the girl close. Kissing the top of her head you say, “Don’t worry baby girl, Daddy will be home soon.”

           She sighs, “I hate business trips.”

           You smile, “You and me both.”

           “This was a long one.”

           You nod. Two weeks was a long time for Bruce to be gone. Typically, he skyped conferences, went only for a few days, or took the family with him. That hadn’t been an option this time.

           When midnight comes and goes without any word, you start to get anxious. Bruce’s plane had landed before the storm had really started. The closing off of streets had kept him from coming straight home, but he had still called to check in. But now, he wasn’t answering his phone and that worried you more than a little.

           You’re brought out of your thoughts when someone yells, “Code green.”

           Pushing your husband to the back of your mind, you spring out of your office chair and towards the clock. You turn the hands to your anniversary date, and make your way down to the cave. You find your Dick, Jason, and Cass suiting up, and raise an eyebrow in question, “And where exactly do you think you’re going?”

           Dick’s face is straight laced, serious as can be. A perfect imitation of Bruce’s. “The Riddler has cut power to the entire city. He’s offered a challenge, if someone can issue a challenge that can stump him, he’ll turn the power back on.”

           You bite your lip, before issuing your orders, “You’re not going out there alone.”

           You watch Dick’s and Jason’s eyes go wide, “Mom!” You listen as Tim turns in the computer chair to face you. You take a deep breath, “I said alone. Call in Wally and Barry.”

           You see Jason hesitate, “Dad …”

           “Isn’t here. You’re not going out there without a League member. Hell, I’ll call in Superman himself before I let you go out there alone. I know you’ve been doing this for years, but I’m still your mother. I have my limits.”

           It takes half an hour for the speedsters to arrive. Even then, you’re left with a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. You watch them go before taking over Tim’s chair.

           You’d spent less and less time in the cave as the boys had gotten older. You imagined, you’d spend even less time there as your children got older. Tim would soon become the next Robin, his training was almost done, and then Helena and Damian would take over. Eventually, Terry would start his training, and that broke your heart. Your last baby was growing up, and it made you want to cry.

           It’s a long night. A very long night, with more close calls than you care to admit. By the time dawn breaks, the storm is still going strong, but your kids are back home. You tend to the cuts and bruises before sending them to bed.

           You’re on your fifth cup of coffee when you get a call from the hospital. There’s been an accident with your husband, and you’re needed. Now. You’re certain that your heart stops at the words.

           One look out the window tells you that you’re not getting anywhere right now. Between the winds, the flooding, and the damage from Riddler’s attack, you’re stuck. You’re forced to wait two days, before going to the hospital, alone.

           You arrive at Gotham general looking a mess. And you’re certain that at least one paparazzi had taken your picture. Still, you walk through the hospital with the authority of someone who’s family has donated enough money to build two new wings.

           You find your husband sleeping in the waiting room. He’s wearing scrubs of all things, and sprawled across several chairs. So of course, you hit him. He startles awake and stares at you while you rant, “How dare you Bruce Wayne. Not one freaking phone call. Not one. I thought you were dead in the morgue, or lying here in a coma. But no, I find you here dressed as though you just performed surgery. I have been worried sick.

           “I lied to our children. I said that you called, that you were stuck at the airport. How DARE YOU!”

           Bruce takes it all in stride, before pulling you in for a hug. He holds you while you cry, and says “I’m so sorry. They only had time for one emergency call, and I thought I asked them to tell you that I am okay. I am so sorry.”

           You take deep breaths to calm yourself, before asking “What happened Bruce? Why are you in a hospital?”

           He wipes his hands over his face, “I was driving home, when there was an accident. Someone spun out on the road, crashing into me before spinning into another car. The driver, and two passengers were killed. There was one other survivor. A twelve-year-old boy, his name is Duke. I was able to get him out, and get an ambulance out but there was nothing they could do for his parents, or the driver. I couldn’t leave him alone.”

           You sink down beside him, “What are you thinking Bruce?”

           He stares at you, “How would you feel about having and eighth kid?”

BTS - Having a foreign girlfriend who has to return home.

Request: Hi can I request a reaction of bts having a foreigner girlfriend and finding out their girlfriend is leaving back to America forever? Would bts after them? How would they react? Please happy ending. Thank you sooo muchThank you so much for the request!

A/N: So this may of turned out longer than I expected, I wrote two version before this a lot shorter, but tumblr crashed both times, but I’m even more happy with how this turned out :)

Kim Namjoon

You knew that it was all about timing when it came to telling Namjoon that you had to go back home, but this time it wasn’t only for a few days or for a week, it was quite possibly for good and you wasn’t  quite sure on when you would return, or if you’d ever have enough money to giving the money struggles your family were having back home. When you started this relationship, you both accepted the fact that you wouldn’t be able to stay there forever, but when you tried to drop hints recently Namjoon either completely blanked you or changed the subject completely.

The both of you were sat on the couch, cuddled up watching a movie in the comfort of your apartment that you were temporarily renting while you stayed there.

“Namjoon, I have something I need to tell you” you mumbled as you buried your face into his chest. 

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zombiezenik  asked:

Hiiiiii Clare :) Congrats on 600! What are some of your hcs for the gangsey after the events of the books are done???

heidi!!! thank you!! you spoil me ahhh i had a long week but now i have some pasta and down time and im so Ready™ to talk about these kids that i love with my whole heart this is so long oh god

  • listen idk about you but i’ve been on a ton of road trips and they are not easy so if that trip actually lasts the whole 3 months of summer i’ll eat my shirt
    • ok but please??? imagine the bickering i bet you henry is so directionally challenged, blue probably wants a schedule whereas gansey is probably like “what do you mean we’re not just driving off into the sunset i don’t understand wait…we have an actual route?”
    • don’t lie to me you know he got lost plenty on his various adventures and his soft scholarly heart just went with it
    • protect him
    • but yea anyway they probably went up and down the east coast for about 2.5-3 weeks, hitting up all the state parks along the way and stopping in small towns
    • henry insists they have to find the best pizza on the east coast only to claim nothing can top Nino’s by the end of it
    • gansey wants to see all the wacky tourist spots “to get the authentic experience”
    • at each stop they send postcards to The Barns (theyre all on the fridge)
    • blue takes SO MANY pictures ok but all of them are candids 
    • so while there’s these awful blurry messes she also manages to catch these really fantastic photos of henry falling out of a tree he tried to climb with gansey laughing, of the three of them in a diner shifting their food around (you know how when you know someone so well you just order food and shift things around so everyone has what they like? like that)
    • her absolute favorite: she was recording them on a hike and they stumble upon a little grove with a stream running through and forgot to stop the video when she set her phone down. that night she plugs her phone in to the car charger and gets a screenshot of the three of them standing in the stream, laughing and singing. 
  • after the road trip blue registers for summer sessions at the community college and keeps working at Nino’s and walking dogs, she decides she’s going to save up and get her associates then transfer to a university to get her degree in marketing for art (listen she loves being creative, she loves collecting, she’s smart as hell and would get great buys for up-and-coming artists, that girl could own a really cool gallery i can see it now)
  • gansey defers for a year because. well. dying is stressful. but once he goes to college he decides to study art history. like blue, he loves art but he can’t deny he loves history too, and authenticating old works and searching for ancient tapestries and lost paintings is something our boy would be great at (bonus: in later years he would be the most eccentric art history professor ever and he’d totally where those corduroy jackets with elbow patches and his wire rim glasses im!!! i love the idea of old man gansey being this adorable weirdo professor that all the students love) 
  • because we don’t really know much about henry’s interests i don’t know what his major would be but wouldn’t it be hilarious is he was a professional beekeeper and bought up land to have bee gardens and sanctuaries and started a natural honey business and gansey goes there all the time because he’s Crazy but he’s decked out in protection gear and ronan and blue team up to make a rule that he not go out to the gardens because nobody wants to tempt fate that bad
  • adam and ronan spend the summer together with opal seeing the beginnings of their life together settle in
    • ronan teaches opal more and more english and spends hours figuring out what foods she likes or doesn’t like while training her not to eat sticks
    • adam comes up with little lesson plans for her to start learning how to read and write along with simple math and science
    • ronan dreams up some fake documents so they can get her enrolled in homeschooling because there’s no way they’re gonna do public school and try to explain their satyr child to anyone thats just…nah
    • when they’re not teaching opal ronan is tending to the farm, learning what livestock he wants to buy and care for, going to showings all around the state (people look at him so weird, a tall kid who looks more like a biker than a farmer, cradling a bunny in his arms at the makeshift petting zoo with a little girl on his shoulders. he’s A Sight.)
    • adam, it turns out, is very good at baking and opal develops a bit of a sweet tooth off of his many experiments with different cupcakes and cookies
    • their days are carefree. they explore the fields of the barns, make wild plans for the future, tell opal stories and play with her. they catch fireflies and learn constellations together.
    • every evening is spent giving opal bubble baths and wrapping her up in old tshirts and gym shorts from matthews room then settling down with warm milk and honey and telling stories of sleeping kings, trees that give advice, and ordinary people discovering magic
    • they brush out her wild hair and the fur on her legs and put her to bed and quietly get themselves ready for bed. sometimes adam will read to ronan until they fall asleep. 
    • sure, there are bad nights. they both have their fair share of nightmares. opal does too. that’s when they grab blankets and go sit on the porch and talk about the stories of the constellations until their minds settle again.
    • when they drop adam off at the dorms as he starts his first year, its hard. its really really hard. these three haven’t had a lot of good in their lives up until now so letting go of their routine, of each other, although its temporary, it hurts. none of them cry, but its close (close as in adam waits until they’ve driven away and he’s got a moment alone in the bathroom. ronan lets the tears fall silently as he grips opal’s hand reaching forward from the back seat where she’s crying into her knees she’s drawn up to her chest).
    • the first time adam calls home he’s worried opal won’t remember him, after all they only had a few months together, and they don’t know exactly how great her memory is. his worst fear happens when he’s skyping ronan, who tells opal it’s adam, and she says “who’s that?”
    • just as adam feels his heart break a little, opal leans into the frame and continues, “no papa, that’s dad.” (turns out ronan bought her a book that teaches family vocabulary)
    • adam feels like his heart is breaking again but this time from being so entirely full of love for these two he can barely comprehend it
  • adam, light of my life, goes into law. he gets a full ride because he is smart as hell and super dedicated (can u tell im proud of him). for the most part he assists at a small business firm his first few years out of college but eventually, he focuses on social work cases and getting law changes in the state to make it easier for parents to report their parents without endangering themselves, as well as changing emancipation laws so that emancipated minors can make purchases regardless of age and aren’t left homeless. its very close to his heart but even though it hurts sometimes to see these cases it only makes him want to win even more, and he knows he has ronan and opal to help bring him back from rough days at work
  • ronan is the Best Farmer Ever he starts buying livestock and filling up The Barns with dairy cows, hens, and goats (he thinks its hilarious when they get there and opal is absolutely fascinated by their legs). part of the land has an orchard that has both normal fruit and some of the trees niall dreamt up, and ronan sells fruit at a local farmers market as well as to other farmers who make local preserves. declan comes by here and there and…they actually start to get along a little better once declan accepts that this is ronan’s life and ronan accepts that declan was just trying to do what’s right. it also helps that for some reason opal loves declan like. so much man. and he loves her too theyre practically best buddies its precious, and even better when matthew is over too. all the lynch boys are weak for this little girl ok? they don’t stand a chance she’s got them all wrapped around her little finger.
  • finally, there’s noah. 
    • every year on the day he died, truly died, for them, they all get together and go to his grave (his birthday is for his family).  they tell his headstone about their classes, about new things opal has learned, about how the farm and the bee garden are going. 
    • blue always kisses her hand and presses it to the headstone before she leaves. he was her first kiss, so he gets another every year as thanks for giving her the boy she loves.
    • ronan always brings opal and tells her about his best friend, about a boy who was dead but lived loudly in spite of that. he leaves dream fruit at the headstone, and opal leaves her favorite stick she’s found that week. 
    • henry never met noah, but he hears so much about this boy who was a ghost, who was technically non-existent who still gave the last vestiges of himself up, just for the friends he’s come to think of as family. he leaves a bouquet of the most beautiful wildflowers from his garden.
    • adam always starts off with telling noah about classes, trying to keep himself together, but he always ends it by choking up halfway through telling his headstone how important noah is to him. adam leaves a stone from the river, almost like he’s redirecting the ley line again. 
    • gansey is always last. while everyone else is there for comfort they always leave gansey to say his goodbyes last, and instead take him into a hug when he gets to the car. gansey just…he needs to do this alone. he needs to tell noah it wasn’t for nothing, that he’s doing everything possible to make noah proud. gansey never knows what to leave that could possibly live up to what noah has given him. he leaves a copy of pictures of them every year. noah gave him life, so gansey leaves evidence of the people he lives for, the people that make it worth living, the people that miss him. the people that remember him. 
three’s a crowd (Part 16)

pairings: taehyung x reader x yoongi

type: poly, angst, fluff, smut, au

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16.

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EXO react to you having a bad day.

Anonymous user: Can you do exo’s reaction to you having a bad day and needing some love and comfort?

Ngl. This is mostly stemming from my school related incidents or university, work, etc. Stress, basically. There is also a theme of depression (this one being inspired by a Skype Call with bae) in one of them because I have been struggling a lot recently so please, heed with caution.



Suho would be the most understanding out of all, especially since he is leader of EXO. He knows exactly what pressure feels like while trying to keep a cool level head. As such, he hates seeing you go through the same thing.

“Come on, get up. Close the book. We’re going out for a walk in the park.”

“But Junmy–”

“Honey, don’t do this to yourself.”

He took your hand and he did drag you to the park for a walk. You even knew you needed a breather but the atmosphere at school is so suffocating that you felt like you couldn’t afford to take breaks. But Suho was there to remind you that that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

“Please be kind to yourself. Uni can be a pain but you need to practice in self-care as often as you can. Can you do that for me?”


You missed your bus. The final bus for the evening. You had been asked to work overtime to make up for your client’s absence. Goodness, you were exhausted.

Chanyeol had sent you a few texts asking where you were by now but the bad weather made poor coverage, to none at all.

You traipsed home, in the pouring rain might I add, without an umbrella and a heavy heart; fit to burst. You smiled softly at the sight of Chanyeol standing in the porch - he must have been waiting for you. He flashed you a loving smile and you ran towards him. You wrapped your arms tightly around him while he dried your hair.

“Kettle just boiled. Let’s get you warm.”


He was a little irritated when you woke him up in the middle of the night, but once you explained it was due to a nightmare, his eyes became as wide as plates. These are a few of the instances when Baekhyun wouldn’t resort to distraction and jokes to comfort you. He took a cupped your hand and used this to pull you closer to him before he began to smooth your hair down, rubbing your back up and down. He would nestle the two of you together and ask you if you wanted to talk to him about it.


Normally people portray Sehun as being a bit distant but upon seeing you crying, he felt a sudden pang in his chest. He walked over to you, opening up his arms.

“Goodness, sweetheart… what happened?”

He pulled you towards his chest but noticed there was a crumpled up piece of paper in your hands. He then remembered what day it was: the results for your mid-terms. He remembered just how hard you had been studying and hoe late you had been staying up and even bigger lack of time spent together. He rubbed your back up and down as you sobbed into his chest. He reminded you how proud he was of you because you had done your best and that was all that could be done.


Caring unicorn mode = activated.

When you have had a horrible day at work, he knows instantly. You don’t even greet him on the way in because you felt so drained today. You had been working hard all day only to be shouted at by your clients… while your manager was in the same room. Which lead to more shouting.

You walked into the kitchen about to prepare dinner but Yixing was already way ahead of you once he had seen the lone tear trickle down your cheek.

“Tough day?” You replied with a sniffle. “I know it’s your turn to cook tonight, but leave me cook dinner this evening. Or we can get some take-out?”

Your face perked up at a possible take away. Yixing smiled warmly as he got his phone and dialled the nearby restaurant before holding your hand and guiding you into the sitting room so he could take care of you and help you relax.


School was already hard enough with deadlines, essays and the like. But being harassed at school made the experience worse tenfold. People were giving you horrible threats, judging the way you looked, knocking books out of your hand. It drains you to the very core because you were never the type to stand up. Unfortunately, you let them get away with it again.

You were tired of it, you told Jongin as he sat beside you on the sofa, rubbing your arm up and down as a means of comfort. Thankfully, he was there to remind you of your worth and soon, you would remind you of how close you are to finishing and you won’t have to deal with such shallow people.

He’d kiss your temple and cheeks as he showers you with compliments about how ‘amazing’ you look today and how your 'outfit complements your eyes’ or 'how much you mean to him’


I don’t know, Soo… I have just been missing you a lot, more than usual, but you’re touring at the moment and I’m caught up with university.”

He repeated this to himself as he collected his luggage in the arrivals of your home country within two days of this conversation. He had a week off, which he had planned to go back and recuperate for the next concert in Seoul, but he was aching to see you too. That same evening and with a bouquet of roses in his hand, he opened the door to your apartment with his spare key. It was pitch black, it was 2:00 AM after all but he saw a little bit of light at the end of the hallway. Are they still up?

He crept slowly up to the small countertop but made enough noise for you to hear by dragging his suitcase along. You slowly rose with tears beading in your eyes and you slowly walked towards him, “Soo… how?” You fell into his embrace.

“I missed you too.”



Sweetheart, what’s the matter?”

“I can’t begin to describe how I feel…” you sniffled. “I feel so… vulnerable and alone, even when I’m surrounded by the people I love and– Maybe this makes no sense to you but–”

No, continue. You need to talk to someone, and allow me to be that person. And before you say you’re bothering me - you’re not.”

You talked and talked. Or tried to. But Minseok listened to you with intent, with purpose. He apologised for not being there for you when you needed him while you were feeling so blue, but he promised it wouldn’t be much longer. Once you had stopped crying a bit, he agreed to flip over to another app and video chat you there to mess with the filters.

Never forget that I really care about you okay?”


Today was the day your final exams had finished. You walked out of the college with a solemn look on your face. Jongdae was free today and he had driven down to collect you but his smile vanished when he saw your frown. His jaw slackened as you sat down and brought your knees to your chest, ashamed at yourself. You were so sure you would do well on this final test and you had even worked the hardest for it… but alas.

“You okay, baby?”

He saw your resolve beginning to falter, the waterworks coming. So he silenced you. “Let’s go get breakfast, yeah?” He said with a smile as he ruffled your hair. You didn’t answer. “It’s only an exam… Listen.” He said and took a hold of your chin so you would look at him. “I’m proud of you. I know how hard you’ve worked. You did your best, and for that I am proud, okay? I love you.”

He Knows

Simon x Reader

Read Part 2

Request: “hey would you be doing requests by any chance?? If so, would you please be able to write a Simon one based off the song ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ - Shawn Mendes ft. Camilla Cabello. So basically the reader has been on a holiday recently and Simon has a feeling/thinks she’s cheated & there’s tension, endings up to you. I love your writing so much!! Thank you xxxx”

Note: This did not turn out the way I expected it to at all. Whelp. You brought this upon yourselves lol. 2950 words. [master list]

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BTS reaction to their enlistment

Anon Asked:  Can I have a reaction when BTS have to go for military service (it lasts 21-23 months in Korea). Like they have a gf and they’re sad that they have to leave her and members?

Angsty shit. Like I don’t want to think of them enlisting. I don’t But like Seokjin in a uniform..;)  BUT LIKE SEOKJIN IN A UNIFORM CAUSE MY BB IS ENLISTED. -Admin Cat


You couldn’t believe this was how you were finding out about this from a trashy blog. Seokjin would have told you he had enlisted. How could he not have told you? Just as you were pondering this thought the front door of your apartment opened to reveal a tired and puffy eyed Seokjin. The moment you looked at him all anger washed away and you hurried over to envelop him in your arms. He let out a shaky sigh and you felt his arms wrap around to keep you close to him.

“Jagiya, I am enlisting.”

“I know, the fans are talking about it.” you murmured and Seokjin gripped you tighter to him.

“Promise me something” Seokjin croaked out, his throat thick with tears. “Promise me you’ll wait for me and we’ll keep in touch.”

“Jin…” you felt tears fill your eyes and you pressed a kiss to his neck.

“Promise me you’ll take care if the boys, come to the dorms and cook for them. Make sure Yoongi rests and Jimin eats.” You nodded, you would keep the boys safe and healthy.

“I promise, I love you Kim Seokjin.”

“I love you too.“

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He broke the news to you over text. Which was very out of character for him. He would have normally called you with such news. You almost didn’t believe him, so you called Hoseok to get the truth. Hoseok confirmed your fears and you sat in bed for hours, it didn’t really make sense. You knew it was inevitable, him enlisting, it was mandatory and you had your own feelings on the matter. You didnt even hear Yoongi come in, entering your bedroom and he sat down on your bed.

“Hey baby,” Yoongi ran a hand up your thigh and you looked at him. His face was unsmiling and his hand gripped yours tightly. He looked supremely stressed.

“Yoongi, are you okay?” You weren’t dealing with this the way he was. You had to understand this wasn’t about you. Yoongi shook his head and leaned into you, his head gently resting on your shoulder.

“I just, I can’t believe it. What if BTS fails?” He asked and you squeezed his hand. “Babe, I just cant imagine leaving them and you.”

“I’ll never leave, you know I’ll wait and BTS wont fail, the members and fans wont let it.”

Originally posted by tahyns


You eyed the enlistment form with a sigh, it had been roughly twenty minutes since he had come home and shown you the letter. You weren’t surprised and honestly, you had been waiting for this to happen. You looked over at him and placed your hand on his.He was very much so ready to do his military service and you both had discussed the topic at length. 

“Y/N, do you think the fans will forget about me?”

“What?” You asked incredulously. You looked over at Hoseok who had a frown upon his normally brighter features. 

“You know,” He began and breathed in a heavy sigh. “They’ll focus more on the group and think it is better off without me.” You turned to look at your boyfriend and shook your head. You couldn’t believe he was thinking like this. You reached over and grasped his hand, bringing it to your lips and kissing it.

“I will never let that happen. I will scream the name Jung Hoseok from the rooftops.” You ran your thumb over his hand and he smiled at you. God were you going to miss that smile.

Originally posted by parkejimins


“Jagi” Namjoon wrapped his arms around your waist.

“When do you go to basic training?” You asked and he sighed. He knew this was all you would think about until he left.

“I leave the 10th of October.” He replied, he kissed your temple. “Babe. Do you think I am abandoning the group?” You turned and pressed a hand to his cheek.

“You aren’t abandoning the group.”

“It feels like I am, How can I be a good leader if I am not there?” Namjoon questioned and sighed heavily. You pressed a kiss to his lips, his eyes fell closed. You wouldn’t let him think that way. You couldn’t.

“I’ll keep the boys in line I promise. We’ll skype every day and you can yell at them.” You attempted a joke and he laughed lightly.

“You have 5 more months with me, lets make the best of it.

Originally posted by gotjimin


You scrambled off of the couch as soon as you heard the news. Jimin was on his way home and Jungkook had told you that Jimin was worried about enlisting. You opted to make him the best dinner he ever had. Making his favorite foods. Anything to keep his mind off it. Jimin strode into the house an hour later, apologizing and telling you all about bad traffic. Thats when his nose caught the smell of grilled meat enticed him into the kitchen. “Babe, is this for me?“ 

"Of course.” You replied and turned the burners to low, walking over and pressing a kiss to his lips.

“God, I am going to miss this.” He cried, he crushed you to him and you smiled a bit. You knew that he was upset because his smile never touched his eyes.

“You don’t ship off until November, thats six more months of my cooking.” You cooed. He admired how strong you were being. He couldn’t believe you were keeping it cool. “Now, sit down and lets eat.”

“I love youso much,” Jimin replied and kissed you again. This time the smile reached his eyes.

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A letter! You had been waiting eagerly for a letter from Taehyung. He was away on tour and was to be home tonight. Which is why he told you his letter was going to be late. When you began reading though, you discovered that Taehyung had forgone his usual sweet talk, this time he delivered news of enlistment. He described to you his worries and most importantly how he felt like he was letting the fans down for leaving in September. You headed to the airport, hoping to greet him since it was so late at night. When you arrived you parked you car and strode inside, waiting with other families until you saw his mop of dirty brown hair. You sprinted towards him, shouting his name and he dropped his bag.

“Jagiya!” Taehyung cried as he held you. “I missed you so much.” You pulled away and slapped his chest. An angry look falling on your face.

“Ow!” He cried He ran a hand through his hair. “I guess you read my letter.”

“You should have called or waited to tell me in person!” You hit his chest again. You were angry. It wasn’t fair.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” Taehyung mumbled and you watchedcas his expression became solemn. You loved this stupid dork and he was worried more about you than himself.

Tae, I will always be here, just talk to me.“

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It was your last night together. Jungkook was going to be shipped off to base tomorrow. You guys had been quiet all night, just laying next to each other. He had been trying to cope with leaving you and the fact that he felt like he was abandoning his group and ARMY’S. Jungkook squeezed your hand tightly and you turned your head to look at him. 

“I’m going to miss you.” He announced looking at you and smiling sadly. You smiled half-heartedly. Jungkook rolled over to lean over you, pressing his lips to your forehead. “I’m going to miss your laugh,” He kissed your lips. His lips ghosted their way across your skin and you moaned slightly. 


“I’m going to miss everything about you, your skin, smile, the way you feel in my arms everything.” He whispered into your skin. “We’ll write to each other and my hyungs will keep you safe.” 

“You better write Jungkook.” He laughed and you spent the rest of the night tangled up in your bed sheets. 

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Voyeurism, specifically Beka creeping on Yuri somehow. Shower, changing, bedroom idk. Just Beka pining hard and taking things too far and maybe getting caught.


He liked to watch. He liked watching dancers from his DJ booth, watching competition from the bench, watching Yuri Plisetsky on Instagram. Watching Yuri Plisetsky on YouTube. Watching for Yuri Plisetsky on anything with his name that popped up on Google alerts.

He had spent his life, for the last six years, like this. He was tethered to his laptop when he wasn’t on the ice, dreaming of the day that he would see him in person again, finally see him again, face to face. Oh, god, what would he even say?

“You should tell him you’re an obsessed stalker.”

Otabek didn’t appreciate Jean’s humor. He had rolled off the mattress and fell back into his own bed, immediately checking his alerts - and found two new Instagram posts. “Thank you, Jean.”

He was up, he was next to Otabek’s bed, and Otabek was suddenly wishing he had picked up his phone, instead. “Wow, a new tshirt in Japan. What is he, fifteen?” Otabek gave him the middle finger. “Heard he’s going into Seniors this year. Awfully young, don’t you think?”

“You’re not subtle.” Apparently he was in Japan now. (Why Japan?)

Jean squeezed his shoulder. “And you’ve got a problem.” Otabek pushed his hand away. “Fifteen, Beks. He’s a kid.”

[MORE] ++

He agreed to be his friend. He agreed, he shook his hand, and that was that. He couldn’t stop smiling and suddenly Otabek didn’t even care about getting gold because he was staring into those blue green eyes. Couldn’t stop drowning in the lilt of his voice. Couldn’t stop wallowing in the air of his presence. It was enough just to exist around him. God, he was so beautiful. More beautiful in person because he could smell the Chanel and and feel the pressure of his gaze like a weight. This strong, beautiful creature - Otabek didn’t even know what to say in that cafe. Apparently he didn’t have to say much of anything. He could just listen. And watch.

Otabek watched him as they strolled out of the cafe, watched the way he tilted his head and caught the light in his eyes and smiled. It was perfect. He was perfect, so perfect. He wished he could take a picture.

That night, after he walked him to his hotel, Otabek locked himself in his room and stayed up for hours.

God, that boy really was just so, so…. God…. Otabek groaned as he tapped the keyboard with one hand.


“So what’s he like in person?”

“Hello, Jean. How are you? Congratulations on winning gold.” Jean rolled his eyes. “And yeah, he’s remarkably similar to all the videos and photos in your bookmarks. Spitting image.”

Otabek turned in his swivel chair. Jean coughed because he couldn’t get back in Otabek’s face when he was trapped on a Skype screen call, several time zones away. Too bad. Otabek liked containing JJ in a screen. It was like keeping him in a box. A box he could open and close whenever he chose.

“He’s easy to rile up. Sent you some links.”

Yeah, he saw those - mostly third party video of JJ doing some low grade sexual harassment. “Did you have to touch him, Jean?”

“It was a tap on his butt. I thought you’d get off on it.” No. No, he did not. “Anyway. You get my package?”

Otabek was glad all Jean could see was the back of his chair. “Yeah.” He pressed the underwear to his nose and breathed, deep. It smelled musky, sweaty – he was going to have to end this call soon. Very soon.

“You’re welcome.”

Otabek sighed. “I’ll make it up to you.” He turned around and waved a hand around. “I got to go.”

“Whatever you say, buttercup.” Jean smirked. He acted like a fool but he wasn’t a complete idiot. Otabek wished he was, sometimes. It would make things easier.


He’s showering in the locker room. He’s showering. He’s wet. He’s naked. Water is dripping off his body like a thousand, thousand lovers’ fingers slipping over his sweet, tight flush skin, and Otabek can’t stop imagining what he tastes like. He wants to be a water drop. He wants to be the water drop that slipped into his open mouth as he turned to face the stream and become a part of him, fuse into his body and become a part of him, forever.

Oh, god! He’s just standing there, half hard with a towel around his hips and Yuri will be able to see him if he turns his head and happens to look. He can’t - no. He can’t see him because seeing Otabek means everything changes. Seeing him means Otabek will not be able to watch. Will not be able to hold his image in his mind and keep him there. Seeing Otabek means he has to give up this moment: Yuri showering in the locker room. It would’ve been his prize video. His favorite. He would’ve put it on his phone. On his cloud account. Backed it up on a CD.

He doesn’t want to leave. He doesn’t want to stay. He wants to hit a nonexistent pause button. He wants to go incognito when he’s got no screen. He wants to lurk. To watch. To control this experience.

“Otabek!” Yuri smiles and Otabek can’t help but smile back. “Hey, I don’t mind if you wanna come in. Those other guys are such freaks, you know?”

He nods and he walks in. He turns his back, he takes off his towel, he prays to a god he doesn’t believe in: Please don’t let him see me hard.

“Hey! You want my shampoo? It’s almond. Great stuff. You’ll love it!”

Oh, thank you. Otabek nods and he reaches without turning around and he breathes in the scent. It’s so good. So, so good. It’s perfect. And he’s hard as a rock.

“It’s great, huh?”

“Yeah.” His voice breaks. “It’s fantastic.” He’s so close to him. So close he can turn around and touch him, feel him, taste – “The best.” It was pure hell.

JJ ‘happens’ to pass the stall. “Hey, we share showers with the women’s team?” But there are no accidents. Only opportunities. Jean winks at Otabek as Yuri curses and snarls . Smiles as Otabek pulls at his dick once, twice, and comes while Yuri punches Jean in the gut.

He will have to thank Jean, again.


“So, Plisetsky and you…” Jean was waiting to board the 9:30 to New York. Isabella was showing off her ring and Otabek was downing another round of Advil with a mouthful of ionized water. “That was one hell of an Exhibition show.”

“Congratulations on the bronze.” The pills always stuck in his throat if he didn’t have food to chase them down. “Even though you didn’t deserve it.”

“You got what you wanted, though, right?” Jean tilted his head and nodded behind Otabek. At him. “The Ice Tiger of Russia, eating out of the palm of your hand?”

“It - “

“Otabek!” Suddenly Yuri was looping his arm in his and all his words were gone because Yuri took over all his senses, overwhelmed and overrode everything he meant to say as he beamed up at him. “Gimme your Instagram before you go. I’m gonna stalk you!” Jean saluted and turned toward the boarding gate. “Good riddance.” Yuri snorted as he pulled Otabek toward the seats. “Take a selfie with me, first.”

anonymous asked:

Dating tips for somebody with no experience and doesn't believe in the tinder thing?

I just wrote this on my phone so I’ll have to go back later and edit it for grammar and whatnot but…

1. Figure out what you’re looking for in a partner. There are lots of fish in the sea, and every one is different! You may be attracted to someone but not sexually or socially compatible with them. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you may find it easier to zero in on the person(s) that interest you the most. Remember that you can always and should always adjust your wants/needs as time goes on.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but this is by no means a complete list:

- Are you ready to commit to certain relationships? Or are you in the mood to explore different people with no particular ties?
- Are you interested in one person? Or multiple people?
- Are you interested in sex?
- Are you bold and looking for someone to get out of your comfort zone with? Or are you confident and happy with where you are sexually? Or a mixture of the two?

2. Choose your “perfect date” ahead of time. I’m not a super spontaneous person, and I envy those that are. But I feel much less anxious when I already have a date planned in my head. Plans can always be adjusted, but I like to have a plan. In my mind, the “perfect date” has three parts…

- One: The shared activity. Start your date off with an activity for you to do as a couple. Something public like a movie or a visit to a museum or hiking. While this may not seem super romantic to you, this is a great way to bond in a non-sexual way. And a public venue and a pre-determined activity takes some of that anxious pressure off. You don’t have to talk a lot (if at all). Keep it light!

- Two: Dinner. This takes a bit of research. Find out if your intended is an adventurous eater or if they have any food preferences. I like to experience new things, and I want to be with a person who is open to that. So I think this meal should be something new and exciting. Possibly food from a different culture that they’ve never tried, or else something gastro and experimental. But not too expensive. Stay under $50 for this first date. And TIP!!

- Three: Romance. Now is the time for you to spend some one-on-one time together, if you’re both feeling it. You could invite them back to your place, or take a romantic walk in the park if you’re not ready. But somewhere semi-private where you can have a deep conversation and really get to know each other.

And that’s it! Rinse and repeat!

3. Please ignore any societal notions you ever had about communication. Text or call whenever you want to! If you really like them, do it right away. If someone is really put off by how quickly you contacted them after a date, then they are not for you.

4. Be open about your experiences. If you’re a virgin or haven’t dated before, tell the other person. If they really like you, they’ll remember that these are life experiences that everyone develops at different times and they won’t care. Don’t be with someone who thinks that inexperience is a bad thing. Everyone is different!

5. There is no timeline for when you should sleep with a person. Well, actually there is, but it’s called “your personal judgment”. The same goes for any oral sex you may or may not want to have. If she eats you out, you’re not required to do the same to her. If he gives you a rim job and then she licks your balls, you’re not required to suck his dick or her tits.

6. Safe sex is so important! Please use condoms or some form of birth control. Some STDs will stay with you for life, and not everyone is honest about them. I’d also suggest that if you are getting serious with someone, that both of you get checked out by a doctor. Your health insurance should cover a yearly visit!

7. Please use caution before sending anyone naughty pictures of yourself. Just Skype them and do some naughty cam stuff.

8. Remember that fights are totally natural. Fighting every day is not, but occasional fights are bound to happen. It’s so important to talk through problems! Don’t keep them bottled up and festering inside, if you can’t be honest about how you feel then why are you with them? Compromise when you can but stay true to yourself. A couple is a unit, but it’s the individuals that make it successful.

9. Go traveling and vacationing together. People are often at their most anxious when traveling, and I would absolutely recommend that you spend some time together to see if you can work through the stress. Also, if you’re going to move in with someone spend some time living with them first. Before my boyfriend and I moved in together, I spent two nights out of the week living at his parent’s house and he spent one night living at mine.

10. During the first few months of dating or being with someone, you’ll probably want to spend all your free time with them. Think “Glue” by the Velvet Underground. Spend that time with them, but stay true to what makes you passionate. Keep painting, running, cooking, whatever.

Phil’s ASs

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Smut, Fluff, Humor
Word count: 4,122 words
Warnings: Smut, food, body image
Description: Dan can’t help but worship Phil’s perfect posterior

a/n: happy birth month, nikki @pinofs! read it and weep. :)))))


It must have been because he was turning 30.

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In Real Life


Warnings: None!!

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker

Genre: Fluff ~

Word Count: 2.7k holy moly

A/N: I’m so sorry this took like a million years but I hope you like it :D
I’m thinking of making a part 2 so let me know what you guys think!! Also I didn’t get around to proofreading so if you see mistakes PLEASE let me know xx

Ever since middle school you had been watching your friends find dates and get into relationships. They teased you about being a third wheel sometimes, but you didn’t mind. You did feel lonely once in a while without someone there to hold you, but you didn’t feel that way very often. Even though technically you weren’t dating anyone in real life, there was a boy thousands of miles away that had your heart. He was constantly texting, snapchatting, and even video calling you to the point where he knew more about you than your friends in real life did. You had the biggest crush on him and wished more than anything that you could see him in person one day.

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Had to Give You Away: Part 2B (Lin/Reader)

Summary:  Lin was the foundation on which you built your life, until he wasn’t anymore. The two of you decide to rebuild.

You can find the first part here.

You can find Part 2A here.

Note: This is the happy ending!

A huge thank you to @thatoneimaginesblog and @fragmentofmymind for reading this as it progressed.

Word Count: 3172

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How You Get The Girl

Request: Could you do a Tyler Seguin imagine where he meets you at the All Star game where you’re performing at? Maybe Jamie or another player introduces you?

A/N: So I got a little carried away with this one. And honestly, I don’t know how I feel about the ending. I could probably write forever about this man. He’s just such a fine specimen. 

I hope I was able to capture the idea you had. I had some writer’s block today and had some trouble coming up with the story line. 

I’m very much down to write more about this man. Seriously. 

Word Count: 2392

Warnings: Cursing…probably.

Song Credits: How You Get The Girl; Taylor Swift

You had been in your kitchen, in your pajamas eating cookie dough from the container when you got the call.  This year you would be performing at the NHL All Star Game.
You spent the next fifteen minutes was spent dancing around your kitchen with your cat.

“Puck Mumma is going to perform at the All Star Game!” You say kissing his nose. “Do you wanna call Uncle Jamie with me?”

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Roll The Dice


“So what’s your plan?” Veronica asks, raising an eyebrow. “Fake date someone so you can learn how to be a good girlfriend for him?”

Betty looks at her in wonder. “Actually… actually that’s a great idea, V.”

or Betty is oblivious, Jughead pines, Veronica spills the tea, and Reggie finds his One True Bro™.

This is from a prompt I saw a looooong time ago on Tumblr. I even have a Malec fic based on it, but I decided to give it a go with Bughead. :)

As always, thanks to the bae @itstenafterfour for being the best beta and friend ever. Love you!

PS. One Tree Hill is my favorite show so Juggie/Reggie roasting it is just a joke, don’t hate me lmao. 

Also this is freaking 13,005 words so it might crash on you. In case of that, here’s the link to it over on AO3.      

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Originally posted by jengkook

Paring: Jungkook x reader
Genre: Fluff, online boyfriend!AU
Word Count: 3.2k

“God, I cannot wait to actually be able to interlock my hand with yours.”

Distance is only a test to see how far love can actually travel. But the distance gets tough when you not only live a whole country away, but your boyfriend is also an idol. Not forgetting to mention, you’ve never met him in person. 

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Marry Me L.H.

Anon Requested: can you do an imagine where Luke is all frantic and worried about going on tour because he doesn’t want to mess up the relationship or put himself in a position to lose y/n, so y/n stops him by saying something like “Then don’t.” and then proposes to him Hope you like it babe (:

Tomorrow I’ll have the whole day to write so I’ll try to have something to post by tomorrow night. Feedback will be appreciated

Word Count: 638

Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

When I opened the door of the house me and my long time boyfriend shared I wasn’t expecting to see him walking around frantic, grabbing his hair with his hands, tugging it at some points. Luke looked like a mess, with an old t shirt with holes and his usual ripped black skinny jeans, bags under his eyes and his cheeks were red. I dropped everything I had in my hands and went running to the couch where he was sitting.

His head snapped up once he heard me, our eyes meetings and I could see the hurt in them. My heart broke at the sight. With my knees on the floor, I put my arms around his torso. He breathed out and broke down into sobs, his head on his hands. Though I had to bit my inside cheek to not cry, I stayed strong for him.

My hands made their way to his back, caressing him, feeling him relax shortly after. I left some kisses along his jaw, knowing how much that helped him to steady his breathing.

“I got you. I’m here and I got you.” I whispered in his ear.

We stayed like that for God knows how long, but then Luke pulled away and wiped his tears with the back of his hand. I put my hand on his and interlaced our fingers. I didn’t need to ask him what happened as he told me immediately.

“I have to go on tour again. I’ll be four months away.” But you have just come back from tour, I thought but decided not to. Instead I asked him where they were going to travel. “It starts in Australia and it will end in Canada.”

A few more tears left his eyes and I instantly remembered the fight we had while he was on tour. We both felt like we couldn’t take being away anymore but he didn’t want us to break up. We had a massive argument on a Skype call in which we tried to see whether we were going to split up or not. I had never watched Luke cry so much and later told me that it was because he wouldn’t be able to lose me.

When he got back from tour we spent a few days in bed, making love, cuddling and talking. The argument was something that was stuck in our heads. We promised to never let something like the distance fight like that ever again, though. But now he feared that the promise would be broken.

“I don’t want us fighting again and feeling like shit every day, fearing that the other wants to call it quits.” His voice was jittery and that was when I realized his lips had been quivering since he first spoke.

“Then why don’t we change it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Marry me.” I blurted out.

“You want us to marry?” He raised his eyebrows in shock, but I caught his lips forming a little smile.  

“I want to spend every moment I can with you. I want to spend every minute of this life thinking that nothing will ever make us apart. I want to play with the ring when you are not home and think about you and I want a family with you. I want my future with you, Luke. I’ve never been more sure.”

He made us stand up and pulled me into him, spinning me around the living room. He screamed a yes before kissing my lips with passion. We laughed between kisses, our hearts beating at the same fast pace.

“So you’ll be Y/N Hemmings.” His eyes now showed happiness. Wrinkles had formed in his eyes for smiling so much. I pecked his lips once more before telling him how I couldn’t wait to be called Y/N Hemmings.

No, It’s Bucky - Part 12

|Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/Reader

Word count:1740 

Reader and Bucky reunite after the reader returns home to work after 6 years of no contact.


Warnings: Language (curse words etc)

A/N: There is one part after this then it is officially done. GOSH IT HAS BEEN A RIDE.

Hope you enjoy!

All errors are mine

| Part 11 |                      | Part 13  |

Originally posted by little--batman

Previously on No, It’s Bucky

“Stop trying to deny this! You kissed me AFTER the game was over. It wasn’t a fucking dare!”

You can’t look into him in the eyes. This was NOT a conversation you wanted to have. This conversation was supposed to never happen.  “It was just a dare, James-“

“Fucking hell, you infuriate me so much.” Running his hands through his hair, Bucky paces back and forth as you stand there stuck. Waiting for your heart to stop pounding through your chest “Why the fuck am I still in love with you?”

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