this is what happens when i rewatch the films i'm sorry

SO UM- I'm trash

Okay so since I’m still in the camp camp fandom and still want to contribute-

AU time!

Now, yes, this one will be weird and sorry if you all suddenly hate me for the idea.

But have you all seen the new IT or even the miniseries one that was made back in 1990? Or even read the book?

If not, well I suggest doing so, only if you’re not afraid of clowns however and aren’t sensitive to the horror genre.

Anyways, I am trash for the new remake and I got an idea

“how about I ruin the fun for everyone and make an IT AU for camp camp?”
(I’m sorry if I do ruin everything you love I truly am sorry)

So here’s how it goes

Bill - Davey (aka young David if you didn’t know)
Georgie - Jasper
Richie - Max
Bev- Nikki
Stanley - (Still slightly undecided, but could possibly be Neil)
Eddie - (Undecided as well, but Preston might be a good fit due to how dramatic he gets)
Ben - Space Kid (I’ll explain later if you’re confused)
Mike - Harrison (will also explain later)

And of course
Pennywise/IT - Daniel

Now let me explain how some of this would go,

If you haven’t heard of IT before, it’s a story of seven kids in a town called Derry, every 27 an awful presence lurks through the town and killing or kidnapping children for food, and unfortunately these kids are victims. They must find a way to stop IT from killing them or anyone else after the major disappearances in the town including Bills little brother, Georgie.

Now for my AU, it will still be taking place at the camp and of course Jasper and Davey won’t be brothers, but will have that close and brotherly bond, enough for it to effect Davey into investigating what could’ve happened to him.

Along side him who also go along with Davey’s journey is his friends. Max is a good fit for Richie due to many reasons of you have seen the recent film. Both are funny and sarcastic and badass as well, but only you would know that if you had watched the new movie.

Nikki being Bev(erly) is understandable, she’s a tomboy as is Bev, she’s independent, and she isn’t as afraid as her other friends are. She can overcome her own fears and we all know she could probably kick IT’s ass- but she knows that they all need to stick together through this as Bev does.

Neil being Stanley, is probably the best option, but he could also be Eddie if you think on it. Still, I think he would fit Stanley, both are awkward, yes but they are gentle with certain things. And both are Jewish but I don’t know weather to consider that a trait for both because they don’t let it truly define them. I feel as if both have a dark and secret hate for something or possibly someone, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Preston being Eddie is worth considering, both are dramatic at times, and seems to be very strict on certain things or issues, and I can see a match for these two, how loud they are and how dramatic they get, but also how comedic they can be!

Space Kid being Ben may raise a few eyebrows to some, but seeing how we all know Space Kid does his own fair of research on space as Ben does on the town of Derry, I feel a match between them. But, I will consider Nerris for this as well, yes she’s adventurous, but I could see her trying to track down everything she could to find out what’s up with the town of Derry or the camp itself.

Harrison being Mike may be confusing to some, but I think it would be a good match. Mike is often treated differently due to his race and possibly that he’s homeschooled. Harrison would also be treated like this due to his abilities, if any of you have forgotten, both of Harrison’s parents were terrified of the things he could do, you could only imagine how everyone else felt once they found out. I can also see the same guilt they have, Mike feels guilt from the burning of the Black Spot which took both very important lives to him. I feel like Harrison would have a similar guilt due to him making his brother disappear and never being able to bring him back.

And should I even begin to explain why Daniel is a good fit for Pennywise/ IT? I mean come on, if you have to, rewatch S2 E1 of camp camp and I know you’ll understand.

Ok..if you did and still don’t, guess I’ll explain.

In both versions and the book, Pennywise is supposed to come off as friendly to children to lure them into his trap. He also lures them in by creating or transforming into their terrifying fears. Daniel gives off that vibe during S2 E1, he seems friendly and nice, but once you dig deeper you begin to see the true colors, he’s not at all what he seems to be and you’ll only realize it when it might be too late.

Also one more thing, for those who have watched or read IT, there is a slight love triangle, but in this AU, I honestly wouldn’t see any between Davey, Nikki, and Space Kid. So for this AU, there isn’t a love triangle, it’s just close friend relationships.

Anyways, knowing me I will probably draw fanart of this AU soon so just look out for that everyone.

This is Obsessed signing off-

Goodbye! Tell me your thoughts of this AU by messaging me, sending in an ask or reblogging!