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A Jealous Heart.

Request from ??: So for a moment there I thought I knew who requested this but my brain was deciding to have a funny moment and I actually don’t know at all so apologies to the person I tagged that I shouldn’t have done lol! Tumblr rid of the message but this was the request: for Bucky to like the reader but he hasn’t told her as he always sees her with Steve and one day he catches them goofing around and assumes it is because they’re in a relationship even though Steve x Reader is a platonic relationship. Unfortunately because the request has disappeared I can’t remember what else was asked for so hope this is okay!

Jealous!Bucky x Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2,225

Warnings: Swearing, acts of jealousy, but then fluff. I think that’s all! :)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators

Once again those beautiful [e/c] eyes had filled his dreams….ever since he had come to join The Avengers and he had seen you stood in the lobby of Stark Tower with the others to greet him he hadn’t been able to stop thinking of you. It was getting to a point now though that he would much rather have the torment of the horrific nightmares he used to experience on a night rather than the dreams that tortured him with something he knew he could never have.

You liked Steve. His best friend.

Every day the two of you trained with one another and every day he had to watch his friend spend time with the one person he wanted to. Life really was a bastard at times. Whatever higher power existed was making it very clear that he wasn’t allowed to have things that would make him happy….he didn’t deserve them.

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holy fuckign,,, I'd like to thank god and also jesus,,,,, and u,,,,



The most beautiful woman Jake has ever seen in his entire life is standing on the sidewalk outside of the bookstore across the street from Sal’s.

He’s staring, his slice of pepperoni pizza frozen halfway between his greased-up paper plate and his mouth (which is currently hanging open - either in preparation for this bite or due to his sudden and forceful mesmerization, he’ll never really know), and Charles hasn’t noticed yet. Jake’s hyper-aware of him, of the buzz of his voice, reduced to a low hum in his own ears now; to his left, Gina is slumped over, visibly bored with the conversation and thus completely invested in her phone.

Good, Jake thinks rather weakly. One less person to notice.

The woman across the street appears to be scrubbing one of the front windows meticulously, and in some distant part of Jake’s mind he recalls the business that previously occupied that very stoop - a tattoo parlor with a penchant for filling the windows with bumper stickers. The woman keeps having to toss handfuls of long, glossy black hair over her shoulder; as he watches, she finally appears to get sick of it all and ties it all back in a messy bun down near the nape of her neck, and the wisps of hair she misses curl lazily against the long column of her neck.

She is completely and utterly breathtakingly beautiful, and he hasn’t even gotten more than a glimpse at her profile.

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aeonian | bestfriend!au

adjective (adj.) [ae·o·ni·an] eternal; everlasting.

Originally posted by bangtan

pairing: jeongguk x reader

genre: a dozen ice cream tubs filled with fluff

words: 4.3K

synopsis: Jeongguk fell in love with you over the course of many years. But there were four specific events that made him fall for you more and more 

A/N: hi, guys. this will be my first one shot and i am quite proud of finally being able to finish one. any form of feedback is very much welcome & please give it a shot

In the course of 10 years, Jeongguk had managed to fall in love with you. But there were a few specific events that really made him really fall head over heels for you. Four events, to be exact.

If eleven-year-old Jeongguk had to describe the place he had moved to in one word, it would be quiet. Although Busan is quite known for being a big city with many skyscrapers decorating the skies and lights visible from miles away, the district he moved to was like a whole other world in. Located in the outskirts of Busan, the area could also be described as a serene place with few people filling up the wide streets. Even though the young boy was used to quite the opposite, he familiarized himself easily. Befriending neighboring kids and meeting new people went without complications. Jeongguk really was a shy kid, but for some reason he managed to get to know many kids and dared to get out of his shell.

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: Misdial

now that authors have been revealed i can finally post my spring exchange fic!

this is a chlonette story that i wrote for @megatraven ​ based on her chlonette bullet point fic (which you should totally read btw). i always love and excuse to write chlonette, so i hope you all enjoy it :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Misdial

Summary: When Chloe wakes up in the middle of the night, she desperately tries to call Sabrina to help her get back to sleep.

She misdials and calls Marinette instead.


Chloe needs to hear Sabrina’s voice.

Her eyes feel heavy with the pressure of tears she’s forcing herself to swallow back, and she can hear herself pulling lungfuls of air into her chest while she yanks her phone off the charger. Her fingers are shaking so terribly it takes her four tries to correctly type her pass code, but she sees Sabrina’s name on her recent calls list and her thumb mashes down on the screen.

She presses the phone tightly to her ear and rocks back and forth on the bed as it rings once, twice, three times. Chloe thinks it must be at least two in the morning, and she knows that Sabrina isn’t ever up this late. She tends to sleep through phone calls in the middle of the night, and Chloe is prepared for the sound of her voicemail and the crippling resignation that’ll come when she’ll have to get through this alone. Chloe bites down on her lip and nods to herself. That’s okay. Sabrina needs her sleep. She understands.

Chloe’s about to give up when the sixth ring is cut off and the line picks up on the other end. She doesn’t waste time with greetings or apologies. The words are already tripping out of her mouth.

“I-I had it again,” she chokes out, her voice thick with tears. “It was the same dream again but a hundred times worse, and I woke up with my heart in my throat and there was no one around and I panicked. I-It felt really real this time, Sabrina, and I was all alone and I couldn’t hear anyone or see anyone and I feel like I’m about to throw up a-and I just…..I just, I don’t know what to do and I’m too scared to go back to sleep, please , I can’t calm down and everything feels so wrong!”

The panic in her voice is starting to make her hyperventilate, so she stops and places a hand over her mouth so she can breathe in through her nose, just like Sabrina taught her the first time she called her in the middle of the night. Chloe’s heart is still racing, as if her body still thinks she’s in danger, and she’s patiently waiting for Sabrina to respond so that she can finally relax.

She hears a voice on the other end — one filled with worry, words slurring together out of exhaustion — but Chloe freezes up in horror when she realizes that it isn’t Sabrina’s.

“Um….wha’s wrong now?”

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Love and Kindness {S.M}

non-requested// imagine where you and Shawn went to high school together and he wasn’t so nice to you, but you run into one another and things are different

author’s note// sorry i haven’t posted in like seventeen million years but i hope you guys like this one!! 


You were bullied your senior year of high school. Freshman through junior year were fine, since you lived in Texas, and you had friends and you were actually kind of popular and super good at volleyball. 

Then you moved to Canada for your senior year because your dad got some transfer in his job and you had to move to some stupid town in Canada. 

And jeez, those stereotypes about Canadians being nice isn’t all that true. 

There was a group of kids who just really hated you. Like for some reason, they hated every little thing you did. It started when you asked one of them who was in your Current Issues class, who looked pretty decent and kinda looked like one of the girls on your volleyball team back in Texas, when volleyball tryouts were. Turns out she was most certainly not the type to play volleyball, cause when the word came out of your mouth, she cackled and the other two girls who heard started laughing as well, as if you had just dropped the most hysterical line in all of history. Ever since then, they decided to make your life a living hell, especially that Lauren girl who you talked to that first day of school and her boyfriend Shawn. 

Shawn was simply the worst. Shawn was on the hockey team, and you could tell that the one you went to, which you were harassed at, he was extremely good. When you first saw him, he seemed like a nice guy. You thought you’d strike up a conversation with him during AP Humanities. Didn’t work out well. He made fun of your accent, which you didn’t really think existed and the fact that you were wearing a Beatles shirt. It still didn’t make any sense whatsoever, but it happened. And he also made your life a living hell, but it was whatever. It only lasted for one year, and as soon as you walked on that stage and got your diploma (Shawn and Lauren’s posse booed you, and they got shushed but it didn’t change the fact that you were legitimately booed at your own freaking high school graduation) you were out of there. You packed your things, and you were on your way to Stanford. 

Since you didn’t really have any friends and your rec volleyball team you joined was absolute trash, you had more than plenty of time to ace your SAT’s and keep a 4.5 GPA (cause of the honors and AP classes) so you got into Stanford. You were so happy to leave, in fact, you were ten times more than happy. You moved out before summer was even over, cause you couldn’t bear ever see these wretched people ever again. Your parents understood. Your parents loved you and missed you after you left, but they sure understood why you never wanted to come back to that town. 

And you usually didn’t. Stanford was great, the people there were great, there was a pretty good volleyball team, and you were getting your degree in Criminal Law. Like, life was pretty great. You went back “home” every holiday, and for some birthdays and surprise visits, but it wasn’t often. You managed to not run into any of them, for the most part. You saw Lauren once, but she didn’t see you and you saw Ian at Home Depot and he waved at you, a wave you didn’t return. And you saw Shawn all of the time, since he had kind of become a world famous pop star. So you saw his face a lot of places, but it didn’t bug you. You didn’t have to deal with him harassing you. For the most part. 

Your hands gripped the wheel of your car as you drove down the highway. You had just landed back in Canada, and rented a car. Your knuckles turned a bright shade of white as you clutched the steering wheel. You were back in town for your Dad’s birthday, you hadn’t been able to make his birthday last year due to some pretty important exams. And your Dad meant the world to you, so you made a big effort to be here this year, even though he wanted to go out to eat at the place that everyone always goes to for any and every event, so you’d for sure see someone you knew. Somehow. You were ten miles away from the restaurant, and your heart was beating a million miles a minute. You were nervous just to be back in the country. You were nervous you were going to see them again. You were nervous they were going to make fun of your Stanford hoodie, or the fact that you wore tall fuzzy socks over your leggings, or the fact that you breathe. Because those thinks aren’t above them two years ago, you don’t think they’d be above it now. You felt the air in your car getting thicker, and you couldn’t breathe. You felt all the words rush back. 

This hadn’t happened in a year. This hadn’t happened in a year, even when you came back just two months ago for Christmas, you hadn’t felt this way. Heck, last time you were here you saw Lauren, and this didn’t happen. Your vision started to get blurry, and you knew you needed to pull over. You saw the sign of a 7/11 and somehow managed to pull in and park without running someone over or hitting a lamp post by some stroke of luck. You quickly removed your seat belt at the speed of light and hopped out of your rental car, praying you didn’t throw up before you got out, so you didn’t have to pay to get it cleaned. By yet another stroke of luck, you make it out of the car before you threw up. All over the concrete. You threw up because you were nervous about the off chance of seeing some people you didn’t particularly care for. You heaved, trying to catch your breath and make your head stop spinning. The words they had said throughout that year started to fade from yells into whispers and you could again see the pattern of the birds on your shoes. 

“Y/n? Is that you?” You heard a voice call, and you knew that voice so well. You felt like you were going to throw up again. 

You looked up, your long hair flipping up, and pulling it back behind your shoulders and wiping your mouth as you looked in his direction. His arms were crossed over his chest, as he leaned back on his black jeep. His lips were turned up in a teasing smirk as he saw your face, white as a ghost. He was wearing all black, which you had noticed he had adopted after he became famous, because you never remembered him wearing black skinny jeans once. 

“Shawn?” You questioned, knowing damn well that it was him. He let out a chuckle as he pushed himself up from his car, talking long strikes towards you. You winced with every step that he took. You wondered what he would say. You wondered what he would make fun of you for. Would he remind you of something you did in high school that no one else would ever remember but him?

“You okay?” He put his hand on your back, not seeming so disgusted by the puke pooling at your feet. You craned your neck so that you could face him. You furrowed your eyebrows and gave him the most confused look you could muster. 

“Is this some kind of joke?” You laughed, shrugging his hand from your shoulder. He sucked in a breath, obviously not expecting that one, but he didn’t get angry or try and defend himself. 

“No.” He answered simply. He looked down at his hands. He started to mess with his fingers. He seemed almost… nervous? 

“Am I on some television show? Is your manager around?” You kept going, probably going a little further than you needed to. But he went a little further than he needed to all of high school. 

“No, I promise.” He let out a little chuckle. He was about to put his hand on your shoulder but he caught himself rather quickly. 

“Well, I’m gonna go! I wish I could say it was good seeing you!” You started for your car door, but his hand grabs onto your wrist. You felt your pores seethe, but not necessarily with anger. 

“Y/n, come on.” You looked up, and you looked into his eyes, accidentally of course. 

Okay maybe not. 

“I’m sorry.” He started. His eyes bore into your soul, and you couldn’t tell if he was as good an actor as he is a singer. You looked down at his hand on your wrist, but you didn’t pull away. You stood there, his large hand wrapped around wrist, both of your eyes locked on your skin touching his skin. 

“That’s nice to hear.” You managed to get out before you shook your wrist away. Yanking it away seemed a bit extra. 

“Hey, how about I drive you to wherever it is you’re going, and I can bring you back afterwards. You’re sick, I don’t want you driving.” Was this Shawn? Was this the kid that joked around that for Halloween he was going to dress as you, but he may traumatize some kids. 

“Um.. I don’t know.” Your hand slid onto your car door handle, starting to open it. 

“It isn’t a trap or whatever. Like, I’m just worried about you.” He looked down at his hands again, this time very obviously nervous. 

“I’m going to dinner with my parents…” Your hand stayed on the silver handle, but didn’t open it. 

“I can go with you, or wait in the car, or go somewhere else. Please, I can make it up to you, since I was a little mean to you senior year.” He muttered. You let out a sharp scoff. 

“A little mean?” He looked up at you, wincing just like you were only moments ago when he was walking towards you. “You harassed me, Shawn.” He nodded. 

“I was. I’m sorry. Please, let me make it up to you. We can catch up?” He suggested. You contemplated for a moment. Why would you get into a car with this dude? He will probably lock the doors and start roasting you within three or four minutes. Once a jerk always a jerk. 

“Yeah sure.”

What the hell? Did you actually just agree to get in a car with a guy who caused you to go to therapy for two years? Honestly? What is wrong with you?

But his eyes lit up, and he took your hand, and laced his fingers with his. You were about to pull away but your skin started to crawl, but the feeling wasn’t disgust. If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve said that feeling was sparks. 

You made your way to Shawn’s car, your fingers still laced together, your entire body feeling alive. It was so weird. He even opened the door for you? Two years ago he would’ve probably slammed a door right on your face, breaking your nose. You got in, and he ran around to the other side, jumping in and turning on the car. 

“So, where are you going?” He asked, backing out of the parking spot. 

“Alo.” You looked out the window, trying to push that nausea back down your throat. But it felt a little more like butterflies than it did nausea. 

“Oh, wow. I used to love that place. I think Hannah works there, or maybe Lauren?” He looked off a little, thinking. “I don’t really remember. I don’t really talk to any of them except for Ian.” He shrugged. 

“Yeah I don’t really talk to any of them either.” You scoffed, looking away from Shawn quickly, in case he looked over. So he wouldn’t know you were looking at him. 

“Yeah, I mean, I’d understand why.” He laughed, trying not to make it awkward, but it was already too late. “So um.. How’ve ya been?” He didn’t look in your direction, which was good because you looked at him and it would’ve been extremely awkward if you made eye contact. 

“Good. Stanford is nice.” You stated simply, not going too into detail. He didn’t deserve to know all about your personal life. But you ached to tell him more. 

“Wow, Stanford? That’s amazing!” This time he did look in your direction, and when his eyes met yours, it wasn’t all that awkward. In fact, you could’ve sworn you saw him blush. But maybe it was just a trick of the light. 

“Yeah. Had plenty of time to study since I didn’t have any friends whatsoever!” You laughed, killing whatever mood it was that was there only seconds before. 

“Oh..” He trailed off a little. “I mean, you have friends at Stanford though, right?” He looked over for just a second, and then averted his gaze back to the road. 

“Yeah, plenty. Some of them asked me if I knew you, actually. There’s a few big fans of yours in my dorm. After I told them what high school I went to, I’m surprised they didn’t go into cardiac arrest.” Shawn let out a laugh, which surprised you. He had only ever laughed at you when he was making fun of you or making a joke at your expense. 

“You’re funny, you know that? God, why was I so mean to you?” He glanced at you again, and this time you were absolutely certain he was blushing. “I mean you’re actually not bad. Better than not bad. I mean you’re absolutely stunning. You’re funny. God, Y/n, I’m sorry.” He let out a breath. You weren’t sure if he was faking it. 

Did he just call you stunning?

“Oh wow..” You sputtered, trying hard just to get words out. “Thank you. I mean, not thank you, but I appreciate the apologies and the… t-the compliments” You scooted closer to the window, trying to move away. But it was a car, and it was actually kind of hard to scoot away from someone in the car. 

“It isn’t a problem. I mean, saying nice things and driving you. It’s the least I can do.” He chuckles, turning into the restaurant parking lot. “What do you say tomorrow I drive you to a restaurant again, but this time, I will actually go and eat with you instead of waiting in the parking lot to take you home?” He had parked and was looking right into your eyes, and this time, you were the one blushing. 

“Wait, you want to go on a date with me?” You probably shouldn’t have asked that. 

“More or less.” He smiled, and looked down. “It’s only the least I can do.” He looks back up and the smile is gone, and only a look utmost sincerity was plastered across his face. You felt so many things wash over your body, and you couldn’t quite control your words or emotions. So all you could manage to get past your lips was;


The look of sincerity was overtaken with a look of pure excitement, that was obvious he was trying his hardest to suppress it.  

“Well okay. That’s great. So um..” He looked down again. He kept doing that. “I’ll wait here. You go eat with your family. And when you get back, we can make plans for tomorrow, eh?” You only nodded in agreement, quickly hopping out of the car and scurrying into the restaurant. 

You started to feel nauseous again.

Wait no, that’s butterflies

Yeah for sure, butterflies. 

author’s note// hey my dudes you should send me those asks like “opinions on…” or “you think shawn would…” or bullet point things like please i beg of you i wanna feel cool!!!! p.s THE DEAR EVAN HANSEN SOUNDTRAcK CAME OUT I WaNNA DO AN IMAGINE OFF OF IT DWLKCJ@:UIHc IRS SO FGOOD

Bangtan In Bed Analysis

Sorry it took so long anon, I wrote quite a bit. Enjoy.

Seokjin ;

Making Love ;

I think they’d all be pretty much the same for this department but we’ll make it as different as possible. First, Jin is the number one man when it comes to making love. He’d make sure you were completely comfortable and ready before he tried anything too serious. He’d lay you down on the bed first, strong arm leaning his heavy body next to your own. The lights would be low and I could totally see him lighting some candles to set the mood. He’d start by kissing you, very slowly and softly, his hand trailing down your stomach. He’d finger you open while kissing your neck, still going as slow as he could without torturing the two of you too bad. After you were opened and ready, he’d pull a condom on and slide in. He keep his lips on yours in the beginning, but after a few minutes he might pepper kisses all over whatever part of your body he can reach. He’s one to keep intimate eye contact with you and tell you how much he loves you or how beautiful you are over and over as he languidly thrusts inside of you. The entire time would consist of slow but deep thrusts, sometimes a few seconds of grinding with him releasing the most gorgeous groans you’ve every heard. Seokjin for sure wouldn’t come until you did, making you first priority so he’d do anything he had to, circle his thumb around your clit or maybe even speed up just a small bit until you were shaking and trembling underneath him.

Everyday Sex ;

Agh okay. Seokjin would still be incredibly passionate and caring when it comes to everyday sex. He’d still very much make sure you were comfortable and as ready as he was before he tried anything. He’d probably be open to more with this type of sex, like kinks and different positions. He’ll try things other than kissing as the foreplay, maybe oral, both way, you sucking him off or him eating you out, or he’d play with your nipples and leave faint hickey’s on your neck and along your collar bones. He would take less time in fingering you, not meaning he won’t completely make sure you aren’t ready because he would, he’d just do it in more of a rush than other times. His thrusts would be faster, deeper, less precise but only after you begged him for it. There’d be more screaming from you and rough grunting from him, rather than quiet noises. He’d quiet you down with his tongue, swirling around the inside of your mouth. He’d bite down on your bottom lip and make sure you come undone a whining mess.

Yoongi ;

Making Love ;

Yoongi has his emotions on lockdown, it’s very hard for him to express his feelings at times so I feel everything would come out during the moments you make love. Unlike any other time, Yoongi would handle you with complete and utter care. His hands would gently slide over every inch of your body, his lips not far behind, trailing after and caressing your skin with soft kisses. He’d put every emotion he’s kept bottled up into a passionate kiss on your lips, his eyebrows scrunched in concentration. I feel like he’d want the sheet to be over your bodies while anything was happening, maybe a low lamp on in the corner to create a dim glow in the room. He’d peel your clothes off one by one, kissing over the tops of your breasts when he unclipped your bra and leaving a line of kisses under your belly button when he slides your panties off. He’ll finger you very slowly, and curl his fingers inside to hear the gasps you’ll let out, before rolling a condom on and getting to the deed. He’d want to hold you as close as possible to himself while he gently rocked into you from the start. He’d be the type to keep his face hovered over your own, his mouth held an inch away from yours so he could hotly pant against your cheeks. He’d want you to see what you do to him, see his facial expression scrunch up in absolute pleasure. His hips would push into yours with the slowest speed, but still manage to reach deeper than ever before. He might get too caught up in his moaning and groaning to remember to get you off first and he’d shoot into the condom before he could stop it. He’ll definitely make up for it after though, whether it be pleasuring you with his mouth and fingers or over stimulating himself to finish you.

Everyday Sex ;

This is where kinky Yoongi comes in. He can have quickies with you anywhere and everywhere in your house. He’ll want you four different places in the living room, five different places in the kitchen, up against the wall, bent over his desk, pushed up against the front door and even in the shower where your screams will echo around you. His thrusts would be quick and controlled, his mouth open and throatily groaning loud into your ear. He’d suck bruises into every part of your skin he could, loving the way the bright purplish marks confirmed you as his. He’d change it up every time, pinch at your clit and have you come on his cock or pull out and finish you off with his fast tongue movements and curling fingers.

Namjoon ;

Making Love ;

Namjoon is another one who has his emotions and heart guarded to protect himself and another one to have everything he’s feeling be shown through his actions in the bedroom. He’d be nervous beforehand, thinking about every possible scenario where something could go wrong but as soon as he saw your beautiful body, nothing but love would fill his mind. He’d kiss you all over and generally take his time to really let you know how he felt about you. He’d hold you close and rub soothing circles into your back or the soft skin of your thighs while he kissed your lips over and over and whispered about how much you meant to him. He wouldn’t want the moment to end but the pleasure of being inside you would become too much and he’d have to speed up his usually slow timed thrusts. He’d moan for you to come together before he collapsed in a tired heap next to you.

Everyday Sex ;

Namjoon is a kinky pervert and toys and bondage are his thing. If and when he’s not making love to you, you can definitely expect to be tied up and tortured ( the good kind ). He’d have your hands behind your back or above your head whenever he could get them there, eyes enjoying the view of you helplessly exposed to him and squirming. A smirk would never leave his lips as his hands trailed over your body and mapped out your curves. He’d mark you all over, double checking to be sure there wasn’t an inch unbruised as a reminder of who you belonged to for anyone with prying eyes. He’d use an array of toys on you, nipple clamps, mouth gags, blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, a paddle for when you decided to be a bad girl and his personal favorite, a vibrator. He’d love watching your body shake and tremble when he held the mechanical toy over your most sensitive spot, love hearing your broken cries as he fucked you with it. Namjoon would probably make you come once or twice with just his hands and the toys before he actually got to the sex part. He prefer if you were face down in the mattress, any position he could have a view of your ass. His big hands would grip your waist to hold you still as he mercilessly pounded into you, deep grunts traveling up his throat.

Hoseok ;

Making Love ;

Hoseok has such an amazing, loving personality that you couldn’t be mad at him when he messes up in this department. He’s so cheesy and dorky and playful, he wouldn’t exactly know how to get serious for something like making love. He’d try his hardest to make things perfect and you have to give him credit for his effort. He shows his love through jokes so light teasing would be his forte. He’d skim his lips all over your skin and watch the goosebumps pop up, might suck a little on your neck and nipples, flick his tongue over them and draw circles around them with his thumbs. He’s leave little pecks all the way down your stomach, nip at your hips and the inside of your thighs and laugh when you squeak as he takes his first lick at your core. He’d continue, very slowly, to lap at your clit and use his fingers to get you open. He’d hover his face over yours as he fucks into you, again agonizingly slow because he’s a shit, and laugh at every shuddering breath you let out because of his angled thrusts perfectly grazing over your sweet spot. He’d kiss your nose and promise to love you forever in hushed whispers, sometimes his own resolve breaking so he can let out a shaky moan against your cheek.

Everyday Sex ;

Everyday sex with Hoseok would be different every time. He’d like to try new things, he’d be the most open to new kinks and toys and places where you can have sex. Like the laundry room. I don’t know why but I can see Hoseok as one of those husbands that try fucking you against the washer while your kids watched cartoons in the living room. He’s sneaky and fun. He’d try to make sex with him some of your best experiences by changing it up and not keeping anything vanilla. His favorite thing to do would be making you scream, especially when the other boys were around. He’d want them to know what he does to you behind closed doors. He’ll finger you rougher than usual, fuck you deeper than the thrust before, smack your ass and pull your hair and make sure you’re crying and shaking with pleasure so he could walk out and be smug af.

Jimin ;

Making Love ;

Jimin is so full of adoration. He’s very admirable for his ability to easily show his love for others but I think he’d be a little more reserved with his feelings in bed. It would start out like any other, small pecks turning into longer, more passionate kisses. His hands would roam over your body and he’d be nice enough to ask if this was what you wanted to do, before leading you to his bedroom. He’d slowly undress you, his mouth on yours while his tongue explores the inside before he threw you on the bed and climbed on top. He wouldn’t advance things too fast, thinking it would be best not to rush through something so important. He’d take time to finger you open properly, distracting you with loving kisses on your lips or neck, then maybe eat you out just a little because it’s his favorite. His cock would stay deep, shallow thrusts barely pulling him out an inch before he’s grinding back in. His thickness would stretch you wide in the best way. After you spend a long intimate time together, soft tongue kisses shared between you Jimin would slide his arm underneath you and arch your chest until it’s pressed to his. He’d mouth at your neck and speed his thrusts up, pulling out all the way and slamming back in as he panted out I love you’s against your skin. You’d come undone in his arms and he’d kiss you hard on the lips to finish it off, his eyes crinkling up with his big smile when you returned his affection.

Everyday Sex ;

Jimin is the pussy eating queen, even more so than clit sucker Yoongi. He’d love so much to wear your thighs as ear muffs and your cunt as a face mask. He’s not one of those fake ass eaters who barely try, no. Jimin is the real deal. He’ll grip your thighs and spread your legs so far apart they will ache for weeks. He’d tease you at first and lick you through your panties a few times, make you whine and beg for his heavenly tongue you love so much. He’d probably rip them off but you wouldn’t care because he always bought you new ones. He’ll swipe your lips of any of your sweet juice you dripped just for him, thrust his tongue as deep as it would go and moan at the taste he just couldn’t get enough of. You’d be overwhelmingly trembling in ecstasy, your thighs flexing and hips pushing down onto him. He’d grip your hips tightly and hold you down so he could flick his tongue over your clit. He’ll finger you a little, use his thumbs to pull your lips apart and lap you up until you’re dry so he can finish you off. Actual sex would just be quick. It would depend on how he was feeling I think. If he was stressed out and tired, he’d fuck you fast but long. You’d have really sweaty, extremely loud sex that had Jimin’s hands curling into the sheets from the intense pleasure you gave him. He’d pant out breathy little whines and kiss your cheek and jaw as much as possible until you’re both finished, but if he was feeling energetic and horny he’d take his time and fuck you thoroughly, cock so deep you were shaking. I don’t think he’d finish inside you, he’d let you come and then ask you to suck him off so he could come too.

Taehyung ;

Making Love ;

I can’t even begin to explain how awkward Taehyung is. He’s so adorably clumsy and those traits wouldn’t just magically disappear while you were in bed. To be honest they might even show more but so would his love for you. A blush would never leave his cheeks as you guys worked up to making love, either by kissing or other things, his face would stay a deep shade of red. He’d be really embarrassed if he messed anything up so he’d try his best at everything, but mistakes are inevitable in anything. He’d apologize for poking his finger too far inside of you when it actually felt good, he’d apologize for pinching your nipple too hard, for biting your neck and leaving too dark of a mark that couldn’t be covered. There’d be a lot of apologizing but that would be what made it perfect. He’d go super super slow, teeth splitting his lip until it’s bleeding at the beautiful sight of you under him. He’d leave kisses all over your forehead, whispering in his deep voice his adoration for you while his hips ground up into yours. He’d caress your cheeks and gutturally moan when you both came.

Everyday Sex ;

I think without the pressure of feeling like he needs to love you and show it, everyday sex with Tae would be a whole lot messier. A lot less clumsy and embarrassed, more cocky and handsy. His hands ( Jesus have you seen them ) would squeeze at any part of you he was able to reach, your ass, your hips, your waist, your boobs or his favorite, your thighs. He’d nibble on your earlobe and mumble the dirty things he wanted to do to you or even better, what he wanted you to do to him. He’d sloppily kiss you and tongue your mouth, smack your thighs and ass and groan at the sound of your whimpers. He’d want his hand print tattooed on your red skin for hours. But after all that he’ll sit down in the love seat of your living room or lean against the headboard of your bed and let you ride him. He’d cross his arms behind his head and watch you fuck yourself onto his dick with the cockiest smirk you’ve ever seen. He may thrust up a few times if he catches you slacking, his cock head jabbing against your sweet spot and bringing you back. He’d growl when you scratched your nails down his chest and come to the sight of you completely wrecked above him.

Jeongguk ;

Making Love ;

Jungkook’s a little young to be in love but anything could happen so. Jungkook is shy as shit so I see him being a little like Tae and always having a rosy blush dusting his cute cheeks throughout your session. He wouldn’t know which noises meant good and which bad and his eyes would be wide, scared that he had hurt you. The first time you can expect to be awkward but you’ll definitely know how he feels about you through the whole thing. He’ll leave small pecks on the corner of your mouth and the tip of your nose, lips brushing over your forehead. His thrust would be labored, slow and shallow, only pushing about half of his length into you. He’d roll his hips and tell you you were beautiful and he loved you. Jungkook’s breathing would be heavy and stuttering in your ear, the occasional whimper from containing the urge to fuck into you harder accidentally escaping his lips. When you come he’s fast to follow, his hands grabbing your hips and holding you down onto him as he buries himself as deep as he can so he can shoot his load. After he’s done he’ll fall next to you and cuddle you into his chest, his lips pushing a soft kiss to your temple and voice murmuring that he loves you once more.

Everyday Sex ;

Jungkook’s like so into oral. But oral for him like, you sucking him off twenty four seven oh my god he would cry if your mouth ever left his dick. He’d love watching your cheeks hollow and push out if he fucked in too deep. He’d intentionally try making you choke because it would boost his self esteem and it was hot af to him. He’d pretend to be worried and cradle your jaw, maybe kiss your nose for extra effort before going right back in and fucking your throat to choke you again. He’d groan and pull your hair and fuck your face so fucking much. Since Jungkook is so strong and muscly, I think it’d be really easy for him to slam you against a wall and fuck up into you as you held onto his shoulders. He’d hold you up with his palm flat to your stomach, his other hand holding your thighs open so he could freely thrust. This is where Jungkook would be cocky af and dirty talk you into your release. He’d, just like above, bury himself deep into you and growl against your neck as he comes.

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Hi ya! I have a VLD question: you've alluded a couple of times to Alfor's paladin color, and you seem to take it as a given that he was the Yellow Paladin. Do you have a post that explains why? (Beyond the yellow armor, which, duh, but is there more evidence?) I don't mean to sound rude, I just didn't pick up on it. Thx, and your meta is so amazing!

Besides yellow being a really strong color for Alfor, there are a couple of noteworthy things here.

Allura describes all of the Lions except Blue. She talks about Black in more detail than Red and Green, which makes sense as it’s the leader of the pack- but she also talks rather a lot about the Yellow Lion, in what seems like a particularly warm way.

I’m just going to type out that exact spiel here:

“The Yellow Lion is caring and kind. Its pilot is someone who puts the needs of others above his own. His heart must be mighty. As the leg of Voltron, you will lift the team up and hold them together.”

So what’s interesting about this is that, again, Allura is very neutral talking about the Black, Green, and Red Lions, the latter immediately after talking about Yellow, but she sounds genuinely happy talking about the Yellow Lion. Again, she doesn’t really have this warmth talking about the Red Lion.

Considering how much Allura adores and seems to have admired her father, it would make sense she would reserve particular fondness for Alfor’s Lion- after all, she just got done saying the Lions are a mirror of their pilots. 

(I’d just like to take a moment to waggle my eyebrows at everyone who has suggested Allura would enjoy interacting with Hunk, and the canon corroboration that Hunk taught Allura road trip games, suggesting they do in fact hang out- and also s2e9 where Hunk is able to effortlessly and with pinpoint precision put his finger on exactly how Allura feels about this whole thing and why)

But let’s look for a moment beyond the tone of Allura’s description of the Yellow Paladin and just at content.

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Darkest Desire ‘The Kitchen’

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Don’t forget to read previous chapters! 

[Darkest Desire Masterlist]

Chapter 6

(Summary: A difficult day working in the kitchen with a scary encounter with Negan.)

You made sure you were up early today. You didn’t want another morning encounter with Negan. Or did you? No stop thinking that thought right now! You forced yourself to instead think of Eugene and what he was going through right now. Just because you were finding Negan attractive didn’t mean you could act on it. Not after what he has done.

You looked at your door and it said you’d be working the kitchen today. You starting walking to the laundry room to grab a fresh set of clothes before heading to the showers.

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Say It

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“We agreed before we started this John, no feelings.” You say angrily, jumping into your dress. John just watched you struggle to get dressed as rush out of the room.

“Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it…”

“Oh, so now you didn’t mean it?” You ask furiously, rushing out and down the stairs.

“Y/N, wait can we talk about this?” He says running after you. His hand grabs at your arm before you reach for the door, causing you to turn and look at him.

“John….I…I can’t.” You say and after looking at you and licking his lips like he wants to say more to you he gives up, letting you go.

It takes longer than you thought for the tears to come. You hugged yourself, fighting against the cold as you walked home and the whole time the night played again and again like a movie in your head.

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This was my entry for @destieldrabblesdaily fanfic contest! I’m seeing everyone sharing their amazing work so I thought I’d jump in too :)))

[Read on AO3]


“Hey Sammy, did you see this?” Dean shoves the crumpled piece of paper in Sam’s face.

“Is this…”

“Cas wrote a bucket list. Ain’t that cute?”

“Are you sure we should be reading this?” Sam makes a face. Party-killer. Dean just happened to find the damn thing on the floor. It’s not like he could leave it there.

“Yeah, I mean… The guy’s got tons of wishes,” he says then. “And he’s a frickin’ angel, why is he wasting time when he could be doing all of this in a week? We should take some time off and help him.”

“Right, and that Wendigo in South Dakota is just going to hunt itself…” Sam mutters under his breath, but then as he reads his tone changes and he smiles. “You know what? I can take care of that myself. I’ll ring Jody, maybe Claire will come along too. You go play genie.”

It beats Dean why Sam would give up all the fun but he just shrugs and thanks him.

Then again, he and Cas don’t spend as much time together as they used to, so this could be good for them.

 1. Learn how to bake pie

“Hey Cas, you got a minute?” Dean’s prayer is short of details, but he doesn’t want to risk giving anything away. Cas appears in the bunker’s kitchen after seconds. He tilts his head, probably confused as to why is he seeing Dean wearing an apron and facing piles of flour and sets of eggs.

“Dean, what are you…” Dean promptly shows him the piece of paper. Cas’s eyes grow wide in surprise and Dean could swear he even blushes a little.

“Did you read it?”

“Just skimmed the first points. But I took the week off, and God help me, I’ll help your lazy angelic ass to go through all of this bucket list.”

“Bucket list?”

“That’s what this is, right?”

“I guess,” Cas shrugs. “So I assume this is…”

“Baking pie, hell yeah. I got you an apron.”

As Cas glances at the green apron and smiles, Dean lets out a breath of relief. He’s happy Cas didn’t get mad at him for poking around his things. He had wanted to do something nice for Cas in a long time.

“In my defense,” Cas jokes. “I always thought they’d taste better without the effort of making them.”

“Well, you’re wrong. Some baking is good for the soul. Now break this egg.” Cas follows through, with slightly more strength than Dean imagined. Enough strength to make the egg explode all over them.

“I said break it, not smite it,” Dean laughs.

“I’m sorry,” Cas says, his face even cuter with that ridiculous orange bits in his hair. Weirder, Dean meant. Not cuter.

“Do you have other ones?” He asks, hopeful, and Dean nods.

“Sure Cas, we got plenty.”

 2. Go to a Led Zeppelin concert.

“If you had time-travelled to a Led Zeppelin concert without me I’d have kicked your ass,” Dean warns him. Since when did Cas even like Led Zeppelin?

“Glad that’s not the case,” Cas says. He puts his hand on Dean’s shoulder and suddenly, Dean reckons at a first glance, they’re in Oakland, California, on 24th July 1977. The crowd is insane, wearing some of the weirdest outfit Dean has ever seen. Although he and Cas must probably look like the most out-of-place types in there.

“Is it like you pictured?” Cas screams in his ear.

“Yeah, it fucking rocks!”

They’re playing Thank You and Dean just closes his eyes, letting the melody sink in. When he opens them again, he can’t help but look at Cas, and for a moment he doesn’t care about the stage at all.

3. Try Peter Luger’s Bacon Burger.

Dean is sitting on a bench in Central Park, eating America’s best bacon burger and thanking God for ever letting him get rescued by Cas.

“I can’t believe I’m trying a burger worth a 100$ dollars.”

“I doubt it costed that much, but it is indeed very tasty,” Cas ponders.

“Man, did you see how fancy that place was?” Dean’s mouth is stuffed with delicious bread. “You’re wasting your invisibility gift. We should sneak into Hollywood, not just steal burgers, I’m telling you.”

“We can add that to the list, if you’d like,” Cas offers, looking at his feet.

“Maybe later,” Dean answers, playfully bumping Cas’s shoulder. “I like it here.”

It’s late at night when Cas finally suggests they zap themselves back at the bunker.

4. Watch a “chick-flick”.

Dean can’t help but laugh whole-heartedly at this one.

“You and Sam use that term all the time…” Cas protests, putting on a grumpy face.

“Guilty, it’s just funnier if it comes from you,” Dean turns on the laptop. “So, what do you wanna watch tonight, babe?” The term leaves Dean’s lips as a joke though he can’t help but feeling a little heat rush to his cheeks.

“I’d suggest something with Swayze.”

“Something Swayze is alright,” Cas shrugs, unbothered. Dean snorts: the guy’s got a lot to learn. He looks up “Dirty Dancing” and figures he should start from the top.


One hour, twenty-five minutes and many questions later, the big scene comes on and Cas is adorably smashed against the screen in trepidation. Dean has seen it so many times - not that anyone knows - that he automatically hums along to it.

You’re the one thing, I can’t get enough of… ‘Could be love ‘cause I had the time of my life…” Cas’s eyes suddenly leave the screen and dart towards him. He doesn’t say anything. He just stares. It’s something Cas does rather
often, so why does this time feel so… Urgent? Dean gives him a little smile and keeps humming, for some unknown embarrassing reason.

So we’ll just let it go, don’t be afraid to lose control…” 
Cas’s eyes aim lower now; Dean can feel them all over his moving lips.

I know what’s on your mind when you say stay with me tonight…” Their foreheads are touching now. Dean doesn’t know if it’s Cas’s skin tingling or just his own. Then the crowd in the movie erupts into an applause and Cas jumps a little, surprised, thus breaking the magic.

Dean clears his throat.

“Maybe we should just move to the next point, what do you say?”

The previous tension is now so awkward that he can’t even glance at Cas. He grabs the bucket list and reads.

5. Just kiss him.

Ouch. That cuts deep.

“Maybe I should explain…” Cas starts, but Dean cuts him short.

“It’s fine, Cas, really. Clearly you’re into someone. A guy. That’s… That’s great, really. I’m - I’m sure he’ll appreciate your baking skills.” The smile he pulls on is probably the fakest he ever pulled, but he can’t help it. He had read too much into those past days. After all the time they had spent apart some old feelings had risen and he had been an idiot for listening to them. They never got him anywhere.

“Dean, listen. I have to be honest with you. That “bucket list”, as you called it… They weren’t things I wanted to do for myself. They were, uhm, possible ideas… For dates. With this guy.”

Dean definitely needs to get away from the room before he bursts into tears. Not only his pride is hurt, but he feels like a giant idiot for making himself the third wheel.

“You see, this guy…” Cas continues, without mercy. “He loves pies. He listens to Led Zeppelin all day long, it’s pretty annoying to tell you the truth. And don’t get me started on bacon burgers, his liver will collapse one day. Did I mention he’s a sucker for chick flicks? He even knows the soundtracks by heart.”

Oh. Oh. Dean really is a giant idiot.

“So, would you like to help me with that final point?” Cas’s tone is more insecure this time and Dean doesn’t have the heart to leave him in agony for too long. He looks at Cas until their lips are millimeters apart.

“Consider it done,” he whispers before Cas kisses him. 

Birthday surprise // Minghao

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1408

Pairing: Reader x Minghao (The8)

Description: You have had a childhood crush on Minghao, and you spend all day cooking his favourite food on his birthday, but once again he fails to acknowledge your feelings…

Y/N’s POV //
You were in bed watching videos on your phone, and as soon as it hit midnight you immediately text Minghao:
‘Happy Birthday chinguuu~’

You felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside thinking about him, you two had been friends since you were very young, you loved everything about him, his amazing sense of humour, and how he was so cute but elegant all at the same time. You thought about how he had changed so much over the past few years, how he had gone from being a carefree teenager, to extremely sophisticated, helping his father run their family business. All these years you had secretly liked him, but you were too scared to tell him, you felt almost as if he didn’t care…

The next day you got ready super early, and made your way to Minghao’s apartment, and as expected he had already left for work, early. You both had the keys to each other’s apartments, as you both spent a lot of time together, but all your attempts for making Minghao accept your feelings for him had failed, and so today you were going to try yet again.

You wanted to decorate his apartment, and make his favourite meal to surprise him when he came home from work, you imagined how perfect the evening would be, just you and him, and maybe you would gain the courage to blatantly tell him your feelings after him seeing the effort you had put in for him.

After decorating the lounge in various birthday decorations; banners, balloons, and other ceiling hanging decorations, you finally collapsed on his sofa, worn out. After a short break, watching some youtube videos , you set to work making his favourite food, and it took a really long time, you felt yourself aching from standing in the kitchen too long, and the heat certainly wasn’t helping. You eventually set the table, for the two of you, and then went to the local bakery to collect his birthday cake. Once you arrived at his apartment again, you took the cute cake out of the box and set it in the middle of the table, and put his favourite wine on the table also, as well as some cute flowers which you had picked up from the florist on the way.

After everything was done, you stopped and admired all of your hard work, you couldn’t help but smile, you were so excited to see his reaction, he told you that as soon as work had finished up, he would be straight home, you sat on the dining table chair, and looked up at the clock. It was 8pm, and he was going to be here any second now, you felt the adrenaline rush through your body, goose bumps appearing on your skin.

You rushed upstairs to the spare bedroom you always stayed in when you slept over, and put on a velvet blue dress, some heels, and a bit of perfume. After fixing your hair in the mirror, you looked at the small cute necklace around your neck, and held it smiling; it was the one Minghao had given you for your last birthday. You thought about the present you had got him, a new watch, and you wondered if he’d like it, if he would always wear it, and think about you?

Another hour had passed, and you slumped in your chair, your eyes feeling heavy, he shouldn’t be this long you thought. You decided to call him, and after the phone ringing for so long, he didn’t even answer. Maybe he was still driving you thought; you didn’t want to disturb him so you continued to wait, in silence.
You hadn’t realised that you’d fallen asleep waiting, but when you heard the door abruptly open, you quickly picked your head up off the table, and looked at the clock, your eyes still adjusting to the light. It was 10pm, you felt your heart sink a little, but it was better late than never you thought. Maybe he had been to see his family, after all you hadn’t told him that you had made him dinner and was waiting, you wanted it to be a surprise.

You ran out of the dining room, your heels quickly clicking on the shiny white tiles, “Happy b-” you began, but then your heart stopped at what you saw. Minghao, still looking striking in his suit, was stumbling, drunk, giggling, and his hand was around the waist of a girl, her face full of makeup, her lipstick smudged, she too was giggling. You felt your heart break at the sight, your throat went dry, the back of your eyes were stinging so much, and several tears stained your cheeks involuntarily. They both just walked straight past you as if you were a ghost, and as you watched them walk up the stairs together, speechless, you failed to believe that once again Minghao had failed to acknowledge your feelings and your efforts, despite everything you had done for him, all the times you had spent together he just wasn’t interested. You hadn’t felt so hurt before in your life, were you not enough for him?
The next morning you woke to your phone ringing, you opened your eyes groaning in frustration, but when you hastily picked your phone up off your bedside table, you saw that it was Minghao, and you instantly rolled your eyes in frustration, ignoring him, slamming your phone back down, but like the stubborn pabo he was he just kept calling. You left your phone there and decided to have a shower and get dressed, once you had done you put your hair up into a messy bun, and went downstairs to do some studying.
You felt so frustrated and claustrophobic indoors, and so decided to go to the local coffee shop that was around 10 minutes away from your apartment, you needed the fresh air after all. After putting your shoes and coat on, you left, and the cold morning air hit you, finally waking you up properly, and as you were walking, your hands in your pockets, you heard someone call your name, stopping you in your tracks. You hesitantly turned around knowing exactly whose voice that belonged to, it was Minghao.

“y/n!” he shouted running towards you, you hated to admit that he looked so extremely handsome, but you were still so angry and hurt from yesterday, you were really not in the mood for talking to him at the moment. “y/n” he repeated, but you looked at the ground, not replying.
“Erm…I saw everything you did for me, thanks y/n you really didn’t have to, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend time with you yesterday..” he slightly slurred, obviously still not fully recovered from last night, you looked up to meet his eyes, he ran a hand through his soft hair. “Do you want to do something today?” he asked, as though nothing had happened.

“No Minghao, I don’t” you let out, rather bluntly, he furrowed his eyebrows, shocked at your unusual tone of voice. “I just want to be left alone, I’m sick and tired of showering you with my love, but do you not think it hurts when you just walk through me like a ghost? I’m fed up of waiting on you, for expecting things that I’m never going to get, for loving you with all my heart, but getting absolutely nothing back”, your voice was trembling, hands shaking like crazy. His height was towering over you, and just stared wide eyed and shocked. As you slowly turned around to walk away, a huge lump in your throat, you let out a huge sigh of frustration, but you suddenly felt someone grab you by the arm and turn you around.

You were so taken aback, Minghao looked deep into your eyes, his eyes slightly red, “y/n I’ve known you all my life, do you not think I know about your feelings for me? I feel the same way, you’re everything I could wish for, I just never want to hurt you that’s all, you deserve so much more than me” his voice was so placid, and you froze, unable to process what he had just said, “but you said-” he cut you off by crashing his lips into yours, and although you wanted to push him off you, you felt yourself kissing him back…

first lady, three.

Originally posted by helendrv

pairing: taehyung x reader.
word count: 3.7k
content: angst, mention of physical violence, inappropriate language, ice hockey!au
a/n: i just wanna thank all the love you’ve been giving first lady and dedicate this chapter specially to @seoulscapes.

one, two, three, four, five

His eyes landed on you the moment you walked in the cafeteria and by the way his eyes lit up, Jimin knew exactly what had happened to his best friend. He couldn’t hold back a chuckle, imagining the comments he’d hear from Taehyung about this lunch later on - also promising himself he’d never act this way in his whole life.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think Lapis meant by her 'I am lapis lazuli' statement? Since there are other lapis gems. I took it as a kind of like when the lone cop says "I AM the police force!" Or maybe she is the oldest? What is your take?

I’ve always taken at as extremely suspicious that so far we have actually only ever heard Lapis refer to specifically herself singularly when a comparable character- Jasper, who is explicitly an exceptional and unusual Jasper- in Crack The Whip talks about her gem caste collectively. In fact, with I think the sole exception of Peridot in Barn Mates and YD in That Will Be All, Lapis has only been mentioned singularly by others as well.

We were also pretty clearly supposed to take something meaningful from that statement considering a couple of things:

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Painful *part 1* (Percival G. x Reader)

Request: hi!!! can u do an imagine where Percival and the reader have a “big” age gap (she is younger ) and he’s scared of what people could think if they find out about their relation and broke up with her because of that ? but he realize that people don’t mind about this kind of thing and they end together ? you can do it in 2 or 3 part maybe? (that’s totally strange i know and sorry for my english 😂)

It’s finally up! I’m so sorry it took so long, but I was on vacation and had no time to do it then. 

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx

Warnings: Angst

Words: 1,146

Do not repost this on other sites and claim it as your work.

Please don’t forget to leave feedback! ;)

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You smiled as you left Jacob’s Bakery. You really felt like today was a good day! After being let off early from work, you walked over to Jacob’s Bakery and bought a dozen cupcakes for you and Percival to eat together. As you left the bakery, you thought of how nice it’d finally be to spend some time with your boyfriend after barely being able to be together because of the long hours he’d spend at MACUSA.

Percival and you had been dating for three months now. Your relationship really began to bloom when the two of you realized you lived in the same apartment building. Everyday you would end up walking by each other, and soon enough you began walking together to work each morning. Those small conversations blossomed into long nights spent together by the fireplace and late night walks around the city. Both of you had feelings for each other, however it took time for Percival to get used to the large age gap between the two of you. Once you began dating, he opened up to you about his worries on the age gap, but you were insistent that you two could work through it.

Arriving at your apartment building, you walked to your apartment and made your way inside. After you set down the cupcakes on a nearby table, you picked up the phone and left a message for Percival to meet you after work at your apartment. 

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to leave work until 8:00, you plopped down onto your couch and settled into a blissful nap.

After a few hours of napping, you awoke to the sound of soft knocks at your door. You drowsily sat up from your position on the couch and walked over to it. You opened the door and were greeted by a very tired looking Percival Graves. 

Smiling, you took him into your arms for a big hug. “I missed you! Come on in so we can have some cupcakes.” You detached yourself from Percy and turned around to send him a flirtatious wink before walking back into your apartment. 

As you neared the cupcakes on your table you noticed that Percival hadn’t moved from his position by the door. You looked a little closer at him and saw how tired he was. He had bags under his eyes and there was a frown deeply set onto his face.

Your eyes softened when you thought of how much work he must’ve done today. He probably just wanted some sleep. 

“I’m sorry if you’re tired babe. If you want you can go back to your apartment and sleep. We can just eat the cupcakes tomorrow.” You smiled and began to walk towards him to kiss him goodbye before he stopped you.

“No, no. I’m fine. I just need to talk to you about something.” He brushed past you and walked over to the couch to sit down.

Now it was your turn to frown. Did you do something wrong?

As if reading your mind, Percival looked at you and beckoned you to come over. 

“You did nothing wrong, we just need to talk.”

Nodding, you silently moved over to sit next to him. You thought of all the worst situations in your head. The anticipation for what he was about to say was eating away at you.

“We need to talk about the age gap between us. I know you want to work through it, but I think you… would be better off looking for someone more close to your age, sweetheart.”

You frowned and looked at Percival. “Are you breaking up with me?”

Several seconds of silence followed after you asked that daunting question. Percival didn’t want to do this, but he couldn’t risk people finding out he was dating someone years and years younger than him. His subordinates may not think as highly of him if they knew.

After a while, Percival looked at you and nodded. In an effort of comforting you, he reached out and put his hand on top of yours, rubbing his thumb in circles on the back of your hand. 

You recoiled at his touch. Was he ashamed of dating you? Was it just his pride that got into the way? 

“Percival I… we can work through this. I really don’t think age matters, if we can make this work, then we can make it work.”

“I know what you’re saying, but there’s too many risks here. If the people at MACUSA find out, they may not respect me as much as they do now.”

A wave of anger rushed through you. So this was only because of his pride! 

“Why would they not respect you if they knew you were dating me? Is there something about me you don’t like?”

“There is nothing about you that I dislike, but like I said before, there are too many risks. I’m sorry-”

“There are too many risks my ass! You’re just making all of this up. It’s only because of your pride.”

“Y/N. I know you want to work through this, but we can’t. The age gap is too big and I would rather you found someone younger than me to be with you.”

You didn’t even realize you were crying until Percival pulled you into a hug, telling you to not cry and that everything would be find. 

You shoved yourself away from him as if he burned you. Furiously wiping at your tears, you stood up and faced him with all of the strength you had left. 

“Get out. If you’re so ashamed of having me as your girlfriend, then I’m ashamed I even allowed you into my life. Leave.”

Percival nodded in acceptance and swiftly made his way to the door, closing it behind him.

At that moment you broke down. There were so many hopes and memories you had in that relationship, but his pride got into the way and he couldn’t even stand to stay with you. You wondered if it was your fault that this happened. You even wondered if he found someone else to love instead of you.

Sobs racked your body at the thought of that. 

Percival was also hurting inside. Once he made it back to his apartment, he walked to his room and lied down on his bed, thinking over the past event and hoping that you would understand why he did what he did. He hated to see you cry, his heart broke once he saw what his words were doing to you. What you had said last was burned into his mind, and he couldn’t help but feel like he was already missing something in his life. But in his mind, this had to be done. The Graves family was built on respect and power, and he wasn’t willing to lose that just yet.


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Strawberry Jam

Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: “It’s your fucking birthday, and all of our lovely friends are coming here just for you. Please come out here and get ready now!”

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @motleymoose @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings

A/N: This is a repost. The read more option wasn’t functional on the previous post of this and it was driving me nuts.

“Come on, you gotta get out of the bathroom, doll,” Enzo pleads with me from the other side of the door.

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anonymous asked:

VLD got the Season 2 curse. Y'know, the curse where the first season is successful and the writers let it go to their heads and completely go off rails and come up with a second season with 1) a plot that doesn't make sense/is rushed, 2) destroyed character development, 3) something triggering/controversial/offensive or god forbid ALL THREE. And they expect fandom to be okay with it cause fandom is dumb and will buy anything.

Originally posted by tarukatasa

season two isn’t awful and there’s a lot of good concepts and good stuff. the main issues with season two can all be boiled down to a couple of things, pretty much:

  • it wasn’t everything we expected/wished for, which is what nearly always happens when fandoms are given time to wish/expect for things
  • WAY too much focus on keith. so many other things got sidelined and his arc honestly did not need to be as big a deal. it also didn’t help that the galra keith plot twist wasn’t really one for most of the fandom bc so many of us saw it coming from a mile away.
  • demoting characters to put others on a pedestal. AKA allura’s feelings getting sidelined in the galra keith plotline and him not making any efforts to understand her, hunk not getting to be shown just as smart as pidge in “greening the cube”, etc.
  • splitting the team up. i wasn’t a fan on having everyone on separate missions that were happening simultaneously. it made me feel like the narrative was stuck in one place for three whole episodes rather than continually moving forward.
  • wasted potential on having the team split up in the beginning. these early episodes would have been perfect opportunities to give every member of voltron a really nice chance to shine in an ATLA-esque “zuko alone” styled episodes. showing how keith and shiro knew each other back at the garrison was all we needed this season to solidify their bond, not the overload of interaction we got throughout. having pidge, hunk and lance lost together!! call backs to their time at the garrison, flashbacks for them.
  • a non-comedic subplot for allura and coran in 2x01. can u tell im bitter
  • expansion on the blade of marmora. how were they formed? when were they formed? how do they keep the rebellion alive? what do you they actually do beyond infiltrating and waiting for voltron to show up and kick their asses into gear, bc other than that it seems like all they do is wait??
  • but i do disagree that fandom is dumb. the majority of the fandom wasn’t all that pleased by season two for all sorts of different reasons. here’s hoping s3 can do a better job at giving us the sort of season and character arcs we deserve.

I sincerely apologize for how long this took, but here it finally is! I have a masterlist if you would like some more ACOTAR or even ToG related fics, so check them out if you want!


For the first time ever Feyre was going to be introduced to the Court of Nightmares as the High lady of the Night Court.

Usually she would be scantily clad in the same outfit she had worn countless times Under the Mountain and the one time when they had gone to retrieve the Orb. Today was different, however. Today was different because she wasn’t doing any kind of distracting – whether it was distracting Keir while her Inner Circle swindled them or distracting herself from the horrors surrounding her. Today High Lady Feyre Archeron was here to assert her dominance and authority on a group of monsters and honestly she thought this may be the biggest challenge she’s faced as he High Lady so far.

Which is silly to say, Feyre thought. She has faced demons of unknown aberration, terror unlike anything she could’ve dreamed possible, and war facing her loved ones on all horizons… and yet this terrified Feyre the most.

She was no longer afraid of her own shadow or the ones that lived in tight places such as underground, and she knew that she could achieve anything with her mate Rhysand at her side, but somehow facing men like Keir was what she knew would test her most.

She wasn’t afraid of them, oh no, she was afraid of herself and what she might do to them. Feyre liked to think that she never took pleasure in killing, that she only did it for necessity, but oh the things she would give to rip Keir and the men like him limb from limb until they were nothing but blood-rain.

She stood at the entrance to the Court, wearing a long dress made of black velvet. It was accented at the hems with gold lace, and had an elegant train covered in the same lace, except this was fashioned in the same pattern as her tattoos. Rhys stood at her side wearing the matching suit, the crown made of stars atop his head.

“Are you ready to put yours on?” he asked her. He was holding her twin crown in his hands, taking his time with her. It didn’t matter how late they were or what time they arrived. All that mattered was that his wife was comfortable and ready.

She nodded and he gingerly placed the ornate crown on her golden-brown waves. He then moved his hands from the crown and down her cheeks so that he was cradling her face. He leaned down and placed a sweet, assuring kiss on her lips, while also sending love down their bond.

She hummed against his mouth and lifted her hands to rest on his chest.

“I love you,” She whispered.

“And I love you,” He responded.

Her love for him had grown stronger and stronger over the past year being together. Never had there been a moment where it plateaued or faded, even when she was in the Spring Court and separated from him, even when there was a moment when they thought that their eternity would be cut short from the war, Feyre had loved him. He was her heart, her soul, her crown, and she would be nothing but dust in the wind before she stopped loving him.

“Are you ready, my love?”

She knew that if she told him no then he would wait. He would never rush her on such a momentous occasion.

“We shouldn’t let Mor and Cassian wait any longer. Mother knows what sort of havoc they are wrecking in our absence.”

Rhys let out a low laugh and without further ado linked his hands with hers and made their first steps into the Court of Nightmares.

It was just how she remembered it. The dark hallways, the sinister atmosphere… it was identical right down to the dais – with the exception that it now had two thrones rather than one.  

As they entered the crowded room everyone turned to Rhys and Feyre in shock and in the following seconds got to their knees in obedience to Rhys. They had heard utterings of Feyre being the High Lady, and you would’ve thought the construction of another throne would’ve been the nail in the coffin, but alas this Court was still shocked to see High Lord Rhysand’s whore now their leader.

Of course she was never his whore, but they didn’t know that - especially with Keir’s slander and dark musings about her.

To this day it confounded Feyre as to how someone as bright and lovely as Morrigan could’ve been born and raised in such a dark, ghastly place.

They both sat on their respective thrones, releasing their hold on one another. The ornate seats are far enough away from each other to show that Feyre and Rhys are separate entities of power but close enough so that they could touch if they wished. As it was, Rhys held out his hands for Feyre to take again – Feyre linking their fingers without a moment’s thought.

Rhys had no leash on his power, his darkness consuming the room and his power stifling. Feyre herself had let go of the checks she kept on herself. Since the war she had unlocked nearly all the magical weapons in her arsenal – spanning from all courts of Prythian and beyond. Combining that and her all-consuming love for her mate… well, Feyre had to make a conscious effort to keep from glowing endlessly – as she was now.

Rhys sent a shot of delight at the light that surrounded her down the bond, and the smile on his face was nothing short of awestruck.

Bringing their linked hands to his mouth for a quick kiss, Rhys then commanded, “Rise and let me introduce your High Lady, Feyre Cursebreaker, Defender of Prythian, Lady of Dreamers, and Light Exultant. Rise and greet your Queen.”

The fae around them stood, no one daring to make a sound.

Feyre scanned the faces of the Fae around her, pausing her gaze when she saw a grinning Cassian and a beaming Mor standing in the furthermost corner. Cassian was wearing his battle leathers and had adorned all his siphons, whereas Mor was wearing the usual scandalous attire. Feyre could tell from the trembling of the fae in the vicinity of her two dear friends that they had indeed been causing trouble before she arrived.

“Step forward, Keir.” Rhys continued.

Keir, who was at the front of the crowd, approached with an unexpected overconfidence.

“High Lord,”

He was purposefully ignoring her. He had a sneer the size of Cassian’s ego across his face and was looking pointedly at the top button of Rhysand’s overcoat.

She could’ve laughed. Did he not remember the last time he insulted her in front of her mate? Maybe she’ll remind him.

“Hello, Keir.” She did her best imitation of Rhys’s signature purr.

“Lady Feyre,” He scorned.

High Lady Feyre,” She corrected him.

Mor had warned her that something like this would probably happen. Keir was a shtick for tradition and to have a woman leading the most powerful Court in Prythian must make him ache inside.  

Feyre felt no pity for this blister in existence. She may not have been alive when he did those things to Mor, and she may not have dealt with the aftermath like her friends had, but Mor was like a sister to her – a sister in a way her biological ones hadn’t been for a very, very long time. She would never forgive this ulcer of a man for what he had done to her beautiful friend.

He hummed in return. A dismissal of sorts.

She could feel Rhys’s rage at his actions though the bond and in return she sent soothing feelings. She would take care of this.

“Your arm seems to have healed wondrously since the last time we met. Do tell, Keir, did you have any healers help you?” She had a mask of innocence plastered on her face but everyone in the room knew that it was just a front. Everyone knew what she was capable of doing to her enemies - she made no secret of it. After what the King of Hybern had tried to do… Feyre would never shy away from a fight again, and she would never let anyone question her supremacy.

“It is the healing magic in my blood that helped the healing process, High Lady.”

How dare he have the audacity, how dare he look at her like that, I’ll kill him, I’ll kill him, I’ll kill him

Feyre tightened her grip on Rhys’s hand as his thoughts unintentionally bled into her.

“I must say I find that rather strange. I was under the impression that you would have a permanent,” She paused for emphasis, “let’s call it a disfigurement.”

“I am lucky to have an abundance of power. More than the usual fae, High Lady.”

Feyre could see that he was starting to sweat at her questioning. It was obvious to everyone that he had used a healer even when Rhys had specifically told him not to. After a year Keir may have thought that Rhys would forget his promise, but that wasn’t the case at all. They simply had bigger problems to deal with than this weasel.

“Do you think I’m an idiot? Do you think my mate is an idiot?” Rhys snickered. “We are no fools, Keir, and you know damn well that we both know when we are being lied to. I may have offered you mercy if you had told the truth, but it seems you are incapable of even the most simple of tasks. Get on your knees,” he ordered, “and beg for your High Lady’s forgiveness. Maybe when she decides your punishment she’ll be merciful, but I doubt it.”

Keir then did the stupidest thing Feyre may ever have seen. He spat on the dais.

“We follow you without complaint, we let ourselves be crushed under you, but I draw the line at bowing to this filth as my High Lady. What has she done to deserve our respect besides throw a few tantrums filled with a slew of magic. Magic that isn’t even hers! Punish me for my insolence, High Lord Rhysand, but I cannot stand by and approve this depravity.”

The whole room gasped in horror at his words. What he was saying was treasonous, and even the monsters standing around them knew it.

Feyre searched for Cassian and Mor in the crowd. When she found them they had moved closer to the dais and both had gone red in the face from anger. Anger and pure, unaltered disgust.

Feyre stared Keir down, and did the second most unexpected thing of the night – she laughed. A whole-hearted, warm laugh. A laugh that someone might have from the joke of a lover, or the antics of a best friend.

Feyre knew that her response would merit this whole damned courts feelings towards her. Feelings that must be fear. It was the only thing they responded to.

With barely a blink Feyre took Keir’s mind and forced him to his knees.

She looked to Mor again, and gently mentally tapped her friend to give her a message.

Mor opened her mind to Feyre in response.

He needs to die, Feyre breathed into her mind, not just for this but for everything. The war is over and it’s time to start afresh. But it is your decision, Mor, and I won’t take it away from you.

Mor’s throat bobbed as she swallowed in nervousness – she was deep in thought - considering Feyre’s unspoken words. Cassian looked at her with curiosity, wondering what Feyre had said.

I want him dead, and if it’s now then it’s now. But if I may ask, Feyre, let Azriel and Cassian do it. And let them take their time. Mor replied. I despise my father and I more than anybody want him gone and to pay for everything he’s done, but I can’t do it. I know that makes me weak-

That does not make you weak, Mor. Feyre slammed into her mind. There is nothing about you that is weak. Well, besides your tolerance to alcohol. She joked.

Then do your worst, Feyre. Mor conceded.

The whole court was aware of their silent conversation – it was obvious that the two women were conversing.

“Keir,” He was still on his knees, spine ramrod and breathing heavy, “you are one very lucky man.”

Feyre released his mind and he sagged in relief.

“So lucky, because my first ruling as High Lady of this Court involves you. It’s rather historic - you’ll be remembered as the first ever fae I presided over.”

The tension in his body picked up at her words.

“General,” Rhys summoned Cassian for Feyre. He knew what she was going to do and he approved.

“Keir, I sentence you to death at the hands of my general and spymaster. Your title will be forfeit to your heir, who if he follows in the footsteps of his failure of a father will lose his title and I will come back and instate whomever I deem fit to take it. Your punishment will start at the arrival of the shadowsinger. Dismissed.”

The fae around her looked on in terror and awe and one by one bowed to the High Lady and High Lord.

Yes, the tactic of fear was always a solid one where this court was concerned, and Feyre had just earned their total and utter loyalty.


Okay, so what if y\n forgot Harry’s bday and he feels hurt and y\n tries to make it up to him in a non sexual way,like making him breakfast in bed or giving him a homemade gift!

As I said, I didn’t even realize what the date was when I scheduled this one, but it’s about as close as you can get to Harry’s actual birthday (it might actually be the 1st in some places). It was a complete coincidence…I’m not clever enough to plan it.


You hadn’t meant to forget; it had kind of just happened.

You still felt as though you were trying to catch up on all the work that you had been putting off over the Christmas break, and you had celebrated with Anne and Robin and Gemma a few weeks ago back in London, so for some reason, your brain had you convinced that Harry’s birthday had already passed and today was simply another normal day.

You had gone to work early that morning, leaving a sleeping Harry in your bed and giving him nothing more than a quick kiss on the forehead before you scurried to the shower and then out the door before he was even awake.

It didn’t even cross your mind throughout the day that today was February 1st. You and Harry had been together for several birthdays by now and you knew that Harry wasn’t one to text you and be all, “Hey, remember today is my birthday.” If anything, he would try to avoid the subject as much as possible because he didn’t want anyone to make a big fuss about it.

But he still enjoyed when you made a big fuss over him; he blushed every single time you gave him a compliment and any amount of extra love – whether it be physical or simply words – always made him blush and giggle and pull you close so he could snuggle. Birthdays might not have been the biggest deal in the world to him, but he still appreciated the effort that anyone put into the day for him.

You had done nothing; you were officially the world’s worst girlfriend and you didn’t even realize it yet.

You got no texts throughout the day from him; you assumed that he was in meetings with Jeff or simply wandering around LA doing errands or doing some writing. It wasn’t unusual for the two of you not to text each other while you were both busy, unless you needed something. You hadn’t meant to stay at work as long as you had; it was well past dark by the time you finally packed up and said goodbye to your boss. You were starving, but you chose to wait until you got home to perhaps order some take out with Harry and spend the rest of the evening plopped down in his arms – perhaps in a nice bath – and talk about your day.

The house was dark when you got home and you quickly realized that Harry wasn’t around. You sighed, throwing your stuff down on the couch and flopping down on the cushion. You were still starving, but you didn’t know what time Harry would be home, so you opted to eat without him, rummaging around in the fridge until you found enough ingredients to put together an average meal that didn’t require a lot of work.

It wasn’t until you were wandering around the house with a sandwich in your hand that your eyes finally fell on something that made your heart drop. You happened to be walking by a stack of Harry’s books and papers and the edge of a calendar stuck out from the side. The first day of the month was circled in big, red pen and, although there was nothing written in the square, you immediately knew what it meant.

Today was the 1st. Today was February 1st, and it was Harry’s birthday and you had completely forgotten and done absolutely nothing for him.

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promises || theo raeken

description: in which theo comes to the realization that he’s painfully, unconditionally in love with you, and it terrifies him

requested by: anonymous

warnings: hints of smut, angst, mentions of death, panic attack

notes: i changed this a little just a little from the original request, but it still deals with the same thing

For the first time in his entire life, Theo Raeken didn’t know what to do. 

He always had an answer to everything, always knew what to say, what to do, was always able to talk himself out of a sticky situation with his clever words and honey smooth voice. He was the confident, cocky asshole. It just came natural to him. 

But his overconfidence diminished the moment he let you in. 

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