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Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky


In which Yuri finds out that Otabek has a tumblr. 

AO3 link

We recently found out that Otabek is “well versed in all kinds of social media” and I am SHOOK. Somewhat inspired by the ask that altisetsky replied to, here’s the fic that no one asked for, but you’re all getting anyway.

cc: @otayuriwriterscollective

He doesn’t mean to pry.

Really, he doesn’t. But Otabek’s left his laptop open on the kitchen counter and it’s unlocked. Otabek is in the shower, so Yuri won’t be disturbed. It’s not like he’s going to go through his personal files or anything, but that’s unmistakably a tumblr dashboard, and Yuri is intrigued. The thought of Otabek having a tumblr is almost of ludicrous as Otabek DJing in his spare time, and – well. Now everyone and their mother has Otabek’s tracks downloaded on their Spotify or iTunes.

So he crosses the room and investigates.

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jackbum + sexual tension

 soooo this pretty little anon requested it -also gonna include what this other person asked for ;)- i’ve been wanting to do it for SO FUCKING LONG so why dont we get our hands dirty (literally) already??? BRACE YOURSELVES


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Dropping Anchor 2/5

SUMMARY: As if returning home penniless and heartbroken isn’t bad enough, the last thing Emma needs is for her mom to get her a job – and for her future boss to pull her out of the harbor before she even knows his name. But Killian Jones has never been afraid of the water…

Rating: M (later)

Ao3 or 

A follower appreciation “one shot” for @32variations that got completely out of hand, part 2. 

I love the photosets @lenfaz made for this (just you wait for the one for part 3) and am so happy she offered when she heard about this project! And a big thank you to @evil–isnt–born for beta duties in the midst of holiday madness. 


She doesn’t mean for it to happen, but somehow after that night of drunken companionship on the docks, she can’t seem to find a way to apply the word stupid to Killian Jones.

It’s awkward when she first arrives at the bar. Killian is obviously nursing a hangover, dark shadows under his eyes and his scruff unkempt. The sight gives her pause, a flicker of something like curiosity, only somehow more tugging at her. He wasn’t sober when he left her at her door, but he wasn’t that drunk, either. Had he gone home and started drinking again? And if he did, why?

Firmly telling herself it isn’t her concern – and that the last thing she wants to do is open the door she’s firmly slammed shut on all the things she thought she wanted to do with him last night under the influence of way too much tequila and rum –Emma settles into the rhythm of Monday afternoon. The bar isn’t that busy, only the handful of regulars present in their accustomed spots, and it doesn’t take long before she’s run out of things to do to occupy herself.

She tries leaning against the wall opposite the bar, her eyes drifting toward the TV without really absorbing anything occurring on the screen. It’s mostly just a way to avoid the heavy weight of Killian’s bloodshot eyes that follow her around the bar – he isn’t even attempting to be subtle about it; the few times she’s looked up and met his gaze, he hasn’t looked away, his stare full of questions.

It’s as if she’s a puzzle he’s determined to solve, his brows slightly furrowed, his eyes slightly narrowed. What the big mystery is, she has no idea. Emma likes to think of herself as fairly straightforward. Maybe she’s not into sharing her deepest secrets, but what’s so complicated about that?

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With Interest {Suga Fanfic}

Ch. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Continuation/spin-off of Haunted Drinks

You sat on your bed and stared absentmindedly at the wall. You had been in this same position since you had gotten back from the amusement park and you know you were supposed to pack for the trip back tomorrow but you couldn’t bring yourself to move as you attempted to process what had happened hours before. Why did Yoongi kiss you? He liked Hoseok’s girlfriend didn’t he? If he liked you, what did that make you for going to him for all your troubles? Is this even the time for self-pity? How does Yoongi feel about listening to you talk to about how much you loved Hoseok? It hadn’t just been a one time or two time thing! It had happened several times since Halloween so what were you supposed to do now?

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Virtual Woes (5)

AN: it’s 11:30 where I am! So I’m still on schedule! Anyway, from this point on is where I finally want to be in the story! Now all the cute stuff storms in! Free reign!
Pairings: SasuHina
Rating: T (swearing)

Installment: [1] [2],[3][4]


Virtual Woes 5


Sasuke ended up having to pick Hinata up, apparently she lost her bus card or the buses weren’t running or something. Anyway… He teased her a bit before asking for the address. Now… Hinata sitting in the living room, staring out the window waiting for him to pull up.

“I’ll be there in fifteen…that’s what the GPS says.” He told her as he turned on the car.

Anyway, she was sweating terribly bad. She put majority of her face in the couch cushion and watched through terrified eyes. She would be essentially meeting her hero. Her stomach was knotting at the thought. “I’m going to pass out,” she whispered. “I’m definitely going to pass out.”

Ten minutes passed.

Hinata ran to the bathroom and checked her reflection. “He is a very good friend. There’s no reason to be nervous–”

There was a honk. She damn near tripped over herself and went to the window. A silver car was sitting in her driveway and…and Sasuke got out in the snow and took out his phone.

Her’s rang.


“Yeah, I’m outside.”

“I see you.”

He turned to the window and waved awkwardly. “Come out, dork. Have you been cat-fishing me?”

She laughed and grabbed her scarf and went to the door. “I’m very n-nervous.”

“I’m standing outside your big ass house in the snow - alone and you’re the one nervous?”

“Okay,” she said and opened the door. She braced against the wind. Hinata adjusted her bag strap and walked up to him. He was getting taller. Why was he getting so tall? She was going to die. He was so…good-looking what the hell? What did she do? Shake his hand?! Yes. That seemed appropriate. Shake his hand.

His chest inhaled. “Hey-” Out of some creepy reflex, she hugged him. Sasuke looked down at the short girl embracing him. “You’re so short.”

She buried her head in his chest and gripped his jacket. Hinata couldn’t believe herself! What happened to the hand shake!? Why was she hugging him? Her heart stopped completely when his arms slowly wrapped around her.

“Are you too nervous to move?” He asked calmly but his own heart was punching her in the face. Hinata nodded weakly in his chest. “Take your time.” She nodded again and stood there for another minute.

Finally she stepped back and looked up at him with a beet red face. “I’m sorry.”

He pocketed his hands, looking away. “It’s - fine.”

Her head fell again. “I don’t know what that was.”

Sasuke shrugged. “Nothing to worry about. Let’s go.”

She smiled and nodded.



Hinata was already sweating from being in a car alone with a guy, even more because the feeling was…weird. She knew him…well! But…she didn’t know him physically.

Her balled fist laid in her lap. What did they talk about? Did she talk? Maybe she should–

“Are you hot?” Sasuke asked, his hand reaching for the vents.

“N-no,” said Hinata. “I’m just…”

He nodded. “I understand. Despite my appearance I am sweating through my jacket.”

Her lips curved into a smile. It was good to know she wasn’t the only one freaking out. He rubbed the side of his face, turned off his car and leaned back. They were going to stick here for a while.

“So…” Hinata looked over. “I - just don’t know what to say.”

He looked towards the heavy traffic and nodded again. “Well, I’m a normal person, you know?”

“Doubt it.”

“I put one leg in my pants like everyone else.”

“Nope. No, I don’t believe it.” Hinata shook her head.

Sasuke turned to her with a frown. “Sorry, I don’t have a photoset to show you.”

She stared at him. He stared at her. Hinata bubbled into giggles and Sasuke sighed. Good. Very good. Sasuke looked down at her feet and to her head. Hinata pouted already. “Don’t-”

“You are awfully short. I’ve seen short but…”

“You’re just tall.” She looked out the window. “Everyone is just tall. Natural selection.”

“You’re hurt.”

She nodded. That’s when she realized…the nerves had went away. It was…okay. The Hyuuga girl looked over at him. He was pretty lean but she knew that. His hair looked as tamed as ever. His eyes… Gosh. His eyes were literally the darkest color…but this was coming from someone whose eyes have been compared to several jewels and moons.

No, they were still there.

“I…” Sasuke looked back to see the cars moving. “Mm, finally.” He grumbled and started the car back up. She got good vibes about today.

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hi, my name is kim, and i am about to be a realist asshole ((spoilers under the cut but prob none havent been spreading like a wildfire in the hibike tags))

I LOVE REINA AND KUMIKO TOGETHER. i know people have been doing the ‘gal pal’ defense saying like ‘oh thats how girls act together’ n shit like that and no, we really dont. unless you have incredibly intimate feelings towards someone. i would NEVER so such an action like trace my best friend’s forehead, down to the nose, and linger for a second on the lips. i don’t think many girls would do that to regular friends unless they felt something more for them. so yes, i do think there is quite a bit of sexual and romantic tension between them, as well as a general big relief to their friendship that they can now talk normally now.


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