this is what happens when i listen to the same song on repeat for 5 hours

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Help! Do you ever have days where you don't want to write or revise but you know you should? What do you do to get through them?

Oh my.

Okay, so this is a thing that happens. Maybe not to everyone, but it happens to me, and when it does it is almost always for one of two reasons. Each of these reasons has a slightly different solution (there is also a third reason, which we may get into in a minute, but it’s more of a crisis than a reason, so mileage may vary).

Reason number one is, I’m easily distracted and full of thoughts and kind of lazy. So if I’m being that, there is only one solution and it is “Brenna, sit down in front of that screen and make a book, it is your JOB.” It usually works—boredom maxes out after about five minutes of staring at my document file and I start working. And there are some secondary tricks too: I work in coffee shops a lot because I like the background noise. I have big headphones that feel good squeezing my head and fill me with a sense of wellbeing. I find a song and listen to it on repeat. I always drink or eat the same thing. I wear a sweater that I like. (I fall into habits very easily and have learned to use this quality to trick myself into working.)

Reason number two, though. Reason two is that sometimes my brain is empty. I’ve been working too much too fast and not refilling my thoughts and now all the fuel is gone and I’m just grinding metal. Sometimes that means I need to not work and do something mindless, like wash dishes or vacuum or repot houseplants or drive or go outside and dig a hole and then fill it back up. Or sometimes it means I need to not work and go read a book or watch a movie or go to a museum and see things other people made when they were expansive and excited and not out of thoughts. And then, once my brain has had enough food and enough rest, I’m ready again.

Both of these reasons for not writing are totally normal (for me) (for you?) but it’s important to be able to tell the difference, because one is solved by powering through, and one is not. Which brings us to the third crisis reason.

Sometimes, I am on a brutal deadline. Sometimes it’s non-negotiable. Sometimes I have pulled two all-nighters in a row and am staring down the barrel of a third, and I know I’d want to work if I could just have a second where I’m NOT working, but that is only a beautiful dream. This is a problem. You know those people who only ever seem to operate at 100% when under extreme duress?  *raises hand* A weird thing happens where I don’t WANT to work anymore, but the overdrive switch has flipped in my brain, and it will do the work until the job is done, whether I want to or not. And trust me, I DON’T. It is like being dragged through a drippy alligatory swamp by a robot—you’re just like “please, robot, stop moving my legs! This was the actual hardest thing for me to figure out a solution for, because:

1) Deadlines are a part of my job, and sometimes they are quite tight, and the work still has to get done anyway.

2) As much as I absolutely hate it, there is another part of me that likes it.

But I know more now than I used to. Back when I was 23 and completely unwise and taking a course overload in grad school while interning and also working 30 hours a week, I was just like “this is how we live a life!” That is not true. Can you hear me in the back? THAT IS NOT TRUE.

But sometimes you still have to do stuff and there’s a lot of it and you also have very little time to do it in. So let me tell you a deadline secret, it is very important: the answer to Brenna’s acute deadline crisis is, drink water, eat almonds, divide each 24-hour cycle into two discrete sections, allowing for one 3-hour sleep cycle and one 4 to 5-hour one. This is because if you are me, you start to feel like you are not allowed to sleep. This is a lie. And in fact, if you don’t sleep, I promise your work won’t be as good. At very best, it will be pretty weird. Also, drink less coffee. You think you need it, but you don’t.

I realize the answer to this question escalated quickly. Probably just focus on points 1 and 2—telling the difference between when your brain is empty and when it’s just dragging its feet. Unless you are a person who is currently living my 23-year-old life. In which case, you are not just allowed to sleep. Dude, you HAVE TO.

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I have a prompt for you. I was thinking that maybe Sana after the last clip will pretend that she is okay and nothing happened so nobody will know what she really feel. And then to a next party, because she, I don't will be very tired for reasons, she will search for a quiet place and then Yousef come to her and they start to talk normal, but she fall asleep and I was thinking that maybe she will talk in her sleep and will tell him something like "you hurt me"... thank you, I love your work!!!


First of all thank you so much for trusting me with your idea! Sorry for the wait!

I didn’t intend to write this much but I couldn’t help myself. Hope you don’t think it’s too angsty. I really hope you like it and that you won’t mind if I post it on ao3 (saying that it’s a prompt of course)

So, here it is, hope you like it:


She had made it through the week. It had been like hell, but she had made it through.

Somehow she had managed to make everyone believe that nothing had happened and that everything was okay.

Every day she would get up, get ready for school, look at herself in the mirror and put on a fake smile so everyone would think that nothing was bothering her. Her mom and Elias had been the most difficult to convince, they had noticed that something was off but Sana had just blamed it on the school stress and they had eventually let it go.

At school, though, no one had noticed anything. She had tried to stay out of everybody’s way for as long as she could without giving them any reason to think that she was avoiding them.

She would pass the girls on the hallways and smile at them like her chest wasn’t aching. She would eat lunch with Noora and listen to her talking about William (not Yousef though, Noora hadn’t said his name once during the whole week which Sana found weird but it wasn’t like she was going to ask) and just nod at whatever she was saying like she was used to.

The real Sana would come out at night. She would closed the door of her room, removed the make up from her face and with that, her fake smile. She would lie on the bed and there, in the darkness of her room, she would finally allow herself to cry and be sad.

The problem was that, once she would start to cry, she would be doing that for hours which meant that she couldn’t sleep at night. Every time she closed her eyes she’d see the same scene on repeat, a certain older boy and a certain blonde girl kissing each other in front of her. If she thought about it, she had probably slept about 4 or 5 hours as a whole during that week.

That was probably one of the main reason why, when Friday came and she was invited to a party, she wanted to say no. She didn’t though, she had made it through that week without anyone noticing, she couldn’t let her be discovered because she didn’t want to go to a party.

So, when the evening came, she put on her mask once more like she had been doing during the whole week and pretended to be happy about partying with her friends. That mask almost came off when she entered the apartment of whoever was hosting the party and saw her brother with his friends, and yes, Yousef was there too. Apparently Vilde, always Vilde, had invited Elias ‘cause “they are 97, Sana, they’re cool”. Ha, that was funny. Only a week ago she could’ve sworn she had heard people saying that Vilde didn’t really fancy her brother. How the tables could turn when she needed to seem cool in front of people.

The party wasn’t going as bad as she had expected. Yes, she had a really bad headache and felt like she hadn’t slept in a week (which, actually, she hadn’t) but at least no one had approached her the whole night. She had stayed in the corner of the room waiting for a reasonable amount of time to pass before she could leave the party without being questioned. She looked at her watch, she still had to be there for at least two hours so no one would suspect. When she looked up again she noticed a pair of eyes looking straight at her from the other side of the room, Yousef’s eyes. He hadn’t tried to talk to her during the whole night, which she was thankful for. He also hadn’t tried to talk to Noora during the whole night, which she was even more thankful for. She quickly averted his look and acted like she didn’t care. She could still feel his eyes on her but she wasn’t willing to surrender, she was stronger than that, or at least she wished she was.

The song that was sounding ended and another one started. She didn’t know which song it was but apparently everyone else did ‘cause almost everyone in that party started to sing and shout.

That was it, too much noise, her head was about to explode. She pushed her way out of the room and entered a hallway. She tried the first door, bathroom. She tried the second one, locked, and she didn’t want to know why. Then, in the third was the charm. She opened the door and walked into what seemed to be a bedroom.

There was big bed in the middle of the room with a bunch of coats over the covers.  She sat on the edge of the bed and put her head between her hands. She felt like she was about to pass out of exhaustion when the door opened.

“Hi” a voice she knew way too well said.

She looked up and saw Yousef standing by the door looking at her with a concerned look.

“Are you okay? I saw you coming in here by yourself and just wanted to make sure”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I just wanted a little bit of silence, I have a headache” she said pressing her hands against the mattress so he wouldn’t notice that she was shaking.

“Do you want me to go?” he asked hesitantly.

She wanted to say yes so badly, she couldn’t trust herself around him, too much pain. But at the same time she wanted to tell him to stay. She had missed him so much that week. She felt stupid for feeling that way when it was clear that he didn’t care about her, not like she wanted him to. But she couldn’t help it.

“Do what you want” she said shrugging.

He closed the door and walked over to the bed sitting next to her. She looked at the floor not daring to look at him

“I haven’t really seen you this week” he said

“Yeah, I’ve been busy with school and stuff”

“Sana Bakkoush, always so efficient”

She nodded and her headache increased. She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose wishing for the pain to stop, and not only the one she was feeling in her head.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked worried

“Yes, just tired. I haven’t been sleeping very well this week” she confessed, then she added the lie she had been using during the whole week“school stress”

“If I had known that you were that stressed I would’ve sent you a meme to make you laugh”

“To make me laugh or to make me cry?” Sana asked raising her eyebrow and looking at him for the first time

“Are you trying to say that my memes are lame?” he asked

“No, I’m not trying to say that, I’m saying it”

“You’re hurting me” he said bringing a hand to his chest acting offended.

Sana laughed bitterly, if only he knew the way he had hurt her. She saw him frowning at her laugh, probably wondering what she was laughing about but if he was about to ask he certainly changed his mind when Sana yawned.

“You seem really tired. You can sleep here if you want. I can wait outside by the door to make sure no one enters” he offered.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to. I just need something to keep me awake”

“Something like what?”

“I don’t know. Since you’re here tell me something. A story”

“A story?” he asked smiling

“Use your imagination” she said rolling her eyes.

“Okay, let’s see.” He paused for a moment to think. “Once upon a time, there was this girl…”

“Let me guess, she was a princess. Very original” she interrupted him

“No, she wasn’t. She was a warrior. And don’t interrupt the artist” he said

“Fine, continue” she said yawning again

“Well, once upon a time there was this girl who was a warrior. She was the strongest girl of her village. But not only that, she was beautiful, kind, funny and a great friend. She would always put other people first and fight for what she thought it was fair”

“Sounds like a great girl” she said letting her eyes close.

“She was the best. But she had a problem though, she carried everyone’s problems with her but she wouldn’t ask for help when she needed it. She felt like everyone was counting on her so she was always there for other people but when she felt bad or when something hurt her she would swallow all her feelings and deal with them alone because she didn’t want to bother anyone.”

He looked at her to make sure that she was still listening to him. She had her eyes closed but her hands were moving so he supposed she was awake.

“Like I said, this girl was really strong so at first she dealt with it pretty well. But eventually the weight on her shoulders became so big she stopped eating and sleeping”

“Sounds familiar…” she mumbled almost inaudible.

She felt the weight of her head begging her to lie down but she tried to fight it.

“There was this one boy in the village too. He was a farmer, his specialty was carrots. He admired the warrior and looked up to her. He had always thought about talking to her but he felt like he didn’t deserve her, like he wasn’t good enough for her. But one day, the farmer started to notice that the warrior seemed sad and tired and all he wanted was for her to be happy. He wanted to make her laugh and take some of the weight she was carrying so they could share it and that way she would feel more relieved and she could get some sleep at night. But still, he was afraid that the girl wouldn’t want him like he wanted her and…” he stopped talking when he felt a weight on his shoulder, Sana’s head.

She had fallen asleep during the story and now she was resting on his shoulder. She looked so peaceful and like she really needed the sleep so he gently laid her down on the bed and covered her with one of the coats. He looked at her for a few seconds, making sure that she was asleep.

“Good night, my warrior” he whispered

“You kissed Noora” he heard her mumbled when he turned away to leave.

He froze in the place afraid to face her. He slowly turned around and looked at her, in the same position where he had left her, her eyes still closed.

“Sana?” he asked

“You hurt me…”she muttered before turning to her other side still asleep.

He approached her and called her name once again but she didn’t talk nor move. He stood there for a couple of minutes, not sure of what to do, not sure of how to react.

When he realized that she was indeed asleep and wasn’t going to wake up he turned around and left the room.

He stood outside the door to make sure no one would disturb her.

Those two sentences haunted him during the rest of the night. “You kissed Noora” “You hurt me”.

He could feel the pain on his chest, his hands sweating.

Another thought came to his mind: his story was true, the farmer boy didn’t deserve the warrior girl.


So this is it!! I really hope you’ve liked it and that I didn’t disappoint you♥♥

6. Serenade // Nurseydex

« {Part 6 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: Musician!Dex AU where they both still go to Samwell, but they don’t play hockey. Dex plays guitar and Nursey is a poet. Enjoy!

There were lots of downsides to living in the dorms. Communal bathrooms were one. Then there was the shared kitchen, the drunk freshmen tramping through the hallways at 3 AM, and dealing with roommates. One of the things that Derek didn’t mind, however, was being close to the dorm’s practice rooms.

The practice rooms were small supposedly sound-proof rooms were dorm residents could practice musical instruments without disturbing their neighbors. It was a good idea, theoretically—except whoever had designed he building hadn’t apparently had a very good understanding of acoustics. Not only were the walls of every dorm room deplorably thin (Derek really shouldn’t have this good of an idea of how often his neighbor got laid), but the practice rooms were also not nearly as “sound proof” as advertised.

Derek’s dorm room was right above his building’s practice rooms. There were a lot of people who complained about the noise, but Derek found himself enjoying the quiet melodies that leaked up from the floor below him most evenings. It wasn’t like the sound was keeping him awake—the practice rooms were closed after eleven, and Derek was never asleep before midnight.

Tonight was an unusually quiet night. Someone had been practicing Bach on the clarinet a couple hours ago, but since then the floor below had been silent. It was starting to put Derek on edge. He had two different poetry assignments to finish tonight, and the words just weren’t coming to him. Nothing he wrote down seemed worth keeping.

And then, like a Godsend, there was music—a guitar.

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tips on how to rehearse your instrument

okay, so, after ages of procrastination, here it is. My rehearsal tips for classical music. Mostly for piano, but also other instruments, especially woodwinds, since i’m also playing the flute! If you have anything to add to the list, just don’t hesitate :)

1. Prepare yourself. Yep. Even in music, this is an important step. Turn off your electronic devices, they’ll only distract you and you won’t need them - at least not for classical piano rehearsal. Get all of your sheet music together! You can also get yourself a glass or a bottle of water (Especially for wind instruments!), but make sure that the instrument won’t get any damage!

2. Warming up. This is so important and it’ll help you to improve your tone (winds) and your style. I recommend doing scales and arpeggios in different versions - you’ll always need them. Also, try out different breathing techniques if you’re playing a wind instrument, such as circular breathing. However, try to mix it up. Don’t do the same stuff every day because you’ll eventually loose interest in what you’re doing. Be creative! Don’t forget that music is art!

3. Don’t try to play all of your pieces in one day. What I wanna say is: If you have 3 pieces to practise - for example a Bach, a Beethoven sonata and another piece, don’t do all of them in the same day. Practice two of them the 1st day after your rehearsal, then two the next day and the day after that another two. This way, it’ll be a nice circle and you still practiced everything in the end. It’s the same with studying, really. Try to make a rehearsal plan. Also, if you only have to practise one piece, don’t just play it from the beginning ‘till the end. Do the same. Play 3 lines the first day, maybe 4 the next and maybe 2 the day after that. Divide the work in small chunks. It’ll be much easier to keep track of what you’re doing. 

4. Analysis. Most people don’t believe me this, but analysing your piece of music can be really helpful. Especially if your teacher just gave you a new piece to practise and you think it is way too difficult. It is not! Try to find out where the melody is. Is it in the left hand or the right hand? What is the form of the piece? Where would you play forte, where piano? Where do the notes come from, where do they go? Where are the important parts, the climax of the piece? All of these are important information that, if done right, transform the notes on the sheet into actual music. However, you may check the details of this with your teacher. They often know a lot more about music - and asking questions won’t be wrong. 

5. It is very important to practice the nuances and the intonation from the first moment on. In every instrument. Don’t try to make excuses as to why you would add that crescendo later. Do it now! To memorize the nuances easier, you can sit down for 5 to 10 minutes before your practice and just look at the notes, trying to memorize the small details that you added. 

6. Start slowly. You don’t need to be able to play a piece of music in the original tempo in one week. Getting to know your piece, feeling the music, takes time. It often takes a semester to remember 3 or 4 pieces by heart - depending on their seize as well - but that was at least the case for me. And most of the time, i was just too lazy and i could’ve needed two or three more additional weeks ‘till the actual exam. I had to memorize like 20-30 pages by heart for my last two or three exams and it really takes a good amount of work and practice!

7. So now to the actual rehearsing. Again, it is important to chunk down the piece into a lot of small pieces. Start with the right hand first, then do the left hand on its own. Or start with the melody first. Go slowly - it is better if you can play without any mistake, than playing 15 wrong notes in just one line. Also, especially for piano (and violin?) - write down the fingerings. This may take some time, but it’s so important to play everything the same way. Try to find a fingering that suits you, if they’re not included already!

8. If the piece has a lot of chords, you should play the chords first. (I’m talking about Rachmaninoff here, that little bitch!) Try to get the connection between two chords right, then add a third one, and so on. Before you notice it, you can play the whole passage already - congrats! Again, prefer going slowly and with the right notes to going fast with a lot of wrong notes. In classical music, precision is really important. And precision starts the second we start learning a new piece of music. 

9. Memorize the parts you played wrong, mark them, so you can go back later. For the very start, just try to get into the feeling of the piece. Then, take one section and play that 10-15 times. So slow, that you don’t play any wrong notes. Just 10-15 times, then go on to the next passage. At the beginning, you may repeat them more often, but as you’re already into the piece, don’t repeat the passage more than 15 times. Let it rest, go on to the next one - and only repeat it again the next day. This is also a great method for rehearsing if you don’t have a lot of time. It’s better to play just 10 minutes a day and just a passage than to not play at all! 

10. Get a metronome. Seriously. Metronomes are so important because it is literally so so so annoying when a musician can’t keep it’s tempo. And you need to be able to do so - even in difficult passages. Also, for pianists and basically every other instrumentalist (except for drummers maybe!) DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TAP YOUR FEET TO THE BEAT OF THE PIECE. DON’T DO IT. IT’S THE WORST THING EVER TO DO ON STAGE. Also, in orchestra, it’ll most likely annoy a lot of musicians around you. Just get a metronome. 

11. Don’t skip difficult passages. Don’t do it. Practice them excessively - with the method that i described in step 9. 

12. Listen to yourself. Record yourself if you need to. Criticise yourself. Don’t say “Yeah, I know i played that wrong.” Stop playing. Repeat the passage 5-10 times until you won’t get it wrong anymore. Then move on.

13. Enjoy yourself. Music comes from the heart. Try to talk to your teacher if you don’t like your piece or if you find it too difficult to practice and concentrate. I’m sure they can give you different exercises that are perfect to help you improve as an individual. 

14. If you have an exam coming up, listen to different youtube versions of the song. Get inspired - but don’t freak out. It’s okay if you don’t play Chopin as fast as Yuja Wang or Lang Lang or whoever is THE GOD in your instrument. Judges know and mostly respect that you’re a student. You’re still learning, and you’re nervous. They’re humans too and they know this. I also recommend to play the songs in front of people, for example your friends or family - often, music schools offer mini concerts for students so that they can play in front of other students who’ll take the same exam - before your actual exam. It helps to get used to the situation and it’ll be really helpful because you know what passages you have to practice more so that they won’t go wrong in the exam. 

15. Try to find out which way to play your pieces. One may requires more strength than the other, or a lot more concentration. Do you play your best piece at the end or do you choose the order by music eras and music styles? If you are not sure which way to play your pieces, ask your teacher for advice! 

16. During the exam. Don’t stop if you played a wrong note there. Please don’t try to correct yourself, that only disturbs the music’s flow. And the judges will notice the wrong note more likely if you stop playing. Mostly, they won’t even hear a wrong note. Just continue playing as if nothing happened.

17. Last but not least, if you have to audition for an university, it is important to know why you choose that certain song. Be prepared to explain what the song means to you or why you thought it would be good to play it in this setting. Also, be prepared to do an improvisation. Don’t freak out if they ask you to do something differently - they often just want to check if you’re able to change things up immediately, if you’re open to new things. Also, it is often required to play songs from different eras. Do it! And be sure to be in the required time limit as well! Mostly, they send you a list of things you have to be aware of when you register for the audition. 

18. As for the practicing times, it’s up to you. However, I recommend not playing a full hour at once - especially for piano. It’s easier to squeeze in a quick 10-20 minute practice between your study sessions. If you do that 2-3 times a day and practice the right way, you’ll be surprised on how your productivity will evaluate! Also, this method will make it easier to concentrate on your studying afterwards again, because music frees the mind from stress, relaxes your body and is good for your soul! 

Crushing On My Manager (Xiumin)~ [Part 1]


Breathe in…breathe out…I told myself as I stood in front of EXO’s practice room. This is the first time this has happened. They saw my potential and took the chance.

My knuckle pounded on the door thrice before it opened. My nervousness grew tenfold.

“Who might you be?” I recognized the leader, Suho.

“Hello, I’m your new manager?” I answered, my nervousness making my statement sound like a question.

“Oh…come in, come in. The members are just taking a 10 minute break.” he explained, leading me into the room. Half of them were on the floor and the others were occupying the couch.

“Who’s she?” Beagle line looked up.

“Hello, I’m your new manager, ____. Please treat me well.” I bowed.

“A girl?!” they all asked, sitting up straight.

“I know, it’s hard to believe, but I’ll do my best to take care of all of you.” a shy smile was on my face.

“Is that even allowed?” Sehun asked Kai, who was next to him. Kai merely shrugged.

“She looks a bit young, don’t you think?"Chen questioned.

"How old are you?” Baekhyun looked at me. That question earned a smack to the back of the head from Xiumin.

“That’s rude.” the oldest chastised.

“As shocking as it is, I’m actually younger than Sehun-ssi.” I admitted. Their jaws dropped.

“No. I don’t believe it.” Sehun shook his head.

“Our new manager is our maknae?”

“No! I’m the maknae.” Sehun pouted. I giggled

“I’m glad we’re all getting along.”

“Okay boys. Back on your feet!” the choreographer announced. A collective groan rounded the room. Everyone got up and started dancing again for another hour. I took this time to go and buy them snacks from across the street. When I came back, the song was just finishing.

“Choreographer-nim, please give us a break. We’ve been at this for 6 hours.” Chanyeol whined.

“I was told not to let you guys go until 2 a.m.” the teacher crossed his arms.

“That’s in 4 hours! 20 minute break, please. We’re all tired.”  

“15 minutes. That’s it. I’m not trying to get fired.” and he walked off.

“What’s in the bag?” Kyungsoo observed me walking towards the group

“I just thought you’d all like refreshments.” I handed the bag to Suho who passed out the drinks to everyone.

“I like her already.” Sehun and Kai mused. I turned to the choreographer.

“Let them off at 12.” I told him. He sat up

“W-what? I was told not to. They need to practice.“ he argued

"No, they need to stay alive. Ten hours of nonstop, repetitive dancing with about 10 minutes of rest is not good. At this point, they will die. Let them off at 12.” I repeated with a glare. He surrendered and agreed. The members looked like they just entered heaven.

Once practice was over, they all entered the van and I got into the drivers seat.

“Have you all eaten?” I asked, starting the vehicle.

“Not in 5 hours.” Lay answered.

“Perfect.” I drove to the nearest restaurant.

“I’ll pay. Just don’t eat over your limit. You guys have to stay in shape for the concert in 2 months.” I grinned. They all chose a table and started ordering. My seat was next to Xiumin.

“Are you really younger than Sehun?” he asked. I nodded

“You must really be good at these things. Good luck tolerating some of us.” Kyungsoo cut in, giving Beagle Line and Maknae line a stare before eating his rice. I chuckled.

“Yeah. The last manager quit because of us. He said something along the lines of; ‘They’re so obnoxious!’ but that’s just a rumor probably. We’re adorable.” Baekhyun shrugged and stuffed his mouth with some vegetables.

“Anyway, thank you got getting us off and treating us.” Suho grinned

“Hey, I’m here to make sure you make it to all your schedules and stay alive at the same time.” and I, too, ate my food. Soon enough, everyone finished and like I said, I paid.

Over the next few weeks, I’ve gotten more comfortable being around them.

Thanks to Baekhyun and Chen, they’re all starting to call me 'Manager Dongsaeng’ and I’m pretty much okay with it. They know when to listen and when to fool around.

During one of the practice last week, Kyungsoo stepped wrong and twisted his ankle. I rushed him to the hospital and now, there’s a wrap around it but the doctor said it’ll heal before the concert next week. Kyungsoo was thankful and kept on repeating 'Thank you’ for two days after that. He was carefully practicing so when the concert comes, he’ll still remember the steps.

Of course, being their manager is confusing, frustrating and tiring sometimes. The fact that I can still wake up at 5 a.m is a wonder. I mean, waking them up takes an hour because they all share two bathrooms and some take longer than the other.

Their schedules are hectic, one minute we’re at a photo shoot inside and another minute we’re on our way to record, then practice, and another photo shoot outside.

Right now, they’re recording for the concert and it’s 1 a.m. They’re free in 30 minutes.

“That’s a wrap! Okay, you’re all free to go.” 30 minutes later, the people called. They all hurried out.

“Where are we eating this time, Manager Dongsaeng?” Chen asked. Over the past week, I’ve been taking them out after schedules end to eat but they can’t eat anything too much this week. I mean, the concert’s next Friday.

“I’m sorry boys. I can only let you eat a few today, and for the next 6 days. It’s either yogurt, salad or fruits.” I apologized

“Is a fruit salad, okay?” Lay asked. I grinned at his cuteness.

“Knock yourself out.” and they made me drive them to the store to pick up what they wanted.

“Baekhyun! When I said yogurt, I mean the healthy ones, not Yo-Crunch Oreo toppings. Put it back.” I pointed a finger at him. He gave a cheesy smile and placed it back.

When everything was paid for (Thanks to me…) I drove them back to the dorm.

“Stay Dongsaeng-ah. Please? Enjoy some super healthy foods with us!”

“Alright Xiumin. I’ll stay.” I gave in to EXO’s oldest hyung.

“Why can’t you call us 'oppa’?” Chanyeol asked. The members looked up nodding in agreement.

“You guys never asked.” I answered, filling my yogurt with berries.
“Please call us 'oppa’!” they all sync. I giggled.


God, she’s adorable. How did SM find such a young and talented manager? A girl no less. Since 4 weeks ago, I’ve been liking her a lot. Even wishing to have more schedules so I can see her. I know, not professional to be crushing on my 'Manager Dongsaeng’. I can tell the others are starting to take interest in her as well. Who wouldn’t?

She’s funny, knows when it’s business time and knows how to have fun without getting fired. She cares for all of the members. She’s talented. I mean I think waking up at probably 5 a.m every single day to wait an hour for us to wake up is pure talent.

She’s calm whatever the situation is. Like when Kyungsoo twisted his ankle, she wasn’t screaming her face off. She merely sent Sehun to get an ice bag while she and I helped carry him to the car.

Unlike the last manager, not one smack to the head was given since she arrived. Yeah, believe it or not, the last manager wasn’t as gentle as she was.

She’s an amazing manager and every time I think of her or see her, my heart speeds up. Like now as she’s advancing towards me.

“Hi Xiumin oppa. Um, mind if I have some blueberries?” she asked, looking up at me.

“No, I don’t mind. Take as much as you need.” I handed her the bag and she took it. Our fingertips brushed each other and something sparked. I heard a small gasp from her but she shook it off.

“Thanks.” with a grin, she returned to the sofa in the living room. I watched her leave. I never thought this could happen…but I have a major crush on my Manager Dongsaeng.

Was this good? Sorry if it was 5 miles long. Forever taking requests, don’t be shy.

[Part 2]


For those who want to know what the fuck is going on with Brand New right now, I’ll explain it in a way that people who are foreign to the band will understand:

Back in 2006, the band was making their third album. During the process, the low quality demos were leaked. The band decided to rehash the entire demos, leaving only 3 songs from the demo in the actual record. Two of which were acoustics that either turned electric (Untitled 08/Sowing Season) or had more electrical flourishes (Untitled 06/Luca). Both of these songs were also given completely different lyrics. The other, Untitled 09, kept only the melody of its chorus and was put into the song “The Archers’ Bows Have Broken”. These demos are a huge part of their lore for the fact that they leaked and causes the band to work on new songs which later became their opus of an album, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me (TDAG for short). It’s the one with the spooky skeleton dudes and the little girl that you see Tumblr edits of all the time. The one with “Jesus Christ, that’s a pretty face/I’m alone again”. Yeah, that one.

When TDAG came out 9 years ago, there was a thing in the linear notes that said to send a self addressed stamped envelope and $1 to this address for a lyric booklet. No one got anything from it except some people who got their dollars returned. It has been a running joke over the years. 9 years later, someone claims to have gotten a lyric booklet from the band. He posts pictures of it and at first people think it’s a lie, but more and more people kept getting the lyric booklet in the mail.

In the lyric booklet, it came with tbe dollar that was sent and a message saying “You will get it when it’s finished”. In addition, there was also this sheet of paper that says that their leaked demos from 2006 (the low quality leaks from before, known by the fanbase as Fight Off Your Demons) are available in a cassette in high quality near the Wardenclyfe Tower. Someone went to the address but nothing was there, just a bar and a restricted private property. After a while, people made a Google search about the location and it turns out that the place used to be a radio tower. Upon furter inspection, people found cryptic information about the tower, including the fact that on July 10th, it would be the 120th birthday of the Tesla radio tower. July 10th is also the birthday of Jesse Lacey, the lead singer of Brand New. Not only that, see, June 10th is the day that record stores will stop putting out new releases on Tuesday and instead, on Friday. In addition, a couple of months ago, Mike Sapone (or Kevin Devine, I forgot which exactly) posted a picture on Instagram of the band in the studio that was captioned with the birthdays of famous celebrities. So this thing about Jesse’s birthday isn’t without reason.

Later in the night, connections were made. Last year, the band had a “NODE” button on their site that lead to a couple of places, most notably, their mp3s and a link to a page on a site called “Fusion Anomaly” that covered conspiracy theories about radio towers and the Central Nervous System. The radio tower could be a connection to the Telsa one, but what about the CNS? Another thing the band did last year was put out a new brand of merch, Electricity Is Dangerous, which shows people getting into accidents from electricity and a red line that shows exactly how they got electricuted that happens to flow through the nervous system of the characters. Currently, at the bottom of the band’s site, you can find a text that says Earth Sound Alliance 2015. On Fusion Anomaly, you can find a page called The Sounds Of Earth that talks about a project in 1977 where NASA made a time capsule that contained a vinyl like disc that held audio of many Earth-like sounds so that aliens could learn about us should they find it. It contained things from the sound of rain, barking of dogs and kisses from Mothers.

About an hour after that discovery, another person was found with a lyric booklet. On one of her pictures, it revealed an image of lights torwards the sky, much like image of The Battle Of Los Angeles, another thing that Fusion Anomaly covers. On this image there’s text that says:

rip 2018
“Know God’s Just Work”

People assumed that this was stating the year that Brand New would break up. But what about the numbers? Questioning them, people thought they were a phone number, but it wasn’t long until the number was decoded to be:

2 18 1 14 4 14 5 23 

If you assign each letter a number, A = 1, B = 2, etc., you get B R A N D N E W. Brand New. This further fuels the theory of the band’s departure. In addition, Jesse himself has said the he doesn’t want to be in the band when he’s 40. Jesse turns 40 on 2018. In addition to this, Know God’s Just Work was also on a billboard in Brooklyn last year, that also caused cryptic hype.

What exactly is Brand New hyping? Is it the break up that will be done in 3 years? Is it a new album that will be out in June? The band has been in the studio on and off for 2 years now, so that isn’t a stretch. What further helps this theory is that the band says that they want the next album they make to be what would’ve happened if TDAG (and the album after it, Daisy) never existed. Thus, it would sound like a follow up to Deja Entendu, their second record, as opposed to Daisy, their fourth.

Want one last haunting thing? A video was found yesterday that was recorded back in the day. It’s the band playing live and during the middle of the set, someone asks about the lyric booklets that were never sent. Jesse says that they would send them out during a time that everyone has forgotten about them and no one cares. The last part referencing that a lot of people don’t have the same address as they did 10 years ago, so the people who get the booklets wouldn’t care as they have no idea what it is.

Could this all be nonsense speculation? Probably, but the band is known for being cryptic. It’s all part of the band’s lore. This is how the band acts, if at all. The band loves to be silent on social media and doesn’t even go to interviews or do press. Their last music video was back in 2003. Their last album was in 2009. The band has many cryptic gems in their discography, whether it be the first time the Deja Entendu astronaut surfaced the internet in 2003 to the fact that their 2009 album, Daisy, starts and ends with a woman singing gospel for about a minute. The band has 10 untitled songs, one of which is an interlude that repeats a single phrase over and over again (some say it’s “I will never listen”, but without the lyric booklet, no one knows for sure as it has vocal effects). They have another interlude called “Be Gone” that has Jesse talking over heavily distorted vocal effects, making interpretations of the lyrics impossible bar a few words. Another song, Limousine, is a 7 minute song about the car crash that killed the 7 year old Katie Flynn. As you can see, Brand New love to be obscure, so this whole series of events can be speculated without being far fetched. This band creates mass hysteria every time the mere thought of them doing something is brought up, to an extent not even close to being matched by any band in this general music scene. Music forums have crashed due to the influx of people trying to talk about this. So, that leads to the question that I tried to answer but basically failed at doing:

What the fuck is Brand New is up to this time?

EDIT: The contents of the cassette were never mentioned and I confused it with speculation. Thus, the cassette may not be the FOYD tracks. My apologies.

Taehyung Appreciation

Happy Taehyung day!! For anyone that doesn’t know Tae is actually my ultimate bias and one of my favorite people ever to exist so these are not all of the reasons that I love him/he’s amazing but these are just a few (10 to be exact)

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She’s not me (Stiles x reader)

🔸Request : Stiles imagine where he is dating the reader but the reader thinks he is cheat on her with Lydia (which he’s not) and they fight, but make up and Stiles tells the reader how much he loves her and it ends up with cuddling and watching movies.

🔻Song: She’s not me pt1&2 by Zara Larsson
🔹It will be better if you read it while listening to the song .

🎶Lyrics :
She doesn’t love you like I do
She doesn’t have my name
However she tries to act like it
She’ll never be the same

Does she make you feel wanted like I did
Make you feel like you’re the one thing that matters
You let her head rest on your chest
But when you close your eyes

You’ll be seeing my face again
I’ll be crossing your mind
You’ll be dreaming on places we went
And then you’ll wake up to find

That she’s not me
She’s not me
She’s not me
That she’s not me
She’s not me
She’s not me


I close my eyes and take a deep breath ,“Just one more page and this will be over.” I repeat myself that phrase almost every 5 seconds , my neck starts to hurt .
I guess it’s due to the 2 hours I’ve spent trying to memorize the theory about The Light Spectrum .
“Fucking Physics, I hate you …” I complain passing the page , sigh . I take a fast glance at my phone . 9:30 , it says and there’s no message or missed calls.
‘Stiles told me that he was going to come help me study after finishing looking for something with Lydia . I guess he forgot , or they hadn’t find anything .’
I decide that’s better to make sure both of them are alright ; I take my phone and call Stiles . After 5 tries he didn’t answer , the same thing happens with Lydia .
I call Scott ,

I take my car keys from the bedside table , stand up and open the door of my room .
“Y/N , where are you going ?,” my mom asks following me downstairs ; She seemed tired .
“I’m going to Stiles’s for a book , I’ll be back soon …,” I say opening the front door .
“Okay , but Coke back soon . Love , do you have any idea where’s your brother?,” She asks . “I guess he must be with Kira , you know .” She nods and walks over me .

Mom embraces me in a warm hug and kisses my forehead ,“Don’t take too long out there , be careful . ” I mutter an ‘always’ ; she lets me go .
“Bye..,” I say before closing the door behind me , and getting into the car .

15 Minutes later …

I pressed the ring button but no one showed up to open . I took out the keys Stiles had given me in case of emergency, or if I wanted to play him a secret visit .
I giggle a little and put the key inside the doorknob , I turn it to the right side and in question of seconds I am inside his house .
“Stiles , are you here ? , Lydia?,” I say looking at each place of the house . But there’s no one , I re-scan the place . Well , I hadn’t checked on my boyfriend’s room , so I go there .
The door was closed , but I hear some small sounds inside the room . I get ink the room , and find myself with something heartbreaking.
Stiles was sitting on bed with Lydia , their lips were touching and she had her hands in his cheeks .
I stayed there in shock . Lydia broke the kiss , and Stiles looked down . It was as if he was trying to recover his breath ,She looked at me apologetically.
“Y/n , this … He was ,” She starts saying but I stop her .Stiles looks up when he hears my name , We are staring into each other’s eye . He says nothing for a while , so I decide to leave .
“Have a nice life ,” you shouted before leaving the house .

As soon as , I got into the car your turned on the motor , Stiles got out of the house and tried to stop me .But I was more fast and left before he could explain himself .

Tears were rolling down my cheeks , and I didn’t care . ‘I am having a bad time , but I’ll get over it soon. You are strong Y/N,’ I thought.
I parked the car , and got into the house ; my mom had already left for her night shift , and Scott hadn’t returned from Kira’s.
I went into the bathroom , took of my clothes , filled the bath tube and got inside .
Taking a bath , has always helped to calm down my nerves . I move my head backwards and tried to remember about everything Stiles and I have been through .
After everything, he still wants her . If he was going to do that … He shouldn’t have tried to have anything with me . She’s beautiful, she’s perfect …

I sigh , the tears start again . I pass a hand through my wet hair and stand up .
Take a towel and cover up my body .
I go to my room and put on my pjs . When I’m over with that I look for a hairbrush to take care of my hair , that’s when a listen a crack in the window .
I turn and see Stiles getting inside it , I roll my eyes .
“What do you want ? Are you already tired of Lydia ?,” I say . Stiles walks to me and tries to take my hand , but I move back and don’t let him take it .
“Don’t, don’t even try to play with my heart again . I am going to ask you to leave .” He shakes his head .
“Y/N , that’s not happening . See …” he says but I interrupt him .“Look , you are Scott’s friend but this is also my house , I don’t want to see you .”
“Gosh , y/n ! . Let me talk !,” He says exasperated. I roll my eyes again , and sit .
“Do it then ! Tell me your silly excuse ! … You still love her ?! That you never loved me ?… That she’s the one for you . That she’s perfect … Just tell me that it’s over and safe yourself some dignity at least ,” I stand up and point at him in his chest.
“No ! No! No ! ,” he shouts . “Then what ?,” I screamed back .
“I had a panic attack , okay ?! . A fucking panic attack that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life ,” he says and I look at him unbelievable.
“Because she kissed you , right ?,” I say harshly.
“No , because it almost costs me to lose the love of my life …” He says and I’m confused by the last thing 'to lose the love of my life.’
“The only reason why she kissed me was to hold my breath , apparently that thing helps . And it did …anyway , you don’t care about that . The only thing you care about is that stupid kiss that meant nothing to either of us ,” he says and looks down .

I think of everything he had said , “are you sure it meant nothing ?.” He glances at me and nod ,“ she’s not you , y/n . And she will never be ,” he says and tries to hug me .
I don’t stop him and rest my head in his chest . Stiles closes his eyes and repeats again ,“she’s not you , and she will never be . I only have one true love and that’s you , she’ll never be .” He opens his eyes and kisses my forehead and both cheeks .
I smile and squeeze his hand .

I make Stiles sit on my bed and turn on the tv, then I turn off the lights of my bedroom and get into the bed with him .
“What are we doing?,” he asks . “You’ll see …”
I put a movie in Netflix , “I’m liking this …’ He says and kisses my lips softly .
I smile and fix my position , so we end up cuddling .

An hour later I was already falling asleep, the last thing I heard was Stiles saying 'I love you , you are the only one . Remember that ,” and then I was lost in another world . Not Wonderland , not Neverland … But one in which it was only Stiles , I and my family and friends happy .

crescendo -

Louder, louder, louder ♪ 
       ▸ Hey Angel – One Direction

AU: Musician
Pairing: Akashi x Musician!Reader (Semi-Platonic)
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1691 words
A/N: I kinda lost the musician feel and focused on them being dumb and cute together. Since I couldn’t stop listening to 1D while I wrote this, all the fics will have one song from the new album attached to it :3

There had been something off about him from the very beginning and you knew it. The rest of the band didn’t though because, obviously, most of them were fast to drool over the check with a billion zeroes on it. You didn’t expect any less from Akashi Seijūrō who already owned many major corporations and was now diving into the music industry. You tapped your finger on the table impatiently.

You’d think for a man who had ten secretaries, he’d be on time for one meeting.

The glass door swung open revealing the man himself in a crisp gray suit. Shit. He really was hot. You had to admit that. Not to mention, he had that charming smile plastered on his face, designed to manipulate people to do his bidding. You clucked your tongue in annoyance. “I apologize for my tardiness, my secretary failed to inform me I had a meeting in between my one o’clock and my one-thirty.” Wow.

“You were the one who called me here.” You sighed, rolling your eyes. “I have songs to write, money to make for you, remember?”

His lips twitched. He always found your anger amusing. Unlike the rest of the band, you were more cautious of him, which he actually liked. That’s a smart way to behave around people as successful as him. “Right. Please, have a seat. Would you like some tea?”

“Dude, you’re already late, please just get on with it.”

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Meant to be pt.5

Summary :  A world, a world where people have soulmates, each and every person on earth is connected, bonded to another one, wherever this person is. A world where soulmates can communicate with each other through skin, everything wrote/sketched/drew on the skin, will appear on the soulmate’s and disappear few minutes later.

Word count : 1083

Genre : Soulmate!AU, Fluffy fluff

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6

Y/N got back to her hotel as soon as possible only to find her friends walking around the tiny room, biting her nails furiously.

“YAH ARE YOU CRAZY WHY DIDNT YOU CALL TO TELL ME WHERE YOU WERE ???” Lucy screamed while shaking Y/N’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry Lucy… But I was rather… busy and I completely lost track of time”

Lucy’s face totally changed, she previously had an angry/scared look, but now, she was wearing a smirk and her left eyebrow was up.

“Let me guess, you were with that pretty Beach/barista boy right ?” She didn’t let her the time to answer and kept going “Okay so I want to know everything, I deserve it you almost gave me a heart attack!”

They both laughed at the remark before sitting down on the edge of the bed.

She spent at least an hour explaining everything, how she told him about her soulmate, how much she learnt about him and how much she felt good listening to him, looking at him.

Lucy was happy for her friend, it was a long time since she saw her smiling like this while talking about a boy.

The last thing Y/N said before falling asleep made her friend smile even more :

“I don’t want that fucking soulmate, I want him”

Everyday she would do the same routine, she will wake up, dress nicely, go to his coffee shop, order a coconut coffee with a French toast for breakfast, she will sit down at the same table everyday with her friend, where she can clearly see him doing his work and where they can exchange smiles freely. A week after the routine, Jimin gave her his number, finally ready to take whatever their relation was to the next step. The week after, Jimin asked Jungkook what he was supposed to do, he wanted to take her on a date so badly, but there was her friend Lucy always with her, and he wasn’t really an experienced guy when it comes to dating, since he always thought it would just go smoothly with his soulmate, like everything was meant to be and that he wouldn’t have to try anything because he knew she would like him no matter what.

“Personally hyung, I think the best thing to do is to meet her at the beach, because it’s where you both met for the first time, if she likes cheesy stuff prepare a picnic or something, if not, then just go straight to the point, you tell her you like her, and I’m sure she likes you back, I mean, she comes everyday to the coffee just to see you…”

“I’m not even a whisper in his mind, yet he’s the screaming in mine..”

She started to wonder. Yes he gave her his number, but since then nothing really big happened, she came everyday to see him, but beside giving her her coffee and her toast he doesn’t do anything.

“I wish you knew what you mean to me and how your name plays in my head like a song on repeat when I try to sleep at night” she murmured looking at his name on her phone, wanting more than anything to text him.

She was in a restaurant with her friend, busy eating her delicious pasta, when she noticed something on her hand.

A line. A little messy black line. And then another, and another. She went straight to the bathroom, and tried to take it off with a bit of soap, but of course, it wouldn’t go away…

She was about to go back to her table when her phone rang, to notice her that she just got a new text

“I just finished my shift, meet me at the beach in 10”

It was him, finally he was texting her, finally he wanted to meet her alone again.

She quickly got off the bathroom, dropped some bills on her table before leaving the restaurant, leaving her friend clueless and alone.

He was already there, waiting for her. He was checking everything, if his hair was nice, if his clothes were alright, if-

“What the fuck?!” He swore, seeing the black lines on his hand, making it look dirty.

He checked inside his jeans pockets and found a black marker. Jungkook’s black marker, the one he usually use to take orders. That’s at that exact moment that Jimin realized he accidentally wore Jungkook’s pants.

“Well, it’s too late to go back anyways”. He tought.

10 minutes, nothing. 20 minutes, nothing. He started thinking, “When is she leaving ? She didn’t leave yet, she would have told me.. What if she’s lost ? Or maybe something happened to her ?!”

He started to panic, walking around the beach non-stop while trying to find excuses for her delay.

He was about to text her, when he saw her arriving, running toward him screaming apologizes while gasping for air.

When she got close to him, she instinctively hide her hand in the back pocket of her shorts.

“H-Hi, I’m so sorry, I was in a restaurant far away from here, but I ran as fast as possible to get here on tim-”

He put his clean hand on her shoulder to shush her.

“It’s okay, I would have wait all night to see you anyways”

They both smiled at the cheesiness of the boy.

Not wanting to make things awkward with a blank, Jimin didn’t loose any time and started.

“So I wanted to see you because I have something to tell you…” He started getting anxious more and more each seconds, but somehow he still managed to continue :

“Do you ever just crave someone’s presence ? Like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them. It could be completely silent and it would be completely magical to be here with them. What I mean is… Forget all the cheesy butterfly thing, I feel the whole entire zoo inside me when you’re here with me Y/N… I fell in love with you, I don’t know how, I don’t know why, I just did.” He started rubbing his neck, and looking down, scared to see her reaction, but he continued nonetheless.

“That night at the beach, I caught you staring, but you caught me staring back, and-”

She cut him off, making him look at her with big eyes, full of apprehension..

“Kiss the hell out of me Jimin”

And he kissed her like her lips were air, and he couldn’t breath.

Sorry for the delay, I hope you’ll like this chapter (even tho it’s a bit rushed) ! The end is near the corner ! Feedback is always appreciated cc:

Admin K


Artist Spotlight: Maddy Young (Melbourne, AUS) 

We recently had a chance to talk to Melbourne based artist Maddy Young while she was visiting the States for the first time.  From making drawings, zines to jewelry making, Maddy’s line artwork highlights beauty in form, design, and composition.  Check out the Q&A below with our latest artist spotlight. 

Portrait by Mitch Pinney / Studio shots are by Tatanja Ross

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5Sos Bsm Preference #23: Your Older & Babysit Him

*Your Age first his second*

Luke (14) (7): “Mom that’s not fair! Why can’t B-” Your mother Liz touched your nose and said “I told you, the next F you got, and this was what was going to happen.” “It’s not my fault the stupid teacher doesn’t like me.” She rolled her eyes and said “If I come home an Luke says one bad thing about you, you won’t want to see the punishment.” You groaned but nodded. She left off to a little spa day with some of her friends. You sighed and sat on the couch, having no real intention on dealing with Luke. He could go a couple hours wit out bugging you. You turned on the Tv and saw Luke running down the stairs. You turned back to the Tv, flipping through the channels, until Luke started tugging on your arm. You snapped you’re head towards him and said “What?” “Can I have some food!” “No.” “Please!” You stood up walking towards the kitchen and said “Here.” You handed him a peice of bread. Little Luke looked up at you and said “If you don’t make me real food I’m telling mom. And you’ll be in real trouble.” The brat. “You wouldn’t.” “I would.” Lets say he had a fun day, and he gave good words to mom. Little Luke changed quite a bit didn’t he?

Calum (16) (11): “I have to go pick Mali up, I’m going to be a while. Can you watch Calum?” “Sure mom.” You turned your radio down, watching your mother off. Then you called Calum in your room. You smiled and said “Ready to jam out?” Your mom didn’t like when Calum listened to the bands you loved so much. So the only time he got to listen to the bands he had become attached too, was when you baby sat him. You turned on your Green Day Cd, you and Calum screeching the lyrics to every song. Him and Mali always had the most beautiful voices, even though Calum was off, they both sounded so amazing. You hoped one day they would make it big, and get to show there own skills off.

Ashton (17) (12): You smiled at your little brother, and said “One day little man.” “I’m not little!” He screamed at you. You laughed at him and said “So tell me more about this dream of yours.” He smiled widely, and looked at the ceiling, then said “I dreamed that I was on a big stage, playing the drums! It was so cool! I’m totally going to do that one day! If not maybe I can teach music!” You smiled pinched his cheeks and said “And I promise, I’ll be in the front row of each of your shows if you do.” He giggled and said “You’re weird.” “So are you! Now lets get some blankets so mom doesn’t yell at me when she gets home and you’re still up. It’s a school night.” He smiled, running to get blankets from his room. He ran back down and laided the blankets on the floor. You smiled, and said “Hope you have the same dream you did last night.” “Me too.” He said. And he got to live that dream.

Michael (15) (5): You and Michael were sitting on the couch playing a board game. You parents were trusting you with you little brother because you two got along so well. You and Michael were at the very end of the game, and you won “Fucker.” He shouted. You turned to him “Michael Gordon Clifford. What did you just say?” “Fuc-” You pushed your hand in front of his mouth, he pulled away and said “Why did you do that? You told me to say it…” “Don’t ever say that word in front of mom and dad. Ever. Where could you have possibly learned it?” You stood up starting to put the board game away, turning back to a giggly Michael “You!” He shouted, you stopped, and said “What?” “I heard you and your friend talking and that’s the word you used when you were mad.” You turned back and said “But don’t ever repeat after me.” “Okay. But why can you say the word and I can’t.” “I shouldn’t have said the word. If you never say it again, I’ll never say it again.” See how that turned out.


Week 75 - Violent Femmes by Violent Femmes

Guest Listener - J.K Rowling

Who’s J.K Rowling when she’s at home?

I write novels and screenplays. For light relief, I get into rows about politics on Twitter.

Jo’s Top 3 albums ever?

1. Revolver, The Beatles. 

2. Broken English, Marianne Faithful. 

3. Changes daily. Yesterday it was White Light, White Heat by the Velvet Underground. Today it’s Hozier by Hozier

What great album has she never heard before?

Violent Femmes by Violent Femmes

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Luke Soulmate AU

You had figured out your soul mate awhile back, but you didn’t know how to tell him. See you get clues to who your soulmate was every year you don’t meet them. You get your first few clues at 16, but you get one clue every year after that. Right now you were 18 and you figured it out, but not sure how it would work out. You first few clues were like all the other ones, just enough to pin point someone, but not enough to make clear who it was. Your first few clues involved his initials, L.H, his favorite color, blue, and his star sign, Cancer. Then when you turned 17 your next clue was his location, Sydney, Australia. Then when you turned 18 was the last clue you needed. Band. Now, being a huge fangirl, you knew how to find what you needed to know. So you spent months trying to piece it all together, finally realizing that you had Luke Hemmings as your soulmate. It was weird, knowing a famous guy was your soulmate. You watched one interview where the interviewer asked what his clues were for his soulmate, watching to make sure you hadn’t just made a huge assumption and was wrong. Of course his clues matched perfectly with you. Now, it was just the matter of meeting him. You let out a sigh, looking over at the bracelet that sat on your dresser. It was the only proof that you had, other then the clues, who your soulmate was, for they had the same pendant as you. There was a microphone on yours, which you only assumed meant that you guys would meet at some concert, and it was probably his. Only problem was that you had no way of paying for that concert, and you doubted that you would ever just run into him, that wasn’t your luck. “Come on, let’s go already you lazy bum.” Your friend said as she entered your room. “It’s already noon and you promised me you’d do the open mic with me today. I need my lucky guitar player.” Your friend said giving you puppy eyes. “Can’t I just sit here and sulk?” You asked, staring at the picture of Luke. “No. Come on. Get ready and let’s go.” Your friend said. You finally gave in and decided to get ready. Once you finished getting ready you stared at your bracelet. “Put it on and let’s go already.” Your friend argued, already grabbing your guitar for you. You quickly slipped the bracelet on and grabbed the guitar from your friend. Once you guys got to the location you noticed it was a bit more crowded then you had imagined. “Are you sure about this?” You asked your friend, you never really publicly played the guitar to a lot of people. Unlike your friend who has sang at tons of events. “Yes, I believe in you. You would have more experience if you had actually joined me like I wanted you to do.” Your friend said, dragging you through the crowd and past security. “You are an amazing guitar player and I love having you on stage with me.” Your friend said as you guys sat at some seats for the performers. “Now, let’s talk songs. I’m allowed a half hour on stage so I want to do a couple of covers and then a few originals we wrote.” Your friend said, grabbing a notepad out of her purse. “Well, Tonight You’re Perfect is always fun.” You said, comfortable talking music. “Yesss, I love that song. How about Crazy for an original, that’s a nice dancing song.” Your friend offered. “Alright, and you might as well do Creeps and Strangers, this crowed is perfect for it.” You offered. “Okay, and then how about Voodoo Doll?” You asked casually. You always try and make your friend sing 5SOS songs in dumb hopes that they’ll hear it and contact you. “My set wouldn’t be perfect without one of their songs.” She joked, knowing full well why. “Hey, maybe you’re my ticket to meeting him. I mean there is a microphone.” You joked along with her. “Yeah, well tonight you’re helping me with some backup vocals.” As you were about to protest your friend held up her hand, stopping you. “Nothing major, literally just singing the chorus with me and maybe repeating what I said.” You huffed out, knowing that you can’t say no to her. “So, my set is after two more people. Shall we practice?” Your friend asked. “Let’s do this.” You got out your guitar and soon became engrossed with the music. Before both of you knew it you guys were walking on stage, you had to carry the microphone stand since there was only one on stage, but a stagehand was able to bring you a stool to sit on. The crowed loved your friend, like they usually did. “Okay, for my last song it is dedicated to my best friend (Y/N), isn’t she just so awesome?” She pointed towards you and of course the crowed just cheered. “Yeah yeah yeah. you’re just saying that cause you have to.” You joked back, starting to play the chords to Voodoo Doll. You helped sing some of the chorus with your friend. “Alright, that’s it for my time, thank you for listening to me!” Your friend jumped off stage, leaving you to grab the microphone stand and your guitar. Instead of grabbing the stand like you planned, you managed to knock it down instead. It almost hit an innocent bystander had a guy not caught it. “Oh jeez, thanks. You just saved me from embarrassment.” You held your hand out so the guy could hand over the microphone stand. You couldn’t really see his face, due to the poor lighting, but he seemed to freeze for a second before handing the stand to me. “Thanks again.” You said once you had the stand. You went backstage to see your friend talking to some people. Once you handed the stand to someone working backstage you walked to where you placed your case. “Crap.” You looked around to see that someone had moved it. “Uh, has anyone seen a guitar case?” You asked out loud, not to anyone in particular. “Like this one?” You turned around to a very familiar voice. You saw someone holding your guitar case so that it covered their face. “Yes! Oh my gosh thank you!” You let out a sigh as you walked over to retrieve it. When you grabbed your guitar case you went speechless as to what you saw. There was Luke Hemmings with a sheepish smile. You felt your mouth moving, trying to form words, but nothing was coming out as you stared at him. “Hi, I’m Luke.” Luke said, acting coy like you didn’t know how he was. “Uh, yeah. I’m (Y/N).” You replied, holding out your hand to shake it. Luke took your hand, but didn’t let go right away. You noticed him looking at your bracelet. Oh God, the pendant. “Uh, yeah…” You said, now very aware that he either knows it’s you or doesn’t. “You know, when I saw you perform I thought you were beautiful. Then when I handed you the stand and saw your bracelet, I had to make sure it was you.” Luke said, still looking at your bracelet. “That was you?” You asked, surprised you didn’t see that it was him that handed you the stand. ”Yup, the guy who saved you from embarrassment.” You couldn’t believe this was happening. “Hey, (Y/N) where did you- holy shit.” Your friend stopped when she saw you talking to Luke. “You’re Luke Hemmings, you’re from 5 Seconds of Summer. Were you here the entire time?” Your friend asked, now turning red, but looking at you with excitement. “I am and I was. You’re really great. Both of you are.” Luke returned his gaze to you. “Why thank you, I’m sure I’m going to see you again soon. So I’ll talk to you guys later.” Your friend winked at you as she walked away. You turned back to look at Luke. “I- I just can’t believe this. I just assumed I would meet you at your concert, not at my friend’s open mic.” You breathed out, still not sure if this was real. “In honesty, I thought the same thing. But I’m glad it wasn’t.” “How come?” You asked, surprised by his response. “Because I can do this without screaming fans around us.” Luke quickly closed the space between you two and kissed you. It was gentle at first, but the moment Luke placed his hand on the back of your neck the kiss became more passionate. Everything felt perfect, like the whole world could crash around you two and you wouldn’t even notice it. “Get a room you two!” Your friend shouted from somewhere. You soon realized that you were still in public and you both pulled away sheepishly. “Well, will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend?” Luke asked, looking very shy and cute. “Well I guess.” You joked with him. His smile became brighter and he quickly pulled you in a hug.

Ha, so I promised this like two weeks ago and I just got to posting it. My bad!! Anyway hope you like it. If you haven’t heard the songs I mentioned you should defiantly check them out since they are amazing songs. Ashton’s Soulmate is next, I promise this time. 

Tonight You’re Perfect- New Politics

Crazy- The Tragic Thrills

Creeps and Strangers- The Tragic Thrills

and then obviously Voodoo Doll-5SOS

Natural Feelings By TEN


Going to school in the morning and working at the local Starbucks at night. That’s all you ever did. Until you peak the interest of a weird stranger that frequents your coffee shop late at night.

AU Where you have no idea who Rap monster or who BTS even is.

Rap Monster x Reader ( a little bit of everything, with eventual smut )

Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / Final 

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wepreferintellectualbadass  asked:

This maybe sounds silly but how do you timetable your week? It's something I'm having real trouble with but I need to get sorted.

Hey! Sorry for the delay in replying to this. (Also I’m assuming this is the same ask as your other one - if you meant something different with the second one let me know!) 

As always, there’s a caveat here that this is just want I do, it’s not necessarily the best/for everyone. It’s worked pretty well for me, though, so here goes. Under a cut because it’s long. 

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Dear @taylorswift,

With only 19 days until the Sydney shows, I wanted to write to you. I’ve been putting this off for months because I’ve written and discarded a dozen drafts for either been too long for a tumblr post or just not in depth enough.

So I’ll prelude this by saying I’m skipping a fair bit because otherwise we’ll be here all night! With 9 years of personal history with your music, there’s so much that I want to say. So I’m going to write you a hand written letter that I’m hoping I can get to you on the night of Sydney’s 1989 show, which you can tuck away to read in your own time 😺

Right now I’m going to write to you about how the past 2 era’s have impacted me.

Red came out 3 days after my daughter, Mia, was born. It helped keep me awake for the long months of waking every few hours to feed her. I’d put my headphones in at 3am, listen to Red and play candy crush until she was ready to go back to sleep again. I’d listen to the songs about love and stare at her father while he slept next to me and think that my life was absolutely perfect.

Then just less than a year later it all came crashing down. My tumblr is most likely being monitored to bring up whatever dirt can be found so that I can continue to be dragged through family court over custody, so I won’t go into the messy details. But Dear John (while being a Speak Now track rather than Red), is darn accurate in describing the relationship. It’s only been recently that I’ve been able to listen to Dear John without breaking down into tears.

So suddenly all of the sad songs hit me like a train. Literally every single song was relevant to all of the emotions I was feeling. I remember lying on my bathroom floor in a pool of tears and suddenly finding a flicker of humour thinking “look at me, now I’m lying on the cold hard ground” all because I was thinking “I knew he was trouble. I knew it right from the start, why did I get myself into this? Oh look, another Taylor Swift song that accurately describes my life right now”.

It took a while but I would eventually be able to drive around in my car blaring “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with passion and confidence. I started playing Begin Again on repeat when I fell in love again.

But I didn’t spend enough time with just myself. I rushed into a relationship and I repeated many of the same mistakes that I’d made in the past. But thankfully I figured that out before it was too late.

When 1989 came out, I was finally focusing on myself and what was really important. Every time I was attacked whether it be verbally, emotionally, through solicitors or court proceedings, I could put on Shake it Off and feel a million times better. At 2 years old, it became Mia’s favourite song and we’d dance around the dining room or in the car with it on repeat (she used to get very upset when I’d try to change the song! 😹).

I wept the first time I listened to Clean. For the first month I would sing “12 months sober” instead of 10. I laughed when you sang “we show off our different scarlet letters, trust me mine is better” in New Romantics and would imagine sitting down with you and talking about past experiences and how they got us to where we are today.

But apart from the music, one of the biggest things that has helped me with my own personal growth has been seeing how you have grown in the last few years. It’s been inspiring to see you embracing single life, spending time building up your friendships and supporting other people in their endeavours. As I said earlier, I entered into another relationship too soon after breaking up with Mia’s father. It was wonderful for about a year before things went south and I started realising we weren’t a good fit. I was stubborn for quite a while because I didn’t want to be in another failed relationship. I’m a single mum and that already brings in enough stigma. I wanted to fight it out and hoped that things would change. But it wouldn’t. I was having too much personal growth and didn’t want to lose parts of myself that I had only just found again.

Seeing you happy and accepting that your past was the past and showing that its ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them helped me make the decision I really needed to make. I’m now embracing being single! That has never happened before. And I’m no longer seeking constant approval from anyone in living my life. I’m just living it. You have been and continue to be my role model in working hard to achieve success (I’m a full time psychology student and full time mum) and self made happiness.

I honestly cannot thank you enough for sharing your music with the world. I’ve had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.

This post has become longer than I had anticipated but I still missed so much out haha. So I’ll finish by saying that I cannot wait to see you again in Sydney. I haven’t seen you live since The Fearless Tour 5 years ago. And I’m so excited to experience the 1989 tour in real life! I’ll be in section 115, row 44, seat 19!

So until then, please know how Incredibly grateful I am of you, you incredible, wonderful and kind person. I love you so much!