this is what happens when i hit post limit

Let’s make this happen.

Hey everyone!

I have been making some major decisions for this meetup so those of you who really want to help now is the time to spread this around more than anything.

If you’re out of the loop right now, click here for the original post when Ethan reblogged me and that I wanted an idea for us to hold a meetup on here in celebration of 300k subscribers.

Alright so first off, I want to announce the official tag that we are going to use!

I posted the idea and it got a good response, so this is it! Without further chitchat the tag is… *drumroll* 

#wearethecrankycrew! :)

I thought it gave this more of a theme because not only is this a celebration for Ethan but for all of us here together. To show that we are a youtube community of amazing people spreading kindness and just having fun being a part of it all no matter how much you think that you don’t matter. Whether you’re been around for a few years or only a few weeks.

So if this meetup can be a way to do just that then all of this will be worth the effort.

But it’s only going to become a possibility with your help. I know that nobody knows my blog at all, yet alone follow me. That is why I need this very post to be spread around.

It may not get as many notes but as long as I know enough people are on board with this then that will be all I need so this can soon be underway.

Also, I hate to be harsh here but likes will not help. If you are interested in this event and want to stay tuned for what I got planned, hit reblog. 

Tell a friend who is part of the community. Think of posts you want to create as this milestone comes closer. Make fan art. Whatever you want.

This is not only a recap of things but also will potentially be the last post I make before the “okay” for when this meetup starts.

It will very likely be on Friday through Sunday starting at 1 pm EST, which is an hour after he uploads a video.

So, now that I got this out of the way, let’s really make this happen. I know it might feel like there is limited time for this but we got the entire weekend to celebrate.

A NOTE ON THIS THOUGH: If Ethan does not hit the milestone during any time through Sunday, the final day, then we will still celebrate nonetheless. It could go on for an extra day in that case though. I’ll keep a note one that but I won’t worry too much about this outcome.

–>TL;DR: -Crankgameplays 300k community meetup is underway.

-Official tag is #wearethecrankycrew (do NOT use this tag until I say so.)

-Starts from Friday the 10th until Sunday on the 12th at 1 pm EST or 10am PST, and so on. (this MIGHT be subject to change.)

-REBLOG this post to spread the word so people know and can prepare.

-Events will be announced once it starts. Keep an eye out for when I put things like this out in advance for the next few days.

Aaaand finally that’s about it! Questions are open just in case as well but hopefully you guys are now all good on info.
So let’s join together and have some fun, it’s going to be great.

I am very disappoint

Very recently I became enamored with the new DLC for Outlast, Whistleblower. While I enjoyed the original game well enough, I have to admit that the characters and story in the DLC were more disturbing than the original game. They were also, strangely enough, far more entertaining to study. I found myself wishing there was more to peruse, but being a DLC, it had its limits.

I was surprised when one character in particular caught my attention. Eddie Gluskin, who at first seems like just another psychopath running around the asylum, turned into one of the most interesting studies into an individual’s mental health that I’ve seen in quite some time. These kinds of situations have always fascinated me - the psychopath who holds delusions of love and devotion to another, but must also battle with their own insatiable urges to harm or manipulate the object of their supposed affections.

I started looking into Eddie’s background information, then moved on to fanfiction stories that delved into his psyche and the psyche of the main character, Waylon Park. While I found many that were insightful and well-written, only a few of them reached me on a deeper level. One in particular (which I just finished reading), affected me substantially, both because of the story itself, but also the author and some unwarranted venom they received from the community.

I’m honestly stumped. The story, titled To Be Well, seems to be pretty well known in the Eddie/Waylon community. There are many reasons for this, I think. It’s well written, logical, emotional, and takes a hard look at mental illness and what it means from a personal standpoint. You simply don’t get a lot of stories like that - ones that make you sympathize with the perceived villain, but are honest and admit that yes, they have problems. Everyone does.

For me, one of the first oddities that I found compelling in the story was the use of the second-person perspective. Not just because this perspective is barely ever used in writing nowadays, but rather because the author used a mix of the first-person and second-person perspective. I’ve never seen this before, and was pleasantly surprised to find that this style actually brought the reader closer to the protagonist, Waylon, by letting us experience his battle with mental illness first hand. I was wary of starting this story when I saw the use of “you,” “your,” and other personal pronouns, but as I read, I found that I was as invested in the plot as I would have been if it had been written in a more popular style. Perhaps even more so.

I read the story almost non-stop for two straight days, but soon realized that I was getting close to the end of the available chapters and the ending wasn’t anywhere in sight. I was nervous. Did the story end abruptly? Was it going to be some lame ending where everything was a dream?

Come to find out, the actual reason for the cliffhanger is far more infuriating.

It turns out that one or more randys out there on the interwebs decided to throw themselves around and cry because they didn’t appreciate how the story portrayed the characters of the game - how it wasn’t canonical. Now, while I admit I’m speaking from conjecture here (I only just now found the story, so I wasn’t around to see this garbage unfold), I have seen a few posts from people claiming that this is what occurred, and it’s the reason that the author disappeared from AO3 and took the story down. (The link I posted earlier is the only webpage I know of where the story is archived.)

I’m truly, unbelievably baffled as to why this happened. Not so much that trolls exist and decided to act like imbeciles - that happens all the time - rather, that they acted out so harshly that the only option left to the author was to leave. I don’t blame the author - people have their limits, and you only truly find your own when you’ve hit the bottom face-first and you’ve gotten whiplash from the impact.

I hate that such a simple thing as an author wanting to share a story with the world ended in such a way. Like the protagonist in the story itself, I wish I could have been there to help - to assist the author in some way, although I don’t know how much help I would have actually been. All I can really do is step in after the fact and type up this long-winded rant/semi-review of the story and the situation.

Variant, I hope you’re still out there. I apologize that you met with such animosity after you spent so much time and effort to bring the fandom something precious: a new idea, and a new outlook on the characters and their struggles with mental health. If you enjoy writing and find it cathartic, I hope you continue to do so - you’ve got a lot of talent.

remember when the larry hug happened, though? because we were all watching that lq livestream and it was just a bunch of blurry figures but then the crowd EXPLODED and everyone was like, ‘wait. wait. did what i thought just happened actually happen?’ and it was like that moment when you’re at the top of the roller coaster about to drop, and then all the reports and pictures started flooding in and then everyone hit post limit within 20 minutes and it was poetic and it was like coming home

What happened

I was on tumblr texting my friends and just having fun. It was about 1:30 am and I should of been asleep. Suddenly I heard noises from downstairs. A chair being scraped back. The tap filling a cup of water. Talking. My mum and dad were in bed with ear plugs in and the door was locked (they have sex) and my sister sound asleep. I started to panic so I posted it on tumblr. Instantly loads of lovely people tagged below talked to me and kept me calm (well calm ish). The voices got louder, swearing and shouting. Loud crashes. I barricaded myself in my room and hid in my wardrobe. Everyone told me to call the police do I did. However it took them ages to show up. Everyone on tumblr was Amazing though being really supportive. I couldn’t tell when the police arrived because I was hiding and all I could hear was shouting down stairs which I presumed was them. I wasn’t sure if I should go down stairs or stay put. Everyone told me to stay so I did. It went really quiet down stairs and I didn’t know why. I wasn’t sure what was happening. It was all very confusing because I didn’t know what was going on. I hit my daily post limit and I couldn’t tell everyone what was happening. My parents woke up and went down stairs. I followed them a couple of minutes later. The police found the two men hiding in one of our kitchen cupboards and arrested them however I came downstairs as they were making the arrests and looked each man in the eye. I am still terrified. A chill went over my whole body as I looked into their devil like eyes. They kept looking at me glaring and I think they knew I was the one that called the police. I’m really scared they will want revenge and come for me. The police asked me some questions and showed me the damage. Our TV lies on the ground smashed along with our Xbox and radio. Our other TV is also smashed lying in the hall. Everything has been flung onto the floor and it’s such a mess. They smeared food over the walls and broke up our candles and rubbed them into the carpet. I feel sick. They wrote on the walls and just ruined my kitchen and two living rooms. I’m quite shaken up so I’m in my mum and dad’s bed while they sort everything out down stairs. It’s awful. Thank you so much for being here for me it I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you. I can’t thank you enough. Its so scary here. For a while the men were hand cuffed in my kitchen swearing and scaring the crap out of me. I keep seeing their faces and the way they looked at me and get scared. I don’t feel safe in my home any more.

So that’s what happened!

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