this is what happens when i hit post limit


Year-by-Year progression from 2008-2015, I know I should wait until new years and post this in 2016 but after my recent drawing, I went back and looked at my old art. Honestly, I look at each year and remember what I learned or what was happening in my life. I’m still finding ways to draw, learn and improve my art, so don’t give up!

remember when the larry hug happened, though? because we were all watching that lq livestream and it was just a bunch of blurry figures but then the crowd EXPLODED and everyone was like, ‘wait. wait. did what i thought just happened actually happen?’ and it was like that moment when you’re at the top of the roller coaster about to drop, and then all the reports and pictures started flooding in and then everyone hit post limit within 20 minutes and it was poetic and it was like coming home